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  1. Welcome
  2. To the eWhore beginner guide, from beginner to pro
  5. READ This:
  6. Spoiler (Click to View)
  8. Hello, I am dopepizza, and today i am going to teach you how to eWhore!
  10. Tip: Use ctrl + f or cmd + f
  11. To search the thread
  13. Table's of content
  14. [+] What is eWhoring
  15. [+] What payment services to use and how to receive money
  16. [+] What prices for what you are selling
  17. [+] How to make unsaturated e-Whore packs / gather them
  18. [+] How to photoshop any name on your eWhore
  19. [+] How to get traffic
  20. [+] How to talk like a eWhore
  21. [+] What is a time waster and how to i weed them out.
  22. [+] General eWhore tips and tricks
  23. [+] 70 eWhore packs, video’s and pictures!
  24. [+] How to eWhore on KIK
  25. [+] How to eWhore on CS:GO
  26. [+] How to eWhore using a VWC
  27. [+] How to eWhore in chatrooms
  28. [+] How to eWhore on craigslist
  29. [+] How to get money off a customer that was scammed by another e-Whore
  30. [+] Final words
  32. What is eWhoring
  33. e-Whoring sexual manipulation social engineering technique, this is often used in chatrooms, IM's, KIK and more.
  35. What payment services to receive payments
  37. You can use a lot of payment services such as
  38. PayPal
  39. Amazon Gift Cards
  40. Crypto currency's (example: "Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin")
  41. Skrill
  42. Perfect money
  44. The best Payment service to use is PayPal, you need to verify it and upgrade to a business account, i have used PayPal a lot and it works like a charm.
  46. The second best is to use AGC (Amazon Gift Card).
  47. A lot of people use it and you can buy a lot of cool stuff with it or exchange it to another kind of currency.
  49. Other Payment services i listed aren't used that often, although BTC (Bitcoin) gets used by some customers you are going to get.
  51. How to receive money
  52. Receiving money is very easy!
  53. With PayPal, you need to give your email address and the same goes for Amazon Gift Cards, there is a difference though.
  55. With PayPal, you receive everything automatically.
  57. With AGC (Amazon Gift Card) you need to go to your email and claim the card in order to receive the payment.
  59. What prices for what you are selling
  60. So, you wanna sell nudes, these are the prices that are mostly used, don't sell 200 nudes for $10 because that will fugg it up for others!
  62. note: I am not selling nudes here, these are prices you can use while eWhoring
  64. Prices for nudes
  65. $20 for 30 nudes
  66. $40 for 65 nudes
  67. etc.
  69. Prices for video's
  70. 10 minutes for $20
  71. 20 minutes for $35
  72. etc.
  74. Just keep your prices high and look what is best, you can ask the guy how much he is spending, and then you can choose how many video’s or nudes you give for it.
  76. How to make unsaturated eWhore packs
  78. These methods are gonna help you make awesome unsaturated e-whore packs!
  79. These are some really good and easy ways!
  80. You will have to get the plugin called DownThemAll Too get it for FireFox, download it down below
  81. -
  82. -
  83. And if you want to do it web based
  84. This will make everything a lot easier, you can download all pictures of a website in no time! awesome right?
  85. links pasted into pastebin, because i don't wanna break rules for direct adult website linking, please say thanks or something among those lines in the thread!
  87. website number one
  89. website number 1 is a great website, there are a lot of
  90. Female & Man, sign up and browse around a little, find someone with a lot of pictures, and DownThemAll!
  91. Girl on website number one
  92. Just look at this one already^, a lot of video’s & Pictures
  93. non nude and nude, this is one of the best websites around!
  94. It is hard finding the good one sometimes, there are a lot of freaky girls on there!
  95. The only thing that is disappointing is that you have to pay with PayPal to watch the video’s, but hey, collecting picture packs is free which is awesome!
  96. I will give this method a solid 7/10 Because there are a lot of girls & boys on there, they are all 18+ confirmed, so no childporn bullsnap!and you can find anything on website number one
  98. website number two
  100. Is is a very good website to collect your e-whore packs?
  101. Why are you asking, because these people are obsessed, with like 500 pictures off the same girl, and video’s, this website is perfect for DownThemAll, why are you asking, because all pictures are in a high resolution, you will download all the pictures in high resolution instantly!
  102. Girl from website number two
  103. Just look at this girl right there^
  104. she has so many pictures already, you can download them instantly and sell them!
