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  1. FUNgal Sex Drug
  3.     I could tell she was an off-worlder just by looking at her. I liked that. It was something… new. Different. It had been so long since I’d seen someone so different. The way she talked, the clothes she wore, even how she held herself was all completely alien to me. She was wearing a skin-tight bodysuit of some kind that was a shade of dark, dark blood red. It covered her entire body up to her neck, and she wore a tiny black jacket and loose fitting short-shorts to compliment it. Scuffed black heavy duty boots brought the outfit together. Overall, it was a look I knew I could never pull off, and not something I thought anyone else I knew could have handled either.
  4.     She had a kind of confidence to her, visible even though she was just sitting at the bar having a drink. Maybe it was in the set of her shoulders, or how her eyes watched the room, cool and disinterested but not missing a thing. The weapon holstered at her hip had an effect as well, some kind of sleek black traj-gun that I didn’t recognize.
  5.     I sat in the back of the barroom, in a booth all to myself, a book lying forgotten in front of me. My fingers worried the fabric of my ankle length dress, a flustered habit of mine. Surreptitiously, I snuck another glance her way and this time, we locked eyes. There was something akin to a smile on her face, but I couldn’t read the intent behind it before I looked away, face hot from having been caught looking.
  6.     I dug my nose into my book, trying to read. I read the same sentence over and over again, much too distracted and embarrassed to actually adsorb anything. I was just about to give up completely and leave the bar when something thunked down next to my table.
  7.     I looked up, surprised, and found myself looking directly into the angular face of the off-worlder. She had set a briefcase on the ground that I hadn’t even noticed before, then slid into the booth, sitting directly across from me. My brain glitched out, and for a second there I couldn’t think of a single thing to say, just staring at her like a sandbird in headlights.
  8.     We looked at one another for a moment longer, her grin getting progressively bigger and my blush getting deeper and deeper.  “H-hi?” I ventured, and could have died when I stuttered.
  9.     She leaned forward on the table, getting a bit closer. I could see the gleam of her pearly white teeth when she finally spoke. “Hey there.~” Her voice had this sing-song quality to it, and a lilting accent. It was beautiful.
  10.     I wondered what she could possibly want from me, why a girl like her would be talking to a girl like me. I mentally shook myself, reminding myself that I was pretty, and cute, and a total catch. Still though, I didn’t shine a light compared to her.
  11.     “Can I do something for you? I was, uh.. Just reading.” I looked down pointedly at my book.
  12.     Her hand snaked out across the table, immaculate black nails pensively tapping the page I had been reading. “Oh I noticed. Reading, alone, in a bar. Sneaking glances at me when you thought I wasn’t looking. You’re not very… covert, are you?”
  13.     I gulped, my fingers once again worrying at my dress. Or had they ever stopped in the first place? I couldn’t remember, I was too flustered, but I forced myself to stop. “I’m sorry that I was looking, I really, really didn’t mean to bother you. You’re just...” I bit the inside of my lip, then decided to take the plunge. “You’re just really super gorgeous.”
  14.     Oh the way her face just lit up at that brought a little shy smile to my lips. She didn’t stop me, so I kept going. “You have cool clothes, and eyes, and even a traj-gun. That is a traj-gun right? I don’t know weapons very well...”
  15.     Her eyes were on mine, a bemused cast to them. Slowly, she reached down to her hip and unholstered the pistol. She set it on the table between us, pushing it my way. I leaned in a bit, fascinated, never having seen a weapon like this up close before, only the antique rifle my father had kept.  This was nothing like that. It was svelte, aerodynamic in design, pitch black, and only a bit bigger than both of my hands together.
  16.     “Go on, you can pick her up. Safety is on, just don’t go pointing it at me, alright?” I nodded, muttering a muted thank you, my hands eagerly wrapping around the grip. It was much heavier than I had expected, the solid heft somehow making it seem all the more real. I ran my other hand down the barrel, appreciating the smooth lines, how sleek and modern it looked. I had no framework to truly appreciate the craftsmanship or technology, but even I could tell that this was a nice weapon.
