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DX Christmas Special pt2

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Jan 15th, 2015
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  1. [18:12] <LeahofCherem> Last we left off, Ai and Junko (and a passed-out Jaime) came face-to-face with a renegade being resembling a Kami in the ruins of a wrecked cake shop. Having been asked by Tsukuda Akira to investigate and head off whoever was trashing stores, the overeds came face-to-face with one such creature. After defeating and pacifying it, the creature offered them -
  2. [18:12] <LeahofCherem> - it's non-verbal thanks. Ai asked the creature to show it to whatever was agitating other dormant spirits, and it seemed to agree. After a long walk, the overed find themselves on the outskirts of City N, where an almost pastoral landscape reaches out before them. The deer-spirit keeps walking, however, towards a thin forest. -
  3. [18:12] <LeahofCherem> - A small hill, and a long dirt path through the trees, awaits the group. At the edge, the spirit pauses, turning to look at them.
  4. [18:15] <@Mr_Rage> The chimera steps forward, stopping at the mouth of the path to look up.
  5. [18:16] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko comes up behind Ai and stops. "Why do I feel like someone hid a shrine back here, and now we have to walk up a buncha steps?"
  6. [18:17] <LeahofCherem> Maybe long ago this was a well-traveled path. There are stones that may have once been steps, and the rotted ends of what were wooden handrails. Despite the disuse and disrepair, there are signs that some people, very few people, still make this journey.
  7. [18:18] <LeahofCherem> "It is not uncommon for old shrines to be hidden away. The march of time and the work of a lazy priest." Mary sighs a little, dejected at the prospect.
  8. [18:19] <@Mr_Rage> "Well... not hiding now." Oop, there she goes.
  9. [18:20] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko lights herself a cigarette before following after Ai.
  10. [18:22] <Midnight> Jamie, silent for most of the trip, spoke up. "These spirits are somehow related to gjaums?"
  11. [18:22] <@Mr_Rage> "--rr?"
  12. [18:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Guess it depends who y'ask. If you believe in this sorta thing...they're just spirits of the Earth. That rock over there could be one too."
  13. [18:23] <LeahofCherem> "Possibly." Mary follows, "Or maybe they're tools or something."
  14. [18:24] <LeahofCherem> The path isn't actually that long, but it does have it's steep parts. There are some steps that are cracked, fallen, or altogether missing from the path, making it a pain to traverse. Whoever is supposed to be maintaining this shrine isn't doing a good job at all.
  15. [18:25] <Midnight> "Things were easier when it was just mutated people." Jamie sighs.
  16. [18:28] <LeahofCherem> At the end of the path there is a small clearing, where the trees lining it are old and broad. There is a small stone path to a small shrine, no larger than the average living room. Behind it there is another building, again not that large, but from there the sounds of sweeping can be heard. A small figure, dressed in red robes, is dutifully working away -
  17. [18:29] <LeahofCherem> - at the dust on the patio. The whole scene looks like something out of the past: a poor, abandoned shrine, with a single, lone priest to take care of it. After a moment, the figure looks up, and almost drops the broom in surprise.
  18. [18:29] <LeahofCherem> A young boy, maybe thirteen or fourteen, with shaggy black hair and lean, cut features. He kind of just watches you, like he doesn't actually think you're there.
  19. [18:31] <@Mr_Rage> Ai's tails perk up, returning the boy's stare. She seems content to let this battle of wills go on as long as it takes, icy blues fixated on him.
  20. [18:33] <Midnight> "Hey. Didn't expect to see anyone out her. I guess you didn't either." Jamie says, hands up in a peaceful gesture.
  21. [18:36] <LeahofCherem> To his credit, he manages to keep his eyes on hers for at least fifteen seconds before he looks down. "I... Didn't, really." He looks up, climbing down from the patio and starting to run over, before remembering his broom and going back for it. When he finally reaches you, he asks hesitantly, "You wouldn't be visitors, would you?"
