Oran Mini - Character development? HEY, WAIT A SECOND

Oct 15th, 2011
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  2. [02:05:41] <Sky> ... If by 'wandered off' you mean 'hung out in the library.' That day was the 7th of Summer.
  3. [02:06:27] <Dos> Some might tell you it was raining that day. Others might say it was particularly warm. Why bring up these details? I don't know, but it makes for fun narration!
  4. [02:07:31] <Sky> Actually, it really was warm! A group of adventurers had just returned from fighting off a Garchomp nest, and a very tired Shinx wearing an Omanyte had was among them-- even moreso, a very sleepy person who was rolled over and forced onto a couch in the Library of Oran. This was one of the few times she was apparently allowed to sleep there, too. Maka didn't force her out, anyway.
  5. [02:09:38] * Sky had just entered and gave a polite bow or three to his own daughter who'd probably been teasing him due to already being bigger than he is-- or maybe not, because that doesn't seem like something she'd do. Regardless, being a Shinx, any hat at all looks awfully silly on him, especially when it's living. It doesn't match with his yellow scarf at all. Regardless, he slowly prances up the stairs into a room at the back, speaking in a voice for only Pokémon to understand.
  6. [02:09:53] <Sky> "Excuse me... excuse me!"
  7. [02:11:14] <Dos> For the derpy-seeming Slowpoke, a slowly wafting scent of food drew him in from outdoors. Evidently the rain had left him with quite muddy err... feet or paws or whatever, and he left tracks throughout the kitchen. As he drew near the door, he heard a voice in the far reaches of the library beyond and called back simply, "What?"
  8. [02:12:25] <Sky> "Oh..." A sigh of relief. "Thank goodness, you're here. I-I thought I'd go crazy for a second." The animal leaps further up the stairs in order to REACH the far reaches of the library.
  9. [02:13:21] * Sky gives a bow and politely lowers his head to the ground, with a mutter. "Thanks for your help today; why don't you go rest too? You're still growing, you know!" With some gurgling noises the Omanyte hops off and slinks over to the side. Sky only laughs a little at it.
  10. [02:15:48] <Dos> "What... was that?" Dos asks slowly. He's soft-spoken, but eloquent, probably quite contrary to the common human belief about Slowpoke. He wanders closer to investigate the Omanyte, but it seems he's even too slow to catch that one and before he knows it, the thing has wandered away. "Why would you... go crazy?"
  11. [02:18:16] <Sky> "Oh, it's the usual. She was at it again." They'd both grown up around the monstrosity, enough to know what that means. The Shinx walks up a little closer with a nod before curling up and letting his head rest against a wall. "I've got a really, really bad headache. I don't even get to take a breather anymore unless I do it in secret. Ughhh." He takes a second to prattle before closing his eyes for a few seconds, then opening them with a couple blinks and realize he's being talked at. "Oh, him? He's from the beach, we met him when he just hatched. Nevermind how it happened... that, I don't even wanna remember anymore."
  12. [02:20:23] <Sky> "Oh, nono, I didn't come here just to complain or anything! There's just been so much going on and I-" Aaaaaaaaaawn. His mouth opens midsentence to let out a loud yawn, which he's learned especially around who he's around right now to be bad manners. "Oops, sorry. How've things been over here?"
  13. [02:20:30] <Dos> The Slowpoke stares dumbly at the Shinx for a moment, processing what has been said to him. The stare sits plainly on Sky's face, which has probably seen the practiced look of deep thought... or any thought at all... on the Slowpoke's face. "Beach..." he parrots, nodding slowly. "There is sand at the beach. Makes the fur all bristly and dry."
  14. [02:21:45] <Dos> More staring. "I found a large tree behind the house today. I'm not sure how long it's been there, but it had pretty flowers on it. I think I heard Mirror Move saying they bloom once a year last week."
