My Plans Kain't Be This Stupid

Sep 2nd, 2012
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  1. [12:20:43] <+Kain> LAST TIME on FFIX-2
  2. [12:23:26] <+Kain> You journeyed to the enigmatic Ipsen's Castle in pursuit of Natalie and the crystal shard that lay there. The surprisingly empty halls felt eerie nonetheless due to strange presences, one of which turned out to be the ghost of an ancient king who once ruled in this castle. After a battle to judge your hearts, the crystal shard was yours and your journey could continue. However, as you leave
  3. [12:23:26] <+Kain> the castle you notice it's getting pretty dark, and climbing up the canyon walls in the dark is likely an unwise idea.
  4. [12:24:24] <@Theta> "Not the most pleasent location to be stuck at overnight," looking back at the odd structure.
  5. [12:27:14] <@Lenore> "But nobody here is all that bad, so it'll be okay!"
  6. [12:29:13] <@Theta> "I don't know about you but despite the baron of the castle being quite the gentlemen, I don't quite trust the other residents of the castle to rest within it."
  7. [12:29:59] <@Lenore> "Naw, I think he'll beat up anyone who tries to mess with us! Or we can beat them up ourselves!"
  8. [12:31:55] <+Kain> Alright recap
  9. [12:32:04] <+Kain> You guys have JUST left Baron's chamber and are exiting the castle
  10. [12:32:18] <+Kain> It's dark
  11. [12:32:20] <+Kain> what do
  12. [12:32:55] <@Lenore> "Mmmmmm, they probbably won't mess with us if we have fire! Maybe."
  13. [12:33:54] <@Natalie> "It's fine. They haven't bothered us now, so they wouldn't later, right?"
  14. [12:33:58] <@Amaryllis> "Shall we return and wait out the night then?"
  15. [12:35:08] * @Natalie nods, a little worried-eyed. "Please. I have something I'd like to do before leaving, anyway."
  16. [12:35:45] <@Lenore> "Mmmm, okay~"
  17. [12:37:04] * @Theta squints back at the castle, not exactly liking this idea but he's not about to sleep outside alone so follows.
  18. [12:37:38] <+Kain> You head back inside and set up a basic little camp in the entrance hall, presumably.
  19. [12:39:18] <+Kain> Later that night... after Nat and Celina had their little talk, too, a lone lantern shines in the darkness coming from the trapdoor room. You hear the sounds of tiny footsteps approaching.
  20. [12:40:00] <+Kain> And a little figure in a brown robe peeks in, its features obscured by a hood.
  21. [12:40:19] * @Natalie zzz.
  22. [12:40:26] <@Natalie> ... With one eye open.
  23. [12:40:30] * @Amaryllis napped through Nat and Celina's chat, but she stirs awake at this, groggily reaching for her knife and lantern, holding one in each hand as she squints at the approaching figure.
  24. [12:40:53] * @Lenore is OUT COLD
  25. [12:40:59] * @Lenore is also drooling a little.
  26. [12:41:16] <+Kain> "...Oh, you're people, kupo!" The moogle takes off its hood in relief. "Sorry, did I wake you, kupo?" he says, a little quieter.
  27. [12:42:08] * @Natalie rolls to look at Lenore, then back over and opens the other eys, whispering. "... Apparently not."
  28. [12:42:25] <@Amaryllis> "It is alright." Ammy sets down her knife and sits up, stretching.
  29. [12:42:54] <+Kain> The moogle flies over and sets its lantern down.
  30. [12:43:06] * @Theta glares at the moogle
  31. [12:43:10] <+Kain> "I'm Kumool, kupo. Been a long time since the castle's had visitors." he whispers.
  32. [12:43:30] <@Theta> "You know, that is a rather poor choice of garment for - oh nevermind."
  33. [12:43:45] <+Kain> Kumool: "It's to blend in, kupo!"
  34. [12:44:12] <@Amaryllis> "A shame is it not? The place will be but a fading memory at this rate."
  35. [12:44:33] <@Natalie> "Ohhh," yaaaawn, "So you've been living here? I'm almost surprised, it was so QUIET to be alone here earlier."
  36. [12:44:57] <+Kain> Kumool: "Yeah, the castle's seen better days... It's a lonely life but not really a bad one, kupo. Just have to avoid some of the nastier meanies that live around here."
  37. [12:45:15] <+Kain> Kumool: "Uh, listen, kupo... I know this is a bit sudden, but..."
  38. [12:45:24] <+Kain> Kumool: "I have a favor I'd like to ask, kupo!"
  39. [12:45:46] * @Natalie climbs out and sits up, yawning again with half-closed eyes. "Go onnnnn."
  40. [12:45:56] <@Theta> (I just met you, and this is crazy, here's a letter, deliver it, maybe?)
  41. [12:45:59] <@Amaryllis> "Do moogles make it a pasttime to turn dangerously isolated locales into their residence?"
  42. [12:47:06] <+Kain> Kumool: "I don't get out of the castle very much and I'd very much like it-yes we do, kupo- if you could deliver a letter to Mogcid, kupo."
  43. [12:47:25] <@Amaryllis> (I am quickly losing track of moogle names D:)
  44. [12:47:34] <@Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy takes the letter.
  45. [12:47:37] <@Natalie> (>cid)
  46. [12:47:39] <@Natalie> (you so crazy)
  47. [12:47:46] <+Kain> (Maybe you guys should make a list on the wiki hint hint)
  48. [12:47:51] <@Amaryllis> "And pray tell, where does Mogcid make his home?"
  49. [12:48:06] <+Kain> Kumool: "Oh, I think he lives in Durandal now, kupo."
  50. [12:48:30] <@Natalie> "Oh ho! Then you definitely picked the right travelers to ask."
  51. [12:48:31] * @Amaryllis nods.
  52. [12:48:51] <@Amaryllis> (someone remember if we have a letter for this guy or not?)
  53. [12:48:52] <@Natalie> "We'll keep a," yaaaaaawn, "eye out," yaaaaaaaaaawn.
  54. [12:48:53] <+Kain> Kumool: "We usually do, kupo! Moogle's luck. Thank you so much, kupo!"
  55. [12:49:03] <+Kain> Kumool takes a letter from within his robe and passes it on.
  56. [12:49:07] <@Natalie> (I think if we do Leeny would have it)
  57. [12:49:24] <@Amaryllis> Oh whoops, NOW Ammy takes the letter.
  58. [12:50:06] <+Kain> Kumool: "Well, thanks, kupo. I'll try and make sure the monsters don't come after you during the night, kupo. Sweet dreams!"
  59. [12:50:13] <@Amaryllis> "Where are the castle's other inhabitants? They did not show themselves whilst we were first exploring."
  60. [12:50:16] <@Natalie> (Okay, just checked, we don't)
  61. [12:50:22] <+Kain> Kumool: "Oh, well..."
  62. [12:51:44] <+Kain> Kumool: "The ahrimen are probably roosting in the tower, and the agares are in the library, the gargoyle statues don't come alive without them so don't worry... the cerberus are... um, w-well I don't really know where they are but they're big dogs so hard to miss. And the tonberries.... even I don't know that, kupo, but the other monsters leave them alone so I dress like one."
  63. [12:52:03] * @Natalie smiles a bit and crawls back izzzzzzzz.
  64. [12:52:17] * @Amaryllis nods. "Thank you."
  65. [12:52:29] <@Amaryllis> "Does it ever get...lonely living in a place such as this?"
  66. [12:53:06] <+Kain> Kumool: "Terribly. There's a ghost I talk to sometimes, kupo... I might just be going crazy, though. That's what all the other moogles think, kupo."
  67. [12:53:40] <@Amaryllis> "Why do it then? Why not live in a big city?"
  68. [12:53:53] <@Theta> "Oh, so they are everywhere we are not. That's quite the mixed blessing," he lays back down.
  69. [12:54:22] <+Kain> Kumool: "Well, I've lived here all my life, kupo, and someone needs to upkeep the place. The monsters don't..."
  70. [12:55:26] <+Kain> Kumool: "I make sure the walls don't crumble, dust when I can, alphabetize the library, oil and fix the traps..."
  71. [12:55:54] <@Amaryllis> "Just playing a necessary role then?" Amaryllis flops back down on her bedroll, staring up at the ceiling. "I can understand that then. I hope the other moogles will have a letter for you too in return sometime."
  72. [12:56:19] <+Kain> Kumool nods. "Thank you, kupo."
  73. [12:56:53] <+Kain> Kumool: "I'll let you all get to sleep now, sweet dreams."
  74. [12:57:02] <+Kain> Kumool goes to wander out.
  75. [12:57:15] <+Kain> Eventually the lantern light fades back into the darkness.
  76. [12:58:09] <+Kain> The rest of the night passes without any fuss, and the next morning the light of day greets you cheerfully.
  77. [12:58:16] * @Amaryllis blows out her own lantern and rolls over.
  78. [12:58:30] * @Lenore smiles widely, and mutters "So I can call you Natty?" in her sleep.
  79. [12:58:33] <@Natalie> Okay NOW SHFFSHFF.
  80. [12:59:00] <@Amaryllis> (lesbianssss)
  81. [12:59:10] <@Natalie> SHFFSHFF ELSEWHERE.
  82. [13:01:33] * @Amaryllis is off in a corner, her supplies all packed next to her. She looks up from a large tome with a dreary gaze. Seems like she woke up early and began reading. Or maybe she had trouble getting to sleep.
  83. [13:02:48] * @Natalie apparently got up way before everyone else too, considering her empty... sleeping bag? Whatever they're using. Blue eyes peek out and consider prodding everyone awake every now and then.
  84. [13:05:04] * @Lenore eventually gets up, with an "Aaaaah~", stretching a bit. She digs through her hat a bit to find her normal clothes before walking off to go change out of her jammies.
  85. [13:05:27] <@Amaryllis> "Good morning," Ammy pauses a second to look around. "milady. You slept well I hope?"
  86. [13:06:19] * @Theta curled himself up against a wall, tossing his coat over him like a blanket, and hat covering his face, snoring lightly.
  87. [13:06:30] <@Natalie> The eyes slide down the corner of the tent, the corner of a red ribbon coming with them. "Mmhmm, great!"
  88. [13:08:05] <@Natalie> "Tell the others I'll be waiting for them when they all get up, okay, Ammy?"
  89. [13:08:07] * @Amaryllis slowly closes her book and sets it aside. "Shall I prepare breakfast while we wait for the others?"
  90. [13:08:30] <@Natalie> "Nn! Call me when it's ready!"
  91. [13:08:32] * @Natalie retracts.
  92. [13:11:53] * @Amaryllis pins the map to the wall with her sword as she works preparing a simple, light breakfast, waiting for Lenore to return and Theta to stir awake.
  93. [13:12:20] * @Lenore walks back in, a bit sleepy, but fully dressed. "I'm gooo-" she yawns.
  94. [13:12:31] <@Lenore> "Good."
  95. [13:12:45] <@Amaryllis> "A city of sadness, to be sure." She stares at the 'Durandal' dot during a puse in her cooking.
  96. [13:12:45] <@Amaryllis> *pause
  97. [13:14:17] <@Amaryllis> "Good morning lady Lenore." Ammy holds up a small plate of bread, sausage, and other simple on-the-go food items. "Breakfast?"
  98. [13:14:17] * @Theta slowly reaches up and removes the hat from his face as he sits up and yawns.
  99. [13:15:37] <@Theta> "Good morning. Can't wait to put this place behind us."
  100. [13:15:48] <@Amaryllis> "And you as well sir Theta." Ammy places a plate down by his side before shuffling back to her corner.
  101. [13:16:42] <@Natalie> "Ammyyyyyyyyyy, are they up yet?" Some lighter-than-usual footsteps move back into the entrance hall.
  102. [13:17:34] <@Amaryllis> "They are, milady."
  103. [13:17:44] <@Natalie> "... Oh."
  104. [13:18:36] * @Natalie steps in looking refreshed - and in something along the lines of much to the player's shamelessness - a bit embarrassed before converting it into a wide smile. "Good!"
  105. [13:18:46] * @Theta nods, nibbling at whatever it is. "Good to see none of us were maimed by a wandering Tonberry."
