Frames and Modding

Apr 2nd, 2017
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  7. 0. To Do
  8. 1. Intro and Explanation
  9. 2. Mods
  10. 3. Abilities and Scaling
  11. 4. Frames
  12. 5. Useful Links
  13. 6. Changelog
  17. ============
  18. = 0. To Do =
  19. ============
  20. I am back and will be updating this list. I will be adding items to this To Do list, but I am also taking suggestions because there is a lot of "content" to skim through. So far:
  21. -Baruuk, Hildryn, Garuda
  22. -Augment mods since Sept. 2018
  23. -reaping chakram
  24. -Update Khora
  25. -Update Nezha
  26. -Gara statstick
  27. -
  28. -Warframe arcanes (own section)
  29. -mention exaulted weapons specifically
  30. -line breaks
  31. -check my spelling, good god
  35. ============================
  36. = 1. Intro and Explination =
  37. ============================
  38. This guide is for all you little shits who need help modding. A big issue with builds for new and intermediate players is that they will try and follow them to the letter, and end up not being able "to see the forest for the trees." The best way to talk about modding is to say "Prioritize strength, then duration," or in this case "Strength/Duration."
  40. The Mods section will go through the main categories of mods and give a bit of information for each one. The Frames section each frame will have a bit of information on them, and then go over their roles and how to mod them.
  42. Above all else, don't ever take things at face value. Ask questions, experiment, and figure things out. Just don't ask questions that are answered in this guide.
  44. - NOTE: criticism -
  45. This guide is 100% open to criticism, assuming I see it. If you have something to say just give reasons, screenshots, math, or whatever. Shitposting doesn't get you anywhere.
  47. - NOTE: "tiers" -
  48. If you haven't seen it by now, there is a tierlist of frames circulated on /wfg/. The author of this list fails to realize that every frame has niches it fits into, which makes rating them on a single "Bad-God" scale is inaccurate. In order for frames to be ranked on tiers, there must be tiers for EVERY niche, which has not been done (and probably never will).
  52. ===========
  53. = 2. Mods =
  54. ===========
  55. Each of the major mod categories are listed below. When reading through the frames section, refer to this list for which mods to use. Primed and Umbra mods are not included here, but you should use them at whenever you can to minmax your stats. Useful Augment Mods will be listed under the frames section.
  57. Quality of Life mods are listed just so you know what mods are reasonable to use. In general these should be put on AFTER you have mods from the other categories.
  59. IMPORTANT: Mods with a '*' next to them are niche mods that are only useful on a few frames.
  61. == Strength Mods ==
  62. [Intensify] [Blind Rage] [Transient Fortitude] [Power Drift] [Energy Conversion]*
  64. == Duration Mods ==
  65. [Continuity] [Narrow Minded] [Constitution] [Augur Message]
  67. == Range Mods ==
  68. [Stretch] [Overextended] [Cunning Drift]
  70. == Efficiency Mods ==
  71. [Streamline] [Fleeting Expertise]
  73. == Quality of Life Mods ==
  74. [Flow] [Equilibrium]* [Rage]/[Hunter Adrenaline]* [Mobilize]* [Rush]* [Natural Talent]* [Speed Drift]*
  76. == Survivability ==
  77. [Quick Thinking] [Vitality]* [Redirection]* [Steel Fiber]* [Armored Agility]*
  79. == Aura Mods ==
  80. [Corrosive Projection] [Energy Siphon] [Shield Disruption] [Growing Power] [Rifle Amp]* [Stand United]*
  82. - NOTE: Negative Stats -
  83. Corrupted mods like [Overextended] will give negative stats. When you are modding, make sure that these negative stats do not interfere with the build. For example: If I have to build strength, I don't want to build [Overextended] in MOST cases because it hurts power strength.
  85. - NOTE: Channeled Abilities -
  86. Any ability that consumes constant energy over time while active is a channeled ability, and modding for them is tricky. In order for channeled abilities to hit minimum energy drain you must have either 175% Efficiency/100% Duration or have 190% Efficiency/40% Duration. Keep in mind that the UI won't go past 175%, but 190% efficiency from mods is still possible.
