Fifi Foxx's Fake Abuse Scam and Other Lies (05/2018-02/2019)

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  1. Hey Fifi Foxx ( Do us all a favor and *please* apologize so we can all move on with our lives.
  2. And stop harassing Aiden Valentine, his girlfriend, and his studios on Twitter. You're holding their lives hostage. I know that. You know that. And everyone else knows that too.
  4. He's not done *any* of the horrible things you claim. You immediately took to Twitter to slander his name, with absolute disregard for the truth. And you think because you have a Twitter following you can rewrite history? You're abusing what little power you have left -- we're done. You lie about him on a near-daily basis! And have stalked, harassed, and lied about him almost every day on Twitter for YEARS after he broke up with you. No wonder he's got a problem with you. HE TRIED TO GET A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST YOU a couple months after he kicked you out! And it's no wonder, look at how you treat him online... you're still making up a bunch of lies and confusing him.
  6. He clearly didn't want to live with some lying, over-dramatic ex-GF that stalks him and his new girlfriend. They say you stalked Kitana *while you lived with him*, then told her she was cheating on her using fake accounts. Still, while you were living with him. You AND your boyfriend started messaging her on all forms of social media. Is it a mystery *why* he kicked you out? I wouldn't want to live with you either! Move on! For the love of God. Move. On.
  8. Getting kicked out isn't the end of the world, or the end of your career AT ALL... it just means someone doesn't want to (or can't) live with you. You also were never homeless... you moved in with your boyfriend. But lying, or trying to ruin someone's life by escalating FAKE drama is. Nobody is gonna have your back if you compulsively lie for TWO YEARS about your ex. We do not have your back.
  10. You got replaced in his personal life. You tried to break them up. Then he kicked you out of the house. You've been jealous ever since. Maybe don't try to ruin people's lives, stalk, harass, slander, defame, accuse, or outright lie all over Twitter (and in person) about abuse and countless other $hit (see below). You show a sick pattern of engaging in abusive behavior online yourself!
  12. You are no victim. You don't care about the content or you'd actually have tried to contact him. He says you haven't done that.
  13. You'd rather abuse him on Twitter for financial and personal benefit instead. It's not about the content AT ALL. So you're telling me you don't have copies of all your videos. Can you get copies of them? I assumed they're stored digitally, do you have access to that? Did you make copies of the video files to backup when you were editing them? Do you know how to do that? What EXACTLY did/do you do for xxxmultimedia? You claim you did ALL the work. You own xxxmultimedia, right? So download them from your website.
  15. If you owned that company it'd be on paper. In black and white.
  17. You have his contact information, and knows where he lives. Don't you have copies of the videos yourself from that computer you took from him when you smashed through the front door of his house to get your stuff back? He posted that on his Twitter. Have you emailed him? What exactly is your plan to get "your stuff" back? Do you even have a plan? Or was slandering his name and his brand to raise money, then attack his girlfriend and his other models your idea of a plan? I don't have any sympathy for you if you can't get ahold of him.
  19. You continue to stalk and harass Aiden and his girlfriend to this very day. You said "I will never stop tweeting about how Aiden is trash & deserves NOTHING in life." I'm pretty sure you wish he were dead. I'm also pretty sure they want to be left the fuck alone. Completely. And to finally live in peace. But you benefit more from harassing, instigating, and blasting them than trying to actually fix anything for yourself. You interfere in their lives on a daily basis. Every other day you lie on Twitter to put on a show for the whole world about a FAKE abuse claim.
  21. YOU LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING. For example:
  22. "Hey Aiden, this one's for you. Having you & your girlfriend post my real name
  23. along w/ my stage name every day for months. That type of unprofessional behavior should be BLACKLISTED."
  24. "I was doxxed daily for several months, threatened, abused, stalked"
  25. "Sometimes people will be mad at you because you are not a lying ass motherfucker like they are." #nomoreabuse
  26. "Retweeting so others can join in. As you guys know already, yes, I had dealt with physical & mental abuse on a daily basis from Aiden."
