Manty x Gorgona

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  1. stun beam:  There was a dissatisfied snort that was pushed past the overlord's upturned nose. Hordak was displeased.
  3. It wasn't over the fact that he was -- this very day -- receiving a new minion to do his bidding instead the Master of this domain was irritated at his older brother's inconceivable gull to the opinion that he was in sore need of one. THAT was Hordak's irritation issue.
  5. "Fresh from the Academy I hear," the witch, Shadow Weaver, floated at her master's side as they stood in the hanger bay where the teleportor was kept along with the rest of the Horde's transportation equipment and spare droids. Tho they were indoors -- the large power generator with its whirling fans had created a breeze inside the bay that made the Master's decaying cape flap.
  7. "It doesn't matter much, scccchhnnerk," Hordak growled, "every highly trained recruit he sends me is yet another blathering idiot." The master was an intimidating creature. Over 6 feet of muscle decorated in armor and bone. A white face with deep set unnatural crimson eyes. Every bit of skin exposed was blue as dank water.
  9. "I'm not an blathering idiot," the Weaver injected.
  11. "Need I remind you -- Wench, that I found you here, now be quiet.. it looks like they are activating the teleportor now." Hordak turned his attention to the device that had begun to glow.
  14. PlumPumpkin:  She was a fresh one. Not only from the Academy but to life in general. The Academy taught you well but she had no idea what to expect when interacting with seasoned warriors and most of all Hordak. She was ignorant to the ways of war. She was merely going to prove herself. To prove she wasn't a waste of the magic used to create her. She would make them proud. 
  16. She was also scared out of her mind. It was the the first time she could ever recall being such. Things were easy at the academy. Do your homework or die. Clean your room or die. Simple enough. She was worried things would be much harder here. Like kill this man and toss his corpse or suffer. What did suffer even mean? She  drew her bottom lip into her mouth as she waited to be transported, worrying it with a fanged tooth. 
  18. “All systems ready.” She felt her stomach drop to her feet and she was off in a flash of light. She closed her eyes against the light and when she opened the slitted neon green eyes once more she was in a totally different place. Her hood hid most of her features but her eyes. She was not an impressively evil figure on the teleport pad. She hopped off with little trouble and bowed low to Hordak. 
  20. “Master?” Her voice was tiny and nervous.  
  23. stun beam: The only sounds in the bay were of the generator, the dying transporter and Hordak's heavy snort like breathing. The Horde leader narrowed his eyes as his new recruit stepped off the platform and bowed before him. What was this? Why had his brother sent him some dainty female? What use did he have for her? Still --
  25.   Hordak did not outright proclaim his disgust. He hated his brother -- but his judgment he was not allowed to question. "Sooo, snnnerrrrk." Hordak finally spoke after a moment of awkward not quite silence. "So this is the warrior Horde Prime thinks I am in need of? State your name and any powers you have, Wench. You are INDEED in the presence of your new Lord and Master."
  27. "She doesn't look like much," Shadow Weaver scoffed much less formal then her Master. The Witch crossed her arms over her chest and tapped long sharp nails on the sleeve of her dress as she eyed the other cloaked female with disinterested untrust.
  29. PlumPumpkin:   She looked up at him wide eyed for a moment. Under cover of her hood she was insulted. But she bottled it up. He was her new master, she had to be polite. 
  31. “Of course, at once. I'm Gorgona...I turn...things to stone...” It didn't sound very impressive when she actually said it. She clasped her hands behind her back, She glanced at the witch, her eyes narrowing, witches, always thought they were better then everyone else. If she was so useless then why did she seem to be so threatened by other people? People were often not intimidated by her. She was tiny and unsuspecting. But that was her power wasn't it? She had been made to be stealthy, someone you wouldn't think would be evil. 
  33. But she was so evil. 
  35. At least...she hoped so. It's not as if she had much practice. 
  38. stun beam:  "Stone?" Hordak gave her another look -- then he looked at Shadow Weaver. Not really sure what to think. But hey -- when you've got a woman who turns into a cat, one who catches people with her hair, another who is half scorpion, an over-sized leech and a living ray gun -- what was one more random maybe even pointless power. "I suppose I'll just have to find use for you. Weaver! You're dismissed -- go to the tower and work on that brew you're late delivering to me."
  40. "But Master Hordak wouldn't you rather I stay and help our new recruit settle in and learn the rules?" The witch narrowed her eyes at Gorgona, "It would be my pleasure."
  42. "No. I'm already sensing enough female hostility in the room and I'm sick of it between you ninnies -- DO AS I SAY!"
  44. "As you wish .. Master," she hissed and with a flash from her palm, disappeared. Once the Weaver was gone, Hordak turned away to begin tromping toward the door, cape swishing. "Follow me, Gorgona - Tomorrow you be assigned to a squadron -- tonight you will be integrated into my horde. Tell me -- did the academy school you in the issues we have here in conquering Etheria?" She'd have to walk fast to keep up as Hordak did not slow his big steps as he headed down the metal corridors of the Fright Zone.
  46. PlumPumpkin:  She nearly stuck her forked tongue out at Shadow. But decided against the action. At least in front of Hordak. Her hands folded in  front of her and she started walking after him immediately, taking her tiny steps and having to practically run to keep up. 
  48. “I...No, sir. I did not know I was coming to join this particular Horde until yesterday...I had to get everything ready...I'm sorry.” Damnit, why hadn't she studied up on that? Stupid Stupid Stupid. 
  50. “I will integrate quickly, master.” She had no qualms with becoming one with his forces. The girl just had the great fear that she wouldn't be allowed to fit in. She had already seen what type of people he employed. Perhaps it would have been better to have stayed in the Academy...
  52. stun beam:  "You'd better, snnnerrrgk," Hordak snorted again - his wafting cape would nearly hit her in the face as his big form turned a corner and he headed into his throne room, "I have enough imbeciles working for me as it is -- hopefully you can prove yourself to have half a brain and you won't spend most of your time scrubbing slime down in the pit."
  54. The throne room was a massive conjunction of pipes, metal and huge chair at the very back upon a metallic throne. There was a horde symbol painted on the floor directly in front of it. The Overlord asecened the steps to his chair and plopped down heavily into it. His hands landed on the armrests and he motioned for her to stand before him, "I am not merciful, I am not fair - but victory will be duly reward and failure.." he paused to snort-laugh, " failure will be strictly punished." He hit a button on the control panel of his armrest and growled out, "Send me an available Captain immediately."
  56. PlumPumpkin:  It did actually. The cape slapped her in the face and she nearly ran into the wall blinded for a few moments. Her hood fell off revealing her face, soft pouty pink lips set against light purple skin, hair done up in pigtails, black with pink streaks
  58. She stood in the spot indicated, bowing her head. She knew what she looked like. And she hated it. She was too damn pretty to be evil. She would have to show them. PROVE HER EVIL TO HIM. And she would. 
  60. “I understand, Master. I will not fail.” She had more then half a brain. She knew she was intelligent and she knew she could do great things. If only given half a chance. 
  62. Besides that pit thing didn't sound fun.
  64. stun beam:  If the horde master had any opinions about her looks -- he didn't state them. He had so many odd looking creatures at his disposition that looks were unimportant. He had both hideous beasts and beautiful (and evil) women at his disposal. "Good to know," he added dryly -- eyeing her with those glowing menacing red eyes of his.
  66. "You sent for a Captain, Mmmaster Hordak?" Speaking of odd looks -- a moment later they were joined by the summoned officer the Overlord had growled for. What came strolling into the  throne room was confusing at any rate.
  68. A male of a unknown age (but seeming relatively young) who bore a shortish - thinnish swimmer's build. That however, was the only thing normal about him. He had a fur coat of pretty red and blue, lynx like ears, three fingered hands and the biggest, roundest yellowest eyes ever.
  70. "Force Captain Mantenna," Hordak leaned back in his chair as the oddity strode up and stood a few feet behind the female. Mantenna didn't look at the female yet -- never taking his  eyes off his master till he knew what he was here for. "This is Gorgona -- I'm putting you in charge of getting her situated for the next few days.."
  72. "Gorgona..." The minion repeated and followed Hordak's hand motion to the little female. He blinked and stared.
