ClockQuest Complete Logs (Pt. 3)

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  5. _____Part Three: Orange you glad I didn't say Clockwork?_____
  6. Somewhere in the Overcity...
  7. [20:54] <DrEvilKitteh> A warm, continuous breeze blew through this particular section of the Overcity. But, no, wait, it's pushed back by a brisk, chilly one coming from the opposite direction. The two went back and forth, ebbing and flowing at random, with humidity levels spiking and dropping at weird intervals. Occasionally, while walking through there, the street would turn from a paved road to one made of cobblestone mid-stride, and then to a dirt road and back again over the course of the next minute. Fences, lightposts, signs, mailboxes, and the like changed appearance everytime you looked at them, and the style of the buildings changed in similar ways, though less frequently. All in all, it was a chaotic mishmash of...stuff.
  8. [20:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Just another day in the Overcity, then.
  9. [20:59] <Eprlide> "Things still get really weird sometimes..." Comments a young drider who notices the scene from a distance away. Rea is not alone with a large, stuffed sheep doll in her arms as they were traveling the city. "I guess it is still the Overcity. Living here really has made me understand it a lot more, even if I didn't go out much." She comments with a small chuckle. "It's a good thing you're a lot more comfortable
  10. [20:59] <Eprlide>  around me now that I've moved out! I'm still sorry if I was interupting your time with Natasha and Marz- er, Charolette." She corrects herself with a shake of her head. "It's kinda confusing when someone just decides to change their name so suddenly, you know?"
  11. [21:06] <Jar_Mimic> "No, I would not know," she replies, as though she didn't even know what this friend of hers was talking about, "I go by a different name sometimes, and I feel that it is very easy to do so."  Arm in arm, they continue on their merry way, just enjoying the time away from their respective homes.  "Of course, I am the one asking people to call me something different, and not the one having to call them by a different name, so yes, maybe
  12. [21:06] <Jar_Mimic> it is confusing.  As for her name, I still feel best calling her other mother."  Of course, she's not quite as attuned to the environment.  "But yes, I am glad that we can spend time together.  I have come to like spending time with you."
  13. [21:09] <Eprlide> "It's not like I can just call her mother too." Rea states with a small giggle before patting Rose on the top of the head. "Well I'm glad that you're having fun! It's nice to be able to go out like this and to just do what we want." Although the sight in front of her disturbed her a bit it also intrigued her, and with Rose in tow went to the edge of the shifting influence to get a better look.
  14. [21:13] <Jar_Mimic> "I do not think it would be weird if you started calling either of them mother," the sheep doll replies, pulling on her little leader's arm a bit, "Mother took care of you like a mother while you lived with us."  Well.  "Wait, never mind, she did not.  She would always let you do more than me.  But you should still call her mother anyway.  It would be funny to see how she would react."
  15. [21:16] <DrEvilKitteh> .d 1d20
  16. [21:16] <Internets> :: Total 4 / 20 [20%] :: Results [4] ::
  17. [21:17] <DrEvilKitteh> [Upon nearing the edge of the particularly morphic area of the Overcity, Rea would sense...something. A mind. Distant. And...alone? Other than that, she'd have to get closer to tell more. That being said, it felt...familiar, somehow. Like the mind belonged to someone she'd met before.]
  18. [21:19] <Eprlide> "Maybe I'll do it some other time. But I don't know if she would like it or not. Maybe." A small shrug comes from the drider before she notices something. She looks out into the distortion. "Huh, there's someone in there. Like, really far in. And alone. Could they be in trouble?" She asks out loud, only slightly remembering Rosemary's heroic passion.
  19. [21:22] <Jar_Mimic> To which, she raises her fist, assuming a heroic pose!  Or, rather, she tries to, but is still hooked to her guide.  After correcting her mistake, she raises her fist again and tries to assume a pose that's heroic, failing anyway.  "Yes!  Let us go and rescue them!  Please, use your psychic powers to lead us to them!"
  20. [21:25] <Eprlide> Rea lets go of her companion and giggles at her attempt. "Sure. While I focus I need you to be my eyes in case something happens around us. Not hard at all!" With confidance in her friend she steps into the distortion and continues her way onward, her mental scan looking for that lone figure.
  21. [21:28] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, Rosemary stays on her friend's back!  Or, rather, she watches her back.  Wait, wait, she looks around making sure that no one approaches them from behind as they make their way.  Well, whatever she does, she gets it right eventually.
  22. [21:30] <DrEvilKitteh> [It wouldn't be hard to keep moving closer to the person. They stayed still--er, well, mostly. Disregarding the occasional Overcity alteration, they remained in the same location. And, as Rea got closer, she'd sense that the mind was... <Run. Pain. Hide. Run. Help. Hide. Pain. Help. Help...> The state of the person's mind was, in short, not good. And they were trying to conceal themselves, make their presence smaller and harder to detect despite the desire to have someone help.]
  23. [21:33] <Eprlide> "Oh no!" Rea suddenly quickens the pace of her walking. "I can read her mind now! It does sound like she is in trouble! We should hurry!" The drider has a look of worry on her face as she looks further into the distortion.
  24. [21:34] <DrEvilKitteh> This particular area of the Overcity is evidently vacant of people or monsters. Rather, no one's actually shown up at any point, and Rea wouldn't be able to detect the presence of additional minds around them.
  25. [21:37] <Jar_Mimic> Rose, of course, keeps up with watching their back.  If she could move her face at all, she would probably look determined to help.  Unfortunately, all she can do is the best she can, which is what she always does.
  26. [21:37] <DrEvilKitteh> [The closer she got, the more Rea would be able to tell about the person's mind. Her higher brain functions didn't really seem to be active, and that plus some other signs indicated that she was either unconscious, sleeping dreamlessly, or in a coma.]
  27. [21:39] <Eprlide> (But, she still receives her mental messages of panic?)
  28. [21:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (It's a sort of subconscious desire. Not actual words, more like feelings and general thoughts and ideas and such.)
  29. [21:41] <Eprlide> The closer Rea gets to the source, the slower she starts becoming. "Umm... this might not be an emergency." The drider states as she looks around with her eyes for once. "I might have just looked into someone having a nightmare..."
  30. [21:44] <Jar_Mimic> Now this does get a reaction that one doesn't need a face to express from the sheep doll.  "What?" she asks, her head snapping in Rea's direction, "Did you say a nightmare?  Oh no.  Oh, no, that is not good either."  Her hands reach out, clutching at her guide's shoulder for support.  "There may be a morally questionable person out here, and she may be very mad at me for a good reason."
  31. [21:47] <DrEvilKitteh> [Rea was close to the source, now. Just...a little further, down at the end of this block. Only about a hundred, maybe hundred and fifty, feet away.]
  32. [21:47] <Eprlide> The Drider puts a hand over the one that was placed over her shoulder. "It's okay. I'm here with you. If there is a person out here you might not be comfortable out here, then I will try to help you with it." Rea nods at her friend and smiles. "We're getting pretty close too. About another block to do."
  33. [21:52] <Jar_Mimic> "I am not afraid for my health."  Her hand trembles in her grasp.  "Not with you here.  I know how strong you are.  What I am afraid of is seeing her.  If I have to see her, I will have to do something I do not want to do."
  34. [21:59] <Eprlide> "Okay, I understand." Rea looks at Rosemary with a confidant look on her face. "I'll leave if you say that it is her. If it's something you don't want me to see then I won't be there to see it. Let's go." The drider decides on that compromise before resuming her walk with Rosemary in tow.
  35. [22:03] <Jar_Mimic> "Thank you, Rea.  If it really is her, I do not want you to see what I am going to have to do.  It is..."  And at this, she clings to the smaller girl a little bit more tightly.  "Embarassing.  And it makes my tummy tie itself in knots thinking about it."  It's easy to see that their roles are a bit reversed from before.
  36. [22:04] <DrEvilKitteh> Eventually, Rea would lead them to a...rather appropriate-looking building. It was a rickety, dilapidated apartment complex that wouldn't look out of place in the slums of some large city, almost stereotypical with how several shattered windows were boarded up. And even some of the boards were cracked and broken, leaving gaps to the black interior. No light shone from within anywhere, and the source of the mind seemed to be on the third floor. If Rea concentrated, she'd probably be able to investigate a bit more thoroughly with her magic to figure out who the person actually was.
  37. [22:11] <Eprlide> Rea stops at the beginning of the large apartment complex and looks up, doing more of an investigative scan. "She seems to be... on the third floor. And most likely not conscious." She looks back at her companion. "I can get up there easily, but it involves a method in which you can't follow me. Would you rather want me to scout ahead and come back or just go the normal way together?"
  38. [22:14] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, are you going to climb up the wall in drider form?" she asks, tilting her head curiously, "I could hold on to you for that.  Or were you just going to phase inside?  Because I would like us to stick together if we can.  I do not want to take any chances."
  39. [22:14] <DrEvilKitteh> [The mind was...cold. Harsh. Defensive. After a few moments, Rea would be able to figure out who, exactly, it was: Iris.]
  40. [22:22] <Eprlide> "I was gonna phase. It's better for buildings like this. Lets go." The drider begins to offer the hand to the sheep doll when an alarming discovery freezes her in her tracks. "Wait... that's..." She closes her eyes and concentrates to confirm her revelation. "That's Iris? What is she doing here?"
  41. [22:22] <Eprlide> She asks as she points a finger to the third floor.
  42. [22:28] <Jar_Mimic> "I..."  Although Rose might have been clinging to Rea, her hands then loose all of the tension in them.  They hover just over the disguised drider's form as she looks up to where she's pointing.  "...ris?"  Before, she had been content allowing Rea to lead.  Now, Rosemary slams her hand into the wall of the building nails first, where it leaves a hand shaped divot.  Then she makes another one, up higher.  And another and another,
  43. [22:28] <Jar_Mimic> scaling the wall effortlessly, climbing all the way up to the third floor with uncharacteristic speed.
  44. [22:35] <Eprlide> "Oh, woah! Okay I'll see you there!" Rea just lightly nods as Rosemary makes her own way up the building. The drider heads inside and uses her own magic to phase not only through walls but also floors and ceilings. Quickly she makes her way up to the exact room where Iris was being held, seemingly emerging from the floor if she was awake to see it.
  45. [22:40] <Jar_Mimic> "IRIS!" the worried lamb shouts, clumsily tumbling in through a window, "IRIS!  I am here to rescue you!  Iris!  Please, answer me!"  Movement!  Ah-ha!  That must be where she's being held against her will!  SMASH!  As though it were made of paper, Rosemary does the exact opposite of phase through a wall by simply tearing through one to get to the other side.  The result is a sheep doll shaped hole right next to a doorway.  "Iris!  I
  46. [22:40] <Jar_Mimic> am here to..."
  47. [22:42] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Ah, uh, I was about to post, but I'll quickly edit it because of Jar's.)
  48. [22:46] <DrEvilKitteh> Rosemary emerged in a cramped, messy bedroom on the third floor. It wouldn't look out of place in a crack house. To her left would be a doorway, with the door itself lying on the floor, and beyond, the hallway. It was there that she saw a brief flicker of movement, which was in fact Rea making her way up and through the wall on the other side of the hall. After racing after her, across the hall, and smashing through the wall, Rosemary's foot hit something. There was a single tube light hanging from the ceiling in that room, flickering and sputtering. It slowly swayed in the air, and a second tube bulb from the same fixture on the ceiling was lying on the ground in hundreds of pieces, having fallen and shattered. Even in the dim lighting (though some light streaming from outside certainly helped), she could see what exactly her foot had hit. On the floor was a silvery warhammer, tacky blood evident on the handle. In addition, there were a few smears and droplets of blood elsewhere on the floor. The blood wasn't exactly fresh, though it was recent; it had been spilled perhaps within the last two, maybe three hours at most.
  49. [22:46] <DrEvilKitteh> As for Rea, even for her it took a moment to properly process what she saw. In a dark corner of a bathroom in the small apartment across the hall from the one Rosemary had first entered before exiting and smashing out of, there was a figure curled up in a fetal position in a corner by the shower. Iris was covered in a cocoon of black, slick ice that blended in with the darkness and concealed her quite well. Without the ability to sense the Ice girl's mind, Rea may very well have overlooked her in another situation. Oh, yes, and there was blood on the floor, a wall, and the toilet, some of it in the rough shape of a hand- or footprint.
  50. [22:52] <Eprlide> "Woah..." The Drider's hands suddenly get warm as she walks over to Iris and kneels down, placing her hands on the ice. "What happened to you." Her mind hesitates in the revelation, unsure if she should free Iris from her icy prison.
  51. [22:56] <Jar_Mimic> "Iris?"  Seeing that her guide had taken a stance over this hunk of ice which either once was or still is her friend, Rose rushes over to the rescue.  Or, at least what she must think is her rescue.  "Hold on, Iris!  I will get you out of there!"  And just as she thought that the quickest way around was, through, she thinks the same for this.  A fist is raised and then brought down upon that black ice!
  52. [22:57] <Eprlide> "Wait, stop!" Rea suddenly grabs Rosemary's hand and stops her from pounding the ice! "That could hurt her! I have fire magic, remember? I can just melt it."
  53. [22:57] <Eprlide> To show off what she means, one of her hands goes back and gets red-hot warm, placing itself on the ice to start slowly melting it.
  54. [22:59] <Jar_Mimic> "I HAVE TO RESCUE HER!"  The hand is raised a second time.  And she clearly intends to double down on her effort, as her other fist comes down with even MORE power than the first!
  55. [23:00] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris visibly flinched at the impact on the ice. Rea could sense a mix of confusion and panic rise in her as she abruptly came back to consciousness. Well, a sort of consciousness. It was more an instinctive state than anything else. At the second impact, she flinched again and curled up. The temperature in the bathroom plummeted, and the ice thickened and turned much colder, the numerous cracks in it resealing to keep the cocoon intact.
  56. [23:01] <Eprlide> "Stop! Do you see what you're doing!?" Rea asks as she, regretably, summons her web-rope to try and bind her hands away. "Let me do this slowly and carefully. You're scaring Iris. She's in a state of panic."
  57. [23:06] <Jar_Mimic> The cold of the room causes the sheep doll's hands to start shaking.  If it weren't for that, another fist, stoked with even more power than before, would have come down upon the ice whether it was tied to another one or not.  But in what way Iris does reach out, it does touch Rosemary.  She's about to raise her fists, but then lowers them.  Her head lowers right along with them, the rest of her body following close by.  "Please," she
  58. [23:06] <Jar_Mimic> pleads, "Get her out.  I am scared.  I do not like this."
  59. [23:08] <Eprlide> "It's okay Rosemary, I got this." Rea quickly gives the doll girl a quick hug. "I'll get your friend free, don't worry. It just might take a while." After the hug departs Rea summons litteral fire on her hands before pressing them down onto the ice, moving and shifting them constantly in hopes of melting the whole ice block evenly.
  60. [23:10] <DrEvilKitteh> The ice is slowly but continually fortified, made stronger and thicker, as time passes. Iris didn't seem to be truly aware of who they are or that they're trying to help her, but even with Rea attempting to melt the ice using her fire, she's become just a bit more calm. Evidently, it was a very smart move to stop Rosemary from continuing to hit the ice.
  61. [23:12] <Eprlide> Rea sighs in a bit of relief as she can sense the panic flee from the face of the girl hidden in the ice. "I don't think she is entirely concious right now... It might not be worth trying to send her a telepathic message." The drider says as her hands and magic keep working.
  62. [23:15] <Jar_Mimic> "Please.  Please, just get her out."  She sniffles, but from where it's uncertain.  "Iris.  You are usually so cool.  I am sorry if I scared you.  I did not mean to.  Please.  Please come out.  I am sorry.  Please do not be mad at me.  I did not mean to scare you.  Please, please, come out.  You are frightening me."  As she begs pathetically, her nails scratch lightly at the black ice.
  63. [23:25] <Eprlide> "I said it was gonna take a while." Rea says softly in response to Rosemary. "But please keep your hands off of it. You might get burnt a bit. You can hug me if it makes you feel better."
  64. [23:25] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris calmed a bit more, as she recognized the muffled voice of Rosemary. The ice ceased to fortify itself, and instead began to rapidly melt and dissipate, far faster than it should have been melted by Rea's fire. Shortly, only a thin shell encased Iris' form, save for her head, which poked out and barely moved. Only one set of eyelids was open, and even that might have been a stretch. Blood matted her hair and made dark streaks down her face, and the other eye was swollen shut, with the other not much better. Dark, ugly bruises marred her pale, semi-ethereal skin; her nose was broken and bloodied, and her lips were swollen as well and split in multiple places. A single silver-white eye, glassy and glazed and dull, looked like it was lazily attempting to track and focus on a blurry image. Otherwise, her head remained almost completely still; she wasn't even breathing, though that wasn't necessarily a bad thing for her.
  65. [23:29] <Jar_Mimic> "I..."  Now her hands shake for a different reason as they reach out to her broken and battered sister.  "...ris?"  They move inch by inch toward her, but, for every inch forward she moves, she pulls back another two.  After all, she was once given advice about people who were hurt.  That is to say, not to move them.  "Iris.  Iris!  IRIS!"  Panic rises in her voice as she sits there shaking.
  66. [23:32] <Eprlide> "Looks like she got into a really bad fight and hid to prevent herself from dying." Rea mutters softly. "Gosh, I wonder how long she's been here, all alone. We should bring her to Morgana and Aurora for some proper healing." The web tentacles softly pick up the frozen Iris as her hands continue to work on thinning the ice. "Could you please lead the way out of here?" She asks of Rosemary.
  67. [23:34] <Jar_Mimic> "No.  I want to stay with her."  The sheep doll puts her hands on the ice over where Iris's show through.  Her fingers clench over them.
  68. [23:37] <Eprlide> "Well I need to keep her warm, so she feels comfortable." Rea tries to reason with her. "You will only be a few feet away from us, and we just need to get back to the streets. Once there you can be as close to her as you want. Please?"
  69. [23:40] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris twitched her head from side to side, the ice thickening just a bit to make her adhere to the floor, so to speak; that, coupled with a few scattered thoughts in her mind, indicated that she wanted to stay there, as the pain receeded and was numbed when she was in the cocoon. Her eye slowly looked at Rosemary, and her left hand twitched beneath the ice in response to the slight pressure she felt. Her right arm and hand, however, were...well. They were tucked in close to her chest. Or as much as they could be, since the limb was mangled and twisted in an unnatural way. In fact, as they were better able to see through the thinned ice, both Rea and Rosemary would be able to see some more damage Iris had sustained. Her Outfit was torn and bloodstained, and the patches of exposed skin were also bruised and bore scratches and lacerations. One of her ankles, with the boot on that foot missing, was also broken and bent at a painful-looking angle.
  70. [23:42] <Jar_Mimic> Rosemary is officially at a loss.  She lowers her head down between her hands and begins weeping.
  71. [23:44] <Eprlide> "...Change of plans. We need to-" Her melting of the ice stops as she immediately goes to Rosemary and wraps her in a hug. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry. I wish I could do more too." Rea softly replies to her. "We need to get a healer to come here. I can call Morgana and Aurora to come here. You... you can talk to Iris now. I think she can hear you just a bit." She says as she digs out her phone.
  72. [23:48] <Jar_Mimic> Nope.  Her crying continues.  Her back heaves up and down as she positively bawls over her favorite friend's sorry state.  That Iris was discovered so suddenly and out of the blue, that Rose could do nothing to help, and that she wasn't there to stop this from happening in the first place all just make her cry louder.
  73. [23:51] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris tried to reach out for Rose. She tried, so very hard. But in her condition, even with her left hand that was still (mostly) whole, she couldn't move it more than a couple inches towards Rosemary. At least the ice receded from her digits, going down almost to her wrist, as she nigh-blindly sought her friend and sister and comfort her, reassure her.
  74. [23:56] <Jar_Mimic> At least she's able to press her palm against that of her special person.  This causes her to stop crying quite so much.  Not to say it stops her, but she noticiably calms as she feels the not warmth of the person she knows well enough not expect warmth from.  As far as temperature goes, anyway.  Feeling her hand pressing against Iris's makes Rosemary feel plenty warm enough.
  75. [23:57] <Eprlide> Over the crying, Rose might be able to hear the words Rea speaks to the voices behind the phone. With one hand on the phone she decides to embrace the doll girl with her soft silk as a hug while putting a hand to continue melting the ice on top of Iris.
  76. [23:59] <Eprlide> The drider soon hangs up the phone. "Rosemary, I need to go for a bit. I need to put a flare into the sky so the angels know where to go. Will you be okay for a bit?" She asks as she puts the phone away
  77. [00:02] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' hand is, indeed, cold, but she still tries to hold Rosemary's, though her fingers are weak and almost limp.
  78. [00:02] <Jar_Mimic> With fingers intertwined with her special person's, she slowly nods her head to Rea's request.
  79. [00:04] <SkinnyNecro> [how far away is this?]
  80. [00:05] <Eprlide> (A bit far. It's gonna take a few minutes even while flying)
  81. [00:06] <Gaial> (Someone call a Big Damn Hero)
  82. [00:07] <Eprlide> The drider nods and slowly parts away from the two. She quickly phases through the third ceiling only to notice there's... none for the fourth floor. It's just open sky from there on out. Yikes. But after a deep breath she conjures a bit more magic, pointing a finger at the sky like a silly girl playing a gun game and firing off a flare into the sky, high and bright that can be seen for kilometers.
  83. [00:15] <SkinnyNecro> [should i just post? i thought something would happen between then and the bandaids' arrival]
  84. [00:17] <DrEvilKitteh> (I got nothin'. Iris is basically incapacitated and barely conscious.)
  85. [00:17] <SkinnyNecro> [fair enough]
  86. [00:18] <Jar_Mimic> (And Rose isn't really gonna break that little bit of contact, either.)
  87. [00:19] <SkinnyNecro> A sugary drider, leading cause of diabetes in Overcity, sees a pair of winged women overhead. They fly into view on four wings each. Soon they spot her and descend quickly in sharp, elegant spirals.
  88. [00:22] <Eprlide> "Over here!" The Drider calls to them and after a bit of a search, points the way to the stairs leading to the third floor.
  89. [00:26] <SkinnyNecro> The angels look at the stairs and then head towards them. Finding them to be stair like, the twins descend, again.
  90. [00:30] <Eprlide> It only takes a small mental scan for Rea to find the way back to the sobbing sheep doll and the girl incased in ice. "I think she did this so it numbs the pain she feels..." Rea states as she goes over to Rosemary and softly hugs her. "Shh, the angels are here. They will help."
  91. [00:31] <DrEvilKitteh> The eye of Iris' that wasn't swollen shut cracked open again when she heard the footsteps of the approaching angels twins. Her fingers twitched on Rosemary's hand, but she quickly relaxed when she realized that the angels weren't malevolent entities. Dimly, she made a very, very small nod, agreeing with Rea's statement about numbing the pain.
  92. [00:33] <Jar_Mimic> And Rosemary's head does rise, aware that her sister is about to be made whole again.  She begins to grip Iris's hand tightly, but stops before she really does.
  93. [00:37] <SkinnyNecro> Two divine seeming women kneel beside the ice girl. A brief, quiet moment passes as mana is gathered, formed, shaped and repurposed by their will. The ice illuminates as the wounds on Iris shine brightly, briefly, under the outstretched hands of her healers. knowing these things sometimes fail for reasons beyond their control, those two look on nervously as the soothing warmth flows through Iris, following a cresting wave of
  94. [00:37] <SkinnyNecro> tingling energy.
  95. [00:40] <Eprlide> Rea just grasps a stray hand of Rosemary's while the angels work their magic. "I still... wish I had a way to heal." The drider states as she looks down. "I dunno if I can ask Natasha to get me something that allows me to heal."
  96. [00:43] <Jar_Mimic> "Mother could find a way, I bet."  The light shines upon her face, stitched into a permanent, happy smile.  Eyelashes upon black eyes.  They almost look to glisten in this warbling light.  "She always knows how to do everything."