  28. I see Aiden being emotionally abused on your own Twitter feed almost every day. Let me remind you that you were NEVER ABUSED physically or mentally by him. He never doxxed you or any of his models. Why the hell would he do that? THEY WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT. WE ALL WOULD, and not from Fifi Foxx. It'd be all over the internet now wouldn't it? He really isn't the type of guy to go out and do that. We could find it on Google, or somewhere. And your idea of mental abuse is him breaking up with you because you got fat? Or politely telling you that you gained weight. And you're telling me you suffered trauma from that? Grow up. There's videos of you eating online. And you put *yourself* in videos of other girls humiliating you. Don't you think it's your job causing you trauma? And what's all this other bullshit too?
  30. You and your friends are engaging in this abusive behavior themselves, and aiding you in stalking and harassing your successful ex-BF, his new girlfriend, and HIS business. Out of jealousy, spite, and hatred.
  32. Clearly you are *not* the real owner of XXXMultimedia, those clip stores, or any of their websites. Or your own website.
  34. ...and what's your plan to get that back? Lie some more on Twitter? That seems to be going well for you, I mean that. A heartfelt apology for lying your ass off in ALL the tweets below would be a step in the right direction.
  36. And it's worth mentioning that you said you were abused in your GoFundMe campaign description. I'd know.
  38. You should apologize for these lies, they have no merit AT ALL you delusional b!tch. Aiden is actually a pretty good guy -- You just hate him. He's doing A LOT to try to change things in this industry. He's been talking about for a while, and it looks like it's coming along great. And he has a bunch of blog posts dedicated to helping other producers and website owners.
  40. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 May 2018
  41. I want everyone to know that I will no longer be working with XXXmultimedia
  42. and/or Aiden Valentine.
  44. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 May 2018
  45. I will be sharing my experience with XXXMultimedia and Aiden when given the
  46. chance. Things are chaotic at the moment.
  48. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 May 2018
  49. Never ever deal with someone who is mentally or physically abusive towards you.
  51. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 May 2018
  52. Just wondering what type of pansy man threatens to beat up or hurt a girl? This
  53. one's for you, Aiden.
  55. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Jun 2018
  56. It's been pointed out to me that while Aiden has refused to pay me for my 90/hrs
  57. a week work, he's trying to find someone else to scam into editing MY CONTENT.
  58. Please do not participate in this! It is my content and I do not approve of it
  59. whatsoever.
  61. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Jun 2018
  62. After Aiden forced me out of my house, he changed my room into an office, and
  63. is offering to pay people MY MONEY to edit MY CONTENT. What kind of piece of
  64. shit person does that? Give me what I'm owed and quit trying to get people
  65. involved in shady business.
  67. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Jun 2018
  68. After 4 yrs of work, I'm being forced to start from scratch. Aiden's refused to give
  69. me my content & money, my equipment, forced me out of my own home, stolen
  70. my birth certificate & laptop, & physically hurt & threatened me. I won't be silent
  71. about the abuse I've endured.
  73. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Jun 2018
  74. It's rather upsetting to see a business partner that I had for so long make up
  75. rumors and lies for some sort of sympathy or reason for why he's treated me so
  76. horribly. I have never in my life experience anything as inhumane as the way
  77. Aiden has treated me.
  79. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 28 Jun 2018
  80. I was just told by a client that "someone" has been emailing him & threatening to
  81. tell his family about him "flirting" w/ porn models if he continues to support me.
  82. This has gone TOO far - that is NOT how you treat clients! Stalking? Real low.
  83. Obviously the client knows who it is.
  85. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 30 Jun 2018
  86. Here's a gofundme I've started that explains everything going on. The physical &
  87. mental abuse, being thrown out onto the street, being denied money & my
  88. content, harassed & stalked, & left with nothing but my dog. Please RT, read, &
  89. donate if you like.
  91. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1 Jul 2018
  92. Staying positive despite everything going on. If anyone is interested in helping
  93. out or reading about my current situation, please check out my GoFundMe on my
  94. Twitter page!
  96. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Jul 2018
  97. I'm happy I don't have to be afraid anymore, that I can speak out against the
  98. physical & mental abuse. Even when things seem normal, there's so much more
  99. going on that people can't see. Please take the time to read, RT, & even donate if
  100. you'd like to help:
  102. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Jul 2018
  103. I was a victim of physical & mental abuse, of harassment, stalking...& I want to
  104. share my story. I've lost everything, & have been forced to start over. Please RT &
  105. read my gofundme - if you'd like to donate to me & my sweet pup, we'd be
  106. forever grateful.
