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  1. PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF;
  3. CREATE TABLE commands (command TEXT NOT NULL UNIQUE, usage TEXT NOT NULL, level INTEGER NOT NULL, enabled INTEGER NOT NULL, hidden INTEGER NOT NULL, can_be_disabled INTEGER NOT NULL, cmd_group TEXT, function TEXT NOT NULL default NA);
  4. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('auth','auth <password> -- Authenticate with the bot.',0,1,0,0,'nogroup','auth');
  5. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('device','device <device name> -- Accepts a device codename, e.g. toro, and displays the actual device name.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','device');
  6. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('deviceadd','deviceadd <device id> <device name> -- Add a device to the database.',40,1,0,1,'nogroup','deviceadd');
  7. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('devicedel','devicedel <device id> -- Remove a device from the database. Example: devicedel toro',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','devicedel');
  8. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('devices','devices -- Lists all devices supported by AOKP.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','devices');
  9. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('disable','disable <command> -- Disable a command.',90,1,0,0,'nogroup','disable');
  10. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('enable','enable <command> -- Enable a command.',90,1,0,0,'nogroup','enable');
  11. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('gtfo','gtfo <nick> -- Kick someone out.',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','gtfo');
  12. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('help','help [command] -- Without specified command lists all available commands. If a command is given, provides help on that command. If command is issued in a channel it must be prefaced with ", if in a private message omit the .',0,1,0,0,'nogroup','help');
  13. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('link','link <title> -- Display the URL for link <title>. Example: link gapps',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','link');
  14. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('linkadd','linkadd <title> <url> -- Add a link to the links database.',40,1,0,1,'nogroup','linkadd');
  15. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('linkdel','linkdel <title> -- Remove a link from the links database.',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','linkdel');
  16. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('linkmod','linkmod <title> <new_url> -- Update the URL for an existing link.',40,1,0,1,'nogroup','linkmod');
  17. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('links','links -- Lists all of the links in the links database.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','links');
  18. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('mom','mom <nick>. -- Insult a user''s mom.',10,1,0,1,'nogroup','mom');
  19. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('mute','mute <nick> -- Mute a user.',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','mute');
  20. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('nick','nick <nick> -- Change the bot''s nick.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','nick');
  21. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('passwd','passwd <old_passwd> <new_passwd> -- Change your bot password.',0,1,0,0,'nogroup','passwd');
  22. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('say','say <nick> <text> - Instruct the bot to speak to someone in the channel.',40,1,0,1,'nogroup','say');
  23. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('seen','seen <nick> -- Display the last time the bot has seen <nick>.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','seen');
  24. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('shutdown','shutdown <password> -- Shut down the bot. Requires your user password.',100,1,1,0,'nogroup','shutdown');
  25. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('time','time -- Displays the current time in UTC format.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','time');
  26. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('unmute','unmute <nick> -- Unmute a user.',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','unmute');
  27. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('unvoice','unvoice <nick> -- Give a user -v.',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','unvoice');
  28. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('useradd','useradd <username> <mask> <password> <level> -- Add a user to the user database.',100,1,0,1,'nogroup','useradd');
  29. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('userdel','userdel <username> -- Remove a user from the user database.',100,1,0,1,'nogroup','userdel');
  30. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('users','users -- List all users in the user database.',100,1,0,1,'nogroup','users');
  31. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('voice','voice <nick> -- Give a user +v.',50,1,0,1,'nogroup','voice');
  32. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('deauth','deauth -- Clear session data from the users database.',0,1,0,0,'nogroup','deauth');
  33. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('devicemod','devicemod <device id> <new device name> -- Change a device ID''s name.',40,1,0,1,'nogroup','devicemod');
  34. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('8ball','ball <question> -- Ask the 8ball a question',0,0,0,1,'nogroup','ball');
  35. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('goog','goog <query> -- Perform an I''m feeling lucky Google search on <query>.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','goog');
  36. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('test','noop',90,1,1,0,'nogroup','test');
  37. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('gerrit','gerrit <query> -- Perform a Gerrit search for <query>. All Gerrit search criteria such as "status:abandond" can be used.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','gerrit');
  38. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('join','join <channel> -- Join the channel <channel>.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','join');
  39. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('part','part <channel> -- Exit the channel <channel>.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','part');
  40. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('shell','shell <command> -- Execute the command string.',0,1,0,1,'nogroup','shell');
  41. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('op','op [<nick>] -- If executed with a nick, ops <nick>, otherwise ops the requestor.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','op');
  42. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('deop','deop <nick> -- De-op <nick>.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','deop');
  43. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('opadd','opadd <nick> -- Add nick!mask to the auto-op database.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','opadd');
  44. INSERT INTO "commands" VALUES('opdel','opdel <nick!mask> -- Remove nick!mask from the auto-op database.',90,1,0,1,'nogroup','opdel');
  45. COMMIT;
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