  106. [13:20:08] <@Lenore> "A-ah...Azure, you look..."
  107. [13:20:19] <@Lenore> "...I'm jealous."
  108. [13:21:05] * @Natalie twirls around. "Really? These are my going-out clothes, and I thought I... oh yeah, we should probably all have a talk before we leave, huh."
  109. [13:21:29] <@Natalie> After a sniffsniff Nat walks over to Ammy's cooking and plops nearby without a word, clearly prepared.
  110. [13:22:08] * @Amaryllis slides over a plate to Nat as well before nibbling at her own slice of bread.
  111. [13:22:19] <@Theta> "Eh?"
  112. [13:22:28] <@Lenore> "A talk?"
  113. [13:23:06] <@Natalie> "Mmhmm!" She takes it with a nod of thanks and, assuming there is one, makes a 'ringaling' sound against a plate with a utensil a few times. "Okay, listen up, everyone!"
  114. [13:24:04] <@Natalie> "I told Leeny this already buuuut, I'm really sorry about acting all weird since we first met and stuff!" ... Unable to resist she plops some food in and swallows it.
  115. [13:24:25] <@Natalie> "Sooo let's all get along and be friends instead, okay?"
  116. [13:24:30] * @Amaryllis continues nibbling.
  117. [13:24:53] <@Theta> "Huh."
  118. [13:25:17] <@Lenore> "I never didn't want to be friends with everyone!
  119. [13:25:18] <@Lenore> "
  120. [13:25:20] * @Natalie CHOMPCHOMPCHOMPS in rapid-fire.
  121. [13:25:58] <@Natalie> "Mhm! But even though being all princess-y is super fun, it gets kinda boring after a while, y'know? So if you really wanna call me 'Natty' you can, Lenny."
  122. [13:26:08] <@Natalie> "You too, Mr. Gamma!"
  123. [13:26:26] * @Amaryllis slowly stabs another slice of bread with her knife and brings it up to nibble on, watching Nat closely and listening intently.
  124. [13:26:27] <@Lenore> "E-eeeeh?" Her eyes widen. "O-okay Natty!"
  125. [13:27:27] <@Theta> "O...kay..." he continues to pick at the food some.
  126. [13:27:28] * @Natalie waggles an index finger, handing Ammy her now-clean plate. "There's bad people doing bad stuff in this Durandal place, right? If we're gonna go there, showing off my status is a BAAAAD idea."
  127. [13:30:45] <@Amaryllis> "Sound reasoning."
  128. [13:32:27] * @Natalie leaps up and streeeeeeeeetches, then turns to the monkeyman. "Nnnn, is there something wrong?"
  129. [13:34:29] * @Theta shakes his head. "No, just have not noticed anything odd anyway, so..."
  130. [13:34:45] <@Natalie> "Ohh... oh."
  131. [13:35:06] * @Amaryllis stabs a sausage and stands up, turning to survey the castle interior again. "One moment, I simply want to see something before we go." She takes a bite as she sets off to find that odd mirror from the day before.
  132. [13:35:30] <+Kain> The mirror seems to be gone, once you find your way back.
  133. [13:35:43] <@Natalie> "Well that's good! I...." Nat watches Ammy with a weird head-tilt but trails along.
  134. [13:36:09] <@Natalie> Trails along some of the way before heading back to wait with the others.
  135. [13:36:35] * @Amaryllis stares at the blank wall a moment, then finishes eating her food and walks back.
  136. [13:38:53] <@Natalie> "Okay!" Nacchan stands back up and heads toward the exit. "I'm gonna go look for something outside; come meet me when you're ready to go, alright?"
  137. [13:41:23] * @Lenore shovels her breakfast down and goes in pursuit after Natty~
  138. [13:41:40] * @Theta seems rather eager to get a move on himself
  139. [13:42:37] * @Natalie hangs out at the bottom of the basin they're in apparently, circling around and looking for something. Occasionally shouting something about a 'Terry.'
  140. [13:42:43] * @Amaryllis is the last to go, slowly packing her things as she passes her gaze through the entrance hall of the castle one final time.
  141. [13:45:59] <+Kain> No response, Nat. You spend some time looking around in vain.
  142. [13:46:23] * @Natalie is pouty and a little worried when everyone gets there, then!
  143. [13:46:25] <+Kain> The castle still looms empty, even no sign of the Moogle that visited last night.
  144. [13:46:39] <@Natalie> "Nnnn. Weird."
  145. [13:46:51] <+Kain> As you all finally go to leave, you notice something rather distressing when you get back to the point you climbed down.
  146. [13:47:07] <+Kain> Namely, the ropes you used are in a pile at the floor of the basin, with their ends frayed.
  147. [13:47:22] * @Amaryllis waves to the air as she leaves, picking out the Tantarian book from her pack and reading it as she walks out.
  148. [13:47:43] <+Kain> Looking close, it doesn't appear the ropes were -cut- exactly... give me some awareness checks.
  149. [13:47:52] <@Natalie> 2d6 hahaha what's that
  150. [13:47:53] <+DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, hahaha what's that: 7 [2d6=3,4]
  151. [13:47:55] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  152. [13:47:55] <+DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 14 [2d6=6,5]
  153. [13:48:25] <@Theta> 2d6+3
  154. [13:48:26] <+DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+3: 12 [2d6=4,5]
  155. [13:48:48] <@Lenore> 2d6+4 Let's see~
  156. [13:48:49] <+DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Let's see~: 13 [2d6=5,4]
  157. [13:51:20] <+Kain> Lenore and Theta notice around the ends of the ropes there's some sort of... saliva.
  158. [13:51:31] <+Kain> Ammy sees something large move far overhead.
  159. [13:51:41] <+Kain> It looks like...
  160. [13:51:59] <+Kain> an enormous ant, climbing around the roots jutting out of the cliffs.
  161. [13:52:04] <@Natalie> "Whose are these, anyway?" Nat's busy prodding at the ropes with a foot.
  162. [13:52:05] * @Amaryllis pulls out her knife and raises it to the sky to point at the thing.
  163. [13:52:28] * @Theta examines the rope, very confused
  164. [13:52:36] <@Theta> "just what did something even do to them? slobber?"
  165. [13:52:49] <@Lenore> "Huh, like what I do when I'm sleepy..."
  166. [13:53:19] <+Kain> It climbs around on the roots, foraging. You see it nibbling on various plants overhead, paying special attention to the large yellow flowers growing in various places around the roots and on the cliff.
  167. [13:53:37] <@Amaryllis> "We have that to thank for making our climb up more difficult."
  168. [13:53:52] <+Kain> Theta, monster lore for me
  169. [13:53:56] * @Natalie stretches. "How boooooring. I had a friend I wanted everyone to meet, too! Oh well, guess we'll have to go up the slow way."
  170. [13:54:01] <@Natalie> "..."
  171. [13:54:06] <@Natalie> "Uhh, what's the slow way, again?"
  172. [13:54:16] <@Lenore> "Ropes!"
  173. [13:54:28] <@Natalie> "Oh. ... Oh!"
  174. [13:54:36] <+Kain> Anyway the ropes are severed, if you didn't get that from what I said before.
  175. [13:55:03] <@Theta> 2d6+3
  176. [13:55:04] * @Natalie looks down at them, staring as if expecting them to magically stretch upward.
  177. [13:55:04] <+DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=5,3]
  178. [13:55:16] <@Lenore> "I think I have some more..."
  179. [13:55:53] <+Kain> As you follow Ammy pointing upward, you recognize the Gargant roaming around up there. You've heard of these things inhabiting a tunnel near Conde Petie and the Village, and apparently people once used them for transport.
  180. [13:56:08] <+Kain> They like to eat plant matter, and unfortumately most rope is made of hemp.
  181. [13:56:59] <@Theta> "Oh, that creature, must have eaten the rope. They are...herbivores, despite their appearance."
  182. [13:57:16] <@Theta> "Either way rope won't do us much good without the secured lines at the top, it seems we'll have to find another way up."
  183. [13:57:45] <@Natalie> "Hnnnn. Well, we could just jump really high..."
  184. [13:57:51] * @Natalie gets in a ready-to-leap stance.
  185. [13:58:22] <@Lenore> "Only you and Celly can do that, though!"
  186. [13:58:33] <@Natalie> "Ohhh, riiiiight."
  187. [13:58:34] <@Amaryllis> "And so it is written." Ammy examines a frayed rope and lets it fall from her hands. "Can you not make this climb easier for us, Theta?"
  188. [13:58:36] <@Theta> "Jump -that- high?"
  189. [13:58:37] <+Kain> You also notice some of those yellow flowers around the base of the cliff...
  190. [13:58:46] <@Amaryllis> (wait, DOES Nat have defy gravity...?)
  191. [13:58:56] <@Natalie> (hahaha, no, though I was GOING to take it)
  192. [13:59:00] <@Amaryllis> (I didn't think she could jump that high anyway)
  193. [13:59:05] <@Natalie> (no, she's being silly)
  194. [13:59:12] <@Amaryllis> (Lenore confused me :<)
  195. [13:59:26] * @Amaryllis quirks an eyebrow at Lenore, not sure where she got that idea.
  196. [13:59:30] <@Natalie> (A few jumps on some footholds might make it possible using monster athletics alone, Iunno)
  197. [13:59:36] <@Theta> "I am not very confident enough to try it, Miss Middleton, however..."
  198. [13:59:46] <@Theta> "Those flowers, are common food for the Gargant, I believe."
  199. [13:59:50] <@Theta> "If we could somehow bait it down here."
  200. [13:59:55] * @Natalie is totally clueless that Lenore made that assumption, despite having not really DONE any super-athletic stuff in front of anybody ever.
  201. [14:00:15] <@Lenore> "But they like to eat flowers and plants, right?"
  202. [14:00:28] <@Lenore> "Er, the ants, that is."
  203. [14:00:28] <+Kain> The ant is about the size of two horses, or a big car, if you knew what either of those were. :V
  204. [14:00:40] <@Theta> (Lenore is seriously derping today.)
  205. [14:00:45] <@Natalie> (Moenore)
  206. [14:01:06] <@Theta> "Yes, as I said," he plucks one of the flowers. "These should interest it."
  207. [14:01:15] <@Lenore> (...oh. Theta already proposed the flowers. HERP)
  208. [14:01:50] <@Amaryllis> "Are you proposing we ride the creature?"
  209. [14:02:14] <@Natalie> "Can they reaaally climb like that?"
  210. [14:02:29] <@Theta> "I am indeed, they are used for transportation. Or, were at some point."
  211. [14:02:36] * @Theta whistles up at the creature, waving the plant.
  212. [14:02:55] * @Natalie nods with a big smile. "Okay then! Hey, big guy, come down here and help us!"
  213. [14:03:22] <+Kain> The gargant looks faaar, far down at you all, and gives a sort of shriek as it quickly shambles down the roots.
  214. [14:03:35] <+Kain> Soon, it arrives at the canyon floor, straining over for the flower.
  215. [14:03:47] * @Amaryllis looks at Theta holding the flower and steps to the side, out of the path of the gargant.
  216. [14:04:21] <@Theta> He tosses the flower up to it. "Mind giving us a ride back up?"
  217. [14:04:29] * @Natalie lets the bigant through to the flower. "Good thinking, Mr. Epsilon!"
  218. [14:04:58] <+Kain> The gargant silently munches on the flower noncomitally. If you're going to ride up, now's your chance to board it!
  219. [14:05:11] * @Natalie leaps up there like a fuckin' ninja!
  220. [14:05:35] * @Amaryllis cautiously climbs onto the ant.
  221. [14:05:37] * @Theta likewise, climbs up on it's back
  222. [14:05:50] * @Lenore carefully gets on~
  223. [14:05:59] <+Kain> You all hang on for dear life as the creature turns around and starts crawling up the maze of roots!
  224. [14:06:19] <@Natalie> ~
  225. [14:06:21] <+Kain> Trump trump trump, trump, despite what you may think, it's actually a fairly pleasant ride! And it doesn't seem to mind you at all.
  226. [14:07:09] <@Natalie> "Nn, thanks a lot for the help!"