  15. [02:22:47] <Sky> The Shinx can only sigh and nod. "Yeah... that really was one of the worst parts of it. Is it so hard to think that maybe I'd want to be sitting on a towel holding a fishing pole in one place for hours, instead of walking around scaring off predators?" A pause, realizing they're going in two different directions. "Oh... that sounds pretty nice, actually. There aren't many things like that around here. Think it'd still be up to take a look at later?"
  16. [02:23:52] <Sky> Then, yet another pause. "I'd kind of want to take the little one off to see it too. The only thing he gets to see most of the time is her sleeping face, instead of any interesting places or unique things, so I try to take him out to do things while he's still growing, you know?"
  17. [02:26:27] <Dos> The eyes sit perfectly still opon Sky's face, taking in what is being said. Except for the slow rise and fall of his shoulders and the rare flick of the tail, it would seem as if Dos were some kind of manikin on display. Suddenly, he says, "I'm sure it will be there when we need it. Feel free to bring... that." He gestures with his tail before thinking again for a moment. "Perhaps she just relies on you..."
  18. [02:29:08] <Sky> Big, electric lion eyes stare back at the Slowpoke, trying to calm themselves down to match his pace. Really, that's the best way to relax, and through their years of occasional visitation he'd been able to learn that. "Yeah... I guess so. Thanks! But... she's starting to act like other people now, too. Even I'm a little envious of how Dai- er, I mean, Submission is most of the time, but this is getting ridiculous. Did you know she tried to call herself 'Fury Swipes' now? That doesn't even sound good! I don't even have that move!"
  19. [02:32:02] <Dos> "Fury Swipes? That is... a Rattata's move," Dos answers, rattling off information. "Rattata enjoy hanging around in the backs of barns and in houses. I think they are too big for this house though." He stops and looks at his tail for a moment before continuing to speak. "Submission is quite the worksman. I wish I had thumbs so I could help him with his building more. He seems to understand the mechanics of building innately."
  20. [02:36:30] <Sky> Making some soft sparking noises, Sky's own tail flings back and forth. It's almost a little excited, but his own lion-y face just tries to muster a warm smile. "That's because he's an adult! He's gone through a lot so he knows how to relax and stop himself from doing idiotic things. Even I don't think I'm anywhere near that level sometimes. Actually, I guess you could say I feel the same way. This really is a nice village, isn't it? I'd like to help out instead of being looked at as 'that lazy girl's helper' or whatever new insult the others come with, but there's just hardly anything TO do. I guess I'm at my... midlife crisis, they call it? I can't even remember when my birthday is anymore, everything's just starting to run together. It's times like these when I actually get a day off, to just relax and watch the..." A pause, before a small chuckle comes out. "Well, I guess all I'm watching now is books sitting in shelves, huh? Still, even that has a lot of meaning... even if I can't read them, I mean. It's nice to know they're there."
  21. [02:39:44] <Dos> Dos seems to mimic Sky's grin, a dopey seeming smile gracing his features. "Reading isn't that difficult if you apply a bit of brainpower. The Human written languages are just recognizing patterns in their glyphs. With a bit of effort, you could show up everyone." He stares at a shelf for a moment, lost in space and then says, "No one knows that I can read those, except Mirror move. She
  22. [02:39:44] <Dos> lets me read them when I want to."
  23. [02:42:48] <Sky> The Shinx only stares in disbelief before letting out another sigh. His tail's motion calms down and comes to rest against the wall, even though his head peps up from his lying position. "That must be really nice, huh? Every time I ever tried to stare at something long enough to try and learn to read it it got pulled away, or the page turned. So I just settled with looking at pictures. Hmm... maybe little Salt could learn to read if I couldn't?" Another pause is given for Sky's face to show a small amount of embarrassment. "Err, that's what he's called... after the salt in saltwater, you know? I thought I could think of better names but nothing really came to me, otherwise I'd have just called him that instead. That's another place where you're really lucky."
  24. [02:44:28] <Dos> Total blankness. "Why am I lucky?"
