Brandon Tier 2 WS

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  1. Key: Chandlerkun
  2. Character: Brandon
  3. Skill(or transformation): Weapon Soul Tier 2
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation): N/A
  5. Reasoning:  
  6. It's been a tough few days. More than a tough few days. It's been an exhausting, damaging few days.
  8. But Brandon? He's hanging in there. Following the death of Aidoneus and his own failure to protect his family, he's been coping. Coping with the house being alittle emptier. Coping with knowing he let Yue down. Coping with life. Coping with failure.
  10. But despite his failure, he's still pushing on. Still working his job as a cop. Still training with his blades, trying to find meaning in what has happend to him by meditation of his soul into these weapons. Maybe even going alittle far sometimes, losing himself in these meditations.
  12. All he has left now is his simple goals of protecting Yue, fitting in with the city, and living a life to make Aidoneus's death meaningful. Spars, training, social interaction, all the little things that make a life worth living for people like them.
  14. His soul isn't broken. It's healing, and as it heals it bonds tighter with the weapons Brandon carrys. He'll come out of his grief, stronger than before.
  16. What is the moment:
  17. -Days and days of living life. Meditating. Training with swords in the arena.
  19. -Letting go of what happened, while not forgetting.
  21. ...Or trying to, anyways.
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