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  1. Niryna: I'm gonna yeet to Area 1.
  2. Niryna: Take care.
  3. Lotus: So i see 3 new characters who is the 4th one?
  4. Lotus: Im blind
  5. Ace: There we go, #server_info done.
  6. Jontaneous: Magnifique, mon amie!
  7. Ace: 13 minutes. Too slow.
  8. Jontaneous: Oui, you are, as z'ey say, very bad, non?
  9. Herp: Wee.
  10. Jontaneous: Oui!
  11. Herp: Wee.
  12. Jontaneous:  
  13. Jontaneous: O-oui.
  14. Datz: Seeing Armstrong against an actually decent background is destroying my world view.
  15. momo:  
  16. Jontaneous: O-oui.
  17. momo: ... Wh--
  18. Herp: This is indeed a nice background.
  19. Herp:  
  20. momo: What's this from? It's awe--
  21. Herp: we're never seeing it again
  22. momo:  
  23. Herp:  
  24. Jontaneous: It would be ze shame if somezing were to happen to it, non?
  25. momo: stop
  26. D3SU:  Understandable.
  27. Herp:  
  28. Herp: stop what
  29. Jontaneous: Watch it.
  30. Jontaneous:  
  31. momo: what is this background frOM
  32. D3SU: Stopwatch.
  33. D3SU: hah
  34. Jontaneous: Get it.
  35. Jontaneous: Watch it.
  36. Jontaneous:  
  37. D3SU: Jon.
  38. Herp: it's not a watch
  39. Jontaneous: i wish i was dead
  40. Herp: it's poison
  41. D3SU: Same.
  42. momo:  
  43. momo: ... so whatisthisbackgroundfrom
  44. Herp: Probably a videogame.
  45. D3SU: 999?
  46. momo: Is it 999?
  47. D3SU: No clue.
  48. Herp: Considering 999 is set on the Titanic.
  49. Herp: Probably not.
  50. D3SU: What.
  51. Lex: I'm back.
  52. Jontaneous: Welcome back, mon amie.
  53. D3SU: Welcome back.
  54. Herp: Hello, Back.
  55. momo: Welcome back.
  56. Lex: These backgrounds are beautiful.
  57. Lex: Can I ban someone?
  58. momo:  
  59. Herp: That's on the agenda.
  60. D3SU: Ban me, Da--
  61. momo:  
  62. D3SU: I mean.
  63. Lex: I'm not Dan, D3SU.
  64. momo: oh my god this background what the he--
  65. D3SU: Yeah, these backgrounds look great.
  66. momo: wait we're banning dAN?
  67. Lex: Yes.
  68. Jontaneous: Z'ere will be bans, you will be banned, per'aps even killed. It shall be fantastique.
  69. Lex: Dan is being Danned.
  70. momo: wait what the heck
  71. momo: oh
  72. Lex: He did absolutely nothing wrong, so we're danning him.
  73. momo: oh
  74. Lex: Fair enough?
  75. D3SU: Heh. Dan't wait to see the look on his face!
  76. Jontaneous: Naturellement.
  77. Armie: Look on who's face?
  78. Lex: Allow me to just.
  79. Lex has played a song: After the Verdict ~ Anime.
  80. D3SU: That pun was so good I might have to go into hiding.
  81. Jontaneous: Bienvenue, mademoiselle.
  82. momo: Daaaaaaaamn. New music, new backgrounds. This is quality.
  83. momo: I don't feel HD enough for this.
  84. D3SU: This track is top notch. And v
  85. Lex: I'm going to go contact Cay.
  86. Lex: Brb.
  87. momo: oke
  88. Lex: Omit.
  89. Jontaneous: I am too flat. I am but a poor sweet young miss, non?
  90. Armie: No.
  91. Jontaneous: N-non.
  92. Armie:  
  93. momo: Praise to Ellie.
  94. D3SU: I still can't get over how great Armie is.
  95. D3SU: v
  96. momo: Hold on, I'm getting Cyther.
  97. Jontaneous: N'est-ce pas the most fantastique thing?
  98. D3SU: Yeah, nesty paw, or whatever!
  99. Jontaneous: I feel like Armstrong's the kind of guy to just throw French words that make no sense into his sentences.
  100. momo: Yeah. You're right.
  101. D3SU: Sounds like a poser.
  102. D3SU:  
  103. Jontaneous: Oui.
  104. Lex: Anyways. I think this definitely boosts my morale.
  105. momo: Same.
  106. D3SU: Ditto.
  107. Jontaneous: Is z'at why you have z'e resting face of a beaten dog?
  108. momo: Looks so cool.
  109. momo:  
  110. Lex:  
  111. Jontaneous: See?
  112. momo:  
  113. Lex: Go eat beans on toast, Jon.
  114. Armie: Good one, Jon.
  115. Jontaneous: Oui.
  116. momo: oooooooo
  117. D3SU: Jon, that got me so good. How did you do that?
  118. Herp: We're going to be waiting a while on Meg, aren't we.
  119. Jontaneous: Simple. It is z'e accident.
  120. momo: what got me was the "See?"
  121. momo: Ahh. Yeah, it might be a bit.
  122. D3SU: I'm sure Mini will come back soooooon...
  123. Lex: Hmm.
  124. Herp: Download speed.
  125. Lex: Oh, this looks nice.
  126. momo: WE HAVE A TENT
  127. momo: YO
  128. D3SU:  
  129. Lex: Let's conduct our meetings in this tent.
  130. D3SU: I could totally hide out in here.
  131. momo: what are these FROM
  132. Lex: It has a petite flower.
  133. Armie: I liked the meeting room better.
  134. Herp: It did fit the vibe.
  135. momo: meeting room was pretty sick but i also like having a meeting in a tent
  136. momo:  
  137. Lex: We have a bedroom.
  138. D3SU: Persona 4!?
  139. Armie: Why are we in your bedroom, Lex.
  140. Jontaneous:  
  141. Lex: Who said anything about this being my bedroom?
  142. momo: i see anime boobs on that calendar
  143. momo: lex explain urself
  144. Lex: But I wouldn't mind it compared to the trash I have.
  145. Herp: The anime boobs are from the game, Catherine.
  146. D3SU: That's a Catherine calend--
  147. D3SU: v
  148. Herp: Notably, Catherine features two girls named Catherine.
  150. Herp: Well, Catherine and Katherine.
  151. D3SU: No momo.
  152. momo: are these backgrounds from catherine
  153. Herp: No.
  154. D3SU: This is from Persona 4.
  155. Herp: Why would Catherine advertise Catherine?
  156. momo: ... Wait, why can P--
  157. D3SU: Or, well. P4A.
  158. Lex: This background will be ideal for ERPs.
  159. momo: Oh.
  160. momo:  
  161. D3SU: v
  162. D3SU:  
  163. Armie:  
  164. momo: Oh.
  165. Jontaneous: aren't they making a more erotic version of catherine
  166. Armie: I'll ban you.
  167. Jontaneous: because that's what we needed
  168. momo: what
  169. Herp: Both made by the same company. And not more erotic, no.
  170. Jontaneous:  
  171. Jontaneous: its
  172. D3SU: Dang. I mean--
  173. Jontaneous: that
  174. momo: That makes sense. Same company.
  175. Jontaneous: that's what its advertised as
  176. Jontaneous: herp
  177. Lex: Let's see, another BG...
  178. Herp: It isn't.
  179. Jontaneous: it is
  180. momo:  
  181. Herp: It is not.
  182. Jontaneous: it is
  183. momo: sTop
  184. Herp:  
  185. Jontaneous:  
  186. D3SU: We could just google it.
  187. momo: Thanks.
  188. D3SU: Like civilized people.
  189. momo: <3
  190. D3SU: >3
  191. D3SU: Wait
  192. Lex: Dear god.
  193. Lex: This is badass for roleplays.
  194. momo: vr les go
  195. D3SU: This bg is cool as hell.
  196. Armie: Hey, Herp.
  197. Armie has played a song: MISCELLANEOUS.
  198. Herp: Hey, Kais.
  199. Armie: You have the music, right?
  200. Herp: What music?
  201. Lex: We just made CC a heaven for roleplays.
  202. momo: He does.
  203. Armie: The server music.
  204. Jontaneous: wait all of the fucking songs have different names now
  205. Lex: Yeah.
  206. Jontaneous: i have to relearn all of them
  207. D3SU: What!?
  208. Armie: Yes or no, Herp.
  209. Herp: I know not what you mean.
  210. Armie: Yes or no.
  211. Herp: Or.
  212. Armie: yes no
  213. D3SU: What a maniac.
  214. Herp:  
  215. Armie: y/n
  216. momo: Ah, yes. I remember "Tricks Break".
  217. Herp: /
  218. D3SU: v@momo
  219. D3SU:  
  220. Armie: y m
  221. Herp: m
  222. D3SU: yams
  223. Armie: so maybe
  224. Lex: yamnation.
  225. Herp has played a song: Promotional Video Soundtrack ~ T&T.
  226. momo:  
  227. Lex: Another BG?
  229. D3SU: Woah. This track is sick.
  230. momo:  
  231. Herp: it's literally trailer music
  232. momo:  
  233. D3SU: Your point?
  234. momo: Random Steel Samurai. Okay.
  235. Armie: Herp.
  236. Jontaneous has played a song: German Song ~ Solo Of Rage ~ DGS2.
  237. momo: NIGHT CLUB
  238. D3SU: Oh, the club! Nice.
  239. Herp:  
  240. momo:  
  241. Armie: Thanks, Jon.
  242. Herp: i'm so mad
  243. Jontaneous: you're welcome
  244. Lex: What the shit.
  245. D3SU: ...
  246. Herp: why the fuck
  247. D3SU: v
  248. momo: lol
  249. Lex: Oh yeah.
  250. Jontaneous: its a part of the dgs soundtrack
  251. Jontaneous: eat it nerds
  252. Herp: did german singing on the fucking radio make it
  253. Armie: g e r m a n  s i n g i n g  o n  t h e  r a d i o
  254. momo: high five jon
  255. Jontaneous: suire
  256. Jontaneous: sure
  257. momo:  
  258. D3SU: This is an outrage.
  259. Lex: Where's that bad play performance?
  260. Herp:  
  261. Lex: From the DGS soundtrack.
  262. Herp:  
  263. momo:  
  264. Herp:  
  265. momo:  
  266. D3SU: H e r p
  267. D3SU:  
  268. Megumin:  
  269. Herp: i am suffering
  270. Jontaneous has played a song: German Song ~ Solo Of Rage ~ DGS2.
  271. Megumin: herp get the heck out of venus
  272. Jontaneous: its part of the DGS soundtrack
  273. Megumin: or die
  274. Jontaneous: therefore it is required
  275. Herp: you get out of venus
  276. momo has played a song: German Song ~ Solo Of Rage ~ DGS2.
  277. momo has played a song: German Song ~ Solo Of Rage ~ DGS2.