  74. PlumPumpkin:  She hadn't turned to see him. Not until Hordak indicated. She turned slowly to look at him over her shoulder. Wide eyed at his appearance, he wasn't altogether odd to her, there were many odd species at the academy. It was his coloration that made her look at him. Oddly bright for a villain and he was small, like her. She blushed a darker purple not knowing why exactly, embarrassment perhaps? She kept her head down as Hordak explained what he was to do with her. 
  76. When everyone was silent she wondered if she was meant to say something and so looked up and looked over her shoulder at the strange...thing once more. She looked between the two of them for a few more moments before saying anything. 
  78. “I'll...go now then?” She asked Hordak, resisting the urge to fidget nervously under her powerful gaze.
  80. stun beam:  And he stared back at her for a good while. With eyes that big it was probably what he was good at. Mantenna had been with Hordak for a good while -- at least as long as they had been conquering this planet. He'd attended Horde Academy himself (But it was unknown if he had been created or was an alien, his memory prior to Horde assimilation had been wiped) There was a couple blinks from the Captain at the female. It had been a while since anyone new had joined the horde -- so he was taking her in.
  82. "No," Hordak grumbled, "You're to go when MANTENNA shows you WHERE."
  84. "Hey she's pretty ..wha?" The cheeky grin the captain had started (complete with a mouth full of small sharp teeth) was interrupted by the realization that Hordak was displeased. Ears lowered as he turned his head back to the Overlord, "You mmmean right now, now? Take her right now?"
  86. The Master growled low and pinched his brow, "No actually I want you to do something ELSE first. Gorgona..." Hordak snapped his eyes to the little female, "You're first lesson. Take about four steps to the right. Mantenna... front and center.."
  88. PlumPumpkin:  “Yes, Sir.” She blushed again as he started talking about her prettiness, immediately knowing that was not the right answer to give to Hordak. She would have to very very careful with her words. She bowed  at Hordak before moving from her place, out of the way as he ordered. He deserved some kind of punishment, it was obvious, how dare he mention her prettiness, still he had said it in a complimentary tone. Not the insulting one that the academy people often gave her. 
  90. She watched eagerly however, eager to learn what the price was for insolence.  
  93. stun beam:  Yes, punishment. One that the Mantenna was well aware of the moment Hordak had the little female move off the symbol on the ground. Sighing out, he slowly trooped himself over to stand directly in front of his Master and bowed his head, "I ..uh didn't mmmean any insolence, Mmmighty Hordak."
  95. "Be quiet!" Hordak snapped and snorted out his nose heavily, "This is but a minor offense -- so take heed, wench - for this is what a simple mistake earns you."
  97. "But Mmmaster!" Mantenna raised his head, "T-this is how you punish mmmmme for everyth -" Statement was cut off as the Overlord hit a button on his chair and a trap door was opened beneath those blue booted legs, " -iiinnnnnnnnnng! Ahhhh!" Splash!
  99. The trap door click shut and Hordak roared with laughter for a few moments, "The boob. Heed you listen better, Gorgona, the pits of the Fright Zone are a dreadful place."
  101. PlumPumpkin:   Gorgona watched from her spot, hands clasped in front of her. It seemed silly to punish him for that one thing. But Hordak obviously kept a tight ship. He took no insolence, no matter how small. It was something she would have to respect. She merely nodded. Taking in his words. And yet, Mantenna kept being insolent even during his punishment. How could he do that? Wasn't he afraid? She was. She was sure that she did not want to end up on that platform  for any reason other then triumph. 
  103. “It is a good lesson, Master. I will listen.” She bowed her head, she would listen most attentively. She would not fail or show insolence to her new master. It obviously didn't end well. 
  105. Of course, now she would need to meet a new captain. Obviously, this one was gone.  
  107. stun beam:  To put it bluntly: Manty was kinda ... stupid.
  109. Not animal stupid . But obviously not the brightest crayon in the box despite his pretty coloration. There would be no call for another Captain -- Hordak simply sat back on his throne and nodded before waiting.
  111. About five minutes later, the force captain reappeared, coming in a new door from the other side of the room, ears down and dripping wet. He paused half way to the throne to shake himself like a dog to get rid of the extra water before tromping back up toward the throne, "... so, um r-right now?"
  113. "I'm going to remove that big head of yours if you don't get going!" Hordak snarled, slamming his fist down on the armrest. Mantenna eeped! and nodded turning toward the female and motioned for her to follow, "F-follow meee, hurry."
  115. He wasted no more time hurrying out of the throne room, leaving droplets of water in his path. Quick steps down the hall to he got at least ear shot away from the Master before stopping and turning around to look at the new recruit. A couple blinks and then the oddity giggled.
  117. "Hehehehe  Mmmaster Hordak is grummmpy tonight. You cammme at a bad time."
  119. PlumPumpkin:  Her eye brows shot up at his reappearance. It was unbelievable. He wasn't dead. Wet, yes, but not dead. This was an odd Horde indeed. She followed the trail of damp and nearly ran into him from not paying attention. The front of her cloak now damp from pressing up against him for a split moment. 
  121. “I...had no choice.” chewed on her bottom lip. “Perhaps he is not pleased with me yet. I will have to work very hard. That's all..” She got determined. She had to make sure that he didn't underestimate her. He would know her worth soon enough. 
  123. “Does he always punish you that way? Does he always punish everyone that way?”
  126. stun beam:  Yes, he was very wet. The form fitted armor he wore was drenched and his fur was even worse -- there had really be no attempt to towel off at all after he'd pulled himself from whatever dank and dark water he'd been dumped into too. She probably note, that the small blue bunnish tail was also sagging and dripping. When she bumped into him -- he blinked at her.
  128. "MMmmmm no, Mmmaster Hordak is never pleased with anyone -- you'll get use to it." He grinned sharply at her and then motioned for her to come along (Whilst trying to knock some water out of his big ears) "Mmmostly meee -- I think he finds it ammmusing -- tho sommmetimmmes he sends Grizzlor down there too. Mmmm.. Mmmmostly mmmeee."
  130. As they walked -- he would point out a few doors as they passed them. Conference room. Mess hall. Other odds and ends. Where the door to the dungeon was before they finally came to a lift that would take them higher into the establishment. "Working here is easy -- just do what you are told and if She-ra beats you up that is actually worse then anything Mmmaster Hordak punishes you with -- heheh." He stepped to the left so that she could get into the lift with him.
  132. PlumPumpkin:  “What...” He was never pleased? Ever? No, that wasn't possible. Maybe he was never pleased now. She would fix that. She had the training. Why couldn't she? She hmmphed. “Well, we'll see...” She hissed and followed him, removing her cloak as she went. The outfit she had on underneath had a bodice that was scaled tight against her skin in bright pearly pink, she favored her own bright colors. She had an ample bosom and nicely rounded hips to match the scales went all the way down to cover her nether regions. Thighhighs and knee high boots in black and more pink respectively finished her outfit. Her horde symbol hung on a choker around her neck.
  134. “She-Ra?” The girl snorted. “Who is that?” The longer pieces of what appeared to be her hair hung down past her hips and seemed to move forward of their own accord to curl around her bare shoulders. She got into the lift next to him and the strands seemed to find his fur most interesting as one of the three moved to touch his damp shoulder. She didn't seem to notice. 
  136. stun beam:  All her self-agreement was lost on Mantenna after she opened her cloak. Boys will be boys. Ears lifted straight up and he grinned droopily as she got into the lift next to him. Yellow eyed the generous curves and scaled pink and odd hair without being overly lecherous about it. Manty stared but he didn't give her the once over (Probably because he didn't have to move his eyeballs very much to see everything.)
  138. She might not have noticed her longer bits of hair checking out his wet shoulder -- but the captain did. He didn't jump or get weirded out by it -- instead finally blinked and leaned down slightly to take a couple interested sniffs at it. When you live with monsters -- not much is going to really make you stare. " Um.. huh?"
  140. The name of the heroine shot back at him snapped him out of his trance. He hit the button to raise the lift and snorted himself, "Oh you'll mmmmet her soon enough -- I doubt you'll beat her she's very powerful.. Kinda a pain in the butt really - but mmmaybe you can do sommmmething to her... "
  142. Which reminded him. As they rose up the floors, Mantenna pointed a gloved finger at the little female, "Ummmm ...what do you do, Gorgona?"
