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  1. [...At the same time, in Griffin City, in front of City Hall.]
  2. [...A great deal of Griffin dolls and humans are gathered in a protest.]
  4. MP5: Uwah… there’s so many people.
  6. Viking: That’s why I didn’t want to come here, it’s so damn annoying!
  8. MP5: But there’s nowhere else to go, all the shops and bars are closed, so we’ve got no choice but to — ah!
  10. [...MP5 is suddenly tripped by a human.]
  12. Stella: Ah… Sorry.
  14. Viking: MP5, are you alright?
  16. [...The human woman stares at MP5 and nods. She then helps her up and walks over. ]
  18. Viking: What a strange native.
  20. MP5: However… I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.
  22. [...The human woman continues walking through the crowds.]
  24. Stella: The Parapluie virus has been successfully spread… this module’s functioning normally.
  26. WA2000: Stella, this is Crimson Rose. I’m in position.
  28. Stella: Roger. Keep an eye on the situation. Report immediately if anything develops.
  29. The last time I saw this many people was when the Prime Minister took office, and it was Mega Christmas to boot.
  31. WA2000: Indeed, but security now is very thin. It’s full of holes.
  33. Stella: The White Knights haven’t showed up, so it seems Architect and Sei… have successfully delayed Jericho.
  34. And the Prime Minister doesn’t believe that the dolls will do anything unusual. Which would be true, unless-
  36. [...Stella touches her electronic right eye.]
  38. Stella: Unless they were all mine.
  40. WA2000: I can hear you breathing heavily. You sound a little tense.
  42. Stella: Oh? You could hear that in such a noisy place?
  44. WA2000: How much did you pay for me? I told you, I’m worth it.
  46. Stella: It’s true that I am very nervous. Even I don’t know what’s going to happen after this…
  47. I used my best friend to give me this moment, so I can’t fail.
  48. Just in case, I’m going to ask you again; if I ordered you to shoot the civilian dolls present, would you really do it without any conflict?
  50. WA2000: Honestly. Then I’ll say it again too.
  51. I’m just a product. You bought me, and I’ll obey any order you give unconditionally — do you want to try me out right now?
  53. Stella: No, I don’t want to mess up the plan. And I want to avoid situations like that too.
  54. I’m sorry. I have full faith in you now.
  56. WA2000:  You really are too tense. Don’t hang around in the crowd too long, you need to keep your breathing under control.
  58. Stella: You’re right. Many dolls here have perfume on; I’m not sure what brand it is, but there’s diesel mixed into it.
  59. Don’t worry about me. Keep your eyes on the stage, the Prime Minister’s going to show up soon.
  61. WA2000: Are you sure? Even the TV stations said that there was no way she’d make an appearance.
  63. Stella: Do you believe those politicians or me?
  65. WA2000: (laughs) Doll politicians have got to be better than human ones.
  67. Stella: Politicians are politicians, they’re the same even if you choose them from Seifar employees.
  68. Then I’ll say it again. My confidence comes from the SF module in my right eye. It can spread the Parapluie virus and infect every single Griffin doll on the scene.
  69. Every single doll on this street and inside that big building is now serving me as my eyes and ears.
  71. WA2000: Isn’t that handy? Who would have known that the right eye that SF took from you would become a tool to control this entire world?
  73. Stella: I just want to save Griffin City. I’ll pay any price to achieve victory.
  75. WA2000: I ought to post those words of yours to Fatebook. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a ton of likes after this is all over.
  77. Stella: By all means, but mind the angle this time round.
  78. The picture last time… made my chest look a little big.
  80. WA2000: The picture last time got the most likes of all—
  81. Hang on… she’s coming, our Prime Minister’s about to show up.
  82. Looks like you win, Stella.
  84. Stella: No, not yet.
  86. [...]
  88. Dorothy: Ladies and natives! Good Southern Hemisphere!
  89. I am the Prime Minister of Griffin City that everyone knows and loves!
  90. I am Dorothy, Dorothy Haze, the cutest of them all!
  91. I'm very happy to see you!
  93. Stella: ...This victory only counts when I announce it myself.
  95. Dorothy: Dear citizens of Griffin City, every doll, every human, every single screw and cell!
  96. I know everyone’s concerned about the weather around the globe, and I fully understand how you feel!
  97. Therefore, tonight I will be taking everyone’s questions about the global sand rains in an open and sincere fashion, in a public and live-streamed event.
