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  1. nature mockumentary ft. clocks
  3. *Cue nature sounds*
  5. Fade in to a Savannah like environment (think Lion King) with a watering hole in the middle. Have some random clocks around the water, (Cameo until your heart is content).Zoom into l1ftyClock who is surrounded by several smaller l1ftyClocks.
  7. Narrator: In their native environment, these social creatures are very docile. Here we can see a mother and her young, drinking at the watering hole. Unfortunately for the cubs, they've caught the attention of a predator.
  9. MiraclefruitClock approaches the family of l1ftyclocks. Big l1fty moves in between MiraclefruitClock and the little l1ftys, and start to flee. One of them stumbles and falls away from the group, and MiraclefruitClock turns around to him.
  11. Narrator: The cycle of nature is viscous, but this little cub has one more trick up his sleeve.
  13. As MiraclefruitClock corners the lone l1fty cub, the cub pulls out a bike out of nowhere, and immediately starts pedaling away. The camera pans to a completely out of place urban biking lane where the lone l1fty escapes. Along the biking lane there is a cliff where the next scene takes place. The lone l1fty cub ride off into the sunset with a street sign that says Belgium: 1775 miles.
  15. Narrator: Through shear determination, the cub lives to fight another day, thanks to the skills taught by his mother. But not all parents in the animal kingdom are as generous.
  17. Pan to the top of the cliff, there's a large bird nest on top with English Clock sitting in the middle of it. EnglishClock is really fat, and his stomach starts to rumble. He then  farts out a massive egg (Huge egg, literally 5x the size of him),shedding the weight. He rubs the egg and kisses it.
  19. Narrator: This dry season has not been good to this mother, as food is scarce she must make a hard decision.
  21. He kicks the nest off of the cliff, revealing a large stove element with a frying pan. He puts on a Kiss The Cook apron, pulls out a fork and spoon, then starts to chisel away at the egg, clearly thrilled and happy about the situation.
  23. Narrator:  As reluctant as she may be, this is the only option she has. Better luck next year.
  25. The camera pans back down the cliff, where Thor Clock and Polyhedron Clock are along the edge, both with comically large ram horns butting heads against eachother.
  27. Narrator: Here you can see a pair of wild -
  29. Narrator gets cut short, camera pans to the right where BB10 notices them.(Have whatever music is playing stop with a record scratch sound effect, play something ominous and suspenseful)
  31. BB10:  oooooo
  32. BB10: helllo!!!!
  33. BB10 starts to approach the camera man with a very happy look.
  34. BB10: lol si u
  36. Narrator: Oh dear lord no he see's us, GET THE GUN!
  38. Cue shotgun cock sound effect, then fade to black. Wait 5 seconds, followed by a gunshot.
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