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  1. It was 1am when I was woken up by Samus.
  2. "Guys, I'm hungry... but I don't want to go alone in case I get killed... can you come with me?"
  3. I yawned, "Fine, but have a quick snack..."before following her, Zelda following behind me.
  4. ...
  5. You know, when people say "a quick snack" they usually mean "Oh hey grab an apple or a bag of crisps." Or something like that.
  6. ...They don't mean: "Oh make an entire pizza and chips."
  7. "Samus. Please. What if we all die-" I began to say, but she shook her head.
  8. "We'll be fine!" She told me as she started to make fucking MILKSHAKES as well.
  9. "You're gonna get pudgy!" I told her, poking her in the stomach, Samus glared at me.
  10. "Yes, because for ONCE, I have a snack that isn't part of my usual diet because I need something to get my mind off Snake and it's either this or not eat at all because that's usually the two different moods when someone is fucking upset! Plus, I already do a TON of exercise so knowing me, I'd likely burn all the calories off by just my morning training! Plus, you REALLY think I can eat EVERYTHING by myself?! No, I can't!" She snapped at me.
  11. I stayed silent for the rest of the thing when she just took the food out and slid a plate to me, "Here." She grumbled, as I just hesitatingly began to eat.
  12. "S-Samus?" I asked her.
  13. "What?" She snapped.
  14. "Are you... okay....?"
  15. "Of course I'm not fucking okay! My best friend died-"
  16. "Your benefit friend." I muttered under my breath.
  17. After our food, we went back when we heard a creek from the floorboards, I turned my head to see a letter sliding under my door and a person wearing a black cloak and a mask placing a package in front of the door, before putting a package in front of the other doors and then they left and walked into a closet.
  18. "Hey!" Samus cried, chasing after them, but they had already gone, and when we looked in the closet, no one was there.
  19. "Who could that be?" Zelda asked.
  20. "I don't know..." I whispered, "quick, go to your rooms and get your packages!"
  21. I ran back into my room and opened the package to reveal a blank piece of paper along with some cloth.
  22. What? Why cloth?
  23. Anyway.... Zelda and Samus also arrived, carrying their boxes carefully, taking a look in them, but BARELY, they stepped back the second they opened it, but luckily there wasn't anything dangerous in them.
  24. "...Huh..." Zelda mumbled, looking through her box, then staying quiet, a small smile coming across her face.
  25. "Huh? What's in there?" I asked, trying to take a look, but she closed the box.
  26. "Just.... magic stuff!" She told me nervously.
  27. Samus just looked lost when she saw her package, me and Zelda took a look in to see Samus had received a gun and.... a rose.
  28. "Huh! Looks like mysterious guy has a crush on you!" Zelda teased.
  29. "Please stop. No one likes me that way." She sighed, shaking her head.
  30. "Well... did we get something that can help with our case?" I asked.
  31. "...Nope." Zelda said, sighing before closing her package, Samus checked the rose to see a piece of folded paper in there, "Huh?" I said, before checking the paper.
  32. "Samus, be careful out there, use the gun to keep an eye out for drama!"
  33. "What?" Samus asked, yawning before falling asleep... next to me.
  34. Jesus why does everyone want to sleep with me- okay that sounds so wrong out of context.
  35. "Samus? Why did you stop wearing the power suit here?" I asked, Samus whispered before she fell asleep: "There isn't as much drama as I usually deal with, there wasn't a need for it."
  36. I yawned and fell asleep as well, Zelda doing the same.
  37. -----
  38. Anyway, next morning, we get up and head down, Zelda showing off her sneaking skills by hiding in the shadows and popping out at random intervals when we don't expect her.
  39. We went to the kitchen to see Ike, Pit, Lucina and Bayonetta were there, looking at Luigi... who was...
  40. "Heh. You pathetic weaklings, most of you guys are gone, but I'm still here!"
  41. "Okay what the fuck is going on?" I asked them, Pit responded with: "I don't know! He just went down and stared doing this!"
  42. "Okay this does not end well." I thought, as he went over to me.
  43. "Hello pretty~"
  44. "What are you-" I began to say, but he covered my mouth.
  45. "Oh, I'm the incredible Mr. L~ or Green Thunder~ whatever suits you!" He announced, eyeing me up and down.
  46. "This is creepy and uncomfortable." I thought, "Err... guys? Some help here?" I asked, Samus prepared her gun until from the shadows, Mr. L/Luigi got hit across the head.
  47. "What the hell?!" He asked, turning around to see Zelda standing there, one hand on her hip.
  48. "You're acting fucking weird!" She snapped.
  49. "Oh, are you sure I'm not just being normal "*Zelda*"?" He taunted, glaring at her deeply.
  50. Zelda looked uncomfortable and whispered, "Don't say that..."
  51. "...Is she ashamed of not knowing her talent?" I asked Samus, who shrugged.
  52. "Don't say what?" He asked.
  53. "Don't say I'm not normal! I-I am!" She cried.
  54. "....Or maybe she's shamed of bing hyrulian..." Samus told me.