  227. [14:07:12] <@Amaryllis> "What a pleasant creature, despite appearances."
  228. [14:07:30] <+Kain> After a minute, you arrive at the top of the cliff, and the gargant pauses.
  229. [14:08:08] * @Amaryllis takes the opportunity to disembark from the ant, patting it on the head.
  230. [14:08:25] * @Natalie sliiiiides off and gives the creature a nod after twirling around.
  231. [14:08:33] * @Theta hops off, "Thanks!"
  232. [14:08:53] <@Natalie> "Oh by the way, did you see a- ... aaaaactually nevermind."
  233. [14:08:56] * @Lenore gets off, giving the creature a pat on the head before walking off. "Thanks~"
  234. [14:09:54] * @Natalie waves to the creature and frantically starts looking along the ground for some kind of tracks.
  235. [14:10:11] <+Kain> It gives another shriek of happiness and tromps off back down the roots and into one of the root tunnels.
  236. [14:10:12] <@Amaryllis> "Does it solely travel along those roots?" Ammy walks over to the edge of the basin again to gaze over the labyrinthine network.
  237. [14:10:30] <+Kain> You see a set of snake tracks head off to the south, Nat.
  238. [14:10:42] <+Kain> Theta - yep, they do.
  239. [14:11:31] <+Kain> Gargants are pretty much anywhere where you might find the Iifa Tree's roots. Which after that event ten years ago, is in a lot more places than before.
  240. [14:11:31] * @Natalie nods to herself with some silent mumbling and starts slowly walking toward where she last remembers Durandal being- which probably isn't as much as somebody who actually, you know, studies maps.
  241. [14:11:54] * @Theta relays this information to Ammy, then
  242. [14:13:02] <+Kain> Nat wanders off in a slightly wrong direction
  243. [14:13:10] <@Theta> "Guess we're free to get a move on now...where is she off to though?"
  244. [14:13:35] <@Amaryllis> "How unfortunately limited their lives must be then." Ammy pauses with her mouth open as if to mumble more, but instead stares at the roots for a few seconds longer, tracing them with her eyes. "...but they seem happy enough." She turns to look where Nat's headed.
  245. [14:13:36] * @Natalie sticks mostly by the tracks.
  246. [14:13:56] <+Kain> The snake tracks aren't going towards Durandal
  247. [14:13:57] <@Natalie> "Mmm... nnn..."
  248. [14:14:12] * @Natalie follows them a bit then heads back. "Okay, we're fine! Let's go."
  249. [14:14:16] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, where are you headed?" Ammy trots up and pulls out a map.
  250. [14:14:26] <@Amaryllis> "Durandal is the other way."
  251. [14:14:46] <@Natalie> Nodnod. "I just wanted to check something. Uhh, let's see, so it's... that way?"
  252. [14:15:04] <+Kain> Durandal is pretty much due east of here.
  253. [14:16:43] <@Natalie> Nat marches along, but is probably still slightly off-direction. Just slightly.
  254. [14:16:43] * @Amaryllis stares down at the trail Nat was following, then up at the girl. "It is written for a later chapter." Ammy takes her hand and looks east, taking a step. "Shall we?"
  255. [14:16:57] <@Natalie> Orrrrr that.
  256. [14:17:23] * @Lenore has no sense of direction so she just follows Ammy!
  257. [14:17:26] <@Amaryllis> "Where, Theta, did you learn so much about the creatures of this world?"
  258. [14:18:12] * @Natalie marches happily along, in tow with not-directionally-retarded Ammy now, humming something that's probably uncomfortably close to Crossing Those Hills because the player has it on infinite loop now really lightly.
  259. [14:18:19] <+Kain> You walk for a bit across the plains, the spotty patches of grass giving way to more fertile plains. A range of mountains comes into view in the distance, followed by a town sitting at the base of the peaks. Rows and rows of farmland greet you as you approach. And holy shit that's a lot of farmland. How many people are they feeding? You walk between a tomato thicket and a cornfield as you
  260. [14:18:19] <+Kain> approach - the town isn't all that big, really. It has a large stone wall surrounding the town proper but you don't see too many houses sticking up over the wall-line. The most prominent building you can see from here is a mansion built on to the slopes of the mountain itself, almost as large as a small fort.
  261. [14:19:28] <+Kain> You can see a number of people working the fields as you pass, though they look fatigued beyond the scope of their work. None even bother waving at you as you pass.
  262. [14:19:34] <@Theta> "I was trained as a weapon and armorsmith back home, which sort of demands you know a bit about the creatures the armorments are made to fight against or about where your materials came from."
  263. [14:19:36] * @Amaryllis scans the perimeter of the town for trading routes leading out. Does it look like there are many, or is it clear that all the food is being stockpiled in this town?
  264. [14:19:55] <+Kain> You don't see any trade caravans.
  265. [14:20:00] * @Natalie looks side-to-side wearing a :<, narrow-eyed upon getting close to the place.
  266. [14:20:18] <@Amaryllis> "A weaponsmith as well?" Ammy subconsciously pats the dull kitchen knife in her bag.
  267. [14:20:29] <@Natalie> "Well, it doesn't LOOK as funky as we heard..."
  268. [14:20:32] <+Kain> You DID pick up a sword earlier
  269. [14:20:55] <@Amaryllis> (yeah I know)
  270. [14:20:55] <@Amaryllis> (and I've been using it!)
  271. [14:20:55] <@Amaryllis> (but Ammy likes knives :>)
  272. [14:21:17] * @Theta nods. "Cannot say I've had much time to apply it since...well...this began, but yes."
  273. [14:21:41] <+Kain> And soon enough you arrive at the front gate of the town, where a lizardman with big, floppy ears and a rabbit-lady are dressed in armor, standing guard. The gate's open, but they regard you a bit dourly as you enter. "Enjoy your stay."
  274. [14:21:45] <+Kain> (Oops)
  275. [14:21:48] <@Theta> "Nothing extravagant, mostly things for guards for caravans to the dwarven city and the swamps."
  276. [14:21:49] <+Kain> (Hit enter on that too soon)
  277. [14:22:00] <+Kain> "Enjoy your stay." the lizard-man says sarcastically as you enter.
  278. [14:22:13] <@Lenore> "We will~!"
  279. [14:22:26] * @Natalie nods warily to the scaly and trots inside.
  280. [14:22:31] <@Amaryllis> "You must have had a good library. Or a good mentor." Ammy looks over the fields. "Even without what we were told earlier, it is clear how this town suffers, how its people's labor is squandered. Look, far too much food for such weary townsfolk, and nary a caravan in sight." She mumbles quietly as they leave the guard.
  281. [14:24:27] <@Natalie> "Okay, so! Let's go s-" Nat lowers her voice. "Let's go spy on that Glutton guy, then! I bet it's his fault."
  282. [14:24:28] <@Theta> "Quite drull indeed. Wonder what there is to see inside..."
  283. [14:24:39] <@Natalie> Like... once they're past the guards and stuff, that is.
  284. [14:25:42] <+Kain> You enter the town, and immediately you notice it seems to be very well built. The ground is a finely laid brick road, and the houses seem to be in good condition, traditional Alexandrian architecture, mostly wood. But there aren't very many people in the streets. You do see a number of Qu, though, but they're dressed in sharp, black suits and wear darkened glasses, speaking into what look
  285. [14:25:42] <+Kain> like handheld shortwave radios. They seem to be patroling independantly of the guards around.
  286. [14:27:08] * @Theta looks very confused. "This isn't normal for a human settlement at all, is it."
  287. [14:27:35] <@Amaryllis> "No." Ammy frowns as her eyes pass over the scene.
  288. [14:27:37] <@Natalie> "Weiiiiiird," Azure eyes everything a bit too much, wondering just what's up. Or maybe she thinks the outfits look good.
  289. [14:27:40] <@Natalie> More likely the latter.
  290. [14:27:56] <+Kain> As you pass by one of the intersections, you see a large cart filled with apples being pulled by a chocobo, and a Qu walking alongside it. One of the apples falls off the cart, and a scrawny little girl rushes out to pick it up. Immediately, the Qu turns, approaching and pulling out a sword-sized fork. An older woman follows out immediately, taking the apple and handing it back to the Qu.
  291. [14:27:56] <+Kain> "I'm so sorry, she wasn't trying to take it... please, forgive her..."
  292. [14:29:09] <+Kain> The qu glowers at the woman. "This apple too dirty for Glutton anyway." S/he crunches into it whole, then spits out the core at their feet. "You take that, haha." The qu then leads the chocobo cart onward.
  293. [14:29:29] <@Lenore> "A-ah...that..."
  294. [14:29:43] * @Natalie puts hands at her hips. "Nnnn, okay, I already don't like this place at all."
  295. [14:30:01] <@Natalie> "I think I'll..."
  296. [14:30:08] * @Natalie looks up at Ammy. "..."
  297. [14:30:12] <@Amaryllis> "This tale is written with only black and white I see." Ammy's gaze follows the chocobo for a brief moment before flashing back to focus in front of her.
  298. [14:30:29] * @Theta watches him walk off. "Well this is going to be a pleasant stay."
  299. [14:30:35] <@Natalie> "Nnnnnn."
  300. [14:30:53] <+Kain> You watch as the little girl actually picks up the apple core as her mother drags her off.
  301. [14:31:34] <@Natalie> "Okay, we've gotta do something about that."
  302. [14:31:42] <@Amaryllis> "We should find a place to rest and talk. Tread carefully."
  303. [14:32:03] * @Natalie wears rageeyes and a :< the whole way, but nods uncomfortably.
  304. [14:32:23] * @Lenore seems to be shaking a little. With righteous fury.
  305. [14:32:51] <@Theta> "Making a scene just as we enter probably would end poorly, yes."
  306. [14:32:52] * @Amaryllis looks uncomfortably to the two angry girls and then gives Theta an appraising look, trying to see if he's taking things the same way.
  307. [14:33:02] * @Amaryllis nods in approval.
  308. [14:33:13] <@Natalie> "R-Right. I'm calm, Mr. Alpha."
  309. [14:33:48] * @Natalie takes each step with a twitchy 'I-really-want-to-kick-a-face' foot.
  310. [14:34:14] <@Lenore> There's a few errant sparks with every step Lenore takes, but she's quiet.
  311. [14:34:43] <+Kain> The mostly empty streets are nearly as eerie as the empty halls of Ipsen's castle. Though the latter was empty from aeons of abandonment, these streets are empty with an air of oppression and despair.
  312. [14:35:17] <@Theta> "You know, you would think they would at least put on airs just for visitors."
  313. [14:35:24] <@Theta> "This is a pretty...bold statement."
  314. [14:36:14] <@Amaryllis> "The queen herself has not the resources to intervene. Wherefore should they fear?"
  315. [14:36:23] <+Kain> You wander around for a bit, looking for the Inn, and eventually find a signpost with a map of the town on it, listing off various places in town.
  316. [14:36:37] <@Natalie> "This is why we were told not to come here, huh?"
  317. [14:36:48] <@Natalie> "Wellll I see why, but I STILL don't like it."
  318. [14:37:15] * @Natalie scans the map for the Glutton's place while letting everyone else search for the inn.
  319. [14:37:18] * @Lenore remains quiet.
  320. [14:38:30] <@Amaryllis> "The stage is not yet set, and we shan't act or speak our lines out of turn." Ammy leans in to examine the map. "So it is written for now."
  321. [14:39:10] * @Natalie grumbles. "Some heroes we get to be, huh?"
  322. [14:39:29] <+Kain> 1. The Flowering Cactuar Inn, 2. Grundy's Fine Pants and Armor, 3. Elwood's Smithy (this has been stamped over with a CLOSED mark), 4. Walt's Beast Emporium, 5. Chocobo's Grocery, 6. [strikethrough]Mayor's[/strikethrough]Glutton's Mansion
  323. [14:40:03] <@Natalie> (If a Chocobo is actually a shopkeeper I will leap through the internet and hug the shit out of you)
  324. [14:40:12] <@Theta> (No way it's chocobocolina)
  325. [14:41:07] <@Amaryllis> (yeah I bet that's why Kain had to switch boorus because of all the chocobogirl porn)
  326. [14:41:24] <@Amaryllis> (and we know he's been playing XIII :V)
  327. [14:41:30] <@Natalie> (God damnnnnnnnnnnn)
  328. [14:42:19] * @Natalie shuffles over to the side, opens her cute pink tinydiary, and scribbles in it a bit, looking up to the signpost for reference every few seconds.