  22. [18:37] <Midnight> "Sure kid. You could say that."
  23. [18:39] <LeahofCherem> He frowns a little at the choice of words, "Then... The shrine is over there. He prefers meat, but any offering is acceptable." The boy turns and beckons to the shrine with his hand, the other arm holding his broom like a security stick. At first glance he looked older, a little more mature and grown up, but up close he seems surprisingly vulnerable.
  24. [18:41] <@Mr_Rage> Ai bounds over towards the boy, like a dog that's decided to get a better look at someone, nose wiggling once she's in range to get his scent. "He?"
  25. [18:45] <LeahofCherem> He almost falls over in surprise taking a step back, "Ah, d-did I say something wrong?" Poor thing, he smells like wet dog. In the moment that she gets close, his eyes flash, the Iris' filling the entire sclera like an animal's. His hair stands on end more than it should, but it's over in a flash, and he looks like a normal, albeit startled kid.
  26. [18:46] <LeahofCherem> On top of that, the renegade in Ai's veins tremble a little bit.
  27. [18:46] <LeahofCherem> "H-He, the, Kurokami, the God of the Shrine." He manages to find the word.
  28. [18:50] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Kurokami the meat-loving God, eh?" Junko blows smoke out her nostrils.
  29. [18:50] <@Mr_Rage> The girl nods slowly, intently, either unintimidated by the boy's burgeoning virus, or too dull to think of it.
  30. [18:51] <LeahofCherem> "He once was a well-known god of the hunt and hunters," the boy responds, "To ask his favor was to ask for success and luck hunting, or to protect oneself from other hunters." He puffs up a bit proudly, but shrinks again when he remembers that Ai is right there.
  31. [18:54] <@Mr_Rage> "Kurokami is misbehaving?" She asks of the other two Overed, transitioning into the 'who to punch' stage, stealthily wrapping her arms around the boy's free one.
  32. [18:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Wadda ya think nee-san?" The delinquent turns her gaze to look at Mary.
  33. [18:56] <LeahofCherem> "Eh?" The boy blinks, "But, uh, he's-" He hesitates, looking at the shrine, before shaking his head, "Gods can't misbehave." He says it like gods misbehaving is flying pigs: they don't exist, and if they did, who would tell them they couldn't?
  34. [18:57] <LeahofCherem> Mary frowns, "If I was the god of this shrine, I'd be very upset with how the shrine has been kept." She's very matter-of-fact about it. "Nobody visits this shrine either."
  35. [18:58] <Midnight> "Kid's got a point." Jamie said with a smirk. " But so does Mary. Is he mad?"
  36. [18:59] <LeahofCherem> The boy hangs his head a little, a flash of anger across his face when he looks at his feet. "I... wouldn't know. He doesn't talk to me. But... Nobody visits anymore. Grandpa died and nobody was coming then, and now it's just me and the shrine." He tries to pull his arm to his side, and realizes (finally) he's being held captive.
  37. [19:04] <@Mr_Rage> Captive is such a harsh word.
  38. [19:04] <LeahofCherem> The way he says it, it's like admitting a shameful secret. After all, what good is a shrine (and therefore a priest) if nobody visits it? He's probably the last of a line of shrine priests, and in his lifetime he will see the shrine abandoned. Ai can smell it on him and Mary notices his hesitation in the beginning: he's lying about communication with the -
  39. [19:05] <LeahofCherem> - Kami, even if he doesn't know it. Fear was dripping off his words as he spoke.
  40. [19:07] <LeahofCherem> "Mm... But I think you do know." Mary moves to the other side of the boy, fencing him in between herself and Ai. No escape.
  41. [19:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Maybe you need to be free of this shrine."
  42. [19:08] <@Mr_Rage> "Should talk to kami!" Ai tightens her hold, pulling him a bit away from Mary.