  17.     “It’s a Faeyer.” She said the word like it had weight, but I was too ignorant to recognize the reference. Once she realized that, she just sighed, reaching out to pluck the weapon back out of my grasp. “It was a present, from an old friend. You shoot something with this thing, it’s not getting back up again.” The way she held it, it was clear that she was well acquainted with the gun, that it felt natural in her hands. Her eyes dropped down to the pistol, a fond look on her face.
  18.     Eventually she looked back up at me. “I’m Vaenyty. Wanna get out of here….?” She let her sentence trail off.
  19.     Belatedly I realized the was asking for my name. “Oh! Caela, my name’s Caela. And...” I was biting the inside of my lip again. “Yes, please.”
  20.     Just like that, we left. I led, she followed with her briefcase, knowing nothing more about one another than our names. I had this giddy little feeling in my stomach, something like flutterflies dancing around. She seemed interested in me, and asking to leave? It really could only mean one thing. Well, I hoped it meant that thing.
  21.     “Where, uhm, where do you wanna go? You’re an off-worlder, right? I mean obviously… So you probably haven’t seen Cisphero very well yet, yeah? We could go to the gardens, or the orbital gallery, or.. Just walk around?”
  22.     Vaenyty just chuckled and shook her head. “You’re cute, you know that? Walk around, sight see… Honestly, adorable.” She stepped up behind me, placing her free hand on my shoulder as she moved in close, her body all of a sudden pressing against mine. I was getting hot again, oh so flustered. “My place will do nicely, don’t you think?~”
  23.     Her hand ran down my side, hugging against my curves, with just enough pressure that I knew it was there. A full body tingle hit me, and at that second, I knew I’d let her do whatever she wanted with me. I didn’t trust myself to speak, so I nodded, and she took my by the arm, tugging me off down the street.
  24.     Cisphero was a shining jewel in the desert, one of the few oases on the hot dusty moon that was  Valiant Core. It also boasted one of only three public spaceports on the planet, and had grown in size and wealth to accommodate the off-world trade and traffic. Gleaming towers and skyscrapers filled the horizon against a backdrop of clear, cloudless cerulean. I had lived here my whole life, the house I grew up at was only a few minutes outside of city limits. I loved it here, but sometimes it did get dull, never having left the place I’d grown up, and that was probably what prompted my ‘excursions’ into the bars and clubs that dotted the city.
  25.     She was leading me to the city center, our walk taking us into the shadows of the monolithic buildings that dominated the horizon. It was late in the day, and with the skyscrapers blocking the natural light, it was starting to get quite dark. She had let go of my arm but still kept herself close, occasionally bumping into me and shooting me a dazzling smile.
  26.     After walking in silence for a bit, I decided to pipe up. “So, Vainyty, where are you from? Have you been on Valiant very long?” I was dying for knowledge of worlds outside of my own.
  27.     “Oh, I’m from the Imperium, but I’ve been traveling for a while. Don’t really call anyplace home these days, just wherever I am at the moment.” She chuckled softly to herself, as if she had said something funny. “Oh, and not long. Not long at all, in fact, I just got in last night.”
  28.     The Imperium? She couldn’t mean… No. She must have meant the Empire. The Incubis Empire was the neighboring galactic super-power to the Ortion Collective, the alliance of free planets that Valiant Core was a part of. The Empire was autocratic, but at least it upheld basic rights for its people. Not as many as the Collective, of course, but certainly more than the Noble, the final galactic super-power who kept their people in the literal dark ages.
  29.     “The Empire? What’s it like? I’ve never actually met someone from there, most of the off-worlders that come through Cisphero are part of the Collective, usually Free-Traders.” I looked at her again, taking her in as if for the first time. So this is what Imperial citizens looked like. I’d always imagined they would be more conservative. Less, I didn’t know, perfect.
  30.     There was that chuckle again. “Oh, it’s a lovely place. I almost miss it. Traveling is fun and all, but it is oh so boring to do it alone without any of my sisters. But, that will be remedied, very, very soon I think.” She looked my direction, and I could swear there was something hungry in her eyes. Then she stopped. “We’re here.”
  31.     I looked up, having been too focused on her and my own curiosity to have been paying much attention. What I saw made me blink. We were in front of the Mablecoxy, the most prestigious, high end, and not to mention expensive hotel in the city. To stay here in even one of the smallest rooms for a single night would cost more than I made in a month. It was almost exclusively used by Ortion government officials, diplomats from other planets, the richest Free-Traders, and mega wealthy tourists. All of a sudden, I was wondering who the hell this girl was.