  97. [00:46] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris flinched and whined softly, face screwing up. Slowly, her wounds began to heal. The angels could feel a resistance of sorts, pushing back against their healing magic--a dark, vile presence that lingered on her. Fortunately, it yielded, though not entirely. At the very least, Iris' lungs were no longer collapsed, her bruises were now a bit lighter, and most of her scratches and smaller cuts and abrasions had closed. The larger injuries, such as some lacerations, broken bones (including some ribs and a fracture on her jaw), and her arm and ankle, were...not quite in as good of a condition, but it could've been worse. She let out a moaning sigh, eye fluttering shut, as the pain drastically lessened. The ice fully dissipated after that, leaving Iris free of her hibernation cocoon.
  98. [00:47] <Eprlide> "Don't rush her." Rea immediately stops Rosemary before she does anything rash. "She's still in a lot of pain. We should probably move her somewhere a bit safer."
  99. [00:50] <Jar_Mimic> It's a good thing that Rea put her hands on the sheep doll, because she would have been on top of Iris so fast that she may as well have injured her even worse than before in doing so.
  100. [00:55] <Eprlide> The drider looks over to the angel twins."Do you have any idea where we should take her? The ladder? The Wand? I know she visits the wand but I don't know where she lives."
  101. [00:56] <SkinnyNecro> Pondering this partial success takes the next minute of the angels' time. Staring intensely at Iris, specifically her various lingering wounds, the pair move their heads side to side, scanning.. "We're not bad healers." "Normally, when we both focus on one person, it's a sure thing that they will feel fine after." "Here, you can see that didn't happen." "I think she's cursed." The angels explain, looking at the young girls next
  102. [00:56] <SkinnyNecro> to them as if those two would understand.
  103. [00:58] <Jar_Mimic> And Rosemary certainly doesn't.  She just goes on gently rubbing and holding Iris's hand.
  104. [01:00] <DrEvilKitteh> "...School," Iris mumbled in reference to where she lived, lips barely moving, jaw staying shut. Her fingers lightly squeezed Rosemary's hand, though it was difficult to actually tell that that's what she was doing, seeing as how she was still extraordinarily weak. As for the bit about her being cursed, some wordless thoughts and emotions passed through Iris' head that essentially amounted to her agreeing with the angels.
  105. [01:02] <Eprlide> Rea does a bit more, for she knows of one who has suffered a curse before. "That... sound horrible." The Drider stands up tall upon hearing her speak. "Oh, the new school! She must have a room there. I... don't know where that is, but I can find out." She closes her eyes and reads Iris' mind for the school in question. "Oh, and it is a curse. I just found it out."
  106. [01:03] <Jar_Mimic> No, that sheep doll can tell.  Even when Iris has very little to say.  To do.  Even when all she could do was chill the air, Rose could tell that she was trying to reach out for her.  When she can actually hold her hand, it's no issue at all.  So.  She squeezes back lightly, too.
  107. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> As it so happened, there were a couple ways to get to Harmony Academy via some portals near the Wand and Circlet, according to the thoughts that Iris helpfully brought to mind for Rea to see. Rosemary's action made her smile ever so slightly, just a tiny upward twitch of a corner of her mouth.
  108. [01:08] <SkinnyNecro> "The school, yeah." The angels frown at the floor. "Well, taking her there is sort of pointless with the condition she's in. Unless the magical nurses can fix her which means" "Unless we can fix her cuz we are them." "Let's try this again." Working their shoulders, cracking their necks, the angels buckle down.
  109. [01:10] <Eprlide> "Okay, there are a few portals near the Wand that can get us there." Rea responds with a nod. "I'll see if she knows anything about the nurses. If your magic doesn't work again I think bringing her there would be a good idea."
  110. [01:11] <SkinnyNecro> A bright, illuminating, hard to look directly at, eye catching, brilliance surrounds the angels. Their fists clench and they point as if passing judgement. All the illumination, collected mana, repurposed into a pair of heavy spells, flows out of those digits and into the ice girl. Does it work, well, who knows, but it's worth a shot.
  111. [01:16] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris shuddered and curled even tighter into a fetal ball. The malevolent curse was again pushed back, but only just. Overall, it felt like a lot less was accomplished than before. Still, her more gaping wounds and bruises had sealed and turned a sickly shade of light yellow, respectively, and her fractured bones were a bit better, but that was it.
  112. [01:19] <Jar_Mimic> "Please, please," Rosemary begs, holding onto her special person's hand a bit tighter than before, "Please get better.  I do not know how I could forgive myself for not being there to protect you if you do not get better.  I can not stand being such a bad sister to you."
  113. [01:22] <DrEvilKitteh> [Rea can suddenly sense the presence of another mind, down the block and steadily approaching. As it methodically drew closer, she felt...well, actually, not much. She couldn't sense much of anything from the mind. It was as though a wall of steel protected it, shielded it from the loli drider's prying magic.]
  114. [01:23] <Eprlide> The Drider sighs and backs away from the mind of Iris. "We should take her to her school. It'll be more comfortable than it is here." She goes to the now-broken window and looks out of it. "I think there's something else coming this way. We might wanna leave."
  115. [01:27] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris minutely shook her head and held Rosemary's hand just a bit tighter, trying to reassure the sheep girl. When Rea said that last part, however, a thrill of fear shot through her. Her eyes flicked open, dread and panic evidnt in her expression, and she clutched at Rosemary's hand urgently, her own starting to tremble. If it was what she thought it was, what she feared it was...
  116. [01:28] <SkinnyNecro> While Rea derides the ritzy and impeccable mansion the girls currently are inside, the angels are forced to agree. Silly ice girls that only recently learned language ought to be at school. Certainly not a hospital. Sensing the urgency, the angels stand straight up. "Rose, you think you can carry her like a hero would?"
  117. [01:31] <Jar_Mimic> Without waiting for a second prompt, Rosemary, finally fulfilling her destiny as the kind of hero she always wanted to be by watching the brave and noble deeds of the people around her, slips one hand under the back and one hand under the knees of her sister.  She is lifted as though she didn't weigh a gram.  "Yes," that heroic figure replies, "I can."
  118. [01:36] <Eprlide> Rea does one last check on the figure approaching them and nods. "Good. We should go. I can't find out much about the thing that's coming here because it has mental protection. I'd rather not deal with something I can't do much against." With that the drider heads for the door.
  119. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris winced in pain when Rosemary hefted her up into her arms. But, hey, it meant they were getting out of that place, and hopefully fast, so she didn't really mind that right now.
  120. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> About that time, everyone could hear a loud, echoing sound. Metal on concrete, as though a car or heavy block was methodically hitting the road every half-second or so. Aaaand that was when it became apparent that the sounds were actually footsteps. Rea, unsurprisingly, still can't get a proper read on whoever or whatever it was.
  121. [01:38] <DrEvilKitteh> “,” Iris forced out in a hoarse voice, attempting to curl up in Rosemary's arms as best she could. Her eyes were wide (well, one of them, anyway) and almost her entire body started shaking. Abject terror tends to do that to someone.
  122. [01:41] <SkinnyNecro> "Well?" Aurora asks, impatient. "Go on." Morgana shoos the girls off. "We're going to take a look." Broken windows are the same as doors, right? Either way, the twins exit quickly and ascend to the sky.
  123. [01:42] <Eprlide> "Rose, get out of here quickly. I can cheat but you can't." Rea sends one last message over her shoulder. "Meet me in front of the Wand!" With that she pases through the floor and quickly vanishes.
  124. [01:43] <Jar_Mimic> That is a small thing for Rosemary to take care of.  As before, the best way around is through.  Of course, this time she takes the door before charging blindly in the opposite direction that the sound is coming from.  Holding on tight to this vulnerable, hurt thing, she runs as fast as she can and jumps out a window.  Being the tough thing she is, she lands as though it were nothing, and then continues running.
  125. [01:49] <DrEvilKitteh> The angels would see it first. A single figure walked along the road, evidently clad in pitted iron-colored armor. That's assuming it wasn't the armor itself or something like that, of course. It was at least eight feet tall and held a massive hammer in one hand which was almost as big as itself. Its helmeted head tilted back upon seeing both of the angels, but it neither slowed nor quickened its advance; instead, it merely continued to steadily walk along. ...That is, until it lifted its left arm towards them and fired a /cannon/ at them with a booming sound that reverberated around the neighborhood. A large, slightly-tapered round, easily the size of a person's head lengthwise, whizzed past one of the twin's ears, missing by mere feet. Then, at the sound of boards and glass breaking as Rosemary smashed through a window, the armored figure increased its pace to a quick, brisk walk.
  126. [01:54] <SkinnyNecro> "Not cool." The targeted bird states. Together, the fowls exit the scene. Beating wings take them away, toward the wand.
  127. [01:56] <Jar_Mimic> Nope.  As slow as Rose's natural moments might be, her raw strength is something else entirely.  With one step, she throws more strength into her gait.  And then more with her next.  And then even more with the next one after that.  Her running begins to kick up dust.  Then it kicks up debris.  Then it kicks up full bits of shrapnel as her feet begin to dig divots into the ground with each powerful step.  She is getting Iris away at
  128. [01:56] <Jar_Mimic> any cost.
  129. [02:00] <DrEvilKitteh> The armored figure continued to pursue, evidently focused on Rosemary and Iris. While it wasn't as fast as the sheep doll girl, it still followed them disturbingly well throughout the twisting Overcity. However, once they reached the more stable area surrounding the Wand and Circlet, it slowed and stopped. If anyone bothered to check, it would stand there for a couple minutes before turning and walking away, back to the same methodical gait it normally used.
  130. [02:01] <Eprlide> Rea can only catch glimpses as she sees the iron giant, litterally, going in their direction. But she stops in the alleyway when it stops, and upon seeing it turn around and walk away the drider sighs in relief. She takes her time to get back to the area in front of the Wand with the other four girls.
  131. [02:02] <Jar_Mimic> Doesn't matter.  Rose keeps running.  She's not gonna look back.  Not when Iris's life is on the line.  Perhaps ironically, she ends up running past the Circlet as a result.
  132. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris, for her part, only stopped quivering when Rosemary had gotten within touching distance of the pub...or not. Still taut and tense, and now extra worried, Iris frantically but weakly nudged her elbow against Rosemary's chest and tried to indicate the Wand's direction with her uninjured hand.
  133. [02:05] <Jar_Mimic> "Hm?"  Okay, now it's time to look back.  "Oh.  Sorry."  Rather that screeching to a tumbling halt, the sheep doll instead slows down like a normal person before stopping and turning around, opting to walk the short distance back.
  134. [02:08] <DrEvilKitteh> Finally! Iris relaxed and went limp when Rosemary finally stepped beneath the pub's sign. She took a quick breath, which gave her a pained expression from the damaged ribs, in order to say, “, Rose,” in a low, hoarse murmur.
  135. [02:09] <Eprlide> The Drider is there when she gets back, and Rea is noticably out of breath. "You... ran too far, silly." She states with a small giggle. "I would like to stay and help, but... I'm -really- tired right now." As a show of it, she stretches her arms and yawns. "Sorry about that, Rose. I hope you get better soon, Iris."
  136. [02:12] <Jar_Mimic> "Do not talk, Iris," the sheep doll replies, bending down to press her pink forehead against that ice giant's milky white one, "Please, please, just get better."  And when she hears someone come up to her, she immediately stands at attention once again.  "Ah, Rea.  No, do not be sorry.  It is good that we found her.  You were right.  We have really done something heroic today.  It feels..."  She looks back down at her sister.  "I do
  137. [02:12] <Jar_Mimic> not know how it feels.  It feels very, very bad, but also very, very good."
  138. [02:18] <Eprlide> "It feels good when do you something good for someone you don't have a deep connection to, and solve everything. It feels bad when you can't fix all the problems with someone who is close to you. Or, something like that." The drider thinks before giving Rosemary another headpat. "Good luck!" And with that, the drider is off.
  139. [02:19] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' eyes fluttered shut. She nodded slightly in reply and farewell to Rea, but otherwise remained still and silent, acquiescing to Rose's request. For now, in her younger sister's arms was as good a place as any to doze off.
  140. [02:24] <Jar_Mimic> Not waiting to think of a better plan, Rosemary carries her sister figure into the Wand & Circlet.  Once inside, she approaches the now familiar bartender and puts a few unfamiliar items on her mother's tab.  The first is a room.  The second is a healing potion.  One is taken up to the other, where their interactions become known only to the closed door of their room.
  141. [02:25] <DrEvilKitteh> (Scene End.)
  142. [02:25] <Jar_Mimic> (Yep.  That's curtains.)
  145. Second floor of the Pub
  146. [19:04] <DrEvilKitteh> (Second floor of the pub, room with Iris and Rosemary. Should we start just after they got there, the morning after, or what?)
  147. [19:06] <Jar_Mimic> (Morning after, probably.  She would have remained at her side that long, of course.)
  148. [19:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright. Let's think of how to set the scene...)
  149. [19:09] <Jar_Mimic> (Well, Rose kneeling at Iris's bedside seems nice.)
  150. [19:09] <Jar_Mimic> (Probably with her head down on the bed and snoring.)
  151. [19:11] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright, sounds good.)
  152. [19:16] <Jar_Mimic> (Oh, did you want me to start it?)
  153. [19:16] <DrEvilKitteh> (No, I'm writing.)
  154. [19:16] <Jar_Mimic> ('Kayo!)
  155. [19:27] <DrEvilKitteh> Morning, or what passed for morning in this area of the Overcity, finally came. In one of the many rooms on the second floor of the pub, there were two self-proclaimed sisters. One, an odd Ice girl by the name of Iris, slept soundly beneath the covers on her back. Her left arm was above the covers, which allowed that hand to be loosely held by her sister's. One of her legs poked out beneath the blankets and rested on a stack of pillows three high, and the broken ankle, foot twisted at a painful-looking angle, showed why. Iris is currently untransformed, so her hair, colored a dark lavender with a single streak of silver-blue, was splayed all over the pillow her head rested on, surrounding her head on all sides. Apart from that, she was completely nude (though her chest and groin were hidden beneath the blankets), and her light bronze skin rarely had a spot that wasn't marred by an injury. Fortunately, she had a good amount of bandages and gauze on her, which helped with the more severe, bloody injuries, though many ugly-but-fading bruises, scratches, and abrasions were still visible. The healing potion she'd been given the night before had helped, but it had been more focused on her internal injuries, like the damage to her organs, broken bones, and the like. As it stood, she was stable, but...recovery would likely take a while.
  156. [19:27] <DrEvilKitteh> The light on her eyelids made them twitch slightly. Iris slowly started to come to, and a fair amount of pain met her conscious mind. That and the sound of someone snoring.
  157. [19:36] <Jar_Mimic> Well, there's not much to see besides the fluffy white cotton that covers all of Rosemary's head except for her face, which happens to be smothered in the bedsheets down by Iris's hip.  White cotton turns to black at one point on her body, and that black, gloved hand does, indeed, hold her sister's one good one.  She snores faintly.  While it's well known she doesn't need to sleep, she appears to
  158. [19:36] <Jar_Mimic> be doing so anyway, even as she kneel's at the bedside.
  159. [19:38] <DrEvilKitteh> Only moving her head just enough so she could (mostly) see Rosemary, Iris tried to gently squeeze the sheepdoll girl's hand.
  160. [19:41] <Jar_Mimic> Being in charge of her special person's health, in her own estimation, of course, Rose is quite aware of her actions.  Especially when it comes to their hands.  Had she eyes, they would have fluttered open.  Instead, her head just lifts lightly as she stirrs awake.  Eventually, it rises to a point that she's able to consciously lift herself up.  "Iris.  It must be morning."
  161. [19:47] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Mhm." Iris took a painful breath to refill her lungs before speaking. "...Hello, Rose. Good...morning." Her eyes, now a warm hazel, were much more focused and clear than last night. In fact, the one that had been swollen shut looked much better, though she could only open it about halfway. It still had a rather impressive, shiny bruise around it, though.
  162. [19:50] <Jar_Mimic> "How are you feeling?" she asks, her grip tightening ever so slightly.  Scooching a little closer to the head of the bed, she begins leaning in over her.  "Do you feel any better than before?"
  163. [19:55] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yes." Iris gently rubbed her thumb against Rosemary's hand. "I am better. But...still hurts." She grimaced slightly every time she took a breath, but it would help prevent her ribs from pressing against and squeezing her lungs.
  164. [19:58] <Jar_Mimic> "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"  Rose's head begins to droop again.  "I do not want to hurt you or scare you again."
  165. [20:04] <DrEvilKitteh> "You did not hurt me," Iris softly and gently corrected Rosemary. "You...just tried to help, and...I did not realize it." Her thumb continued to worry the side of Rose's hand. "...I...would like a hug, but...I do not think that would help."
  166. [20:08] <Jar_Mimic> The sheep doll hesitates.  For a moment.  But, of course, she does rise from her kneeling position and rise up over her friend, laying a bit of her quite light weight upon her.  Just as gingerly as she possibly can, she reaches her arms under Iris's armpits and slowly slides them around.  This isn't really a hug.  She's acting like the person beneath her is made of glass.
  167. [20:13] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris winced and couldn't help but let out a soft, brief moan-whine, could've been worse. And the feeling of Rosemary, her sister, hugging her made her feel better. Emotionally, if nothing else. She slipped her weak, but still whole, arm around Rose's back and balled her hand into a loose fist, gathering some of her fabric in her hand. "...Thank you," she murmured, voice so low and wispy that it was hard to hear despite their closeness. "Thank you...for being there."
  168. [20:17] <Jar_Mimic> "I am glad that you are here at all."  Her hands slip a bit further around her.  "I did not even know that I should have been worried for you."  She trembles, her whole body shaking as she both holds and allows herself to be held.
  169. [20:28] <DrEvilKitteh> "Rose." Iris' voice was still soft and light, but it was now stern. "Do not feel...bad about that. It was...out of your control. /I/ went to fight...with...little help."  
  170. [20:31] <Jar_Mimic> "You..."  At this point, she rises up, no matter how well Iris might have been grasping her wool.  "Had help?  And they let this happen to you?"  Rosemary looks toward the door, hopping up off of her knees.  "Where are they?!  I will make them pay for letting this happen to you!"
  171. [20:34] <DrEvilKitteh> "Rose!" Still stern, but now a command with some pleading laced through it. Iris' arm fell back onto the bed with a soft thud. "There...was only one...other."
  172. [20:36] <Jar_Mimic> "Tell me their name!  I will talk to them sternly!"  She holds up a tightly balled fist.  "I will even hurt them if you want me to!  They deserve to be hurt if they let something like this happen!"
  173. [20:37] <DrEvilKitteh> "Rose," said Iris reproachfully. "She is dead."
  174. [20:40] <Jar_Mimic> And that fist almost immediately loosens until it can't even be called a fist anymore.  "Then...  That is bad.  Because that means..."  She wants to say that the situation is now reversed, but doesn't.  Iris probably feels something similar.  "I am sorry."
  175. [20:43] <DrEvilKitteh> Mutely, Iris lifted her hand slightly and opened it, inviting Rosemary to sit or kneel again and take it.
  176. [20:45] <Jar_Mimic> Penitent for the fire she let consume her, Rosemary does kneel again at her special one's bedside, taking her hand in her own.  Her head hangs a bit.
  177. [20:48] <DrEvilKitteh> "I...forgive you, Rose." She weakly squeezed Rosemary's hand.
  178. [20:50] <Jar_Mimic> "You are so nice."  Her head hangs lower.  "But I still should have been there to protect you."
  179. [20:56] <DrEvilKitteh> "You should not blame yourself. You are fault." Iris paused to take a breather. "...I did...not tell you about it. may have died had been there."
  180. [20:57] <Jar_Mimic> This manages to get her to raise her head.  "Nuh-uh!  If we had been there together, I have no doubt that we could have easily beaten whatever it was that did this to you.  There is no way that this would have ever happened then."
  181. [21:05] <DrEvilKitteh> "We could not," Iris said flatly. "I do not...know its weaknesses. It was...too strong and Jane. She died. I almost died." She let the rest of the air in her lungs out in a sigh. " enemy...or overestimating...youself...gets you killed."
  182. [21:08] <Jar_Mimic> Sage advice.  Advice that Rose doesn't know how to respond to.  "Yeah, well...  I still think that this would not have happened to you if I had been there to protect you."
  183. [21:12] <DrEvilKitteh> "Maybe." She squeezed Rose's hand a bit tighter. "Maybe I, uhm...mourning you, instead. Maybe...I would have died anyway. Maybe...we both would have."
  184. [21:13] <Jar_Mimic> Nope.  Still no proper response incoming.  "I am sorry."  Her head begins to droop again.
  185. [21:15] <DrEvilKitteh> "Do not think about what...could have been." Iris lifted her hand to cup one of Rosemary's fluffy cheeks. "I am here, now. I will live."
  186. [21:32] <Jar_Mimic> She nods.  Softly.  Resigned to her position.  Her head lowers again, this time onto their joined hands, which she rubs against her forehead.  "I am glad.  I am glad.  I will not let it happen again."
  187. [21:39] <DrEvilKitteh> Perhaps, but Iris didn't say that out loud. She was silent for a few moments as she collected her thoughts and tried to remember what the wording had been for that one sentence she'd heard a while back... "...But, uhm...enough about me. How...have you been?" Gah, that made her cringe inside. It sounded so damn /cheesy/. Would've been better to just say it in her own way. Sigh...
  188. [21:42] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, me?" she asks, raising her head.  If she had a real face, it would have brightened.  Finally, someone who might understand her problems.  "I have been less than well.  Something bad happened to me recently.  It is not as bad as what happened to you, and it is my own fault that it happened, but it was still bad."
  189. [21:45] <DrEvilKitteh> Well. That worked better than she'd expected. "...What happened?" Iris' brow furrowed as she thought about what could have happened to Rose.
  190. [21:50] <Jar_Mimic> "Well, I met this person.  I will not tell you about her because it does not matter.  But she was doing a bad thing.  I tried to stop her from doing it, but when I tried to, I ended up doing something bad, too."  She places a hand on her own head, fingers clenching as she does.  "And I learned that I could start doing bad things at any time, even if I did not want to."
  191. [21:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris was even more concerned than before, and it showed on her face. "...What...sort of...bad things?" She wished her right hand wasn't mangled and shattered so that she could hold Rose's with both hands.
  192. [22:00] <Jar_Mimic> "I..."  Her hand trembles.  "I tried to hurt her.  I tried to stab her with my nails and feed from her."  And at this point, her voice begins to waver with sorrow.  "And then I went home and stabbed other mother, and fed on her.  On mother, too.  I hurt them both very badly.  I saw myself doing it, but I could do nothing to stop it.  My hands did it on their own."
  193. [22:02] <DrEvilKitteh> (>This is why Corruption is bad, kids!)
  194. [22:02] <Jar_Mimic> (Yep.)
  195. [22:07] <DrEvilKitteh> " very bad," said Iris. Thank you Captain Obvious. And it made Iris remember her reluctance about Rosemary "feeding" from her, which...she now had even better reasons for. "Is... Are they okay? Can...anyone, uhm...make you better? Make you so you won' to do that again?"
  196. [22:09] <Jar_Mimic> "They are okay, no thanks to me."  A sniffle from somewhere.  "And I have asked them again and again to be normal.  I have asked them so many times.  But every time they say the same thing.  That it is impossible."
  197. [22:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Hm. Would the body transfer have helped with that at all?)
  198. [22:12] <Jar_Mimic> (That would be something for Natasha to elaborate on.)
  199. [22:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Suppose I'll have to keep that in mind for later questioning, then.)
  200. [22:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Need to write up a post for something else, so I'll reply in a bit.)
  201. [22:16] <Jar_Mimic> (Take your time.)
  202. [22:38] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris' lips parted, but nothing came out. After a minute, she closed her mouth. Her expression was downcast, sad, and a little brooding and angry. "," she finally said, voice still as soft as ever, though she did have an audible note of steely determination in her tone.
  203. [22:42] <Jar_Mimic> "I know," she replies, as though this were a basic fact of life.  Whether it's clear or not, she's been told this many times.  "But it feels like things are sometimes.  Sometimes, I feel as though I can not change anything, no matter how hard I try."
