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  1. Edelgard
  2. Colours:
  3. Academy Design:
  4. 1. Default
  5. 2. Blue Lions/Dimitri
  6. 3. Golden Deers/Claude
  7. 4. Church of Seiros/Rhea
  8. Timeskip Design:
  9. 1. Default
  10. 2. Blue Lions/Dimitri
  11. 3. Golden Deers/Claude
  12. 4. Church of Seiros/Rhea
  13. Moves:
  14. Mechanic: Similar to Robin, Edelgard will have a Durability system for her weapon "Aymr". Max durability at 20, once it is depleted, Aymr will be significantly weaker. Certain attcks involving Aymr will reduce its durability. Once Aymr is broken, it will take 20 seconds for it to replenish, 1 Durability every second.
  15. Movement: When walking, Edelgard has her hand on her hip and sways her Axe/Aymr back and forth. While running, she is slow but has her Axe/Aymr behind her while running.
  16. Jab: Swings her Axe lightly.
  17. Forward Tilt: Edelgard swings her Axe horizontally. Can be angled.
  18. Down Tilt: Sweeps the floor with the head of her Axe.
  19. Up Tilt: Slices the air with her Axe in a half-pipe motion. Similar to Hero.
  20. Forward Smash: Grabs the Aymr with both hands and swings it in front of her. Can break shields; reduces Durability by 1.
  21. Down Smash: Slams the head of Aymr into the ground, creating a shockwave. Has a meteor effect; reduces Durability by 3.
  22. Up Smash: Swings Aymr over herself, similar to Ganondorf and Ike; reduces Durability by 2.
  23. Dash Attack: Edelgard comes to a sliding stop and swings her Axe vertically.
  24. Neutral Air: Edelgard spins at a 30 Degree angle while using her Axe.
  25. Forward Air: Gets out Aymr and swings it, making her spin slowly. Spikes the opponent if the head of Aymr hits, it also reduces durability by 1.
  26. Up Air: Edelgard swings her Axe, similar to Ike.
  27. Down Air: Edelgard spins quickly vertically. Is a juggling move.
  28. Back Air: Edelgard slowly swings Aymr behind her. One of her kill moves; reduces durability by 1.
  29. Grab: Edelgard grabs the opponent by the collar.
  30. Pummel: Edelgard hits the opponent with the end of her Axe/Aymr.
  31. Forward Throw: Edelgard knocks the opponent away with the blunt end of her Axe.
  32. Up Throw: Edelgard throws the opponent upward, similar to Marth, Lucina, Roy and Chrom.
  33. Back Throw: Edelgard throws the opponent behind her.
  34. Down Throw: Edelgard throws them to the ground and hits them with Aymr; it reduces durability by 1.
  35. Specials:
  36. Neutral B: Raging Storm - Can be Charged. If fully charged, Edelgard will swing Aymr for two seconds. If the move hits, it can break shields. It also reduces duration of Aymr by 4, however if it hits the opponent, durability is instead reduced by 2.
  37. Side B: Minor Crest of Seiros - Raises damage for Edelgard's next attack. This cannot be Stacked
  38. Up B: Axe High Jump - Edelgard leaps upwards, swinging her Axe/Aymr before jumping back downwards with it. Has a meteor effective if the head hits; it reduces durability by 2.
  39. Down B: Lancebreaker - Edelgard takes a stance, if hit during this, she will sidestep away and hit the opponent with Aymr. If not, she will remain defenseless; it reduces durability by 3.
  40. Final Smash: Batallion Strike - Edelgard swings her Axe, which then leads to a cinematic of the Black Eagles and Female Byleth using a Batallion Skill.
  41. Misc:
  42. Up Taunt - Edelgard tidies the fringe of her hair.
  43. Side Taunt - Gets into a fighting position while Minor Crest of Seiros glows behind her.
  44. Down Taunt - Edelgard swings her Axe/Aymr and says "I will strike you down!"
  45. Entrance - Edelgard enters through a teleportation circle. Gets her Axe ready.
  46. Idle #1 - Edelgard inspects her weaponry lightly.
  47. Idle #2 - Edelgard takes a deep breath to keep her composure.
  48. Victory Theme - Short remix of the Three Houses Main Theme, or part of Lady of Hresvelg.
  49. Intro Animation - Edelgard comes via teleportation circle, like most of the Fire Emblem cast. She also readies her Axe.
  50. Victory Animation #1 - Hubert appears with Edelgard, bows to her while she sorts out her hair while saying "This battle has been decided."
  51. Victory Animation #2 - Female Byleth appears with Edelgard, holding the Creator Sword next to Edelgard's Aymr. Both raise their weapons in triumph.
  52. Victory Animation #3 - Edelgard swings Aymr around before setting it down, saying "This was a fight I could not lose."
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