  329. [14:42:43] <@Amaryllis> "The question is whether we can speak in confidence at the inn. They may be wary of travelers and monitor them closely." Ammy speaks in a whisper.
  330. [14:43:07] <@Natalie> "Okay!" It shuts. "Let's go find out."
  331. [14:43:37] <+Kain> Prickles hops up onto Natalie's shoulder, a bit indignant.
  332. [14:44:16] <@Natalie> She reaches back and pats him a bit. "Nnn, don't worry, we'll do something."
  333. [14:44:23] <@Amaryllis> "It may even be prudent to speak in cactuar to mask ourselves." squib whisper squabble squee
  334. [14:45:00] * @Lenore still quiet. As she walks, sparksparksparkspark.
  335. [14:45:03] <@Natalie> "Elephant cheeseburger tablecloth." Squab squibble squaa.
  336. [14:45:20] <@Natalie> "... Or was it supposed to be 'squibble?' Nnnnn..."
  337. [14:45:41] <+Kain> Prickles: "*sigh* She doesn't quite have the hang of it, I see. In any case, let's not tarry."
  338. [14:46:19] * @Natalie heads to the inn, whispering to herself in confusion: "But why does he want to eat that...?"
  339. [14:46:56] <@Amaryllis> (do cheeseburgers exist? or elephants for that matter?)
  340. [14:47:00] <+Kain> You head to the Flowering Cactuar Inn, a more lively building than the rest of town, it seems. There are quite a few people inside, and you can overhear a conversation between someone and the person at the front desk.
  341. [14:47:12] <@Natalie> (I assumed the fact that they didn't WAS the joke)
  342. [14:47:15] <@Natalie> (... or was intended to be)
  343. [14:48:36] * @Natalie steps in immediately in MAXIMUM ALERT MEGA EAVESDROP MODE.
  344. [14:49:02] <+Kain> "Come on, you have a few rooms vacant, I KNOW you do!" "Those are reserved for travelers. I'm sorry, but I can't just open up every single room to the evicted." "Like anyone wants to come to this shithole." "Do you even have any money, Samson?" "No, but I still have two cabbages from last week, that's good, right? Come on, Brynna, you're killing us here."
  345. [14:49:58] * @Natalie graaaaaaaadually looks up to Ammy with pleading eyes.
  346. [14:51:17] <+Kain> Looking around, you can see a number of poorer residents seem to be staying here, but there's still vacancy, if you want to approach the woman behind the counter. She's fervently trying to shoo off the disgruntled man trying to ask for a room.
  347. [14:52:08] * @Lenore silently walks up to the counter and slams down money. A bunch of sparks go off upon impact.
  348. [14:52:30] <+Kain> The woman and the man both look over, in shock.
  349. [14:52:33] * @Natalie grins and approaches the counter next to Lenny. "We're travelers."
  350. [14:52:38] * @Amaryllis shuffles to the side as she enters, observing the scene and giving Nat a shrug.
  351. [14:52:41] * @Theta just shuffles around awkwardly what is even going on here
  352. [14:52:51] <+Kain> Brynna: "Er... of course. Would you like a room?"
  353. [14:53:08] <+Kain> The man - Samson - just sighs and gives up, walking away.
  354. [14:53:11] * @Lenore nods. Then makes a motion to the disgruntled man.
  355. [14:53:21] <@Natalie> "Please. Give us a room for..." She points a finger and silently counts to herself, including Celina, Prickles, and the man. "... Seven."
  356. [14:53:43] <+Kain> Brynna: "...Samson. Samson! Get back here, they're paying for you, too."
  357. [14:53:51] <+Kain> Samson: "Eh? What, really?"
  358. [14:54:02] * @Lenore nods.
  359. [14:54:17] * @Natalie just smiles in silence, maybe with the tiniest of 'hmph's.
  360. [14:54:23] <@Amaryllis> "..." Ammy sighs and looks to Theta. "So much for not making a scene."
  361. [14:54:23] <+Kain> Samson is a dirtyish looking human with messy black hair and an unkempt beard.
  362. [14:54:38] <@Natalie> Oh, being dressed like a white mage may be a thing. Maybe pseudo-oops.
  363. [14:54:46] <+Kain> Samson: "...huh, I didn't think there were kindhearted people -left- in this place. ...tbank you."
  364. [14:54:48] <+Kain> *thank
  365. [14:55:08] <+Kain> Samson: "Give me a bit, I'll need to go get my things."
  366. [14:55:23] <+Kain> The man bows gratefully to you all and rushes out.
  367. [14:55:39] <@Natalie> "... It's nice, every once in a while."
  368. [14:56:03] <@Theta> "It's going to be a long stay, isn't it?"
  369. [14:56:18] * @Amaryllis nods.
  370. [14:56:27] <+Kain> Brynna, a middle-aged woman who doesn't look that healthy herself, sighs. "I know I must seem terrible turning people out like that. I'm sorry. It's... rough here."
  371. [14:56:45] <+Kain> She glances around for Qu in the vicinity, satisfied when she sees none.
  372. [14:56:57] * @Natalie looks side-to-side herself. "Why IS that, anyway?"
  373. [14:58:48] <+Kain> Brynna: "Why's what? Why's it rough? The Qu control everything in this town, and make sure to keep everyone just poor enough to keep from moving away. Why he needed a room? Well, the Glutton is expanding his forces here and he's been raising property taxes so he can evict the poorer citizens and station his men there."
  374. [14:59:25] * @Natalie grumbles, "So it IS his fault. Nnnn."
  375. [14:59:25] <+Kain> Brynna: "Personally I wonder why he goes through that much trouble when he practically owns this town anyway, but thankfully he doesn't resort to brute force all of the time."
  376. [15:00:01] <+Kain> Brynna: "It's all we can do just living on long enough for the Queen to intervene."
  377. [15:00:59] <+Kain> Brynna: "A number of people think our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and have given up hope... but Queen Garnet wouldn't abandon us like that. I know it. We'll get through this somehow."
  378. [15:01:16] <+Kain> Brynna: "In any case... please, let me show you to your room."
  379. [15:01:20] * @Amaryllis listens from a distance.
  380. [15:02:04] * @Natalie gets a bigger :< with each word, staring into Lenore's eyes for a good chunk of it. That sort of mutual 'we're going to do something, aren't we?' kind of thing. But then nods and follows.
  381. [15:02:24] <+Kain> The woman leaves the desk, leading you to a small room upstairs. There's two beds and a chair inside, and a rug on the floor. "I'm sorry for the lack of amenities..."
  382. [15:03:07] * @Lenore stares back, nodding to Natty in agreement.
  383. [15:03:21] <@Natalie> Noblemode starts to come back but gets shifted to the side. "That... er, that's quite alright. There HAS been worse, after all."
  384. [15:03:45] <+Kain> Woman: "Washroom is on the first floor, left hallway. If an old man's singing inside, just open the door and throw him out, he takes his time in the bath and causes trouble for everyone, and he knows it."
  385. [15:03:47] <@Amaryllis> "The room is fine, madam." Ammy bows forward slightly.
  386. [15:04:49] <+Kain> Brynna bows back, lower. "Thank you for your patronage... I don't know what your business here is, but please try not to stay too long. For your own safety."
  387. [15:05:15] <@Theta> "Hrmm..."
  388. [15:05:20] <+Kain> Brynna: "The glutton's eyes and ears are everywhere, and people that show up with weapons and armor tend to... vanish."
  389. [15:06:03] * @Natalie folds her arms and hmphs a little. "We'll at least do what we came for. But the warning is appreciated."
  390. [15:06:07] <@Natalie> BEING UNARMED SURE IS GREAT
  391. [15:06:19] <@Lenore> STORING YOUR WEAPON IN A HAT SURE IS GREAT
  393. [15:06:38] <@Lenore> ^
  394. [15:07:12] <@Theta> "...What convinced us to come here, again?"
  395. [15:07:26] <@Natalie> "One more question," Nat stops the innkeeper.
  396. [15:07:33] <+Kain> Brynna: "Hm?"
  397. [15:07:40] <@Natalie> "Has this Glutton been... home?"
  398. [15:07:42] <+Kain> (What -did- convince you guys to come here?)
  399. [15:07:57] <@Lenore> (Better than nomagic)
  400. [15:08:00] <+Kain> Brynna: "He returned on a fleet of airships just the other day."
  401. [15:08:04] <@Amaryllis> (to check the place out before Quina's assault later.)
  402. [15:08:16] <@Natalie> (Yeah, we need to get sidequests done now before we can't come back later)
  403. [15:08:19] <@Amaryllis> (and I thought people wanted some city romping)
  404. [15:08:28] <+Kain> Brynna: "I think he's seeing some important guest at the moment, it was a bit of news."
  405. [15:08:45] <+Kain> Brynna: "A silver-haired woman accompanied by mages in steepled hats."
  406. [15:08:47] <@Natalie> "Huh... uh-huh. Okay."
  407. [15:08:57] * @Natalie nods along, having worn out 'thanks' for the day.
  408. [15:09:04] <@Lenore> "...mmmm?"
  409. [15:09:18] <+Kain> She gestures to Theta's outfit.
  410. [15:09:28] <@Lenore> "Silver...haired...? Hm..."
  411. [15:09:43] * @Natalie does THE BRO NOD at Lenny again.
  412. [15:09:51] * @Amaryllis sits down on one of the beds and begins scribbling in her journal.
  413. [15:10:05] <@Lenore> Lenore's ANGRY sort of mists away as she sort of spaces out a bit, before shaking her head and nodding at Natty.
  414. [15:10:16] <@Theta> "Huh."
  415. [15:10:20] <@Theta> "That's...strange."
  416. [15:10:36] * @Natalie steps into the room and gives Brynna a brief wave of pseudothanks, anyway.
  417. [15:10:38] <+Kain> Brynna: "Take care, then. Come ask me if you need anything, though I may not be able to provide much..."
  418. [15:10:43] <+Kain> She goes to step out.
  419. [15:11:01] <@Natalie> Door liiiiiiiightly cloooooooosed...
  420. [15:11:03] <@Amaryllis> About what time in the day is it?
  421. [15:11:07] <@Natalie> "Okay, no WAY are we not gonna go spy on this guy."
  422. [15:11:19] * Anise is now known as Celina
  423. [15:11:26] <@Lenore> (There you are~)
  424. [15:12:14] * @Amaryllis frowns slightly as she looks up at Nat but then looks down and continues writing in her journal.
  425. [15:12:30] * @Natalie is staring at Ammy with DETERMINATION when she does so.
  426. [15:12:37] <Celina> (yeah I'm kind of concerned because I just like lost four hours with no memory of what happened but I'm here)
  427. [15:13:05] <@Natalie> (I know that feel more than you know)
  428. [15:13:09] <@Lenore> (A blackout? Mysterious. Maybe you were hypnotized and did awful occult things)
  429. [15:13:20] <@Lenore> (I hope not)
  430. [15:13:44] <Celina> (maybe I did. I don't see any blood or dead chickens though so I'm okay)
  431. [15:13:45] <@Natalie> (I like the sound of that a lot more than "I fell asleep," actually! Let's go with that instead.)
  432. [15:13:49] <+Kain> It's still before noon.
  433. [15:14:37] <@Lenore> (Check your fridge for dead chickens!)
  434. [15:14:43] <@Lenore> (Or freezer)
  435. [15:17:25] <@Theta> "While that's curious, I do not believe it would be wise to stick our noses too deep into things here for the current. This is dangerous territory."
  436. [15:18:10] <Celina> "I think I agree with Miss Natalie," Celina suddenly speaks up. Boy she sure's been thoughtful hasn't she. "I'm surprised you aren't, Sir Theta, considering your kind - er, forgive me, your comrades' kind - is involved."