  278. momo has played a song: German Song ~ Solo Of Rage ~ DGS2.
  279. D3SU: Megumin, rephrase that please.
  280. D3SU:  
  281. Megumin: oh
  282. momo:  
  283. Armie: Are you guys familiar with Snow Halation?
  284. D3SU: No.
  285. momo: yes
  286. momo:  
  287. Megumin: HAHAHA
  288. Megumin: AHAHAHAHAA
  289. Jontaneous:  
  290. Megumin: SHOW THEM
  291. Megumin: DO IT
  292. Jontaneous: what
  293. D3SU: ...
  294. Armie has played a song: Ringtone ~ Klavier Gavin (Guilty Love) ~ AJ.
  295. Jontaneous:  
  296. Lex:  
  297. momo: you fucking didn't
  298. Jontaneous: are you fucking kidding me
  299. momo: fuck you
  300. Herp:  
  301. Megumin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  302. Armie: I didn't even.
  303. Jontaneous: i'm protesting
  304. D3SU:  
  305. momo: fuck yo u
  306. Jontaneous: that's it
  307. Armie: Balance did this.
  308. D3SU: v@jon
  309. Jontaneous: no
  311. Jontaneous: that's it
  312. Jontaneous: i'm resigning
  313. Jontaneous: goodbye
  314. Megumin: Balance didn't even know it was Snow Halation.
  315. momo: same
  316. D3SU: I will rebel against the machine.
  317. Lex: Oh boy, convenient for when Klavier is getting a call.
  318. Armie: Mm..
  319. Herp: why did these get added
  320. Armie: Time's off, it seems.
  321. Armie has played a song: Ringtone ~ Klavier Gavin (Guilty Love) ~ AJ.
  322. Megumin: they should loop honestly
  323. Herp: they shouldn't exist
  324. Maya: v
  325. Armie: They do, but the time is off probably.
  326. D3SU: It doesn't even sound that good, honestly.
  327. Maya: this is exactly the kinda shit lobby doesn't need
  328. D3SU: v
  329. Herp: v
  330. Lex: There's a helecopter BG?
  331. Megumin: Talk bad of Snow Halation, get the fire inhalation.
  332. Herp: do you see this kais
  333. Herp: this is the ticking time bomb
  334. momo: Oh, did the beep of answering a ringtone as a song not get in?
  335. Maya: um
  336. Maya: i'm gonna multiclient lobby
  337. Megumin:  
  338. Armie: Then you should've been dealing with content.
  339. Maya: because i don't trust these fools
  340. Lex: Fuck yes, there is a background of the inside of a helicopter.
  341. momo: Eh?
  342. Megumin: We're doing an D-DAY RP right now.
  343. D3SU: Paratrooper RP when?
  344. Herp:  
  345. Armie has played a song: Ringtone ~ Phoenix Wright (The Steel Samurai) ~ JFA.
  346. D3SU:  
  347. Megumin:  
  348. Herp: i have done that before y'know
  349. D3SU: Herp, I swear to god if you do that--
  350. D3SU:  
  351. momo: Well, now we just can't answer calls. It's fine.
  352. Lex: Unless there's some sneaked-in soundtrack that just has a phone beep.
  353. Lex: And nothing else.
  354. Herp: Can we get on to the meeting?
  355. momo: I made that as an mp3.
  356. Armie has played a song: Opening Statement ~ Anime.
  357. Maya: where the heck is ellie
  358. momo: Gave it to Balance to make as an opus.
  359. D3SU: Ellie is probably dazed and confused.
  360. Armie: I'm not accepting a music track that's literally just a beep.
  361. D3SU: She just showed up and the server ate die.
  362. Maya: yet you will accept a music track that is snow halation
  363. momo: Oh. So, it was in, and you booted it out?
  364. momo: It was to answer ringtones.
  365. Lex: Well, Kaiser, now all the roleplays have been ruined.
  366. momo: v
  367. Megumin: Snow Halation was being added regardless of what happened. I have Kaiser at gunpoint right now.
  368. Megumin: omit
  369. D3SU: Fair.
  370. Maya: in the morning sun got deleted for this
  371. Armie: God fucking dammit, why are you blaming what Balance does on me.
  372. Maya: fuck
  373. Lex: We can no longer do roleplays.
  374. Herp:  
  375. Megumin: Why.
  376. momo: Whatever. It's fine.
  377. Lex: Moving on from the jokes though.
  378. momo: Just a small detail. No biggie.
  379. Lex: Let's get on with the meeting??
  380. Herp: Please.
  381. Herp: For the love of god.
  382. Herp:  
  383. Megumin: I was going to make a joke, but sure.
  384. Armie: Okay.
  385. Megumin:  
  386. D3SU: Could we get that link for your Discord overhaul doc, Herp?
  387. Lex: D3SU looks like he's about to blow that doc up.
  388. Armie has played a song: Psyche-Locks (Arrange Version) ~ T&T.
  389. Megumin: v
  390. D3SU: W-Well, you never know... H-hahaha..
  391. Herp: All that has to be done now, is well, all of that.
  392. D3SU: The changes are sweeping, but shallow. It shouldn't be difficult.
  393. Maya: people are already complaining about the music names being changed
  394. Maya: and by people i mean AkA
  395. Megumin:  
  396. Maya:  
  397. D3SU: Oh no.
  398. D3SU:  
  399. Armie: AkA is a bad prosecutor.
  400. Maya: yes okay continue
  401. Megumin: People need to stop whining for every reason.
  402. Armie has played a song: Mood Matrix ~ Now Commencing Psychoanalysis ~ DD.
  403. D3SU: So, I guess we should go over the changes one more time for final thoughts?
  404. Lex: M'kay.
  405. Megumin: Sure.
  406. Lex: Oh yeah.
  407. Lex: momo.
  408. momo: Yeah?
  409. Lex: I think very positively of you. That was to answer the question you had before we updated.
  410. momo: Oh, thanks.
  411. Lex: I doubt any of us here think anything leaning towards staunchly negative.
  412. Lex: Just wanted to clear that out of the way.
  413. Herp: And besides, they wouldn't say anything negative in front of others, out of respect.
  414. D3SU: To be perfectly clear, will Mantaro be allowed to post in the new Lobby?
  415. Armie: What do you mean?
  416. D3SU: "low-quality cute pat and hug chitchat"
  417. Herp: God no, low-quality, not staff_chat.
  418. D3SU: Gotcha.
  419. Megumin: I'd rather if that wasn't allowed in Lobby. I think that freedom in an area as generic as Lobby is important, but that's too much.
  420. momo: You said not to add it, Kaiser. You lied to me.
  421. Herp:  
  422. Armie: Excuse?
  423. momo: You said not to put it in, and then blamed it on Balance.
  424. Herp: He very clearly said, "I'm not putting in a single beep as a music track".
  425. Herp: He was referring to snow halation.
  426. momo:  
  427. Herp: And German singing on the radio, presumably.
  428. Lex: Uh.
  429. momo: Okay.
  430. Lex: Can we even assume that's what they're talking about?
  431. Megumin: v
  432. D3SU: ...If there are outstanding issues, let's save them for the end, please.
  433. Herp: A wise decision, D3SU.
  434. momo:  
  435. Herp: Are there any other outstanding issues with the discord?
  436. Lex: One question.
  437. Lex: The current lobby, is it being deleted or renamed to something else?
  438. D3SU: It's getting renamed to the Lounge.
  439. Herp: It'd be best to rename the current lobby to Lounge, to preserve it. ^
  440. Lex: Okay, good by me.
  441. D3SU: I've got no objections to any of it. Looks golden.
  442. momo: Can we save the history channels?
  443. Herp: That should be a given.
  444. Lex: Archived much yes.
  445. Herp: We already discussed this on, Monday was it?
  446. Herp: Five days ago.
  447. momo: Yeah. But, they're not listed on the doc.
  448. D3SU: Reaffirmation isn't a big deal, I don't think. And v
  449. momo: And the doc says to delete all non-inputs.
  450. Herp: Archive and history channels are staff channels, no?
  451. Megumin: Sorry, I had to do something. Are we having final thoughts on one by one?
  452. momo: Nah, they aren't.
  453. Herp:  
  454. D3SU: Not really in any specific order, but yeah, Mini.
  455. Megumin:  
  456. Lex: We're going over pressing concerns, Gugu.
  457. momo: What? They're not staff.
  458. Armie: Who?
  459. Herp: That seems to me to just be added clutter for non-users.
  460. Herp: uh
  461. Herp: new users
  462. D3SU: Are staff the only ones that can see the history channels?
  463. D3SU: Oh, guess not.
  464. Megumin:  
  465. Megumin: what
  466. momo: ... Sure. We can make it that way.
  467. Megumin: Archived channels or History channels should be staff-only to avoid clutter.
  468. D3SU: v
  469. Herp: ^ otherwise it's pointless to do this.
  470. Megumin: They're just there to preserve the logs anyways.
  471. momo: Okay.
  472. Lex: Plus, history still remains.
  473. D3SU: Very true.
  474. Armie: I misremembered, but I didn't directly told him not to add it, I just didn't think it was a good idea.
  475. momo: I can just, drag them to the Administrative rooms then.
  476. Herp: kais
  477. Herp: that wasn't needed
  478. momo: ... No, thanks for clarifying though.
  479. D3SU: I think it was considerate of Kaiser to search that up.
  480. momo: Yeah.
  481. momo: It was.
  482. D3SU: Mini? Any final concerns on the discord changes?
  483. D3SU:  
  484. Armie: Can I work through some of the changes on the Discord changes?
  485. Megumin: Sorry, I was reading the doc.
  486. D3SU: No worries. Just take your time.
  487. D3SU: What do you mean, Kais?
  488. Armie: Welcome chat is ready to be deleted.
  489. D3SU: Oh, getting started, you mean.
  490. Lex: Self-reinforcing.
  491. D3SU: I don't see why not.
  492. Lex: Herp, define that.
  493. Herp: Sounds good to me.
  494. Maya: Uri's just mentioned that we've missed a few duplicate files in the clean-up. Apparently Santa has multiple gif emotes in his folder that are the same, but unused.
  495. Herp: Self-reinforcing. We moderate it to such an extent that the begin to self-police the channel.
  496. Lex: What makes that different from backseat moderating?
  497. Megumin: v
  498. Herp: It's convenient.
  499. D3SU:  
  500. D3SU: Fair.
  501. Lex:  
  502. Lex: Still backseat moderating, something I thought we were against.
  503. Herp: We're against it when it's rude, unpleasant, or challenges actual moderation.
  504. Herp: Or when it's straight up wrong.
  505. Jontaneous:  
  506. D3SU: Backseat moderation isn't inherently negative.
  507. momo: This brings the Megumin-Rainy conflict to mind.
  508. momo: The one today.
  509. Lex: In my opinion, you should just get rid of that entire clause.
  510. Megumin: I'm completely against all forms of backseat moderating. I can see creating a culture of following the rules and encouraging following the rules, but when certain conditions are met then it's trouble.