  43. [19:09] <LeahofCherem> "Free? I don't... There's nothing here that is keeping me-" He lets out a scared noise, "I can't talk to him, n-not really! I just, every now and then I have nightmares! But that's not him, that's just normal!" He starts breathing heavily, his pupils are dilating, and he's starting to sweat.
  44. [19:10] <@Mr_Rage> The chimera's tails twitch, uncertain, studying the boy...
  45. [19:10] <Midnight> "What kind of nightmares?"
  46. [19:11] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko snorts, hands shoved into her pockets. While the others occupy him she heads for the shrine itself.
  47. [19:12] <LeahofCherem> "I see... I see..." He's about to burst into tears. "I see things. Alone in these words, the shrine empty, but, not alone, there's, things in the trees, black and red and lonely and angry." He takes a deep breath, "So angry. I know I shouldn't but I go in the woods and he's there, he's there and the things he says, the things he says-" His sclera gets -
  48. [19:12] <LeahofCherem> - shoved to the corners of his eyes as his arms ripple, like worms wriggling under the surface.
  49. [19:14] <LeahofCherem> The shrine itself looks lonely: a simple donation box, and then spaces for candles and incense. On a simple straw mat rests a long, sharp rib-bone, but under a closer inspection it's been carefully crafted from something torn out of an animal's ribcage into a work of art. It pulses with malevolence while the boy loses his shit.
  50. [19:17] <LeahofCherem> He tries to rip his army away, but Ai has it locked in her fingers. It's no use, and his legs give out as he tries to pull his arm away. A little pathetic, really.
  51. [19:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko turns to look back toward the others. "Got him?"
  52. [19:18] <@Mr_Rage> Ai yelps, hugging him more out of surprise than a tactical response. "What's wrong?" Concern fills those baby blues, tails lashing.
  53. [19:19] <LeahofCherem> "Ah... Would that be Kurokami... kami...?" Mary reaches out and places her fingers around his eye, trying to get a better look into the gigantic irises.
  54. [19:20] <LeahofCherem> The boy squawks, trying to pull away from both the grappling hug and Mary's nails on his skin. "Ah! I-I, He, I can't-" His body is hot like an oven, and his breathing is haggard and rough. Whatever is going on in this kid, or whatever is in there, it wants out, badly.
  55. [19:21] <LeahofCherem> The bone trembles ever so slightly while this happens, although if it's from the little "scuffle" going on or it's own power is unknown.
  56. [19:22] <Midnight> "You have to calm down kid. We really are just here to help."
  57. [19:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's gaze turns back to it. Huhn. Well, no one ever accused her of being intelligent. While they play with the boy she reaches to pick up the bone.
  58. [19:23] <LeahofCherem> He looks between the women with fear in his eyes, "I can't- I can't be helped." He chokes it out, "It's part of me. He... and.." He freezes.
  59. [19:26] <LeahofCherem> For a moment, it looks and feels like the heaviest thing in the world, but then the anticipation ends and it comes up without a fight. It feels cold, but something about it just makes you... very angry. Not so much at the bone, but at... everything. The desire to hunt, to stalk, to follow and chase and catch and tear fills you for a moment. A taste, -
  60. [19:27] <LeahofCherem> - like raw meat fills your mouth. But it's only there for a moment. One very long, long moment.
  61. [19:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko staaare at the bone.
  62. [19:30] <LeahofCherem> The moment ends, and the vision the boy was describing seems very, very real. As in, you see the leaves fall from the trees into ashes, as a giant beast prowls behind the empty trunks and branches. Smaller canine creatures flow around it's giant paws, and as it breaths, the world fills up with hot, sticky, moist air.
  63. [19:31] <LeahofCherem> Alone, at least for the moment, the beast looks at you with hunger in it's eyes... And the world returns to normal. The boy, however, has slumped over, and there is blood running from his mouth. Great.
  64. [19:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gah!" She drops the rib and takes a step back, quick to wipe her hand off on her pants.