  55. Bayonetta walked over to us, "I don't think I like what's going on." She said to us, as we watched Luigi start to gang up on Zelda.
  56. "So.... is there something you'd like to tell your friends "*Zelda*"?"
  57. "No! I'm keeping that secret until I die!" She said, starting to cry.
  58. "Hmph. Weak."
  59. What could Zelda be hiding? On one hand, she may not want to talk about it but on the other...
  60. Yeah, maybe she doesn't want to talk about it, if I did ask her, she'd just get annoyed at me and that would make sense since I'd be the one bothering her.
  61. Ike, Pit and Lucina finally glared at him and decided to actually do something for once.
  62. "What are you doing? Please, stop." Lucina snapped, "Yeah!" Pit told him.
  63. "I'm calling her out on her shit."
  64. "...This doesn't feel right." Ike whispered, as he took a box out- oh hey, it was a package! Similar to the ones I got!
  65. "You got one too?" I asked, "Yeah, but I didn't open it yet."
  66. "...Huh." I thought.
  67. "I got one as well..." Lucina told us, lMe too!" Pit said, as the rest of us talked about it until Luigi laughed.
  68. "I didn't! I DELIVERED the packages!"
  69. Bayonetta gave him a suspicious glance-
  70. Wait.... if.... he gave Samus a rose then-
  71. Did that mean Luigi had a crush on Samus now?!
  72. What the fuck?!
  73. "So... you gave me photos..." Bayonetta told him, "Haha! Yep!" He said before leaving, but then he called out: "And you'll all get another package tonight!"
  74. ......
  75. So... basically the guy I liked fucking turned evil. Yay.
  76. ".....Well that happened." Ike said nervously,, looking at the ground.
  77. "You got that right." Samus laughed, although you could see she was sweating and panicked.
  78. .....
  79. "Hey...." Bayonetta said to me, touching my shoulder, "If he hurts you, tell me."
  80. Psst, what would YOU do Bayonetta?
  81. Anyway......
  82. Zelda popped behind me, "Hey..." She said, causing me to jump.
  83. "Do you just VANISH?!" I asked in shock.
  84. "No.. you guys just never pay any attention to me." She said shrugging.
  85. Okay that's probably how she keeps appearing, disappearing and reappearing.
  86. "Really, the second you lot take your eyes off me and focus on whatever pathetic drama you have, that basically means I can sneak into the shadows." She told me, not looking bothered at all.
  87. "I'm good at sneaking around and crawling, I'm good at taking people by surprise, it's just a skill I happen to have." She said once again, shrugging.
  88. "You're very stealthy." I said, looking at her.
  89. "I know." She said, when I saw Samus crawl, attempting to take her by surprise, when, to HER surprise, Zelda just said: "I know you're there Samus, you can't surprise me."
  90. "How did you-?"
  91. "Unlike you lot, I pay attention to you all, I focus on you all, plus, I listen to any sounds that aren't that loud, so..."
  92. "You're impressive but scary." I giggled nervously, "What she said, you're as stealthy as a.... soldier..."
  93. "Or like a ninja!" I laughed.
  94. "Or I'm just.... a princess." She jokingly said, but she looked upset.
  95. "Yeah, maybe you're just princess Zelda, a very stealthy princess." I said, she laughed nervously but she looked a bit upset, "Yeah... I'm a princess...."
  96. "So... where do you think "Mr. L" is?" I asked, Zelda and Samus shrugged when Monokuma the black and white cookie bear appeared with more packages.
  97. "Here you go!" He laughed, as he dropped some in front of us all.
  98. "Are these bombs?" I asked, "Nope! They're all safe! Bears honour!"
  99. I checked it to see....
  100. Oh, just a video.
  101. Huh.
  102. I went into my room to play the video and....
  103. .....
  104. Oh god.
  105. The video was... horrifying....
  106. At first, it started all cheerful, it was just a video of my friend Rosalina taking care of her lumas, being her normal self when...
  107. ...The scene changed to her laying on the ground, her eyes removed and blood coming out of her neck, mouth and eye sockets. Cuts all over her arms, her dress stained with blood.
  108. The cuts read:
  109. "Want to save Rosalina? Kill someone!"
  110. I was horrified, and it got worse when I saw blood come out of the video player, making me scream in panic, when Bayonetta, Samus and Zelda ran in almost immediately.
  111. "Daisy?! Are you okay?!" Samus asked, as Bayonetta lifted my face up as I started to cry.
  112. "There there..." Bayonetta said, as she started to hug me, "Who hurt you?"
  113. "I bet it was "Mr. L" who did it!" Zelda snapped, as Samus hugged me tightly.
  114. "We're going to teach him a lesson he won't forget!" Bayonetta said standing up.
  115. "I agree!" Samus told her, as she prepared her gun.
  116. "You know... one part of me wants to ask him what makes him think he can hurt my friend like that..." Zelda began to say, before her eyes flashed red: "***But I don't think I'm going to give him enough time to answer!***"
  117. I opened my mouth to tell them they had the wrong idea, but it was too late as they had already left.
  118. ...Well... maybe they'd be okay! There's no way to be 100% sure they'd actually be able to kill him, right?!