  511. Herp: That's been resolved. And Lex, it's not really a "clause" per se.
  512. D3SU: ...I don't think I follow.
  513. Lex: We're practically doing the same thing we've been doing.
  514. momo: Resolved?
  515. momo: Oh, that's good.
  516. Herp: Yes. It's the same as usual.
  517. momo: Right.
  518. Herp: Lex, let me put it another way.
  519. Herp: It's people saying "#arcade"
  520. Megumin: what's been resolved
  521. Herp: when people are talking too much about videogames
  522. momo: Eh?
  523. Herp:  
  524. momo:  
  525. Herp: You've been resolved. We've been over it, Meg.
  526. Herp:  
  527. momo: Yeah, we're not on it anymore.
  528. momo: You're fine.
  529. Lex: Okay, so would you say that's convenient or backseat moderating?
  530. Herp: Convenient.
  531. momo: Both.
  532. momo:  
  533. D3SU: v
  534. Jontaneous:  
  535. Megumin: here's a great difference
  536. Megumin: people following the rules =/= people reinforcing the rules like a mod
  537. momo: Well, what if people nudge others to follow the rules?
  538. Herp: Politely.
  539. Lex: Nudging is fine.
  540. Megumin: v
  541. Herp: That's the goal.
  542. momo: That's like, convenient.
  543. Herp: Now we're on the same page. That's good.
  544. Jontaneous: Unless you wanna watch #lobby all day every day.
  545. Lex: I have no life, I can do that if I wanted to.
  546. Lex: E.
  547. Herp:  
  548. D3SU: Lex, you poor soul.
  549. D3SU: E
  550. Herp: Shall we move on?
  551. Megumin: Sure.
  552. D3SU: Yes, let's.
  553. momo:  
  554. momo: Oh, yeah.
  555. momo: Let's move it along.
  556. Lex: Regular_Session_List.
  557. Lex: Staff controlled?
  558. Herp: We discussed this previously.
  559. momo: That's a cute idea. I like that.
  560. Lex: Can we review it once again?
  561. Megumin: can i have two examples of this channel being used
  562. Megumin: for reference
  563. Herp: It's a form like suggestions.
  564. Herp: It's for weekly/daily/whatever RP and gamemode events.
  565. momo: How do we put that in again?
  566. Herp: I don't know.
  567. Megumin:  
  568. Lex: You threw in an undeveloped idea into developing the Discord?
  569. Herp: I'm not the bot guy.
  570. Megumin: Uh.
  571. momo: We have a bot guy?
  572. Megumin: Herp.
  573. D3SU: It'd just be through a google survery or something, right? Like in suggestions. Not a big deal.
  574. Megumin: By adding that idea, we assumed you already had the means to do so.
  575. momo: Yeaaaah, not a big deal. We know how to do it.
  576. Megumin: do we
  577. Megumin:  
  578. Lex: I still find the use of this channel confusing.
  579. Herp: We already do have the means to do so. #suggestions has the template.
  580. D3SU: v
  581. Herp: And it's basically to save on needless pings for the same thing every week at the same time.
  582. momo: So, do we just like, move the bot over?
  583. Herp: Ask Funky. He knows.
  584. Lex: How would the process work, Herp?
  585. Lex: I know one thing for certain is that CMs will use this.
  586. Jontaneous: That bot is still run by Funky, though. Wouldn't it be better to replace it with the same template?
  587. Lex: And that there's a form involved. Otherwise, not much other than that.
  588. momo: Or, does Funky run two of them?
  589. Jontaneous:  
  590. Herp: They answer the form. The form spits into the channel. We check the form. We delete it when the sessions stop.
  591. Jontaneous: Hm.
  592. Lex: And if technical difficulties occur for the CM?
  593. Lex: And thus, unable to run it at the appointed time?
  594. Herp: They can inform their players.
  595. D3SU: That can be handled via a ping in the channels.
  596. Lex: It sounds overly complicated.
  597. Herp: It's rather simple.
  598. Megumin: Honestly, v@Lexi
  599. Megumin: It sounds like a hassle.
  600. momo: ... I'm with Herp on this. I still think it's cool.
  601. D3SU: Me too.
  602. Herp: It's straight up the opposite of a hassle.
  603. D3SU: v
  604. D3SU: It's an autonomous message baord, essentially.
  605. D3SU: The CMs throw up a date and time and the players can refer back to it.
  606. Herp: You can see, "Oh, hey, this thing happens every week at this time. I'll go to it."
  607. D3SU: Right!
  608. Herp: Instead of waiting on the ping and never making that connection.
  609. momo: Kaiser's been implementing stuff all this time.
  610. Megumin: Oh, I see. Let me see if I got this straight.
  611. D3SU: What a trooper.
  612. Jontaneous: I suppose. Although I don't know of many things that happen weekly other than Kate's Kitchen right now.
  613. Herp: Good on him.
  614. Jontaneous: But that might be because I don't do roleplays.
  615. D3SU: There's Kusu's thing.
  616. Herp: I know Kusu did one called Enago.
  617. Lex:  
  618. Megumin: This is a separate channel from searching spontaneous gamemodes/RP's, and it's used for regular things. So, if let's say, a game of Uno happens every week, they post the message there. Right?
  619. D3SU: Yep yep.
  620. Herp: If it's a scheduled weekly thing, yeah, sure?
  621. momo: But, they don't post a message.
  622. momo: They fill out a form.
  623. Jontaneous: Still think its niche, but its harmless I suppose.
  624. Megumin: They use the form, yes.
  625. Herp: And it remains there forever.
  626. D3SU: Until the event ceases.
  627. momo: Until we delete it.
  628. Megumin: Until I delete them for no reason.
  629. Megumin:  
  630. momo:  
  631. Herp: And doesn't get pushed out by on the spot pings, which is the most important part.
  632. Herp: Everything there, is stuff that happens, and you'll know it'll happen.
  633. momo: It's pretty cute.
  634. Megumin: So pinging for spontaneous events like a random GoM still happens in a different channel, right?
  635. Herp: Yes.
  636. momo: Right
  637. Herp: They aren't regular events.
  638. Lex: I'll give it a tentative pass.
  639. Lex: I have to see it executed to really come to a decision.
  640. Jontaneous: As I said, its harmless. If it gets unused, we'll just get rid of it.
  641. D3SU: If I get off my lazy ass and finish writing my RPG, I'll have a post up in there in the near-ish future.
  642. Megumin: I guess it can work as a learning experience.
  643. Lex: Okay, well.
  644. Herp: And I'll be running classes and case clinics through there too.
  645. Megumin: I would rather have something like this with a bigger playerbase, though.
  646. Lex: vvvv
  647. Herp: I presume momo will be doing their case analysis too through it, on a regular basis.
  648. D3SU: What kind of classes, Herp?
  649. Megumin: tank rp classes
  650. Herp: Oh, y'know. Everything.
  651. Megumin: honestly i still want to replay tank rp
  652. Lex: I want to address something that just came up.
  653. D3SU: I'll see if I can make it to some of 'em, then. I'm sure there's plenty I have to pick up.
  654. Lex: Ellie's message in #staff_discussions.
  655. Megumin: Hm?
  656. Herp: Is it an emergency, or can it wai-
  657. Herp: That can wait.
  658. D3SU: It's cute, but it can wait.
  659. Lex: 'Kay.
  660. Megumin: v
  661. Lex: Hmmm.
  662. momo: Oh. I could put my case analysis in there too, yeah.
  663. Lex: Okay.
  664. Lex: So no one has objections to casing_advice, right?
  665. Herp: We've been over it.
  666. D3SU: Oh, momo. Remind me to message you after this meeting ends.
  667. Lex: In case anyone had new thoughts or ideas.
  668. Lex: I'm rechecking.
  669. momo: Oke.
  670. Megumin: We did talk about this before last time. Although, it's great to recap so we make sure nothing gets slipped by without everyone knowing.
  671. momo: ... Y'know.
  672. Lex: Hm?
  673. momo: I get the frustration with wanting to get things through, without endless deliberation and setbacks.
  674. Herp: That's not the source of the frustration.
  675. momo: It's not?
  676. Herp: No.
  677. momo: What is it?
  678. Herp: This tangent. Is there anything else?
  679. momo: ... Thanks, Herp.
  680. momo: Whatever. Continue the meeting.
  681. Lex: Unnecessarily rude, Herp.
  682. Lex: Moving on.
  683. D3SU: I know you mean well, momo, but we're in the middle of this.<3
  684. Lex: What happened to that channel for...
  685. Lex: I believe it was videos?
  686. Lex: Are we holding off on that?
  687. Herp: Ah, yes. I wanted to bring that up.
  688. momo: Staff videos and logs.
  689. D3SU: Ah. Good call, Lex.
  690. Herp: Which category would you suggest it to go into?
  691. D3SU: Administrative Rooms, yes?
  692. momo: Casing, Gaming and Events.
  693. momo: Wait.
  694. momo: It wasn't staff videos and logs.
  695. momo: What was the old title?
  696. Herp: It wasn't staff, no. Just videos and logs, I believe.
  697. Lex: Correct.
  698. Lex: videos_and_logs
  699. D3SU: Entertainment, then?
  700. momo: Yeah. It would go into Casing, Gaming and Events, since it's doc and video records of experiences.
  701. momo: Like, player runs of cases. Stenographer central.
  702. Lex: Recorded roleplays, yaddi yada.
  703. momo: Right.
  704. Lex: It's well snug in there.
  705. Herp: Excellent.
  706. momo:  
  707. momo: Moving on.
  708. Lex: TV_Movies_Music_etc...
  709. Lex: I'm not opposed to the idea of changing it to Watch_Listen_Read.
  710. Lex: Anyone else?
  711. Herp: I like it, but I also think it sounds dumb as heck.
  712. Megumin: v
  713. Herp: Like, so dumb it's good.
  714. D3SU: I think the new name is cute. All good by me.
  715. Lex: momo?
  716. momo: ... Yeah, I'm not opposed to the rename either.
  717. momo:  
  718. Megumin: I think it sounds a bit meh.
  719. Megumin: tbh
  720. Herp: I really miss not having TV at the start.
  721. Herp: TV is a really snappy first word.
  722. D3SU: You just have bad tastes, Mini.
  723. D3SU: omit
  724. Megumin: i get that a lot
  725. D3SU: <3
  726. momo: Well, I think watch_listen_read fits with videos_and_logs.
  727. momo: Like, similar length and style and such.
  728. Lex: That's a reasonable thought.
  729. D3SU: v
  730. Megumin: Honestly, if I were to pick a name, it would be something to do with the word "media"
  731. Megumin: but this works too honestly
  732. Herp: oh_dear_its_media
  733. momo: What about just, "media"?
  734. momo: Or, is that way too small?