  144. PlumPumpkin:  “I am not worried about her. I can be quite formidable.” When I try...really really really try. “I can turn things to stone...with a stare.” Not that it worked all the time. That was the problem. And it could be easily reversed. She tingled as she finally realized why she suddenly was feeling something damp and furry and warm. She pulled away the appendage, giving a nervous laugh. 
  146. “They...have a mind of their own...sorry.” She looked away from him. “What do you do?” She asked it plainly enough. She wondered if he was merely a good warrior to rise to the rank of Captain. She assumed he had been with Hordak a long while and he had survived this long. Perhaps there was some worth to him. He hadn't blanched at her appendages at least. 
  148. stun beam:  "Are you now? Heh." Out of any one else, that would have sounded sarcastic -- but the way Mantenna said it -- it was like he was agreeing with her -- and grinning more dopey as he did so. He didn't seem to mind the hair-tentacles - reminded him of Entrapa a little (Only Entrapa was hardly this pretty). His facial expression lit up more so when she described her power and then asked about hers.
  150. "OOoo we've sommmething in commmmmmon then!" Leaning down just a tad (He wasn't horribly taller then she was) he got almost uncomfortable close to her face and his expression took on a sly one. A finger was pointed at his own eyes and the flashed with a bright light for a second -- a mere hint of the energy they contained, "I don't turn people to stone but I can freeze themmm sommmetimmmesss. Zaaaaap!"
  152. The lift coming to a stop would end the closeness almost as quickly as it began and Mantenna stepped out and continued along down the new hall.
  154. PlumPumpkin:  It was odd for him not to be sarcastic. She couldn't believe that he was. It was obvious to her though that he wasn't all there. He was a little...dumb. But dumbness made them easy to control. She was sure Hordak had no real problem with him other then he was stupid. He would not betray or try to take over, which was the admirable thing about dopeyness. 
  156. A gasp nearly issued from her as he got too close. She had never been that close to anyone. No one at the academy liked to get too close to anyone else. It might end with someone exploding. She had kept her distance mostly because she did not like to get close people. They didn't need to see her prettiness, so shameful. She did gasp when his eyes lit up so near her own. She had to blink several times to clear the stars from them. 
  158. “That's...interesting. I have never met someone with the same sort of power...” She followed him once more down another hall, heels clacking against the flooring. 
  160. stun beam:  She would have to learn -- that the Horde here on Etheria was not the Academy anymore - they were in a way -- a weird family. All Mantenna knew anymore was how to serve his master and he did so day in and day out with no real thoughts to their being something else to life. Thoughts of over throwing Hordak? Why Never! The most diabolical thing he'd ever done was send THE MASTER down the trap door when he wasn't looking. A little sweet revenge.
  162. "Well the sammme -- but not the saaammme -- I would like to see yours in action sommeetimmme soon." He lead her down the hall before the tour picked up again. "This is our barracks, we each have our own roommmm. Mmmmost of the horde is battle droids so there is enough roommm for the rest of us here.."
  164. He would lead her down toward the end of the hall and then punch a few buttons on the panel next to a door. It would slid open and he stepped inside an empty barrack.
  166. It was not large inside the room. A bed, a desk, a small closet and a shower stall. (Not that many of the male members of the horde used theirs). It was sparse, metallic and not very comfortable looking -- but it would be her home from now on. "You can programmm the door to your own personal code."
  168. PlumPumpkin:  “I am sure Hordak will want one as's not very impressive...” She sighed. She tried though. That should count! Of course it didn't. She followed behind, snake like strands wrapped around her shoulders once more. When they stopped at the last door she knew this had to be her room. She had barely anything. And what she had she had packed into a cube in her cloak, space defying it could hold an infinite amount. 
  170. “I am sure I will be...comfortable.” More comfortable then at the Academy at least. Here at least there was one person who wasn't stuck up and though the master was harsh he didn't seem overly cruel. Except perhaps to Mantenna. 
  172. “Thank you...for the tour..”  As if that wasn't part of his job at the moment.
  174. stun beam:  Hordak was by all means -- evil. But when you run an encampment -- you simply have to tolerate the idiots that work for you. If he went around killing them all the time -- he'd have to have retrained ones every week and nothing would get done. (the sometimes he would wonder if his current idiots were even worth it)
  176. The oddly colored minion stepped to the side as she entered and looked around her small room. In a relaxed state, he slouched a bit and his ears drooped. Those big eyes never left her as he watched her make the tiny rounds.
  178. "You're welcommme," he said after she thanked him -- and eh.. just stood there. He probably should have headed out and let her get settled in -- tomorrow they could work on integrating her into the force, but the captain didn't budge. Stood there, blinking with the same dopey grin on his face. He was most defiantly studying her. The slow grind of thought processes in his brain barely evident behind those big bright eyes.
  180. "You knowww..." he injected after that long awkward  silence, "I think you're mmmore pretty than Catra. She's going to get mmmmad." Mantenna wasn't EXACTLY a moron to the point were he was retarded - he simply could only focus on certain things at certain times -- and currently, it appeared to be a profound interest in his new coworker.
  182. PlumPumpkin:  Her skin darkened in a blush as he didn't move after the thanks/welcomes had been doled out. He just stood there looking at her. And like wise she stared back unblinking. She was about to ask if there was anything else when he spoke again. And what came out made her blush even more. 
  184. “Well...I....that's not important.” She gulped. “She probably looks more terrifying then I do...” She pouted slightly. “I wish I could terrify...” She couldn't even send a mouse running most of the time. Most of the time she was just laughed at for the way she looked. She didn't thank him for thinking she was prettier then the other woman. No doubt the other women were all going to hate her. She could feel it coming and it annoyed her. 
  186. And thus the silence was back.
  188. stun beam:  O the silence. A forthcoming from the dumb! Mantenna blinked a few times at her statement as if he was mulling it over and then snorted out a laugh. A strange motorboat like purr that accompanied it and he made an attempt at twisting his face into an expression that looked somewhat device. But certainly not terrifying.
  190. "I'm not terrifying! Who cares.. Mmmmaybe the rebels won't see the stone commmming then you have an advantage! You should turn them all to stone and then Mmmmaster Hordak will be please. Mmmaybe he'll even give you a reward." He rubbed his hands together sending little droplets of water off them. (Yes, he was still soaked - and this action finally reminded him.) " ... I should go shower... Tommmorow I will show you mmmore.."
  192. Nodding to her, Mantenna turned and marched out, leaving a puddle in the middle of her floor as he went, remarking to himself.. " ... I've never gotten a reward mmyself."
  194. PlumPumpkin:  She thought that over and nodded. “You're right, I should just trick's a plan worth mentioning...thank you, captain.” She bowed. “I am grateful for your input.” No, he wasn't terrifying to her but she was sure he could be conceived as such...after all, all those sharp teeth and the eyes, it could be quite frightening in the dark. 
  196. Gorgona blushed at the thought and had to stop thinking about that. Too terrifying, and oddly...alluring Horde Prime be praised he was leaving. 
  198. “I will await your return then...” She nodded, seeing him out and closing the door behind him. 
  200. That code would have to be changed immediately. 
  203. stun beam:  Gorgona would be left to settle into her new 'home' for the night finally. It wasn't as if the Horde only worked during the day - but the magic of Brightmoon and Whispering Woods was more potent during the moonlight, thus it was easier to advance in the daylight. This however, did not stop Hordak from launching surprise nocturnal missions.
  205. Mantenna never slept much -- mostly as the odd critter was himself, a night 'owl'. With eyes like that they were meant to see in the dark. But he managed to disappear out of her hair at any rate till the next day. Early too. She wasn't on vacation.
  207. Tho -- it was still a little later then the rest of the flesh n blood minions who had already begun their day. Mantenna eased down the hallway at least dry this time. He had mostly. The belt and loin cloth were there, as was his gloves and his boots - but he'd seemed to have forgotten his armored top.
  209. "G'mornin' Rainbowsss," Leech snickered as he passed him -- and Mantenna did not get it. Bare chested, the fur was short along his body, about an inch. The red of his head lined down his chest and stomach to disappear into his groin like a big thick paint swipe and the blue etched out from there. He was not exceedingly muscular - albeit on the thin side, but lean enough to be defined. You had to be in shape to survive in this place.
  211. Absentmindedly he punched in at the code in the door at it buzzed angrily at him. O THAT WAS RIGHT. She changed it. So instead -- he had to knock.