  32.     We entered, and I immediately began to feel out of place in my long dress and second hand glasses. The lobby was immaculate, gold marbled black stone with white accents, empty of any furnishings except for the reception desk. I followed behind Vainyty, passing the desk, and turning the corner behind it to the bank of elevators.
  33.     “This is.. Really really fancy. I’ve never actually been in here, or even known somebody who has. It’s very...” I struggled and failed to find a word to accurately describe the sheer opulence of the place. “Nice.”
  34.     She shrugged, “Why settle for anything but the best?” The elevator arrived, though she hadn’t pressed a button to call it. We stepped inside, and I was surprised to find a plush crimson divan against the back wall. Apparently, if you were rich enough to afford this place, you were rich enough not to have to stand while you waited to get to your room.
  35.     Once again no buttons were pressed, but the elevator was moving. It barely felt like anything, the ride was so smooth, and as I watched the floors pass by I realized we were moving incredibly quickly. Floor after floor flit by, too fast to count, but it became increasingly clear that we weren’t stopping for the regular rooms. The elevator was silent when it opened, the glowing graphic indicating the floors showing that we were at the penthouse suite.
  36.     The doors slid open, revealing a massive room, ten times bigger than the apartment I rented. It simply reeked of luxury, in a way that honestly made me uncomfortable. The wealth required to own a room like this wasn’t the kind you got through honest means. We stepped out of the elevator, Vainyty with the cool confidence of someone who belonged in this atmosphere, and me trying not to let my eyes pop out of my head.
  37.     “Shoes off, love.~” She said in that singsong tone, either oblivious to my wide eyed bewilderment or simply uncaring. I obeyed, and found the carpets to be the softest thing my feet had ever touched. I couldn’t help but stand there, wiggling my toes as she went around the corner of the suite.
  38.     “What do you like, do to afford a place like this?” I called out, following her a bit slowly.  I rounded the corner, still a bit starstruck, and found her on the bed. For a moment there, I thought I felt my heart stop in my chest.
  39.     The shorts, jacket, and boots were gone, leaving her in nothing but the bodysuit. Somehow, it was more erotic than if she were nude. The dark material hugged her every curve, accentuating the raw sensuality of her body, hinting at what was hidden beneath without quite spoiling the mystery. She had what I could only describe as bedroom eyes as she gestured for me to come closer.
  40.     I was mesmerized, a part of me already quivering with desire and burgeoning need. My question forgotten by the time I was at the foot of the bed, I stared down at her, a rosy blush tinting my cheeks. I hesitated, almost unconsciously waiting for her to tell me what to do.
  41.     With a very exaggerated roll of her eyes she sat up, snagging the hem of my dark dress and pulling me into bed. I ended up on top of her, our thighs touching, my hands on either side of her head, our lips just inches from one another. Our eyes locked together, and for the first time I noticed the little flecks of red in irises so dark brown they could be black.
  42.     I felt her hot breath against my face, and the ache between my legs got so much worse. She was waiting for me, I realized, and once I did there wasn’t a single thought in my head but to oblige her. Our lips finally touched, our first kiss gentle, tentative, almost shy despite what we were doing. It lasted what felt like an eternity, and when we finally parted I was left with flutterflies in the pit of my stomach and electric thrills coursing down my spine. “F-fuck...” My voice had this little quiver to it, but I didn’t care anymore.
  43.     Then just like that the spell that had come over me finally broke, and we were all over each other. Her hands roamed my body, much stronger and firmer than I expected, groping and squeezing me, eliciting little gasps with every touch. I had to struggle to keep myself from simply collapsing on her, my mind a total haze of arousal and desire while we made out. Both of us were hungry for more, the passion growing with each second.
  44.     All of a sudden her hands grabbed me, pushing me to the side and onto my back before straddling my hips, pinning me down on the bed with one hand on my shoulder. Her free hand found its way to my mouth, pressing against pliant lips. She entered me, two fingers swirling around in the hot expanse of my maw, depressing my tongue. I was oh so hot and oh so bothered, grinding up against her shamelessly.