  735. Lex: multi-media?
  736. Megumin: I think smaller is better.
  737. D3SU: Having fun channel names is important.
  738. D3SU: Fight me.
  739. Megumin: All_Media?
  740. Lex: mediaverse?
  741. Megumin: media channel
  742. Megumin:  
  743. momo: ... Now I'm attached to watch_listen_read.
  744. Herp: media_corner
  745. Megumin:  
  746. momo:  
  747. Lex: walt_disney?
  748. Herp: disney_land
  749. Megumin: tv_room
  750. D3SU: It's the staff colors all over again.
  751. D3SU: omit
  752. momo: It is.
  753. Megumin: Blue was bad by the way.
  754. D3SU: Blue is always good.
  755. momo: The Chefs liked that blue.
  756. Lex: Can we swap colors?
  757. Megumin: i'll like your blue
  758. D3SU: But I think the name given in the doc is good.
  759. momo: ... I guess.
  760. Megumin: watchlistenread
  761. momo: v
  762. momo:  
  763. Megumin:  
  764. Lex: Hmm.
  765. momo: watch_listen_read
  766. D3SU: v
  767. momo:  
  768. Lex: Oke, we can do that, albeit I was hoping for something like Mediaverse.
  769. Megumin: watch-listen-read
  770. momo: Mediaverse is cute.
  771. Megumin: I liked media_corner
  772. D3SU: Names can be changed whenever.
  773. momo: media_corner is also cute.
  774. Lex: Let's change the name everyday.
  775. Lex: Omit.
  776. momo: media_corner is the most thematically fitting.
  777. Megumin: mediaverse_corner_for_watching_listening_reading
  778. momo:  
  779. Herp: So, shall we revisit naming at a later date, post-implementation?
  780. momo: Nah.
  781. Megumin: Yes.
  782. D3SU: I think that'd be best.
  783. Megumin: I'm super picky with names.
  784. momo:  
  785. D3SU: Same.
  786. momo: We have to name them to put them out.
  787. D3SU: Nicknaming my pokemon takes ages.
  788. momo: And it's not hard.
  789. Herp: We have the default name.
  790. Jontaneous: ...are you guys really still arguing about this
  791. D3SU: We can just leave it as is, if we're so divided.
  792. momo: ... Alright. As is.
  793. Megumin: stuff_corner
  794. Herp: Next.
  795. D3SU: Mini, shoosh.
  796. momo: Though, media_corner was the clear right answer.
  797. D3SU:  
  798. momo:  
  799. momo: Fight me.
  800. D3SU: Later.
  801. Lex: Rolebot...
  802. Lex: Are we using any new bot for this?
  803. momo: How will role_bot work?
  804. Herp: It's just the same as the current role channel, until you sort out that idea of yours.
  805. Lex: Is there a bot out there who can assign by pressing reaction buttons?
  806. momo: ... Oh. With, reacting to get roles?
  807. Herp: Just with less clutter and a clear pinned instruction. And yes, such a bot exists.
  808. Lex: Can we use that?
  809. D3SU: No.
  810. D3SU:  
  811. Herp: Hopefully.
  812. Lex: But why.
  813. Megumin: No more than six-five mines for each paragraph of explanation, by the way.
  814. Herp:  
  815. momo: ... Hopefully. But, do we... I mean, I can find a server that does that. Find the bot.
  816. Megumin: lines*
  817. Megumin:  
  818. D3SU: It can't be too difficult, or so many servers wouldn't have them.
  819. Megumin: Um.
  820. Megumin: I think Salt Industries does that.
  821. Lex: YAGPDB.xyz.
  822. Lex: But they PM you.
  823. Ellie:  
  824. Lex: Upon being assigned a role.
  825. D3SU: Welcome, Ellie.
  826. momo: Hey, Ellie.
  827. Lex: Hi, Ellie.
  828. momo: Amazing job on the characters. They're awesome.
  829. Ellie: god I love this character.
  830. D3SU: vvvvv@momo
  831. Herp: Hiya.
  832. Ellie: And thanks. ♥
  833. momo: Let me search for the bot.
  834. D3SU: We're going over the discord overhaul doc, Ellie.
  835. Ellie: Right... It's currently ongoing, right?
  836. D3SU: If you read into it and find anything you'd like to ask about, just say the word.
  837. Ellie: Sure thing.
  838. Megumin: Where were we again?
  839. Ellie: I'm... somewhat debating...
  840. D3SU: ...Good question.
  841. Lex: Role_bot.
  842. Ellie:  
  843. Lex: And finding a bot to make sure the role getting is as simple as possible.
  844. Megumin: I could do some scouting to find a bot like that. Alternatively, we should talk to someone who understands it.
  845. Herp: Yes. So, let's revisit this later.
  846. Lex: I proposed YAGPDB.xyz
  847. Lex: DANA knows how to use it.
  848. Lex: Being that she runs a server that uses it.
  849. Megumin: let's revisit it later
  850. Herp: Excellent.
  851. Jontaneous:  
  852. momo: Pause.
  853. momo: Before we integrate that, we can just make a post detailing the tatsumaki role add commands.
  854. momo: Then pin that, reference it in the channel description.
  855. momo: That saves us time.
  856. Herp: That is indeed what I said earlier.
  857. Ellie:  
  858. D3SU: Sounds like a big ol' yes to me.
  859. Lex: Fine by me for the immediate.
  860. Megumin: v
  861. Lex: Okay, that's solved.
  862. Ellie: No objections here, your Honor.
  863. Megumin: Next, captain.
  864. Lex: How would Voice Chat work?
  865. Lex: You can't have spaces in Discord channels.
  866. Megumin: silent reminder that jon is still here
  867. Herp: Well, you talk into a microphone.
  868. Lex: I say that we remove the channel and replace it with Voice_Chat.
  869. D3SU: Voice channel names are worked slightly differently.
  870. Herp: Okay, next.
  871. momo: I agree with Lex. That's important.
  872. Lex: Humm...
  873. Lex: What else...
  874. Lex: Aha.
  875. Lex: Friends_and_Food.
  876. Lex: It sounds a little...
  877. Megumin: I already agree.
  878. Megumin:  
  879. Lex:  
  880. Herp: Fish are friends, not food.
  881. Lex: They can be food too.
  882. Jontaneous:  
  883. Ellie:  
  884. Jontaneous: Have you never watched finding nemo.
  885. Megumin: They can be both.
  886. Jontaneous:  
  887. Lex: Jon.
  888. momo: cute_animals, but people post dead cooked animals in there as well.
  889. momo: Done.
  890. D3SU: v
  891. Megumin:  
  892. Megumin: god momo
  893. momo:  
  894. Megumin: i'm crying
  895. momo:  
  896. Ellie: Hm...
  897. Lex: Isn't cute_animals usually just pets?
  898. D3SU: Yep.
  899. momo: Kinda, yeah.
  900. Lex: pets_and_cuisine?
  901. Ellie: I still think the name needs some work.
  902. momo: Actually, no. Pets are a casino_bot thing.
  903. momo: That and cuddles.
  904. D3SU: v@Ellie
  905. Lex: Oh, momo, I meant like, real pets.
  906. Lex: Most of what I see in cute_animals are just people's real life pets.
  907. Megumin: Why did we merge the two channels again?
  908. D3SU: Pets_And_Pasta
  909. D3SU:  
  910. momo: I'm here all night.
  911. Megumin:  
  912. Ellie:  
  913. momo: And why did we again?
  914. Herp: Merging channels is kinda the point of the overhaul.
  915. D3SU: v
  916. Armie: We didn't need two barely used channels.
  917. Armie: Might as well make it one.
  918. Herp: They were both semi-active channels with no substantive function, but they're cute. v
  919. Megumin: I guess. It's just a bit random considering their subjects.
  920. momo: Well, it's not like our server operates around them, so it's fine.
  921. Megumin: it's like merging a restaurant and a pet store
  922. D3SU: Their purposes are nearly identical. As long as the name is clear, it's fine, I think.
  923. Ellie: Well... I'm fine with the merge.. Just not the name of the merged channel.
  924. momo: They're both irrelevant.
  925. Jontaneous: There are restaurants that keep their Lobster in an aquarium so you can pick which one you can eat.
  926. Lex: D3SU, one is to make us salivate for food, and one is to make us d'aww on cute living things.
  927. Armie: I don't care about the name.
  928. Jontaneous: That's a pet store and a restaurant.
  929. D3SU: Dogs_And_Donuts
  930. D3SU:  
  931. momo: cute_alive_and_dead
  932. Ellie:  
  933. D3SU: Cats_And_Cannoli
  934. D3SU:  
  935. momo: dogs and donuts is really cu--
  936. momo:  
  937. Megumin: D3su knows what's up
  938. Herp: guys
  939. Ellie: Oh well..
  940. Herp: the name is already very well received
  941. Herp: and has led to some very cute posts
  942. Megumin:  
  943. D3SU: It is?
  944. Herp: heck yeah
  945. momo: It's a pretty good name, as is, imo.
  946. Ellie:  
  947. D3SU: Oh, yeah! Kaiser's been slaving away in the Discord this whole time!
  948. momo: dogs_and_donuts is cute too.
  949. Herp: He sure has. Thanks Kais.
  950. D3SU: vvvv
  951. Megumin: Pets_And_Food.
  952. Herp: Pet_Food
  953. Megumin:  
  954. momo: ... Thank you, Kais. These are a lot of changes.
  955. Megumin: I mean.
  956. Megumin: Herp.
  957. Megumin: That would be decent if it didn't imply eating pets
  958. momo: That's the best part.
  959. D3SU: Is there a problem?????
  960. Megumin: just gets in an ao discord
  961. Lex: I'm hungry, I'm gonna go make some food.
  962. Megumin: "pet food"
  963. D3SU: *pets
  964. D3SU:  
  965. momo: It also implies all the food in the channel is the quality of dog steak.
  966. Megumin: i'd run for my life
  967. Lex: I'll be back quick.
  968. D3SU: I think we should move along. We're getting very sidetracked.
  969. momo: Okay, Lex. <3
  970. Herp: Anyway, let's conclude on this before we drag on too much about literally the least important channel on the server v@desu
  971. D3SU: Kaiser'll get through the whole overhaul before we finish at this rate.
  972. Megumin: pets_and_food
  973. Megumin:  
  974. D3SU:  
  975. D3SU: Anything else anyone'd like to bring up?
  976. D3SU: lowkey, this meeting room bg makes me feel professional as hell
  977. Megumin: v
  978. momo: Kais. Aside from #server_info, what's left to be integrated?
  979. Ellie: #staff_chat
  980. Ellie: omit
  981. Ellie:  
  982. D3SU: True.
  983. D3SU:  
  984. Megumin: But yeah, um, someone said about revisiting this topic in the future...
  985. Herp:  
  986. Megumin: We should probably check what's being used and what's not, let's say, a month after the update?
  987. momo: Fair.
  988. D3SU: v
  989. momo: And then delete/merge the unused portions.
