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Nov 21st, 2012
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  1. Bugs/Wishes for 2.6: to be reported at
  3. - at the list of login actions of user: Collections, Graph and Menu show repeated.
  4. - Search filter should react inmediately after cleaning(and while typing maybe also)
  5. - The Configuration Wizard Next Step! dialog, , it's waiting for me to click NEXT, it should go automatically to the next step.
  6. - The first column(Name) of the Modules list doesn't allow resizing.
  7. - Modules could have a description column
  8. - Doing some Upgrade/Install of Modules doesn't show up a progress bar
  9. - After adding a new Contact Mechanism in a New Company, the 'Undelete selected record' shows up without any effect, when I delete the record, the undelete button gets unabled also.
  10. - Check if the India subdivision are all correct in Tryton
  11. - At the party tree, when some element contains some rows, it shows a child-treelement repeated, nothing can be done from the Menu
  12. for example (Party / Configuration / Companies /) and (Party / Configuration / Companies / Companies) both do a listing of action.
  13. - The right click selection doesn't work visually properly, it tries a mini-selection
  14. - The Tips... dialog shows a 'Welcome to tryton' empty window , need to click NEXT or PREVIOUS to get the other tip.(also Previous should not appear at first yet, not intuitive)
  15. - The phrase 'Display a new tip next time' should better renamed to 'Display tips when application starts'
  16. - The Users module doesn't show the 'Active' column correctly, the checkboxes seems unabled, while each user has the 'Active' field marked ON.
  18. - TODO: maybe do some script that updates the Currency 'Current Rate' (this sft does it for 500$
  19. - There is no hint help for Current Rate, is it related to USD? "All rates are defined implicitly with respect to the same currency (the one whose rate is 1)." at
  20. - Change the Symbol of Indian Rupee from Rs ₹ ,
  21. - There should be some HELP button that should open the link of the help module (this could be inside), there is no help about Formatting.
  22. - No hints for 'List Price' and 'Cost Price'
  23. - What is Default UOM
  24. - Help says: "Cost Price Method, which can be Fixed or Average. Defines how the cost price should be updated. Fixed means that the cost price stay unchanged. Average means that the cost price is the average cost of all the items that are in stock", Even with Average cost choosen, Tryton still require to input a 'Cost Price', is this normal?
  25. - Create new database should show up a Progress Bar (this should be programmed in the core of Tryton and the modules will just use some API to manage it)
  26. - When adding a new Module, the window won't let me input any data in any field, what is the point then of showing the Add button there then?
  27. - The python dependencies inside a module should also be declared as 'requirements/dependencies', maybe connecting to PIP or a proper message.
  29. - it still compares from 20 October 2008, at, maybe Update?
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