Noob question about SILOing a website

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Noob question about SILOing a website
  2. So, I'm trying to set up a SILO structure on Wordpress.
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  14. I'm creating a category and a page for each SILO, then redirecting the Category page to the SILO page (site.com/category/SILO1 =301 redirection=> site.com/SILO1).
  15. When I checked on Google, both my category pages and SILO pages are indexed. Should I de-index the category pages to avoid duplicate content or is everything good as is?
  16. (Sorry, I'm no redirection guru)
  18. add content to your category page that is unique and, of course, relevant. I add content to my category pages and direct links to them as well as they are supported by the pages/posts in the category.
  19. Monetize it too!
  20. This is about 85% what I do these days but there it an image in there that would certainly help.
  21. Thanks for the fast reply, Greg.
  22. I am indeed planning to add content to the category page, but instead of doing so on the category page directly, I created a separate page (with the same name) to which I redirected the category page, all while following this guide (because the category page has a weird design).
  23. (Forgive the cringy repetition in that paragraph)
  24. Do you think I should ditch the idea and use the category page directly instead?
  25. Edit: just noticed the link to your thread. I'll make sure to check that first. Thanks!
  27. I think you are over thinking it and giving Google one more turn in your plumbing architecture.
  28. If you have ever done any kind of plumbing where the water was being sent from point A to point B you would know that the least amount of turns and bends in the pipeline the stronger the flow or the less power at point A was required. When we installed high pressure power washing systems in buildings for companies we were always cognisant to have as few turns as possible or your 4,000 PSI would turn into 3,200 (just picked a random number) at the working point and measuring that would make it look like you were not providing the product the customer was buying.
  29. Similarly, Google wants to do the least amount of work to crawl your site and redirections only increases the # of "elbows" on your site. On my sites I have zero internal redirects unless I am rebuilding a site from the wayback machine and then I usually try to do exactly as was done initially and then slowly move away from that infrastructure to one that is cleaner.
  30. Make Google Bot's life easier so it can make your life easier.
  31. There is no need to do redirect.
  32. There is option in yoast plugin to hide 'category' term for category page.
  33. So your site.com/category/SILO1 url will become site.com/SILO1
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  37. I think you should de-index the default wp category and redirect to your new category page. Or go through the @splishsplash guide again.
  39. Make Google Bot's life easier so it can make your life easier.
  40. This is surely becoming my new motto.
  41. I agree, monetize your category page. Lots of visitors end up in the Category page looking for related content, if they don't see anything valuable, then they will exit your site. To me, those pages are the last attempt to make cash. Good luck.
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