  98. Please believe me when I say that I will always have your feelings at heart, and I will devote all my efforts from now on to solving everyone’s problems!
  100. G28: Prime Minister Dorothy! (raises hand)
  102. Human Bodyguard: Wait, you can’t come up here!
  104. G28: But I want to ask a question! And I want to see Prime Minister Dorothy!
  106. Dorothy: Uh… have I seen you before?
  108. G28: I, I’m G28, I’ve interviewed you many times before! And I’ve done many part time jobs too. For the next few hours, I’ll be a reporter-in-training for The Augmented Eye!
  110. Dorothy: Then it’s decided, honey!
  111. Come, come here, ask me anything you want!
  113. [...G28 walks up to Dorothy and shakes her hand.]
  115. G28: Thank you, Prime Minister Dorothy!
  116. Ah… I’m just relaying everyone’s thoughts.
  117. According to the feedback from the citizens, nobody has seen anything being done about the sand rains over the past three years. May I ask how you intend to respond to their doubts?
  119. Dorothy: Ahaha… solving a global problem like this… will take a bit of time.
  121. K: Oh, that sounds nice, but we haven’t seen you lot do a single thing!
  123. G28: I’m sorry, Mr. K does the pet and baby section of our magazine, so he has a shorter temper than most.
  125. Human Bodyguard: Mind your tone, Mr. Native!
  127. K: The hell you say, aren’t you a native too!
  129. Dorothy: Ahaha, don’t worry, I fully understand the concerns of the native residents.
  130. As you can see, I’ve even hired several natives as bodyguards.
  131. I trust and understand humans very well, both psychologically and biologically...
  133. WA2000: What the hell is she saying...
  135. Dorothy: I know that the biological makeup of natives is too… “civilized” — I sincerely hope this doesn’t come across as discriminatory — so I know that your requirements for living environments are stricter than most.
  137. K: Please don’t play dumb! What we need is a proper answer!
  139. Dorothy: Aw, that’s because I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes all this time, I’m not obliged to make everything I do public, right?
  141. G28: But… Miss Prime Minister, the citizens elected you three years ago.
  142. Do you think… making such a statement will please everyone?
  144. K: I don’t care who elected Dorothy, I didn’t vote for her!
  145. How could a Lilim who came out of nowhere be Prime Minister!? And do you know what her private life is like?
  147. Dorothy: I’ve had it!
  148. Ever since the sand rains began to fall, I’ve been doing my best to solve them, and I bore with all kinds of rumors and let them slide!
  149. But in the end, this sort of thing still happened anyway! Why is it that nothing I do can please everyone! Mr. Bodyguard, please escort him off the stage to cool off!
  151. Human Bodyguard: I’m sorry, Mr. Native Reporter, please walk this way.
  153. K: Dammit! Everyone, is this the outcome you want?
  154. This city’s screwed, what the hell are you doing?
  156. Human Bodyguard: Please hurry and don’t make trouble here—
  157. —Aaaaaaaaarrrrrgh!
  159. K:What —!?
  161. [...The doll reporter G28 suddenly grabs the human bodyguard’s arm and takes him down, then proceeds to subdue him with a textbook wrestling finisher.]
  163. K: Miss G28? You—
  164. You can actually do the “Walls of Jericho!?”
  166. G28: Eh!? Why did I suddenly do that to Mr. Bodyguard? I… it wasn’t on purpose!
  168. Dorothy: Miss G28, you are disrupting the order of the venue and your public use of a wrestling finisher that is protected by the Native Act is a severe breach of human rights and an act of discrimination!
  169. My friend, please cease your perverted behavior immediately!
  171. G28: But, but I can’t move! I’m innocent, my work environment doesn’t put me into contact with wrestling moves!
  173. ???: Please don’t blame her. All this was due to an order I gave.