  25. [02:45:28] <Sky> "Because you have an interesting, thought-out name and a place where you can learn all sorts of things... you know?" The tail twitches a couple more times, lighting up as it does. "By the way, did you get word that the others were going to be starting some kind of tournament? I bet you can already guess what you-know-who thought about it... stuff like," despite being a lion to begin with, his voice takes on a high-pitched, mocking tone for a second, "'I'm gonna make Sky look SOOOOOOO TOTALLY awesome!'" Cough, cough. "I wouldn't say I couldn't do it or anything, but having to live up to those sorts of expectations... ugh." He shivers once. "Can't stand it."
  26. [02:48:27] <Dos> "Tournament?" Slowpoke's tail begins to mimic Sky's tail. "A series of competitions culminating in a final round in which the ultimate winner is decided. Often prizes are awarded based on number of successes before defeat in the case of a single-loss ruleset." He stares at Sky again. "What kind of competition is it? I'm sure Submission won't care too much about it unless Clarity or Mirror Move pushes him into it. They might."
  27. [02:51:24] <Sky> Yet another sigh. "They will. Well... more like the former will push them both into it, if my hunch is right. And my hunches have always been right." The look on his face is somewhat apologetic by now. "I don't really know anything about what it'll be like, only that there's some great prize. I tried to overhear it but I didn't get a whole lot out of it over her shouting. And... then we went to meet a wizard or something. It was one of those interesting nights where you forget about everything else for a little while." Then, even another sigh. "But, if that happens, we might meet on there, huh? I'm not really cut out for fighting... I really don't think I am. I don't think I'd even be able to ask you for a spar if I wanted to, because I'm just not confident that I can live up to expectations like THOSE. But I can't really just say no, can I?"
  28. [02:55:01] <Dos> "You have... good intuition." Man, can those eyes get ANY more glazed? "Did you happen to drink something you weren't supposed to? I find your claims to be quite fitting of those circumstances of one who has had too much alcohol, but maybe not..." More staring. "Sparring is excellent practice for the competitions ahead to teach us about our strengths and weaknesses. If you would like to try yourself, you would most likely experience an eventual increase in ability. I am a welcome enabler there."
  29. [02:58:36] <Sky> "Hmm... maybe sometime soon? I don't know if I'd be able to do it in here, with all the books around... and it's supposed to be a quiet place, too." ZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZZ. "... Okay, somewhat quiet. But... alcohol? Alcohol... Oh, right, that! No, I'm..." A nervous giggle gets let off. "Eheheh.... I wish I was kidding. There was some strange person who said he was a wizard and... it looked like he was using moves on his own, actually! Maybe you could meet him sometime too? He has a lot of books... actually, Mir came with us to meet him, I'm a little surprised she hasn't said much about it." Sky uses that nickname too, what a surprise. Maybe he's just embarrassed to sound too close to a stupid nickname like 'Ka.'
  30. [03:02:23] <Dos> "Interesting. The concept of one using Pokemon moves when one is not a Pokemon beyond that of normal physical abilities is interesting." How does a Slowpoke's mind do that? Why does it work this way? Who knows! "Perhaps Mirror Move has her reasons for privacy. I'm not one to address those experiences from her without asking..." He pauses, staring intently at Sky for several beats. The air seems to gain a dramatic tension. "Not that I could speak to her."
  31. [03:04:56] <Sky> And it's true. They both have this problem... though at least Maka CAN speak to them when she's willing. That isn't as often as it should be, they realize. Sky'd had a backstory of always attempting to communicate with the girl to get his chance to be taken seriously, but that chance just never came for him. Perhaps that's why his reaction is just slinking down. "Sorry... but, at least she talks out loud about actual information. I'm so used to just hearing loud ramblings and complaints about boredom. Do I sound old if I say 'I wish that girl would just settle down sometime?' I think I do... maybe I do. I probably do. I'm aging so much faster than I need to be, I'm already getting gray furs. Can't believe it!"
