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  3. SORRY
  5. The Science Adventure Series
  7.     So, you just finished Steins;Gate, and you're surprised to find out there's more. Or maybe, you're a veteran of the SciADV series, and just want to see what else there may be in the series. Whatever it may be, look no further!
  8.     For those who don't know already, the Science Adventure series, or the SciADV series for short, is a series of visual novels mainly by 5pb., along with other side content such as manga side stories and drama CDs. Do note that while you may have seen the anime adaptations of the main titles, the series revolves around the visual novels. They contain information not found in the anime, and are generally better than the anime adaptations, so it is highly recommended to read them if possible. As such, much of the side content revolves around the visual novels, so there are times when the anime is not enough. Also, these are clean VNs, so there are no sex scenes or full nudity. To read the Chaos;Head visual novel, you will need a Windows computer set into Japanese locale (you can easily google how to do that). Steins;Gate will be getting an official English release soon, so that will not be necessary and it's highly recommended that you buy it!
  9.     One more thing: Reading Steiner is one of the big names to know in the fandom. He is a fan translator and editor whose work can be found in much of the translated material, including the Steins;Gate visual novel, and he knows the series very well. Recently, he has been working with WhyNot subs for some SciADV projects, such as the anime adaptations, so they usually have the best releases. Of course, he's not the only one working on stuff, and everyone deserves credit for the translations and other hard work, such as Blick Winkel, the main translator of the Steins;Gate VN.
  10.     Anyway, that's enough speaking from me. Below is everything I know of in the SciADV series, and the translation status of it. It's not every single thing, as there is quite a lot of content, but it should be all of the translated content and most of the stuff in general. Please, enjoy!
  12. My personal recommended order, although note that this is just my opinion:
  13. Chaos;Head VN -> Noah and Love Chu Chu stuff -> Steins;Gate VN -> Steins;Gate side material (Order doesn't really matter, but note that Bouken no Rebellion, while partially non-canon and kinda meh, formally introduces a character that shows up in some other side material, and be sure to watch the OVA before the movie.) -> Robotics;Notes anime.
  15. Useful links:
  16. Chaos;Head VN:
  17. Buy the Steins;Gate VN, maggots: or or
  18. Reading Steiner's Blog:
  19.     His Youtube Channel:
  20. Batoto, for some manga that you can't find in the above blog:
  21. WhyNot Subs:
  22. My mediafire, for some drama CDs, a flowchart for the S;G visual novel, and other stuff:
  24. You can find most translated content through these links, but some stuff you may have to search around a bit for.
  26. T = Translated
  27. PT = Partially Translated
  28. U = Untranslated
  30. I. Chaos;Head
  31.     A. Visual Novels
  32.         1. Chaos;Head-T, Fuwanovel
  33.             a. Anime Adaptation-T, but it's an absolutely terrible adaptation. DO NOT WATCH!
  34.         2. Chaos;Head Noah-U (Route Summaries:
  35.         3. Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu-U (Route Summaries:
  36.             a. Manga Adaptation-T, Mediafire
  37. II. Steins;Gate
  38.     A. Visual Novels
  39.         1. Steins;Gate-T, Official JAST release
  40.             a. Anime Adaptation-T, WhyNot BD release
  41.             b. Manga Adaptation-PT, Batoto
  42.         2. Hiyoku Renri no Darling-T (Youtube translation found here:
  43.                    list=PLMjWrtftxMTxnLtiHdO34qI6xyCmgBwEe)
  44.             a. Manga Adaptations
  45.                 i. Hiyoku Renri no Sweets Honey (Kurisu Route)-PT, Batoto
  46.                 ii. Hoshikuzu no duplate (Mayuri Route)-U
  47.                 iii. Hiyoku Koiri no Nyan 2 Crisis (Faris Route)-U
  48.                 iv. Hiyoku Renri no Future Honey (Suzuha Route)-PT, Reading Steiner
  49.         3. Steins;Gate 8-bit-T, Fuwanovel
  50.             a.Octet of Spatial Mutation (Manga Adaptation)-PT, Reading Steiner
  51.         4. Linear Bounded Phenogram-U
  52.     B. Manga
  53.         1. Boukan no Rebellion (Suzuha Manga)-T, Batoto
  54.         2. Braunian Motion of Love and Hate (Mr. Braun Manga)-T, Reading Steiner
  55.         3. History's Strongest Slight Fever (Kurisu Manga)-PT, Reading Steiner
  56.         4. 4koma Comedy Manga-PT, Reading Steiner
  57.         5. Steins;Gate! (Spinoff Comedy Manga)-U
  58.     C. Drama CDs
  59.         1. α (Alpha) Babel of the Grieved Maze-T, Mediafire
  60.             a. Manga Adaptation-PT, Reading Steiner
  61.         2. β (Beta) The Arc Light of Infinity-T, Mediafire
  62.             a. Manga Adaptation-U
  63.         3. γ (Gamma) Hyde of the Dark Dimension-T, WhyNot release
  64.         4. Prologue Drama CD-T, Taken off of Youtube and lost.
  65.         5. Comptiq CDs
  66.             a. July 2011-T, Mediafire
  67.             b. October 2011-T, Mediafire
  68.             c. November 2011-T, Taken off of Youtube and lost.
  69.             d. May 2013-U
  70.         6. Cosplay Drama CD-T, Taken off of Youtube and lost.
  71.         7. Others I don't know much about.-U
  72.     D. Short Stories
  73.         1. Holy Day of Scourge-U
  74.         2. The Distant Valhalla-T, Reading Steiner
  75.         3. Chaos;Gate-T, Reading Steiner
  76.     E. Light Novels
  77.         1. Epigraph Trilogy
  78.             a. Epigraph of the Closed Curve-U
  79.                 i. Drama CD-U
  80.                 ii. Manga Adaptation-T, Reading Steiner
  81.             b. Eternal Return of Pandora-U
  82.                 i. Drama CD-U
  83.                 ii. Manga Adaptation-PT, Reading Steiner
  84.             c. Altair at the Point of Infinity-U
  85.         2. Hashida Suzu LN-U
  86.         3. The Committee of Antimatter-Unreleased
  87.     F. Animated
  88.         1. OVA-T, WhyNot BD release
  89.         2. Burdened Domain of Déjà vu (Movie)-T, WhyNot BD release
  90.             a. Manga Adaptation-U
  91. III. Robotics;Notes
  92.     A. Visual Novel
  93.         1. Robotics;Notes-U
  94.             a. Anime Adaptation-T, WhyNot BD release
  95.                 i. Some useful info:
  96.             b. Manga Adaptation-PT, Batoto
  97.     B. Manga
  98.         1. Phantom Snow (Airi Manga)-U
  99.         2. Revival Legacy (Frau Manga)-PT, Batoto
  100.         3. Dream Seeker (Aki Manga)-U
  101.         4. Side Junna: Chiisana Natsu no Monogatari (Jun Manga)-U
  102.         5. Pleiades Ambition (Subaru Manga)-U
  103.         6. Senomiya Misaki no Mihappyou Shuki (Misaki Manga)-U
  104.     C. Drama CDs
  105.         1. A Day in the Life of Frau.-T, WhyNot release
  106.         1. Others I don't know much about.-U
  107. IV. Chaos;Child
  108.     A. Visual Novel
  109.         1. Chaos;Child-Unreleased
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