  204. [22:47] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris squeezed Rosemary's hand again. This time, it was stronger than any point before, was still paltry compared to her usual amount of strength, even when she was untransformed. "...You can become normal. You can get better. You can change things." Her grip weakened after that, her energy spent on that and her determined words. " is not easy. My world is...all but lost. But that...that does not mean I will stop...stop trying to make it better. I will not stop trying find a way to save it. the same for you, Rosemary. Nothing. Is. Impossible."
  205. [22:54] <Jar_Mimic> At this, the sheep doll's hand starts trembling again.  Although she may have just said the same thing a second time, but with more emphasis, it's what Rosemary needed.  "Once I have found a way to fix my problems..."  Her eyes peer blankly at her special person.  "No, I will put your needs before mine, because I know you would do the same for me.  We will help eachother.  That is what sisters
  206. [22:54] <Jar_Mimic> do.  Then, those things will definitely not be impossible."
  207. [23:07] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris knew better than to try arguing that point. Not least because she, too, knew that she should be given priority treatment right now. Still, she would do her best to help Rosemary in whatever way she could after she recovered. "...Yes. We are sisters. So...we will figure it out. Eventually." She mustered up an actual, visible smile for the sheepdoll girl, though it was still small and fragile-seeming. "I promise."  
  208. [23:09] <Jar_Mimic> At this, Rose just nods and holds her hand.  Nothing more really needed to be said about that.  The smile on her face, now more than ever, is exactly the one she would be wearing.
  209. [23:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Hm. That seems like a good curtains moment.)
  210. [23:15] <Jar_Mimic> (I do think so.)
  211. [23:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright, then: Fin~)
  212. [23:15] <Jar_Mimic> (As usual, it was lovely.)
  215. Rose takes Iris to Harmony Academy
  216. [20:21] <DrEvilKitteh> Some time after Amelia and Alexa had visited, Iris finally came to a decision. Using a small part of her magic, she conjured some clothing for herself and Rosemary that matched Harmony Academy's uniforms. Rose, of course, got a hood and a little extra stuff to make sure that she wouldn't be as easily seen by the mundane student populace. Held securely in Rose's arms, bandages still wrapped around a fair portion of her body, Iris directed her sister across the street from the Wand and Circlet and to a portal there.
  217. [20:21] <DrEvilKitteh> After stepping through, they would materialize on the school campus next to what looked like a mural painted on the outside wall of the library, an old gothic-style building. No mundane students were currently in sight; it was an hour until curfew, and quite a few had been given a break for a summer vacation of sorts.
  218. [20:21] <DrEvilKitteh> “...The medical section is...that way.” Iris pointed with her left hand towards the smallish attachment to the primary school building, the one most classrooms were in. Her right was tucked close to her body and in a makeshift cast and sling, and even still, an observer could tell that it had been quite damaged. In addition, there were numerous scrapes and bruises on her visible skin, and one of her ankles was broken, the foot twisted at a painful-looking angle. “I do not want to...make people stare more, so...just walk, please,” she softly requested of the sheepdoll girl.
  219. [20:26] <Seo-Hyun> Things did not quite turn out that way, however, as they were soon accosted by a Korean girl who looked to be about nineteen years old. Seo-Hyun approached, looking very visibly shocked at the state that Iris was in. "Is... Is that you, Iris? Jesus, what happened to you?"
  220. [20:29] <Jar_Mimic> Seeing that a person had not only spotted, but stopped them, Rosemary is hit with an instinct.  Holding her injured sister away from this stranger that had approached them, she begins to back off a bit.  "Th-there is nothing wrong!  She just hurt herself, and I am taking her to the nurse.  We are not doing anything strange."
  221. [20:32] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris blinked in slight surprise at Seo's appearance. "...Yes." She nodded slightly at what Rose said, then. "I, uhm...was hurt." That being said, she did lean a bit closer to the sheepdoll girl to whisper to her. "That is Seo-Hyun." She mimed something with her good hand and attempted to jog Rose's memory with, "...Many fluffy tails?"
  222. [20:34] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh.  Oh!  Oh, I am sorry!  You look different without them!"  Rose resists the urge to drop her cargo just so she can point at Seo.  "It is a good thing you are here.  Please, guide me there.  I am not good with directions."
  223. [20:37] <Seo-Hyun> "Oh, uh... This way." Seo started moving, making sure to stay close to the group even as she led them towards the nurse's office. "How did you get hurt, Iris? Did someone do this to you? You weren't attacked by another person, were you?"
  224. [20:38] <Jar_Mimic> "She was, she was.  I did not get a good look at him, but he was so large he made the ground shake."
  225. [20:42] <DrEvilKitteh> "Metal man," Iris explained succinctly. "Armor. Big. Had a hammer." Instinctively, she curled up more, or at least tried to. "...Was helping Walter, went...on an 'easy' mission with Jenny, but...the Alchemist made it an ambush. Should have brought more ally." She let out a pained sigh. "...She died. I almost died."
  226. [20:45] <Seo-Hyun> "That... Damn. That sounds horrible. I'm glad you managed to make it out." Seo, for a moment, seemed to be searching for something more to say before deciding against it.
  227. [20:47] <Jar_Mimic> "It is a good thing that I was able to find her before something bad happened," Rose says, trying her best to sound aloof, "It is one of those things where you are supposed to say 'it is a small world', but I think that I found her for a reason.  It was fate, I think."
  228. [20:52] <Seo-Hyun> "...The way things seem to work out sometimes, who can say? It could well be the case." Seo shook her head, forcing a smile onto her face. "The important thing is that, however it happened, you managed to find her, and we're in a position to get her the help she needs."
  229. [20:57] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris shrugged her good shoulder slightly, but she mustered up a weak but genuine smile for both Rosemary and Seo.
  230. [20:57] <DrEvilKitteh> They were nearing the the front entrance of the main school building by now. There were some other students milling about, and of those that saw them, most stared. Mostly at Iris. After all, it's not every day that a student is carried in the arms of another to the medical wing, all battered and injured. Especially to the extent that Iris was hurt. However, none of them approached just yet, but at least two boys turned and raced towards the medical wing. Probably to alert the staff there.
  231. [20:58] <DrEvilKitteh> The Ice girl, for her part, didn't really care about the stares. Or...she tried not to. In truth, she found herself attempting to shrink in Rosemary's arms as old instincts resurfaced, making her nervous and on-guard from being watched. Not to a very large extent, but, enough to make her feel a little uneasy.
  232. [20:59] <Jar_Mimic> "Ah, I have been seen," the sheep doll whispers to the actual human looking person she's carrying, "Iris, should I go away and let Seo-Hyun take care of you?  I do not want to complicate this just by being around you."
  233. [20:59] <Jar_Mimic> She lowers her head, trying to make her face less visible.
  234. [21:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "No," she murmured back. "You are fine." Ironic, how Iris was the one who kept trying to reassure Rosemary. "They...may just are a little odd." If they actually paid attention to the Frankdoll. "And the...magical teachers fine with you."
  235. [21:07] <Jar_Mimic> Still keeping her head ducked, Rosemary gives a very slight nod, and keeps on going, though her steps have become quite unsure.  While no one might look at her face while there are more pressing matters quite literally at hand, it's still something that invades her thoughs, making her question her very presence around all of these normal people.
  236. [21:09] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Seo?" Iris softly called over to the disguised gumiho. " help...disguise Rose with magic?" She paused and realized something. "...Without transforming...?"
  237. [21:12] <Seo-Hyun> "Huh? Yeah, just give me a moment." Seo paused for a moment to focus, and Rosemary's appearance slowly reshaped itself into an incredibly ordinary looking girl that seemed specifically designed to escape notice. "There we go. That's about as good as I can make it without losing focus on the disguise."
  238. [21:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris twitched her head in a barely perceptible nod before looking up at Rosemary's illusory face. "...You are fine, now," she whispered. "Do not be afraid."
  239. [21:18] <DrEvilKitteh> They'd passed the front entrance of the school and stepped onto the cement pathway leading straight to the medical wing. It was a comparatively small building, but it was fully-staffed, both with mundane and magical nurses and healers. Of course, there were other, smaller nurse's offices elsewhere, but the wing was definitely the place to go for someone in Iris' condition.
  240. [21:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (And paused 'til Jar returns.)
  241. [21:41] * Jar_Mimic ( has joined #MGSchool
  242. [21:41] <DrEvilKitteh> (Jar~)
  243. [21:41] <DrEvilKitteh> (PM reposts inbound.)
  244. [21:42] <Jar_Mimic> (Thank you.  Sorry.)
  245. [21:47] <Jar_Mimic> Not quite as reassured as she could be, Rosemary continues to stay silent and keep her head ducked.  Wearing a fake face is something she's done before, and not something she enjoys doing.  As real as she might look, she feels even more fake than ever.  So, she keeps her trap shut.
  246. [21:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Soon, about halfway from the front entrance to the medical wing, the door slid open as one of the boys from before jogged out, paused, and pointed at the three while saying something over his shoulder. A nurse, a slightly chubby middle-aged woman, rushed out and approached them.
  247. [21:54] <DrEvilKitteh> “Oh my,” she remarked softly as she looked over Iris. Her nametag read Nurse Karen Brooks. “We prepared a room and bed for her.” Her tone turned professional. “Please, come with me quickly.” She turned and briskly strode back towards the doors of the medical wing.
  248. [21:56] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, the disguised doll follows along at an appropriate speed.  Regardless of how nervous she might be, there is one, silvery, shining thing that keeps her focus right where it needs to be.  That's Iris, and making certain that she gets safely where she needs to be.
  249. [22:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Nurse Brooks led them into the building, past the smallish reception area, and to the second room they came to. “Place here there. Carefully.” She pointed at the bed while stepping out of the way to give them enough room. “When was she injured? How did it happen?”
  250. [22:06] <DrEvilKitteh> “Trust her. one who knows...about magic,” Iris whispered to Rosemary.
  251. [22:10] <Jar_Mimic> As tenderly as though she were playing house with one of her fellow dolls, she lays her sister upon the bed, first slowly lowering her head to the pillow, and then letting her knees down.  A perfect placement.  Of course, when it comes time to sleep, she's less than perfect.  "Um, there was this, uh, guy, and, ah, I did not see him, but he must have been very large because the ground shook when he walked."
  252. [22:14] <Jar_Mimic> (>sleep.  I meant speak.)
  253. [22:17] <DrEvilKitteh> Brooks didn't bat an eye. She looked around, then shut the door to the room. "So she was attacked?”
  254. [22:17] <DrEvilKitteh> “And...cursed,” Iris muttered, voice hoarse. Even with Rosemary's careful placement, anytime she was moved like that caused her pain.
  255. [22:17] <DrEvilKitteh> “I see.” The nurse approached the bed and pulled the stethoscope from around her neck. After lightly placing the hearing end on Iris' torso in a couple places, she grimaced slightly. “The type that makes the injuries resistant to magic. It...might be even worse, but...” She straightened. “I think we can take care of it. I'd estimate about a month until you're fully recovered, at best.”
  256. [22:21] <Jar_Mimic> The good thing about ER rooms is that they always have chairs.  When Rosemary hears 'a month', she decides to avail herself of one.  She sits herself down, hands balled into fists.
  257. [22:31] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris merely nodded once. "...At will not have for me for...a month," she said to Rosemary. Her mouth turned into a small, fragile, gentle smile. In the meanwhile, Brooks stepped out of the room to consult with another medical staff member outside.
  258. [22:35] <Jar_Mimic> "That does not make me feel any better."  Her head, already slumped as it could be, can slump no further.  So Rose curls herself into the fetal position while sitting.  "Because if I could stay with you that long, I would.  Mother's teaching and my music lessons can wait that long."
  259. [22:46] <DrEvilKitteh> "I know." Iris' smile faded. "But I will be cared for, here. Better...than the pub's...healing potions. I if you stayed." Her left hand moved as she held it out a bit to Rose. "But...I also...think you should do other things. I do not want...your life to stop just...because of me." She mustered up another small smile. "...You can still...visit me every day, want."
  260. [22:49] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, that disguised doll reaches out for something real.  It's Iris's hand.  She takes it and holds it lightly.  "I will try to come every day if I am able."  She doesn't really sound sure of that.  "But if I miss a day, please do not think that I am doing it on purpose."
  261. [22:51] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun, who had been standing at the edge of the room in silence up until now, finally glanced up from the patch of floor she was staring at. "The man who wounded you... What did he look like? I might be able to track him down."
  262. [22:53] <DrEvilKitteh> "I will not." Their fingers interlaced, and Iris gave her a light squeeze. "I will miss you, but I will not be upset." She looked at Seo-Hyun, then. "Big. Wore armor. Or...was the armor. Had a big hammer." She hesitated slightly, then released Rose's hand and summoned her phone from her hammerspace into her grasp. "Amelia and Alexa...are also going to...go fight it. You should call, them." She brought up her contact list and the two friends' numbers.
  263. [22:56] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun nodded, jotting the numbers down in a notebook. Did she not have a cell phone or something? "Alright. Trust me, Iris, we'll find the guy who did this and make him pay."
  264. [22:58] <Jar_Mimic> Of course, this is all good news for Rosemary.  Having been quite reassured, she sits back up normally, watching the two's ineraction intently.  A plan must be made.  This is its start.
  265. [22:59] <DrEvilKitteh> "Thank you." Iris looked more worried than grateful, however. "But be careful. Find...a weakness. It is...too strong, too...powerful to fight...normally. I tried, but not think...that I hurt it at all."
  266. [23:04] <Seo-Hyun> "Nothing's truly invincible. If it has a weakness, which it does, we'll find it. But thanks for the warning, Iris." Seo-Hyun smiled, seemingly reassured rather than discouraged by the information about the metal man's power.
  267. [23:06] <Jar_Mimic> "That is right," Rose interjects, raising a finger informatively, "Mother always says that everything has a weakness, even if it is not always glowing or brightly colored or announced to you beforehand.  Most of the time, it is a matter of logic."
  268. [23:09] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded in agreement. "Yes. That is right." She gave a little smile in response to Seo's, then. "Please stay safe. I do not lose a friend."
  269. [23:12] <Seo-Hyun> "Don't worry, Iris. After all, I do this stuff all the time, right? It'll just be like any other criminal I take down, just slightly more fireproof." And there was the point where Seo-Hyun hit a confidence overload, grinning like a fox in a metaphorical sense as well as the obvious literal one.
  270. [23:15] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, do you use fire magic?"  While she doesn't quite look it at the moment, this doll happens to be mostly flamable.  "That is good to know.  I would not want to touch one of your tails again if you're too hot."
  271. [23:15] <DrEvilKitteh> The Ice girl's smile faltered and faded, replaced by a doubtful look of concern. She was /very/ obviously worried, as was to be expected after being thoroughly beaten and almost killed by the "metal man".
  272. [23:18] <Seo-Hyun> "Oh, uh... Don't worry about that. I've got very precise control over all of my magic. I have to, for all of my illusory tricks. Seriously, Iris, you don't need to worry. He'll never even know where I am!"
  273. [23:22] <Jar_Mimic> "See, Iris?"  Again, Rosemary leans over her special one.  "With her and those two other Magical Girls going after this person who hurt you, there's no way they can loose.  You will have your revenge in no time."
  274. [23:23] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris...was not reassured. At all. Still, she nodded slowly at Rosemary and took her hand again. "...I...I hope so," she mumbled.
  275. [23:31] <Seo-Hyun> "Oh, come on! What'll be the chances that he's ended up with the ability to see through illusions? I know it exists, but it's incredibly rare. He won't stand a chance against me. Or any of us, really. Trust me, you're worrying over nothing, Iris. We'll be able to take him down easily."
  276. [23:33] <Jar_Mimic> "Ah, maybe I should ask mother and other mother to help.  They are good at delaying battles.  Perhaps...  They could use that time to find a weakness."  She leans back as other ideas besides her main one cycle through her thoughts.
  277. [23:36] <DrEvilKitteh> "I hope so," Iris repeated in a murmur. "I tried many things. Thrown cars. Ice. Blasters. Explosives. None...worked." She looked at Rosemary with a curious look and pondered that, too. "...Maybe. I...would feel better was Natasha, and not you...who was fighting danger."
  278. [23:39] <Jar_Mimic> "I will consider asking them then.  At the very least, I know they will be willing to donate some dolls to it.  That way, those two Magical Girls and Seo-Hyun will be safe no matter what."  Again, she leans back.  This requires more thought.
  279. [23:49] <Seo-Hyun> "I have to say, it could well come in handy. Magic aside, it does sound like this guy's pretty tough. We might have a better time finding the chink in the armor with more manpower to put to the task."
  280. [23:51] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris nodded again. "...Th-then...good luck, Seo." She hesitated momentarily, but eventually held her good arm open to invite the fox girl into a hug.
  281. [23:53] <Seo-Hyun> Seo moved forward to, more gently than was probably strictly necessary, give Iris a hug. "Hope you get better soon, Iris. After all, we can't celebrate that bastard's death if you're still in the hospital, can we?"
  282. [23:55] <DrEvilKitteh> "I would not mind if we celebrated here," Iris replied softly, arm weakly placed around Seo. "...But I will do my best." She tried to avoid wincing, even at the gentle contact of the hug, but only partially succeeded. Still, it helped her feel a bit better, emotionally speaking.
  283. [23:58] <Seo-Hyun> Seo noticed the wince from Iris, but didn't have any real means to reduce the strength of contact further, so she simply held the hug until Iris moved to pull away.
  284. [00:02] <DrEvilKitteh> Ah, if only she could be surrounded by fluffy tails. Then this hug would be perfect. As it was, she just gave Seo one last light squeeze before taking her arm away. "Thank you again, Seo." Her smile was less forced and worried, this time, and instead warmer and a bit happier. Even without the tails, hugging the disguised fox girl was good on its own.
  285. [00:04] <Jar_Mimic> Without waiting for much room to be given to her, Rosemary practically dives in for a hug herself.  Of course, having taken care of Iris for as long as she had, she knows exactly how light her touch must be.  Luckily, she has a light enough body for it.  "Oh, Iris, I really do wish there was more that I could do for you."
  286. [00:06] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun pulled away as Iris pulled her arm back, in the process giving room for Rose to enter. "I should probably get going, unfortunately. Get in contact with Amelia and Alexa and all that stuff sooner rather than later. You two stay careful. And... uh. Maybe try to ensure you have easy contact to someone powerful, in case the metal man decides to try and finish what he started."
  287. [00:09] <DrEvilKitteh> "You are good enough for me," Iris murmured to Rose. She craned her head to look at Seo and nod. "The teachers here...are strong. They can help." She lifted her hand from Rosemary's back to give Seo a brief wave. "Goodbye. later."
  288. [00:10] <Seo-Hyun> Seo nodded, waving back as she left the room. "Yep. See you soon, Iris. You can hold me to that promise."
  289. [00:14] <DrEvilKitteh> The Ice girl nodded again and returned her arm to hugging Rosemary. "Do you want to stay?" she asked quietly. "It is okay if you wish to go, now."
  290. [00:17] <Jar_Mimic> "I will stay.  For a little longer, I think.  I will just worry to excess if I leave you now."  Of course, once Seo is gone, that illusion of being a real girl would dissipate after a time.  "I want to see how well you will be treated here.  If it is better than I treated you, then I will leave."  And she says this sounding quite confident that they will.
  291. [00:18] <Jar_Mimic> (I think that's a good curtains moment.)
  292. [00:18] <DrEvilKitteh> "Okay." Iris weakly nuzzled into the side of Rosemary's stuffed head. "Thank you for everything."
  293. [00:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ah, I was gonna call it curtains after ^that.)
  294. [00:18] <Jar_Mimic> (Hehe.  Cool!  Fin, then.)
  297. Rosemary visits Iris in the Harmony Academy hospital
  298. [19:12] <Jar_Mimic> (When shall we start?)
  299. [19:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Let's...start with Rose walking through a portal leading to the School.)
  300. [19:22] <Jar_Mimic> Well, it finally happened.  Beaurocracy always comes through.  Eventually.  While she's not quite at the point where she's moving in immediately, Rosemary Antenora DeLaHue's application to Harmony Hill Academy, and she's finally making her first visit to the campus since her initial application interview!  Of course, this time is more to pay a visit to her future room mate~  Whoooo could it beeee?  Accompanied by two little doll guard, she steps out from one portal or another to stand before the picturesque main building!
  301. [19:33] <DrEvilKitteh> Once again, no mundane students were around when Rosemary stepped onto the campus. However, she would find a note taped to one of the dolls that read "Please remember to keep them inert while you are here - Staff". Evidently, the magical staff screened people entering the school via the portals.
  302. [19:33] <DrEvilKitteh> A few moments after stepping through, Rosemary heard the shutter sound of someone taking a picture--she hadn't even /noticed/ that girl at first.. There was a girl standing off to the side, a camera held up to her face. She had a glowing buff around her neck with Winter colors, signifying that she was a magical student as well.
  303. [19:38] <Jar_Mimic> Without being able to see the note attached to its own face, the little sheep doll tugs on the former sheep doll's sock.  "Honorable ascendant Rosemary, there appears to be an impairment to my vision."  This gets her attention right quick.  "Oh?"  The note is unstuck and read.  "Ah."  With that, the two dolls, both sheep, are scooped up into her arms.  "Alright, guys, go stuffed.  I don't want my
  304. [19:38] <Jar_Mimic> admirer over there to think I'm weird because of you."  Naturally, they do as they're told.  "Okay, you can take more pictures, now.  Do you want me to pose for you?"
  305. [19:40] <DrEvilKitteh> "If you wish," came the bland reply. The girl still hadn't lowered her camera yet, and had periodically taken a picture every couple of seconds when she saw an opportunity.
  306. [19:43] <Jar_Mimic> It's a bit difficult when your hands are full, but Rose perserveres.  She makes as many cute poses as she can before the act of doing so eventually wears on her patience.  "Um, how many more pictures do you want to take?  I have someone I need to meet, and I'm going to be late if I stay much longer."
  307. [19:48] <DrEvilKitteh> "I only wanted a few at first," the girl replied in a near-monotone, camera finally lowering. The...air about her might seem strangely familiar to Rosemary, for some reason. "You may leave if you wish." Amber eyes regarding Rosemary slowly blinked. (Description: )
  308. [19:53] <Jar_Mimic> "Okay.  Thank you."  She doesn't stop to examine this person.  Alas, unlike her mother, Rosemary isn't experienced in sensing such things at a distance.  Only with her touch might she have been able to sense the familiarity of such a person.  Right now, she's more concerned that the person she just met was wearing a school uniform, while she's still in her civvies.  And carrying around a couple
  309. [19:53] <Jar_Mimic> stuffed animals, at that.  How embarassing!
  310. [19:57] <DrEvilKitteh> Lore's steady amber eyes followed after Rosemary as the former sheep doll walked away, in the direction of the medical wing. If Rose looked back at all--unlikely, sure, but still--then she would see that Lore had left or vanished; she wasn't in sight any longer. As for the rest of the school, it was about dinnertime, so there weren't /too/ many people out and about, though there were a few groups who ate food outside somewhere. It was an overcast day, which meant it was bright without the sun blinding anyone.
  311. [20:02] <Jar_Mimic> How...  Intimidating.  Though she's been here once, delivering her special person to safety, it's somewhere totally different in this teenagerish little girl's eyes.  Without realizing it, she hugs her dolls close to her, leary of every little group she passes by.  Of course, though proud daughter is daunted, she presses on.  The medical wing.  Without trying to make a spectacle of herself, she
  312. [20:02] <Jar_Mimic> heads there at a brisk pace.
  313. [20:05] <DrEvilKitteh> People don't really make much of Rosemary, only some of them glancing over at her as she walked. Well, there /was/ one small gaggle of girls that started giggling about something, but other than that, no one seemed to particularly care.
  314. [20:05] <DrEvilKitteh> Upon reaching the medical wing, Rose would be waved over to the receptionist's desk. Or whatever it was called. “What may we help you with today, young lady?” the pudgy, balding man behind the desk asked, smiling genially up at the girl. “Come to check-in, visit...?”