  32. [03:07:10] <Sky> A small breath. "If I'd have to say so myself, I'd say the reason is because she just hasn't found a real reason to bring it up. He has strange abilities, sure, but it's not like she'd ever talk to him on her own or try to do things with her, right? After spending so much time with her childhood friend, I guess I earned the right to say that's the one quality I wish they could share... but I'm glad they don't share any others. I get enough headaches in a day." Yapping and yapping. He even realizes how talkative he is for a lion and lets his tail down again-- he just now noticed it was lit up and wagging some more.
  33. [03:10:05] <Dos> "Pokemon stand to live a significant amount of time, far longer than creatures of their body size and metabolism typically do. You probably are just of a different temperament than Clarity." Dos puts on his mental psychiatrist glasses for a moment. :O "Have you considered approaching things from another angle? Resistance is rarely apt for inducing the sought-after behaviors one wants." The perceptive Slowpoke is highly amused by the fact that the Shinx is more like his human companion than he knows.
  34. [03:13:59] <Sky> And the Shinx is a little unsettled by the fact that this is being implied... though he starts his response off with a laugh, albeit a slightly nervous one. After all, slowpokes look hysterical in glasses. Is he really wearing glasses? Probably not, but just his tone is enough to imagine them. "A different angle, huh? I... guess you might be right. All I ever think about most of the time is how much I can't wait for her to doze off so I can have some time to myself, and now over here when I DO have time to myself all I can talk about is all the headaches I dealt with. I guess... sorry about that. When all your adventures in life are around the same people you tend to forget that there are other lifestyles out there." And amusingly, also adorably, he clears his throat once. "But... do you mean I should be trying to learn to enjoy it? Maybe, something like that tournament, I could try to be good at it so I'd know I tried my hardest and wouldn't have anything to complain about? Stuff like that?"
  35. [03:19:18] <Dos> "Enthusiasm may suggest a lively outlook. A lively outlook typically results in a lively being. Those who wish a youthful and slim physique should endeavor to maintain an optimistic attitude regarding their prospective futures." The Slowpoke wanders over to a bookshelf some ways away, a low level one, just at his head. Slowly, he reaches forward with his tail and reels in a book, which plops open on the ground. He could have used his psychics, but where's the fun in that? "I read here, I believe, that the effort to smile is as uplifting as it appears, quite literally bringing the mind out of its metaphorical gutter. Try enjoying what seems tedious, and the monotony and offensive will vanish, perhaps."
  36. [03:22:44] <Sky> Pepping up as his tail jolts around, Sky curiously follows to the shelf and opens his lion eyes as wide as they can open, staring at the pages and then staring at them some more. Much to his dismay, it all just looks like gibberish symbols, and he knows no matter how hard he tries to convince himself otherwise that a chance to study is something that will almost never come with the lifestyle he's more-or-less forced into living. "Heh heh. You really do know your stuff, don't you? Hey, are you still awake? Come over here!" With squishing noises, the curious blue shellfish rolls over to the book and looks at it in awe, apparently not able to come up with anything to speak. Or perhaps he just chooses not to? The Shinx himself keeps going on, though. "But I guess you really are right. I just need to calm down and try to like everything. Quit gettin' mad, quit gettin' mad..."
  37. [03:26:22] <Sky> One more chuckle. "Thing is, it seems like it's too late for me a lot of the time. That's why I want to bring up this youngling to turn into something amazing... that way I'll feel like I didn't miss out myself. I guess if I wanted to I could be bigger and stronger too, but... that's just not the kind of lifestyle for me, you know? All I'm doing is regretting everything because of it, too. So... deep breaths. That's what I should be doing right now. Just relaxing and using the time I have to focus my mind and stop getting upset over everything. Phew."