  108. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 11 Jul 2018
  109. Another day that I'm free from the abuse. I remember being in a good mood
  110. some days, saying good morning to my business partner, and his response would
  111. be "Fuck off, you stupid bitch." Sweet freedom. Beyond grateful.
  113. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 Jul 2018
  114. Another day away from the abuse! It feels so nice to be away from someone who
  115. stole all my money while I did all the work, hit me, and insulted me daily. It's
  116. taking a while to rebuild, but I'll get there. Check this out if you have the time -
  118. Starting over from Scratch
  119. Hi there! As some of you may know already, my name is Fifi. Up until
  120. recently, I was working with a studio, which I will not name here, for over 4 ...
  122. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Aug 2018
  123. I'm excited to start shooting with new models. It feels great to erase all the
  124. negativity I've dealt with in the past. I won't be associated with people who
  125. support abusive behavior - no exceptions, no excuses. New beginnings.
  127. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 15 Aug 2018
  128. I've been getting some really supportive emails from fans, models, & producers,
  129. & I couldn't be more grateful. These past months have been a lot of work, and it's
  130. nice to know that I have people making sure I'm okay. I hope, in time, that we can
  131. get rid of abuse in the industry.
  133. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 17 Aug 2018
  134. Replying to @Fifi_Foxx @BaileyXPaige and 3 others
  135. I'll warn you guys. This girl has NOTHING to do. She just lives off the money I
  136. made for Aiden. She'll tweet all day long. That's the only reason she's around, he
  137. told her he was a big time producer, LOL.
  139. Akira (Bathtub Baby) @AkiraShell · 17 Aug 2018
  140. Replying to @Fifi_Foxx @BaileyXPaige @Ayla_Aysel_Xo
  141. It's way too clear- the paper trail of evidence that has built up even as someone
  142. watching from the outside- @Aiden_Valentine has acted beyond unprofessional
  143. and inappropriately. Fifi has been nothing but a passionately hard worker, led
  144. down a very rough path. We support you
  146. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 20 Aug 2018
  147. It's always nice to dispose of fake, disgusting, horrible people, and surround
  148. yourself with more positive, happy, and supportive influences. I've been doing
  149. that a lot lately, and I feel a million times better. #nomoreabuse
  151. *FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 21 Aug 2018
  152. Saw a post today with a quote I really liked, one that fits my current situation
  153. perfectly: "Sometimes people will be mad at you because you are not a lying ass
  154. motherfucker like they are." #nomoreabuse
  156. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Aug 2018
  157. ATTENTION! Studio @XXXMultimedia, who is now @Aiden_Valentine &his gf have
  158. went as far as to reveal my real name. Not only have I been stalked, harrassed, &
  159. lied about...I've been doxxed. Here is a screenshot with my name blurred as well
  160. as her Twitter handle for protection. RT!:
  162. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Aug 2018
  163. ANYONE that has shot w/ @XXXMultimedia @Aiden_Valentine could be doxxed.
  164. My real name, along w/ my stage, was just revealed by his g/f for the simple fact
  165. of not liking me. This is unprofessional, incredibly UNSAFE, & I won't stand to see
  166. it happen to anyone else. Please RT!:
  168. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 24 Aug 2018
  169. I am getting messages from fellow models & fans telling me that
  170. @XXXMultimedia @Aiden_Valentine 's gf and "partner" is advocating that I be
  171. raped. What kind of sick, disgusting person says something like that?
  174. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 25 Aug 2018
  175. I finally spoke up and set myself free. No more control, no more abuse. I will stay
  176. above the lies, the insanity, the threats. I'm an honest and hardworking girl - I
  177. know people can see that.
  179. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Aug 2018
  180. The stalking & harassment haven't stopped. In this industry, it is NOT okay to dox
  181. someone no matter how much you despise them. My personal info has been
  182. leaked by Aiden Valentine & his g/f. This is immature, unsafe, disgusting, &
  183. insane. We are supposed to keep each other safe.
  185. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Aug 2018
  186. I will not let scum people like Aiden Valentine & his g/f "biz-partner" seep
  187. through the industry. You don't dox people, underpay them, act unprofessional,
  188. push models past their limits, or try to fuck them off camera. That behavior is
  191. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 30 Aug 2018
  192. She should be ashamed of herself. I've never heard ANYONE speak words like
  193. that before - it's so vile & disgusting. I told everyone the truth about what Aiden
  194. did to me, what he kept trying to hide over the years, and she didn't like it.* People
  195. are who they are. Unprofessional.