  88. - NOTE: Rank 10 Mods -
  89. An important thing to realize is that any rank 10 mod is not actually worth getting to rank 10. Get it to rank 8 or 9, then move on. You don't have to spend that much endo for +9% more strength. Someday when you have endo and credits to burn you can go back and finish maxing.
  91. - NOTE: Umbral Mods -
  92. Umbral mods should be treated like their non-umbral counterparts in most cases. There are few builds that can use multiple umbral mods and these builds are time consuming to make. Treat them like a small upgrade in a stat for minmaxing.
  96. ============================
  97. = 3. Abilities and Scaling =
  98. ============================
  99. Whenever you talk about warframe abilities and the damage they deal, scaling comes up. In order for a warframe to be an "endgame" damage dealer it must have an ability that deals damage based off of either enemy damage or enemy health. Enemy damage and health do not have an upper limit, so any ability that scales with them also has no damage cap.
  101. Infinitely Scaling Damage Abilities:
  102. -Maim (Equinox): 100% of health damage dealt inside of radius shot back out and
  103. distributed evenly among enemies in range.
  104. -Energy Vampire (Trinity): 6.25% enemy health per tick, ignores armor.
  105. -Mallet (Octavia): Reflects enemy damage back 2.5 times over in an AOE.
  106. -Magnetize (Mag): Ticks of 25% of damage dealt to enemies within bubble during
  107. ability, 200% of damage dealt to enemies inside of bubble
  108. dealt upon detonation.
  109. -Smite (Oberon): 35% of enemy health distributed evenly among orbs shot out
  110. of target.
  111. -Cataclysm (Limbo): Average of health of all enemies inside Cataclysm dealt at
  112. the end of the ability duration.
  113. -Undertow (Hydroid): Ticks 2% of enemy health, increasing after each tick.
  115. These abilities are technically the most powerful abilities in game, even if they are difficult to use effectively and may not be worth building for. It is important to remember that there are other abilities that increase in damage but have an eventual cap (e.g. Nyx's Absorb being limited by her energy capacity). Abilities like this are NOT infinitely scaling.
  117. - NOTE: [Covert Lethality] -
  118. [Covert Lethality] is a mod for daggers that guarantees an enemy will die if you perform a stealth finisher animation on them. There are several frames that can make use of this mod, essentially giving them a pseudo-scaling ability. Remember: ground finishers are different than stealth finishers and do NOT benefit from [Covert Lethality].
  120. Finisher Forcing Abilities:
  121. -Silence (Banshee using [Savage Silence])
  122. -Teleport (Ash using [Fatal Teleport])
  123. -Rest (Equinox)
  124. -Radial Blind (Excalibur)
  125. -Desiccation (Inaros)
  126. -Quiver's Sleep Arrow (Ivara)
  127. -Prism (Mirage)
  131. =============
  132. = 4. Frames =
  133. =============
  134. Each frame is listed below (alphabetically) with a few details and information on how to mod. This guide assumes you have already read the wiki pages for basic frame info, there is no need to repeat all that shit. Here is what each line means.
  135. FRAME: Duh
  136. AUGMENTS: List of GOOD augments. Useless augments won't be listed.
  137. ROLE: Gives role(s) that the frame can be in
  138. MOD FOR: First Priority/Second Priority/Third Priority/etc.
  140. Use this to start your modding, and then take a screenshot and post to /wfg/ if you need advice. It's better to have someone give you advice on how to improve a build, rather than asking for a whole lesson.
  142. Hint: Ctrl+f
  144. ----------
  146. FRAME: Ash
  147. ROLE: Finishers, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Range/Augment
  148. -The best way to deal damage with as is with [Lethal Teleport]. Pairing it with [Covert Lethality] will kill any enemy you can
  149. perform a finisher on.