  38. [03:29:22] <Dos> "I don't suggest the absence of anger, though," Dos says, placing his tail expertly on a page and flipping to another part of the book. "Rather, anger can often be the motivating energy in our activities and no such a negative emotion. It is ultimately futile to avoid an emotion in its entirety, bottling it up, one might say. Instead, recall that your emotional state is merely the current state. The passing moments of life are full of stimuli, and it is important to let those stimuli remain as they are, temporal." He gestures at a page. "This writer suggest maintaining a separate self beyond the physical and psychological. The internal self responds to no stimuli, leaving that instead for the external selves to handle. What inevitably occurs because of this is a manifestation of the calm achieved inwardly. Of course, whether this is true is up to the practitioner."
  39. [03:32:28] <Amon> There is a knock on the library door.
  40. [03:33:02] <Sky> One would probably expect a Shinx to be energetic and finnicky, but in this case that's not nearly true. In fact, the Omanyte seems more energetic than he is, as Sky sits down and thumps his tail on the ground a couple times, probably as another self-calming maneuver. And through this explanation he only nodded a few times, actually taking it in despite obviously being a bit frustated at not being able to read it to confirm whether or not it's true. "Man... that I even need to remember all this means I got myself in a heap of trouble to begin with. But at the same time, I'm glad to have it so I can shut myself up when I start acting so... ugh, I'm really just not sure. There's so much going on and I don't WANT there to be. But still, if nothing happened, I'd just be-!" Salt is the first to pep up, totally ignoring the book and rolling down the stairs. "H-Hey, wait! You'll get hurt!"
  41. [03:35:15] <Sky> "Oh no... where'd she run off to?" Thump, thump, thump. Picking up the Omanyte in his mouth and tossing it onto his back, the Shinx hops down the stairs and looks expectantly at the desk. "... Dahl? What are you doing just sitting there? Where did Mir go? Are you... ugh, I'll do it." A large inhalation is taken, as with his size it's hard to even be loud enough to reach the outside. That definitely didn't sound like a human knock, anyway. "It's open! Come in!"
  42. [03:35:47] <Amon> A Lucario steps into the library, slinging his owner's distinctive satchel over his shoulder. <Apologies.>
  43. [03:36:07] <Dos> The Slowpoke is a bit absorbed in his book to look up and after a moment, he notices the Shinx looking at the Omanyte. "Is there some kind of goings on I'm missing?" he says, blatantly oblivious to the knock and to Sky's last words. As he watches the Shinx go off and answer the door, he sits and stares at the wall again, pondering. He's got his hardcore pondering face on.
  44. [03:36:52] <Amon> <I am simply here to run an errand. Little more than that.>
  45. [03:36:54] <Sky> "O-Oh." They'd definitely met before, but probably not on the best terms thanks to a certain somebody. In fact, she's still snoring off over to the side. "H-Hello! Sorry there couldn't be a better welcome."
  46. [03:37:54] <Amon> <And what are you so nervous about?>
  47. [03:38:13] <Sky> The omanyte hat tries to slink off, but a paw reaches up and keeps it from doing so He notices another blue/black form approaching and quickly approaches her with a bow. "It's okay, Kristi, I got it." A smile is shot in that direction as he turns around. "Well... everybody's been sort of busy around here. What kind of favor is it? Maybe I can help."
  48. [03:38:22] * Amon takes a notepad out of the satchel.
  49. [03:38:47] <Amon> <I am simply here to borrow a cookbook on Nephene's behalf.>
  50. [03:39:16] <Dos> A large and rather derpy looking Slowpoke peeks over the edge of the stairs, eyes unfocused and wandering about. They settle onto the Lucario and the Shinx. He says nothing for a moment, but then... "Mirror Move is elsewhere at the moment, I believe. What book are you in need of?"
  51. [03:39:22] <Amon> <Did I interrupt anything?>
  52. [03:39:50] <Amon> <She wasn't very particular about it, though she seemed to prefer one about Eastern dishes.>
  53. [03:40:12] <Sky> A headshake. "Just some old friends sharing stories. When everybody else is out this sort of thing is what we're here for. Well..." An eye shoots up to the front desk, where a Drowzee is ignoring them and eating candy. "... Right, what I said."