  197. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Sep 2018
  198. I'm disgusted by Aiden Valentine & his gf's behavior. It's one thing to stalk &
  199. doxx me, but to attack an entire industry & call beautiful, dedicated, hard-working
  200. girls "sluts" is shameful. It is unprofessional & disgusting. Get the fuck out of the
  201. industry with that mindset.
  203. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Sep 2018
  204. Well, this is getting more & more ridiculous. Thanks Aiden for giving your gf my
  205. phone number so she could post it publicly. "Your" company is garbage now. My
  206. real name & phone number? Get a life, losers. I hope you guys get blacklisted
  207. soon enough - you can't endanger others.*
  209. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Sep 2018
  210. I was just told that Aiden's g/f said the porn community is fucked up, we're all
  211. liars, backstabbers, & conniving, & that she's going to write a book when she
  212. leaves & out everyone. I'm assuming she has his records. I've been trying to warn
  213. everyone about them. It's not safe.
  215. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 11 Sep 2018
  216. The harassment & stalking is still going on, I've just tried to ignore it. Aiden & his
  217. g/f have crossed lines they never should have, & now other girls are getting
  218. insulted as well. This is beyond unprofessional, unclassy, & pathetic. Behavior like
  219. that is childish and immature.
  221. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 13 Sep 2018
  222. I can understand why others stay silent - they are afraid to lose money, etc. Over
  223. the last few months, I've done my best to communicate the abuse I've endured.
  224. Some of it is heard, some of it is ignored - I will do my best to get word out & to
  225. protect others as much as I can.…
  227. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 13 Sep 2018
  228. Unfortunately, some of the friends I thought I had in Florida are not friends at all.
  229. So, if I'm not communicating with you, there's a reason. I'd never sit back &
  230. watch my friends go through abuse, or being homeless, jobless - in words that
  231. are not so classy, you can fuck off.
  233. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 19 Sep 2018
  234. I'm not one for drama, but let me tell you, the things I've been put through the
  235. last few years are sickening. I will never stop tweeting about how Aiden is trash &
  236. deserves NOTHING in life. I won't silence myself anymore b/c of physical threats -
  237. fuck that disgusting behavior.
  239. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 20 Sep 2018
  240. Also why I won't talk, associate, shoot, or book anyone who has ANYTHING to do
  241. with him. I don't care what the reason is. Stop enabling ABUSIVE, unprofessional
  242. behavior.
  244. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 21 Sep 2018
  245. For my so called "friends." I've started completely over - no shooting, talking,
  246. booking, or even looking at someone who has had any association with Aiden the
  247. last few months. Stop rewarding psychotic, sick behavior towards models,
  248. especially when you KNOW what he's been doing.
  250. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Sep 2018
  251. I just finished editing three more videos w/ gorgeous models. This is just a daily
  252. reminder to Aiden that he can go fuck himself.
  254. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 Sep 2018
  255. Thankful every day that I don't endure that physical or mental abuse anymore.
  256. Not being allowed to buy myself food when I make all the money, or being
  257. allowed to go anywhere. Some people are psychotic, abusive, control freaks.
  258. Karma gets you one way or another.
  260. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 30 Sep 2018
  261. You can't dox multiple performers & clients, then proceed to act unprofessional
  262. on set, and then underpay models...AND THEN act like everything is okay. That's
  263. not how this works, Aiden. Go kindly fuck yourself, and keep your unprofessional,
  264. psychotic self to your g/f.
  266. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Oct 2018
  267. Just a reminder to Aiden & his g/f that doxxing is NOT okay. Please quit using my
  268. real name on a daily basis. And YES, they have been doxxing other models that
  269. have shot with him in the past. This behavior is not okay, and we should not
  270. reward it by keeping it in the industry.
  272. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Oct 2018
  273. There are SEVERAL crimes he's committed. None of this being exaggerated
  274. whatsoever. We're talking about stealing content, REFUSING to give me my
  275. money for years, physical abuse, kicking me out of my own home, stealing my
  276. birth certificate, laptop, camera, clothes...dude is weird.
