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  1. How do i cook cocaine?
  2. 1. you purchase a stove.
  3. 2 purchase gas and place the bottles on the stove.
  4. 3. Then buy a compressor and place it on the stove.
  5. 4. Buy a barrel and just leave it will we will need it later.
  6. 5. But a pot, then buy a carbonate, place it on the pot.
  7. 6. There is 4 stove plates at the right, you place the pot with carbonate on one of the stove plates.
  8. 7. When its placed, then turn on the stove plate.
  9. 8. The wait for the plate to heat up to 100-200, then the carbonate will be cooked when it change color to green.
  10. 9. After take out your physgun and slightly aim for the carbonate on the pot.
  11. 10. Then you touch the barrel with the pot, and then the cooked carbonate will transfer over to the barrel.
  12. 11. After buy some leafs and place them in the barrel.
  13. 12. And then buy some water and place in the barrel.
  14. SIDENOTE: filling out the barrel max out doesnt mean the cocaine will be worht more.
  15. 13. After you have desired amounts of the recipes, then you place barrel on the large cooking plate, where it will cook on 100 degress and turn green.
  16. 14. After barrel is cooked, you lift it up and touch the stove with it.
  17. 15. Now it is being compressed, just wait few sec and the raw cocaine will spawn infront of the compressor.
  18. 16. Now you got raw coce, you need to buy a refinery now.
  19. 17. Touch the refinery with the raw cocaine, wait 20-30 sec and then press e on the right box.
  20. 18. Now you got raw coaine, now you need to buy a holder to sell it, note there need to be 6 pieces of cocaine in the holder to sell it.
  21. 19. Now you walk over to the npc with the cocaine and press e on him.
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