  315. [20:09] <Jar_Mimic> "Um, I'm, uh, here to see I-Iris.  She's going to be my, ah, future roommate."  From a pocket, she produces her brand new student ID!  It bears her face uppon it.  "B-but we're already good friends.  If you told her that Rosemary was here to see her, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I, er, did."
  316. [20:14] <DrEvilKitteh> "Ah, of course." The man nodded and pinched an arm of the glasses hanging from his neck to slide them on. He checked her student ID while typing rapid-fire on the keyboard for the computer in front of him. "...Iris has been moved to the second floor, room 208, after being transferred out of intensive care. And...let me check..." He typed a quick message up, which was responded to in about thirty seconds. "Yep, she's awake and ready to see you." He pointed back down one of the hallways leading deeper into the medical wing. "Go up one of those elevators, make a left, and you can't miss her room." He slid his glasses down to the edge of his nose as he gave Rosemary another kind smile. "Have a nice day, Miss DeLaHue."
  317. [20:19] <Jar_Mimic> "Up the elevators and to the left.  Room 208."  She says this with a grave tone to her voice, as though she could forget at any moment.  But then she looks up at the kind man and smiles back.  "Thank you.  You, too."  Without wasting another moment, she heads off and rides the elevator up to the second floor.  Lo and behold, after turning left out of it, there's room 208.  For some reason, she's
  318. [20:19] <Jar_Mimic> nervous as she walks over and knocks upon the already open door.
  319. [20:25] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris looked /much/ more perky than before. (Not in /that/ way, get your head out of the gutter, Jar.) She was hooked up to an IV and heart monitoring system, sure, but otherwise didn't seem nearly so exhausted and pained as before. The bruises on her face had noticeably lessened, and her cuts and lacerations had come much closer to closing. Her right arm and leg were in casts, but even they didn't look as bad as before. The Ice girl wore a small smile as Rosemary appeared and knocked, her mostly-lavender hair pulled into a small sidetail. ...But then the smile faded as she blinked and tilted her head in confusion. "...Um." Needless to say, she didn't exactly recognize Rose, what with her...not being a sheep doll anymore, though she did recognize features that were heavily reminiscent of Natasha.
  320. [20:32] <Jar_Mimic> "Hello, Iris," Rose begins, suddenly looking more sure of herself.  This is what she thought would happen!  "Normally, I'd be really upset that you're not happy to see me, but I understand."  With a big smile on her face, she walks on in and stands at the end of her sister's bed.  "I've changed a lot since the last time we saw eachother.  I know I said I'd come to see you every day, but I've been
  321. [20:32] <Jar_Mimic> busy getting used to it.  It's really new for me, too."  Her smile only gets bigger.  "You know, I used to look more like these little guys."  The two sheep dolls are set down by Iris's feet.  "And if you don't recognize me by now, then maybe this will jog your memory."  At once, she pulls off her black glove, revealing a hand full of sharply pointed nails.
  322. [20:33] <DrEvilKitteh> (Rose's voice is basically the same, right?)
  323. [20:33] <Jar_Mimic> (Still high and squeaky.)
  324. [20:36] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Oh." Iris' warm hazel eyes widened, staring up at Rosemary. She only needed to hear her sister's voice to recognize her, but even then, it was quite the surprise. " human? Completely? You are...normal?"
  325. [20:40] <Jar_Mimic> At this, she replaces her glove while chuckling confidently.  "No, not completely.  I'm still an energy vampire, and I'm still immortal as long as I keep up with my daily feedings."  Of course, the confident mask she built up at this point cracks away.  She leans over the bed as far as she can, practically shouting, "But don't I look completely normal!  Well, except for my nails, but long nails
  326. [20:40] <Jar_Mimic> are in style!  Isn't it great, Iris!"
  327. [20:45] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris lifted her hand and placed it gently on Rosemary's shoulder, silently asking her to not be so...exuberant. Excitement was one thing, but she couldn't really deal with the sudden almost-shouting right now. "Yes," she murmured in a soothing and calming voice. "It is great, Rose." Her smile had returned and grown wider than before. "You look...wonderful. I can even tell what your expression is, now," she added in a slightly wry tone, hand moving to Rosemary's cheek to feel her skin and face there.
  328. [20:53] <Jar_Mimic> As a matter of course, being touched by the always cool Iris inspires Rose to act in kind.  Naturally, she tries to be just as cool as her sister.  But that doesn't really work as she begins to start cutely rubbing her cheek into her hand.  "Yep.  And now I can even eat real food whenever I want to.  I eat something every day.  More than once!  Oh, and I can make so many faces now, so people
  329. [20:53] <Jar_Mimic> don't have to guess when I'm mad or happy or whatever.  And when mom kisses me goodnight, I can really kiss her back.  It's been so wonderful.  It really is a dream come true!"
  330. [21:01] <DrEvilKitteh> "We should eat new things together. That has always been an enjoyable thing for me to do." Iris chuckled silently at Rosemary's actions and rubbed the girl's cheek with her thumb a bit. And...then she relocated her hand to the top of Rose's head in order to deliver gentle headrubs with an experienced touch. "I am so happy for you, Rose. My key-oot sister."
  331. [21:04] <Jar_Mimic> "Yes!  Once you get out of here, I plan to...  Ah."  It's at this point that the teenagerish little girl realizes that she's been making the conversation all about herself since she walked in the room.  She is here for a reason other than showing off her new, great body.  "How have you been, Iris?  You're getting better, right?  I hope you haven't been too lonely here."
  332. [21:08] <DrEvilKitteh> "I have been well." Iris removed her hand and took Rosemary's, squeezing it lightly but with more strength than earlier. "The healing is slow but making progress. They say I might be able to use crutches to walk around soon, arm and leg will need more healing before I have totally recovered."
  333. [21:12] <Jar_Mimic> "I'm so glad you've been doing well."  For the sake of manly sisterhood, Rose squeezes Iris's hand right back.  "And I guess around here it wouldn't be right to have some of mother's dolls carry you around instead.  Well, even if you could, you should still walk on crutches when you're able to.  You'll get your strength back moving around."
  334. [21:18] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yes." She nodded. "I will regain my strength by myself, unless I truly need help."
  335. [21:21] <Jar_Mimic> "Of course you will!  You're Iris.  You're always so cool about everything."  Having said that, she breaks her hand hold and takes a seat next to her bed.  "Except for...  That.  I can still hardly believe that was really you I rescued.  It's like a dream now."
  336. [21:24] <DrEvilKitteh> "I entombed myself in a hibernation cocoon made of ice. I believe that would be 'cool'," Iris replied with a totally straight face. "Or cold. Because ice is very cold."
  337. [21:27] <Jar_Mimic> Such a bad joke causes Rosemary's face to scrunch up.  Not in disgust, of course, but with laughter barely restrained.  She leans back in her seat, feet tapping the ground as one hand slaps her knee.  Eventually, after she manages to calm herself, she states, "That was funny."
  338. [21:31] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris wore an innocent expression as she smiled faintly and shrugged a shoulder. She gave a long exhaled through her nose and looked down at herself, her injured body. "...You are not trying to find and fight the metal man?" she asked softly, head turning to face Rosemary again.
  339. [21:36] <Jar_Mimic> This, on the other hand, provokes a very different reaction.  Her smile disappears while her eyes narrow.  She leans forward, as though she were speaking of a secret thing.  "I wouldn't even know where to start looking," she admits, "I'm not smart like a lot of Magical Girls.  But I do want to!  I want to help your other friends.  I want to do it for you.  I know I can be a help."  And then she
  340. [21:36] <Jar_Mimic> leans back again.  "But I don't want to do something that'll make you upset."
  341. [21:42] <DrEvilKitteh> "Thank you." Iris smiled softly again. "I do not want you to be hurt like me, or killed." Her expression turned grim, and rather sad, when an old memory came to mind. "...Have you spoken with the others recently?" she asked after a minute, attempting to shake away those unpleasant thoughts.
  342. [21:46] <Jar_Mimic> "I haven't seen any of them.  Only Seo-Hyun goes to the Wand & Circlet, and I haven't seen her there in a while.  But I know that she goes here.  I know I'll see her once I move in.  I could ask her to let me help."  Her eyes fall to the floor.  "Even if I died, mom could bring me back.  She can do that kind of magic."
  343. [21:51] <DrEvilKitteh> "No." Iris frowned, brow knitting at that thought. "I do not...want to lose you. might not be able to come back." She held her open hand out to Rosemary, inviting her to take and hold it. "Please, stay safe. Remain unharmed. That is all I want."
  344. [21:54] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, she takes that hand and squeezes it tightly.  "I promise you that I will.  I promise to be safe, and I promise to be unharmed.  Neither of us will have to lose the other."
  345. [21:57] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris squeezed back, exhibiting her normal level of untransformed strength with her grip. She stared searchingly for a while more into Rosemary's eyes, then nodded once. "Good." Her hand released Rose's and beckoned her closer into a hug.
  346. [22:01] <Jar_Mimic> And a hug is what Iris gets.  The teenagerish little girl leans in and wraps her arms gently around her special person, trying not to jostle her or move her too much.  "And do you know what the best part about having a body is?  I get to feel it with everything when we hug.  It's so nice getting to feel your chest against mine."
  347. [22:01] <DrEvilKitteh> (I bet it is.)
  348. [22:04] <DrEvilKitteh> Iris embraced Rosemary with her single good arm and rubbed her back slightly. "It is nice to feel your solid, human body, too." She smiled faintly and squeezed a little. "...Your doll body was very soft, but I like this one better." The Ice girl moved her head to tenderly kiss her sister on the head. "I love you, Rosemary."
  349. [22:10] <Jar_Mimic> This causes Rose's fingers to tense.  What a peculiar feeling.  Still, she replies right back with, "I love you, too, Iris."  After giving Iris one last squeeze, she lets her go, standing up straight.  "And yes, it was a lot lighter and fluffier, so I've been worried about my weight.  But I still have soft places.  Here."  A finger is pointed to the chest.  "Here."  Two fingers to the thighs.  
  350. [22:10] <Jar_Mimic> "Here."  With a snicker, she points to her butt.  "And here."  The last finger points to her hair.  "I really like having hair.  It's purple if you look really close."
  351. [22:14] <DrEvilKitteh> "...I will, uhm...refrain from touching you in those first three places," Iris said, blinking owlishly a few times. "But your hair does feel very soft." She tilted her head and looked over Rosemary. "...You did not seem very heavy. And you do not look overweight. So I think you are fine."
  352. [22:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Inb4 Iris in another timeline goes "Ooh, lemme feel how soft they are~" and starts groping Rose.)
  353. [22:18] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, I know.  It was just weird at first having to throw around all this meat when I walk around.  I'm used to having less inertia.  Even though I've gotten better, I still worry about it."  Sort of giggling, she tilts her head, allowing her long, brownish hair to drape within Iris's reach.
  354. [22:20] <DrEvilKitteh> "More time and experience will help you." Automatically, Iris again lifted a hand to gently stroke the hair and inspect it a bit more. "...It does look a little purple," she murmured. "Much darker than mine."
  355. [22:25] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, it's a blend of mom and dad's hair.  Dad has really bright blue hair, and mom has brown hair that's red if you look really close.  So my hair is light brown that looks purple if you look close."  She nods, letting her cascade of hair wave a little bit.  "Either way, I love it!  I didn't know how great having hair would be."
  356. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> "It is a pretty shade." Iris quite happily continued to stroke and examine Rose's hair. "I wish there was a flower or plant of the same color that I could use for an arrangement."
  357. [22:33] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, if you were doing an arrangement based off of me, wouldn't you use roses?"  She laughs at her own joke, her silky, shiny hair waving as she does so.  "No, no, I wouldn't want you to use roses.  They're kinda boring.  Something like wild violets or choleas leaves would be better for an arrangement like that.  Maybe some irises to go with it!"
  358. [22:36] <DrEvilKitteh> "That would be nice." Iris had moved on to gently rubbing Rosemary's head again. "I will be sure to ask around and try to make an arrangement to show you. on you, Natasha, and Lilianna, and the other on you, me, and Maya. Even if you have not met Maya yet."
  359. [22:40] <Jar_Mimic> She's just lovin' it, rubbing her head into Iris's hand as usual.  "Flower arranging is so cool.  I saw mom's friend the centaur do a really pretty flower arrangement that only had one flower and a bunch of sticks in it, and it was still really beautiful."  Her smile pushes up a pair of pink powder puff cheeks.  "And if you like this Maya, then I'm sure I don't need to meet her to know that she's an amazing person."
  360. [22:46] <DrEvilKitteh> "She is very key-oot and easy to fluster," Iris replied with a wide smile, scritching here and there before doing more normal headrubs. "She was my first real friend, so she is special to me, and I love her very much." Really, if Iris could get Rosemary and Maya to meet, there would probably be an overload of adorableness. "If you want to watch me and others do flower arranged, I am in the Ikebana Club. Uhm...when I am better, I mean. Then, you can visit me whenever you want."
  361. [22:52] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, of course.  And when you are better, I'll be able to move in with you!"  Although, having said that, she does look down and place a finger to her chin.  "Oh, but, I think that my letter of acceptance said that I could move in any time I wanted to, as long as I warn the RA first."
  362. [22:55] <DrEvilKitteh> "I do not mind if you move in before I am better." Iris had removed her hand from Rosemary's head by that time. "As long as you do not mess up my things very much," she added with a wry smile. "You can visit me more often if you do. And when I am better, we can finally cuddle--that will be nice."
  363. [22:59] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh my gosh, that's right!  We still haven't had best friends cuddling yet.  Ah, just thinking about it is making me sleepy."  And she does, in fact, yawn after she says this.  "That'll be the best.  But, um, thank you!  I'll move in really soon, then.  That way I don't even have to walk far to see you!"
  364. [23:01] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yes, it will be very nice to see you more often." Iris actually did chuckle audibly as she reached up and gave Rosemary another quick headrub. "Also, it will be /sister/ cuddling. That...will be even better, right? But we will have to wait for that, regardless, even if it would be nice to have you to cuddle right now."
  365. [23:04] <Jar_Mimic> "Now that you mention it, it would be really nice to jump in bed with you right now.  But considering that your arm and leg are still in a cast, I don't think I should."  With that, she stands up.  "But you definitely won't have to wait very long for my next visit.  I'll be over again tomorrow, okay?"
  366. [23:07] <DrEvilKitteh> "Being able to hug you with both arms is, um...a must, yes." Iris nodded and took Rosemary's hand to squeeze it again. "Okay. I am looking forward to tomorrow."
  367. [23:08] <Jar_Mimic> "Tomorrow."  Not settling for a hand squeeze before leaving, Rosemary once again leans over her injured sister to give her a light hug.  "Please get better soon, Iris.  I definitely want a both arms hug soon."
  368. [23:09] <DrEvilKitteh> "So do I." Iris nuzzled closer, into her sister's shoulder, and squeezed Rosemary with all her might using her good arm before they parted.
  369. [23:13] <Jar_Mimic> And Rose, practicing restraint, only squeezes her a bit tighter before letting her go.  "Well, I think I'm going to go home now.  Don't miss me too much, okay?"
  370. [23:14] <DrEvilKitteh> "I will try not to." Iris gave her a happy wave, though of course, Iris being Iris, the gesture was subdued and not at all energetic. "Stay safe. Do not eat too much new, good food without me."
  371. [23:16] <Jar_Mimic> A wave is given right back.  "Don't worry.  Later, Iris."  With that, she slips on out the doorway after a lingering glance upon her sister.
  372. [23:17] <DrEvilKitteh> "Later, Rose." Iris lowered her hand back to her side. She still wore a gentle smile even after her sister had departed. Yes, there was much they had to do together after she got better. Needless to say, she was pretty damn motivated by that.
  373. [23:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (Curtains?)
  374. [23:20] <Jar_Mimic> (Yep!)
  378. ClockQuest Part 3 Preparation
  379. [23:54] <DrEvilKitteh> (So, as for how to start this... Tan, Jran, would AmeLexa have tried to call Walter shortly after leaving Iris' room, or later?)
  380. [23:55] <Tang> (Soon after)
  381. [23:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright. Due to timey-wimey shenaniganry, Seo-Hyun can call either while they're talking to Walter, or a little after they finish. Up to Vox, I suppose, but I don't think it should be right at the start of this bit, either.)
  382. [23:56] <fox_de_lumine_> (Let's go with after they finish.)
  383. [23:56] * fox_de_lumine_ is now known as Seo-Hyun
  384. [23:57] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright. Jran, Tan, whenever either of you wanna start, since it'll basically be your characters making/receiving the calls.)
  385. [23:58] <Tang> Amelia slams one finger down on the call button, pacing in place on the stairs.
  386. [23:59] <Jran-Kri> Alexa halts in place, wringing her hands in front of her absentmindedly. She stares straight ahead of her, waiting for the aforementioned robot to pick up.
  387. [00:00] <Tang> "Walter?" She blurts. "Where are you?"
  388. [00:01] <DrEvilKitteh> The phone rings about six times before it's answered. "...Hello?" The clockwork android sounded haggard and out of breath, if that was even possible for him. "Amelia, right?"
  389. [00:02] <Tang> "Yeah. I just...Iris told me what happened. Where are you?" She repeats.
  390. [00:04] <DrEvilKitteh> "Iris?" There was a rustle of something against the phone's speaker. "...She's alive?" he whispered, almost too low to hear. "I, er, I'm trying to hide," he added. "Out in the Overcity somewhere. Not quite sure where now."
  391. [00:07] <Tang> A long, long pause. "From the metal man? You okay? I'm with Alexa, we're getting help, and we'll find you. If you see something, a landmark or something, just tell us."
  392. [00:13] <DrEvilKitteh> "You say that like I haven't been fighting an army of metal men," Walter said wryly. "...But no, I'm not bringing you out here. Not now. Everything this past week or two has been a set-up. The Alchemist has been watching my movements and planning. He made sure to keep feeding me reliable intel up until the point where he could launch simultaneous ambushes on multiple groups of Magical Girls aiding me. As far as I know, only Iris and maybe one or two others escaped. The rest..." There was the sense that he shook his head sadly. "...I can escape these automatons soon. As long as those stealthy ones don't take my other arm." He chuckled self-deprecatingly.
  393. [00:15] <Tang> "...Damnit, let me help you!" Amelia snaps. "We're coming out here, like it or not, so where are you?" She looks to Alexa.
  394. [00:17] <Jran-Kri> Alexa stares blankly back at Amelia, utterly ambivalent.
  395. [00:18] <DrEvilKitteh> "It's the Overcity. It doesn't have set landmarks, so it would be difficult even if I /wanted/ you to come."
  396. [00:20] <Tang> "Urgh. Just...stay alive!" Amelia shakes her head. "You don't see ANYTHING?"
  397. [00:23] <DrEvilKitteh> "I do, but like I said, I'm not bringing you out here if I can help it." Walter paused, and judging from some background sounds, he relocated over the span of about seven seconds. "...Tell you what. I'm making my way back to the Wand and Circlet, so you can meet me near there and help me take out the automatons that will be stubborn and good enough to keep up with me. That way, there's less danger for you two."
  398. [00:32] <Tangent> Amelia grits her teeth. "...Fine."
  399. [00:34] <DrEvilKitteh> "I'll call when I get closer." Walter then hung up.
  400. [00:35] <Tangent> "...Let's save the tin can." Amelia grumbles, closing her phone with more force than necessary. "Come on, let's go!"
  401. [00:36] <Seo-Hyun> Very shortly, however, as if serendipitously timed through the chrono-fuckery that suffused the overcity, Amelia's phone began to ring once more, receiving a call from an unknown number.
  402. [00:38] <Jran-Kri> Alexa makes to immediately resume marching down the stairs, but is halted by this renewed ringing. Her hateful smile tugs at one corner of her mouth. "Ha. Ha ha. D-d-does the c-c-can h-h-have s-s-something e-e-else to s-s-say?"
  403. [00:40] <Tangent> Amelia halts, pulling out her phone.
  404. [00:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (...I assume Amelia /also/ answered the phone?)
  405. [00:51] <Tangent> (yep)
  406. [00:53] <Seo-Hyun> When the call went through, a voice came through almost immediately - judging by the sound of it, from a girl somewhere around 17 years old, and with a hint of a Korean accent. "Hello. This is Amelia, correct? I'm a friend of Iris."
  407. [00:59] <Tangent> "Hi, yeah, I'm Amelia. Iris is...she's alive. We just talked to her. Where are you?" Amelia says rapidly.
  408. [01:02] <Seo-Hyun> "I'm... near the pub, more or less. It's complicated. Point is: I was talking to Iris a little while ago. Helped her get medical attention. I know you're going after the fucker responsible for what happened to her, and I want in."
  409. [01:06] <Tangent> "...Okay, cool. Good to have you on board, then." Amelia nods. "We're grabbing who we can, we'll meet you on the way out the pub, okay?"
  410. [01:09] <Seo-Hyun> "Got it. I'll be waiting outside once I get there." And the mystery caller closed the connection.
  411. [01:09] <Jran-Kri> "... I-I-I p-p-presume th-th-that w-w-was p-p-productive," Alexa says simply, her unblinking stare never wavering from Amelia.
  412. [01:25] <Tangent> "Yeah, come on, let's...let's do this."
  413. [01:30] <Jran-Kri> Without wasting any more time, Alexa marches down the stairs.
  414. [01:31] <DrEvilKitteh> (Okay, pausing here.)
  417. [00:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright, sooo here's a bit of a dilemma. Have AmeLexa burst into the pub channel and recruit people there, /then/ transition over here en route to Walter, or just do /everything/ in here?)
  418. [00:07] <Jran-Kri> ((Eh, I'm good with starting in the pub))
  419. [00:07] <Jran-Kri> ((But it doesn't make much difference))
  420. [00:08] <Seo-Hyun> (I am indifferent.)
  421. [00:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright. Tangent, Jran, go into Wand and Circlet for now. After getting peeps and heading out, this is where the combat'll happen.)
  422. [00:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (...So I hear the Chronicle is free. Well, it was fun, Red Line, but cya~!)
  423. [00:10] <Seo-Hyun> Back into obscurity you go.
  424. [00:10] <Jran-Kri> ((For the best))
  427. [00:11] <Tangent> (Amelia'll yell for recruits mkay?)
  428. [00:12] <LeftHandofGod> (DMG's recruitable?)
  429. [00:13] <Rally> (Recruits for what?)
  430. [00:13] <Tangent> (If they can convince Amelia they want to help, yeah.)
  431. [00:13] <Tangent> (ClockQuest monster hunt)
  432. [00:13] <Rally> (Oh.)
  433. [00:14] <Tangent> The doors burst open. "Hey!" A shrill, loud voice yells. It belongs to a tall, slight girl in what looks like a mix of blue cloth and knightly armor. She looks agitated. Angry. Twitchy. "Listen up! There's a metal monster out there in the city that needs killing! It hurt Iris, and it's already killed someone! Who wants to help us stop it?"
  434. [00:14] <Nidhogg> (It's a machine monster?)
  435. [00:15] <Tangent> ...This girl has a good set of lungs on her.
  436. [00:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (>Implying you're gonna be fighting /that guy/ right now)
  437. [00:15] <Tangent> (Amelia's guessing probably. She doesn't care.)
  438. [00:15] <Jran-Kri> Just before they close again, a much less impressive girl slithers in after her. Almost completely covered by a dark red mantle, and her face further covered by a wide-brimmed, similarly-coloured hat, she keeps as close to the other girl as her shadow.
  439. [00:16] <LeftHandofGod> A girl wearing a bulletproof vest and...short shorts turns her head. "I came here for vacation, but... Yes, I'll help." She stands.
  440. [00:18] <Tangent> "Okay, great!" Amelia raises what looks like a greatsword up in a quick, brisk salute. "I'm Amelia, this is Alexa. Welcome aboard." She looks around. "Anyone else?" She calls. "This thing's already killed people. The guy behind it's killed people. It HAS to be stopped."