  54. [03:40:46] <Amon> <Strange, that one,> the Aura Pokemon notes as he looks at the Drowzee.
  55. [03:42:02] <Dos> The eyes staaaaaaaaaare at the Lucario. Pondering like mad, man. "Eastern dishes meaning the food served in what is generally considered the eastern region of the map based on commonly drawn scales. I believe we have something along those lines. I am suprised the one at the desk is not on the job already. Normally, I am late to such visitor requests." He seems to take a moment and then laugh at his own joke. DOHOHO.
  56. [03:42:25] <Sky> "Oh no..." The Shinx' entire body trembles for a second. "It's not that... 'curry,' I think it was called? I had a taste of it earlier..." The Lucario is a little intimidating as he hesitates before the next line, but shakes it off and closes his eyes before opening them again. "You're right. The flavor really needs work. It's too spicy, and it disregards flavor for that. That's not the sort of thing that dish should be doing... though I think it's her fault for saying it needed to be spicier in the first place. My, er, sincerest apologies for that."
  57. [03:42:33] * Amon is humorless, as usual.
  58. [03:43:11] <Amon> <Well, she's borrowing it so she can improve. No one has claimed that her cooking was excellent.>
  59. [03:43:37] <Sky> "Well..." An eye shoots to Clarity's unconscious body again. If anybody was an enabler, everybody knows the culprit.
  60. [03:44:53] <Dos> "Curry is quite delicious." It's very probable that the Slowpoke considers all food delicious, though. "I believe if you're interested in that, there is a book three rows behind the desk entitled 'Curries through Western Eyes' that could be fair game. It has... interesting applications that Nephene may not have considered." He begins to slowly decend the stairs to assist in the book finding.
  61. [03:45:33] <Amon> <Very well.>
  62. [03:46:42] <Sky> "Oh... is it on a shelf? Don't worry, I'll get it, just... just tell me which one it is." He's certainly proud of his jumping skills, even though he's the only one without aura or telekinesis of some kind. Clearly, though he doesn't want to admit it, his stress is rising more and more as he's unable to come to terms with his inability to do things as well as others. And he's totally still wearing an omanyte as a hat.
  63. [03:46:51] * Amon scans the stacks for that title.
  64. [03:47:13] <Amon> It doesn't take very long to find.
  65. [03:48:15] <Dos> As the Slowpoke decends, he looks at the Lucario carefully. "I do not believe we have yet been acquainted, by the way. I am Dostoyevsky, Dos for short. Submission is my companion. Are you Nephene's then?"
  66. [03:48:23] <Amon> <It's a start.>
  67. [03:48:32] <Amon> <Yes. Amon.>
  68. [03:49:21] <Amon> His aura voice is gruff and humorless.
  69. [03:50:04] <Sky> ".. O-Oh." So much for being helpful. "Well, I'm glad you can find it. I hope she's able to learn from it... I really do." A small bow is given from the lion again. "And... we've met plenty of times, I'm sure, but maybe we never got properly introduced? I... er... make sure Clarity doesn't get herself into trouble." Just saying the name makes him shiver. "But, my name's Sky. I guess a good thing about it being so simple is that it's hard to forget, huh?"
  70. [03:50:20] <Amon> <Do you not like your name?>
  71. [03:50:49] * Amon casually opens up the book, and skims the first few pages, observing the instructional style and detail.
  72. [03:50:55] <Dos> "Amon, likely refering to the deity Amun who was also known as Amon or Amon Ra or perhaps the demon Amon." Dos rattles off the information quite quickly without really thinking about it. "It is nice to meet you." The Slowpoke doesn't seem to notice Sky's agitation very much at first. He's kind of... oblivious.
  73. [03:51:17] <Sky> "Well, it just doesn't sound special or anything. It's easy to say and even easier to remember if you just look up when you're outside, but... at the same time, it reminds me of laziness. Leaves a bad taste, y'know?"