  119. ...Right?
  120. Maybe I should help him.
  121. ...I do like Luigi after all! Of course I do! He's just... quiet!
  122. But maybe they couldn't find him! Yeah-
  123. Oh fuck, the power went out, and the rooms all went black, great.
  124. I took out a torch and started to make my way across the halls, as I heard Mr. L going into the kitchen, I stood outside the door and waited for him to get out, when...
  125. I heard voices, and some people sneaking in-
  127. I swear I'm going to have to check on Zelda from now on-
  128. "So... Mr. L... you like Daisy, right?" The first voice asked him, "Hehehe, yep! She's a *pretty* little thing!"
  129. Oh fuck... they were disguising their voices... I couldn't tell who it was!
  130. "I see... and would you have your way if-" Another person began to say before they were cut off.
  131. "Stop. Let me take it from here!" Another voice said, as they spoke with anger.
  132. "So... you think that you can just hurt her and get away with it, right?!"
  133. "I have no idea what you're talking about!" Luigi snapped.
  134. "I do! She told us EVERYTHING!" The second person said.
  135. No. I didn't. I didn't tell them shit. I didn't tell anyone shit.
  136. Wait I should listen in, maybe this is important.
  137. "You know... I want to ask why you thought you could get away with it... but we're not going to give you enough time to answer! GET HIM GIRLS!"
  138. The first thing I heard was one of the girls punching him, before another started to cut him as I could see a pool of blood reach the door, when I heard the sounds of guns, shooting him.
  139. Oh shit... I should do something!
  140. But I couldn't, as I then heard him being thrown against the wall in a fast speed, breaking any bones he could have, and then... more guns, and blood.
  141. I stayed silent as the blood stained the floor, until one of the people said: "***This is for Daisy motherfucker!***" before shooting him, as I heard him fall onto the ground, dead.
  142. And that's when the power came back.
  143. The people removed their voice changers, but they were wearing masks and cloaks, and before they could escape, I just pulled it off them, revealing themselves.
  144. "...Why." I asked, pointing to the body.
  145. "...We had too." Samus sighed, as we went back in.
  146. "Upupupup! A body has been discovered!"
  147. "...One of you straight up killed him... well, you all did, but I think only that injury will count... why... just... why...." I cried.
  148. "...It was for your own good..." Zelda sighed, as Bayonetta nodded in agreement and as the others ran in, watching as Luigi bled onto the floor.
  149. Guess it was... evidence searching time.
  150. Firstly, Monokuma file.
  151. ***Evidence: Monokuma File #6***
  152. You get the bases of it.
  153. Firstly, I picked up some strands of hair that he had in his hands, really light, must've been... blonde...
  154. ***Evidence: Blonde hair***
  155. I checked the body to see there were stabs wounds all over him... even some... pins....
  156. ***Evidence: Pins***
  157. That wasn't all... there were... bullets nearby....
  158. I picked up a bullet and checked it, it was an ocean blue, weird colour for a bullet, but okay.
  159. Anyway!
  160. I checked around some more, eventually finding a crumbled note in his pocket.
  161. ***Evidence: Note***
  162. It was then I read it:
  163. "Dear Green Thunder!
  164. Wow! You seem so cool! How about you come to the kitchen and we talk? Just you and me! That cool?
  165. Signed: One of the girls ;)"
  166. ....Who signed this?!
  167. I saw a strange blue patch on the corner, which I assumed was ink.
  168. Time to see who's room was covered in ink.
  169. I first went up to Samus' room to discover there was a massive ink blob on her desk, geez Samus! You should be more careful!
  170. ***Evidence: Ink Blob***
  171. Next up... I went back to the body to find....
  172. Well, there was more blood, and I decided to study the knife, which had a strand of black hair next to it. Great job hiding your evidence Bayonetta.
  173. ***Evidence: Black Hair***
  174. I checked his body again, and saw some gold on his hands, so.... yay. Zelda.
  175. ***Evidence: Gold***
  176. You know, you three are REALLY doing a great job at making my life difficult!
  177. I hate you all.
  178. I sighed and closed my eyes, everything was hopeless. What could I even do?
  179. Besides panic of course.
  180. He was kicked across the room.... that hints at a lot.
  181. ***Evidence: Kick***
  182. Samus, honestly you're the most likely suspect.
  183. ...Until I saw some broken glass, yay.
  184. ***Evidence: Broken Glass***
  185. Hmmm....
  186. Anyway! I checked his body a final time to see the blue bullets were in him, while the gun nearby... which looked like Samus' gun... didn't fit the bullets.
  187. This was weird-
  188. "TRIAL TIME WHORES!" Monokuma laughed.
  189. "So only Bayonetta needs to leave?" I asked.
  190. "You wish princess." Bayonetta responded with as she grabbed me and brought me to the elevator, the others following.
  191. "Which one of you three killed him?" I asked.
  192. "You'll see princess, you'll see."
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