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  1. Please read the full terms below before opening a trade!
  3. Due to fraud, I may request ID, phone, additional photos, or other verifying information from you at any point during the trade.  If that is a problem, you'll need to find another seller.
  5. Do not initiate a trade unless you are ready to complete a cash deposit at a credit union with "shared branching" and send me the receipt within an hour.  If the trade takes over an hour and the price of Bitcoin Cash has gone up in that time, I reserve the right to have you restart the trade and re-escrow the funds again at current rates, prior to releasing the coin to you.
  7. To find a credit union that has shared branching, please use this locator:
  8.  Most CUs are open Mon-Sat, but if you can find the rare one that is open Sundays, I am available all week.
  10. DEPOSIT INFO:  Please initiate a trade and I'll provide you with account information for the deposit once you have satisfied my requirements.
  12. IMPORTANT FOR QUICK RELEASE:  Do NOT deposit anything besides cash!  Always use a unique deposit amount when you open a trade. For example, instead of $500, make it $502 or something.  This makes it easier to find your transaction and quickly release the Bitcoin Cash.
  14. AT THE TELLER:  You will need to go into the bank and deposit with a human teller.  Find out the teller's name, you'll need to write that on the receipt.  Get a receipt!
  16. AFTERWARDS:  Write across the receipt with a pen: "FOR BITCOIN CASH PURCHASE FROM FTL_IAN ON LOCAL.BITCOIN.COM, NO REFUNDS".  Also write the teller's name and branch location (if it's not already printed on there) - street, city, state!
  18. Take a clear photo of the entire receipt showing all four corners (scans are not acceptable) and send it to me for verification of the deposit. DO NOT throw away the receipt in case I need to ask you to re-photograph it.  Depending on my trading history with you, I may ask you write more and take more photos of the receipt and/or the receipt with you in it.
  20. Do not mark complete until you've completed all required photos.  If you are a new user, do not mark complete even after you've completed the photos - I will finish out the trade.
  22. Depending on our trading history, I may call the branch and verify your honesty and deposit status before I release the coins.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but if you are newer here, you'll have to jump some extra hoops.  Please be patient, my reputation is stellar.  If you do as instructed, you will get your coins.
  24. DISCLAIMER:  What you do with your Bitcoin Cash is your business.  Don't tell me what your plans are.  If you do, I reserve the right to refuse the sale.  Further, you certify that you are the one both buying and receiving the Bitcoin Cash.
  26. ABOUT ME: I'm an administrator of Shire Bitcoin Vending, the Shire Free Church's outreach project dedicated to spreading Bitcoin Cash in furtherance of our mission to foster peace.  You are buying the Church's Bitcoin Cash and we respect your privacy.  All USD and BTC earned is re-invested in the church's mission.  Thanks for being part of it!  See my user profile for more information about our mission.
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