  150. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Strength/Duration
  151. -Bladestorm can now be used without having to watch animation. Scales with melee combo, so make sure to keep it from resetting.
  152. Mark enemies from stealth for an energy discount.
  153. ROLE: Stealth MOD FOR: Duration/Efficiency
  154. -Not very popular because of his low base duration, but can be used in a pinch.
  155. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Seeking Shuriken] [Lethal Teleport]
  157. ----------
  159. FRAME: Atlas
  160. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Strength/Efficiency/Duration
  161. -Straightforward... Consecutive Normal Punches. Make sure to petrify enemies for an armor buff.
  162. ROLE: CC MOD FOR: Range/[Natural Talent]/Duration/Strength/Efficiency
  163. -Ore Gaze can be cast very fast for a large AoE freeze.
  164. -Note: All of these builds will be innately tanky, but modding for CC is the most useful way to keep yourself/others alive.
  165. ROLE: Utility, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Strength
  166. -[Tectonic Fracture] will let you place multiple walls, which is useful for bugging and manipulating some game mechanics. Petrify
  167. can be used to heal your walls.
  168. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Tectonic Fracture] [Titanic Rumbler] (for Utility)
  170. ----------
  172. FRAME: Banshee
  173. ROLE: Damage (Silence or Sonar), MOD FOR: Duration/Strength/Range/Efficiency/Augment
  174. -[Savage Silence] amplifies finisher damage and the stagger it causes keeps enemies from seeing you until the stagger is over.
  175. -Sonar lets you amplify weapon damage by a fuck-ton. The problem is that you have to mod for all four stats to make it good.
  176. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration
  177. -Soundquake staggers enemies indefinitely in a huge AOE. Make sure to mod for as long of casts as possible with the right
  178. Efficiency/Duration mods.
  179. ROLE: CC (Resonating Quake), MOD FOR: Range/[Natural Talent]/Efficiency/[Resonating Quake]
  180. -Resonating Quake's damage was nerfed, but its increased range and quick cast time is a massive CC AoE.
  181. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Resonance] [Savage Silence] [Resonating Quake]
  183. ----------
  185. FRAME: Chroma
  186. ROLE: Tank/Buffer, MOD FOR: Duration/Strength/Health/Armor/Efficiency (Cold allignment)
  187. -Chroma is all about stacking armor on top of his health (sometimes called EHP, effective hit points). Energy dependent, but very
  188. powerful.
  189. -If you feel generous, [Everlasting Ward] can be used to help teammates.
  190. ROLE: Credit Hound, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Duration/[Guided Effigy]
  191. -You can use Effigy to double credit pickups in a 10m AOE, but this is not effected by range or strength mods.
  192. -[Guided Effigy] isn't that important and has shitty pathing, but its sometimes useful.
  193. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Everlasting Ward], [Guided Effigy]
  195. ----------
  197. FRAME: Ember
  198. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Efficiency/Range/Augment
  199. -Two possible options: Mod strength first too make up for her weak scaling or mod for Efficiency first if you are fighting easy
  200. stuff and want to go AFK.
  201. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/[Natural Talent]/Augment
  202. -Poor mans CC, if you have better frames use them instead.
  203. -[Firequake] Once you start fighting enemies that you can't oneshot [Firequake] becomes a necessity. You can also use [Fire Fright]
  204. for a bit of extra, spammable CC.
  205. -Radius of CC will shrink as the ability gets stronger, you will have to recast frequently.
  206. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Fire Fright] [Firequake]
  208. ----------
  210. FRAME: Equinox
  211. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Efficiency
  212. -Maim scales with enemy health (after they are killed), so it requires no strength. It is VERY powerful...
  213. ROLE: Buff, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Augment
  214. -Only buff in game that gives power strength, so very useful for damage abilities.
  215. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Augment
  216. -[Peaceful Provocation] slows enemies around you by a significant amount.