  441. [00:21] <LeftHandofGod> "Lin." Without another word, she stands, hand on the pistol at her waist.
  442. [00:21] <Poplartree> "Would you mind if I joined too dear?" A tall blond asks, wearing a tightly fitting cocktail dress emphasizing her curves.
  443. [00:23] <Tangent> Amelia blinks at her. "Uh, yeah, sure. That's five. Six if Walter's okay...Anyone else?"
  444. [00:24] <Jran-Kri> "... I-I-I'm s-s-s-sure th-that's e-enough," Alexa stammers, shifting in place uncomfortably.
  445. [00:25] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes, plz, 5 is good.)
  446. [00:27] <Tangent> "...Guess so. Come on, let's go...Walter better not have gotten himself killed..."
  447. [00:27] <Tangent> Amelia turns and strides out the door, pulling out her phone and calling Walter. "Come on, pick up..."
  448. [00:27] <LeftHandofGod> "Roger." Lin leaves her drink half finished on the bar, following close behind.
  449. [00:28] <Jran-Kri> "Th-th-that w-would b-b-be u-u-unfortunate," Alexa says, in the same way someone says that a spot of rain on their way to work would be unfortunate. She lurches after Amelia, her walk stilted and uneven.
  450. [00:28] <Eprlide> (I'd let the Windego join but the beast tree is vastly undone and some of their skills are weak D:)
  451. [00:28] <Tangent> (Eh, if you want to and Dr's okay with it?)
  452. [00:29] <DrEvilKitteh> (5 is...kinda enough for now.)
  453. [00:29] <Eprlide> (That too)
  454. [00:29] <Poplartree> The blond follows the rest of the group out the door
  455. [00:29] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yes?" Accompanying Walter's reply were a couple gunshots. "Did something go wrong? I'm not quite at a good place yet, but I'm drawing closer."
  456. [00:30] <Tangent> "We've got enough girls to handle it. We're ready when you are." Amelia says simply, grip tightening on her sword's hilt as she speaks.
  457. [00:31] <DrEvilKitteh> "Got it. You'll know my signal when you see it." Walter hung up.
  458. [00:33] <Tangent> (Move to Chronicle or?)
  459. [00:34] <Tangent> Amelia paces in place.
  460. [00:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yeah, let's go Chronicle. That's where Vox's Seo-Hyun instance is.)
  463. [00:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Waiting for Vox to post with Seo's arrival before continuing to the combat.)
  464. [00:36] <Seo-Hyun> As the rest of the group step out of the door of the Wand and Circlet, a 19-year-old Korean girl falls into line with them, a fox's ears and nine tails marring her appearance and making her seem just barely inhuman. She says nothing, simply following with a grim expression on her face.
  465. [00:37] <Tangent> Amelia automatically tenses a bit, head snapping around at the newcomer's arrival, then forces herself to relax. "You're...Iris's friend, yeah?"
  466. [00:39] <Seo-Hyun> "Yeah. Let me guess. Beacon affiliations. Let's set that aside until after we've made the bastards pay for what they did to Iris, yes?"
  467. [00:39] <DrEvilKitteh> The distinct sound of gunshots echoing through the mostly-empty Overcity fell upon their ears. About a minute, maybe a minute and a half after stepping outside of the Wand and Circle and waiting, a green flare shot high into the sky, pulsing brightly as it hovered. Its source appeared to be a few blocks away, within the pub's stable zone and close enough to retreat to the pub itself if things went horribly horribly wrong.
  468. [00:40] <Poplartree> "Ah, Seo, you're here too? What a surprise!" Collete smiles
  469. [00:40] <Jran-Kri> "Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha," Alexa says, her head twisting to stare at the new arrival. She blinks behind her glasses, her head cocking this way and that as a visible shudder runs through her. "Th-th-they'll g-g-get th-th-theirs. L-l-later. VENGEANCEUPONTHESINNERS!" She suddenly shrieks, her whole body seizing up as her staff springs into her hand in a flash of light.
  470. [00:40] <Tangent> "I'm not...affiliated with anyone." Amelia all but snaps, then seems about to say something else. Then the flare shoots up.  "LET'S GO!" She yells.
  471. [00:41] <DrEvilKitteh> Amelia's phone rang again.
  472. [00:42] <LeftHandofGod> Lin racks the slide on her pistol and readies herself for combat.
  473. [00:42] <Seo-Hyun> "Well, how about that. Really does take all kinds. I'd say it's good to see you, Collete, but I seem to remember not liking you all that much." And very abruptly, Seo-Hyun took off, moving towards the source of the noise with an apparent complete disregard for her own safety.
  474. [00:43] <Jran-Kri> Alexa lurches after Amelia, keeping a good distance behind the other girl.
  475. [00:43] <Poplartree> "As shy as ever~" Collette giggles, and takes her mic out and runs after everyone else
  476. [00:43] <Tangent> "Yes?" Amelia calls into the phone as she starts to run. "Walter?"
  477. [00:44] <DrEvilKitteh> "I'm fine," he started off with. "I just needed to warn you about the stealthed automatons, what the Alchemist calls Stalkers. Nasty pieces of work, sneaky and smart. Keep an eye open for them."
  478. [00:45] <Tangent> "Right, got it, thanks." Amelia blurts. "Hey, look out for sneaky robots!" She yells to the others, but doesn't break stride.
  479. [00:46] <LeftHandofGod> Lin's eyes glance back and forth, trying to search for targets on the sidestreets the group is running past.
  480. [00:50] <DrEvilKitteh> (Quick note before we begin: I add 3 base dice to every roll, which essentially gives a +3 dice bonus to everything.)
  481. [00:50] <DrEvilKitteh> (But first, everyone roll Initiative.)
  482. [00:50] <Seo-Hyun> (On the enemies, or on everyone?)
  483. [00:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Everyone gets +3 Dice.)
  484. [00:51] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 agi!Init
  485. [00:51] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [1, 6, 1, 5, 2]. Botch!
  486. [00:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (All the PC's, all the enemies.)
  487. [00:51] <Seo-Hyun> (that +3 dice sure helped me out there)
  488. [00:51] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 (Initiative, AGI)
  489. [00:51] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [5, 3, 3, 2, 1, 6, 2, 7, 2, 10, 5, 5, 10]. Successes total: 5
  490. [00:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Heh.)
  491. [00:51] <Tangent> !ex 5 (shit for agi)
  492. [00:51] <Molbot> Tangent: [7, 2, 4, 2, 2]. Successes total: 1
  493. [00:53] <Poplartree> !ex 6 agi!Init +2 successes from Awareness
  494. [00:53] <Molbot> Poplartree: [5, 8, 10, 4, 6, 7]. Successes total: 4
  495. [00:53] <Poplartree> (Total 6)
  496. [00:53] <Jran-Kri> !ex 7 AGI
  497. [00:53] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [4, 2, 5, 7, 1, 10, 5]. Successes total: 3
  498. [00:55] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 10 (Walter Initiative)
  499. [00:55] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 3, 5, 5, 3, 9, 9, 6, 4, 2]. Successes total: 3
  500. [00:55] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 (Soldiers Initiative)
  501. [00:55] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 3, 2, 9, 2, 2]. Successes total: 2
  502. [00:56] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 8 (Stalkers Init)
  503. [00:56] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [5, 9, 5, 5, 7, 7, 9, 7]. Successes total: 5
  504. [00:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright, now everyone roll Perception~)
  505. [00:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Anyone who has Third Eye, state so during your roll.)
  506. [00:59] <Seo-Hyun> !d 1d20
  507. [00:59] <Seo-Hyun> >molbot doesn't do simple dice
  508. [00:59] <LeftHandofGod> .d 1d20+5
  509. [00:59] <Internets> :: Total 8 / 25 [32%] :: Results [3] ::
  510. [00:59] <Tangent> .d 1d20
  511. [00:59] <Internets> :: Total 19 / 20 [95%] :: Results [19] ::
  512. [00:59] <Seo-Hyun> oh
  513. [00:59] <Seo-Hyun> .d 1d20
  514. [00:59] <Internets> :: Total 5 / 20 [25%] :: Results [5] ::
  515. [00:59] <LeftHandofGod> (that +5 is from Super Map)
  516. [00:59] <Poplartree> .d 1d20 +5 from Awareness
  517. [00:59] <Internets> Error: invalid format
  518. [00:59] <Poplartree> .d 1d20
  519. [00:59] <Internets> :: Total 2 / 20 [10%] :: Results [2] ::
  520. [01:00] <Poplartree> (+5 from Awareness so Total 7)
  521. [01:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ooh, Super Map. That'll be useful~)
  522. [01:01] <Jran-Kri> .d 1d20
  523. [01:01] <Internets> :: Total 5 / 20 [25%] :: Results [5] ::
  524. [01:01] <DrEvilKitteh> On Lin's map, whatever form it took, she would be able to tell that around twenty contacts of roughly humanoid shape (at least) were nearby. One of them, a more isolated one, was Walter. The others...were not.
  525. [01:03] <DrEvilKitteh> A few of them were...sporadic, however. Hard to pin down and tell where they were with any accuracy.
  526. [01:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Nothing attacks them en route to the fight, but Amelia noticed a flicker of movement on one of the rooftops. And soon, very soon, they came upon the battle scene. It was heralded by the sound of whirring, grinding gears, and sporadic gunfire. At the far end of the street were several Clockwork Soldiers, each 5' tall and wielding a ranged weapon, either an automatic crossbow or musket of some kind, though they had short swords sheathed at their sides. Walter was barely visible in an alley nearest the group of Megucas, revolver held in his teeth as he worked on reloading it-- the reason why was fairly obvious, as the android was missing his left arm from just above the elbow. The building he used as cover was being peppered with projectiles, bolts imbedded in it and lead balls gouging out chunks. Slowly, steadily, the group of Soldiers advanced towards Walter's position.
  527. [01:03] <DrEvilKitteh> (Everyone, including Walter, begins at Far from the Soldiers. Lin goes first.)
  528. [01:04] <LeftHandofGod> (You, uh, you can shoot from far, right?)
  529. [01:04] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes.)
  530. [01:04] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, also, brief mechanics explanation.)
  531. [01:05] <LeftHandofGod> (please and thanks)
  532. [01:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (There are 16 of the Soldiers, IC, but mechanics-wise, they are treated as 4 different monsters, or Soldier Quartets. Each Threshold represents destroying a single Soldier that is part of a given Quartet. You can target a Quartet with no penalty, because they work in tandem and as a team.)
  533. [01:06] <LeftHandofGod> (Roger. Two squads attacking Walter right now?)
  534. [01:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (Four.)
  535. [01:07] <LeftHandofGod> (Four, got it.)
  536. [01:07] <Tangent> "Oh, these assholes again...CHARGE!" Amelia yells, sword drawn.
  537. [01:07] <LeftHandofGod> "Contact!" barks Lin as she opens fire into the foes in the distance. (Barrage)
  538. [01:08] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 (Barrage, AP, FP spent)
  539. [01:08] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [9, 6, 4, 6, 8, 1, 4, 10, 6, 6, 8, 10, 4]. Successes total: 7
  540. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Well.)
  541. [01:08] <LeftHandofGod> (ehehe, whoops)
  542. [01:08] <Poplartree> (Leftie, theres a turn order to adhere to!)
  543. [01:08] <Poplartree> (What is the turn order anyway?)
  544. [01:08] <LeftHandofGod> (wasn't I at the top?)
  545. [01:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin was first.)
  546. [01:09] <Poplartree> (Nope, I got 6, but DeK said Lin goes first)
  547. [01:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (Wait what?)
  548. [01:09] <LeftHandofGod> (Uhh...whoops!)
  549. [01:09] <Seo-Hyun> (I'm so confused right now.)
  550. [01:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (OH. I missed that Awareness.)
  551. [01:09] <Poplartree> (Didnt Lin get a 1?)
  552. [01:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (5.)
  553. [01:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin will go first right now, then Colette. I'll put her at the top of the initiative order, next.)
  554. [01:10] <Poplartree> (Ah right, shit, sorry)
  555. [01:10] <LeftHandofGod> (Also missed that awareness; sorry man)
  556. [01:10] <Poplartree> (thats fine)
  557. [01:11] <LeftHandofGod> (target of that barrage was all visible enemies attacking our compatriot)
  558. [01:11] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 (Quartet #1 Dodge!)
  559. [01:11] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 (Quartet #2 Dodge!)
  560. [01:11] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 (Quartet #3 Dodge!)
  561. [01:11] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 (Quartet #4 Dodge!)
  562. [01:11] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 10, 6, 1, 10, 1]. Successes total: 5
  563. [01:11] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 4, 10, 5, 4, 1]. Successes total: 2
  564. [01:11] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [9, 2, 6, 10, 4, 9]. Successes total: 4
  565. [01:11] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 1, 9, 3, 4, 2]. Successes total: 2
  566. [01:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright, aaand...AP. Lemme calculate real fast...)
  567. [01:12] <LeftHandofGod> (4, 7, 5, 7 net successes respectively)
  568. [01:16] <DrEvilKitteh> Six out of sixteen of the Soldiers go down, shot to bits, and a few others are damaged by the shots. (Quartet #1 is at -1 Threshold, #2 is at -2, #3 is at -1, and #4 is at -2.)
  569. [01:16] <DrEvilKitteh> (Colette!)
  570. [01:18] <Poplartree> "BREAK!" Collette shouts into her mic, the soundwave crushing towards all the soldiers (Ultra-Hi-Frequency Barrage, MP20->17)
  571. [01:18] <Poplartree> !ex 13 FP
  572. [01:18] <Molbot> Poplartree: [5, 2, 6, 7, 2, 4, 7, 7, 9, 5, 2, 10, 9]. Successes total: 7
  573. [01:19] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Erm, would you please PM me that spell so that I know its effects? Looking at a bunch of Titanpads gets kinda...eek.)
  574. [01:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright.)
  575. [01:21] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 5 (#1 Resist!)
  576. [01:21] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 4 (#2 Resist!)
  577. [01:21] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 5 (#3 Resist!)
  578. [01:21] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 4 (#4 Resist!)
  579. [01:21] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 9, 1, 9, 2]. Successes total: 2
  580. [01:21] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [10, 4, 1, 9]. Successes total: 3
  581. [01:21] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 7, 7, 2, 5]. Successes total: 3
  582. [01:21] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 2, 1, 3]. Successes total: 1
  583. [01:22] <Poplartree> (7,6,6,8)
  584. [01:22] <DrEvilKitteh> (They dead.)
  585. [01:22] <DrEvilKitteh> (Write it out~)
  586. [01:24] <Poplartree> The impact from the soundwave, along with previous barrage of bullets from Lin completely shatter the robots into scrap metal and gears, rolling on the ground. "Now that that's over with, we should check up on our friend, shouldn't we~?" Collette says to the group.
  587. [01:25] <LeftHandofGod> "There are more," states Lin, who has an eye on a handheld display. "Covert foes."
  588. [01:26] <Jran-Kri> Alexa bursts out laughing. It is, unlike her previous lifeless laugh, a shrill, hacking and all-too alice sound. She sobers, fortunately, at Lin's comment. "O-o-of c-c-course. N-n-nothing's e-e-ever s-s-so e-e-easy."
  589. [01:26] <Tangent> "Great." Amelia grumbles, skidding to a halt with her sword raised...then looks to Alexa. "We can handle them, Alexa...together." She starts to reach over, then realizes she's too far away and drops her free hand. "Come on then!" She yells.
  590. [01:27] <DrEvilKitteh> (Everyone roll LCK)
  591. [01:27] <Poplartree> !ex 7
  592. [01:27] <Molbot> Poplartree: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  593. [01:27] <Poplartree> !ex 7 Luck
  594. [01:27] <Molbot> Poplartree: [7, 8, 2, 5, 9, 8, 7]. Successes total: 5
  595. [01:28] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 6 [Luck pls]
  596. [01:28] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [6, 5, 10, 10, 4, 3]. Successes total: 4
  597. [01:28] <Tangent> !ex 5 [no luck]
  598. [01:28] <Molbot> Tangent: [7, 1, 1, 8, 7]. Successes total: 3
  599. [01:28] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 please god have mercy upon me
  600. [01:28] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [7, 8, 7, 2, 1]. Successes total: 3
  601. [01:29] <Jran-Kri> !ex 6
  602. [01:29] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [1, 3, 10, 10, 8, 1]. Successes total: 5
  603. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 13 vs Dodge (Stalker #1 vs Amelia!)
  604. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 10 vs Dodge (Stalker #2 vs Lin!)
  605. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 7 vs Dodge or Parry (Stalker #3 vs Colette!)
  606. [01:35] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 1, 3, 3, 6, 6, 1, 4, 2, 8, 7, 2, 10]. Successes total: 4
  607. [01:35] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 10, 1, 1, 2, 8, 3, 4, 9, 10]. Successes total: 6
  608. [01:35] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 8, 9, 4, 3, 5, 10]. Successes total: 5
  609. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ah, bugger.)
  610. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> On-cue, a dart and a bullet fired from a silenced gun came whizzing out of seemingly nowhere, the former at Amelia's throat, and the latter at Lin's. As for Colette, a spindly, shadowy figure sprang down from a rooftop and rushed her. However, only Amelia failed to notice and react in time, however. (And thus the Stalker shooting her receives the full +3-4 Dice bonus for a Sneak Attack.)
  611. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> (^That was supposed to go first. Oh well, it works.)
  612. [01:36] <Tangent> (No defense roll then?)
  613. [01:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Nah, you roll.)
  614. [01:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (It just gets a bonus 'cuz Sneak Attack.)
  615. [01:36] <Tangent> (against agi lol?)
  616. [01:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yyyyep.)
  617. [01:36] <Tangent> (Lucking)
  618. [01:37] <Tangent> !ex 5 vs Dodge
  619. [01:37] <Molbot> Tangent: [3, 4, 9, 2, 9]. Successes total: 2
  620. [01:37] <Tangent> (and two more successes from the luck)
  621. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> (You take off 1 point of Soak, since I'm giving ties to the winner.)
  622. [01:37] <LeftHandofGod> (Ah, you want a defensive roll now too, right?)
  623. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes plz.)
  624. [01:38] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 9 [Dodge]
  625. [01:38] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [1, 10, 5, 2, 8, 7, 5, 8, 10]. Successes total: 7
  626. [01:38] <Poplartree> !ex 7 vs Dodge
  627. [01:38] <Molbot> Poplartree: [4, 1, 1, 2, 1, 10, 3]. Successes total: 2
  628. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, wait no, actually: Tan, remove /2/ points of Soak. Forgot the 1 Piercing.)
  629. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin dodges.)
  630. [01:39] <Tangent> (Okay.)
  631. [01:39] <Tangent> Amelia staggers. "Argh!" She chokes, stumbling back a step and the air around her suddenly baking hot.
  632. [01:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (Colette takes...1 Soak, then 3 more Soak damage. Or 1 point of damage per success if it gets through all her Soak.)
  633. [01:40] <LeftHandofGod> Lin notices the glint of a weapon, and ducks instinctively; the bullet whizzes over her head.
  634. [01:40] <Poplartree> (SP 4->3->1)
  635. [01:40] <Tangent> ( SP 5/7)
  636. [01:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright.)
  637. [01:42] <Poplartree> Collete tries to dodge out of the way, but the bullet still manages hit, barely stopped by her magical clothing. "Ara~, It's not very nice to jump out of nowhere like that you know~"
  638. [01:42] <DrEvilKitteh> The tall, lanky, spindly automaton whirred and slashed a wickedly-curved sword against the side of Colette's body, but she absorbed the blow. It didn't seem to care or register her words, and with that, the Stalker immediately sprang away and returned to the darkness.
  639. [01:43] <Poplartree> (Er, fuck, whatever just strke the previous description from the records)
  640. [01:44] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter fired a shot after the retreating Stalker, but the bullet went wild. "Damn!"
  641. [01:44] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alexa's turn.)
  642. [01:47] <Jran-Kri> Mercifully, Alexa has fallen silent, and merely flicks her staff to summon a bright red shield to overlay Amelia and Lin's armour. [Divine Aegis, 4 Mana: +4 Soak on two targets for 4 turns]
  643. [01:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia!)
  644. [01:49] <Tangent> (Any visible enemies?)
  645. [01:50] <DrEvilKitteh> (Roll LCK for that~)
  646. [01:50] <Tangent> Amelia recovers, stumbing forward with her sword raised as she looks for the stalkers. Alexa's got her back- and she's angry. "Right, burn now." Amelia snaps.
  647. [01:50] <Tangent> !ex 5
  648. [01:50] <Molbot> Tangent: [1, 4, 10, 6, 9]. Successes total: 3
  649. [01:51] <DrEvilKitteh> Amelia would barely spot the outline of a Stalker--she wasn't sure which one--as it relocated, flitting behind the windows of a nearby building. (Far)
  650. [01:52] <Tangent> "GET BACK HERE!" Amelia yells, dashing forward with her sword raised. (FLAME ON for 2 more dash dice)
  651. [01:52] <Tangent> !ex 7
  652. [01:52] <Molbot> Tangent: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  653. [01:53] <Tangent> !ex 7
  654. [01:53] <Molbot> Tangent: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  655. [01:53] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 7 v
  656. [01:53] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [9, 6, 1, 5, 10, 1, 2]. Successes total: 3
  657. [01:53] <Tangent> (Do I still roll?)
  658. [01:53] <DrEvilKitteh> (If you don't want to use my roll, sure.)
  659. [01:53] <Tangent> !ex 7 v
  660. [01:53] <Molbot> Tangent: [8, 6, 8, 8, 1, 3, 4]. Successes total: 3
  661. [01:53] <DrEvilKitteh> (Pfft.)
  662. [01:53] <Tangent> (lolol)
  663. [01:54] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 8 v Stalker Dodge!
  664. [01:54] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 6, 6, 2, 2, 4, 4, 4]. Successes total: 0
  665. [01:54] <Tangent> Wreathed in blue fire, Amelia crashes towards the stalker, sword-first!
  666. [01:55] <DrEvilKitteh> In a rather dramatic and cinematic moment, Amelia, on fire, smashed through the wall and the windows and sliced two of its left arms off. Oh yeah, and it had four arms. The automaton writhed and shrieked out a metallic sound.
  667. [01:55] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo-Hyun!)
  668. [01:56] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun calmly scans the battlefield for any traces of the machines ambushing her comrades...
  669. [01:56] <Tangent> "Ha! BURN!"
  670. [01:56] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5
  671. [01:56] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [5, 4, 4, 2, 6]. Successes total: 0
  672. [01:56] <Seo-Hyun> (these dice tho)
  673. [01:56] <DrEvilKitteh> ...And sees jack-shit. Well, apart from the one Amelia was engaging.
  674. [01:59] <Seo-Hyun> It would do. Seo-Hyun called upon her fox-fire, creating an ethereal mass of blue flame that lashed out at the already-engaged automaton almost more like a beam of light than true fire. [Fireball (Greater)]
  675. [01:59] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 16
  676. [01:59] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [3, 2, 4, 7, 4, 9, 2, 4, 4, 1, 3, 7, 2, 4, 9, 1]. Successes total: 4
  677. [01:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (/Wow/.)
  678. [01:59] <LeftHandofGod> (dam son)
  679. [01:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (That is impressive.)
  680. [01:59] <Seo-Hyun> (Holy fucking shit what is wrong with my dice. Jesus.)
  681. [02:00] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 7 v Stalker Evade!
  682. [02:00] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [3, 2, 8, 5, 3, 6, 7]. Successes total: 2
  683. [02:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (Welp.)
  684. [02:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (It ded.)
  685. [02:01] <DrEvilKitteh> (Write it out~)
  686. [02:01] <Seo-Hyun> The bolt of flame struck its target, despite rather haphazard aim on its wielder's part, sticking to the automaton and ripping it apart as if it had a mind of its own. Seo-Hyun didn't quite manage to restrain a bit of cruel cackling at the destruction she had wrought.
  687. [02:03] <Tangent> Amelia whirls, looking surprisingly...disgruntled? "Hey, I had that one! What if the rest went after the others?"
