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Oct 27th, 2018
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  1. Eileen’s thumb felt like it was going to break, her muscles aching to their very core. Her vision was blurring, her body shaking, and worse yet, it felt like she was going to pass out. She forced herself to breath, inhaling crisp cold air as she continued to power through the strain of it all.
  2. Somewhere, someone mentioned something about how foolish she looked.
  3. She ignored it.
  4. Nothing else mattered.
  5. “Finished!”
  6. It was only when the overly delightful cheery voice cried out that Eileen opened her eyes and relaxed.
  7. The familiar colors of the TV focused back into view, and there standing atop a pedestal was Mario spinning around in a victorious dance.
  8. “Yeeeesss!” Eileen screamed at the top of her lungs, thrusting the controller high into the air.
  9. “Calm down!” Bradley screamed back, trying to hold back his laughter.
  10. “I can’t concentrate when you go nuts like that!”
  11. “Doesn’t matter! I won!” Eileen shot back, excitedly. “Now who lost? Who is it?”
  12. There was silence as Eileen waited for a response, and when none came, she looked back at the TV.
  13. In last place was Rosalina, dejectedly sulking after having lost the mini-game.
  14. Eileen’s bushy black tail wagged reflexively. Peering over, she found Christian sulking even more. His lithe but figure drew Eileen’s eyes across his body. Though thin, she could tell the subtly muscular figure he possessed.
  15. “You know the rules, dude. Just go ahead and do it.” Bradley laughed.
  16. Christian shook his head and let out a huge sigh as he began to unbutton his pants. He was smart to lose his socks and shirt first, and there was much debate about whether or not his belt actually counted as an article of clothing. Nevertheless, the rules were quite clear.
  17. Whoever lost a mini-game round had to lose an article of clothing.
  18. Those were the rules of Strip Mario Party.
  19. Eileen’s mental camera snapped a machine gun fire of pictures as Christian proceeded to remove his pants in his sitting position, pulling off one leg at a time and leaving him in his boxer shorts.
  20. He quickly moved his controller over his lap.
  21. “Everybody stop staring!” He protested loudly.
  22. “Relax man, no one wants to stare at your boner.” Bradly replied, hitting the dice block to move his character.
  23. Eileen did however. She caught just a brief glimpse. He was hard. She tried to calm her beating heart.
  24. She had to win. Just one more would leave him naked. The goal was clear.
  25. The next mini game however was a game of chance, and as luck would have it, she won that too.
  26. Unfortunately, it was Safia who lost.
  27. Everyone looked over to the Jinko, whose passive expression didn’t change whatsoever as the returned back to the over world map. She looked back at their respective gazes.
  28. “I suppose I have to take off something as well?” She asked without a hint of embarrassment in her voice.
  29. “That’s how it works, yeah.” Bradley replied.
  30. The smart decision, Eileen thought, was to remove her jeans, leaving her only wearing her bra and whatever underwear she wore. It was the only smart move, Eileen thought.
  31. Instead, Safia simply looked down at her figure and with almost mechanical like precision, unhooked her bra with a flip of her finger and tossed it aside as if it was unwanted trash, leaving her topless for the two boys and hellhound to ogle at.
  32. The silence only continued as the three started at her sizable breasts.
  33. “Can we continue?” She finally asked passively as Bradely rolled her character.
  34. While Bardley rolled his character, not bothering to even look at the TV while he continued to stare, Eileen couldn’t help but notice Christian’s cock, twitching rapidly.
  35. No.
  36. This would not stand.
  37. This jinko slut wasn’t going to get another win over her.
  38. And especially not over her Christian.
  39. The next mini-game, was as once sided as it could be, as she simply ran around in circles.
  40. “Aw damn, I guess lost.” Eileen sighed, attempting to sound sad.
  41. “Rules, are rules, though!” Bradley once again declared.
  42. From the corner of her eye, she could tell that Christian was looking at her, seeing what article of clothing she would lose next.
  43. Eileen for her part had only lost her pants, and was still left with her underwear and red flannel shirt as well.
  44. She proceeded to unbutton her shirt, lessening each button and opening it, revealing a stark pink bra. And while everyone watched her remove her shirt entirely, she could almost feel the two boys cocks throb as she emulated Safia and removed her bra as well, tossing it far behind her while proceeded to put her shirt back on.
  45. She didn’t bother to rebutton the shirt as she leaned back, giving the two boys, and most importantly Christian, a full view of her chest.
  46. From behind them, Safia’s orange eyes peered over, and for the first time that night, betrayed a hint of emotion.
  47. Eileen only smiled and bared her fangs in a wicked grin.
  48. “You’re move.”
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