  74. [03:51:44] <Amon> <She said she truncated the name of her sensei when coming up with the name. Perhaps she saw some similarity.>
  75. [03:52:57] <Amon> <Though mythological beings seem to figure in, as well.>
  76. [03:53:05] <Dos> "What?" is the Slowpoke's response. He doesn't seem to realize that he even made the reference to gods and demonds when speaking before. "I do not follow, I am afraid." He finally reaches the bottom step and finds himself beside the Shinx.
  77. [03:54:03] <Amon> <....never mind.> He closes the book, breathing a sigh heavy with finality. <This will be adequate.>
  78. [03:54:04] <Sky> "Amonson, right?" Even they'd actually met before... on less than favorable terms. "He's a wise man from what I remember... but you're right, it's a lot easier to remember the first part than the last. It even sounds a little catchier without '-son' at the end, wouldn't you think?"
  79. [03:54:25] <Amon> <Catchiness has little to do with it.>
  80. [03:54:29] <Amon> <It is what it is.>
  81. [03:55:26] <Sky> "Eheh... sorry." This sort of sharp response makes the Shinx nervous. Far too nervous. But with a few blinks he's clearly trying to snap himself out of it. "So, is there... er, anything else you'd like to look for? I'm sure it's here somewhere, whatever it is..."
  82. [03:55:54] <Amon> <That was all, but I must admit, this place is intriguing.>
  83. [03:56:36] <Sky> "It really is! It's a nice place to relax. And... Dos, what was it you were saying about a flower that only blooms once in so many years, again?"
  84. [03:57:47] <Amon> <Containing but a fraction of the sum of all knowledge...>
  85. [03:58:02] <Dos> "I certainly hope the book will be sufficient for Nephene's purposes," the Slowpoke says. "Please stay and look about if you please. The library is open for a while longer yet." Dos stares at the window, gauging the time from the sun's level. Suddenly, he says, "I am afraid that I have something to take care of, however. Sky, please keep an eye on Clarity. Ensure she does no harm to Mirror
  86. [03:58:02] <Dos> Move's books, as usual. You are reliable in that respect." Dos gives his best grin and begins to wander off in the direction of the house.
  87. [03:58:35] <Dos> "Come back behind the house a bit later and I will show you."
  88. [03:59:07] <Sky> A grin is given in response as he bows his head once more. "You know I will! Stay safe, okay? If that tournament runs... I hope I'll get to see you soon. But, I look forward to that too! I'll make sure to bring the little one."
  89. [03:59:46] <Amon> <Mmm. She seems like she can be trouble.>
  90. [04:00:01] <Amon> <Energy unchecked like can possibly be disastrous.>
  91. [04:00:35] <Sky> "More than you even know." The animal's eyes roll as he finds a place to sit down, thumping his tail against the ground unknowingly. "But at the same time... I guess she's a good friend, to a degree."
  92. [04:01:32] <Amon> <And as a friend, you have certain duties....but I shall not preach to someone who likely knows that all too well.>
  93. [04:02:40] <Sky> A small giggle. "Hehe! Don't worry, I'm not the type who wouldn't listen even if you did. It's nice to hear somebody who talks in actual fact and not loud ramblings. That's why I come here to visit Dos as often as I can."
  94. [04:04:00] <Amon> <But I should return to the inn.>
  95. [04:04:10] <Amon> <Be well.>
  96. [04:04:16] <Sky> "I guess so. Thanks for stopping by!" Another bow is given.
  97. [04:04:29] <Sky> "And... please make sure she makes the least dangerous curry she can."
  98. [04:04:55] <Amon> <And you should make sure that your friend is the least dangerous -person- she can be.>
  99. [04:05:11] <Amon> <If nothing else, though....both seem to be getting better.>
  100. [04:05:15] <Sky> "Haha. I'll do the best I can."
  101. [04:05:21] * Amon nods, and takes his leave.
  102. [04:05:59] * Sky returns to the open book and leaves the omanyte in front of it, who promptly rolls off in another direction. He sighs and curls up in a corner, with a loud yawn.
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