#Picturewars Book o' Rules

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  1. Welcome to #picturewars, the official Picture Wars IRC channel!
  2. Feel free to hang around here and talk about Picture Wars, or pretty much any other subject you like really, within reason.
  3. If somehow you don't know what Picture Wars is you should probably go here and find out:
  6. RULES:
  8. 1) Friendship is paramount. We want to promote an attitude of TEAMFRIENDLINESS so any insults that aren't made purely in jest (and understood as such) are pretty much out of bounds.
  9. If we see anyone trying to cause trouble or start arguments you'll get a boot up your virtual ass or something.
  11. 2) If you can't post something on the forums you probably can't post it here. No porn, no piracy links, no pictures of mutilated horses (please don't tell me you have those saved on your computer).
  13. 3) Feel free to talk about whatever you want as long as it doesn't break any other rules, however if someone says it is making them feel uncomfortable then you should stop talking about it. This goes for topics like religion, sexuality, politics and such.
  15. 4) Don't impersonate anyone else. If you wear a name that is the name of a different forum user I WILL BAN YOU. There are no exceptions.
  16. It is also advised that you use your forum name as your IRC name but that's more of a guideline, if you have a good reason we'll probably let that one slide (although I might forget who you are).
  18. 5) Don't talk in stupid font colours please. If you must use a colour make sure it's an easily legible one.
  20. 6) This is not an exhaustive list. If an op thinks you are doing something wrong he is within his rights to kick you or whatever, they're trusted people and pretty much know what is and is not ok. Don't try and worm your way out of punishment because it won't work.
  22. 7) Failure to follow one of these rules will probably get you kicked, do it again and you'll be banned and when/whether you're unbanned again is totally up to the ops. Complaining about being kicked or banned is also an offence, these people know what they are doing.
  24. 8) We don't talk about rule 8.
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