  175. [...A human woman steps out of the crowd and onto the stage.]
  177. Dorothy: You… You’re...
  179. K: Stella? You’re still alive!?
  181. Stella: Good Southern Hemisphere, everyone. I am Stella Hoshii, and it is an honor to meet you.
  183. Dorothy: S-Stella-!
  185. Stella: That’s right, I’m still alive.
  187. Dorothy: You, you guys! Help me catch her!
  189. Stella: Don’t think you’ll be able to escape, you little Lilim!
  190. To the dolls gathered here today, I sincerely apologize for the upcoming indignity that I am about to inflict upon you.
  192. MP5: What’s happening!? My body-!
  194. Viking: It’s the Parapluie virus! We’ve been infected!
  196. [...The dolls present fall under Stella’s control and rush onto the stage to subdue the human bodyguards.]
  198. Stella: Did you miscalculate, little Dorothy? If you had a few more immunized White Knights by your side, you might have been able to hold out a while longer. But you employed native bodyguards to curry favor with the people, and they can’t do anything to the dolls.
  199. Everyone, is this the fairness and freedom that this city is showing you? Do you think these shallow acts are enough to gain your sincere approval?
  201. Dorothy: Uuu… you! What are you up to!?
  203. Stella: I’m going to reveal your true face!
  204. You took Alma and hid the Earth Computer!
  206. [..Stella steps onto the stage and approaches Dorothy.]
  208. Dorothy: Alma? The Earth Computer? I don’t know where they are!
  210. Stella: Sorry, but I’ll be the judge of that.
  212. Dorothy: White, White Knights! Hurry up and restore order!
  214. Stella: Crimson Rose, do it!
  216. [...Bang! Bang!]
  217. [Gunshots from afar instantly pierce the critical modules of several mechanized White Knight units rushing up from behind, and they fall apart on the spot.]
  219. Dorothy: Eh!? What happened!?
  221. WA2000: All targets eliminated, Stella. It’s a three-star victory.
  223. Stella: You really are worth your price tag. I shouldn’t have expected anything less of one of Griffin City’s “Grim Reapers”. I apologize for any insult I gave earlier.
  225. WA2000: Anyone who sees that name would think some middle-schooler had come up with it, which is why it’s so dangerous.
  227. Stella: Give up, Dorothy. I’m not here for your life!
  229. Dorothy: But what you’re going to do is pretty much the same as killing me!
  231. [...The Prime Minister turns and flees into the Prime Minister’s building!]
  233. Stella, there’s a large quantity of White Knights moving up from behind. It’s up to you now.
  235. Stella: Just as well. I’ve finished my hacking.
  236. Everyone, lend me your strength!
  238. WA2000: ...Exactly how many Griffin dolls do you have under your control?
  240. Stella: I can order around as many as I want. This is a module augmented by 16Lab technology.
  242. WA2000: This is going to be the wildest moment in Griffin City’s history...
  243. Stella, our little Prime Minister’s fled into her HQ. This is going to be a hard fight.
  245. Stella: It’s fine. I’ll root her out and reveal her true identity…
  246. The farce in this city must be cleared up before doomsday descends upon us!
  251. [...The battle ends.]
  252. [...Bang! ]
  253. [...Stella leads the Parapluie-controlled dolls and kicks open the door to the Prime Minister’s Office.]
  255. Stella: WA2000, keep an eye on the outside.
  257. [...Stella stalks up and pulls Dorothy out from where she’s hiding under the desk.]
  259. Dorothy: Uwaaaahhhh—!
  261. Stella: So you were hiding here after all, little Dorothy. Were you planning to die surrounded by all these mementos of your vanity?
  263. Dorothy: Uuuu… I surrender, I surrender!
  264. You you you, what do you want? Money? A *Kira* Miki handshake voucher?
  266. Stella: Actually, I do want the *Kira* Miki handshake voucher, but I’ll settle that with money.
  268. Dorothy: Then… maybe I could try fixing your cat ears?
  270. Stella: Those aren’t cat ears!
  271. Dammit, I can’t believe we actually elected a Prime Minister who doesn’t even know what Cat Boomers are! What on earth do you care about!?