  213. PlumPumpkin:  Sleep had not come to her. She was a night owl as well. She had tried to rest instead. She knew that life here would not be easy just as it was not easy at the Academy. But more so she assumed. She had organized her clothes, a collection of most of the same she had on at the moment in varying colors. Today she had changed into a green pearlized bodice, the boots the same. 
  215. Her hair was just getting into place and behaving it self from her restless night when she heard the door buzz. She smirked. She had been right to change the code. 
  217. At the knock she went to the door, opening it to reveal Manty's furred chest. She blushed and looked down at her boots. 
  219. “Hello,'re...ummm looking well this morning.”
  221. Not that she had looked at him directly. She had mostly seen his chest.
  223. stun beam:  He was looking well? She was looking better.
  225. He had something to say to her - but forgot it the moment she appeared in the doorway. The outfit stole the attention away - and while he did not express the same embarrassment, it did take his ability to talk. O HAI BOOBS. Mantenna grinned stupidly - mouth full of white sharp teeth and a gleam in his eye.
  227. But at least he neither drooled or reached out to touch her -- and his brain did come back to him, eventually. " Ummmmmmmmmmmm .... !!!"
  229. He blinked and shook his head, matching those big eyes to he face, " You don't have to call mmme Captain -- I doubt I will be yours for long. It's timmmmee to go to the mmmmesss hall -- if you take too long Grizzlor will eat all the food. Hurry."
  231. He turned on his boots to head down the hall -- obviously still not aware of his state of undress. Thankfully (or was that sadly?) there was always someone less polite then Gorgona to point out facts.
  233. "Rowr, grrrrosssss, put on a shirrrrrrt, idiot. You look like you rrrrrolled on a strrrawberrrrrry." Catra, still brushing her long purple-black hair was just getting into the lift.
  235. PlumPumpkin:  Gorgona was too polite. She should of said something to him, especially as they stood there in silence and he took in her form. But she said nothing and merely walked after him as he turned to go. 
  237. “Oh...well..” She wasn't used to addressing someone by name. It was always some kind of ranking system. "I'm hurrying , I'm hurrying." And so she was. She couldn't help but wince as the woman getting on the lift said something about his state of undress. She hoped she wouldn't be blamed for not telling him...She should of. But she had been too surprised by it..and really...HOW COULD HE NOT KNOW?
  239. stun beam:  Because -- he'd loose his head if it wasn't attached to his thin neck. It may have been with all the inner workings needed to power his eyes - there simply wasn't room for o .. a brain? In a humorous light -- his back also had a strip tho it didn't go up as high as the one on his chest, simply V'ing to the middle of his shoulder blades.
  241. Mantenna paused in the hallway as Catra hissed at him and blinked at her as the lift door shut and she disappeared - he'd then look down at himself. There was sad little moment of silence before his brain caught up and then he snorted a laugh, "Hehehehe -- Hordak would have sent mmmme down the pit if I'd shown up like this... you can go ahead of mmeee if you want -- got to get mmmy shirt. Go I'll catch up."
  243. He walked to a door very close by and punched in the code before stepping into a room with no lights on at all inside.
  245. PlumPumpkin:  The girl was put off by the cat like woman and so was glad when the door shut and the lift left them behind. The fact that Mantenna finally noticed was a bit of a relief. She did not like the idea of going up there without him...but he insisted. 
  247. “Yes, all right. I suppose.” Nodding as he went into his room to get his shirt on. Waiting for the lift was excruciating and she vaguely thought it would be better to just wait for him then to stand there worrying over what would happen when she got to the mess hall. 
  249. But the lift came and went with her in it, tapping her foot in worry. 
  251. stun beam:  She was just going to have to brave it for a bit by herself! It was going to take him a bit to catch up - as he would have to wait for the lift. Hopefully she'd remember which way was the mess hall.
  253. Of course she only had to follow her nose..
  255. If one discounted the robots - Hordak had in his employment about 10-15 various creatures and wenches. There was only one human male and the rest were either experiments or strange aliens. There was Leech, who had a giant slobbering mouth with lots of sharp teeth in his mouth. The catwomen, another woman who looked like a scorpion. A red orc looking man with three legs and so on and so forth. All sitting around a chipped and dented table shoveling what looked more like gruel then actually food into their mouth. Hordak was there as well, but he sat away and above everyone else eating better looking food.
  257. When she would make it to the hall - the eating would stop for a few seconds so they could all stare at her - before most simply went back to eating. A few  continued to stare, a few snickered, a few made small remarks. And one big fuzzy ape-like man wiped crumbs from his face and slurped at her.
  259. PlumPumpkin:  And there she was. She got there just fine and now she was scared as everyone looked her and even more terrified at those that kept staring. She had no idea what to do. Usually the idea would be to find an empty space away from those staring at you. 
  261. But as she looked for one of those she felt eyes following her. Obviously, there would be no peace for her. She found herself a spot off to the side, away from most of them. She didn't bother to try and eat. At this point it would be pointless. She was so nervous that she was sure she'd just throw it all up anyway. The tendrils of hair wrapped around her, trying to be comforting. 
  263. stun beam:  B-but the point of going to the mess hall was to eat!! At least, that's what Mantenna would have pointed out. The rest of the horde, especially the females, simply snided and finally did go back to eating. She would have to earn her place here. They had all known each other for years -- and tho, hated each other mostly - had learned to coexist as a warped little family. They were not good guys, and they did not just invite people to their circle.
  265. Hordak also did not seem to notice her entrance for the most part. Unless it dealt directly with issues he cared about, the Overlord did not rule over his minions daily lives with an iron fist. He could give two shits if they ate or not. He did glance at her once and merely snorted. Interaction with the rest of the minions after all -- would be part of her integration into the team.
  267. And while she felt the need to sit mostly alone at this point, someone else decided she needed company. Grizzlor, the apeish man, picked up his tray full of gruel and trudged over to where Gorgona was and dropped it down next to her, "Hey pretty pretty, you the new one?" He had a gurgling growl of a voice -- and was possible the stupidest of all the beast Hordak employed, "You wanna sit on my lap 'n' have some grub? I'll let yah."
  269. There was snickering -- and most of the girls groaned. He'd obviously tried this with them before. 
  271. PlumPumpkin:  Gorgona had noticed him coming before he sat down and he prayed to all she believed in that he would not sit next to her, though she knew that was exactly what he was doing. As he sat she grimaced as he spoke. He was disgusting. Her strands did not want to touch his filthy fuzz, they hugged her even tighter in fear of touching him. 
  273. “No thank you. I'm not hungry nor do I want your company...” He smelled and frankly, she had sensitive senses and right now he was interfering with all of them. Now she really knew she wasn't going to integrate well. She should of just sat at the table with them and ate. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. She was too sensitive in general.
  275. stun beam:  Sitting with all of them probably WOULD have been the best choice. To not show fear or discontentment of them -- just as she'd done with Mantenna. But she hadn't and now she had Grizzlor to deal with.
  277. And it was true that he well -- did have a bit of a body order problem. He had beady yellow and black eyes and dirty yellow tusks -- he was a beastman through and through. When she declined him -- him merely snorted and sat down next to her anyway. One of his meaty grimy hands reached around to land on her shoulder and try to pull her closer.
  279. Now the rest of the horde was watching again. Even Hordak had looked up from his plate to boredly watch the scene. "Common prettypretty - I'm jus' welcomin' yah to the group."
  281. "Looks like the new girl has already got her self an admirer," Shadow Weaver hissed smugly.
  283. "Rowr, she can keep him -- just herrrr type. Go on, Darrrrrrling give him a kiss." Catra mused.
  285. It was about then Mantenna finally made his way into the mess hall, now with his shirt on - but he didn't seem to notice Gorgona's plight -- as he rather made a bee line for the food licking his lips. Ah, the one tracked mind.
  287. PlumPumpkin:  The urge to throw up and show him how pretty she was a strong and powerful urge. And everyone staring and making obnoxious comments wasn't helping. She felt the hatred welling up inside her waiting to explode. As he pulled her closer she tried to push away obviously no match for him due to sheer size. 
  289. “OH I feel very welcome now. Let me show you how welcome.” She hissed, snake like her eyes glowing brighter as she turned towards him smiling, fangs visible. “Should I show you how welcome you've made me feel?” Came a silky, hypnotizing sort of voice, lulling him into a false sense of security. 