  437. [15:18:13] <@Natalie> "Nn-hnn! But doing NOTHING isn't okay, right? I bet this Glutton's hiding something, anyway!"
  438. [15:19:29] * @Lenore takes a deeep breath in and out to calm herself down before talking. In Cactuar. "I want to do something for these people, even if it isn't a revolution or anything!" Squibble squeak!
  439. [15:20:12] * @Natalie nods along too, then again. "You're right, that does sound delicious. Maybe after we're done here..."
  440. [15:20:22] <+Kain> Prickles: "You are brave souls, but it is not cowardice or cruel to wait and formulate a plan instead of blindly rushing in."
  441. [15:20:23] <@Theta> "It's troubling, but we are in the home territory of a person who stood against Leviathan and lived to tell the tale. This is -extremely- dangerous."
  442. [15:21:04] <+Kain> Prickles: "Maybe we should gather information on this guest before deciding a further course of action?"
  443. [15:21:13] * @Amaryllis nods, not having spoken much in a while, simply writing in her journal.
  444. [15:21:14] <@Lenore> "Mmm, we should."
  445. [15:21:32] <+Kain> squibble dee, squibble doo.
  446. [15:21:40] * @Natalie goes back to srsmode. "Mmmmmaybe we shouldn't do something right this second, yeah. But we should do something eventually."
  447. [15:21:41] <Celina> "And how would you suggest that?"
  448. [15:21:52] <@Natalie> ... And continues to whisper to herself, "But why a mushroom...?"
  449. [15:21:55] <Celina> "Oh! Before I forget. Miss Lenore, may I borrow your hat?"
  450. [15:22:06] <+Kain> Prickles inverts the position on one of his arms, making a cactuar shrug
  451. [15:22:10] <@Lenore> "Eh?" She blinks in surprise. "Why?"
  452. [15:22:50] <Celina> "I'd like to store something in it for quick retrieval."
  453. [15:22:59] <@Theta> "The best we could try is to try to get sight of these guests as they leave, I believe."
  454. [15:23:16] <@Natalie> "Okay... that's a good start."
  455. [15:23:16] * @Lenore takes off her hat and flips it for Celina's benefit. "Go for it!"
  456. [15:23:34] <@Lenore> "We could ask the man who we're sharing this room with."
  457. [15:24:09] <@Natalie> Nod. "Hopefully being bought a room gives him the chance to clean himself up a little."
  458. [15:24:24] * @Amaryllis closes her journal with an audible thud. She stands up and walks over to Nat. "I will be right back. May I have your blessing, milady?" (can I has a faith? and Kain, can I roll mercantile to look for black markets in the town or something similar? where any insurrectionally-minded people may gather)
  459. [15:24:41] <+Kain> Roll Mercantile and Inquiry
  460. [15:24:46] <@Natalie> "You bet. Hold stil.... mumblemumblegrumble..."
  461. [15:24:48] * Celina drops her coiled-up weapon into the hat.
  462. [15:25:22] <@Natalie> (Take the faith, but keep in mind by RAW it only applies to the first one you roll)
  463. [15:25:24] * @Amaryllis steps downstairs.
  464. [15:25:28] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+4 mercantile with faith; 2d6
  465. [15:25:29] <+DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, mercantile with faith: 7 [2d6=2,1]; 2d6: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  466. [15:25:36] <@Amaryllis> (oh come on)
  467. [15:25:50] <@Natalie> (you have felt the ultimate feel)
  468. [15:26:04] <@Natalie> (I can't stop cryin')
  469. [15:26:07] <@Natalie> (buckets of tears)
  470. [15:26:23] <@Amaryllis> (when I actually get a good chance to roll mercantile for that kind of thing. blugh)
  471. [15:26:26] <@Amaryllis> (should I DESTINY?)
  472. [15:26:39] <Celina> (do it)
  473. [15:26:46] <@Amaryllis> 2d6 two points of it
  474. [15:26:46] <+DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, two points of it: 5 [2d6=1,4]
  475. [15:26:48] <@Natalie> (that is soooooooch a woooost)
  476. [15:26:51] * @Amaryllis headdesks
  477. [15:27:08] <Celina> (oh man ;_;)
  478. [15:27:15] <Celina> (I sorry ammytan)
  479. [15:27:21] <+Kain> You ask around fervently and discreetly
  480. [15:27:27] <@Theta> (You can say...)
  481. [15:27:33] <@Theta> (She couldn't buy her way out of that one.)
  482. [15:27:51] <@Amaryllis> (well, still got a 12, which is...something reasonably good I guess)
  483. [15:28:29] <+Kain> and find out the local black market head is an enigmatic man named Walt, who owns the local monster market. He normally procures monsters for interested parties like the Glutton or Mister Knight of Treno, but also smuggles supplies into Durandal for the people. Seems like he's wealthy and influential for someone in this town, too.
  484. [15:29:56] * @Amaryllis returns upstairs and carefully closes the door. "The monster emporium." Squibble squeak
  485. [15:30:15] <@Theta> "Come again?"
  486. [15:30:31] <@Natalie> "Is there something in the eighteen bananas?" Squib squab squickledoo.
  487. [15:30:33] <@Lenore> "Monsters? Hmmmm..."
  488. [15:30:37] <@Amaryllis> "The man has connections, a smuggling operation, information."
  489. [15:30:40] <+Kain> Prickles seems to prickle at that statement. "What would you need with someone that captures my kind and others for profit?"
  490. [15:31:22] * Celina pats Sir Prickles calmingly, at least until she stabs her hand on his headspines again.
  491. [15:32:35] <@Natalie> "Nnnn. Then why don't we go see him now?"
  492. [15:32:47] * @Amaryllis sits down again and props her head up on her hands. "You are correct. The man likely thinks in profit, so to garner his aid would mean to prove there is more for him to earn in opposing the Glutton than in feeding off of his cruelty."
  493. [15:34:12] <@Natalie> "Profit... but it'd still be bad if he found out I was a noble, wouldn't it?"
  494. [15:34:15] <Celina> "Which would be difficult, I think."
  495. [15:34:17] <@Amaryllis> "And therein we've found the shade of grey. There is little room for choices in a tale woven of blacks and whites." Ammy stares at everyone.
  496. [15:34:21] <+Kain> Prickles: "I'm not even sure what you might need from him..."
  497. [15:34:37] <Celina> "It would be easier to convince him that he would suffer no trouble for aiding us."
  498. [15:34:51] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps."
  499. [15:35:15] <@Lenore> "I think we should inform him of Quina's plan, personally."
  500. [15:35:15] <@Theta> "What exactly are we seeking from him here?"
  501. [15:35:32] <@Lenore> "And secure his aid for later.
  502. [15:35:34] <@Lenore> "
  503. [15:35:46] * @Natalie nods. "It could be that or 'beat up the Glutton BEFORE talking to him,' which isn't as easy. Even though I kinda WANT to. Nnnn."
  504. [15:35:48] * @Amaryllis nods to Lenore. "Only if we can be convinced he will aid us and not sell us out."
  505. [15:36:17] <@Amaryllis> "The man smuggles supplies for the people. Given time, this town could be armed."
  506. [15:37:28] <@Theta> "I imagine that is exactly the reason the blacksmithy was shut down."
  507. [15:37:30] <Celina> "Time is not something we particularly have on our side.."
  508. [15:37:34] <@Amaryllis> "And the ideal ending for this tale is that the people demonstrate willingness and ability to fight for themselves."
  509. [15:38:20] <@Natalie> "But this guy IS really strong, yeah?"
  510. [15:38:34] <@Lenore> "Exceptionally."
  511. [15:39:16] * @Natalie shuffles and sits down poutily.
  512. [15:40:42] <@Natalie> "So if they try and can't actually beat him, that'd be really bad too."
  513. [15:41:23] <@Natalie> "Soooo we need a backup."
  514. [15:43:11] * @Amaryllis looks around the faces of the group, head still perched on her hands.
  515. [15:43:21] <+Kain> Prickles seems deep in thought.
  516. [15:43:25] <@Amaryllis> Scanning back and forth.
  517. [15:43:34] <@Lenore> "A backup...hmm..."
  518. [15:43:42] <+Kain> Prickles: "So... what will our course of action be?"
  519. [15:43:43] * @Natalie looks at Ammy before saying anything else, preemptively knowing what her reaction's going to be like.
  520. [15:43:47] <@Natalie> Ponder... ponder....
  521. [15:44:17] <@Theta> "I still say we should wait to catch sight of these guests before their departure rather than force an entry."
  522. [15:44:26] <@Natalie> Nah it's fine. "Like, I could sneak into that manor of his! There's probably something that could be used against him in there, and if he's busy with those guests..."
  523. [15:44:40] <@Lenore> "You sure you'll be all right?"
  524. [15:44:51] <@Natalie> "Nope! But it definitely sounds fun!"
  525. [15:44:51] <Celina> "I'll go with her. She'll be fine."
  526. [15:44:59] <+Kain> Prickles: "Do we attempt to treaty with this shady merchant? Do we ignore the plight of these people and continue hunting the crystals? Attempt to gather information covertly, or perhaps gather a force outside of Durandal? None of these options seem immediately appealing to me..."
  527. [15:45:00] <@Natalie> "Oh, there we go. That'd work."
  528. [15:45:31] * @Amaryllis closes her eyes and sighs, reaching into her bag and pulling out the bottle of whiskey to set beside her with an audible thunk.
  529. [15:45:31] <Celina> "Meanwhile, Miss Amaryllis, will you gather information for us?"
  530. [15:45:46] <@Lenore> "I'll help Ammy!"
  531. [15:46:09] <@Natalie> "Buuut, Leeny, can you really sneak okay? Back with the cato... catob... catpo... cabot..."
  532. [15:46:32] <Celina> "Actually, I was thinking about that."
  533. [15:46:41] <@Lenore> "Ah...n-not really, but I'm...not that bad at asking people about things!"
  534. [15:47:08] * @Natalie emphasizes the 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee' in 'Leeny' and the 'nnnnnnnnnn' in 'Lenny.'
  535. [15:47:14] <Celina> "Perhaps if I made myself some shoes." She doesn't look too thrilled at the idea because RATFEET, but it's something she could do.
  536. [15:47:25] <@Natalie> ... Not like there's any excuse for using those nicknames, it's like Heels/Wheels all over again.
  537. [15:47:28] <@Natalie> Goddamn Giantree, you a busta.
  538. [15:47:38] <Celina> (in other words, crafting an accessory for a stealth bonus :>)
  539. [15:47:46] <Celina> (also stop leaning on the fourth wall natchan)
  540. [15:47:51] <@Natalie> (NEVER)
  541. [15:48:36] <+Kain> So you guys are splitting up?
  542. [15:48:49] <+Kain> I suggest Theta accompany Celina and Natalie personally, but it's up to you all.
  543. [15:49:05] <@Natalie> "Okay! I know I can be quiet, but backup is really nnnnnnice."
  544. [15:49:11] * @Amaryllis doesn't respond at first, eyes still closed. She then takes a small swig of the whiskey and looks to Theta. "Bloody hell, I do not suppose you have some foolhardy plan to add to this mixture do you?"
  545. [15:49:15] <@Theta> Theta isn't exactly keen on sneaking into the mansion.
  546. [15:49:19] <@Amaryllis> (really Ammy would've been suitable for the sneakery since she actually has that skill + the twilight skill to back it up with but ehhhh)
  547. [15:49:28] <Celina> (Ammy if you wanna go uh)
  548. [15:49:39] <@Natalie> (Yeah, I think Nat has the most stealth in the party and even then it's not very much)
  549. [15:49:40] <@Amaryllis> (she very poitnedly doesn't though :D)
  550. [15:49:47] <@Natalie> (Also Ammy IS the best at TALKAN)
  551. [15:50:08] <Celina> (swapping places might be a good idea yeah and I can like dance and gather info in the town square)
  552. [15:50:10] <@Amaryllis> (I haven't crossed into entertainer to grab the thing that replaces negotiate with perform actually)
  553. [15:50:18] <Celina> (...I am the worst at everything)
  554. [15:50:20] <@Natalie> (still better than US)
  555. [15:50:21] <Celina> (oh right I need to do that too)
  556. [15:50:31] <@Lenore> (I have points in Inquiry and Negotiation~)
  557. [15:50:41] <@Lenore> (...and Acting)
  558. [15:51:02] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, are you sure of this?"