  217. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Calm & Frenzy] [Peaceful Provocation]
  219. ----------
  221. FRAME: Excalibur
  222. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: [Chromatic Blade]/Strength/Efficiency/Duration/Range
  223. -Exaulted Blade scales off of your melee mods, so build [Berserker] and element damage.
  224. -[Chromatic Blade] works with [Condition Overload] (as of 8/1/17) so build Blast/Corrosive and go crazy. Use whatever energy color
  225. gets you this combo.
  226. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/Augment
  227. -Radial blind with [Radiant Finish] makes everything stop shooting you and take extra melee damage. ez
  228. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Radiant Finish] [Chromatic Blade]
  230. ----------
  232. FRAME: Frost
  233. ROLE: Defense, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Range/Strength/Augment
  234. -Use this to spam Snowglobe in order to use the 4 second invincibility as much as possible. Do not build for more than ~150% Range,
  235. because nullifiers pop globes on contact. [Chilling Globe] is not effected by power strength.
  236. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/Augment
  237. -Use for large AOE slowing and freezing by spamming 2 with [Ice Wave Impendence] and spamming 4 for constant map lockdown.
  238. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Ice Wave Impendence] [Chilling Globe]
  240. ----------
  242. FRAME Gara
  243. ROLE: Damage (strength focused), MOD FOR: Strength/Range/Duration and Efficiency
  244. -When Splinter Storm is on you, an ally, pets, objectives, etc. and is hit with the explosion from Mass Vitrify it inherits the
  245. damage of Mass Vitrify in its damage ticks. By casting ulti, rolling outside of ulti, and then breaking with Shattered Lash you
  246. can bank up huge amounts of damage in Splinter Storms AoE.
  247. -Did I mention that Splinter Storm is also a 90% damage reduction?
  248. -This strength focused build will get you crazy amounts of DPS, but is very energy dependent. Use this if you are doing difficult
  249. content or need a shit ton of damage.
  250. -If you fall in a pit or Splinter Storm gets nullified, you are shit out of luck and have to start over.
  251. ROLE: Damage (Duration Focused), MOD FOR: Duration/Range/Efficiency/[Intensify]
  252. -A damage build that is usable in easy and/or quick missions. The process for using this is the same as above, but this build is
  253. easier to bootstrap your damage with.
  254. -The minimum amount of strength needed to get 90% damage reduction is one fully ranked [Intensify]
  255. GOOD AUGMENTS: none
  257. ----------
  259. FRAME: Harrow
  260. ROLE: Tank, MOD FOR: Duration/[Rage]/[Quick Thinking]/[Steel Fiber]/[Vitality]/Augment
  261. -If you like micromanaging all four abilities at once this is the build for you. Your lifesteal and energy regen from your
  262. abilities will add to [Quick Thinking], letting you out-heal a decent amount of damage.
  263. -[Lasting Covenant] is a great way to keep Covenant going for a long time.
  264. ROLE: Support, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Strength/Augment
  265. -A poor mans EV Trin, limited by keeping your teammates close. That being said, if you have a way to to kill large amounts of
  266. enemies (especially with headshots) then you can fill up energy very fast.
  267. -Can also be used for cheesing boss fights by casting Covenant at the right time. Most common use is to prevent damage from
  268. Teralyst energy spikes.
  269. -[Lasting Covenant] is a great way to keep Covenant going for a long time.
  270. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Lasting Covenant]
  272. ----------
  274. FRAME: Hydroid
  275. ROLE: Loot Hound, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Augment
  276. -His most useful role. Stand in a corner and spam his ultimate to get more loot.
  277. -Make sure that when you are casting that you charge the ability up for the max number of tentacles.
  278. -Most effective when you are hiding in a corner and letting the enemies bottleneck into tentacles, so range is not important.
  279. ROLE: AFK Damage, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Duration/Strength/Augment
  280. -Powerful, but boring as fuck. Puddle can hit crazy damage and Hydroids rework makes it easy to use. [Corroding Barrage] lets you
  281. strip armor, so no need for teammates.