  291. stun beam:  Well, she certainly had everyone's attention now (Cept for the fuzzball getting his food) as they held their tongues to see what was happening.
  293. "Yeah, I think yah should, baby," Grizzlor slobbered as he stared down into her glowing eyes. He began to lean his repugnant face closer to hers waiting to see what she'd do. His grip tightening on her shoulder.
  295. It would be about then, Mantenna finally noticed what was going on -- he'd turned from the gruel station, bowl in one hand - rock hard bread stuck in  his mouth and stopped in his tracks. Hey! Not really sure just what was going on -- but for some reason, seeing Gorgona looking so seductively up at Grizzlor bristled his fur a bit.
  297. However, he held his place -- watching like everyone else.
  299. PlumPumpkin:  She had to keep his attention. For those few moments at least. It would have been better if she had for longer but she couldn't bare to look at him that long. The sick feeling in her stomach was growing worse just as she was doing it. 
  301. “Don't worry, I'll show you.” There was a flash from her eyes and the beast like man was stone solid and unmoving. She wrestled out of his grip, seizing the moment that her ability allowed. Hissing her hatred. 
  303. “Now he's made out of the same stuff his head is...” She had moved away from the table she had occupied as quickly as she could. She only hoped her magic would hold. 
  305. stun beam:  A murmur went through the horde at Grizzlor's suddenly stony fate. It certainly would up her status if only for a few moments.
  307. "Interesting.." Came the snort from Hordak. The Overlord didn't quite grin, but he nodded his head, "Now that I've seen your power I could see how it would be useful in combat situations or on unruly prisoners.. tell me is it permanent or can you reverse it?"
  309. The answer to that question would come without Gorgona having to answer it. Moments later, the stone effect would wear off and Grizzlor shook himself a bit. "What jus' happened... hey?! Where'd prettypretty go?" Pushing himself up, the beastman looked around til he had spotted the female and quickly pursued her. "Where yah goin' I thought yah wanted me to welcome you?"
  311. There was the sound of a tray being drop and a dash of red and blue as Mantenna got in the way of the ugly idiot's one minded path. "Why don't you leave her alone, you oversized furball."
  313. "Furball?! From you, yah bugeyed wimp?"
  315. At least it managed to capture Griz's attention away from the little female. Mantenna wasn't even sure WHY he did so - he didn't usually confront Grizzlor -- the big guy was a lot stronger then he was.  More snickering went through the horde - this was an interesting breakfast -- and they always did like to watch someone fight.
  317. PlumPumpkin:  The snake like woman turned her attention to Hordak he just nearly approved. “I can...” She glanced over as Grizzlor ruined everything. Damnit, he must be too rock like already for it to work properly. She turned to him her eyes glowing again, ready to do it again if necessary but Mantenna butted in. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate it. But she knew the others would think this made her weak. Weaker then her spell being so easy to break. 
  319. For mere moments she had been excepted and then it had all been dashed because she couldn't concentrate. Her teachers were right, she was weak. She had been just strong and capable enough to pass her classes. 
  321. She moved towards the table everyone was at, not sitting just backing away from the fight to watch. If he was going to start a fight for her she might as well watch.
  323. stun beam:  "Idiot!"
  324. "Stinky!"
  325. "Yer useless!"
  326. "You're a mmmoron!"
  328. The two males bickered back and forth at first, name calling and growling - occasional shoving at each other as they circled. It was gallant of the captain to attempt (or stupid as Grizzlor was more then twice his size) but he hadn't liked the fuzzy brown moron messing with his... well, he wasn't sure what she was. HIS ASSIGMENT at any rate. Shove. Hiss. Push.
  330. "You should go back to licking Leech's pits.."
  331. "Imma break yah!"
  332. "I'mmmm not scared of yo-URK!"
  334. Mantenna was cut off by Grizzlor finally just grabbing him by his thin throat and picking him up off the ground by it. He shook and choked the Force Captain a few times before simply hauling back and throwing him across the room and right into the table everyone was eating at. There was a flash of red n blue again as he took out everyone's plate before flopping to the other side.
  336. Hordak busted out laughing  - which prompted everyone ELSE do the same, including Grizzlor. Normally, such a defeat would have sent the fuzzball slinking out of the room -- but Mantenna picked himself off the ground, shook the gruel from his face and snarled. "You'll pay for that, ass!"
  338. The attack was quick and hellishly bright. For a split second, those big yellow eyes lit up like stressed neon lights before two beams of pure energy shot from them. Grizzlor barely had time to made a panicked face before they struck him in the chest and he flopped over onto the floor with a heavy thud.
  339. PlumPumpkin:  Oh, she tried to watch in amusement like that others. But she was worried. He shouldn't be doing this. He shouldn't of bothered. He should just stop. But he didn't And then he was thrown into the table and instead of laughing like everyone else, she gasped, fearful that he had actually been hurt. 
  341. But he got up like nothing and was up on his feet and attacking back. She would of never thought he could be so quick and the demonstration of his power was enough to earn her respect. He was after all fighting because she happened to be pretty. She felt guilt creep in. She didn't want anyone to have to fight for her. It wasn't fair, she should be able to do it herself. The truth was her powers were not advanced enough.
  343. stun beam:  Mantenna was not hellishly powerful. Compared to some of the other's in the group -- his little eye beams were child's play. But in a pinch and dash of anger - he could easily knock someone ten times his size flat on their back (as Grizzlor had just demonstrated for the lot of them) with just a glance. It might of been that she was pretty that he choose to take up a stance for her -- or that he was suppose to be helping her out (As orders stated) which ever the case, Mantenna did not really know, -- he'd grown a pair for a moment and taught Grizzlor a painful lesson.
  345. One he seemed willing to continue as he hopped over the table and began to advance back to where the big guy was groaning upon the floor. Ears laid back, mouth clenched - eyes starting to glow again.
  347. "Enough!" Hordak rumbled -- and the fight completely faded from the Force Captain's face. He turned on his heels and dropped his head in the Leader's persense.
  349. "S-sorry, Mmmmighty Hordak.. I got carried away."
  351. "I don't want your excuses -- the amusement of this has run out. Mantenna, Gorgona -- clean this mess up! Someone pick up that furry fool and the rest of you report to the cargo bay and start scrubbing down my vessel - just because we are not prone to attack the allies at this moment does not mean anyone is slacking." Hordak swiped his own plate to the floor as he stood up, cape swishing as he began to thud to the door. " .. and Mantenna?"
  353. The oddity swallowed and bit as he turned his head toward his Master. "Y-yes O powerful one?"
  355. "I expect your aim to be THAT impressive the next time we encounter one of those pesky rebels -- or else."
  357. "Of ..c-course, Mmmaster." Ehhhhh. He held his breath till Hordak and the rest of the horde filed out.
  359. PlumPumpkin:  It was a wonder the thin oddity could hold that much power to be able to knock someone the size of Grizzlor out it seemed, cold. And he still kept going. She wanted him  to keep going. Yes, she didn't like that he had fought for her but now, now it was a pleasure to watch. It was a form of payback that Gorgona would not have the power to unleash just yet. However, she was disappointed as Hordak called him off and scolded them. 
  361. The thought of protesting entered and left her mind just as quickly. She knew he was displeased. He was displeased that with her especially, she just knew it. She sighed, bowing her head and going to work cleaning up, picking up gruel covered plates and trays and crusts of bread. Mumbling under her breath. She should of just taken his 'welcome' and been done with it. The thought made her skin crawl. She looked over her shoulder where Mantenna stood  and made sure the master was gone before she spoke. 
  363. “You didn't have to do that...I would of handled it...” But thank you. Was what she should of added, but it caught in her throat.
  365. PlumPumpkin:  A grimace crossed her face as he slurped from the bowl. “This is what you usually eat?” The sloppy mess was making her sick to even think about cleaning it, never mind eating the stuff. Watching him over her shoulder as she piled plates onto trays to make it a bit easier to clean, she couldn't help but be amazed at how well he took everything. He didn't seem to mind his lot in life .She only wished she could be so accepting of her place. 
  367. “Do the rebels not attack much?” They weren't very good rebels if they weren't always on the attack. But then, you didn't want GOOD rebels when you were an invading force. She took the broom from him and started sweeping up what she couldn't salvage from the trays and plates. She picked up some bread that didn't appear to be trodden on, wrestling with it for a few moments before she could get a mouthful of the stuff.