  990. Ellie: Sounds good.
  991. Megumin: and then add an art section
  992. Megumin:  
  993. D3SU: m8
  994. D3SU:  
  995. momo: community_corner
  996. momo: shut
  997. D3SU: v
  998. Megumin: community corner
  999. Megumin: more like
  1000. Megumin: "i made hd versions of this sprite"
  1001. Megumin: "look"
  1002. Ellie:  
  1003. D3SU: Just send your art there. People will like it.
  1004. D3SU: :clap:
  1005. momo: v
  1006. Armie: regular session list, role bot, and descriptions for everything.
  1007. Megumin: That implies my art is good.
  1008. D3SU: It's not????
  1009. momo: ... Okay, fair.
  1010. Ellie:  
  1011. momo: Do you wanna, do #server_info really quick?
  1012. Armie: Yeah.
  1013. Ellie: Mhm.. We need that channel dusted now.
  1014. momo: Okay.
  1015. Herp: Probably best to archive old server_info and make the new one from scratch.
  1016. D3SU: v
  1017. Ellie: Seconded.
  1018. Armie: I can do that.
  1019. Armie: I mean, archive it.
  1020. Ellie: Oh no
  1021. Ellie: Fffffff
  1022. Megumin:  
  1023. Megumin: wh
  1024. Ellie: Armie's Normal
  1025. Megumin: what about it
  1026. Armie: What?
  1027. Ellie: Her legs kind of clips through her skirt.
  1028. Megumin: Kaiser, can you blank real quick?
  1029. Armie: Okay.
  1030. Herp: that isn't a blank
  1031. Megumin: it
  1032. Armie: You're not getting one.
  1033. Ellie: I'll whip up a better gif of that in the next update.
  1034. Megumin: K-Kind of clips a bit through?
  1035. Megumin: It's pretty minor though.
  1036. Herp: kais i'll ban you
  1037. Armie: It's fine for now.
  1038. Lex: Back.
  1039. Herp: Welcome back.
  1040. Armie: I won't even ban you.
  1041. D3SU: Wow, lucky.
  1042. D3SU:  
  1043. Ellie:  
  1044. Megumin: W
  1045. Ellie: Darnit.
  1046. Armie: I'll manually enter your IPID into the server's internal banlist.
  1047. D3SU:  
  1048. Ellie: I even want to get ban--
  1049. D3SU: Brutal.
  1050. Ellie:  
  1051. Herp: That reminds me.
  1052. Megumin: Welcome back, Lexi. We're finally demoting me.
  1053. Lex: Why the fuck you and not me?
  1054. Herp: Kais, we should do some testing with the internal banlist, just out of curiosity.
  1055. Megumin: Because I asked first
  1056. Lex: Darn.
  1057. Lex: Can't argue with that.
  1058. Ellie: Internal Banlist?
  1059. Ellie: What kind of testin?
  1060. Ellie: Testing*
  1061. Megumin: We'll use Herp as the guinea pig.
  1062. Ellie:  
  1063. Herp: I want to see if I can cover the exploit that allowed those guys to keep coming back after being banned.
  1064. Herp: You know, the one's at AlexG's cases.
  1065. Ellie: Ah yes..
  1066. D3SU: Hey, good idea!
  1067. Jontaneous: Their IPIDs kept changing.
  1068. Herp: Mhm.
  1069. Megumin: IPID's change a lot, honestly. That's important is the HDID I believe.
  1070. Jontaneous: That probably wouldn't work. Assuming the bans weren't delayed.
  1071. Megumin: What's*
  1072. Armie: I can already answer your question, Herp.
  1073. Armie: You can't.
  1074. Herp: Can you not insert HDID's manually?
  1075. Armie: They use a VM to change their HDID, and then use a VPN to change IPID.
  1076. Herp:  
  1077. Herp: That's way too much effort.
  1078. Megumin: That's some dedicated hatred.
  1079. Lex: It's honestly not that hard to do if you already have a VPN and a VMachine set up.
  1080. Herp: True, but as someone with both, it's a fucking hassle.
  1081. Herp: Especially to change at the rate they did.
  1082. Jontaneous: Well, there've been no further things like that recently.
  1083. Jontaneous: So, its not a problem.
  1084. Jontaneous: Not yet anyway.
  1085. Lex: It's way too minor of an issue.
  1086. Lex: So no need for any testing.
  1087. Herp: Hence why it's an idle curiosity of mine.
  1088. D3SU: Understandable.
  1089. Ellie: We'll just be ready if ever the situation comes back again.
  1090. Lex: What else is there to cover?
  1091. Jontaneous: Curiosity sated. Next statement you fuck.
  1092. Megumin:  
  1093. momo: Okay. I got the first part of #server_info_and_rules done.
  1094. momo: Post it?
  1095. Herp: Sure, and then Kais posts their side.
  1096. momo: I had to like, make sure all the pings would ping.
  1097. Ellie: Yalla! Let's see it.
  1098. momo: Okay.
  1099. D3SU: v
  1100. Lex: Yalla unironically means "Let's go" in Arabic.
  1101. Megumin:  
  1102. Lex:  
  1103. D3SU: Y'alla
  1104. D3SU:  
  1105. Lex: Yalla.
  1106. Megumin: I'm ready. Bring it.
  1107. Ellie: Y'alla habibi!
  1108. Herp: Yalla yalla, imshi.
  1109. Lex: I don't know whether to scold you all or not.
  1110. D3SU: ...Does this count as cultural appropriation?
  1111. Ellie: I'm born from an arab country.. So..
  1112. Lex:  
  1113. Ellie: The terms seems familiar to me.
  1114. Lex: Elias McFucking Ellie.
  1115. Ellie:  
  1116. Lex: And I didn't know this?
  1117. momo: Be careful, Megu. Once someone reacts to that, tuturu is on our #server_info forever.
  1118. Ellie: I-I thought you knew...
  1119. momo: Eventually, they'll be added as a character.
  1120. Lex: I didn't!
  1121. D3SU: I will destroy you.l
  1122. D3SU:  
  1123. Megumin: That's the intention.
  1124. Lex: Where do you hail from?
  1125. momo: Fuck.
  1126. Ellie: E-Even Balance knows.
  1127. Megumin: My discord will run out soon momo
  1128. Megumin: i must preserve my tuturu
  1129. Lex: E l l i e .  I don't recall you telling me!
  1130. Ellie: I was born in Kuwait.
  1131. Herp: Your discord's running out? Damn. I thought it was just your Nitro.
  1132. Lex: You're literally my neighbor.
  1133. Megumin:  
  1134. Ellie:  
  1135. D3SU: Pffft... Herp...
  1136. Megumin: The longer I am awake, the more words i forgot to type.
  1137. Megumin: forget
  1138. Ellie: Where are you from, Lex?
  1139. Megumin: Saharan Desert
  1140. Lex:  
  1141. Lex: That's in Africa, Megumin.
  1142. Lex: I'm in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia.
  1143. Megumin:  
  1144. D3SU: The idle chatter is getting pretty rampant. Are we done reviewing over the discord changes?
  1145. Ellie: That's neat.
  1146. Herp: I presume so.
  1147. Lex: Sorry, I had to fanboy over another Middle Eastern around.
  1148. Megumin: I live in South America. The only things that exist for me are massive island, U.K. and Japan.
  1149. D3SU: Understandable. <3 @Lex
  1150. momo: We have to address the regular session list, and role bot. As well as doing the descriptions, which I can do.
  1151. momo: The regular session list is a cute idea, but let's save it for when we know how to do it.
  1152. Lex: Seconded.
  1153. Ellie: Right.
  1154. Megumin: Agre-eed.
  1155. momo: Meanwhile, I can put in a role_bot that's just using tatsumaki.
  1156. momo: ... That should be it. Thanks Kais, for doing most of the integration.
  1157. D3SU: v
  1158. Armie: No problem.
  1159. Lex: I have good news.
  1160. Lex: The first video for videos_and_logs
  1161. Lex: is up.
  1162. Megumin: oh my god what happened to my tuturu
  1163. Lex: By Jay.
  1164. Jontaneous:  
  1165. Jontaneous: >Pixel
  1166. Jontaneous: excuse me
  1167. Lex: Oh.
  1168. Lex: Let's delete it.
  1169. Megumin:  
  1170. Lex: omit.
  1171. Jontaneous: must be an old video
  1172. Megumin: I can't believe we actually survived the discord overhaul this felt like World War III
  1173. Herp: While we talked, Kais just kinda, did it.
  1174. Herp: Once again, thanks Kais.
  1175. Lex: momo.
  1176. D3SU: Seriously, thanks. This could have taken an eternity and a half.
  1177. Lex: Any more thoughts?
  1178. Megumin: Good work, Kai. And I mean it.
  1179. Lex: I'm pretty much out.
  1180. momo: I kicked a guy.
  1181. Megumin:  
  1182. Lex: E.
  1183. Ellie: We appreciate it a lot, Kaiser.
  1184. Ellie: And nice.
  1185. momo: He was memeing in #lounge. I'm protecting.
  1186. Lex: Yeah, thanks Kaiser. That was a lot of work.
  1187. D3SU: Sounds good, momo.
  1188. momo: ... Again, thank you, Kais.
  1189. Ellie: I suppose we can talk about bans and unbans next...? Or..
  1190. Megumin: Fine by me. I don't have anything planned.
  1191. Megumin: Besides sleeping.
  1192. Lex: I need to put Megumin to sleep later.
  1193. Ellie:  
  1194. Jontaneous:  
  1195. Lex: That's my agenda for today.
  1196. Jontaneous: okay unbans
  1197. Jontaneous: door and kuro
  1198. Megumin: I-I am getting on bed at the correct times.
  1199. Jontaneous: they're being unbanned tommorow
  1200. Lex: Ja.
  1201. Jontaneous: kaiser already confirmed this
  1202. Lex: Ellie will tell them.
  1203. D3SU: Correct.
  1204. Megumin: That was quick.
  1205. Jontaneous: nice
  1206. Ellie: Well... What do you guys think?
  1207. Lex: Go for it, Ellie.
  1208. Herp: What we think is immaterial at this point.
  1209. Lex: That is, tomorrow.
  1210. momo: Okay. What are the tatsu commands for adding roles onto yourself?
  1211. Armie: I'd like to tell them, actually.
  1212. D3SU: v@herp
  1213. Lex:  
  1214. momo:  
  1215. D3SU:  
  1216. momo: AnsweR mE
  1217. Jontaneous:  
  1218. D3SU: I'm slow, okay?
  1219. Megumin: I don't remember, momo, but was it something about !Iam?
  1220. momo: ... Really?
  1221. Jontaneous: tselfrole?
  1222. momo: Is it that simple?
  1223. D3SU: I think it's like... t!selfrole something something
  1224. momo: t!selfrole...
  1225. momo: Okay, looking it up. That's a good start.