  688. [02:03] <Seo-Hyun> "Sorry! Only one I had line of sight on!" Seo-Hyun didn't look very sorry.
  689. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> Heavy metal footfalls sounded, fast and methodical. They approached from the same direction the Soldiers were, but the source didn't show itself just yet. (Very Far, out of line of sight)
  690. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 4 v Initiative (A New Challenger Approaches)
  691. [02:04] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 6, 1, 6]. Botch!
  692. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> (Pfft.)
  693. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> (Top of the round. Colette! You've still got 2 Stalkers around!)
  694. [02:05] <Tangent> "Urgh, fine, just keep them off Alexa's back!" Amelia shouts, already keen to burn them up before it comes to that.
  695. [02:08] <Tangent> (Whose turn?)
  696. [02:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (Colette.)
  697. [02:09] <Poplartree> (Sorry, give me a sec)
  698. [02:09] <LeftHandofGod> (Is the incoming baddie visible on Lin's map?)
  699. [02:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ah, yes, it is. It's big.)
  700. [02:11] <Poplartree> "For such brave warriors, a song to help you fight better~" Collete says and begins singing. (Aria of Glory MP 17->16 Everyone gets +1 offensive dice) BGM:
  701. [02:11] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin!)
  702. [02:12] <Tangent> (Does that just last one turn?)
  703. [02:12] <Poplartree> (As long as I continue to provide Mana)
  704. [02:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (It's sustained. ^)
  705. [02:12] <LeftHandofGod> (Would moving to... Walter, right? Would moving to our beleaguered friend's position put me in range to shoot at the big guy?)
  706. [02:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (No, he's at roughly the same distance from it as you, and not in line of sight.)
  707. [02:13] <Tangent> (Amelia's planning to engage it straight in melee to stop it charging.)
  708. [02:13] <LeftHandofGod> (Righto. Let's find some targets.)
  709. [02:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Roll LCK if you wanna hit a Stalker~)
  710. [02:13] <LeftHandofGod> "We have incoming!" Lin calls as she scans her map, trying to find a target. (Luck roll, right?)
  711. [02:14] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 3 [damnit]
  712. [02:14] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [7, 8, 7]. Successes total: 3
  713. [02:14] <Tangent> "I'm on it! I'll keep the new guy busy!" Amelia shouts back, already clutching her sword to her and bracing as though about to...jump?
  714. [02:14] <Poplartree> (Isnt it +3 dice to evrything?)
  715. [02:14] <DrEvilKitteh> (Erm, did you factor in the Base +3 Dice, too?)
  716. [02:14] <LeftHandofGod> (Fuckin oops, lemme roll 3 more)
  717. [02:15] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 3 [double damn]
  718. [02:15] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [4, 5, 7]. Successes total: 1
  719. [02:15] <DrEvilKitteh> Lin spots a second Stalker, crouching on the roof, peeking over the edge and aiming, readying to open fire!
  720. [02:16] <LeftHandofGod> She turns her attention to this foe and fires!
  721. [02:16] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 13 [Hollow point]
  722. [02:16] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [1, 4, 10, 5, 10, 9, 2, 7, 5, 8, 4, 5, 4]. Successes total: 7
  723. [02:16] <DrEvilKitteh> (Dayum.)
  724. [02:16] <LeftHandofGod> (forgot marksman earlier; that totals to 9)
  725. [02:16] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 8 v Stalker Dodge!
  726. [02:16] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 8, 8, 7, 9, 8, 6, 3]. Successes total: 5
  727. [02:17] <DrEvilKitteh> The Stalker's chest explodes from a single well-placed shot, head thudding to the sidewalk far below.
  728. [02:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (Stalker #1...whom should it target~)
  729. [02:19] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo-Hyun and Alexa, roll LCK.)
  730. [02:19] <Jran-Kri> !ex 6
  731. [02:19] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  732. [02:19] <Jran-Kri> !ex 6
  733. [02:19] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [2, 1, 4, 2, 10, 10]. Successes total: 4
  734. [02:19] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 (tfw majority of your stats are base)
  735. [02:19] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [8, 8, 7, 6, 3]. Successes total: 3
  736. [02:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (Shit, man.)
  737. [02:20] <Ral> (Is this 3 additional base dice?)
  738. [02:21] <Seo-Hyun> (Yes.)
  739. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> Both Seo-Hyun and Alexa feel the tingle on the back of their necks that alerts them to the fact that two crossbow bolts have been launched at them, one a piece.
  740. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 11 v Stalker Ranged Attack!
  741. [02:21] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 10, 4, 7, 5, 8, 10, 9, 2, 7, 9]. Successes total: 9
  742. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> (Fuuuck. Roll Dodge to avoid.)
  743. [02:22] <Jran-Kri> !ex 7 Dodge + FP
  744. [02:22] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [1, 5, 7, 7, 5, 4, 1]. Successes total: 2
  745. [02:23] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo-Hyun, too.)
  746. [02:23] <Seo-Hyun> [DECOY] Seo-Hyun makes no attempt to avoid, and as the bolt strikes she dissolves into blue flames and mocking laughter. Unfortunately, it seems that her strike on the stalker drone was also false and no fire truly struck it.
  747. [02:25] <DrEvilKitteh> (AP, so -1 Soak and 5 Successes against Alexa, 1w/s.)
  748. [02:25] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia, roll LCK)
  749. [02:26] <Tangent> !ex 5
  750. [02:26] <Molbot> Tangent: please make sure the dice pool size is specified correctly. Must be a number between 1 and 100.
  751. [02:26] <Tangent> !ex 5 v
  752. [02:26] <Molbot> Tangent: [8, 8, 9, 1, 1]. Successes total: 3
  753. [02:26] <Jran-Kri> ((Right, so that's all of her Soak, -2 HP))
  754. [02:26] <Jran-Kri> ((Sorry, *-3))
  755. [02:27] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 11 v Stalker #1 Melee Sneak Attack!
  756. [02:27] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [6, 10, 4, 5, 3, 2, 10, 1, 9, 2, 6]. Successes total: 5
  757. [02:27] <DrEvilKitteh> (Roll Parry or Dodge, Alexa.)
  758. [02:27] <DrEvilKitteh> *Amelia
  759. [02:27] <Tangent> !ex 12 v
  760. [02:27] <Molbot> Tangent: [10, 3, 3, 6, 7, 4, 8, 10, 7, 1, 10, 9]. Successes total: 10
  761. [02:28] <Poplartree> (Dat parry?)
  762. [02:28] <Tangent> "Oh, no, you DON'T!" Amelia snarls, less parrying and more battering away...before carving into the drone.
  763. [02:28] <DrEvilKitteh> The Stalker Amelia had gone for, having /apparently/ been destroyed--but not actually, because Illusion's kinda bullshit--took a moment to recover before lunging and swiping at Amelia...only to get a hand sliced off.
  764. [02:30] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 9 v Walter shooting Stalker #2!
  765. [02:30] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 3, 5, 4, 8, 6, 2, 5, 5]. Successes total: 1
  766. [02:30] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter's next shot goes wild. Again. Must've been kinda shaky from missing that arm.
  767. [02:31] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alexa!)
  768. [02:31] <LeftHandofGod> (wait, wut)
  769. [02:31] <LeftHandofGod> (he's missing an arm?)
  770. [02:31] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yeah. I said so earlier. He's also an android. Looks like...hold on, lemme find the link.)
  771. [02:32] <Tangent> (she does an extra parry wound btw)
  772. [02:32] <DrEvilKitteh> ( )
  773. [02:32] <DrEvilKitteh> (I know. I factored that in.)
  774. [02:32] <Jran-Kri> Alexa staggers forward, reeling from the blow. A shudder runs through her body, but she makes no effort to mend herself, waving her staff again and summoning another pair of shields, this time around Colette and Seo. [Divine Aegis, 4 Mana]
  775. [02:33] <Tangent> "Damnit, Alexa, are you okay?" Amelia's utterly distracted.
  776. [02:34] <Poplartree> "Thanks dear~"
  777. [02:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia!)
  778. [02:35] <Tangent> Amelia wordlessly lunges for the one that shot Alexa, blade flashing once again!
  779. [02:35] <Tangent> (is it close or far?)
  780. [02:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (That one's still hiding. You'd have to roll LCK to spot it. Also, the Stalker directly next to Amelia is still standing.)
  781. [02:37] <Tangent> But she realizes there's nothing there...and slashes at her attacker instead!
  782. [02:38] <Jran-Kri> "'A-a-afflicted a-a-and in p-p-pain, M-m-m-may y-y-your s-s-salvation, G-G-God, p-p-protect m-m-me,'" Alexa dully recites, evidently unconcerned.  
  783. [02:39] <DrEvilKitteh> (Roll, Tan?)
  784. [02:40] <Tangent> (checking)
  785. [02:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (It has literally 3 HP left. Chop the bastard in half.)
  786. [02:41] <Tangent> !ex 11 v
  787. [02:41] <Molbot> Tangent: [4, 6, 2, 5, 9, 5, 7, 4, 3, 7, 4]. Successes total: 3
  788. [02:41] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 6 v Dodge!
  789. [02:41] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 3, 6, 8, 3, 4]. Successes total: 2
  790. [02:42] <DrEvilKitteh> The Stalker, almost bisected by that strike, wobbles around uncertainly, clearly /almost/ done for.
  791. [02:42] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo-Hyun!)
  792. [02:46] <Seo-Hyun> (Sorry for the wait, had to step away from the computer.)
  793. [02:47] <Seo-Hyun> A new Seo-Hyun steps out from behind a nearby building, looking none the worse for wear and incredibly smug. "Let's try that again, shall we?~" As she stepped out she took a quick glance around, hoping to spot a new target.
  794. [02:47] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5
  795. [02:47] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [3, 5, 2, 10, 9]. Successes total: 3
  796. [02:49] <DrEvilKitteh> ...Nope. The Stalker on the roof has moved on, but the one near Amelia is still...well, not really /alive/, but active. Barely.
  797. [02:49] <Tangent> ...She's never good enough. She can never burn these MONSTERS fast enough to stop Alexa from getting hurt. Somehow seeing it wobble like that just makes her angrier because she didn't do it WELL enough. Fast enough.
  798. [02:50] <Tangent> (regen means she's back to 6/7 soak btw)
  799. [02:51] <Seo-Hyun> Wow. That was barely even worth wasting mana on. With a callous wave of her fingers, Seo-Hyun sent a flurry of fox-fire sparks flying towards the drone like a hail of bullets. [Arcane Barrage]
  800. [02:51] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 16
  801. [02:51] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [10, 2, 10, 6, 1, 10, 2, 8, 1, 1, 8, 5, 2, 10, 1, 6]. Successes total: 10
  802. [02:52] <DrEvilKitteh> (It's dead. Again.)
  803. [02:53] <Seo-Hyun> The sparks tore through the drone once more, devouring it with almost the same intensity as the bolt of fire from earlier. Hopefully this time it was real, and not just Seo-Hyun fucking with everyone again.
  804. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> From around the building at the end of the street tromps a large, bulky, mean-looking machine. With four stubby but powerful legs, it had two long arms, one ending in a large blunt appendage and the other terminating in a wide axe head. Its triangular head was on its chest, meaning it lacked a neck, and small glowing red photoreceptors stared out of it. From a shoulder, a short-barreled cannon turned, aimed, and fired a shell at the Meguca down the road. (Clockwork Juggernaut is now at Far.)
  805. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 8 v AOE Ranged! (Alexa, Seo-Hyun, Lin, and Colette, all roll Dodge.)
  806. [02:56] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 7, 3, 5, 2, 5, 1, 2]. Successes total: 1
  807. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (Holy shit, man. Way to make an intro, dumbass.)
  808. [02:56] <Seo-Hyun> (I don't know about you, but I'm intimidated.)
  809. [02:56] <Ral> (BOOM. 1 SUCCESS. FEAR ME.)
  810. [02:56] <LeftHandofGod> (Oh dear)
  811. [02:56] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5
  812. [02:56] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [5, 3, 1, 8, 1]. Successes total: 1
  813. [02:56] <Poplartree> (Kyahahaha)
  814. [02:57] <Poplartree> !ex 7 vs Dodge
  815. [02:57] <Molbot> Poplartree: [4, 8, 6, 7, 4, 10, 9]. Successes total: 5
  816. [02:57] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 9 [so scare]
  817. [02:57] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [4, 6, 2, 9, 3, 5, 8, 8, 3]. Successes total: 3
  818. [02:57] <DrEvilKitteh> (PFAHAHA)
  819. [02:57] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 9 v Walter Dodge!
  820. [02:57] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [10, 8, 9, 6, 1, 8, 6, 9, 10]. Successes total: 8
  821. [02:57] <Seo-Hyun> (Hey it's almost like maximum monostat isn't a good idea.)
  822. [02:57] <Seo-Hyun> (at least i didn't retcon seo into not actually being there this time)
  823. [02:57] <Jran-Kri> !ex 7 Dodge
  824. [02:57] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [10, 2, 7, 3, 3, 9, 8]. Successes total: 5
  825. [02:58] <DrEvilKitteh> The shell hits and explodes. Heated shrapnel thudded into Seo-Hyun, dealing 1 Soak Pen and 2w/s. So basically just 2 Soak damage.
  826. [02:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Colette!)
  827. [03:00] <Poplartree> "Make sure you take care of yourselves out there~" Collette shouts, as she somehow begins another song while the previous one continues. (MP 16->14 Ballad of Fortitude: +1 Def dice, sustained) BGM:
  828. [03:01] <Seo-Hyun> (wait i forgot to take the extra attack die into account on seo's only-does-one-damage ping, shit, this is game-changing)
  829. [03:01] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin! One Stalker still at large, and one Juggernaut ready to ruuuumbllllllle!)
  830. [03:02] <Poplartree> (Dont forget you +1 attack dice~)
  831. [03:02] <LeftHandofGod> Lin does the only thing that comes to mind: Firing her very small gun at that very large...thing. She aims in the general direction of the cannon.
  832. [03:03] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 14 [AP, FP spent]
  833. [03:03] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [7, 9, 8, 8, 1, 10, 1, 5, 4, 6, 9, 5, 5, 10]. Successes total: 9
  834. [03:03] <LeftHandofGod> (uh, 2 marksman procs, +2 from FP, 13 total)
  835. [03:03] <DrEvilKitteh> (That's 14.)
  836. [03:04] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 11 v Juggernaut Deflect!
  837. [03:04] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [4, 2, 4, 4, 2, 3, 2, 4, 8, 4, 5]. Successes total: 1
  838. [03:05] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Fuck, I'm rerolling. Everyone gets a FP back.)
  839. [03:05] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 11 v Deflect!
  840. [03:05] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 1, 8, 9, 3, 9, 8, 10, 1, 1, 1]. Successes total: 7
  841. [03:05] <DrEvilKitteh> (Much better.)
  842. [03:05] <Seo-Hyun> (Can I go over cap?)
  843. [03:05] <DrEvilKitteh> (For this battle, yes.)
  844. [03:05] <Jran-Kri> ((Whooo))
  845. [03:07] <DrEvilKitteh> The Juggernaut moved to deflect the bullet off its armor, but it only /kinda/ worked. The ricochet got it along some barely-exposed gears and damaged it some, but only the outward armor.
  846. [03:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (Stalker~!)
  847. [03:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alexa, roll LCK.)
  848. [03:09] <Jran-Kri> !ex 7 LCK
  849. [03:09] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [6, 7, 6, 5, 3, 4, 6]. Successes total: 1
  850. [03:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Welp.)
  851. [03:09] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 14 v (Stalker Sneak Attack!)
  852. [03:09] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [2, 4, 8, 7, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 5, 8, 2, 9]. Successes total: 5
  853. [03:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (Roll Dodge.)
  854. [03:09] <Tangent> (Oh jesus)
  855. [03:10] <Jran-Kri> !ex 8 + FP
  856. [03:10] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [1, 9, 3, 8, 8, 9, 2, 7]. Successes total: 5
  857. [03:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (Noice.)
  858. [03:10] <Jran-Kri> ((God ain't done yet.))
  859. [03:10] <DrEvilKitteh> Somehow, somehow, Alexa dodged a bolt. It literally whistled past her ear, cutting off a couple hairs from her head.
  860. [03:12] <Jran-Kri> "'Th-th-the L-L-Lord i-i-is m-m-my LIGHT AND SALVATION! Wh-wh-WHOM SH-SHALL I F-F-FEAR?!'" Alexa cries as she ducks away, cackling.
  861. [03:12] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter, now taking refuge inside a building and crouching behind a window, quickly leaned out and fired. The Stalker that shot at Alexa shrieked and moved to relocate again.
  862. [03:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alexa!)
  863. [03:12] <Tangent> "Damnit...KEEP IT OFF ALEXA! I'll keep the big one busy!" Amelia snarls, then...flies into the air on another burst of fire, right towards the hulking robot. Time to distract the robot, make it pay...and not die. Please, please, let Alexa stay safe...
  864. [03:12] <Tangent> (How far away is the big robot?)
  865. [03:13] <Seo-Hyun> (Far range.)
  866. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yep, far.)
  867. [03:14] <DrEvilKitteh> (And I /did/ say Alexa's turn. Tho Amelia's is right after it.)
  868. [03:14] <Tangent> [Oops sorry D:]
  869. [03:14] <Tangent> [Yeah, go Jran]
  870. [03:16] <Jran-Kri> Alexa, making a small concession to reality, does acknowledge her own injuries, healing them with a flick of the staff. [Miracle Worker, 1 Mana: +2 Wounds]
  871. [03:17] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia!)
  872. [03:17] <Tangent> !ex 7 v
  873. [03:17] <Molbot> Tangent: [3, 1, 10, 6, 10, 7, 6]. Successes total: 5
  874. [03:18] <Poplartree> (Did you add the +1 atk dice?)
  875. [03:18] <Tangent> Amelia dashes at the giant robot. She has to trust Alexa...but she can't let that giant robot shoot at her again!
  876. [03:18] <Tangent> !ex 1 v
  877. [03:18] <Molbot> Tangent: [8]. Successes total: 1
  878. [03:18] <Tangent> (I did now lol)
  879. [03:19] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 11 v Juggernaut Parry!
  880. [03:19] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [9, 6, 7, 10, 6, 3, 10, 9, 10, 4, 8]. Successes total: 10
  881. [03:19] <LeftHandofGod> (Oh shit, it's pissed)
  882. [03:19] <DrEvilKitteh> One of the Juggernaut's legs abruptly flicked forward at the charging Flaming Paladin Ace or whatever she's now called, batting Amelia in the face and dealing 2 Wounds.
  883. [03:19] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seo-Hyun!)
  884. [03:20] <Tangent> [can I trigger scald?]
  885. [03:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (PM that spell to me.)
  886. [03:22] <DrEvilKitteh> (Scald is triggered, but I'm ruling that it deals 1 Wound to the Juggernaut because it just did a Parry.)
  887. [03:22] <Tangent> She hasn't called herself a paladin for a while. But she still has fire magic coursing in her veins- burning hot enough for the blood pouring from her forehead to singe the leg's metal!
  888. [03:22] <Tangent> (Sure)
  889. [03:23] <Tangent> (mag at 10/12, should go back up to 11 turn after next because >lolregen if I don't burn through it. Which I will.)
  890. [03:23] <Seo-Hyun> Maybe it was ego. Maybe it was her incessant compulsion to fuck with people. Maybe she was just naturally a bitch. But Seo-Hyun considered her two options: Take out the assassin harassing them, or do her damn best to steal Amelia's kill... and went with the latter. Laughing manically, she gathered together a truly phenomenal amount of foxfire, compressing it into something more akin to a wall of fire than a bolt
  891. [03:23] <Seo-Hyun> or a ball, and cast it out towards the machine that Amelia had just failed to assault. [Fireball: OMEGA (Instant Cast)]
  892. [03:23] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 20 + Fortune
  893. [03:23] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [7, 6, 5, 7, 8, 7, 3, 3, 8, 3, 7, 6, 10, 3, 2, 5, 1, 8, 2, 2]. Successes total: 9
  894. [03:23] <Seo-Hyun> [11]
  895. [03:24] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 11 v Juggernaut Resist!
  896. [03:24] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 4, 3, 6, 6, 2, 5, 3, 6, 2, 6]. Successes total: 1
  897. [03:24] <LeftHandofGod> (Oh, if anyone drops a threshold, i have avenger so lemme know)
  898. [03:24] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Seriously?)
  899. [03:24] <Seo-Hyun> (Hey, at least he won't be jobbing to a weak spell. This is basically the Fire spec ultra-nuke.)
  900. [03:25] <Ral> (It is 12 mana.)
  901. [03:25] <DrEvilKitteh> (I seriously wanna reroll again for that. Muh Miniboss, tho)
  902. [03:26] <DrEvilKitteh> (...But I'm going with it.)
  903. [03:27] <Ral> (Least it wasn't a flurry.)
  904. [03:27] <DrEvilKitteh> The flames engulfed the Juggernaut, burning and searing... But it remained standing. (Congrats. You took away all of its Soak except for the 2 Permasoak, and took it down a Threshold.)
  905. [03:27] <DrEvilKitteh> (Juggernaut's turn~)
  906. [03:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Like the cover of a heavy metal album, the flaming clockwork behemoth charged, attempting to run over Amelia and going straight for the others, Seo-Hyun in particular.
  907. [03:29] <DrEvilKitteh> (Overclock Engaged.)
  908. [03:30] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 14 v CHAAAAAARGE MUTHAFUCKAAAAS
  909. [03:30] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 10, 5, 6, 7, 8, 2, 6, 2, 8, 7, 2, 10, 10]. Successes total: 11
  910. [03:30] <Seo-Hyun> (...oh)
  911. [03:30] <LeftHandofGod> (Oh, it's pissed now)
  912. [03:30] <Seo-Hyun> (...I'm honestly tempted to Decoy that again.)
  913. [03:30] <DrEvilKitteh> (Amelia, Seo-Hyun, Alexa, Lin. Roll Dodge or Parry.)
  914. [03:30] <Tangent> (Parry?)
  915. [03:31] <Poplartree> (Dont forget to +1 def dice!)
  916. [03:31] <Tangent> !ex 13 (parry plus luck)
  917. [03:31] <Molbot> Tangent: [2, 10, 8, 10, 6, 1, 5, 2, 3, 10, 9, 3, 1]. Successes total: 8
  918. [03:31] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 10 [FP spent]
  919. [03:31] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [2, 6, 3, 4, 10, 4, 2, 7, 2, 10]. Successes total: 5
  920. [03:31] <Tangent> (And lucking for 2 successes)
  921. [03:31] <LeftHandofGod> (7; there any pen on that?)
  922. [03:32] <Tangent> Amelia doesn't even have time to yell a warning. All she can do is raise her greatsword and...brace.
  923. [03:32] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 6 + FP Oh jesus please don't have high penetration
  924. [03:32] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [3, 8, 10, 5, 7, 5]. Successes total: 4
  925. [03:32] <DrEvilKitteh> (1 Soak Pen, 2 w/s.)
  926. [03:32] <Seo-Hyun> (Soak is per success, not per wound, right?)
  927. [03:32] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yeah.)
  928. [03:33] <Jran-Kri> !ex 8 AGI + FP
  929. [03:33] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [9, 10, 6, 8, 6, 2, 2, 9]. Successes total: 5
  930. [03:33] <LeftHandofGod> (11-7  = 4 soak depleted; does the soak from Alexa's spell get depleted first?)
  931. [03:33] <Seo-Hyun> (Soak: 9/7 -> 3/7)
  932. [03:33] <Jran-Kri> ((I'm pretty sure, yeah.))
  933. [03:33] <Tangent> (+4 soak for 4 turns still is active right?)
  934. [03:34] <Jran-Kri> ((I don't believe it's been 4 turns, so yeah.))
  935. [03:34] <LeftHandofGod> (Soak: 10/6 -> 6/6)
  936. [03:35] <DrEvilKitteh> (Now, top of the round! Colette!)
  937. [03:36] <Tangent> (Amelia took 1 success's worth of damage, right?)
  938. [03:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yerp.)