  369. stun beam:  "Yes -- at least when I can't sneak off and catch sommmmething mmmore tasty." Or raid one of the villages. He wasn't a horrible hunter - the sharp teeth meant him to be a predator even if his small size negotiated that he'd probably have to look out for bigger ones. But that probably explained the odd colors. After all -- he did sting and it DID hurt. She had the right thought tho -- he DID seem okay with his current near-pathetic slice of life. He was goaded, abused and treated like a fool and yet he still kept upbeat and tried hard to please Hordak. One day he would get that reward!
  371. "Hordak owns almmmost all of this planet now -- the rebels are but a mere annoyance to himmm -- but I think mmmaybe soon he will come up with sommmething that will get rid of themmm once and for all -- Mmmaster is very smmart." He gave up the broom - given her a bit of an eye as she tried to eat the bread. A small blink and then he picked up the trays to take them to the kitchen. "... if you like -- I can show you where to get sommething better to eat."
  373. He tromped nearly out of the room with the load before turning to smirk at her, "...after we get this done."
  375. PlumPumpkin:  It wasn't a good bit of bread either, hard to chew, she could of broken a fang if she hadn't been careful. But it was food and her empty stomach was a bit grateful, though it craved meat. 
  377. “I used to hunt the mice at the Academy...when I would get in trouble. They don't...feed you when you get in trouble.”  And you could get in trouble for any number of things. She pushed the broom along, making a pile of broken dishes and some of the gruel, though the floor would need a mopping. Her ears perked up at the thought of better food. 
  379. “Of course...” but if he was going to help her get better food then, she tossed the crusty bread in her pile.
  381. stun beam:  A mopping? Hordak didn't run a hospital. Picking stuff up and scrubbing his precious 'vessels' were about as clean as it got in the Fright Zone. Mantenna had once been sent into the pit for dripping 'clean water all over Hordak's dirty floor'. Any excuse to send him down the trap door, one would imagine.
  383. The captain returned empty handed from the kitchen with a trash droid in tow. This would scoot over to the pile Gorgona had made and began sucking it up into its disgusting tubes. Once that was accomplished -- the just needed to put the chairs back where they belonged and they were finished. When they were -- Mantenna grinned with a few fangs hanging out of his mouth and rumbled pleased to himself, "That was kinda funn -- I don't usually have sommmeone to help mmmeee..."
  385. PlumPumpkin:  Well, usually there would be mopping and scrubbing of the floor until it shined. But, if she didn't have to do that here, she was fine with that. The piles cleaned and the room put back to rights she brushed her hands off and made sure none of the mess was now covering her. 
  387. “Well, this was more fun then cleaning at the academy. Usually we're there for hours. We're not allowed to use a droid.” This place was already looking better then that. Albeit it looked like she would never be able to please Hordak. No one was apparently good enough. 
  389. “Do you always end up cleaning up?”
  391. stun beam:  The only things that pleased Hordak was the misery of others, getting his own way ALL the time - and well conquering planets completely. He was, after all, a pretty good overlord in that sense. Tho he might of been a little linent with his crew. Of course, if he was too harsh and killed them - he'd have to retrain new recruits from the academy more often then needed.
  393. "I remmmemmber the academmy!" Mantenna nodded as he lead her out of the mess hall and into the hallway, but instead of heading toward the bay where everyone else is -- he made a couple sneaky glances in all directions and headed in the opposite direction, "I like it here better -- Heh.. commmon commmon -- lets go get sommmeething better to eat. Follow mmee."
  395. PlumPumpkin:  He didn't answer her question but she didn't seem to mind much, her thoughts on what if they get caught not cleaning and what kind of food he was going to get them. She followed without obvious questions, the promise of good food leading her on. 
  397. But after all, Hordak had never said they need to go to the hanger after they finished cleaning up the mess. Not that it wasn't implied...but food was a much better option at the moment. Especially if it was food away from everyone else. 
  399. “Was it the same?” Not that she had said much about her experience there, but from what she said he could assume.
  401. stun beam:  Mantenna's brain was often off someplace -- a quirk that go him in trouble more often then not. He'd laugh at the wrong time, not hear things despite the size of his ears, and often ask the most obvious of questions. Yet -- he was still alive in this place and had achieved an officer rank through the years -- so he had to be useful in some manner. He was sure Gorgona would do fine. She was evil! She could turn people to stone!
  403. "Pretty sure -- I got beat up a lot. I'mmm not really a very good fighter." He said again with that cheery-airheaded tone of voice as if it was no big deal. Mantenna didn't worry over much -- he was scared of many -- but only when actually in their presence. He led the snake-like girl down the hall and then to the doors that would lead them outside the fight zone. There was a couple droids standing near a few land-riders and the oddity approached them. "I ammm issuing a check up on the village of Ethador - open the doors and mmmark mmmy clearance."
  405. "Right way, Force Captain," The droid saluted him, "How many units do you require?"
  407. "A dozen."
  409. "Right away, sir."
  411. Mantenna grinned and the tips of his ears curled inward given him a delivish look, "Now it looks official - let's get in the transport."
  413. PlumPumpkin:  She nearly scuttered to hide when the droid came along but obviously Mantenna had done this often enough that it wasn't unusual. 
  415. “Are you sure Hordak won't find out?” Her eyes were wide, she wasn't so sure about this anymore. Maybe this was why he ended up in the pit so often. Because of things like these. Hordak was used to just punishing him and so he did for whatever reason. A fang slipped over her lip, running over the flesh nervously. 
  417. Though, she still followed, knowing full well she could get in trouble. Not only because he was a captain but because she was hungry.
  419. stun beam:  "No," he said nonchalantly - "But I'll take the blamme if he does -- like usual. If you don't want to you can stay here and I'll bring you sommmmething back to eat." Said as got into the driver's seat of the transport and began turning on the buttons. Twelve droids piled into the back of it, armed to the circuits with laser guns. "But I could just tell himmmm I heard news of a rebel attack and went to check it out. "
  421. PlumPumpkin:  She knew she should stay. But she wanted to see what the planet was like. She didn't want to wait until she was integrated into the horde. Besides, how would he know what she would like. She climbed into a seat next to him. 
  423. “I'm coming. It sounds like a plausible excuse, captain.” There she was calling him that again but she just didn't feel right calling a superior by his name. 
  425. “I wouldn't let you take all the blame..” Yes, he had lured her out with the promise of food but she was not brain dead. She could say no. But she didn't. She just buckled herself in and settled int for the ride.
  427. stun beam:  "I'll probably get it anyway -hehehe!" Goodness, he was atoned to his fate wasn't he? Perhaps he really was too much an idiot to worry about anything. He'd have made a decent good guy had he been programmed that way -- but doing as evil commanded was all he knew.  Well that and that he was hungry and there was always something better to eat.
  429. The transport headed out of the open doors and into the dying wasteland that surrounded the Fright Zone. For miles in every direction it was dead and dusty. Huge chucks of machinery and robots working in the smoldering heat. They would be shield from the elements by the vehicle as the continued along.
  431. Mantenna was relatively quiet as they traveled - and it was a good half hour before the scenery around then began to change from the decay to gradual signs of life with a forest up ahead. "We are entering Mmmmystacore -- While it is under horde control, it has not yet been assimmmilated as part of the Fright Zone."
  433. "Captain, we will be arriving in Ethador in 20 minutes -- do you wish me to call back to base and inform Hordak of our arrival?"
  435. "No," the oddity said casual, "We don't want to bother Mmmmaster Hordak - he's in a mmmood."
  437. PlumPumpkin:  She didn't like the idea that he was willing to take all the blame. Back at the academy people didn't just take the blame for nothing. They always ended up wanting a favor or they put it all on someone else anyway. But Mantenna was too stupid, or so he appeared, to be planning something like that. 
  439. The landscape wasn't exactly beautiful but then nothing that the horde controlled was. She found it interesting nonetheless and watched intently as they passed the wasteland. The forest however, was far more intriguing and pretty. She leaned back in her seat, legs crossed one over the other as they traveled, she too was silent but more lost in thought then Mantenna probably ever was. 
  441. She glanced at the droid but paid little mind other then the passing thought of, Master will be in a mood if he finds us gone.