  282. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Corroding Barrage] [Pilfering Swarm]
  284. ----------
  286. FRAME: Inaros
  287. ROLE: Tank/Self Heal, MOD FOR: Health/Armor/Range/Efficiency/Strength/Augment
  288. -One of the strongest solo frames. Stack your ulti first and then spam pocket sand.
  289. -Augment is useful for avoiding radiation and magnetic status effects.
  290. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Negation Swarm]
  292. ----------
  294. FRAME: Ivara
  295. ROLE: Stealth, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Duration/Range/Augment
  296. -Slower than other frames, but has looting and can use finishers more easily.
  297. -Use augment if you suck at spy.
  298. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Strength/Augment
  299. -Mod Artemis Bow like you would a regular bow, [Vile Acceleration] is a must-have.
  300. -[Empowered Quiver] gives a significant boost to damage, so use it as much as you can.
  301. -If you prefer aiming instead of shooting down hallways then use [Concentrated Arrow]. Multishot still works with this.
  302. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Empowered Quiver] [Infiltrate] [Concentrated Arrow]
  304. ----------
  306. FRAME: Khora
  307. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Strength/Duration/Augment
  308. -Might want to rebind 1 to your scroll wheel. The combination of [Accumulating Whipclaw] and the high range that this build gives
  309. ensnare lets you stack up high damage on Whipclaw. Do not completely ignore duration.
  310. -Whipclaw is based off of melee mods, so mod your melee for a crit build that does NOT use [Bloodrush].
  311. -As of 6/9/19 Whipclaw is effected by rivens, go nuts.
  312. ROLE: Loot Hound, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/Augment
  313. -Using [Pilfering Strangledome] you can dismember enemies for Nekros to Desecrate and also boost loot chance. I do not have good
  314. numbers on if this is better than Hydroid's [Pilfering Swarm], so your mileage may vary.
  315. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Accumulating Whipclaw] [Pilfering Strangledome]
  317. ----------
  319. FRAME: Limbo
  320. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/Casting Speed
  321. -Use Stasis+Cataclysm to lock down an 80m wide AOE.
  322. -Use Rift Surge frequently, it will keep you from getting oneshot when your ult ends.
  323. ROLE: Defense, MOD FOR: Duration/-Range
  324. -Useful build for isolating the defense point from everything. Since nullifiers pop Limbo's ultimate on contact, this build can
  325. keep that from happening. Obviously, this won't protect you or your team so plan accordingly.
  326. -This build is also ideal for rescue targets and defense operatives by using Banish instead of Cataclysm.
  327. GOOD AUGMENTS: none
  329. ----------
  331. FRAME: Loki
  332. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/Augment
  333. -Powerful disarm in an AOE, and the augment turns it into a better form of Nyx's Chaos. Owning will make you part of the Loki
  334. Master Race.
  335. ROLE: Stealth, MOD FOR: Duration/Efficiency/Augment
  336. -Use [Hushed Invisiblity] for godmode invisiblity.
  337. ROLE: Fast, MOD FOR: Sprint speed
  338. -He is fast... Like, really fast.
  339. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Hushed Invisibility] [Safeguard Switch] [Irradiating Disarm]
  341. ----------
  343. FRAME: Mag
  344. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Strength/Duration
  345. -Powerful, but situational. Max range increases both bubble and explosion radius.
  346. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Duration/Augment
  347. -If you are desperate, you can use [Counter Pulse] for a short CC on enemies. Duration of weapon jam is effected by power duration,
  348. and recasting causes current wave to disappear.
  349. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Counter Pulse]
  351. ----------
  353. FRAME: Mesa
  354. ROLE: Damage/Tank, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Efficiency
  355. -Peacemaker is your source of damage, and Shatter Shield gives you up to 95% damage reduction.
  356. -Peacemaker scales off of pistol mods, so make sure to mod for Damage an Crit.
  357. GOOD AUGMENTS: none
  359. ----------
  361. FRAME: Mirage
  362. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Duration/Strength/Efficiency/Augment
  363. -Hall of Mirrors makes you a gunzerker, and [Hall of Malevolence] is pretty good.