  45.     “A~aahh..” I was making needy little noises by the time she pulled her fingers out. That hungry look was back on her face, her grin more predatory than ever. Her glistening hand descended down my body, working its way up underneath my dress. Then she was there, touching me, warm, wet fingers teasing at my equally sodden snatch. My body twitched and arched beneath her, going all tense every time her fingers ran across my sex.
  46.     “No panties? Oh my. Good girl.~ No need to hold back, let me hear your sweet, sweet little cries.” I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to. She was rubbing the pads of her fingers against my labia, working in circular patterns, slowly working her way inwards. Her thumb pressed insistently against my clit, every tiny bit of pressure making me gasp and twitch. My teeth worried at the inside of my lip, but all the euphoric whimpers I was making were still quite audible.
  47.     There was almost a sense of relief when she finally entered me. At first, she only dipped the tips in, as if testing the waters, but then her fingers plunged in deep. I could feel heat and electricity dance through my body. My breath came out in little stuttering gasps. My eyes were closed. It felt so divine.
  48.     Vainyty started to work up a rhythm, digging in deeply, fingertips pressing into my walls and hitting every sensitive inch inside of me, then pulling most of the way out. My legs were twitching and squirming, hips bucking up into her hand every time her fingers filled me up.  It had been so, so long since someone had had me so aroused, had teased and played with me so expertly. It was like she knew everything my body needed.
  49.     The hand pinning me down gradually ran down my body, until it was groping my petite breasts, teasing my nipples through the fabric. The same way she had started gentle down below, she was at first soft, then gradually ramping up in intensity until she was digging her fingers into my sensitive buds. At this point my whole body was aflame with desire, and my mind had completely blanked out into a lust fueled haze.
  50.     She played with me like that for a while until I was just about to completely lose my mind and tumble over the edge. As if she knew she had me in her snares, she slowed down, then halted entirely, leaving her fingers deep in my absolutely soaking cunt. When I realized she had stopped I blinked up at her.
  51.     “Wh-why’d you stop? I’m so close...” Even as I spoke my hips were grinding against her, inner muscles clenching around those fingers. My whole body was quivering, suspended right on the edge.
  52.     “Mmmnn.~ I have something fun I want you to try. ” She hummed, then leaned over towards the nightstand, keeping those digits buried deep in my pussy. Vainyty tugged upon a drawer and reached inside. She pulled out a single clear glass vial, not even as large as one of my fingers. Inside was some kind of gossamer structure attaching to the walls, fluffy and delicate, crimson red. The color reminded me of the color in Vainyty’s eyes.
  53.     My eyes were wide, taking this in. From her tone, I assumed that this was some kind of drug. “What… is it? Whats it do?” I was hesitant, to say the least. Its not like I had never done drugs before. I had tried Dovetail and enjoyed it immensely, but everyone tried Dovetail, it wasn’t even dangerous. I’d even smoked Tak once or twice, though on both occasions the enhanced sensory input had overwhelmed me and given me the spins. By no means was I a prude, but taking random drugs from people I really didn’t know at all? It struck me as a bad idea, but then she twitched her fingers inside of me, and my train of thought derailed. I bit my lip, trying to stifle a moan.
  54.     “This is a lovely little fungus aptly named Sisterhood. Its spores act as a kind of sex drug, it.. connects us. We’ll feel each other more deeply, the pleasure will multiply, it’ll make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before.” She punctuated each sentence by stroking her fingertips against the most sensitive spots inside of me, very careful not to tip me over the edge though. “You’ll totally lose yourself to the ecstasy, in ways I promise you’ve never even imagined. Definitely not the type of thing you lot have here on Valiant Core.”
  55.     I felt like I recognized the name, Sisterhood, but I was so lost in the haze of my own arousal that I couldn’t place it. Maybe I had read about it somewhere, or one of my friends had mentioned it… I didn’t know, and at this point, I was starting to not care. It sounded really, really good, especially considering how I might never get to try something like this again. I was trying to be cautious, safe, but with how she was touching me, the way she described it… I was curious.
  56.     “Maybe… just a small dose?” The look on Vainyty’s face when I spoke up was one of immense satisfaction.
