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Jun 2nd, 2012
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  1. All this is really about is the fact that Jen Emick did NOT dox sabu NOR did she hand him over to the FBI. Sabu was doxed YEARS ago when he was a defacer & then again by a group of people on Efnet IRC Network (including me) in late 2010. (Jen was NOT on Efnet or involved in the fight over #chat which is what provoked the doxing.) Jen found out a few weeks ago that the press had come TO me to get the proof of the actual "doxing" and I gave it to them. They confronted her & now shes terrified that her one claim to fame is being jerked away from her.
  3. FOR THE RECORD...those of us who doxed him did NOT publicly toss around the fileS. We tortured him in DM's/Msgs with "Hi Hector, Sup Xavier, dad get any good garbage picks lately?" because none of us were into the whole scene of going after e-fame. (His dad is a garbage collector btw) All of this was prior to his Anon fame & if anyone remembers when I first started being active on twitter his first tweet to me was "Shut up Kelly" then admitted to * that he had known me for years. (Truth is he knew OF me, not me personally.)
  5. Jen accidentally got the dox because someone thought @FakeGreggHoush on twitter WAS wizy the real Gregg Housh whom we knew from Efnet IRC. They knew of his role in Anonymous at the time & wanted to "mess" with him. (His involvement w/Anon is rather ironic considering what happened to #warez on efnet due to him :x)
  7. Jen is currently working with another party, William Welna aka Sanguinarious; and trying to set up an innocent man as the patriot hacker, th3j35t3r. Why? Because that innocent man ALSO doxed sabu before her as well. Amazing how desperate a woman will get to preserve her e-fame eh?
  9. AND as far as her claims shes not getting paid? Lets ask HBGary about that shall we? It would seem HER husband negotiated the contract with HBGary for the information on anonymous and according to 3rd parties Jen cleaned her twitter timeline of her claims to making $183 an hour. Also you may be interested to go through the dumps from UgNazi of her hacked accounts where her invoice to the Feds was rejected as "too high".
  11. Backtrace Security was NEVER Jen's company, it was started by Kevin/Hubris with 3 other people AS A JOKE WHEN THEY WERE DRUNK. Jen was a PART of it yes but not the entire company as she alleges. She lied to various people about Hubris by claiming that hes some sort of "research chemical abuser" & Jen contacted Hubris's family defaming him to them all because she was pissed at him. Why? Because he gave her drama-causing self the boot. Hubris WILL tell you the company was incorporated by HIM not her Research the paperwork on it, shes merely named as an officer, he was the owner. She tried jacking the company from him during this, falsifying information to try & reset the domain so that she could steal it. Her attempts were foiled by Hubris who has all the legal access to retain ownership.
  13. Oh & before I forget the FIRST message of that log clip I'm featured in was a threat from JEN to myself & my boyfriend. However I'm stunned that someone is actually stupid enough to believe *I* am a hacker after all these years! (the guys that have admined my irc & web boxes over the years are still sobbing with hysterical laughter on this one!)
  15. I do not appreciate the attacks on my character by stating I am a part of Anonymous or a hacker as I am neither. IF I was I would state it proudly but alas I am not and am demanding a retraction.
  17. All in all this entire article is a "Woe is me" attentionwhoring attempt that is full of lies & misleading material. The author of this drivel should be ashamed, one should never put up allegations like this without checking out all sides involved, or at least attempting to.
  19. #FAIL
  21. Brat!
  22. aka Kelly Hallissey
  24. PS My apologies to all the reporters I refused to allow to direct quote me on this entire mess regarding the doxing of Sabu and subsequent drama associated with it. I never intended for this to become public knowledge as it was never my goal to ruin his life any further than he ruined it himself.
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