  364. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency
  365. -Your disco ball will blind anything with line of sight to it, so throw it up in the air and then pop it after a few seconds. Not
  366. very dependable because of the LoS limitation.
  367. ROLE: Buff, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Augment
  368. -Strong buff, but only works on certain abilities and in "sunlight" so its usefulness is limited.
  369. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Total Eclipse] [Hall of Malevolence]
  371. ----------
  373. FRAME: Nekros
  374. ROLE: Loot Hound, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/[Health Conversion]/Augment
  375. -The go-to loot hound. Will "desecrate" nearby bodies and give more loot and health orbs. This is why [Health Conversion]+[Despoil]
  376. is so good on Nekros.
  377. ROLE: Nekromancer Tank MOD FOR: [Health Conversion]/Augment(x2)/[Equilibrium]/Strength/Duration/Efficiency
  378. -This is a bit complicated, but long story short: Cast zombies, cast Desecrate, and pick up health orbs. The combination of [Shield
  379. of Shadows] and [Health Conversion] lets you get damage reduction in the 90%s. [Despoil] lets you always have full [Health
  380. Conversion] stacks
  381. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Strength/Efficiency/Duration
  382. -[Creeping Terrify] Can be either a panic button or a AOE CC. Niche but useful.
  383. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Despoil] [Creeping Terrify] [Shield of Shadows]
  385. ----------
  387. FRAME: Nezha
  388. ROLE: Support, MOD FOR: Strength/Efficiency/[Health Conversion]/Augment
  389. -[Warding Halo] blocks status effects and a decent amount of damage, so it has its uses in radiation sorties, raids, etc.
  390. -Using [Health Conversion] can roughly triple the amount of damage your halos block, use a self-damage weapon and then pick up
  391. health orbs.
  392. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Strength/Efficiency
  393. -Use this for Divine Spears spamming, or personalize it for a general use build.
  394. -Build -Slide Friction to go super fast.
  395. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Warding Halo]
  397. ----------
  399. FRAME: Nidus
  400. ROLE: Tank/Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Strength/Health/Rage/Efficiency
  401. -Another strong solo frame. Cast 3, then 1 until you have 100 passive stacks.
  402. -[Insatiable] is useful for quick missions where you are in a hurry to build stacks, and as of 6/28 it is bugged so that it applies
  403. the % chance to get an extra stack to stacks given by the mod.
  404. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency
  405. -Larva can be used to group enemies together for easy killing. Is not a replacement for Vauban, but is useful for leveling weapons.
  406. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Insatiable]
  408. ----------
  410. FRAME: Nova
  411. ROLE: "Slowva" CC, MOD FOR: Duration/145% Strength/Efficiency/Augment
  412. -Molecular Prime will slow enemies when building for strength. Make sure to wait till the duration is over before recasting.
  413. -[Molecular Fission] is good for keeping your 90% damage reduction up since Null Star is constantly wasting itself.
  414. ROLE: "Speedva" Utility, MOD FOR: Duration/40% Strength (Overextended)/Efficiency
  415. -Molecular Prime will speed up enemies when building for -strength. This can only be done by using [Overextended] and no strength
  416. mods. This is used to speed up farming.
  417. -Its not required, but [Power Donation] does stack with [Overextended] to make enemies even faster. Use at your own risk.
  418. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Molecular Fission] [Escape Velocity]
  420. ----------
  422. FRAME: Nyx
  423. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency
  424. -Chaos works in a large AOE, and is cheap and spammable. This build serves as an all round build for Nyx.
  425. ROLE: Tank, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Duration/Augment
  426. -The "Terminator Build" using [Assimilate]. Basically invincible while you have energy, but limits you to a slow walk. Use melee
  427. combos with movement for moving.