  105. And the best thing might be that everything free is! You don’t have to pay Clay Davis, even for the video’s, which is awesome, this website is awesome!
  106. I give this method a solid 9/10 becaue all the girls are over 18+
  107. and people are obsessed with the same girl, You can get picture packs here Instantly. Go to the website and DownThemAll!
  109. website number three
  111. I am going to announce one fugging thing to you, website number three is the best place for gathering e-whore packs ever!
  112. It has it all dude, all the pictures, GIFS and videos, this website is the best one of the list!
  113. You can easily find a girl and DownThemAll!
  114. Just visit the website and see it for youself!
  115. For example, this girl! >
  116. Girl from website number three
  117. She is really fugging hot and just look how many pictures there are from her, and again! No PayPal, it is all free homie! This is the place to be for quick e- whore packs!
  118. I give this website a big ass 10/10 because it has it all, well sorted website, free and you can get free e-whore packs from website number three in no fugging time!
  120. website number four
  122. I just love this website, are you looking for a quick e- whore pack with pictures only?
  123. website number four is the website for you dude
  124. Not only for fapping purposes but mainly for e-whore packs, again! These people are obsessed with collecting a lot of nudes of the same girl!
  125. want a fast e-whore pack or a quick fap, go to this webite!
  126. -And, no Payment bullsnap, all free-
  127. Just look at this hot chick!
  129. Girl from website number four
  131. Yea I know right, she is fugging hot, just like all the other chicks!
  132. I wanna give this site a good 7/10
  133. Sadly it is images only at the moment.
  135. ohh well, it is a very good website for fast good e-whore packs, I should go there, if you need some!
  137. website number five
  138. this is an high quality website.
  139. and they are taken with a phone, so it is awesome as fugg for e-whoring on KIK!
  140. Just look at this girl,
  141. Girl from website number nine
  142. she fugging blew me away!
  143. -and no Payment and money bullsnap, it is free!-
  144. I Give this method a solid 7/10!
  145. because it has a lot of pictures, awesome home page & free, you can get e-whore packs here no problem!
  147. How to photoshop any name on your eWhore
  150. It is really easy, will be adding GIMP later but now we are talking about photoshop CS6
  152. 1. Select your eWhore picture and use the exact brush
  155. 2. Make a new layer and write any name you want, i will be using bob
  158. 3. Then go to edit/transform/warp
  161. 4. Then warp the text to the boob size of your eWhore
  164. 5. Then save it as an PNG
  167. This is the result
  170. That's it
  172. How to get eWhoring traffic
  173. Getting traffic is easy, you just need to know where to get it, so i complied a big list for you so you can start getting eWhore traffic
  174. KIK
  193. Snapchat
  209. Skype
  217. Chat rooms
  226. How to talk like a eWhore
  229. If you wanna start eWhoring, you need to know how to talk like one, it is very easy.
  231. First of all, don't forget you are eWhoring, don't say stuff like thanks bro and stuff, i know this happens but try not too.
  233. You have to talk with a lot of x's
  234. This is a conversation you might have
  236. Stranger: Hey, i saw you on the site
  237. You: Yeah x, wanna buy pics and sext after?x
  238. Stranger: How do i know you are real? can i have a sample?
  239. You: Sure x
  240. You: (*sample*)
  241. Stranger: You look very sexy
  242. You: How much are you spending?x PP
  243. Stranger: around $20
  244. You: for $20 i can give you 30 nudes and if you buy now i can add a couple more x
  245. Stranger: Okay x
  246. You: send money to
  247. Stranger: money sent huney x
  248. (*You start giving nudes or what you have promised*)
  250. As you see it isn't very hard.
  252. How too weed out time-wasters
  254. We are talking about kik right here, but it counts for everything
  255. You have seen the classic time-waster, he wastes all of your time and annoys you a lot, it is kinda annoying because time is money!
  256. I will teach you in this thread how to spot a time-waster!
  258. 1. Most people from Africa and other poor country's aren't going to pay you, no offense.
  260. 2. Someone who asks for this kind of Clay Davis,
  261. Can i have some sample?
  262. Can i have some previews?
  263. I need a lot of samples before i buy!
  264. --
  265. Giving one preview is okay!
  266. But if they ask for Some previews, block them because they are time-wasters!
  268. 3. People that ask things like,
  269. Can we just sext?
  270. Can we just trade?
  271. --
  272. They are time-wasters, believe me!
  274. 4. people that want to sext and get pictures first and pay later.