  278. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Oct 2018
  279. Someone who doxxes performers & producers is not mentally stable or safe. You
  280. have to keep your distance. Multiple FEMALE & MALE models have had their info
  281. leaked. I hope this would be enough for a red flag or to be blacklisted. Once
  282. again, that behavior HAS to go for our safety.
  284. If people stop working with him, there is hope. His abusive, unprofessional FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Oct 2018
  285. Someone who doxxes performers & producers is not mentally stable or safe. You
  286. have to keep your distance. Multiple FEMALE & MALE models have had their info
  287. leaked. I hope this would be enough for a red flag or to be blacklisted. Once
  288. again, that behavior HAS to go for our safety.
  290. If people stop working with him, there is hope. His abusive, unprofessional behavior shouldn't be tolerated to begin with.…
  292. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Oct 2018
  293. Models, PLEASE consider your working relationship w/ Aiden and his g/f. [...]
  295. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 7 Oct 2018
  296. Just wanted to gives a heads up to ANYONE who has shot with Aiden recently,
  297. since I've been gone, your first names have been leaked along w/ terrible,
  298. disgusting insults. I keep trying to warn people. Please don't associate w/ that
  299. type of behavior. It's not worth it.
  301. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 17 Oct 2018
  302. Once again, I don't want any association w/ anyone connected to Aiden. So, don't
  303. come to me looking for work. I want nothing to do w/ ANYONE supporting
  304. abusive, unprofessional behavior where models are getting their personal
  305. information leaked as well as getting insulted.
  307. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 19 Oct 2018
  308. I remember countless talks w/ Aiden about his unprofessionalism. I had found out
  309. he was messaging models on facebook, then trying to fuck them off camera. [...] Abusive behavior needs to stop.
  311. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Oct 2018
  312. We've been broken up for far longer than a year, LOL. It has nothing to do with
  313. being an ex - that title itself makes me cringe. It's him stealing my content,
  314. equipment, & money, and then pretending like he did ANY work for the past 5
  315. years when everyone knows he's lying.
  317. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Oct 2018
  318. I will not enable an abuser, & I will not allow myself to be associated w/ those
  319. who are okay w/ this type of behavior. I don't tolerate unprofessionalism in any
  320. manner. Underpaying models, starting shoots late, trying to fuck ladies off
  321. camera, doxxing personal information - NO.
  323. I'm gonna say it again because, unfortunately, people are not getting it. I
  324. want NO ASSOCIATION w/ ANYONE (even so called "friends") who had ANY
  325. connection to Aiden after I left. If you talked or worked w/ him, do not come
  326. to me looking for work. I will not talk to you.
  328. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Oct 2018
  329. Agreed! 100% abusive, psychotic, abusive, unprofessional piece of shit who needs
  330. to quit insulting & doxxing models and harassing me.
  332. Michael @Michael15299 · 24 Oct 2018
  333. Replying to @MacyMarxxx
  334. If you can ever make it to Florida, you and @Fifi_Foxx should get together. She's
  335. very open about the abuse she suffered and vocal about wanting to bring about
  336. change in the industry.
  338. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 25 Oct 2018
  339. Thankfully, there's only been a handful of models I've stopped talking to or
  340. shooting w/ because they worked with Aiden. Unfortunately, it's one or the other
  341. for me. If you wanna work with a psychotic, unprofessional thief who underpays,
  342. that's on you - I won't book you.
  344. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 27 Oct 2018
  345. I've been away from Aiden's mental & physical abuse for 5 months now. After my
  346. content, equipment, & money was stolen, I started from nothing. I'm happy to
  347. share my experience w/ others to protect them. Don't tolerate someone who is
  348. unprofessional or abusive - it's not safe.
  350. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Oct 2018
  351. I'm happy to tell ANYONE ANYTHING about my experience w/ Aiden. I'm an
  352. honest, hardworking person who was physically & mentally abused daily. My
  353. work from the past 5 years was stolen, along w/ equipment & money. I've talked
  354. to others who've dealt w/ his unprofessionalism as well.
  356. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Oct 2018
  357. (1 of 2) I read a tweet Aiden made claiming I ruined a "date" w/ a model once.
  358. Not only does this have nothing to do w/ anything, let's just this model didn't
  359. consider it a date, & had come over thinking I was there so she could hang out.