  939. [03:36] <Tangent> So uh, she's down to 1 extra soak from spell heh
  940. [03:36] <Jran-Kri> ((Alexa ate three successes, by my count, so -6 wounds.))
  941. [03:36] <Tangent> (Oh jesus)
  942. [03:36] <LeftHandofGod> (That a threshold?)
  943. [03:37] <Jran-Kri> ((Believe it's 2.))
  944. [03:37] <Jran-Kri> ((Wait, no. Just 1.))
  945. [03:37] <Jran-Kri> ((No, no, I was right the first time. 2. In the 3rd threshold.))
  946. [03:37] <DrEvilKitteh> The Juggernaut's swings go wide, smashing into the ground and rending huge chunks of pavement in its frenzied rage. It didn't kill anyone, but it was /very/ intent on taking as many Magical Girls down with it as it could.
  947. [03:38] <LeftHandofGod> (Okay. A priority attack...would I roll that now for Avenger?)
  948. [03:38] <DrEvilKitteh> (Also now in Close.)
  949. [03:38] <DrEvilKitteh> (Er, close to everyone except Amelia.)
  950. [03:38] <Ral> (You would LHoG)
  951. [03:39] <Ral> (I believe you get an additional...4 dice was it?)
  952. [03:39] <LeftHandofGod> Upon seeing her allies wounded, Lin opens fire into the juggernaut. "Not today."
  953. [03:39] <LeftHandofGod> (extra 4 dice is for the next turn)
  954. [03:39] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 14 [Hollowpoint]
  955. [03:39] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [4, 7, 9, 5, 6, 1, 7, 3, 5, 2, 8, 6, 10, 2]. Successes total: 6
  956. [03:40] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 12 v Juggernaut Deflect!
  957. [03:40] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [3, 3, 9, 3, 2, 2, 5, 4, 2, 6, 5, 7]. Successes total: 2
  958. [03:40] <DrEvilKitteh> The Juggernaut gets a hit in one of the arms, messing up the servos and gears there, but it barely slows.
  959. [03:41] <DrEvilKitteh> (Colette!)
  960. [03:44] <Poplartree> While singing, Collette directs the soundwaves to also obstruct the Juggernaut's movements. (Pin Down, MP 14->12 from sustaining Aria and Ballad)
  961. [03:45] <Poplartree> !ex 13 v Pin Down
  962. [03:45] <Molbot> Poplartree: [6, 4, 8, 4, 10, 5, 10, 1, 3, 3, 4, 1, 3]. Successes total: 5
  963. [03:46] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 10 v Juggernaut Resist!
  964. [03:46] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 9, 1, 1, 4, 1, 9, 9, 5, 10]. Successes total: 6
  965. [03:46] <DrEvilKitteh> The four-legged tank of an automaton shakes off the soundwaves, unbothered by them.
  966. [03:46] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lin!)
  967. [03:47] <LeftHandofGod> Lin fires into the robot again, fury plain on her face.
  968. [03:47] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 18 [HP, FP spent]
  969. [03:47] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [8, 8, 3, 7, 10, 6, 7, 9, 5, 10, 1, 2, 5, 8, 2, 9, 10, 8]. Successes total: 14
  970. [03:47] <DrEvilKitteh> (Fuuuuck.)
  971. [03:47] <LeftHandofGod> (uh, with marksman and FP, that's 19 successes)
  972. [03:47] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 14 v Juggernaut Deflect!
  973. [03:47] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [3, 1, 4, 3, 10, 9, 4, 5, 9, 4, 8, 6, 6, 1]. Successes total: 5
  974. [03:47] <Tangent> (Welp)
  975. [03:48] <LeftHandofGod> (jesus)
  976. [03:48] <DrEvilKitteh> A single shot goes through the Juggernaut's body, piercing its head and chest and making it stagger, wobbling and twitching spasmodically, gears whining and snapping off.
  977. [03:49] <DrEvilKitteh> (Stalker!)
  978. [03:49] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alexa, Lin, roll LCK.)
  979. [03:49] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 3  
  980. [03:49] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [4, 1, 5]. Botch!
  981. [03:50] <Jran-Kri> !ex 4 LCK
  982. [03:50] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [10, 6, 6, 1]. Successes total: 2
  983. [03:50] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh goody~)
  984. [03:51] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 14 v Stalker Ranged (Hollowpoint, no Pen, 2 w/s)
  985. [03:51] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [5, 4, 6, 1, 2, 7, 5, 9, 1, 10, 6, 5, 6, 1]. Successes total: 4
  986. [03:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Dodge.)
  987. [03:52] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 10 [AGI dodge, bonus die]
  988. [03:52] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [4, 10, 7, 10, 2, 1, 7, 2, 8, 10]. Successes total: 9
  989. [03:52] <LeftHandofGod> (Would you like me to reroll? Because this is some bullshit)
  990. [03:52] <Jran-Kri> ((You're just TOO GOOD))
  991. [03:53] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Uhh. Nah, that's fine.)
  992. [03:53] <DrEvilKitteh> (Jran, u rollin'?)
  993. [03:53] <Tangent> (agi monostat?)
  994. [03:53] <Seo-Hyun> (This is just proof that machines cannot match the might of mahou shoujo.)
  995. [03:54] <LeftHandofGod> (yep)
  996. [03:54] <Jran-Kri> ((Right, sorry, whoops!))
  997. [03:54] <Jran-Kri> !ex 5 AGI
  998. [03:54] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [8, 8, 6, 2, 2]. Successes total: 2
  999. [03:54] <DrEvilKitteh> (2 w/s.)
  1000. [03:55] <Jran-Kri> ((-2 Wounds, for 1 HP. Down to last threshold.))
  1001. [03:56] <LeftHandofGod> (y'know what that procs?)
  1002. [03:56] <DrEvilKitteh> However, just after shooting Alexa, Walter manages to draw a bead on the Stalker again and shoot it. The wounded stealth automaton falls from its perch and lands splayed on the concrete below, still active but quite damaged as it attempted to stagger to its feet.
  1003. [03:58] <LeftHandofGod> (shall i roll avenger once more, or nah)
  1004. [03:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Wellll, it won't matter if you target ol' Juggy.)
  1005. [03:58] <LeftHandofGod> (thoguht it had to be on the thing that made the ally drop a threshold)
  1006. [03:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (Possibly? I dunno. But if you wanna shoot the Stalker, go ahead~)
  1007. [03:59] <Jran-Kri> ((It does specify against the enemy that caused the threshold drop))
  1008. [03:59] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 10 [HP]
  1009. [03:59] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [5, 4, 5, 2, 4, 1, 5, 3, 9, 10]. Successes total: 3
  1010. [03:59] <LeftHandofGod> (4 with marksman, also fucking AGI builds yo
  1011. [04:00] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 5 v Dodge!
  1012. [04:00] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [1, 9, 6, 5, 8]. Successes total: 2
  1013. [04:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (It dies.)
  1014. [04:01] <DrEvilKitteh> (Now...gimme a minute.)
  1015. [04:04] <Seo-Hyun> (I'm probably gonna have to go to bed pretty imminently over here. It's pretty late.)
  1016. [04:05] <DrEvilKitteh> Overclock still engaged, the Juggernaut was shaking /violently/ after Lin's /extremely/ well-placed shot. It lashed out furiously, wildly, desperately, and even the cannon on its shoulder boom, firing at Amelia as she (presumably) attempted to close the distance. (Out of order attack action. Makes a Melee Smash/AOE attack vs all Close enemies, and a Ranged attack vs Amelia. However, /everyone/ gets a priority attack on it after the attack and defense rolls have resolved, as it leaves itself wiiiide open. So basically everyone gangs up on it at once and tears it to shreds.)
  1017. [04:05] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 12 v Melee AOE! (1 Soak Pen, 2w/s)
  1018. [04:05] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 7 v Ranged Cannon shot! (1 Soak Pen, 2w/s)
  1019. [04:05] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [10, 4, 8, 1, 10, 1, 2, 7, 4, 5, 1, 9]. Successes total: 7
  1020. [04:05] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [8, 5, 6, 2, 7, 2, 10]. Successes total: 4
  1021. [04:05] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes, that means even if Alexa gets KO'd, she can shoot it or something before falling.)
  1022. [04:06] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 5 + Fortune
  1023. [04:06] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [8, 4, 9, 2, 7]. Successes total: 3
  1024. [04:06] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 10 [AGI dodge]
  1025. [04:06] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [5, 8, 10, 8, 5, 7, 2, 6, 7, 9]. Successes total: 7
  1026. [04:06] <Tangent> !ex 5 v
  1027. [04:06] <Molbot> Tangent: [10, 6, 10, 3, 2]. Successes total: 4
  1028. [04:06] <Jran-Kri> !ex 4 AGI
  1029. [04:06] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [9, 10, 1, 3]. Successes total: 3
  1030. [04:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (Poplar?)
  1031. [04:07] <Tangent> Amelia is indeed running towards it, murder in her eyes as she sees Alexa take hits. She's not good enough. She's never good enough to kill the monsters before Alexa gets hurt. What's even the point of her if she can't keep her safe...
  1032. [04:07] <Poplartree> (Ah sorry!)
  1033. [04:07] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 9 v Walter Dodge!
  1034. [04:07] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [1, 5, 6, 3, 7, 6, 2, 1, 2]. Successes total: 1
  1035. [04:08] <Poplartree> !ex 7 v dodge
  1036. [04:08] <Molbot> Poplartree: [6, 1, 9, 7, 8, 4, 10]. Successes total: 5
  1037. [04:08] <DrEvilKitteh> The axe arm smashes through the building Walter was in during its frenzy, eliciting a cry of pain from the android...and a retaliatory gunshot in return.
  1038. [04:09] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 7 v Walter Attack!
  1039. [04:09] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [7, 3, 9, 1, 9, 3, 7]. Successes total: 4
  1040. [04:09] <DrEvilKitteh> (Everyone, roll for attack.)
  1041. [04:09] <Tangent> (Dash?)
  1042. [04:09] <Tangent> (Or melee?)
  1043. [04:09] <LeftHandofGod> !ex 14 [HP]
  1044. [04:09] <Molbot> LeftHandofGod: [8, 6, 1, 6, 5, 9, 9, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 4, 5]. Successes total: 3
  1045. [04:09] <Seo-Hyun> !ex 17 Purging Flame
  1046. [04:09] <Molbot> Seo-Hyun: [9, 7, 3, 9, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 9, 10, 8, 3, 6, 1, 3, 3]. Successes total: 7
  1047. [04:11] <Jran-Kri> !ex 6 [Magic Missile]
  1048. [04:11] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [5, 4, 5, 6, 10, 9]. Successes total: 3
  1049. [04:11] <Poplartree> !ex 14 Ultra-Hi-Wavelength Blast
  1050. [04:11] <Molbot> Poplartree: [4, 4, 7, 2, 7, 2, 8, 7, 8, 2, 2, 9, 10, 8]. Successes total: 9
  1051. [04:11] <DrEvilKitteh> (Either or, Tan.)
  1052. [04:12] <Tangent> !ex 12 [Smash smash smash]
  1053. [04:12] <Molbot> Tangent: [6, 2, 1, 3, 1, 10, 9, 10, 6, 1, 1, 6]. Successes total: 5
  1054. [04:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Doesn't matter much at this point.)
  1055. [04:15] <DrEvilKitteh> !ex 9 vs Juggernaut Resist!
  1056. [04:15] <Molbot> DrEvilKitteh: [5, 1, 5, 8, 6, 9, 3, 1, 2]. Successes total: 2
  1057. [04:16] <DrEvilKitteh> In a combo-attack that is terrifically executed and would undoubtedly be all the rave at the cinemas for the rest of the year were it in a movie, the five girls and Walter dealt many rapid blows that, essentially, culminated in the Juggernaut falling to pieces. And exploding. No one was harmed by shrapnel or anything, fortunately.
  1058. [04:16] <DrEvilKitteh> (Combat Over.)
  1059. [04:17] <DrEvilKitteh> (Is Alexa still barely standing, or down?)
  1060. [04:18] <Jran-Kri> ((Deader than disco.))
  1061. [04:18] <Tangent> (Oh jeez, critical wounds?)
  1062. [04:19] <Jran-Kri> ((Well, I mean, that last hit knocked her below 0, is all.))
  1063. [04:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (She's not dead, btw.)
  1064. [04:20] <DrEvilKitteh> (I'm doing GnG Lite, so to speak. Sorta.)
  1065. [04:21] <DrEvilKitteh> (She might have a wound or something, but that can be healed in a week or two at the absolute most, probably.)
  1066. [04:22] <Tangent> Amelia pulls her sword free. "Ha..." She coughs. "Stupid tin can...Right, Alexa?"
  1067. [04:22] <Tangent> ...
  1068. [04:22] <Seo-Hyun> "Haha! This is way more fun than just fighting a bunch of petty street-level criminals!" In spite of her words, however, Seo-Hyun cast a quick wistful glance to the shattered remains of the robots, muttering something under her breath about the remains not being edible, before refocusing her attention on the rest of the group. "Everyone alright?"
  1069. [04:23] <Poplartree> "I'm fine~" Collette says as she waves to Seo and begins walking towards Walter
  1070. [04:24] <LeftHandofGod> Lin checks her map, then scans her surroundings. "Clear." She scans the party. One, two, three, four...uh oh.
  1071. [04:24] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter pulled himself out of the rubble of the building's first floor. His metal skin was dented and crumpled in place, and he was limping a little, but he was at least faring better than Alexa. "I yet live," he muttered, voice a little hazy and distorted.
  1072. [04:24] <Tangent> "A-Alexa?" Amelia rushes over, desperately looking for her friend. "No, no, no..."
  1073. [04:25] <Jran-Kri> Alexa lays on the ground, face up, half-staring up at the sky, one eye forced shut by a deep gouge in her face. The other, of course, was closed due to her being completely unconscious, her body wrapped up in her mantle like a flag.
  1074. [04:26] <Tangent> "Oh god, oh god....ALEXA!" Amelia rushes over, shaking her friend. "Wake up, come on, just wake up..." She looks afraid for the first time in this fight. No, not like this. It should have been HER, not Alexa, and why didn't she notice, keep her safe, why couldn't she have stopped it...
  1075. [04:28] <Seo-Hyun> Amelia's cry seems to startle Seo-Hyun out of her adrenaline rush, as she quickly quiets down whilst approaching the two girls. "...Shit. Anyone here have healing abilities?"
  1076. [04:29] <Tangent> "please just wake up..." It shouldn't have been like this. She was supposed to be SAFE. She didn't even really want to come...What good is her magic if she can't even keep her best friend safe? Alexa has to be okay. She has to be...
  1077. [04:30] <LeftHandofGod> "...I don't." Lin looks on, concern etched in the lines of her face.
  1078. [04:31] <Poplartree> "Unfortunately, I can't heal her either."
  1079. [04:31] <DrEvilKitteh> "I have a small medkit with supplies that can prevent her from getting worse due to bloodloss and internal bleeding," Walter wheezed, checking one of the pouches on his belt.
  1080. [04:32] <Tangent> Amelia looks up, desperation on her face...then looks to Walter. She doesn't seem to register his injuries for a moment, looking to his pouch without moving away from Alexa. "How do you use it?"
  1081. [04:35] <DrEvilKitteh> "Give me a moment." Walter fumbled with it a bit, locking a few pieces in place, and the like. "Place this end against her chest, over he heart. Depress the button on the other side. It will flow through her body fairly far, that way." He handed a small tube to Alexa, perhaps four, five inches long.
  1082. [04:37] <Tangent> Amelia snatches it, fear making her fingers shake as she uses the device. "please be okay, please..."
  1083. [04:38] <Jran-Kri> !ex 2
  1084. [04:38] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [5, 6]. Successes total: 0
  1085. [04:38] <Jran-Kri> !ex 4
  1086. [04:38] <Molbot> Jran-Kri: [5, 9, 7, 2]. Successes total: 2
  1087. [04:40] <DrEvilKitteh> Alexa would feel a buzzing, tingling feeling go through her body, an alien feeling as it spread from her heart to the top of her head and the tips of her toes. With it preventing the worse of her wounds from hemorrhaging blood for the time being, she would find herself returning to hazy consciousness.
  1088. [04:41] <Tangent> And Amelia's hovering over her, clutching her firmly...but not hard enough to hurt her.
  1089. [04:43] <Jran-Kri> The moment her one eye that isn't swelled shut by blood opens, an expression of nothing short of euphoria flits across her face. She grins wide enough to split it in two, her good eye darting around hurriedly to focus on something. Then she sees Amelia, and realizes how much everything hurts. Her face falls as she stares up at her friend. "O-o-o-oh. I-I-I'm a-a-alive."
  1090. [04:45] <Tangent> "Y-yy..." Amelia stammers, then hugs her. "D-don't...You...Don't you d-dare do that again...H-heal yourself...I don't care what h-happens to me or a-any of us, heal yourself..." She stammers.
  1091. [04:47] <Jran-Kri> Alexa's good eye twitches spastically. With clunky, robotic motions, she attempts to return the hug while lying down. She settles for lightly patting Amelia on the back. "... I-I-I'll... k-k-keep th-that in m-m-mind."
  1092. [04:48] <Tangent> Amelia takes a long time to let go of Alexa- her grip's surprisingly gentle. She hovers over Alexa anxiously. "You...your face..." She whispers, sounding horrified. "We...we can get you back to the Wand, we can find someone to heal you...Don't move..."
  1093. [04:48] <Tangent> She seems about to move to scoop Alexa up.
  1094. [04:49] <DrEvilKitteh> "...I think it best if you heal yourself at least a little before we retreat to the pub," Walter remarked to Alexa from the side. "If you are unable to do much, then the Wand should be able to provide something."
  1095. [04:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Peeps wanna pause here?)
  1096. [04:51] <Tangent> (Yeah)
  1097. [04:52] <Jran-Kri> Laboriously shifting in place, she eventually rises. She touches her face, wincing as she touches the wound. A bitter smirk tugs at one corner of her face as her hand trembles. "'... F-f-for in d-d-due s-s-season w-w-we sh-shall r-r-reap, i-i-if w-w-we d-d-do n-n-not l-l-lose h-h-heart," she mutters to herself as, recalling her staff, she begins to knit herself back together.
  1098. [04:53] <Jran-Kri> ((Yeah, it's really late. Good job, guys.))
  1101. Afterbattle: To the Pub
  1102. [00:37] <DrEvilKitteh> (Vox, Lefty, Tan, whichever one of you guys wants to post next, go ahead.)
  1103. [00:37] <Seo-Hyun> (I was giving someone else an opportunity to make the first post.)
  1104. [00:37] <LeftHandofGod> (Was also waiting, but here we go then)
  1105. [00:38] <LeftHandofGod> "Shouldn't we get to safety? There may be reinforcements coming," states the vested girl, an eye on a display in her hand.
  1106. [00:42] <Seo-Hyun> "Yes, let's not give them time to send in more of those behemoths. One was bad enough." Seo-Hyun started moving for about a fraction of a second before she stopped, taking a look around. "...Er. Where to?"
  1107. [00:42] <Tangent> "Right." Amelia says shakily. "Let's...let's get you back to the Wand, alright, Alexa?"
  1108. [00:43] <Tangent> She stands, gently holding Alexa and scooping her off her feet again.
  1109. [00:43] <DrEvilKitteh> "The Wand," Walter hissed out, voice severely distorted and almost static-y by the damage he'd received. "They won't attack there." He started limping surprisingly quickly in the direction of the establishment in question.
  1110. [00:44] <Jran-Kri> Alexa shakes her head as if to clear it as Amelia helps her up, surprise colouring her face for a moment. She merely nods as she attempts to mop up the blood with her red mantle, the stain fortunately only sort of showing.
  1111. [00:46] <LeftHandofGod> "Are you going to be able to walk there?" asks Lin, concern etched into her brow.
  1112. [00:47] <Tangent> Amelia shakes her head, still holding Alexa- strangely looking completely unstrained by the weight. "She won't have to."
  1113. [00:48] <DrEvilKitteh> "Probably," the android wheezed in response. Well, not really "wheezed" since he lacked a respiratory system, but that's what it sounded like. "It's not far." He double-checked a little radar doodad. "...Yeah, not far."
  1114. [00:49] <Seo-Hyun> "Then let's get moving, yes? The sooner we reach safety the better." And with that, Seo-Hyun moved to join Walter.
  1115. [00:49] <Jran-Kri> "I-I-I a-a-am f-f-f-fine, now," Alexa insists, through she makes no effort to leave Amelia's grasp. She glares at Lin. The expression is made instantly worse by the brand new scar running right along her eye. She takes a moment to retrieve her glasses, miraculous survivors they are.
  1116. [00:49] <Tangent> Amelia's fingers tighten around Alexa briefly as she looks down at her shorter friend, but then she starts walking.
  1117. [00:50] <LeftHandofGod> Lin notices the glare, but ignores it, instead choosing to check her map once more. "No contacts yet, but they could be hiding like the first ones."
  1118. [00:53] <DrEvilKitteh> "Wouldn't be surprised. Keep your guards up." They were only a few blocks from the pub, so if they hurried, the group would likely be able to reach it fairly swiftly.
  1119. [01:01] <DrEvilKitteh> (...You guys just wanna skip back to the pub, then?)
  1120. [01:01] <Tangent> (sure)
  1121. [01:01] <LeftHandofGod> (Works for me)
  1122. [01:04] <Seo-Hyun> (Yeah, that works.)
  1124. [01:04] <Tangent> A tall, knightly girl bursts in through the door, her blue outfit stained with deep crimson splatters, and a smaller girl in her arms. "Hey, someone help!" She yells. "She needs another healer!"
  1125. [01:05] <Jran-Kri> "... N-n-no I d-d-don't," Alexa grouses in her arms, her deep red mantle covering most of her. Her eye twitches, the scar running down her face twisting. "I-I-I a-a-am p-p-perfectly f-f-functional."
  1126. [01:06] <Tangent> "Yes, you do." Amelia says, a bit sternly, but without letting go. "Hold still, you're hurt..."
  1127. [01:07] <Jran-Kri> "CANINOTEVENFIXMYSELF?!" Alexa suddenly barks, her body seizing up like an electric current ran through it.
  1128. [01:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Erm.)
  1129. [01:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (Gais, Chronicle, I think.)
  1130. [01:07] <Jran-Kri> ((Sorry, I took my lead from Tang))
  1131. [01:08] <LeftHandofGod> (Yeah, we kind of fell out of the timeline, didn't we?)
  1132. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (People in Overcity are doing stuff just outside "this" Pub instance, and I don't think we should interrupt it.)
  1133. [01:08] <Jran-Kri> ((Yeah, we're technically like a couple days in the past))
  1135. [01:07] <DrEvilKitteh> Soon, within a few minutes, the party reached the door of the Wand and Circlet pub. They'd traveled the rest of the way unmolested, with no contacts appearing on Lin's map save for the inhabitants of a couple nearby buildings and those in the pub itself. Walter pushed the door open, managed not to stumble to the floor upon stepping inside, and hobbled over to the bar. "Can't help but wonder if Alexa's healing magic might work on me," he grunted out.
  1136. [01:09] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun shrugged, quickly joining Walter at the bar and ordering a glass of scotch for herself. "Might be best if we let her rest for the moment. She's not exactly in the best state after what's happened to her."
  1137. [01:09] <Tangent> Just inside, Amelia clings to Alexa. "You don't HAVE to heal yourself. Not when you're hurt like this."
  1138. [01:10] <DrEvilKitteh> "That's why I didn't ask her to try earlier," he groaned to the fox girl. "Ah. Better." Walter slumped against the bar.
  1139. [01:10] <LeftHandofGod> Lin sits with Seo-Hyun and Walter at the bar, requesting another of what she left half finished earlier.
  1140. [01:10] <Jran-Kri> "IAMFULLYFUNCTIONAL!" Alexa insists, her good eye twitches spastically. She swivels her head this way and that, adjusting her glasses. "I-I-I c-c-can f-f-fix a-a-anything."
