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  1. <size=30>Welcome to <color=red>Legit</color><color=blue>SCP</color>!</size>
  3. <color=blue><u></u></color>
  5. <size=20><color=red>Rules</color></size>
  6. We would rather not have too many rules. Follow them, and it will stay that way.
  8. 1. Treat all members and staff with respect!
  9. 2. All staff have the final say.
  10. 3. Do not staff evade. This will result in significantly higher consequences.
  11. 4. Do not impersonate staff. This will result in a permanent ban.
  12. 5. Do not threaten to or take malicious actions against any player or our server. This will result in a permanent ban.
  13. 6. Do not try to find ways around the rules.
  14. 7. Do not exploit, mod, or hack the game in any way.
  15. 8. Do not ruin the game for other players.
  16. 9. Do not say any racial slurs.
  18. <size=20><color=red>Server Features</color></size>
  20. 1. Increased intercom time from 20 seconds to 120.
  21. 2. You do not have to drop your key card / weapon when you are inside of SCP-914.
  22. 3. Added 0.01% chance of becoming SCP-343.
  23. 4. SCP-079 gets changed to another SCP if it is the only SCP.
  24. 5. We have our own discord. <color=blue><u></u></color>
  26. <size=20><color=red>Have Fun Playing!</color></size>
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