  428. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Mind Freak] [Assimilate]
  430. ----------
  432. FRAME: Oberon
  433. ROLE: Support, MOD FOR: Range/Efficiency/Duration/Augment/(Primed) Flow
  434. -Good (niche) for AOE no-dying-zone. Cast Renewal while in Hallowed Ground for flat armor buff to squishy teammates.
  435. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Phoenix Renewal]
  437. ----------
  439. FRAME: Octavia
  440. ROLE: Stealth, MOD FOR: Duration/Efficiency/Strength
  441. -Indefinite stealth with no movement penalty. Use a song with 48 notes per bar, and all three groups at minimum volume for best
  442. results.
  443. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Strength
  444. -Mallet scales with enemy damage, so a large radius means a huge AOE of infinitely scaling damage. For best results do not use
  445. Resonator, it keeps enemies from pumping damage into Mallet.
  446. -[Partitioned Mallet] will let you cover choke points better at the cost of some damage, since enemy aggro will be divided between
  447. the two.
  448. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Partitioned Mallet]
  450. ----------
  452. FRAME: Revenant
  453. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Strength
  454. -The best you're going to do with this frame is spin in a circle and do okayish damage. The rest of his kit sucks dick.
  455. GOOD AUGMENTS: None
  457. ----------
  459. FRAME: Rhino
  460. ROLE: Tank, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Strength/Armor/Augment (x2)
  461. -The best way to use Iron Skin, but the build only matters once you're fighting lvl 60+. Both augments are needed because you have
  462. to be able to cast a new Iron Skin when your old one is close to dead. Hit enemies with [Ironclad Charge] to get a bunch more
  463. armor, which adds to Iron Skin health.
  464. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Efficiency
  465. -Simple, just stomp on the ground. Jump, jump, jump, move it all around.
  466. ROLE: Buff, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Range
  467. -Roar will give 3.2 damage multiplier if you have 349% power strength. Fun.
  468. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Ironclad Charge] [Iron Shrapnel]
  470. ----------
  472. FRAME: Saryn
  473. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Strength/Range/Duration
  474. -Saryn 3.0 doesn't have very many changes from 2.0. The important difference is that Spores is now a single cast that spreads by
  475. killing enemies. This makes them easier to use and lets their damage build up over time.
  476. -Since Spores and Toxic Lash are single casts, you can get away with ~60% efficiency. How much efficiency you build will be up to
  477. your own preference.
  478. GOOD AUGMENTS: none
  480. ----------
  482. FRAME: Titania
  483. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Efficiency
  484. -Razorwing weapons scale off of your rifle/shotgun/melee mods, so make sure to have them equipped and properly modded
  485. -Good for bow/sniper only sorties. Razorwing uses your primary and melee mods for its weapons, which lets you use a rifle instead
  486. of bow/sniper.
  487. ROLE: Utility, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Strength/Efficiency
  488. -Decent buffs and CC, but not that important in a game. Use this as a general, all-rounder build.
  489. GOOD AUGMENTS: none
  491. ----------
  493. FRAME: Trinity
  494. ROLE: Support (EV), MOD FOR: Range/12% Duration/Strength/Augment
  495. -Required in many team comps. 12% duration is important, because it makes the 4 waves of energy tick faster. Augment will give
  496. overshields after energy is full.
  497. -EV's damage scales off of enemy health, so it can be used to slowly chunk away lvl 9999 enemies. Synergizes with Maim Equinox.
  498. ROLE: Support (Bless), MOD FOR: Duration/150% Strength/Efficiency
  499. -Only needs 150% strength to give 75% damage reduction. Range is not important, because it is fixed at affinity sharing range. You
  500. can see who is in range by pressing "z" (default) and looking for the 3 dotted icon.
  501. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Vampire Leech]
  503. ----------
  505. FRAME: Valkyr
  506. ROLE: Tank, MOD FOR: Duration/Efficiency/Strength/Range
  507. -Stay in Hysteria and keep [Eternal War] going for as long as possible. Use Paralysis for cheap and fast CC.