  65. [19:33] <LeahofCherem> As the bone falls, it hits the ground and shatters like glass. The place where you were holding it is red with blood that seemed to seep from the bone, and the pool of white shards on the ground is bleeding of it's own accord.
  66. [19:33] <@Mr_Rage> "Wah!" Ai sets the boy down gently, looking for injuries.
  67. [19:33] <LeahofCherem> A great wind blows through the clearing, and there is the sound of many, many wolves howling around you. You don't see anything, but one howl is much deeper, much more ancient, than the others.
  68. [19:34] <LeahofCherem> THe boy is pale, and the blood coming from his mouth seems to be from an internal injury around his chest. He winces and makes an involuntary sound of pain when his chest is touched.
  69. [19:35] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Hope we're up for killing a God!" Junko jogs back to join the others, more concerned with their surroundings than the bleeding boy.
  70. [19:35] <LeahofCherem> "This is no good," Mary mumbles. "This is no good at all." She kneels by the bone, hand fluttering over it, afraid to touch it.
  71. [19:36] <@Mr_Rage> "Hauuu," Ai whimpers, tails curling tight in stress.
  72. [19:36] <Midnight> "Shit. WHat happened to him?"
  73. [19:36] <@Mr_Rage> "Don't know! Hurt inside!"
  74. [19:37] <LeahofCherem> From the surroundings, from the treeline, a pair of baleful red eyes open up and stare at the group. A massive wolf that could dwarf the shrine steps from the forest, fur black and matted. Drool slides from it's mouth in great, ropey strings, and it's breath is heavy and low. [The boy. Give me. The boy.]
  75. [19:38] <Midnight> Jamie looks over towards the thing. "I think I just found the way to help the kid."
  76. [19:39] <LeahofCherem> On the ground, the priest-child shudders, but his breathing slows slightly. The blood is still there, but it isn't running as fast. That rib breaking might've been good. Or, terrible. Six in one, half dozen in the other.
  77. [19:39] <LeahofCherem> Mary looks at the beast with a pale(r) face, "Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, please protect us."
  78. [19:40] <@Mr_Rage> Ai snarls right back, moving to put herself between the beast and the boy.
  79. [19:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I got a habit of bucking authority so why doncha fuck off?" She flips the bird at the giant wolfgod.
  80. [19:42] <LeahofCherem> [You.] The beast 'talks' through the sound of the trees and the wind. [You dare. It is mine. My boy. My priest.] It snarls, bearing it's long, knife-long teeth. [He fail. No meat. No visitors. Stolen!] It paces along the tree line, eyes never leaving the group.
  81. [19:43] <Midnight> "What was stolen?"
  82. [19:46] <LeahofCherem> [TRIBUTE!] The beast roars, and it is answered by other howls in the forest. [Long time, many men, leave meat. Beg for food, beg for safe. I do. I give!] It snarls, [Then, no more. Forgotten! Fool. New god, stronger. Red one, green tree.] It snarls, almost talking to itself. [No strong. Will not show. Nothing to fight. But I take back men.]
  83. [19:47] <LeahofCherem> It stops, letting out a long, heavy breath. [Will show fear. Will break new god. Will remind them, why stay in when wolf howl.]
  84. [19:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ya big, stupid thing. Don't you get it? They moved on!" She pulled out her cellphone. "They don't need you! They worship this now! Hunting? Shit. Never heard of a convenience store?"
  85. [19:49] <Midnight> It wasn't surprising that people didn't visit the shrine. Junko was right. Who hunts in Japan in this modern day and age? "This might have ended with peace Junko." Jamie said, drawing her gun. "Angering a god, nomatter how old fashioned, probably isn't wise."
  86. [19:51] <LeahofCherem> It stops, hesitating. [No! They leave for new god. Stolen from me! I still need. Am still need.] It snarls again, claws unsheathing from it's paws. [You no fear. No hunt. Boy will see. Remember why hide inside.] It bears it's fangs, and lunges at you!