  275. Those people are time-waster, most of the time they don't even have cash!
  277. 5. People that say that say this,
  278. I am so horny right now, can't we just sext and pics first?
  279. i am getting paid tomorrow, can't we have fun right now?
  280. I have a lot of money on my PayPal, if you make me cum i give you a lot of cash!
  282. 6. The guy that wants to see every part of your body!
  283. If you send a ass picture, and they want to see tits to before buying,
  284. Block them, because they are gonna jerk off and run of just like every other guy!
  286. 7. Teenagers
  287. If the guy is a skater, the guy is handsome or something among those lines, block them, they aren't gonna buy Clay Davis of you!
  289. 8. People that send a lot of dick pictures,
  290. From my experience, every one that sends a lot of dick pictures aren't gonna pay Clay Davis of you, i don't know why!
  292. 9. people with emoji in their names!
  293. 99% of the time they won't buy Clay Davis, believe me!
  295. 10, and last of all, if the conversation goes like this
  296. You: Hey, wanna buy pics and sext after?x
  297. Time-Waster: ok
  298. You: Block them, because they think that you are a bot, or they aren't interested!
  300. General eWhore tips and tricks
  301. I have compiled some tricks and tips for eWhoring
  302. Hide your webcam when you are VWC eWhoring, do this to hide your self when ManyCam fails
  303. When giving out previews, do not give out fully nude ones, give out teasers, and if they ask for more then say “If you want more you have to pay x”
  304. Use a VPN, it can be cyberghost cloak or anything, but use a VPN or proxy when eWhoring
  305. Upgrade your PayPal to a business account, so you can sell a lot, name your company “selling stuff online“
  306. If someone chargebacks, ask for money back and say “I deliver’d your virtual items” because payPal doesn’t care about virtual items
  307. Use
  308. If more tips need to me added, tell me!
  310. 70 eWhore packs with matching video content
  311. Took me a solid 10 hours to compile and upload!
  314. Moved to pastebin because of character limitation.
  315. These are very good packs to use, most of them have matching GIFS and video's.
  317. How to start e-whoring on KIK
  319. e-Whoring on KIK is easy, you just need to know how to set it up
  321. Video version of installing.
  324. First, you need to download Bluestacks, it is available on mac osx and windows!
  325. You can download Bluestacks on
  327. You need to install bluestacks
  329. 1. Picture one
  330. 2. Picture two
  332. That easy, you just installed bluestacks.
  333. Now, you have to use the search function
  334. Picture three
  336. And then, from there you can search for every app you want
  337. Picture Four
  339. Now, you have to download the following apps
  340. Firefox
  342. when you download Firefox, download the following app, KIK, but don't download it from the Playstore because you can't modify kik with fake camera
  344. Download a older KIK version here!
  346. Now install it, looks like this
  348. Now, make a KIK account
  350. after you have done all above, go to the search function off Bluestacks and search for, Fake Camera
  351. picture six
  352. You only have to install it, it is that easy!
  354. Thenyou need to get your eWhore pack,
  355. get your ewhore pack here
  356. Spoiler (Click to View)
  358. You need to directly download them from the bluestacks browser
  359. Now, my eWhore pack is downloaded Picture seven
  361. Now you need to download file manager
  362. Picture eight
  363. and thenyou need to download, easy UnRar
  366. Now, open file manager and browse to downloads, and move your eWhore pack to DCIM and use easy unrar to unzip it
  367. Picture nine
  369. You are done, finished, now restart Bluestacks!
  371. a good tip, head over KIK settings and enable sent enter message key
  372. Picture ten
  374. now, You are done
  376. Now select a pic to send to TeamKIK to see if it worked.
  377. and thenit is token from the camera because of Fake camera
  378. Picture eleven
  379. You just installed KIK and now you can start eWhoring on it.
  381. How to eWhore on CS:GO
  382. here i am going to show you how to eWhore CS:GO skins, it is super easy, and this isn't a leak from this ebook (didn't even bought it)
  384. First you make a steam account here!
  385. Then you get CS:GO which is around $15, you can buy it with PayPal.
  387. Then you are going to change your avatar to a picture of your eWhore (none nude) here is a tutorial on how to change your cs:go avatar
  388. Spoiler (Click to View)
  390. Thenyou prepare your eWhore pack, you can get one of my 70 eWhore packs
  391. Get a eWhore pack here!
  393. Then, go too CS:GO and play around a little learn about CS:GO communication
  394. here!
