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  1. 3:21 AM] Mika Kavendish: Hello
  2. [3:22 AM] Rusto: What are you doing up so late day?
  3. [3:23 AM] Mika Kavendish: I fell asleep when I finished my homework
  4. [3:23 AM] Rusto: Oh
  5. [3:23 AM] Rusto: So yesterday I assume was quite a busy day then?
  6. [3:24 AM] Rusto: Guess that makes both of us
  7. [3:24 AM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah
  8. [3:24 AM] Rusto: I'm glad I was able to get a.nap in before you came on yesterday afternoon beautiful
  9. [3:25 AM] Rusto: Can't blame you for falling asleep after doing homework
  10. [3:26 AM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah, it seems boring XD
  11. [3:28 AM] Rusto: It doesn't seem boring it Is boring xD
  12. [3:29 AM] Mika Kavendish: So what you doing bunno?
  13. [3:34 AM] Rusto: CX just relaxing and talking to the prettiest gal I know
  14. [3:34 AM] Rusto: What are you up to?
  15. [3:35 AM] Mika Kavendish: Hmm
  16. [3:35 AM] Mika Kavendish: Im gonna lay down for now
  17. [3:35 AM] Mika Kavendish: Ill still talk
  18. [3:35 AM] Mika Kavendish: Since I already slept 6 hours
  19. [3:37 AM] Mika Kavendish: So ill just exist!
  20. [3:42 AM] Rusto: Me too
  21. [3:43 AM] Rusto: Are you able to play games at this time?
  22. [3:43 AM] Rusto: Do you have a Facebook I wonder?
  23. [3:46 AM] Rusto: Be existing since I don't really have anything better to do when I said I was talking to the prettiest girl I know I meant you
  24. [3:52 AM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah I do have Facebook
  25. [3:52 AM] Mika Kavendish: But Facebook is just to personal
  26. [3:53 AM] Mika Kavendish: I'm not able to play games at this time
  27. [3:54 AM] Rusto: Wait Facebook is?
  28. [3:54 AM] Rusto: I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude
  29. [4:01 AM] Mika Kavendish: Well, Facebook has my real life face and real life friends
  30. [4:05 AM] Rusto: Oh I see what you mean
  31. [4:05 AM] Rusto: So does mine
  32. [4:07 AM] Rusto: But you know eventually my friends on Minecraft eventually became Facebook friends too
  33. [4:08 AM] Rusto: This may sound cheesy but someday I'd like to get to know the real you day
  34. [4:08 AM] Rusto: Your totally awesome in my book
  35. [4:08 AM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah but I don't wanna get blackmailed...
  36. [4:08 AM] Rusto: Why would I ever do that?
  37. [4:08 AM] Mika Kavendish: It's not that I don't trust you, but it's safety
  38. [4:09 AM] Rusto: I mean seriously why?
  39. [4:09 AM] Mika Kavendish: I've never shared my Facebook
  40. [4:09 AM] Rusto: No not that ieqn I would never blackmail you
  41. [4:09 AM] Rusto: I genuinely care about you
  42. [4:09 AM] Rusto: I appreciate you
  43. [4:10 AM] Rusto: I respect you too
  44. [4:11 AM] Mika Kavendish: It's still the same answer
  45. [4:11 AM] Rusto: I know
  46. [4:11 AM] Rusto: But I wanted you to know
  47. [4:11 AM] Rusto: Because you mean so much to me
  48. [4:16 AM] Mika Kavendish: You're really sweet to me
  49. [4:16 AM] Rusto: So are you to me
  50. [4:19 AM] Mika Kavendish: Are you like this with everyone or am I special?
  51. [4:20 AM] Rusto: Just you I seem to have this connection with
  52. [4:20 AM] Rusto: I'm happy and lucky to have such great friends
  53. [4:21 AM] Rusto: Even luckier to have met you
  54. [4:22 AM] Mika Kavendish: You really know how to make me giggle
  55. [4:22 AM] Rusto: Guess im just a funny guy
  56. [4:23 AM] Mika Kavendish: More like a sweetheart
  57. [4:28 AM] Rusto: :relaxed:
  58. [4:32 AM] Mika Kavendish: Discord is acting weird
  59. [4:32 AM] Mika Kavendish: I'll be on Steam
  60. [4:32 AM] Rusto: I mean I did say funny
  62. [4:32 AM] Mika Kavendish: :clown:
  63. [4:33 AM] Mika Kavendish: I'll talk to you there!
  64. [4:33 AM] Rusto: ?
  65. [4:33 AM] Rusto: I'm a little confused
  66. [4:33 AM] Mika Kavendish: Of what?
  67. [4:34 AM] Rusto: I mean you said you'd talk to me there
  68. [4:34 AM] Rusto: But the we are all ready chatting
  69. [4:34 AM] Mika Kavendish: Read upper
  70. [4:34 AM] Rusto: Oh
  71. [4:34 AM] Rusto: My bad
  72. [4:37 AM] Mika Kavendish: Well, I'll talk to you there!
  73. [4:37 AM] Rusto: Ok!
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