  1141. 01:12] <Tangent> "You shouldn't have to." Amelia insists, equally stubbornly. "I...You shouldn't have gotten hurt. Shouldn't have been there...Just try and relax, okay?" She looks around. No healers coming to help. "It doesn't look that bad." She lies. "You'll be good as new, soon as someone helps..."
  1142. [01:13] <Seo-Hyun> "Well, hey. We all made it out alive. Things could be going a lot worse. Shame we don't have a medic on call, though."
  1143. [01:14] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter rapped his one and only hand on the countertop and slid several coins across it to the Bartender. He was promptly handed a healing potion, which he held out to Amelia and Alexa. "You got anyone on call who can heal?" he asked of the man. The Bartender thought, then nodded and snapped once. A girl hurried out of the kitchen with a healing artifact in her hands, looking around curiously and nervously. "Alexa, you alright with her healing you?"
  1144. [01:14] <Jran-Kri> If she looked angry before, now she looked utterly murderous. Or she would, if she were at all capable of such a thing. The phrase 'shouldn't have been there' has the opposite of a relaxing effect, as she furiously attempts to twist out of Amelia's grasp to stand under her own power. Her staff springs back into being as she turns to glare at Seo. "IAMTHEMEDIC!"
  1145. [01:15] <DrEvilKitteh> "..." Walter just blinked, unsure what to make of that.
  1146. [01:16] <DrEvilKitteh> Meanwhile, amused chuckling came from a man reading a newspaper a few tables away.
  1147. [01:16] <LeftHandofGod> Lin recoils slightly from the raging girl, but remains silent.
  1148. [01:16] <Jran-Kri> Alexa glares daggers at the poor girl who's just been sent out, her nostrils flaring as she breathes heavily. She almost looks ready to calm down until she hears someone laughing. Then she rounds to scream at him. "SOMETHINGFUNNY?!"
  1149. [01:16] <Tangent> Amelia doesn't let go. "Yeah, but this time, you're getting healed. You'll hurt yourself, Alexa." She nods to the girl with the artifact. "Alexa, shh, shh..."
  1150. [01:17] <Tangent> She holds Alexa tighter.
  1151. [01:17] <Seo-Hyun> "Yes, and you're hardly in a state to treat your own wounds, from what I've seen. Just because you have power doesn't mean you're in a condition to use power."
  1152. [01:18] <DrEvilKitteh> The man just chuckled harder at that. He flipped the page of his newspaper over to look at the next two pages.
  1153. [01:22] <Jran-Kri> Looking between the assembled company like a cornered animal, Alexa continues to rage against Amelia's grasp, her breathing growing heavier. Her face is flushed and twisted in rage and possibly even fear. More likely embarrassment. Her hat shifts as she grabs a fistful of hair. "Sh-sh-sh-shut u-u-up! I-I-I'm f-f-fine! STOPLAUGHINGATME!"
  1154. [01:24] <Tangent> Amelia just holds her tighter. "Shh, it's're okay..." She risks a glance to the girl with the healing artifact. A meaningful, worried jerk of her head.
  1155. [01:24] <LeftHandofGod> Anger tugs at Lin's neutral expression as well. She stands and walks to the table where the man is reading. "What is it you find funny?"
  1156. [01:25] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun didn't move, but a perfect copy of her formed across from the man, glaring at him. She spoke mere moments after Lin did, not seeming to care about maintaining any semblance of diplomacy. "Yo, peanut gallery, mind keeping it down?"
  1157. [01:26] <Tangent> Amelia has other things- Alexa- on her mind, but she's never felt more tempted to throw a fireball at a bystander.
  1158. [01:26] <DrEvilKitteh> "But it's just such a delightfully amusing scene!" The man's voice was familiar to both Amelia and Alexa. Walter, as well, stiffened. "The heroes enter, all battered and bruised and injured. And one of them's so batshit crazy that she's lost touch with reality!" He neatly folded the newspaper and grinned at the girls.
  1159. [01:27] <Tangent> Amelia's grip becomes bone crushing. "Stop talking." She snarls. Why does she know that voice?
  1160. [01:28] <Tangent> The air around her is suddenly warm. Her skin and armor are almost scaldingly hot.
  1161. [01:28] <LeftHandofGod> "I believe you're the one out of touch with reality if you laugh at the wounded," growls Lin. "Take her advice and be silent."
  1162. [01:28] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter gripped his pistol so tightly that his hand created from the stress, green eyes glaring at the man. "Lin, Seo-Hyun, back off," he said quietly, seriously.
  1163. [01:30] <Jran-Kri> Alexa clearly doesn't quite know where she's heard this voice, but something about it -- or maybe just what he says -- throws her over the edge. She writhes and thrashes, clutching her gnarled wooden staff in a death-grip. "'H-h-he v-v-violates h-h-his c-c-covenant! H-h-his t-t-talk is s-s-smooth, b-b-but w-w-war is i-i-in his heart!'" She shakily recites, breaking out into a sweat.
  1164. [01:30] <Tangent> "Alexa, stay with me here...Listen to me, it's okay..."
  1165. [01:30] <LeftHandofGod> Without hesitation Lin backpedals to the bar, hand on her pistol in its holster.
  1166. [01:30] <Tangent> ...Something's wrong with Alexa. She can't pretend there isn't any more. And she has no idea how to help her.
  1167. [01:32] <Seo-Hyun> Seo, unfortunately, wasn't typically the kind to listen to advice. "Fan of Lovecraft, then? You know, you could always go read a fucking book instead of loitering in a pub waiting for people to get injured and go mad just so you can get your rocks off."
  1168. [01:34] <DrEvilKitteh> “Oh, now that wasn't very nice. You'll hurt my feelings, little one.” At which point, the man's form faded like mist, to be replaced by a figure wearing cream-colored robes, a gold mask, and gold-like segmented armor of sorts covering his entire body beneath the robes. He looked at Seo, though she couldn't actually see his face, and there was the distinct impression that his grin widened. “Lovecraft? Garbage. Far from the incredible reality, my dear. But no, that's not actually why I'm here...Seo-Hyun, was it?”
  1169. [01:36] <Tangent> And that's when blue fire shoots from Amelia's suddenly outstretched hand.
  1170. [01:36] <Tangent> Or at least, when she tries to.
  1171. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> There's a blur of wind, and the fire spirals and dissipates harmlessly in the air.
  1172. [01:37] <Jran-Kri> Alexa seizes up like she's suddenly been put in an invisible straight jacket. Her empty eyes stare at the figure listlessly for a moment, her wild look of hate giving way to incredulity. She doesn't seem to process anything until Amelia tries to fight inside the fine establishment. "KILL! G-g-go, k-k-kill! S-s-send f-f-forth to e-e-eternal j-judgement!"
  1173. [01:38] <Seo-Hyun> "I'm Seo-Hyun only among friends. In your case, stick to 'demon'. But really, Lovecraft, garbage? Finally, I found someone with taste in literature!" Suddenly, Seo's voice went from sarcastically jovial to icy serious. "Why are you here?"
  1174. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> "Neutral Zone rules, I do believe," the man said in a smug tone. "You can't touch me in here, and likewise, I can't touch any of you."
  1175. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter said nothing, though his hand was still on his revolver's grip.
  1176. [01:39] <Tangent> "Some rules need to be broken. You're a murderer. You're going to die. And you deserve it." Amelia spits, her loathing clear.
  1177. [01:40] <Seo-Hyun> "That's not an answer. You clearly know who we are, enough so to have an interest in what happens to us. Why?" The real Seo-Hyun, meanwhile, was burning through... wait, her third glass of scotch?
  1178. [01:43] <LeftHandofGod> Lin eyes the exchange, hand still not moved from her pistol. She gives Walter a look, hoping for some information on who this could be.
  1179. [01:44] <DrEvilKitteh> "You wound me," he said to Amelia, a hand clutched dramatically to his chest. "...Ah, that's quite simple. See, Seo, I'm here out of curiosity. And you could also say I'm scouting out the enemy. Yeah, that's a good way to phrase it. But, first, proper introductions." The man stood and bowed with a flourish. "I am the man whom you know only as The Alchemist. I remember you two from when you blew up one of my mining sites not too long ago. That wasn't very nice," he chided them. "And the least you could've done was leave a bill for the damaged property and equipment. I mean, come on! Those automatons are ruddy expensive to make!" The Alchemist gesticulated in a way that would put Italians to shame as he meandered about, walking with a spring in his step.
  1180. [01:46] <Tangent> Another burst of pointless fire.
  1181. [01:47] <DrEvilKitteh> That, too, was dissipated in a blur and gust of air.
  1182. [01:47] <Jran-Kri> As much as her burning desire for murder is foiled by their present location, Alexa doesn't show another burst of displeasure until now. She seizes up, another sharp recitation tearing out of her trembling throat. "'The l-l-love of m-m-money i-i-is the r-r-root of a-a-all k-k-kinds of e-e-evil! S-s-some, e-e-eager f-f-for money, h-h-have s-s-STRAYED from the f-f-FAITH and p-pierced themselves w-w-with g-g-grief!'"
  1183. [01:54] <DrEvilKitteh> (Vox, Lefty?)
  1184. [01:55] <LeftHandofGod> Having given up on any information from Walter, Lin settles on watching the events unfolding before her with an uneasy frown on her face.
  1185. [01:55] <Seo-Hyun> (Seo's grievances are slightly different from the rest of the party's, and I'd rather not overshadow that outburst with my own fuckery.)
  1186. [01:56] <LeftHandofGod> (Lin doesn't really have a dog in this fight, and will probably be silent until spoken to)
  1187. [01:57] <DrEvilKitteh> "And now she's quoting Bible verses non-stop. That's just sad." The Alchemist shook his head and sighed, having the air of a disappointed parent. A sadistic, sociopathic parent, but still. "Oh! How have your other friends fared, I wonder? I sent ol' Ironclad after that Ice girl with the warhammer--mmm...Pupil, NO!, Iris, yes?--but apparently some other people rescued her just in the nick of time. Is she still alive, or did she perhaps succumb to her wounds before help arrived~?" He had a gleeful, anticipatory tone to his voice, like a kid asking about Christmas presents. "And I know I personally witnessed my automatons taking down one Morgan Salazar, and they did the same to several other 'Magical Girls' whom Walter had recruited.”
  1188. [02:02] <Tangent> Amelia has the presence of mind to put Alexa down.
  1189. [02:02] <Tangent> Then she just starts throwing fireball after fireball in blind rage at the alchemist, uncaring for the craters it leaves in walls and bars, but still barely watching where she's firing.
  1190. [02:04] <Tangent> "Burn! BURN, you worthless murdering filthy  psychotic excuse for a human being!"
  1191. [02:04] <Jran-Kri> Fortunately, once under her own power, Alexa doesn't do anything stupid. She just hunkers down, glaring daggers -- shaky, electrified daggers -- at the Alchemist. Her head cocks this way and that, her lip twisting. "I-I-Iris l-l-lives," she says, in a voice that doesn't exactly scream triumph. "Y-y-y-you w-w-will g-g-get y-y-yours. G-g-great o-o-or s-s-small, e-e-every m-m-man w-w-will r-receive wh-what h-h-he iso-owed."
  1192. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> All of them dissipate before reaching the Alchemist, and Amelia would quickly find herself lying on the sidewalk across the street from the pub. A note fluttered to the ground next to her with a message reading: "No Fighting. That includes fireballs."
  1193. [02:07] <DrEvilKitteh> The Alchemist just giggled more and clapped in excitement. "You are most certainly correct about that, Alexa. I am owed much, and I will receive it quite shortly, now." He sauntered over to the bar and placed an order for a shot of whiskey. "In a way, I'm glad Iris is alive. Maybe I'll get to vivisect her, too~. It's a thoroughly enjoyable thing, really, to find out just what makes you 'Mahou Shoujo' tick."
  1194. [02:08] <Tangent> "DAMNIT, THAT THING'S A MONSTER!" Amelia yells at thin air.
  1195. [02:09] <LeftHandofGod> Lin shakes in her boots, squeezing the grip of her pistol, but remains silent anyway.
  1196. [02:09] <Jran-Kri> "YOUAREOWEDDAMNATION!" Alexa screeches, her fire rising. She looks significantly less confident now that Amelia is no longer beside her, and given that she was already hysterical, this is a considerable step down. "Wh-wh-why a-a-are y-y-you h-h-here? J-j-just t-t-to t-t-taunt u-u-us?!"
  1197. [02:10] <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun exhaled a slow, quiet sigh as she watched things devolve into attempted violence and a rather prompt expulsion of her fellow pyromancer. As the Alchemist approached the bar, she transitioned from speaking with her clone to simply speaking normally. "Listen. Astrologist, or whatever the fuck your name is. I'm going to be frank with you here. I don't care about your bottom line, or what you've been doing
  1198. [02:10] <Seo-Hyun> to have magical girls sent after you. But you went after a friend of mine. Nearly killed her. And I value my friends very, very highly. So I want you to know now one very simple thing. Some day soon, in spite of any security measures you put in place, I will kill you."
  1199. [02:14] <DrEvilKitteh> "Leave. Now," Walter growled at the Alchemist.
  1200. [02:14] <DrEvilKitteh> The Alchemist waved Walter off dismissively. "Psychological warfare is a magnificent thing, indeed. And I know more about all of you, whom I shall be facing in the near future, I should think." He picked up the shot glass, but didn't down it. "Oh, Foxy Seo. I would love to see you try." He made his way over to the door, humming to himself. "Alas, I am needed back at headquarters. It would be so very enjoyable to speak with you all some more, but...perhaps later? Yes, later." He nodded and put his hand on the door, starting to push it open.
  1201. [02:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, yeah, pics for referece for the Alchemist: )
  1202. [02:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (More or less.)
  1203. [02:15] <Seo-Hyun> Seeing this, Seo-Hyun decided to escalate, leaving another copy of herself sitting at the bar while she moved to invisibly follow the alchemist. The pub was a safe place, but the street outside of it...
  1204. [02:16] <Tangent> And Amelia's already there outside, sword in hand.
  1205. [02:16] <LeftHandofGod> Lin stands, intent on pursuing with not the foggiest idea that she'd have backup.
  1206. [02:18] <DrEvilKitteh> The Alchemist pushed the door open and stood there, "grinning" at Amelia for a moment, feet still inside the pub. Then, Amelia would feel whiskey splash against her face, right in her eyes, as the Alchemist stepped outside and began to bustle away.
  1207. [02:19] <Jran-Kri> Alexa takes a moment to stare at the spot he previously occupied, a shudder running through her. It takes her a moment to remember that Amelia is still outside; then she twirls to watch him go. The moment he leaves, she lurches almost mindlessly after him.
  1208. [02:20] <LeftHandofGod> Lin bursts out the door, glancing at her map to make sure this isn't a trap.
  1209. [02:20] <Tangent> Amelia slashes wildly, missing, then whirls. "I'LL KILL YOU!" She snarls, stumbling blindly.
  1210. [02:20] <Seo-Hyun> The second he stepped outside, the still-invisible Seo-Hyun prepared and fired off another bolt of foxfire, sending the azure missile straight towards his back. (Should I roll for an attack or does he have some instant answer prepared?)
  1211. [02:22] <DrEvilKitteh> The Alchemist was hit by a simultaneous bolt of foxfire and an unloaded cylinder of bullets courtesy of Walter. Flaming and with holes in him, he tumbled to the ground. And promptly vanished. A whistle sounded from the roof of the pub, from which the Alchemist waved. "Maybe next time, little ones." He turned, walked away, and vanished. Lin would note that he completely disappeared off the map just a second after stepping out of sight.
  1212. [02:23] <LeftHandofGod> "...He's gone from the area. Disappeared off the map." Seeing no targets, she holsters her weapon.
  1213. [02:24] <Seo-Hyun> Entirely contrary to what would be expected, Seo-Hyun's face broke out into an incredibly wide grin, followed shortly after by laughter. "Well. I'm impressed. He may be a piece of shit, but he's got style."
  1214. [02:25] <Tangent> A gust of flame in the pavement from Amelia as she stabs her sword into the ground makes it clear just how little she thinks of his style. "I'm going to BURN that bastard." Amelia snarls. "For everything."
  1215. [02:25] <Jran-Kri> "... E-e-e-expected," Alexa says simply, staring straight ahead. She seems to shut down, like a wind-up soldier reaching the end of its march.
  1216. [02:25] <Tangent> She looks back inside the pub.
  1217. [02:27] <DrEvilKitteh> Walter holstered his revolver and waved the waitress over to Alexa. The girl with the healing artifact had just timidly watched everything with a slowly-paling face, only letting out a few meeps when things got loud. She hurried over and held the healing artifact near the Northern Irish girl, its magic flowing into her and working on knitting her wounds.
  1218. [02:30] <Jran-Kri> Alexa takes another solid couple seconds to register being healed. Despite her earlier protestations, the fight seems to have gone out of her. With a laborious sigh, she merely nods jerkily.
  1219. [02:32] <Tangent> Amelia hovers over her anxiously. A grateful nod to the healer. "Hey, you okay?" She asks Alexa. She looks to see if that scar's still there.
  1220. [02:32] <DrEvilKitteh> The scar is still there, as it would still take a little while to heal, but it's mending.
  1221. [02:34] <Jran-Kri> "... I-I-I a-a-am... I'm f-f-f-fine," Alexa says slowly, continuing to stare straight ahead, wide-eyed, like she's looking at something far in the distance.
  1222. [02:34] <Tangent> "That...That's good. Hang...hang in there, okay? Come on..." Amelia tugs. "Let's get you upstairs. See if there's a bed..."
  1223. [02:36] <Jran-Kri> "W-w-why?" Alexa asks, cocking her head to one side. It takes her another moment to remember to actually look at Amelia, though she still seems to be looking right through her. "D-d-do w-w-we n-n-not h-h-have t-t-to p-put a stop to this m-m-monster?"
  1224. [02:37] <Seo-Hyun> "We do, but time is on our side. We can wait, spend time regrouping. Our odds of bringing him down will be better if we take time to rest and recover, and be at our absolute strongest when we march to war."
  1225. [02:37] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yes, I think everyone needs some rest, now," Walter murmured from where he sait at the bar. "I'll go over my information, what I know about him and his forces, and that way we can plan the best way to hit the Alchemist hard and stop him for good with a single strike if we can." He nodded at Seo-Hyun. "It will take some time, so please, rest and recuperate so we have you at full strength."
  1226. [02:40] <Jran-Kri> Deprived of her manic energy, Alexa's empty expression barely wavers. She nods slowly, closing her eyes. For the first time, she winces at the pain of the scar, her shoulders slumping. "S-s-so be it."
  1227. [02:40] <Tangent> "You need to rest." Guilt dances in Amelia's eyes. "This was all my fault...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have brought you for it...but I didn't think..."
  1228. [02:41] <DrEvilKitteh> "Amelia, please." Walter shook his head, remembering how such talk had driven Alexa to a hysterical frenzy earlier.
  1229. [02:41] <Seo-Hyun> "Alright. Well. I need to unwind, so I'm off to go terrorize slash arrest petty crooks or something. Amelia, you've got my number. Call me when it's time to strike, I'll be there." And with that, Seo-Hyun began to walk away, slowly dissolving into blue flames as she did.
  1230. [02:42] <LeftHandofGod> "...Do you want my phone number?" asks the vested girl from her seat at the bar. "Could help again if needed..."
  1231. [02:44] <Jran-Kri> Alexa twitches sharply at this, again, but the episode seems to have passed. She does, however, give Amelia a pointed look, her thousand-yard stare coalescing to glare at the other girl. "D-d-do y-y-you n-n-not w-want m-m-me around?"
  1232. [02:45] <Tangent> "N-no! God, no, that's not what I meant...I just keep getting you hurt, and I can't k-keep you safe, and...and...what good am I if I get you killed?" She whispers towards the end.
  1233. [02:46] <DrEvilKitteh> "If you are really willing and able to help when we go after him, I won't turn you away," Walter sighed out to Lin. "Frankly, we'll need everyone we can get."
  1234. [02:47] <LeftHandofGod> "Take my number then," mumbles Lin as she scratches it into a napkin and passes it to Walter. "Let me know. We're supposed to fight monsters, and he...definitely is one."
  1235. [02:49] <Jran-Kri> Nodding slowly, Alexa seems decidedly unconcerned, looking away to stare off into the distance. "Y-y-you sh-shouldn't h-h-have t-t-to. I-I sh-should be a-able t-t-to k-keep m-m-myself s-safe."
  1236. [02:50] <DrEvilKitteh> "Thanks. I'll shoot you a message soon so you have mine." Walter took the napkin and slid it into his pocket. "I won't lie and say that it won't be dangerous, though. I won't blame you if you want to back out."
  1237. [02:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Ah, hell. Forgot to have Walter say goodbye to Seo. Oh well.)
  1238. [02:52] <LeftHandofGod> Lin just raises an eyebrow, then points at the stone hanging around her neck. "I'll be fine. Fighting is what we're good for."
  1239. [02:52] <Tangent> Amelia shakes her head. "Just...just heal...please."
  1240. [02:54] <DrEvilKitteh> "And more girls potentially dying is exactly what I don't want," Walter replied. He waved the waitress over to start trying to heal himself, but he looked at Lin after that. "...And I'm sorry, but I don't know what that signifies." He nodded at the stone.
  1241. [02:55] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Oh wait. Waitress is still healing Alexa. Fawk. Retcon that bit.)
  1242. [02:55] <Jran-Kri> "WELLAPPARENTLYICAN'TEVENDOTHAT!" Alexa suddenly explodes, jerking an arm over to point accusingly at the poor waitress. Fortunately, this episode is brief, as she clamps a hand down on her head and screws her eyes shut. "S-s-sorry. S-s-sorry. Th-that's... th-that's b-b-been h-h-happening, l-l-lately."
  1243. [02:56] <LeftHandofGod> Lin seems to struggle with a decision, then... "Forget about it. Just know that I'm hard to get rid of for good."
  1244. [02:56] <Tangent> " need to rest, Alexa." Amelia whispers. "Please, don't do this to yourself. I...I can't stand it."
  1245. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> The waitress "Meep!"-d again, but dutifully kept on healing Alexa despite that.
  1246. [02:57] <Tangent> *stand to see you hurt yourself like that...
  1247. [02:58] <Jran-Kri> Sighing again, Alexa pushes her glasses up to pinch the bridge of her nose, tilting her head up. "I... am... fine," just the act of speaking without stammering is clearly a Herculean effort.
  1248. [02:59] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Alright. I'll believe you." Walter gave her a nod. And then promptly fell face-first onto the bar.
  1249. [03:00] <Tangent> Amelia looks over. "...Walter?"
  1250. [03:00] <LeftHandofGod> After a moment of confusion, Lin looks at the hapless healer. "...Medic?"
  1251. [03:00] <DrEvilKitteh> "M'fine." He weakly waved off their concern with his sole remaining hand.
  1252. [03:01] <DrEvilKitteh> The waitress looked between Walter and Alexa several times. She gave the latter a once-over to make sure she was good for now, then stood and walked over to Walter and began applying her healing magics to him.
  1253. [03:04] <Jran-Kri> Alexa watches the process impassively, blinking slowly every now and again.
  1254. [03:05] <Tangent> Amelia's gently stroking her hair, soothingly. Without thinking.
  1255. [03:06] <Tangent> *Alexa's
  1256. [03:06] <Jran-Kri> Although she twitches sharply at the motion, Alexa makes no protest, humming softly.
  1257. [03:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Slowly, parts of Walter's body began to straighten and mend, and pieces began to form where he'd lost chunks of his clockwork body. "...Ah. That feels much better," he muttered.
  1258. [03:08] <Jran-Kri> "R-r-remarkable," Alexa says blandly, adjusting her glasses.
  1259. [03:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Well, shall we call it for the night? Have Alexa and Amelia head off to bed off-screen while Walter heals and Lin does whatever?)
  1260. [03:15] <Tangent> (pmuch)
  1261. [03:15] <LeftHandofGod> (Yeah, that's fine)
  1262. [03:15] <Tangent> (tired IRL)
  1263. [03:16] <Jran-Kri> ((Yeah, works for me))
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