  87. [20:04] <LeahofCherem> In the moment as he lunges, Mary lets out a quick, rehearsed shout and waves her arms around a bit, and a bolt of white light shoots from the circle she traces in the air to lance into Kurokami! She disappears into the darkness right after, and as the beast snarls and sniffs, she seems to just vanish.
  88. [20:04] <LeahofCherem> Snarling with anger, Kurokami's claws flash, growing longer, sharper, and definitely more deadly.
  89. [20:10] <Midnight> With an inward sigh Jamie watches the enraged beast. Her mind takes full control of every minor muscular motion, she looks down the sights and fires a single bullet at what she hopes is the soft flesh of the monster.
  90. [20:13] <LeahofCherem> The bullet does indeed find purchase, as the giant wolf tries to jump to the side and takes the bullet straight in the leg. It lets out a barking noise, and it's eyes glow vividly.
  91. [20:13] <@Mr_Rage> In an instant, the beast is faced with another beast. Sleek and white, Ai stands as tall at the shoulder as it does, the yin-reptile to its yang-mammal, sinking tooth and claw into it fearlessly.
  92. [20:14] <LeahofCherem> The beast has no defense: when it tries to turn to face her (bad idea), her claws and teeth sink right through it's leathery skin and into the flesh and muscle underneath. The howl is anguished as it screams: it was not expecting this at all.
  93. [20:21] <LeahofCherem> Reappearing from a ray of light, Mary smiles, "There's no way such a beast could stand against us! A forgotten god like you could never stand against a new power such as ours!" Her arms trace out the symbol yet again, and she fires again.
  94. [20:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Eat THIS!" Junko charges in after Ai, shadowy beast arm manifesting just before she strikes. One large fist lashes out to catch Kurokami in his side!
  95. [20:26] <LeahofCherem> The beast lets out a screaming howl, bloody and beaten, as the punch connects and yet another blast from Mary sears off fur and cauterizes the wound her light beam leaves. Bloody, beaten, it makes a final desperate attack against...!
  96. [20:31] <LeahofCherem> The beast sinks it's teeth into Ai, snapping it's own sharp tips to stab through her stomach and arms. The top of her body disappears into thing's maw, and it finally gives up on life. The light dies from it's eyes, and a low breath rattles from it's giant throat.
  97. [20:33] <LeahofCherem> "Ai!" Mary lets out a little shriek and reaches up to cover her mouth in shock.
  98. [20:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Blue!" Junko's rushing to reach the things mouth, applying her crazy strength to opening its jaws.
  99. [20:35] <Midnight> Jamie runs over to help in what small ways she can.
  100. [20:35] <@Mr_Rage> The white chimera doesn't move, at least not initially, but the first good sign is that she hasn't transformed back. Shedding her giant body like so much snake-skin, Ai crawls out with the delinquent's, bloodied and bruised, flopping to the ground next to Junko. "Nn--... boy okay?"
  101. [20:36] <LeahofCherem> Mary almost trips over herself heading over, then turning and running to look at the boy. "H-he's alive! Barely, but he's alive!"
  102. [20:37] <@Mr_Rage> A big smile, and Ai rolls over, opting to take a nap while her internal organs try to put themselves back together, gaping wounds filled with shards of renegade crystal.
  103. [20:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sits down next to the injured Overed, stroking her hair. "Worry about yourself for once kid, geez."
  104. [20:38] <LeahofCherem> The body of the giant beast starts to wither away, like ash being blown away into the air. It's not too long before it's disappeared entirely, leaving nothing but a large red and black stain on the ground.
  105. [20:39] <Midnight> "Is that thing gonna come back?"
  106. [20:40] <LeahofCherem> "I hope not. After the beating it took, to come back from that..." Mary shudders, using her sleeve to wipe the sweat and blood off the boy. "I think we need to visit the hospital. Or, that one shady doctor..."
  107. [20:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Kuroshima? If this kid's Overed that may be best."