  559. [15:51:15] <@Natalie> "Definitely! Don't worry, you know me, I WON'T get caught."
  560. [15:51:34] <@Amaryllis> (yeah I think we're just set up in a way where the people good at some things don't want to do them at all. It's fine)
  561. [15:52:04] <@Natalie> (I could always do stealth as a SOLO MISSION and have EVERYONE ELSE do in-town stuff!)
  562. [15:52:12] <@Natalie> (... But that'd feel unfair for a different reason)
  563. [15:52:47] <Celina> ((...well, if you have something a jumpy dancer can do I will do that))
  564. [15:52:50] * @Amaryllis closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Theta, what role shall you play?"
  565. [15:53:10] <@Theta> "This is absolutely foolish, borderline suicidal. If one of you DOES get caught, as well, it only makes matters worse."
  566. [15:53:17] <Celina> ((I guess I could try the old 'I'ma traveling performer' which would work until we met up with the big guy))
  567. [15:53:49] <@Natalie> (Distracting him AND the guests while the sneaker sneaks in? That's... actually not a bad-sounding idea)
  568. [15:53:50] * @Amaryllis nods slightly at Theta's words, but she has a weary, resigned look in her eyes.
  569. [15:54:34] <+Kain> Prickles: "Is entering their manor really that wise of an idea? Perhaps sir Theta's initial suggestion to watch their guests to leave would serve better..."
  570. [15:54:54] <+Kain> Prickles: "But I don't know, I'm just a cactuar."
  571. [15:56:22] <Celina> "I will do whatever the others wish me to do."
  572. [15:56:23] <@Natalie> "But if the guests're gone the Glutton'll be not-distracted and it'll be a lot harder to find anything, right? And I don't see why they'd be bringing an entire mattress with them..."
  573. [15:56:29] <@Natalie> "It's not like I wanna FIGHT him."
  574. [15:56:48] <@Natalie> "Well, I mean, I want him to get kicked in the face some way or another, buuut..."
  575. [15:57:25] <Amaryllis> "I would ask you to rethink. But I am in no position to tell you to do otherwise," Ammy frowns then adds, "milady."
  576. [15:57:43] <@Natalie> "Okay, I will," she nods and ponders for a minute.
  577. [15:58:07] <@Natalie> "... Still want to."
  578. [15:59:14] <@Natalie> "Just a liiiiiittle look. I know when to run if it gets bad."
  579. [16:00:57] <@Lenore> "I trust Natty to take care of herself, c'mon Ammy, we have to start asking around!" She tugtugs on Ammy's sleeve.
  580. [16:01:08] <Amaryllis> "Then," Amaryllis stands up and replaces the whiskey in her bag. "Lenore and I will speak with Walt. Celina, did you mean to accompany the good lady? And Theta, I disapprove of this plan as much as you, but it seems she will not be deterred."
  581. [16:01:10] <@Natalie> "Besides, Ammy, you're a lot better of a talker than I am, and if I made it obvious who I was he'd just get even greedier, wouldn't he? You can do it!"
  582. [16:01:16] <Amaryllis> "What role shall you play?" She repeats.
  583. [16:02:25] <Celina> "I'll take care of Miss Natalie, don't worry."
  584. [16:03:07] <@Natalie> "Yeah, I trust you," she says with 0 malice at all, isn't that weird to get used to? "You're strong enough. But neither of us should fight him, still."
  585. [16:03:36] <@Theta> "I would rather avoid that manor at all cost, so I suppose I shall acompy you and Lenore."
  586. [16:04:44] <Amaryllis> "We shall feign as customers at first then. Your knowledge will prove helpful no doubt."
  587. [16:04:58] <Celina> "And you, Sir Prickles?"
  588. [16:05:17] <Celina> "I know you were uncomfortable about the monster emporium, but I do not wish to force you into danger."
  589. [16:05:22] <@Natalie> "Oh right, if it's a place that sells monsters..."
  590. [16:05:54] * @Natalie coughs. "He'd be a great help!"
  591. [16:06:02] <@Natalie> with us*
  592. [16:06:28] <Kainnap> Prickles: "... I would be honored to accompany the ladies and protect them from any dangers that Glutton's manor may pose."
  593. [16:06:57] <@Lenore> "Good luck~"
  594. [16:07:02] * @Natalie leaps up and spins around once. "All right! I can't wait!"
  595. [16:07:14] <Amaryllis> "And when the guests are leaving, we too shall try to stage a peek." Ammy nods to Theta.
  596. [16:07:20] <@Natalie> The capelet flutters around too.
  597. [16:08:01] <Celina> "Thank you, Sir Prickles."
  598. [16:08:03] <@Natalie> "Oh, Ammy, um..." Nat walks up and holds a hand out, standing on tiptoes to whisper to her servant.
  599. [16:08:08] <Celina> "We are honored."
  600. [16:08:22] * @Theta nods, heading toward the door
  601. [16:08:25] * Amaryllis leans in.
  602. [16:08:36] <@Natalie> Whsspwhssp.
  603. [16:09:22] * Amaryllis whispers back.
  604. [16:09:37] <Kainnap> I think I'll handle the town side of things first
  605. [16:09:45] <@Natalie> (Yeah, please do)
  606. [16:10:12] <Kainnap> THETA AMMY LENORE where go
  607. [16:10:42] <@Lenore> "We should ask around the inn first, since there don't seem to be many Qu around here!"
  608. [16:11:18] * Amaryllis reaches in her bag and passes a small potion bottle to Nat with a stern look, letting go of it only after a second.
  609. [16:11:49] * @Natalie pulls back and gives a thankful not, dropping it in a pocket that her shorts probably have but didn't get portrayed because the player is a shitty drawfag.
  610. [16:11:55] <@Natalie> ... Nod.
  611. [16:12:04] <@Theta> "There's basically three shops in town, as I recall, and the inn?"
  612. [16:12:09] <Amaryllis> "Should we not approach the emporium directly? Or, first, the grocery and armor smithy, to trace how goods circulate in the town."
  613. [16:13:44] <@Theta> "I'm slightly curious what they even sell at those two given..."
  614. [16:13:48] <@Theta> "Well...the state of matters here."
  615. [16:13:52] * Amaryllis looks between Theta and Lenore with a "we have all day so whatever" sort of look. Worried glances at Nat and Celina once in a while.
  616. [16:14:07] * @Lenore starts digging in her hat a bit....
  617. [16:14:17] <@Lenore> "...hey, don't we look a bit suspicious, though?"
  618. [16:14:34] <@Lenore> (I just had the best...or maybe worst...idea :3)
  619. [16:15:00] <@Theta> "We look like foreigners to this place, which we are, I suppose."
  620. [16:15:04] <Celina> (uh-oh)
  621. [16:15:06] <@Natalie> (My DRESSSPHERE was all-too-inspiring, I see)
  622. [16:15:29] * Amaryllis wraps herself in her tattered servant's cloak.
  623. [16:15:43] <Amaryllis> "I believe this helps."
  624. [16:17:08] <@Lenore> "My idea is, we could pretend we're traveling snobby merchants who want only the best! But we'd need to dress for that, so..."
  625. [16:18:05] <Amaryllis> "That would make us targets, and liable to be resented by the oppressed townsfolk, would it not?"
  626. [16:18:25] <@Theta> "I agree, that only makes us MORE out of place."
  627. [16:18:40] <@Lenore> "...b-but...I wanted to wear my fancy dress..."
  628. [16:20:10] <@Lenore> "And...and do my hair all fancy, and...I think Theta would look good in a suit...and...." She starts rambling on about how great it would be. Then eventually pouts. "But if you think it's a bad idea, then..."
  629. [16:20:28] <Amaryllis> "I am a wandering storyteller who seeks to befriend a Tantarian, and you two are traveling companions of mine." Ammy swishes a hand through the air. "That tale, however misleading for our intents, is at least truth."
  630. [16:21:26] * @Lenore mutters something about wanting to do a laugh like Natty, but at this point just nods in disappointment. "...okay."
  631. [16:23:35] <Amaryllis> "So the grocer and armor smith first?" Ammy asks the other two, still with the same 'wherever' look.
  632. [16:24:05] <@Lenore> "But we're right in the inn right now, why can't we start with the place we're in currently?"
  633. [16:24:52] <Amaryllis> "I suppose. What do you plan to learn from those here?"
  634. [16:24:54] <@Theta> "Let us stop by the clothing store first. I'm just curious how they even...stay open, given the situation."
  635. [16:24:57] <@Theta> "The grocer makes a bit more sense."
  636. [16:25:26] <@Lenore> " I wanted to ask the lady at the counter more about the guest..."
  637. [16:26:08] * Amaryllis nods and starts heading downstairs, giving a last worried look to Nat and Celina as she goes.
  638. [16:26:52] * @Natalie had been in the room scribbling in her diary and wearing the most ADVENTURE face anybody could ever possibly have the whole time. Poor Ammy.
  639. [16:28:42] <Kainnap> Okay, you head downstairs to talk to Brynna.
  640. [16:29:50] <Kainnap> Samson waves as he passes by on the way up.
  641. [16:30:10] * Amaryllis let's Lenore take the lead on this one, stepping back to think about how to approach Walt later.
  642. [16:30:18] <Kainnap> The woman is tending the counter, watching a group of kids play on a checkerboard at a table in the corner. All they CAN do, really, since they can't go play in the streets.
  643. [16:31:03] * @Lenore walks up to Brynna. "Um, Miss, can I ask you something?"
  644. [16:31:52] <Kainnap> Brynna looks over. "Hm? What can I do for you, young lady?"
  645. [16:32:17] <@Lenore> "You said the guest was a woman with silver hair, right?"
  646. [16:32:29] <Kainnap> Brynna nods. "That's right."
  647. [16:32:45] <@Lenore> "Like me?"
  648. [16:33:25] <Kainnap> Brynna: "I didn't get that good a look at her, but... no it was a bit darker silver."
  649. [16:33:38] <@Lenore> "Ah, okay...thanks."
  650. [16:33:48] <@Lenore> "That's all, really."
  651. [16:33:56] <Kainnap> Brynna: "And the clothes she was wearing were scandalous. Absolutely scandalous..."
  652. [16:34:11] <Amaryllis> (oh god I don't want to meet this 'woman')
  653. [16:34:15] <Kainnap> Brynna: "Were you looking for someone you knew?"
  654. [16:34:50] <@Lenore> "Yes, I was, but I don't think that's her...well, maybe. Probably not, though."
  655. [16:35:20] <@Lenore> (And then it turned out she was Jeane)
  656. [16:35:40] <Kainnap> Brynna: "Honestly, I have no idea who she is. Apparently some sort of weapons dealer that the Glutton's hired for a contract, but that's all I've heard on the grapevine."
  657. [16:36:21] * @Lenore nods. "I see...thanks for telling me. That'll be all!"
  658. [16:36:35] <Amaryllis> "If you do not mind our asking, who is on this grapevine? I suppose it must start with servants who work in the manor." Ammy steps up to take Lenore's place, speaking barely above a whisper.
  659. [16:37:12] <Kainnap> Brynna shakes her head. "I don't wish to name names. I'm sorry."
  660. [16:38:24] * Amaryllis stares into Brynna's eyes as if contemplating something, then steps back and bows slightly. "Of course. We shall have to earn your trust." She turns to leave.
  661. [16:38:55] <Kainnap> Where to next?
  662. [16:39:21] <Amaryllis> Armor smithy or grocer I think?
  663. [16:40:16] <Amaryllis> (if no one has any input, then I suggest those in order and then Walt's if there's time or next session if there isn't?)
  664. [16:40:31] <@Theta> (Sounds fine.)