  360. He tried to fuck her, it didn't work.
  362. - No she didn't. Aiden messaged her on Facebook to hangout. You weren't even at the house at all. They were supposed to go the the movies together. You came home and saw them hanging out together and flipped out, screaming at them both. Another reason he kicked you out.
  364. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Oct 2018
  365. (2 or 2) I told him it was beyond unprofessional. The model discussed what had
  366. happened& the next day, Aiden told me he would have me killed. Like I said, I
  367. don't tolerate unprofessionalism from anyone, even when it's from my so called
  368. business partner. Fuck that behavior.
  370. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 31 Oct 2018
  371. Yeah, she's Aiden's girlfriend. The both of them are bad news & dangerous.
  372. Constant harassment & doxxing.
  374. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 31 Oct 2018
  375. Aiden's insane g/f - the one I was warning everyone about. The both of them are
  376. trouble - physically & mentally abusive. Too much drama - not worth the money
  377. & risking your safety. Aiden & his girl have been harassing me for 5 months now
  378. for speaking out against the abuse.
  380. Beware of ***** *****. I guess she saw I did a scene with her boyfriend,
  381. so she stalked my tweets and talked shit. I let the rumors slide til she made a
  382. fake account to harass me, insult mty body, etc. Right now she's @
  383. *********** She's on my blacklist now. :)
  385. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1 Nov 2018
  386. She really needs to get a job instead of trying to live off of Aiden who is trying to
  387. live off of me, lmao.
  389. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1 Nov 2018
  390. Replying to @jordantylerxxx @TheSportsHayes
  391. lmao she's bonkers as all hell but she also knows Aiden is a piece of shit
  393. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Nov 2018
  394. Retweeting so others can join in. As you guys know already, yes, I had dealt with
  395. physical & mental abuse on a daily basis from Aiden.
  397. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Nov 2018
  398. bitch boy's name is Aiden Valentine (XXXMultimedia)
  400. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Nov 2018
  401. LMAO, I was fired? Is that what he saying? From my own company where I did all
  402. the work? Yeah, sounds about right. Aiden can't fire me. He kicked me out of my
  403. own house, stole my content & equipment, & destroyed my clothes. He's a thief.
  405. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 7 Nov 2018
  406. Amen. Now I work by myself for myself. I was told every day I was useless,
  407. replaceable, and stupid. Today I'm rebuilding, doing well, and getting my dick
  408. ready to shove in Aiden's mouth.
  410. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 12 Nov 2018
  411. Bullying isn't going to keep me quiet anymore, Aiden. You and your girlfriend can
  412. keep harassing me and other models, but it's not going to stop me from telling
  413. people what you've done.
  415. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 13 Nov 2018
  416. Can we all wear t-shirts if I get them made with that hashtag? LOL
  417. #TeamFuckYouAiden
  419. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 14 Nov 2018
  420. Hey Aiden, just a friendly reminder that you stole my content and you don't have
  421. my permission to use it. Also, stop asking models to "spend the night with you."
  422. And another thing, stop doxxing & harassing models. K thx.
  424. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 16 Nov 2018
  425. When I say something, I mean it. Once again, I will not put myself in a dangerous
  426. situation by talking to those associated w/ Aiden. Do not contact me for bookings
  427. or to help you get work. I won't deal w/ people that are okay with his psychotic,
  428. manipulative, & abusive behavior.
  430. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 17 Nov 2018
  431. You know, although my $2500 camera got stolen (by Aiden) & I had to replace it
  432. with a handycam, I'm still really proud of my work. I think it looks great!
  434. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 19 Nov 2018
  435. I was a slave to a very abusive, binged out person (Aiden) who would verbally
  436. abuse me & threaten to hurt me. If I wasn't on the computer editing, I was getting
  437. harassed to no end. To wake up & be free of's a completely different
  438. world that I'm forever grateful for.
  440. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 20 Nov 2018
  441. I'm laughing so hard because Aiden Valentine opened a NEW studio with the
  442. SAME, OLD CONTENT that I had edited years ago. He's trying to cheat the system
  443. by releasing the videos TWICE under a different studio. You really don't want to
  444. do ANY work, do you? YOU FUCKING THIEF.
