LegitSCP Description

Oct 27th, 2019
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  1. <b><u><size=25><color=red>Legit</color><color=blue>SCP</color></size></u></b>
  3. <color=#7289DA><b><u><size=25>Server Location</size></u></b></color>
  4. <color=#B22222>Boston, Massachusetts, United States</color>
  6. <color=#7289DA><b><u><size=25>Discord</size></u></b></color>
  7. Invite: <color=#7289DA><link=""><u></u></link></color> <color=#FFD700><== Click to join our Discord!</color>
  9. <color=#7289DA><b><u><size=25>Basic Server Rules</size></u></b></color>
  10. <color=#FF8C00>1.</color> Treat all members and staff with respect.
  11. <color=#FF8C00>2.</color> All staff have the final say.
  12. <color=#FF8C00>3.</color> Do not staff evade. This will result in significantly higher consequences.
  13. <color=#FF8C00>4.</color> Do not impersonate staff.
  14. <color=#FF8C00>5.</color> Do not threaten to or take malicious actions against any player or our server.
  15. <color=#FF8C00>6.</color> Threats of doxing, DDoSing, or hacking are strictly prohibited.
  16. <color=#FF8C00>7.</color> Do not try to find ways around the rules.
  17. <color=#FF8C00>8.</color> Do not exploit, mod, or hack the game in any way.
  18. <color=#FF8C00>9.</color> Do not ruin the game for other players.
  19. <color=#FF8C00>10.</color> Do not say any racial slurs.
  21. <size=20><color=red>Have Fun Playing!</color></size>
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