  1226. D3SU: You can check in bot commands.
  1227. Megumin: We should change that command, really. Salt Industries has a bot that just needs !Iam (role)
  1228. Lex: Nadeko does the same thing.
  1229. Megumin: Also, Kai is going to tell Door and Kuro about the unbans?
  1230. Ellie: Ah... You mean the Miki Bot?
  1231. Lex: Don't we already have Nadeko?
  1232. Lex: You can literally do .iam
  1233. D3SU: I can mess around with that, then.
  1234. Megumin: petition to make nadeko surpass tatsumaki--
  1235. Megumin: Oh yes. I forgot.
  1236. Lex: Nadeko is a cutie.
  1237. D3SU: The roles were all handled by tatsu before, so I hadn't input any of that.
  1238. Megumin: Whoever produced a huge amount of blossoms for themselves need some serious scolding.
  1239. Ellie: Nadeko-chan is my ideal waifu
  1240. Ellie: omit
  1241. Ellie:  
  1242. D3SU: Actually, Kaiser and momo might need to handle it. I don't have admin perms.
  1243. D3SU: Lemme check real quick if that matters.
  1244. Megumin:  
  1245. Ellie: Right so.. Kaiser will tell Door and Kuro instead.. Totally fine by me.
  1246. Armie: Sorry, but it's kind of personal.
  1247. Ellie: I understand.
  1248. Megumin: It's A-Oke.
  1249. Ellie: I basically myself just want to tell them "You're unbanned." and all that.
  1250. Herp: Kaiser doing it seems optimal.
  1251. Ellie: Understandable.
  1252. D3SU: Good news! I can totally do the roles thing.
  1253. Herp: That's an excellent bit of news.
  1254. Ellie: Neat.
  1255. Jontaneous: ...When they get back, assuming they don't go around sowing chaos, we shouldn't have a need to ban them again.
  1256. Jontaneous: So, let's hope they've learnt.
  1257. D3SU: ...Ah. Bad news.
  1258. Lex: Hm?
  1259. Megumin: What's up?
  1260. D3SU: Only 5 of such "role things" can be up at a time.
  1261. Ellie: Def, Pro, Judge, CM, Wit.
  1262. Ellie: omit
  1263. Ellie:  
  1264. D3SU: Def, Pro, Judge, Wit, Steno, CM, Eventgoer...
  1265. D3SU: Oof.
  1266. Ellie: Yeah...
  1267. D3SU: Aha. I found another command. I'll see if this one pans out.
  1268. momo: Oh. Only five?
  1269. D3SU: I'm not too familiar with all of Nadeko's commands, but there's a lot of role stuff. I should be able to work something out.
  1270. Ellie: Ini-senpai.
  1271. momo: Okay. Just tell me when, and I can edit my message. Or, we could even make a new role_bot.
  1272. Armie: Why was bot commands even named casino?
  1273. D3SU: The changes I'm making should be serverwide, so the channel biz is up to you.
  1274. Ellie: Because of gambling, I believe.
  1275. D3SU: People gambled a ton with Nadeko.
  1276. momo: I guess they never miss, huh.
  1277. momo has played a song: Hit or Miss ~ Suspense ~ PLvsPW.
  1278. Ellie:  
  1279. Megumin: Until Kaiser went there
  1280. Megumin: and ruined the leaderboard
  1281. Megumin: with infinite blossoms
  1282. D3SU: Lame.
  1283. D3SU:  
  1284. Armie: Blame Wiso.
  1285. Lex: I guess they never miss.
  1286. D3SU: Also, momo what the hec--
  1287. Ellie: Oh yeah.... There is this neat frature in Nadeko where users can react to get blossoms.
  1288. Ellie: feature*
  1289. Megumin: I think Des did that in form of events.
  1290. Ellie: Basically like a giveaway of sorts.
  1291. momo has played a song: The Audience Room ~ PLvsPW.
  1292. momo has played a song: About Town ~ PLvsPW.
  1293. Megumin: I never got to choose the right card.
  1294. momo has played a song: A Pleasant Afternoon ~ PLvsPW.
  1295. Megumin: I blame you, Des.
  1296. D3SU: Fair and understandable.
  1297. D3SU: </3
  1298. D3SU: Also, more bad news.
  1299. Megumin:  
  1300. Lex: Yes?
  1301. D3SU: The roles Nadeko seems to be on about are entirely of their own kind. They aren't like the usual discord roles.
  1302. D3SU: They're exclusive to Nadeko.
  1303. Lex: B o y .
  1304. D3SU: I'll see if I can find something else here.
  1305. Lex: Nadeko you dumb.
  1306. D3SU: Nadeko is a special.
  1307. D3SU: Sh.
  1308. Ellie: Stop insulting Nadeko-chan!
  1309. Lex: E.
  1310. Lex: There.
  1311. Ellie:  
  1312. Megumin: NadEko.
  1313. Herp:  
  1314. Armie has played a song: Asougi Kazuma ~ Samurai with a Mission (Beta Version) ~ DGS.
  1315. momo: Spider's thinking about doing their class again. Where do they ping for it?
  1316. Armie: Casing searching.
  1317. momo: Nice, gotcha.
  1318. momo: Well, we made it. Anything else to address?
  1319. Herp: Aviator and Widdow.
  1320. Megumin: Oh, right.
  1321. Armie:  
  1322. momo:  
  1323. Armie: Hey, Elias.
  1324. Herp:  
  1325. Megumin:  
  1326. Herp: nobody has anything to say on the topic
  1327. D3SU: I can't think of anything else to bring up.
  1328. Megumin: v
  1329. Herp: Then let's skip straight to the point. What do they get?
  1330. Armie: I can see Armie's hair through her skirt, does that happen with the SoJ model as well?
  1331. Ellie: Yes, Kaisi--
  1332. Herp: Temp ban, or perma?
  1333. Jontaneous: i feel like aviator should have been dealt with at the time because now its just like, a delayed reaction
  1334. momo: Temp, or perma...
  1335. Ellie: Well... Apparently. It's the same thing with Vidya's rips.
  1336. Ellie: I have no idea why it does that.
  1337. Herp: It's a delayed reaction because we're a delayed staff. That doesn't mean we shouldn't have a reaction.
  1338. D3SU: v
  1339. Armie: Aviator needs a talking to, if that doesn't work, we'll escalate.
  1340. D3SU: Seems fair enough to me.
  1341. Ellie: I'll think of a fix of it for the time-being.
  1342. Herp: No further punitive action then?
  1343. Megumin: Can we have the habit of not giving perma bans as their first punishment?
  1344. D3SU: v
  1345. Herp: Sure, give me someone who doesn't deserve one.
  1346. Megumin: me
  1347. D3SU: A spammer from vidya that comes into lobby and posts porn.
  1348. D3SU: omit
  1349. Jontaneous: Herp, I get you think there's no redeeming these people, but I like to give them a chance.
  1350. momo: Thanks, you guys, for discussing and implementing this so efficiently.
  1351. Ellie: Well... There is a thing called warnings so....
  1352. Armie: Widdow doesn't have a discord, and I haven't seen them recently so, communication with them needs to be on the AO server.
  1353. momo: True.
  1354. D3SU: Hm. That could make things a bit more tense.
  1355. Megumin: v
  1356. Jontaneous: Have either Widdow or Aviator been warned yet?
  1357. Ellie: And thank you, momo and Kaiser for pulling all of this effort for Case Cafe. It's a really big change.
  1358. Lex: I've once warned Widdow to calm down.
  1359. momo: Eh. I can't take credit, genuinely.
  1360. Armie: I think Widdow doesn't even go here anymore.
  1361. D3SU: I know for a fact that Avi has heard plenty of complaints from users, but I don't know about staff.
  1362. momo: But, thanks Ellie.
  1363. Armie: Actually, scratch that.
  1364. Armie: Have you guys seen Widdow recently?
  1365. Lex: No.
  1366. D3SU: I have, yesterday, I think.
  1367. Armie: How were they?
  1368. Lex: Last time I saw them was a week ago.
  1369. Lex: First time I warned them, they were rather ignorant of the fact there were rules.
  1370. Lex: All the times after, they behaved.
  1371. Lex: Saw no outstanding issues with them.
  1372. Armie: Okay, here's the deal.
  1373. momo has played a song: Promotional Video Soundtrack ~ T&T.
  1374. Lex: Mm?
  1375. Megumin:  
  1376. Megumin: This track is great.
  1377. D3SU: v
  1378. momo: Yeah.
  1379. momo: steel samurai go
  1380. D3SU: Heh.
  1381. momo:  
  1382. momo: bye steel samurai
  1383. D3SU: You were saying, Kais?
  1384. momo: This is Kais' hype music.
  1385. Lex: I'm so pissed. Ugh.
  1386. Armie: There was just an argument for delayed reaction, but if you see Widdow, and if they act up, take them for a talk and say they need improve their behaviour etc..
  1387. Armie: Hand them like a week ban.
  1388. D3SU: Sounds like a good enough game plan to me.
  1389. Jontaneous: that should just
  1390. momo: ... I think they should be, after next talk. Week ban sounds good.
  1391. momo has played a song: PRELUDE.
  1392. Jontaneous: be standard procedure anyway
  1393. momo: ... Week bans do sound pretty good.
  1394. Megumin: we should write this down somewhere
  1395. Jontaneous:  
  1396. momo:  
  1397. Jontaneous: imagine if we had a database
  1398. Armie has played a song: Iris Watson ~ A Little Biographer (Beta Version) ~ DGS.
  1399. D3SU: Got it!
  1400. Lex: It depends on the scale of her punishment.
  1401. Lex: Not punishment, fuck.
  1402. Lex: I mean rulebreaking.
  1403. momo: Nice, D3S. Nice job.
  1404. D3SU: I try.
  1405. D3SU:  
  1406. Jontaneous: Anyway. Aviator's on our radar. We can talk to them, tell them what they did was wrong.
  1407. Jontaneous: And if they do it again, they get temped.
  1408. Jontaneous: Do it again after that, poof.
  1409. Jontaneous:  
  1410. momo: And then give 'em the week bean.
  1411. Ellie:  
  1412. Armie: Nothing Widdow does is a gigantic breach of rules, they're just consistently annoying and spammy.
  1413. D3SU: The beans.
  1414. Lex: If it's something trivial like changing the music too many times or when it's not right to do so, I'd just take them in and give them the proper good Lex treatment.
  1415. Lex: And you know I'm good with those.
  1416. Jontaneous:  
  1417. momo: E
  1418. Megumin: Target Lo-cked!
  1419. Ellie:  
  1420. Jontaneous: what is the proper good lex treatement, exactly
  1421. Jontaneous: can you do it to me
  1422. D3SU: This version of Irir's theme is adorable.
  1423. D3SU: *Iris
  1424. D3SU:  
  1425. Lex: Fuck you, Jon, your voice is irrelevant.
  1426. Lex: Banned.
  1427. Ellie: Can you do it to me, Lex?
  1428. momo has played a song: Blue Badger ~ I Want to Protect ~ AA.