  108. [20:41] <LeahofCherem> Mary nods a little, "Jaime, help me with him, he's heavy. Junko, can you carry Ai?"
  109. [20:42] <Midnight> "Sure, sure." Jamie's not much help, but she is some.
  110. [20:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Is that really a question? Do you doubt my strength, nee-san?" There was a threat in that question, typical of any Sukeban worth her salt.
  111. [20:43] <LeahofCherem> Mary looks over her shoulder and smiles, "If there's anything to put faith in~." The boy shifts, hissing in pain, but the trip down the path and the terrible stairs is only moderately difficult with the two wounded.
  112. [20:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> Ai gets carried on the delinquent's back after some work on proper positioning. It was like one of those sappy anime scene but with mor blood and broken bones.
  113. [20:45] <LeahofCherem> At the edge of the forest, there's a rumble, and a long, heavy sighing noise, like a great weight being released. The leaves shake and the trees tremble, but then the light of the stars and a vivid moon piece the canopy, illuminating the once oppressively dark forest.
  114. [20:46] <Midnight> "That seems like a good sign."
  115. [20:47] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Fantastic. Can we hit the sento after this?"
  116. [20:47] <LeahofCherem> "As odd as it seems, I hope the Kami finds peace," Mary sighs, smiling. "And that sounds too lovely to miss. What a way to ring in Christmas day."
  117. [20:49] <LeahofCherem> Strange, coming from her. But the rest of the journey is as cheerful as it can get, considering the circumstances. There are some strange looks and hushed whispers concerning the, erm, wounded, and the walk is longer than it was last time, but the motley group arrives at Kuroshima's clinic as the clock tolls 11.
  118. [20:50] <LeahofCherem> You pass little bunches of people, couples going to visit shrines on this strange, foreign holy day. Lights in the windows illuminate the streets, and above, the moon disappears behind a thick curtain of clouds forcing their way in.
  119. [20:50] <Tsuboki_Junko> "The UGN is footing the bill for this one I hope."
  120. [20:53] <LeahofCherem> At the clinic, the door opens after a quick set of knocks. A shutter opens as the clinic's namesake doctor peers out. "Really? On Christmas?"
  121. [20:53] <Midnight> "Of course. Nothing like the gift of business."
  122. [20:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Like you were busy anyway."
  123. [20:55] <LeahofCherem> The eyes narrow a bit, before the shutter closes, several locks (or the sound of several locks) open, adn the door swings in. It's not terribly large inside, but after you pass through a sort of dingy "waiting room", you arrive at the surgery tables. Surprisingly clean for an off-the-books clinic, Kuroshima clears off one of the tables. "Alright, who first?"
  124. [21:03] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko casts an affectionate glance over her shoulder at Ai. "The boy I guess?"
  125. [21:04] <@Mr_Rage> The chimera's tail wags, signifying agreement.
  126. [21:06] <LeahofCherem> Kuroshima gives Ai a look-over before nodding, "Okay. Set him down." When Mary does so, he carefully opens the robes, wincing at the large black bruise across the boy's chest. "A fractured rib? So it's going to be that kind of visit?" He looks up with a glint in his black eyes, but says no more, going to look in his box of medical supplies.
  127. [21:15] <LeahofCherem> Kuroshima does his bloody work, doing the best he can for the broken rib and trying to help Ai as best as he can. Some bedrest will be needed, definitely, but she'll be up and about, that's for sure. "Just, avoid seriously strenuous movement. I mean, I get paid either way, but having to re-seal a cut I already shut is tiresome." He leaves you with a bill -
  128. [21:16] <LeahofCherem> - and a reminder that not paying him would be a big mistake when he is one of the only chop-shops in town, and sends you on your way.
  129. [21:16] <LeahofCherem> "I think he gave him medicine to make him sleepy," Mary comments, holding the boy on her back. His arms are around her neck, and he winces and moves in his sleep. "What do we do with him?"
