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  1. I walked up to my girlfriend, planning on surprising her at her work today. She worked at a small family run restaurant named Jenny's as a waiter. Right now she was cleaning a table, so I figured it was the best time to surprise her. At least it was better than when she was taking people's orders or carrying food.
  3. I leaned down beside her ear and whispered, "Hey there, Madison. How's my sexy girl doing?" She quickly turned around, a bright red blush on her face. But as soon as she saw it was me she jumped with excitement, jumping on me and kissing me over and over again.
  5. "Collin! What the hell are you doing here? I thought you weren't going to be home for another month."
  7. I laughed and took a hold of her hips, giving her a kiss. "I told you that so it'd be a surprise when I got here." I laughed and let her down on the ground gently.
  9. She squealed with happiness. "I can't believe you are finally back! I missed you so much! Why did you have to go off to college? Oh, just hold me! My shift ends in a few minutes. We need to do something to celebrate your return! Maybe go out to dinner, or go see a movie. Oh! We can-"
  11. "Madison," I cut her off, "I kind of had something in mind." I slipped my hand onto her ass and gave it a gentle grasp. She yelped and then giggled, blushing again. "I was thinking we could take our relationship to the next level."
  13. Madison's giggling seized and she raised a brow at me. "Are you implying that you want to have sex with me?" She pushed herself away from me. "Collin, you know that I love you, but you just got back and I'm not quite ready to do that. Please, don't take any offense in it, but I would like to wait."
  15. I sighed and looked down. "So, supper?"
  17. ***
  19. I returned home after a long night of a dinner and a movie with Madison, but something deep inside of me was angry. She had turned down my offer to have some more fun tonight. I clinched my teeth and walked downstairs into my basement and turned on the light. Inside was a huge alchemy lab along with hundreds of ingredients and strange items that you wouldn't expect me to have.
  21. "You'll take up my offer. Just wait and see." I walked up to the alchemy lab and started to create a potion. My girlfriend knew of this, she knew I created potions, but she never thought that I would use one on her. This would show her for assuming.
  23. Soon, I had two vials full of the same liquids, but I wasn't done yet. Each one needed details. I walked up to a large cauldron full of a strange liquid, different than the ones in the vials. First, I would need to put stereotypical (and non-stereotypical, but still feminine) items into the liquid. That is where the strange items came in place.<br/><br/>
  25. "Let me see." I studied my cache of items and started picking them out, placing them in the brew. "Bras, tampons, pads," I listed them off one by one as I put them in, "diary, panties, thongs, makeup, dresses, high heels." Soon all of it was in and I scooped some of the concoction up in a small, shot glass shaped bottle, and then pouring it into the liquid from earlier.
  27. Next, I needed to create a more masculine concoction, so after replacing the old concoction with new liquid, I started on the next brew. "Football, baseball cap, dumbbells, lube, shaving cream, razor." I smirked as I picked up the final item, staring at it. It wasn't manly at all. In fact, girls used it, but it was vital for the potion. "And finally, a dildo."
  29. Once the potion was ready, I headed over to Madison's house, sneaking in through her window. She was asleep, as always, making this a lot easier. I poured the 'man' potion down her throat. I added a little something something into her potion which would make her numb until I gave her an ingredient to return feeling to her body.
  31. After I drank the feminine potion, I sat on the edge of her bed and watched her closely. I could see her nose twitching, and I knew that the potion was starting its magic.
  33. Her hair began to shorten quickly, spiking up slightly once it was only a couple inches long. It started to darken into a dark brown color. I leaned in closer to her head, seeing her pores become more visible as her complexion worsened. In a matter of time her face started look more manly, which meant rougher edges, thinner lips, a larger nose, smaller eyes, and thicker, bushier eyebrows.
  35. I ran my hand along her chin and felt stubble, smirking. In the meantime, her neck became wider and her shoulders broadened. I placed my hands on her biceps, feeling them start to bulge and become rock hard. I felt hair start to spurt from her arms and, for some reason, I shivered and smiled, loving the feel of it. That's when I realized that my mind was starting to change, but I knew it was coming.
  37. Underneath her shirt, her cleavage and breasts were started to get faintly hairy. It was odd until her breasts pushed down into hard pectorals, her nipples and areolas shrinking in the process. A little lower, she started to get a happy trail among her newfound six pack. I rubbed her chest and closed my eyes, still smiling.
  39. Soon, I was rubbing her tough calves and hairy legs, watching her feet grow as well. Then, she started to moan, which excited me. I could see a lump start to grow in her pants. It kept getting larger and larger, then stiffer. Soon, her, now his, enormous eight inch penis was erect.
  41. I was so busy watching her, I didn't notice how my feet got so small and legs got thinner, making my pants baggy and my socks and shoes slip off of my feet. I saw sparkling pink nail polish painted over my petite feet. Gently, I rubbed my hand over my smooth, hairless legs and smiled.
  43. I moaned as my dick started to retreat inside of me along with my testicles. My balls moved farther inside of me whereas my penis started to shrink upwards. Soon enough my retracting penis had formed into a clitoris, and my grapes had become female ovaries inside of my new vagina, which was covered in a thinner layer of vaginal hair. I reached down in my pants and started playing with my new womanhood, moaning in pleasure.
  45. I could feel my jeans getting tighter on my as my hips and ass both expanded. But just a bit higher my waist was sinking inwards, giving me an hourglass figure. The rest of my body hair, including facial hair, started to retreat back under my skin, leaving it smooth and silky. I could feel my arms thinning out and losing muscle mass, and my hands were becoming petite as well, with pink nail polish matching my feet appearing on them.
  47. It wasn't much longer before my chest started to tingle, forcing a smile upon my face. A quick jolt went through my chest
  48. and I giggled, more girlishly. Another jolt came and I fell onto my knees as I felt my chest swell. Then another jolt happened again and by that point I could start to feel something hanging off from my chest. After a few more jolts I could sit upright again, letting my large breasts show through my shirt and my erect nipples protrude.
  50. I felt my hair start to lengthen and it was soon getting in my eyes. I pushed it away and once I could see again, my whole face was feminized. "Finally, I can wake him." I got off of the bed and took off all of my clothes, sitting on top of his belly. I used one hand to rub my new breasts, making me feel hornier by the second, and the other hand to push a small pill into his mouth. He woke up with a startle, coughing violently.
  52. "Hey there Marcus. Glad you are awake. Finally we can have some fun."
  54. "What the fuck!" He shoved me off of him and gasped. "What the hell is wrong with my voice!? And who the hell are you!" He reached down his pants and grabbed his huge penis. "And what the fuck is this!"
  56. I giggled when he pushed me. "What, you don't recognize your boyfriend? Or shall I say girlfriend? I used to be Collin by now I'm Carmin." I giggled more intensely and rubbed near my privates. "Come on baby, take off your clothes."
  58. "Collin!? Did you do this to me!? What the hell!?"
  60. "It's Carmin now baby. Here, let me help you with those clothes." I placed my hands on his shirt and pulled it off of him. "Oh baby, you look so sexy."
  62. It was obvious that Marcus didn't want his shirt off but he was stuck in place. "Why can't I do anything?"
  64. "Because you are getting horny, and you know that you want this." I started taking his socks off, giving one of his toes a kiss before taking his pants and boxers off. "Look at that thing. Isn't it amazing?" I grabbed his penis and smirked as I stroked it.
  66. "Why did- oh my god." He moaned and took a deep, shaky breath. "That feels-"
  68. "Good? I know." I climbed further up him so we were face to face and I kissed him. His large, hard, warm hands grasped my boobs and started fondling them. "Give me your best, baby."
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