  57.     “Of course love, just a wiff for you.” With one of her long nails she popped the vial’s cap. She brought it up to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Just take a little huff, okay?” Vainyty then brought the vial down to my face. Trepidated and nervous, but excited, I leaned in til my nostrils were directly over the opening in the class. I took a quick sniff, my nasal cavity filling with the metallic scent of blood.
  58.     I wrinkled my nose and backed away. “That smells awful.” Above me Vainyty just chuckled, grinning that predatory grin. Her fingers began to gently move, swirling and stirring around inside of me. “Mmmpph...” I moaned again, arching my back a tiny bit. I still hadn’t noticed anything from the drug.
  59.     “How long does it take to kick iiiin….. Oh holy fuck.” In the middle of my sentence I felt something like a hot tingle in the pit of my stomach. It spread from my core throughout my body, the heat turning into one of the most intensely euphoric sensations that I had ever felt. All of a sudden it was like every inch of my body was a sex organ, stimulated by the slightest movements, the slightest touches, to the point that even the feeling of my dress against my naked body had me gasping. My pussy was on fire, literally burning hot and bright as a star, ecstasy so intense that it bordered on agony.
  60.     If I thought my mind was blank before, this didn’t even compare. I couldn’t think, even my brain felt like it was going to climax. My mouth was hanging open, eyes rolling back up into my head. I knew I was just lying there, barely even moving, but even the tiniest twitch sent knew almost unbearable waves of pleasure scouring my nerves.
  61.     “Heh.~ Tasty, right?” I tried to move my mouth in order to speak but she pressed a finger against my lips. “Shhh, shhh. Just enjoy it, okay?” She pulled the finger away. I couldn’t tell exactly what she was doing, just that she was fumbling with something near our crotches. Slowly, oh so slowly as to not completely overwhelm me with the sensation of the friction between our bodies, she changed positions until she was lying on top of me. I felt something hard against my abdomen as she slid further down, though I had no idea what it was.
  62.     It wasn’t until she pulled her fingers out and something much bigger took their place that I realized. She was going to fuck me like this? I groaned, having no idea how I would handle it, but knowing without a shred of a doubt that I wanted it more than anything in the world. Her fat member slipped into me without the slightest resistance, bringing with it a wave of pure unadulterated bliss the likes I never imagined possible. She hilted in a single smooth motion, our hips touching, our skin hot. I felt so full. More than any of the other sensations roaring through my body, that was the most satisfying.
  63.     Then she started to fuck me, and my sanity fell to pieces. My entire universe became centered around the motions of her cock inside of me, the gradually increasing tempo of the repetitive thrusting. She had started slow, but within seconds she was pounding away, absolutely breaking me apart like so many little shards of porcelain. My fingers dug into the bed-sheet, my muscles strained and flexed, I could barely even catch a breath. I could feel each thrust throughout my entire body, from the tips of my toes to my eyes, reverberating and ricocheting waves of unadulterated pleasure that only multiplied and built ontop of one another.
  64.     As all of this was happening, somewhere in the back of my mind, things began to change. I was much too distracted to notice, but, oh so gradually, things got… different. In a way, I started to feel disconnected. As if all of this wasn’t actually happening to me, but to someone else. Almost like I was watching things through another persons eyes. I didn’t really notice it, and I definitely didn’t care, but as Vainyty continued to fuck me it got more and more apparent.  
  65.     By the time I had an inkling that something might be going on it was too late. Vainyty continued to pound away in my pussy, still shooting sparks through my whole body. Even though it was the most intense sensation I had felt in my life, it felt muted. My body was responding entirely unconsciously, shifting and writhing and grinding into her without my input. I tried to move, to twitch my hand, to say something… but I couldn’t. Nothing I attempted worked, I was completely locked out of my own body.
  66.     As the sensations became more and more distant, as my conscious mind got further and further away from my emotions, I had this weird sense of tranquility where I could just think. No panic, or fear, or even stress at what was happening to me. Just completely divorced from my emotions. Some part of me knew that something was wrong, that this shouldn’t be happening, that I should be freaking out but… I just couldn’t.
  67.     So, as she continued to fuck me, I thought. Thought about our interactions, what we had been doing together, what she had said. I ran through every word we shared, and, as I thought about it, the realization of exactly how fucked I was dawned on me.
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