  443. stun beam:  Being a creature of evil should of dictated he would betray her in the end -- as they all did. Who knows -- maybe he was going too. Tho it really didn't seem like something the captain would actually plan on. Mantenna, honestly -- didn't do a lot of long term wickedness. Most of his cunny and sly came when it was simply needed. (Like his belly being empty).
  445. They would reach the outskirts of the village and he brought the transport to a stop. Mantenna stood, hooked a spar laser pistol to his belt (tho it was usually unneeded, his eyes were better, but sometimes he DID run out of energy) and made his way toward the door. "Mmmake the usual rounds -- anyone seen disregarding Horde Rule is to be captured and sent off to the slave mmiines."
  447. "Yes, Force Captain!"
  449. As the exited the transport  - the village of Ethador was a small dark ages type gathering - little to know technology about them. Etheria was a magical place -- they knew nothing of robots or tanks till the Horde had shown up. The villagers themselves showed more respect to the presence of the two Horde members then anyone in the Fright Zone. They gasped and hurried back, mother's gathered their children and they didn't dare look. Mantenna grinned sharply to himself and nodded toward one of the inns. "While the droids do the rounds .. let's get sommmmething good to eat."
  451. PlumPumpkin:  Gorgona didn't grab a gun, she wasn't sure she was allowed, though this whole outing was behind Hordak's back. But she didn't want to accidentally shoot someone, namely, Mantenna. She kept in mind that a price may have to be paid for this trip. Whether the payment was due to Mantenna or Hordak was yet to be seen. 
  453. The girl followed him, nodding to his suggestion to go to the inn. 
  455. “I've never been any where sooo...primeval...odd...but...quaint in it's own way. The people are soo...boring...looking.” She would admit to some attraction to the oddness that was the Horde's aliens. Different colors, sharp teeth, all very interesting and never boring. But there people...they dull...
  457. stun beam:  "Hummmaaans are all the sammme. Soft -- and defenseless. Mmmost of them don't even have any sharp teeth. That's why they are so easy to mmmake slaves." Unless they were She-ra, that was. And a few of the rebels were kinda tough too. But most of the inhabitants of Etheria were weak and even a bumbling fool like Mantenna could intimidate them.
  459. He led her into the inn and fixed a determined and sly expression on his face. Eyes half lidded and ears back to convey a watchful and deviant air about him. None of  men and women inside dared to say anything even as he made his way to an empty table and dropped his thinnish lean form into one of the wooden seats.
  461. "Bring mmy partner and I sommmmething mmmeaty  and good to eat, scummm," He hissed out toward the barkeep, "And mmmake it quick or you'll end up shuffling rocks in the mmiines." A practiced threat - he at least knew how to act like he meant business.
  463. "R-right away, sir. P-please don't cause any trouble."
  465. PlumPumpkin:  “Most of them?” She wondered what the exception was. “Their sooo...pale. Don't they come in different colors? How do you tell them apart?” She hmmphed. It made no sense for a species to look that way. How was the male supposed to intrigue the female if he was all...blah colored? 
  467. Gorgona put on a haughty air as they walked into the Tavern. Her head up and shoulder back. Like someone who knew what they were doing, rather then someone who had no business being out here. But she glanced back to see the captain to make sure she was doing all right. She slide into her seat more like a snake. 
  469. “Come here often?” She gave a hissy laugh.
  471. stun beam:  "I don't really care to tell themmm apart as long as they do what the horde tells themmmm to do!"
  473. A human came by the table a few moments later with two plates of real meat, good bread and some fruit along with two mugs of ale and carefully placed them before each of the horde members. "Only when I'm really hungry," Mantenna cooed as he eyed the food.
  475. He'd give up conversation for stuffing his face after that. Teeth tearing into the meat and downing the ale between bites. It was too bad he couldn't read her mind about her thinking brighter colored males where a better choice -- he might of forgotten to eat them. He certainly was bright enough. Tho his colors were more derived from the nastiness of his sting.
  477. At first as he ate, he would occasionally look up and around to make sure the humans weren't doing anything funny - but as his meal progressed, he paid more attention to it and didn't notice a tall cloaked human male with a strange owl like bird with colorful ears on his shoulder entering the inn.
  479. PlumPumpkin:  A small smile appeared on her lips as he spoke. “They look rather useless otherwise.” They didn't seem to have any interesting defenses or offenses, so she took little notice of most of them. Children were something new, however and she gave one an odd look, it's mother dragging it out of sight immediately as she noticed it. She sat in silence, taking in the rest of the inn taking in all the strange sights and sounds and smells. The delicious smell of food reached her before she saw it and she dug into without much ado as well. 
  481. Gorgona as well didn't take notice of the man, she was too interested in trying out the different tastes and textures of things to care about looking around her. Her bites were dainty, though she could swallow things whole. She drank from her cup deeply sighing as the food rejuvenated her, that had been the problem. If she had just eaten she would have been able to keep that bear of a man in place longer then she had. Perhaps for as long as she wanted. 
  483. stun beam:  Well, maybe she'd get a second try with Grizzlor later. It wasn't like he wasn't going to try his stunt again -- that was a beastman who NEVER learned (tho Mantenna wasn't much better, he just wasn't in the business of pestering others for his own personal gain much, unless -- it was for food or to try to impress Hordak.) He finished off most of his plate and licked his lips clean, looking up to watch Gorgona eat. A smirk crossed his sharp mouth. "There are sommmme perks to being in the horde." He snickered as he raised that glass to his mouth.
  485. An arrow literally out of nowhere came whizzing through the tavern and turned Mantenna's cup into a strainer. The oddity yiked! and dropped the item letting it clatter to the table.
  487. "To the winner go the spoils -- unfortunately, you'll be loosing today, Monster!"
  489. Mantenna's chair clattered to the ground as he stood forcefully and whipped his head toward the one who'd dared interrupt there meal.
  491. The figure standing near the doorway threw back his cloak to reveal a moderately handsome face with a thin mustache, green eyes and short orange hair. Bow drew the drawstring back ready to fire another arrow. " I suggest you pay the tab and leave."
  493. PlumPumpkin:  An eek issued from her as the arrow made a hole in the cup and she immediately was under the table hiding. It wasn't that she was coward. It was that she had been caught off guard and without a plan. She was a plan type of gal. Of course it didn't take long for her to come up with at least a plan of action.  She crawled out from under the table and looked frightened up at Bow. She needed to get his undivided attention, if only for a moment. Her mind working. She could use her prettiness but would that work on a human? She couldn't sure. 
  495. Her pigtails peaked out from under the table before she didn't. She closed her eyes for a few moments, she would have to take him quickly, reserve all the power for one gaze. If one did not know what she was doing it could be construed as crying in fear. 
  497. She only hoped there was some form of odd looking creature on this planet so he would not immediately assume she was of the horde. 
  499. stun beam:  The second arrow made the Force Captain leap out of the way as it buried into the wall next to this head. "Rebel!" Mantenna hissed as he straightened back up and his eyes began to glow. "You won't be so mouthy when you're unconscious." He fired a beam at the human -- but Bow jumped out of the way.
  501. This happened several times. Mantenna would jerked around to face the rebel attempt to stun him but Bow would simply leap out of the way/jump/summersault and he would miss. And it wasn't too long before the Horde  Captain was staggering and tripping over his own feet till he finally actually did fall on his face -- right at Gorgona's feet.
  503. "Ha! You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn - I'm ending your reign of terror, Hordesman!" Bow said as he drew another arrow.
  505. Mantenna groaned and looked up seeing Gorgona there looking very cute and with her eyes very wide -- and early in the mess hall clicked. A small grin and he coiled up and around her, arms going around her waist and shoulders to put her in front of  him. For a moment, it would probably seem like he was betraying her for his own life, the emergency gun pressed into her neck. "Not so fast rebel -- mmmake another mmmove and this pretty little thing gets it."
  507. "Hammm it up," He whispered, only loud enough for Gorgona to hear.
  509. PlumPumpkin:  The energy was all there, she had but to will it onto her victim and he would be frozen for as long as she said so. She knew it in her gut. She had to trust the power to work and it would. OH it would. She noticed the captain getting weak from his firing, he shouldn't aim so willy nilly but he had and now he was down to his gun and down on the ground. 
  511. At first, it did seem he was betraying her, but, this had been the plan. She let the panicked look stay on her face, struggling against him. 
  513. “Stop...oh no...please...” Her eyes glowed but she looked so sweet and helpless, limply struggling as if she didn't have an strength at all. Her tentacles were even relaxed, not giving the slightest hint what they could actually do.