  1429. Ellie:  
  1430. Jontaneous: Guess I'll resign.
  1431. Lex: No.
  1432. Megumin:  
  1433. Lex: I kid.
  1434. D3SU: Fair.
  1435. Lex: I kid. I kid.
  1436. Ellie:  
  1437. D3SU: Bye jon </3
  1438. Megumin: I'm resigning right now.
  1439. Lex: Don't do that, Jon, I love you.
  1440. momo:  
  1441. D3SU: Bye jon </3
  1442. D3SU:  
  1443. Megumin: Let's go, Jon.
  1444. momo:  
  1445. Jontaneous: okay so
  1446. Lex: Megumin. Not you too.
  1447. Lex: E.
  1448. D3SU: E.
  1449. Ellie:  
  1450. momo:  
  1451. momo has played a song: Blue Badger ~ I Want to Protect (Kanadeon Version) ~ AA.
  1452. Lex: Canadian version.
  1453. Armie: What's case_advice again?
  1454. Megumin: Canada.
  1455. Herp: Advice. For casing.
  1456. D3SU: It's the advice channel we discussed earlier in the week.
  1457. Armie: I wasn't listening mostly, due to doing a lot of it.
  1458. momo: ... Do you think classes should be pinged for there?
  1459. Lex: Ja.
  1460. Lex: I do.
  1461. Megumin: Apparently a channel for general discussions of advice and things of casing.
  1462. Lex: Casing classes.
  1463. Herp: They can be pinged wherever they wish to ping.
  1464. Armie: Uh, I was listening last week, but I noticed you went over it.
  1465. Armie: today
  1466. D3SU: Did we?
  1467. Ellie:  
  1468. Armie: I think so.
  1469. Megumin: I don't remember.
  1470. momo: ... What kind of advice can people give?
  1471. D3SU: FRick.
  1472. Herp: We just kinda said we went over it last week. And we went over this last meeting.
  1473. momo:  
  1474. momo has played a song: Miles Edgeworth ~ Great Revival (Kanadeon Version) ~ JFA.
  1475. D3SU: The kind of advice?
  1476. Megumin: Momo, if I said I wanted to be a better prosecutor, what would you tell me?
  1477. Jontaneous: Stay silent.
  1478. Ellie: How to counter the defense, copy-pasting tricks with steno, telling the truth as CMs/Witness, proper judging as judge...
  1479. Jontaneous: Let the defense kill themselves.
  1480. momo: ... Oh, right. We have to promote mentors, and have them talk in the channel. That's what it was.
  1481. Ellie: A lot of possibilities.
  1482. D3SU: Right.
  1483. Armie: I'll post my rant about casing in case_advice
  1484. Jontaneous: also uh
  1485. Megumin:  
  1486. D3SU: Fair.
  1487. Ellie:  
  1488. Jontaneous: i finished my defense guide
  1489. Jontaneous: like
  1490. Herp: Frankly, I think the mentors will promote themselves.
  1491. momo: Also, I'd tell you to choose between helping or hurting the Defense. And give pointers from there.
  1492. momo: Also, I agree.
  1493. Jontaneous:  
  1494. Lex: jon
  1495. momo: People who wanna give advice will.
  1496. Ellie:  
  1497. Lex: If I read your guide would I become a good DA.
  1498. Jontaneous: no
  1499. Lex: Okay.
  1500. D3SU: Heck.
  1501. Lex: Post it.
  1502. Jontaneous: uh
  1503. Lex: It passed the questionnaire.
  1504. Jontaneous: can i post it here first
  1505. D3SU: No.
  1506. D3SU:  
  1507. Lex: That's what I said.
  1508. momo: Jon. Gimme the link. I'll post it in #casing_resources.
  1509. Jontaneous: NO
  1510. Megumin: Making the Mentor role a thing you get from staff will make it much more intimidating, so I suggest it's like, a selfrole thing.
  1511. Megumin: also jon give em the guide now
  1512. momo: jon.
  1513. momo: give me.
  1514. Jontaneous:  
  1515. momo: the Guide.
  1516. D3SU: Jon let me be a good DA.
  1517. Jontaneous: genuine fear
  1518. D3SU: plz
  1519. D3SU:  
  1520. momo:  
  1521. Megumin: i can convince jon
  1522. Megumin: oh
  1523. Lex: Jon please.
  1524. Lex: Let me judge every word you write.
  1525. momo: nice
  1526. momo has played a song: Blue Badger ~ I Want to Protect (Piano) ~ AA.
  1527. Jontaneous: i was gonna write a judge guide
  1528. D3SU: Thanks, Jon.
  1529. momo:  
  1530. D3SU: Oh?
  1531. momo:  
  1532. Jontaneous: please don't post it unless everyone here says its like
  1533. Jontaneous: good enough to put in #casing_resources
  1534. momo: Okay. I promise.
  1535. Megumin: Give the i give up image a border
  1536. Ellie: God.
  1537. Lex: Good hook, Jon.
  1538. Lex: I'm interested.
  1539. Jontaneous: i'm not really uh, that good a DA to uh
  1540. Jontaneous: give more than a basic guide
  1541. Jontaneous: so this it
  1542. Lex: Also yeah.
  1543. D3SU: Was there anything anyone wanted to bring up besides the discord, and our two disorderlies, those being Avi and Widdow?
  1544. Ellie: Hmm...
  1545. Lex: Yes. Can we discuss the demotion of Lex?
  1546. momo: oh my god jon this looks so professional
  1547. D3SU: v
  1548. Ellie: I do.
  1549. D3SU: Oh?
  1550. Megumin: Jon you said you were a bad writer
  1551. momo: what are you, a college educated writer?
  1552. momo: like fuck
  1553. Megumin: Lying is bad.
  1554. Ellie: Pixel.
  1555. Herp: What about them?
  1556. Ellie: Her ban is temporary. Right?
  1557. Megumin:  
  1558. Herp: No.
  1559. Ellie:  
  1560. Lex: This is really good, Jon.
  1561. Ellie: What
  1562. D3SU: I'll just give me two cents on it, since I do have something regarding this I'd like to say.
  1563. momo has played a song: PRELUDE.
  1564. momo:  
  1565. Ellie: Her ban wasn't temporary all this time?
  1566. D3SU: She was out of line in throwing her tantrums in the gamemodes and whatnot.
  1567. Herp: No, it was voluntary.
  1568. D3SU: That, I certainly agree with.
  1569. D3SU: ...?
  1570. D3SU: Voluntary?
  1571. Herp: Mhm.
  1572. Ellie: Elaborate, please.
  1573. Herp: I had a chat with them on the day. We agreed the best way to settle things would be for them to walk away.
  1574. Ellie: ...
  1575. Ellie: What
  1576. Herp: I do believe I mentioned this in #staff_discussions.
  1577. D3SU: Ellie doesn't seem to know the whole story here.
  1578. D3SU: I wish Datz would stop smiling all the time, also.
  1579. Ellie:  
  1580. Megumin: I'm on the same boat there, Des.
  1581. momo:  
  1582. Herp: Any further questions, Elias?
  1583. Jontaneous: Well, we've done the whole story before.
  1584. Jontaneous: Its... well.
  1585. Ellie: ...
  1586. Ellie: I uh...
  1587. Ellie: Don't recall anything about agreeing on her walking away in #staff_discussion
  1588. Herp: You can review it.
  1589. Ellie:  
  1590. Jontaneous: ...We had a thing ages ago, I'm pretty sure Ini did, anyway.
  1591. Jontaneous: Where she said if anyone had a problem with Pixel being banned, speak now. I assume you didn't speak because you had assumed it was temporary, Elias.
  1592. Megumin: I... I remember it being an important matter, so I brought it up, but there was little discussion even after pinging, which made me think it was fully settled.
  1593. Jontaneous: Right.
  1594. D3SU: The same went for me, actually. It was said to be temp, but that wasn't the truth in the end.
  1595. Jontaneous: ...I had assumed it was perma, considering what Pixel had actually done.
  1596. Ellie: It... just doesn't add up... I just can't accept Pixel agreeing on walking away from CC just like that.
  1597. Herp: Ellie.
  1598. Herp: Search staff discussions.
  1599. Herp: Pixel in:#staff_discussions .
  1600. Herp:  
  1601. Herp: Is that all?
  1602. D3SU: I've got nothing else, myself.
  1603. Ellie: I'll... be right back. Excuse me.
  1604. Megumin:  
  1605. D3SU: I'll be back in a minute or two. Quick bathroom break.
  1606. momo: I, don't know what to say.
  1607. momo: I'm not even upset. I don't know what emote to use.
  1608. Ellie: Alright... I returned.
  1609. Ellie: I'll uh...
  1610. Ellie: Disregard the topic.
  1611. Jontaneous: ...Wait a second.
  1612. momo: ... You, will?
  1613. Jontaneous: I've been re-reading through this.
  1614. Ellie: Mhmm..
  1615. Jontaneous: Let me just...
  1616. Jontaneous: Herp, this was presented as a temporary ban.
  1617. Herp: Huh, you're right. So I guess we have to decide on a length of time. My bad.
  1618. momo:  
  1619. Jontaneous: Not the point.
  1620. Jontaneous: The point is, we had talked about this, in length, on the day it happened in an area.
  1621. Jontaneous: And I thought we had agreed it was always going to be a perma.
  1622. Herp: Did anyone communicate that to Pixel?
  1623. Lex: You were the one that talked to them.
  1624. Jontaneous: Exactly.
  1625. Lex: If anyone was going to communicate to them, it was you.
  1626. Lex: You only. No one else.
  1627. Herp: Let me double check my logs with them.
  1628. Herp: Ah.
  1629. Herp: Ah, okay. Yeah, there's something I forgot to tell you guys, Ellie and D3SU. I forgot to put this in #staff_discussions.
  1630. Ellie:  
  1631. Herp: When I was talking to them, I asked them about Letya's age, since uh, that was a pretty big deal.
  1632. D3SU: Understandably so.
  1633. Herp: And uh, the answers about Letya's age to Pixel and to Lateik were different.
  1634. Jontaneous: That's not the question here.
  1635. Megumin: v
  1636. Megumin: I think you're missing the big deal here.
  1637. Jontaneous: Lex has brought forward this issue in a PL, D3SU and Ellie, y'see.
  1638. Jontaneous: It all happened real fast. REAL fast.
  1639. Herp: I'm getting there, I'm getting there.
  1640. Lex: Cut to it.
  1641. D3SU: I'd like the details.
  1642. Ellie: I'd like to know, please...
  1643. Herp: If D3SU and Ellie want the details, I'll give them the details. In full.
  1644. Herp: So, Pixel admitted to getting Letya to lie about their age, and I told them that means I couldn't really help them much anymore since that's a big deal.