  508. -Hysteria's claws scale with melee mods, so make sure to build crit and damage.
  509. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Eternal War]
  511. ----------
  513. FRAME: Vauban
  514. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Efficiency/Augment
  515. -This works for both Bastille and Vortex. [Repelling Bastille] is vital for this, since without it you will have to build strength.
  516. Note that an enemy can only be "repelled" every four seconds, but virtually all of that four seconds is spent recovering from a
  517. ragdolled state.
  518. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Repelling Bastille]
  520. ----------
  522. FRAME: Volt
  523. ROLE: Utility, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Efficiency/Sprint Speed
  524. -FAST
  525. -Speed is based on your sprint speed, so stacking it makes you go exponentially faster. Cast it near allies to give them the speed
  526. buff as well.
  527. ROLE: CC, MOD FOR: Range/Duration/Efficiency
  528. -Discharge built for high range will chain to everything in sight, so it is pretty good for locking down rooms. Is no longer capped
  529. by how much damage is done, so duration you see in stats is actual duration.
  530. -[Capacitance] is a good support mod and fits in to the CC build easily.
  531. ROLE: Damage, MOD FOR: Range/Strength/Duration/Efficiency
  532. -Unfortunately, Discharge builds need all three stats to be good. The more enemies that are in Discharges range the more damage it
  533. does, the larger the range the more enemies, and the longer duration the more damage it does.
  534. -[Capacitance] can also be used on this build, but it is much harder to fit because of all the other things needed.
  535. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Capacitance]
  537. ----------
  539. FRAME: Wukong
  540. ROLE: Tank, MOD FOR: Efficiency/Duration/Augment
  541. -Technecally the most survivable frame in game, but also very boring. Cast Defy and forget about ever dying. Cloudwalker is also
  542. useful and can breeze (heh) through some spy vaults.
  543. -While in Cloudwalker damage over time from melee weapons count as stealth damage. Useful with Zenistar and status procs.
  544. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Enveloping Cloud]
  546. ----------
  548. FRAME: Zephyr
  549. ROLE: Tank, MOD FOR: Strength/Duration/Efficiency/Augment
  550. -Niche, but powerful. Makes it so you cannot be hit by ranged attacks, and makes you run as fast (if not faster) than Volt.
  551. GOOD AUGMENTS: [Jet Stream]
  553. ----------
  557. ===================
  558. = 5. Useful Links =
  559. ===================
  560. Various stuff for reference:
  561. -Warframes (wiki):
  562. -Efficiency (wiki):
  563. -Armor (wiki):
  567. ================
  568. = 6. CHANGELOG =
  569. ================
  570. -3/30/17: created
  571. -4/1/17: added more information to builds, added Channeled Abilities note
  572. -4/2/17: added useful links, updated Limbo
  573. -4/19/17: updated Limbo entry
  574. -4/30/17: updated Oberon entry
  575. -6/9/17: added Chroma and Excalibur augments, updated wording of some builds
  576. -7/7/17: added Harrow, updated a few descriptions
  577. -7/31/17: added Abilities section, small formatting changes
  578. -8/21/17: updated Hydroid after his buff
  579. -10/16/17: added Gara
  580. -2/9/18: updated Ash, Atlas, Chroma, Ember, Mag and Zephyr. Volt coming soon
  581. -4/12/18: added Ivara's new augment mod
  582. -5/1/18: updated Trinity with Linkbomb now that it has become more meta and not
  583. worth hiding anymore. Added Khora.
  584. -5/19/18: updated Saryn
  585. -6/2/18: updated Khora
  586. -6/28/18: added Nidus, Ivara, and Octavia augments. Removed Linkbomb Trin, rest in peace.
  587. -8/26/18: added Revenant
  588. -9/7/18: added Khora and Wukong augments
  589. -5/7/19: added umbral mods note and todo list, improved volt's builds, updated Ivara's augments, updated Limbo's builds
  590. -5/8/19: updated Ember, updated Gara, updated misc. augments that didn't change much.
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