  665. [16:40:35] <@Lenore> (Grocer~)
  666. [16:40:49] <Kainnap> grocer or armorsmith first
  667. [16:41:28] <Amaryllis> 1d2
  668. [16:41:28] <+DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  669. [16:41:40] <Amaryllis> Grocer
  670. [16:42:59] <Kainnap> You walk into the grocer's. It's a tiny little store with barely any food in it, and mostly things like rice, hard biscuits, jerky, nuts, things that'll keep. They do sell a lot of animal feed though, it seems. Chicken seed and such. Speaking of which, a young chocobo, about three feet high, sits behind the counter on a stool and kwehs at you when you come in.
  671. [16:43:11] <Kainnap> The chocobo flaps its wings earnestly in greeting.
  672. [16:43:13] <@Lenore> (fuck yeah)
  673. [16:43:53] <@Theta> "Hrm. About what one could expect, I suppose."
  674. [16:44:09] <Kainnap> You notice an odd contraption on the counter in front of the chocobo. A thing with pressure plates and number cards.
  675. [16:44:12] <Amaryllis> "The sign does not lie." Ammy looks over the forlorn shelves. "Indeed. The people have not much to eat."
  676. [16:44:35] <Kainnap> Chocobo kwehs sadly.
  677. [16:44:36] <@Natalie> (holy mother of fuck, diving through the internet as promised now)
  678. [16:45:01] <Amaryllis> "...Have you seen a moogle around?"
  679. [16:45:24] <Kainnap> Chocobo: "Kweh? Kweh! Kweh kweh kweh!" the chocobo calls into the back.
  680. [16:45:43] * @Theta stares at the machine a bit, a cash register I guess OOC, "Huh, nifty."
  681. [16:46:22] * Amaryllis turns to give the machine a once-over too. It seems out of place to her to have such a thing in a poor town.
  682. [16:46:44] <Kainnap> And after a moment, a moogle flies out of the back. ...not a moogle type you're accustomed to seeing, this one is small and rotund, a bit different from a baby Moogle but around the same size.
  683. [16:46:59] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "Did you need somethin', boss, kupo?"
  684. [16:47:13] <Amaryllis> "Is your name Mogcid, perchance?"
  685. [16:47:32] <Kainnap> Mogcid: :O "Hey, how'd you know, kupo? Oh, I know, I bet you have mail for me."
  686. [16:47:50] <Amaryllis> "From Kumool." She nods and hands over the letter.
  687. [16:48:10] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "A letter from Kumool? Wonder how that guy's doing, kupo... let's read it together!"
  688. [16:48:23] <Kainnap> The tiny moogle takes the letter and opens it, looking it over.
  689. [16:49:05] <Amaryllis> "Do all moogles share their mail with strangers as well?" Ammy is slowly compiling a list of ODD MOOGLE HABITS in her head. She moves in to read.
  690. [16:49:35] * @Lenore looks over the shelves for a while, looking over the products, but eventually gets bored and tries to WARK at the Chocobo.
  691. [16:49:36] * @Theta watches Mogcid, curious about the unique appearance, but says nothing on it
  692. [16:49:49] <Kainnap> "Dear Mogcid, How have you been lately? I know Durandal's going through some tough times, but don't give up, kupo! I heard an Alexandrian general was in the area investigating what's going on. If you need anything, drop on by, I've got a few extra kupo nuts this season! - Kumool."
  693. [16:49:49] <@Lenore> 2d6 language
  694. [16:49:49] <+DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, language: 9 [2d6=3,6]
  695. [16:50:04] <Kainnap> Chocobo: "Kweh!"
  696. [16:50:27] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "A general? Why would they send a general out here with no soldiers...?"
  697. [16:50:34] <@Lenore> "Kweh~"
  698. [16:50:34] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "That sounds funny to me, kupo."
  699. [16:51:09] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "Chocobo says you need to brush up on your language skills, kupo."
  700. [16:51:10] <Amaryllis> "Undercover? Perhaps as an arms dealer. Or that may be coincidence."
  701. [16:51:56] <@Theta> "That is...most interesting, yes."
  702. [16:52:19] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "Maybe... it's beyond me, kupo. Hm, lemme repay you. ...can't spare any kupo nuts at the moment, kupo, so how about... One sec."
  703. [16:52:24] <Kainnap> Mogcid flies into the back.
  704. [16:52:30] <Kainnap> Rummagerummagerummage
  705. [16:53:04] <@Lenore> "I-I'll do my best! I'll learn to speak Chocobo someday!"
  706. [16:53:34] <Kainnap> 1d100
  707. [16:53:35] <+DiceMaid-9001> Kainnap, 1d100: 21 [1d100=21]
  708. [16:53:39] <Amaryllis> "There is no need." Ammy holds up her hands.
  709. [16:53:46] <Amaryllis> "If you are suffering the plight of the town as well..."
  710. [16:54:46] <Kainnap> Mogcid comes out with a wrapped package. "I insist, kupo! Moogles never leave their debts unpaid!"
  711. [16:56:19] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "Pleaaaaase, kupo?"
  712. [16:56:35] <Kainnap> The package is a bit big for the pygmy moogle to lift, he's clearly straining.
  713. [16:56:47] * @Theta takes it off his hands, then
  714. [16:56:51] * Amaryllis gives it a small smile and takes the package off its hands. "We are grateful."
  715. [16:56:56] <Amaryllis> (oh okay :<)
  716. [16:57:01] <Kainnap> Either or
  717. [16:57:05] <@Theta> (oops nevermind my action :B)
  718. [16:57:11] * Amaryllis takes it with Theta at the same time. :D
  719. [16:57:20] <Amaryllis> Big package right? Totally justified.
  720. [16:57:30] <Kainnap> Not THAT big
  721. [16:57:33] <Kainnap> Just big for the moogle
  722. [16:57:45] <Kainnap> Unwrapping it, you find it's a buckler with a moogle's face painted on the front.
  723. [16:58:03] <Kainnap> Moogle Shield - Tier 2 Shield. Special Ability: This shield does not incur a nonproficiency penalty.
  724. [16:58:18] <@Natalie> (that is the cutest shit in cuteworld, you raging cute cutie)
  725. [16:58:51] <@Lenore> (:O)
  726. [16:59:40] <@Theta> "Hm, interesting thing to have just laying around."
  727. [16:59:50] <Amaryllis> "How novel." Ammy inspects the shield, then hands it off to Theta. "Mogcid, do you know anything about the guest the Glutton has in town?"
  728. [17:00:05] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "It's a moogle relic, kupo, take good care of it!"
  729. [17:00:52] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "Guest, kupo... I know three ladies went up to the mansion, and two of them were twins wearing the same getup he is." he points at Theta.
  730. [17:01:35] <@Theta> "Hah."
  731. [17:01:40] <@Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  732. [17:01:47] <@Theta> "Why do I imagine it's those two harlequins from before?"
  733. [17:02:29] <Amaryllis> "They do have a penchant for costumes, from what we saw." Ammy mumbles. "Thank you Mogcid. May you see better days yet in this town."
  734. [17:02:33] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "Sorry, that's all I know, kupo."
  735. [17:02:37] <Kainnap> Mogcid: "You too!"
  736. [17:03:02] <@Theta> "Indeed, thank you."
  737. [17:03:57] <Kainnap> Chocobo: "Kweh!"
  738. [17:04:08] <Amaryllis> (to the armor smith? or anyone want to do any shopping here?)
  739. [17:04:29] <Kainnap> Potions and Antidotes are available here at the grocer's
  740. [17:04:37] <@Lenore> "Kweh!"
  741. [17:06:52] <Amaryllis> (hm, nope nothing from me shopping-wise)
  742. [17:07:57] <Kainnap> ALRIGHT THEN
  743. [17:08:09] <@Lenore> (TO THE ARMOR PLACE)
  744. [17:08:11] <Kainnap> You head out of Chocobo's Grocer and over to Grundy's Pants and Armor
  745. [17:08:53] <Kainnap> The shopkeep here is an enormous, burly man with white hair, finely dressed. The place seems to be well-stocked with qu-sized tuxedeos, among other things.
  746. [17:09:22] <@Theta> "I see he uh, adjusted well to the situation at hand."
  747. [17:09:24] <Amaryllis> "This speaks much to who the monied clientele are in town." Ammy speaks to herself as she walks in.
  748. [17:09:38] <@Lenore> "I knew my idea wasn't bad...!"
  749. [17:09:41] <Kainnap> Man: "Welcome to Grundy's. If you came here looking for a decent pair of pants, you came to the right place. 'course I got other clothes, and robes and leather armor, too. Don't got any heavy metal stuff."
  750. [17:10:01] <Amaryllis> (darn no heavy armor :<)
  751. [17:10:04] <@Lenore> "...ah, I'm not a big fan of pants..."
  752. [17:10:15] * Amaryllis coughs.
  753. [17:10:19] <@Lenore> "Do you have any skirts or dresses?"
  754. [17:10:49] <Kainnap> Grundy: "Don't got a forge to work with, so can't really... oh yeah, yeah I do. Right over there." he points to the other side of the store. "Help yourself."
  755. [17:11:49] * @Lenore skitters over to the dresses and looks over them~
  756. [17:11:49] <Kainnap> He has a decent selection of normal clothes, and you find suitable skirts and dresses in various colors, but nothing really fancy-like.
  757. [17:12:06] <Amaryllis> "Do you have heavier leather armor then?" Ammy looks over his wares. "Where do your supplies come from for all this in such a town?"
  758. [17:12:09] <Kainnap> A yellow sundress here, plaid miniskirt there...
  759. [17:12:12] <@Theta> "When DID the smith close, anyway?"
  760. [17:13:05] <Kainnap> Grundy: "Right after the big guy took over. He didn't want anyone raisin' a militia against him, so the blacksmith and heavy armor had to go."
  761. [17:13:56] <Kainnap> Grundy: "Heavy leather... ehhh, maybe... as for our supplies, well they get flown in from Lindblum, actually. Private trader who does business with the Glutton, and they carry stuff for me too since I do good work for them."
  762. [17:14:17] <Kainnap> Grundy: "One sec, I'll look in the back. What kind of heavy leathers you looking for?"
  763. [17:14:50] <Amaryllis> "Much like the armors you would see in Lindblum actually."
  764. [17:14:59] <Amaryllis> (we can handle actual shop stuff later Kain if that'd be easier on you)
  765. [17:15:08] <Kainnap> Grundy: "I'll see what I got." he nods and heads in the back.
  766. [17:15:11] <Kainnap> (Alright)
  767. [17:15:15] <Amaryllis> (SCHROEDINGER'S PURCHASES)
  768. [17:15:24] <@Theta> (long as you actually make them this time >:V)
  769. [17:15:33] <Kainnap> After a bit he comes back out with a few selections and lets you look through.
  770. [17:15:36] <@Theta> (/me angerly shakes his wallet)
  771. [17:15:52] <Kainnap> Some of it's clearly over your price range though, like the infamous Brigandine.
  772. [17:16:10] <Amaryllis> As Grundy's in the back, Ammy whispers to the other two. "There is a whole network supplying the Glutton. It is the only way he can survive out here. If they can all be convinced to cut him off..."
  773. [17:16:24] * @Lenore nodnods.
  774. [17:17:26] * @Theta nods as well.
  775. [17:17:36] <@Theta> "Not a fight that needs to be won by force," whispers back
  776. [17:18:47] * Amaryllis looks over the wares and maybe makes a purchase maybe doesn't! We'll know later!
  777. [17:19:48] <Amaryllis> "Lindblum. That brings me back...If I may ask, who is it? I may know of them from back in the day, before the war..."
  778. [17:21:35] <Amaryllis> (anyone else have questions? I feel like I'm kind of monopolizing this little info-gathering endeavor a little)
  779. [17:21:59] <Kainnap> Grundy: "Guy named Dragoos."
  780. [17:22:31] <@Lenore> (I'm just low on ideas on what to ask.)
  781. [17:22:39] <Amaryllis> (I've got lore history and mercantile. know anything about the guy?)
  782. [17:22:40] <@Theta> (Nothing really comes to mind, no.)