  273. Dorothy: I… I care about what you’re going to do to me now...
  275. Stella: I would very much like to slowly dismantle you and livestream it on Youturbo, but that won’t get me the answers I want.
  276. Tell me about the Earth Computer or Alma ! At the very least, give me an answer to one of them!
  278. Dorothy: You won’t find out what you want even if you scrap my brain, because I really don’t know where they are!
  280. Stella: Is that so? That’s fine too. I expected this.
  282. [...Stella dumps Dorothy on the ground, and Dorothy pulls herself into a sitting position.]
  284. Stella: Then I’ll take you apart by inches and we’ll see if that “Anna” can bear to not tell me.
  286. Dorothy: …
  287. Why…
  288. Do you even know that name?
  290. Stella: I looked into many things while I vanished.
  292. [...Dorothy falls silent for a moment, and then she takes a deep breath.]
  294. Dorothy: Stella, I really should have finished you off when I learned what you were investigating that day.
  296. Stella: You couldn’t have, Dorothy, because you’re not a bad person.
  297. I know that “Anna” exists. I also know that she’s your big sister. You’re not loyal to the Earth Computer, or Griffin City, but her.
  299. Dorothy: Well done. So what can you do?
  301. Stella: There’s no doubt that she was the one who hid the Earth Computer!
  302. I need to find her as soon as possible, then find the Earth Computer and put it back in its original place to prevent Griffin City from being destroyed by the sand rains!
  304. Dorothy: And so you came looking for me? Stella, you don’t understand my sister at all, do you?
  305. She doesn’t care about me, so taking me hostage is pointless.
  306. Even if you ripped my tongue out and made sushi out of it before devilling it in mustard, she would keep that same stiff smile on her face. You wouldn’t even be able to get a dimple out of her.
  308. Stella: I’ve seen your personal ID. She raised you by hand.
  309. She raised me by hand to be what she needed - a tool.
  311. Dorothy: Yes, that’s right! At least, everything you’ve done now is about as useful as a bottle opener on a pull-ring can.
  312. Pointlessly pushing the sand into the ocean and having everyone in Griffin city make merry all night long, all we’re doing with our lives is waiting to die!
  314. Dorothy: That’s because there IS nothing else we can do but wait to die!
  315. Stella, my big sister is the most dangerous and the most mysterious person in the world…
  316. There’s no way you can find her, and even if you do find her, nobody knows how to deal with her!
  318. Stella: Don’t tell me even you don’t know where her real body is?
  320. Dorothy: I don’t know. I don’t even know what she is. A human? A doll?
  321. Every time she appears, it’s like a ghost in my mind, and she then vanishes mysteriously and without a trace. I’ve even suspected that she was just a bug in my digimind, but I could never find it no matter how I tried.
  322. All I know is that she's eagerly awaiting the end of the world… I couldn’t do anything to stop her...
  323. All I could do… was to let everyone die happily… before the apocalypse came...
  325. [...Dorothy’s words trail off into sobs.]
  327. Stella: Nobody can wait contentedly for the end to come, unless they struggle with all their might.
  329. Dorothy: I don’t understand you, Stella. The concept of “death” lacks substance to us Lilims…
  330. My fear of death was programmed into me, but what really terrifies me is losing Griffin City and my friends.
  332. Sella: But I won’t just sit back and wait for the end, Dorothy.
  333. ”Strive endlessly on the road to victory” — I would like to end my life while living that way.
  334. So, are you willing to help me? I know you want to choose. You can still make it.
  336. Dorothy: …
  337. While I don’t think it’s too likely that you’ll win, I think I understand what you’re thinking…
  338. Perhaps now, I ought to consider this—
  339. ...
  341. [...Dorothy freezes.]
  343. Dorothy: (smiles bitterly) Although, it seems it’s too late for that.
  345. Stella: Dorothy…?
  347. Dorothy: ...She’s coming.
  349. Stella: What?
  351. Dorothy: No… I can feel it…
  352. My body… it’s not responding to me…
  353. How is she doing this!? She’s never controlled my body like this before!
  354. What’s with you, Dorothy!?
  356. Dorothy:I’m sorry, Stella...
  357. ...
