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  1. Below are comments from Captain Joyner of Oakland Police Department in partial response to a question from Councilmember McElhaney about the voice recording capabilities--or lack thereof--of ShotSpotter gunshot detection microphones. At the Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Public Safety Committee meeting.
  3. "There's no thing that's impossible, so I guess if you're a superhacker maybe you might be able to hack into one sensor. But it does not capture voices similar to how you hear right now.
  5. "Now, in the event that we have gunfire in this particular area, 3 sensors go off, and you hear people yelling? Yes, there will be recordings.
  7. "There's actually been 2 documented cases here in the City of Oakland which the District Attorney's Office has used for convictions. One was in a murder, and one was an attempted murder of a police officer. So yes, there are documented cases in that regard.
  9. "But ShotSpotter has gone to great lengths in terms of privacy to make sure that we're not recording our citizens in public, but yes, if there are, the ideal situation: gunshot goes off, 3 sensors activate, and a person's close enough to the sensor where it can be, you can capture voices."
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