  1645. Ellie: ...
  1646. D3SU: ...
  1647. Ellie: She did...?
  1648. Ellie: What
  1649. D3SU: That's stupid...
  1650. Megumin: For reference, it would be good if you posted logs of this, Herp.
  1651. D3SU: v
  1652. Herp: I told them that it'd take a long ass time to get anything reversed. Then we had that meeting where we decided on their fate. And yeah, I'll do that.
  1653. Herp: Well, I say meeting, it was Meg's ping.
  1654. Megumin:  
  1655. Ellie: ...
  1656. Jontaneous: You... you guys really weren't aware of this? I thought that we'd brought up what Pixel did in #staff_discussions...
  1657. Herp: And then I told them nobody spoke in their defence, and their case was closed.
  1658. Ellie: Never.. I wasn't aware of it all..
  1659. D3SU: I didn't know about the "knowing/lying about the age" bit.
  1660. D3SU: Along that same line, I was still under the impression that Letya was the false at at the time.
  1661. D3SU: *age
  1662. D3SU:  
  1663. D3SU: Welp.
  1664. momo:  
  1665. Herp: Here we go.
  1666. Ellie: I can't
  1667. Ellie: I'm sorry
  1668. Lex: Herp.
  1669. Lex: Have you ever stated in staff_discussions that their ban was permanent?
  1670. Herp: That's not my call.
  1671. Lex: Have you ever followed up on what you said regarding that?
  1672. Herp: My on the spot decision was temporary only during the discussions. After discussion, I told them their case was closed.
  1673. Lex: Told who?
  1674. Herp: Pixel.
  1675. Lex: Okay.
  1676. Herp: I also told them that I'd work to overturn said decision.
  1677. Herp: Which I will.
  1678. Lex: What decision?
  1679. Herp:  
  1680. Herp: the uh
  1681. D3SU:  
  1682. Herp: the one to ban them
  1683. D3SU: boi
  1684. Ellie: WHat
  1685. Lex: Only when someone brings it up?
  1686. Megumin:  
  1687. Herp: Only when it became, y'know.
  1688. Herp: Achievable.
  1689. momo:  
  1690. Herp: Which at this point in time, it isn't.
  1691. Lex: With all due respect, Herp, it's not adding up. Either it's permanent or it's not.
  1692. Ellie: Oh my god... I don't even know anymore
  1693. D3SU: Permanent bans can be overturned, LEx.
  1694. D3SU: *Lex
  1695. D3SU:  
  1696. Herp: Perma bans have been repealed in the past.
  1697. Herp: What was the most recent one?
  1698. Jontaneous: It should have been made clear at the start! That way we could have given D3SU and Ellie the full story way earlier! I had no idea they didn't know about this!
  1699. momo:  
  1700. Megumin: Do you know why I pinged asking for discussion? Because I thought EVERYTHING WAS ALREADY ON THE TABLE.
  1701. momo: ... It's not like individualized and uncentralized non-communication is anything new.
  1702. Herp: Has this changed anybody's minds?
  1703. Jontaneous: Fuck no! It was never about changing our minds! It was about all of us being on the same page!
  1704. D3SU: v
  1705. Lex: v.
  1706. Herp: And that's what meetings are for. We're on the same page now.
  1707. Megumin:  
  1709. momo:  
  1710. Megumin: The more you try to make this look like it's working, the more I hate it, Herp.
  1711. Lex: And I hope you realize with extreme moral implications.
  1712. D3SU: So what about that temp ban time limit?
  1713. Armie: Stop ganging up on him, the responsibility lies with me here.
  1714. D3SU: omit
  1715. momo: Oh, it does? Really?
  1716. Armie: Yes, it does.
  1717. Herp: I'll be honest, this surprised me too.
  1718. D3SU: You were present at the discussion for this, Kais?
  1719. momo: No, it doesn't. Not solely, at least.
  1720. Megumin: Do tell, Kaiser.
  1721. Armie: I was the one who searched all the evidence for it.
  1722. momo: So?
  1723. Armie: What do you mean, so?
  1724. Megumin: You searched the evidence, and suddenly everything is on your shoulders?
  1725. Megumin: I don't remember it working like that.
  1726. momo: Neither do I.
  1727. Herp: And responsible for what, exactly?
  1728. Megumin: Refer to the entire conversation.
  1729. D3SU: I think we should just go with what Herp had said earlier. He forgot to post the rest of the info into the discussion channel.
  1730. Armie: I also knew all about it, I think that would've been clear.
  1731. momo: Oh, right, D3S. We should just let this pass by.
  1732. Armie: I nearly had all of the info Herp had.
  1733. D3SU: I didn't say that, momo.
  1734. momo: Yeah, but that's exactly what it'd be doing.
  1735. D3SU: I'm just saying that Herp said he forgot.
  1736. momo:  
  1737. Lex: Still a mistake that cost us 3 months of misunderstanding.
  1738. D3SU: That's not good.
  1739. Jontaneous: And besides.
  1740. Armie: And that's on me.
  1741. Megumin: Three months of them not even knowing the full story behind their friend's ban.
  1742. Jontaneous: I was the one who actually gave the reasons for why Pixel was banned. And it was two sentences.
  1743. Jontaneous: You can search it up.
  1744. Herp: Mhm, comes up in the same search.
  1745. D3SU: That's all I ever heard about it. Not that it was permanent.
  1746. Jontaneous: Right.
  1747. Armie: I never felt the need to bring it up, and was statisfied with "they didn't ask about it" thus it's on me.
  1748. Herp: At the time too, we didn't apply temporary bans.
  1749. D3SU: If that's the case, Kaiser, everyone present in that meeting is equally to blame.
  1750. Herp: Door and Kuro are the first real examples of this.
  1751. momo: Stop acting like this is just a benign, casual fluke with no ulterior motives.
  1752. momo: If you all walk out of here accepting that as the result, I swear.
  1753. Armie: The ulterior motive is to make sure Pixel never got unbanned.
  1754. Herp: Are you implying that I'd planned this, three months ago?
  1755. momo:  
  1756. Jontaneous:  
  1757. D3SU: Kaiser, I do have one question, if you'll humor me.
  1758. Lex: Kaiser.
  1759. Lex: You weren't the one talking to Pixel.
  1760. Lex: You weren't the one that was in direct touch with the convicted.
  1761. Lex: Therefore, stop taking the blame.
  1762. Herp: Weren't you also in touch with them, Lex?
  1763. Lex: Was I?
  1764. Megumin: Passing the blame to Lexi now won't work.
  1765. Lex: Not for the same reasons as you.
  1766. Armie: Stop.
  1767. Herp: I'm not.
  1768. Herp: I'm not passing any blame.
  1769. Armie: Logic like that puts the soldiers to blame instead of Hitler.
  1770. Herp:  
  1771. D3SU:  
  1772. Jontaneous:  
  1773. Jontaneous: what
  1774. Herp: I don't quite think Nuremberg precedent applies here, Kais.
  1775. momo: I have to go to do a chore. If this is resolved in a pseudo-fashion with no changes to how we do things whatsoever, I'll be ashamed.
  1776. Armie: Then you'll be ashamed.
  1777. D3SU: ...
  1778. D3SU: Kaiser.
  1779. Megumin: Kaiser.
  1780. Herp: We should hold meetings for every ban.
  1781. Herp: Temporary until agreed upon otherwise.
  1782. Megumin:  
  1783. D3SU: Some months ago, Kaiser, you joined my server, and then swiftly left. Why?
  1784. Armie: To gather evidence.
  1785. Herp: I knew you'd notice that.
  1786. momo: Back. This is like, Gant and evidence law.
  1787. D3SU: I had nothing to connect it to at the time, because I was clueless.
  1788. Lat: Sorry, I was sleeping.
  1789. Herp: Heya Lat.
  1790. Armie: Don't worry about it.
  1791. D3SU: Welcome, Lat.
  1792. momo:  
  1793. momo: Welcome, Lat.
  1794. D3SU: Kaiser, what's this so-called evidence you speak of?
  1795. Lat: What's with the serious faces?
  1796. Armie: It involves Lat, ironically enough.
  1797. momo: Yeah.
  1798. Lex: Unfortunately.
  1799. D3SU: I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Pixel never did anything with Letya in that server. What's the evidence in her case?
  1800. Jontaneous: ...Its... been a strange evening, Lat.
  1801. Jontaneous: Unfortunately, its come to Pixel.
  1802. Armie: Let me get it.
  1803. D3SU: Alright.
  1804. Lex: I have it.
  1805. D3SU: ...Are you serious?
  1806. Armie: Yes.
  1807. Lat: That's odd maybe this bg made my chat logs messed up.. Dc'd.
  1808. momo:  
  1809. D3SU: This isn't proof of any kind. It barely qualifies as evidence.
  1810. Armie: You disgust me.
  1811. D3SU: I monitored that server for months, and they never did anything.
  1812. momo: ... Calm down a little, please. Where'd that come from?
  1813. Megumin: We don't have to insult each other.
  1814. momo: ... But I get why you said it.
  1815. Armie: Then you must've seen Door and Kuro, minors ERPing too, huh?
  1816. D3SU: Like this place was any better.
  1817. D3SU: You had minors posting and viewing porn for months on end with little to no questions asked.
  1818. Armie:  
  1819. D3SU: The nsfw channels were not curated to any decent standard.
  1820. Herp: A left over of Skarner's, now addressed.
  1821. Megumin: ...Addressed now.
  1822. Armie: I've banned D3S.
  1823. Megumin:  
  1824. Megumin: ...Kaiser. Calm down. We shouldn't ban each other over an argument.
  1825. Armie: I've banned him because he's a deplorable disgusting person.
  1826. momo:  
  1827. Megumin:  
  1828. Datz: Kaiser, seriously?
  1829. Herp: I'dve double checked whether or not he saw the last one first.
  1830. Herp: Speaking of.
  1831. momo: Stop.
  1832. Armie: I guess it's about time you pulled that discord owner card, momo.
  1833. Herp:  
  1834. Megumin:  
  1835. momo: That's... not what I was...
  1836. D3SU: This has gone into something very unpleasant.
  1837. momo: I was going to say stop demonizing people.
  1838. D3SU: Kaiser, you need to relax.
  1839. D3SU: Please.
  1840. momo: ... And Kais.
  1841. momo: You wanna talk about "pulling owner cards"?
  1842. Armie: Do it, go ahead.
  1843. momo: Do you know how much shit you've done that none of the staff could even question, because you host?
  1844. Armie: Yes.
  1845. momo: ... And, why do you do this?
  1846. Armie: Be more clear, what is 'this'.
  1847. momo: ... I guess, do stuff without the full consent of the body.
  1848. Armie: Because I value certain people over others.
  1849. Lex: Kaiser.
  1850. Lex: You do understand the implications behind having that mindset, right?
  1851. Lat: Herp, would you mind giving me to logs? I think I need contexts to whatever leads to this conversation.
  1852. Herp: Sure thing, pal.
  1853. D3SU: This is exactly the same thing that everyone ended up grilling momo for in staff discussions some time ago.
  1854. Herp: And I'd disagree.
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