  446. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Dec 2018
  447. My abuse from Aiden has been the worst thing I've ever experienced. I will not
  448. hesitate to share my experience to help others stay away from such an
  449. unprofessional, physically & mentally person who has stolen my work from the
  450. past 5 years & refused to give me a penny of my money.
  452. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Dec 2018
  453. His g/f has also gone through models' bags &
  454. purses while they were shooting. Disgusting.
  456. My abuse from Aiden has been the worst thing I've ever experienced. I will
  457. not hesitate to share my experience to help others stay away from such an
  458. unprofessional, physically & mentally person who has stolen my work from
  459. the past 5 years & refused to give me a penny of my money.
  461. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Dec 2018
  462. I'm not the type of person who engages in drama, but when I feel someone is a
  463. threat or someone is dangerous, I WILL talk.
  465. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 10 Dec 2018
  466. Don't know how many times I have to say it, but a friend of my past abuser,
  467. Aiden, is not a friend of mine. I don't give a shit if it's work related or not - see ya.
  469. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 6
  470. Just want models to know that they can talk to me about anything. Don't let bad
  471. people or situations ruin this industry for you. I've been through years of physical
  472. & mental abuse from my ex-biz partner that I'm now speaking out against & it
  473. feels amazing to be free of it.
  475. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 11
  476. There's really nothing more upsetting than going through years of physical &
  477. mental abuse, & then having to helplessly watch that same person steal 5 years
  478. worth of your work & money.
  480. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 17
  481. Like I said, I'm not messing with anyone who is associated with Aiden. We are
  482. talking about someone who physically & mentally abused me for 5 years, then
  483. proceeded to kick me out of my own house, & steal ALL my content, money, &
  484. equipment. A friend of his is NOT a friend of mine.
  486. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 18
  487. Replying to @clowniegiggles
  488. I was doxxed daily for several months, threatened, abused, stalked...I'm not okay
  489. with that type of behavior in the industry, whether it comes from him or someone
  490. else. I will protect my models at all costs. Also DM'd - we can discuss elsewhere.
  492. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 18
  493. Aiden, if you're going to say something, can it at least be something honest for
  494. once? I'd be happy to talk about you on a more personal level if you'd like, but I'd
  495. really rather not. Please stop stalking & harassing me. Get some help. Do some
  496. work. Burn some more of my money.
  498. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 21
  499. When you release my real name along with my stage name on multiple platforms,
  500. you're purposely putting me in harm's way. This makes you a dangerous person,
  501. Aiden. You & your g/f are putting me in danger & you're well-aware of it.
  503. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Feb 4
  504. Hey Aiden, this one's for you. Having you & your girlfriend post my real name
  505. along w/ my stage name every day for months. That type of unprofessional
  506. behavior should be BLACKLISTED. Oh, and of course, making fake profiles to
  507. harass models on & trying to sleep w/ them
  509. FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1d
  510. Let that be a lesson to you, Aiden, or any other controlling, psychotic fucks. You
  511. can take everything away from me - my home, clothes, equipment, money,
  512. confidence - but I'll ALWAYS bring myself back up.
  514. (A $hitload of other tweets later)
  516. Replying to @Aiden_Valentine
  517. If you worked with or since October of
  518. 2018, you now have 17 hours to publicly state that you will no longer do so or
  519. you will be #doxxed because of what did to forcing
  520. her to commit #suicide. #**** #****** #notjoking
  521. @Aiden_Valentine @xxxmultimedia
  522. @************ @*********
  524. Replying to @Aiden_Valentine
  525. And there's nothing #fake about this #bitch. This is your worst #nightmare.
  527. Replying to @Aiden_Valentine · 2h
  528. What I am doing is totally #legal as well. Everything I post is in the #public
  529. domain. #Block me? I'll come back as someone else. #Report me? I'll come
  530. back as someone else. Meanwhile, I'll keep putting #information out there.
  531. Nothing will #stop me.
  533. #ticktock ticktock. 19 hours left until the great #doxxing begins....
  535. Please respond to this tweet in the following fashion:"I [stage name or studio] promise to never work for or because they are #bullies. Anyone who doesn't within 24 hours will be subject to #doxxing.
  536. Go ahead and report me, I'll pop up elsewhere.
  538. #Doxxing time is getting closer. Only @Aiden_Valentine and @xxxmultimedia can do the right thing and change my course. [...]
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