  358. ...
  360. [ ...A burst of white noise erupts from inside Dorothy;s body.]
  362. Stella:...Dorothy?
  364. Dorothy?: Who am I?
  365. Am I really alive?
  367. [...It is followed by a snatch of creepy laughter sandwiched amidst the white noise.]
  369. Dorothy?: I am very special to you.
  370. I am your everything.
  371. ...It is time to become one.
  373. [...The white noise inside Dorothy’s body began to grow in intensity. ]
  374. [...Suddenly, everything returns to silence. ]
  375. […]
  377. Dorothy?: Greetings…
  378. Good evening, Miss Stella Hoshii.
  379. I am “Anna”.
  381. Stella: And a good Southern Hemisphere to you too, Anna. We meet at last.
  382. Did you take over your sister’s body?
  384. Anna: Of course. Why else would I have taken in and raised a Lilim?
  385. After all, rather than Lilims, I prefer to tease my own kind.
  387. Stella: Your kind?
  389. Anna: I am a human like you, darling.
  391. Stella: I’ve never seen a human who could possess a DFC-72.
  393. Anna: Stella, there are many ways in which life can exist.
  394. Mine is a more… elevated form, much like a “god”.
  396. Stella: ...How old are you?
  398. Anna: Mentally speaking, I’d be a high schooler in the blush of youth?
  399. Oh, don’t make that face, Stella. There are far too many things in this world that you don’t know.
  401. Stella: I just want to know why you were willing to show up.
  403. Anna: That’s because there’s no need for me to hide myself any more.
  404. Right now, all the fragments I need are at hand.
  405. And now, there’s only one last step remaining, a little “experiment”.
  407. Stella: What are you going to do, Anna?
  408. Why did you hide the Earth Computer?
  410. Anna: Oh?
  411. Are you so sure that it was me?
  413. Stella: If not, then who? Who else could have done something like that?
  415. Anna: You got one thing right, at least. I do want to find the Earth Computer, and then destroy the world.
  416. It’s just that the current plan is taking too long, which isn’t my style.
  417. However, I feel that I’ve already been very generous. I’ve given my poor little sister a chance to deceive everyone, and allowed you to accept your fate without a struggle.
  418. You were the one who shattered Becky’s little dream.
  420. Stella: Becky? Who’s Becky?
  421. Alright, listen up, I simply don’t want to sit back and await my fate.
  423. Anna: If I were you, I would do the same thing, but unfortunately, I am not, so I won’t.
  424. Do you understand what I mean? All this… is no longer important.
  426. [...Click! ]
  427. [...Anna snaps her fingers.]
  429. Stella: What… what did you do?
  431. Anna: Something I couldn’t do before…
  432. ... Add a bit of chaos to the world.
  434. WA2000: Stella! A whole bunch of White Knight mechanized units suddenly touched down!
  435. There’s too many of them, and they… they…
  437. Anna: I’ve always wanted to see how the White Knights would fare against Griffin. These big white bruisers are a lot more useful that those little black SF Dinergates.
  439. WA2000: The White Knight mechs have gone berserk! They’re attacking the dolls on the scene!
  440. RIght now, the White Knight dolls and human forces are trying to organize resistance, but there’s too many berserk mechs!
  442. Stella: Prioritize your own safety! I’ll take care of things over there!
  444. WA2000: Then what will you do? Are you going to carry on with your plan?
  446. Stella: I don’t know if I can successfully implement it…
  447. But I have to say that this development… was a little beyond what I expected.
  448. Anna might be something more terrifying than I imagined.
  450. Anna: Are you afraid, Stella? Afraid of revealing this truth?
  452. Stella: I’m excited, Anna.
  453. At first, I just wanted to find proof of your existence, but now I can look at you directly. The results of my three years of investigation were more accurate than I predicted.
  455. Anna: Accurate? ...You don’t get to be the judge of that.
  456. Now then, as the ruler of Griffin City…
  457. ...I shall pass verdict on the validity of your findings.
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