  130. [21:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Drop him off at the station?"
  131. [21:17] <@Mr_Rage> Ai holds onto the edge of the boy's shirt, looking a bit like a mummy with all the bandaging.
  132. [21:18] <LeahofCherem> "Maybe Ai will take care of him now?" Mary giggles a little, "He's a priest's son, so he should be well behaved." She's joking. Probably.
  133. [21:20] <@Mr_Rage> The chimera blushes. "Papa'll know what to do? Or UGN?"
  134. [21:22] <LeahofCherem> Mary makes a face at the organization's name, "The UGN is probably a safe place for him while he heals, considering his situation." She sighs, "Living alone in a shrine though..." A smile crosses her face, "I may just move in there." She hums to herself, "Oh! And we need to visit Keiki Bekuri before we do anything else, I forgot I wanted to get another cake."
  135. [21:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Then you can keep carrying the boy.
  136. [21:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> "
  137. [21:24] <LeahofCherem> Mary frowns, "Tch. Fine. I'm sure he's never had cake his entire life anyways." With that she's content to lead the way. "And you would like to share a cake with Ai, Wou~ldn't~ yoooo~ou?" She grins widely as she looks back.
  138. [21:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> With no snappy retorts the delinquent just angrily puffs on her cigarette.
  139. [21:30] <LeahofCherem> Mary giggles for her as they make their way. At the store, a despondent Akira is taping cardboard over the giant hole in his window. "Woah, back already?" He looks at his watch, "Well, I guess a few hours. You look like hell." He blinks, "And, who's the kid?"
  140. [21:30] <@Mr_Rage> "New friend!"
  141. [21:32] <Midnight> "I'd say we solved the problem. We rescued this kid."
  142. [21:32] <LeahofCherem> Akira smiles, "It's that time of year, right?" He opens the door for you, "Come inside, it's cold and they're saying it might snow." Inside, the store is lit just enough to look eerie, but behind the counter there's a back room that he's prepared for you. More than just cakes on the table, he set out some coffee, tea, and other edibles.
  143. [21:33] <LeahofCherem> "Already?!" He pauses, "What was doing it? It threatened the kid?" A grave look crosses his face.
  144. [21:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> Ignoring Akira, Junko takes Ai to the room he's prepared and gets her seated.
  145. [21:36] <Midnight> "A god if you can believe that. Kid was held hostage by it I suppose."
  146. [21:36] <LeahofCherem> "An Overed... creature. A Renegade being, surely." Mary nods in agreement, carrying the boy inside.
  147. [21:37] <@Mr_Rage> Plop. :3 Ai sizes up the desserts, looking back towards the conversation. "They were both scared."
  148. [21:37] <LeahofCherem> "Ah..." Akira doesn't seem phased, "Then... why was it attacking stores? Here, set the boy in one of the rooms upstairs."
  149. [21:37] <LeahofCherem> "Of... of what?" Akira pulls out a chair, offering Ai the variety of drinks. "You look like you had a fun time too..."
  150. [21:38] <Midnight> "Ah that would be because people use stores instead of hunting. It believed it was a god at any rate, and it resented being forgotten."
  151. [21:40] <LeahofCherem> Akira nods, "Hm. Reasonable, at any case, and I've heard of Renegade Beings sprouting from legends of gods." He shrugs, smiling, "But you stopped it?"
  152. [21:41] <Midnight> "Not without some collateral, but yes."
  153. [21:43] <LeahofCherem> Sighing and shrugging, Akira agrees, "That's certainly the life we in the twilight lead." Smiling, "Now, please, enjoy this. You've done something great for not just me, but everybody else. I can't think of any other way to ring in Christmas, you know?" He pours himself a glass of what is probably champagne, "Cheers!"
  154. [21:45] <@Mr_Rage> Omnomnom~
  155. [21:47] <Midnight> "Cheers." Jamie pours herself a glass and clinks it off of his."
  156. [21:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Cheers."
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