  783. [17:23:11] <Kainnap> Hmm
  784. [17:23:22] <Kainnap> You heard of him, Ammy, but roll to see how much
  785. [17:23:34] <Kainnap> Either will do
  786. [17:25:17] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 I think this is it
  787. [17:25:17] <+DiceMaid-9001> AndChat-470801, I think this is it: 14 [2d6=5,6]
  788. [17:25:29] <Kainnap> and which was that
  789. [17:25:34] <Amaryllis> History
  790. [17:27:28] <Kainnap> Dragoos is one of the primary weapon and armor shop owners in Lindblum. He's famous, perhaps infamous, for being one of the main perpetrators behind the Cotton Robe crash of 1800. He made a fortune selling items to a certain group of adventurers, buying back their synthesized products, and then selling them to clothing manufacturers for huge profits. These days he practically runs a monopoly
  791. [17:27:28] <Kainnap> on equipment trade in Lindblum.
  792. [17:27:50] <Ammy> (Hahahahahahahaha)
  793. [17:28:52] <Ammy> "I know the man's story quite well." Ammy nods.
  794. [17:29:24] <Kainnap> On an unrelated tidbit he married the owner of the general store next to his
  795. [17:30:03] <Amaryllis> "If that is true..." She trails off and looks at the others with an 'I'll explain later' look. "Thank you for your help."
  796. [17:30:33] <Kainnap> And lastly you'll visit Walt right
  797. [17:30:38] <Amaryllis> (yup!)
  798. [17:30:38] <Kainnap> Grundy: "Sure."
  799. [17:32:29] <Kainnap> Ammy, you lead the others around to Walt's Beast Emporium. The place is a huge building on the west side of town, with an open air zoo outside of it. You can see a huge number of creatures in cages here. Catoblepas, Behemoths, Griffons, Cactuars, Malboros...
  800. [17:33:06] * @Lenore pauses by the Cactuar cages and asks them if they're being treated well. Discretely, if possible.
  801. [17:33:11] <Kainnap> In one cage there's even a massive, fanged creature who has two wing-like fins on its upper body, and a scaled tail of a lower body.
  802. [17:33:31] <Kainnap> It's not too bad, they say. Could be better but they're not being mistreated.
  803. [17:33:59] * Amaryllis tries to pass by all this without thinking too hard about what Walt is doing in this operation. She looks for Walt himself, clutching the Tantarian book to her chest as she walks through.
  804. [17:34:13] <@Theta> "Impressive infrastructure to keep these creatures as they are, hrm."
  805. [17:34:24] <Kainnap> You were directed by your informants to enter the Emporium through the back for black market dealings.
  806. [17:34:45] * @Lenore would talk longer, but has more pressing matters, so wishes them good luck before catching up to Thammy
  807. [17:35:42] <Kainnap> And as you navigate around back, you see a pair of headless knights standing on either side of the back door, quiet as anything but clearly alive.
  808. [17:36:32] <Kainnap> The Dullahans don't block you from entering, but stand with their swords at the ready regardless.
  809. [17:36:42] * Amaryllis approaches and knocks, shifting the book to one arm.
  810. [17:37:22] <Kainnap> A shutter slides open, and a pair of white eyes peers out from the darkness within. "Oh ho, new customers? What do you need?"
  811. [17:37:46] <Kainnap> The voice is masculine with a hint of glee to it, about middle-aged you'd guess.
  812. [17:38:21] <Amaryllis> "Business that we would rather discuss inside, if you would please." Ammy tries to make a deferring nod visible to the man thorugh the shutter.
  813. [17:38:34] <Kainnap> "Excellent, excellent. Come on in, then."
  814. [17:38:40] <Kainnap> The shutter shuts, and you hear the door unlock.
  815. [17:39:14] * Amaryllis nods to Theta and Lenore before proceeding in, hugging the book to herself once more. She looks straight ahead, not making any wayward glances once inside.
  816. [17:39:54] <Kainnap> You walk into a small, almost claustrophobic room with naught but a few chairs positioned in front of a counter, where a thick curtain hangs.
  817. [17:39:57] * @Lenore determinedly follows directly behind Ammy, walking slowly in a manner that's meant to be serious but comes off a bit more silly.
  818. [17:40:04] <Kainnap> As the door opens, a bell chime rings.
  819. [17:40:24] <Kainnap> "Ehehehe... welcome. Have a seat." the man's voice says from behind the curtain.
  820. [17:40:52] * @Lenore sits down, smoothing the skirt of her dress as she does so.
  821. [17:41:21] * @Theta lops down, looking around casually
  822. [17:41:29] <Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy takes a seat, placing the book on the counter to free her hands to be folded and placed beneath her chin.
  823. [17:44:06] <DiceMaid-9001> <Kainnap> "You as well, mage boy. Interesting garment, I should say. Do you mind if I ask where you got it? ...ah but how rude of me! Introductions first. I am Walt, the owner of this establishment. And your aliases, if you please, as I know not all my customers would rather me know their real names."
  824. [17:44:10] <DiceMaid-9001> <Amaryllis> (and then we all scrambled to think of aliases)
  825. [17:44:11] <DiceMaid-9001> * Theta thinks very briefly before just choosing one of the many names he's been referred to as. "Gamma."
  826. [17:43:48] * @Theta thinks very briefly before just choosing one of the many names he's been referred to as. "Gamma."
  827. [17:43:55] <Kainnap> "How interesting..." the voice says, and a glove hand reaches from out under the curtain to carress the book a moment. "An afficionado?"
  828. [17:43:58] <Kainnap> *gloved
  829. [17:44:09] <Kainnap> You notice, despite the gloves, that Walt's hands are clawed.
  830. [17:44:17] * Amaryllis thinks a moment before replying. "Call me Berry then."
  831. [17:44:31] <Amaryllis> "It is a rare creature I have sought for some time." Ammy nods.
  832. [17:44:33] * @Lenore seems to be thinking REALLY hard about something.
  833. [17:45:43] <Kainnap> "Of course. But if that were what you were seeing me about, you'd have come in through the front, yes?"
  834. [17:45:46] <Kainnap> He withdraws his hand.
  835. [17:46:17] <Kainnap> "I can only ascertain that you have other business with me this day."
  836. [17:46:22] <Kainnap> "eheeheeheee..."
  837. [17:46:22] <@Lenore> "Uh...c-call, Yellow."
  838. [17:46:30] * Amaryllis smiles. "Correct. But it does well to be seen approaching your establishment with the appearance of making more topical purchases."
  839. [17:47:09] <Kainnap> "Well then, what can I do for you?"
  840. [17:47:51] * Amaryllis looks between Theta and Lenore before deciding to cut straight to the chase. "What is the market for weaponry like now that the smithy has been closed?"
  841. [17:48:55] <Kainnap> "Sharp metal sticks are easy to come by, enchanted books and staves and bells and bladecannons or whatever other trinkets kids use these days, not so much."
  842. [17:49:59] * Amaryllis thinks carefully on how to put what she wants to say.
  843. [17:50:03] <Kainnap> "I do have -one- magical bell, used to belong to a prominent geomancer before his death, but I digress."
  844. [17:50:11] <Kainnap> "I rather like it myself."
  845. [17:50:19] <Amaryllis> (Really you guys if you want to jump in. I feel like I'm kind of dominating this part of session. :<)
  846. [17:50:31] <@Theta> (Well, this WAS your idea, I got nothing :B)
  847. [17:50:38] <@Lenore> "What kind of books do you have?"
  848. [17:50:41] <Amaryllis> (if you're okay with that...)
  849. [17:51:16] <@Theta> "...Magical bell? huh."
  850. [17:51:29] <Kainnap> "Nothing as rare as a Tantarian I'm afraid, though I'm sure I could procure one with time. In terms of spell tomes and such... What's it worth to you?"
  851. [17:52:32] <Amaryllis> After the pause, Ammy speaks. "The Glutton threatens our interests and has been a thorn in our side. There is a public dissatisfied with his rule here. Now, I understand there is a level of discretion he allows you in conducting your business that you may not be able to find under different governance, however a more prosperous town benefits all merchants alike, does it not?"
  852. [17:52:48] <Kainnap> "Ah, so it's come to this, has it."
  853. [17:52:53] <@Lenore> "...well, I'm probably not going to get anything really valuable with this, but I'm willing to put down about 2000 gil for any one having to do with the lightning element."
  854. [17:53:00] <Kainnap> "Someone's finally trying to throw fatty out of power."
  855. [17:53:06] <Kainnap> "Eeeheeehee, you're bold. I like that."
  856. [17:54:00] <Kainnap> "I don't have anything like that for 2000 gil."
  857. [17:54:10] <@Lenore> "...well, thanks anyway..."
  858. [17:54:34] <Kainnap> "As for the Glutton... personally I don't care who's in power. "
  859. [17:54:43] * Amaryllis gives a small smile. "Enough to aid in our endeavor?" Ammy is already thinking through the steps, probably talking to people in Alexandria and Lindblum while Quina makes his/her own preparations.
  860. [17:54:57] <Kainnap> "Alexandria will eventually reclaim its town anyway, and once it does I'll simply have to lower my prices. But I -will- stay competitive."
  861. [17:55:20] <Kainnap> "Hm..."
  862. [17:55:29] <Kainnap> "What sort of aid are you seeking, exactly?
  863. [17:55:32] <@Theta> "Considering your current situation with the township, I would say it's safe to assume you know a good deal about how he is able to support his cause."
  864. [17:55:38] <Amaryllis> "So we are talking purely business then. You will stay more competitive if you have an idea of when the reclamation would occur. Timing is everything in the marketplace is it not?"
  865. [17:55:38] <@Theta> "Largely, it seems, from outside suppliers."
  866. [17:55:57] * Amaryllis nods at Theta.
  867. [17:56:10] <Kainnap> "Yes, yes, that sneaky Dragoos. I like him."
  868. [17:56:17] * @Lenore fidgets a bit in her seat.
  869. [17:56:49] <Kainnap> "But moreover answer my question. What sort of aid are you looking for, specifically?"
  870. [17:56:58] <Kainnap> "I need to know what you want before I agree to anything."
  871. [17:57:22] * @Theta lets Ammy explain the next part, at least
  872. [17:58:01] <Amaryllis> "Weapons for the people. While they may not be able to stand up to the Glutton himself, those who aim to personally do battle with the Qu will find it impossible to fight both him and his army at once."
  873. [17:59:13] <Kainnap> "I do see what I stand to gain from this, but... is it worth the chance of failure? Hm hm hm. How do you intend to pay for my services?"
  874. [17:59:59] <@Theta> "Well, this isn't to say it would be without preperation on our part."
  875. [18:00:06] <@Theta> "If, say, his external suppliers cut off their funding..."
  876. [18:00:43] <Kainnap> "I could just as easily doublecross you and supply Glutton in Dragoos's stead if I wished, and possibly make more of a profit."
  877. [18:01:07] <Amaryllis> "One of the heroes of the war with Kuja is patron to our plans." Ammy wonders if she should drop the name or not.
  878. [18:01:22] <Kainnap> "..."
  879. [18:01:27] <Kainnap> "Kuja, huh."
  880. [18:01:34] <Kainnap> "Tell you what."
  881. [18:02:20] <Kainnap> "Here's the payment I'll accept for this little coup you're staging."
  882. [18:03:06] <Kainnap> "The Glutton's guest. I want to know who she is. I have my suspicions... but if she is who I am thinking then she is carrying a magical stone on her person. I wish to know her identity, and for you to retrieve this stone for me."
  883. [18:03:19] <Kainnap> "Is this agreeable?"
  884. [18:03:44] <@Theta> "Funny, I was to ask you what you had heard of her yourself."
  885. [18:03:54] <Kainnap> "Irritatingly little."
  886. [18:03:58] <Amaryllis> "We have taken an interest in this guest as well. Very well." Ammy looks to the others for assent or dissent.
  887. [18:04:28] <@Lenore> "...I'll accept this."
  888. [18:05:18] <Kainnap> "And you, Gamma?"
  889. [18:05:45] <@Theta> "Hrm. Fine enough, I suppose."
  890. [18:06:19] <Kainnap> "Very well then... we have a deal. Old 'Black' Walt's looking forward to this! Eheeheehehee!" the clawed hand slides aside the curtain, reaching out to take your hand.
  891. [18:06:22] <Kainnap> </SESSION>
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