  396. Then when you are in a game, You can shout out your eWhore Skype / KIK on the chat, click "T" to chat with other people, and you can chat with them too using steam chat.
  397. Loads of horny little kids will add you instantly
  399. Then when you have a good amount of customers, the eWhoring comes in part, it is like selling nudes on KIK for money but then for skins.
  401. Talking too them is easy, they will probably say Clay Davis like
  402. "You are so cute"
  403. "You have a boyfriend"
  404. "I kinda like you"
  405. That is the part you need to take advantage off, say stuff like
  406. I really love this game and i really need some csgo skins i will do everything for it, and get the guy horny with giving a lot of nudes
  407. Then go straight too the point, say something like
  408. well, I will show my tits for (skin your choice) :$
  409. and sometimes they will agree and sometimes not
  411. The kids will buy because they want to see your tits / ass
  412. And if one kid doesn't work, a load of other kids will add you
  414. This is everything in steps
  415. 1. Get attention
  416. 2. get a load of kids to add you on Skype/KIK
  417. 3. make them thirsty and desperate for you
  418. 4. start the eWhoring process
  419. 5. get a load of skins
  420. 6. resell them
  421. 7. profit
  423. It is very easy and self explanatory.
  425. How to eWhore using a VWC
  426. Here it comes, you can actually fake cam shows with commands by configuring flash and manycam in a special way, and it is very easy!
  428. So first, you need a VWC, getting one is simple, get a free (saturated) one or get a high tech one, your choice.
  430. Go watch this video on how to setup a VWC!
  431. You even get some VWC’S from the guy, and i do not take credit for this.
  435. How to eWhore in a chatroom
  436. eWhoring in chatrooms is like eWhoring on KIK, it is very easy, you can do cam shows using a VWC, or you can sell nudes and video’s whatever you do, it is very easy.
  438. Tips:
  439. Cover your webcam, sometimes ManyCam doesn’t instantly reacts, and you wanna hide your identity.
  441. Take the customer to KIK or ask for his KIK so you can make more money off him
  443. Further, you know the traffic sources i gave you, loads of horny guys with big wallets, take your shot!
  445. How to eWhore on craigslist
  447. This method became kinda saturated over time but is semi auto pilot
  449. Note: use a VPN while doing this for your safety
  451. First, you need a craigslist account. It is easy to make one
  452. And verify it with your phone number (*It is safe*)
  453. Now you need to post the ad. Post in big cities for more traffic.
  454. When it asks for what kind of a ad it is, make sure and click romance. When it asks you “What do you have in mind”, select No strings attached.
  455. Then you need to choose where you want the ad to be placed.
  456. Then comes the last part, this is what people are going to see, tell them you are selling nudes.
  458. like this
  459. Hey it is {eWhore} and i am in need of money so yea uhh i sell my nudes and video’s and sizzle so if you want some and some of you sugar daddies wanna help out, it me up xx ;)
  461. How to get money off a guy that was scammed by another guy
  463. The Tutorial
  464. So when a guy texts you to have fun, and you say your basic: ("Hey, wanna buy pics and sext after?"). He will probably say something like this: ("No, i have been scammed before.") or something among those lines, that is when you have spotted a victim that has been scammed, this is the next move you need to make. ("I don't scam huney, i am real") You can show real transactions and Clay Davis you have done. then he will say something like ("I am really scared, i know you are real but i am still scared of getting scammed...")
  465. Then you say: ("Okay babe, usually i sell my pics for $20 for 30 pics, but now i will sell you 10 nudes for $5! ") You will do that to gain his trust, then when he makes a payment, you give him exactly what he wants plus another nude, and then you have two options,
  467. first option is to say you need furniture for your new house, and that you just started living by yourself, and then you ask him to buy more nudes, so you can start buying some cool stuff for your self.
  469. Second option is to just ask if he wants to have a great time, brag about the new camera you bought and how good it is and how good of a video's you can make, this will get him to buy your Clay Davis!
  471. Final words
  472. Thanks for reading my tutorial, and you all know me, i have been doing a lot for the eWhoring section, and now it is time for me to take a break off it, but i really needed to make this, you all saw it coming!
  473. And please keep the thread alive by saying thanks.
  474. Don't give up.
  476. Good luck eWhoring.
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