  515. stun beam:  Well, he had stated he wasn't exactly a good fire -- and Hordak had meant something when he'd said he'd better AIM like he had when he'd been protecting Gorgona. He was not built of energy -- it would eventually run out. Mantenna worked better against foes who did not fight him, or got too close to dodge.
  517. A few of the humans in the tavern tried to make warning noises to Bow, as they knew the female was with the Captain, but where too afraid to actually say anything. Mantenna kept his tight grip on her, she'd no doubt feel his heart racing a mile a minute in his chest. "Drop your weapon, scrummm."
  519. "Look whose talking, taking an innocent girl hostage -- you're a coward, Mantenna!" Bow did lower his weapon, but did not drop it -- he narrowed his eyes and began to step closer to the other too, his gaze finally turning fully on the little female, "Don't worry miss -- I'm going to get you out of this safely, the Rebellion is with you!"
  521. PlumPumpkin:  The beat of his heart in his chest against her bare back made her's thud oddly for a moment. But she had to keep her mind on the goal. Get this rebellious scrum. For Hordak, for the horde. To prove herself. They would surely be rewarded, even if they had been out here without orders. If they captured this one, it was one for their side. Soon they would all join them. Especially if they were all this silly and trusting. The towns people were smarter, they knew the score. 
  523. “Not yet, but you soon all shall be with us....” She gave a fangy smirk and focused the power into him. The result was immediate. Turning the man to stone instantly. It took her a few moments before she actually trusted that it had work. She stood there frozen in Mantenna's arms.
  525. “It worked...I think it actually worked...” She gave a laugh.
  527. stun beam:  The moment she gave Bow that toothy grin -- the rebel knew he'd been tricked. Of course, he didn't really have time to act as he was instantly frozen a moment later.
  529. Mantenna blinked behind the small female at the stoned rebel -- but didn't immediately drop his arms from around her. "Ehehehehehe! One look into your pretty eyes and he was stone cold in love, Eheheheehe!" He would finally let her go to step aside -- still staggering slightly from the loss of energy, and raised his arm to talk into the communicator there, "All units report to the inn with restraints, immmmediately."
  531. Grinning, Mantenna turned back to Gorgona and smiled birghtly at her, "Mmmaster is going to be so pleased -- first time out and you bag one of the rebel leaders -- very very good job!"
  533. The robots began to file in, overturning tables and pushing the rest of the humans back as the came to tie up the rebel and get him ready for transport. Mantenna put his gun away and began to head for the door, "How long will he stay like that?" 
  535. PlumPumpkin:  She couldn't remember the last time she had been so pleased, so exhilarated. She found she didn't even mind him holding her. It was just an added bonus due to her giddy mood. 
  537. “He'll stay that way...” Her voice a deadly purr. “Until I choose to free him...” Her eyes glowed and she turned away from the man. “At least that's how it should work.” Her normal voice coming back into play. The snake like woman was even more pleased when he complimented her. It meant she really had done good. 
  539. “And this isn't even an official mission. Just wait till we're out on an actual mission. They won't stand a chance.”
  541. stun beam:  Mantenna was too impressed to bother with the truth that they'd probably just gotten lucky. He'd captured rebels before -- but rarely actually got them back to the Fright Zone before She-ra showed up -- that meant. O -- they needed to leave now.
  543. "Guess we'll have to wait and see -- better hurry."
  545. Instead of waiting for her to catch up to him, he reached out and grabbed her hand lightly and ran toward the transport where they were loading they rebel into it. He jumped inside and behind the  controls, "I want all but two units to remmmain behind and begin the round up of every hummman in the villiage for transport to the mmmines -- I want no one around to tell the rest of the rebels what has become of this one.. Go!"
  547. "Yes Captain!" The robots replied and marched out with guns drawn.
  549. "To bad -- I liked the food here -- but security of our prisoner is mmmore immmportant.. just wait till we show Hordak what you've done!" Mantenna grinned at her again and started up the transport to get the hell back to the Fright Zone.
  551. PlumPumpkin:  OH, good feeling gone. They would have to rush now. Someone in the village might be a spy. That may be how this one had ended up here in the first place. She ran along with him back to the transport. She nodded her understanding to Mantenna. 
  553. “Please let this go right...”  She needed something to go right today. She needed to be accepted. She nearly prayed for it but she didn't want to embarrass herself, not after she had done so well. 
  555. “You make a very good captain, Captain.”  After all, if he hadn't understood what her plan was it would of all fallen apart just as quickly as it had began.
  557. stun beam:  Which was pretty rare for him as it was -- usually things went to shit as fast as they could. Mantenna tended to fail a lot more then he succeeded, which is why her statement of him being a good captain got a ironic chuckle out of him as they sped along toward the Fright Zone. "Too bad Mmmaster Hordak doesn't think the sammme -- and stop calling mmmeee Captain, pffft."
  559. He eyed there catch wedged between the two droids in the back, the look of betrayal on Bow's face was very very pleasing. It was good to know that the smallest and less dangerous looking of the Horde could succeed where the biggest and meanest failed. He glanced then over at Gorgona and lost his train of though for a moment. She was... very pretty. ... Whoops! Almost hit a tree there -- he'd better concentrate on driving!
  561. -
  563. By the time they made it back to the base, Hordak had already been alerted that they were bringing in something special for him. Over the intercom the Master had snorted his rage for them doing rounds without his say so - but to bring in the 'present' anyway.
  565. The droids would follow a few yards behind Mantenna and Gorgona as they entered the throne room. Hordak sat upon his throne looking as grumpy as ever.
  567. "There you are!! This had better be good or you idiots are going to suffer!!"
  569. PlumPumpkin:  “I can't call you by name,  it's against my principles.”  Apprehension bit into her now. The chemicals from all the happy were wearing and now she could only help but fear what might happen now. What if he unfroze now? Would the restraints be enough to hold him? Did she have enough power to do it again? She doubted the last part. She noticed the swerve in their ride and glanced at Mantenna but didn't say anything about it. He was probably having the same thoughts, the same distractions. 
  572. As they walked into the throne room she couldn't help a gulp of fear. What if this man wasn't enough to get them out of trouble? She hoped to horde prime he was. She needed this to work out right. She waited for Mantenna to speak. It was not her place to speak to Hordak unless spoken to. And she was pretty sure this was a case of not to speak lest she be too nervous to say what happened.
  574. stun beam:  If the Captain had any fears in his mind at the moment -- he went about approaching Hordak in his usually titter-tottering manner, slightly bashful but with the innocent stupid air about him, "G-greetings Mmmaster! We have commmme with a present."
  576. "And what is that, Mantenna?" Hordak said darkly.
  578. The minion stepped to the side as the droids brought in the stoned Rebel Leader. Upon seeing him, Hordak's red inferno eyes lit up in an evil glee and he grinned nastily  before laughing, "Well - THIS is a  turn of events. That pestering Bow mine at last -- it isn't She-ra but it's a start. How did you IDIOTS manage THIS?"
  580. Mantenna broke out into uncalled for giggling before turning and pointing at Gorgona, "She did it Mmmmaster -- she turned himmm into stone."
  582. Hordak turned his gaze to the snake-like female and leaned forward on his throne, "Sooo I am to understand that the same pitiful display I say in the mess hall earlier today was only a bluff? Explain yourself, wench!"
  584. PlumPumpkin:  A smile perked at her lips as he looked on pleased for that brief moment and then he called them idiots again and her shoulders slumped and to add insult to injury he called her a wench. She frowned folding her hands in front of her, more subdued then Mantenna. This was not the way it was supposed to be. 
  586. ”...I didn't have enough magic this morning...” It was sort of a reason. But probably not a good enough one. Not for the master. Nothing would be good enough, this she was finding out fast. 
  588. “But...we got this one. Trapped him. Mantenna had a good plan.” She wouldn't take all the credit. It wasn't in her nature to do so though, it should have been.
  590. stun beam:  "Not enough magic -- so you somehow managed to store up magic?" Hordak eyed her.
  592. "It's true Mmmaster! And wow -- she was very very crafty - Just needed sommmeone to distract the rebel so that she could turn himmm to stone."
  594. "Well, you're right in one case, Mantenna -- she did capture him -- that's a lot more then MOST of you boobs have done." Hordak settled back in his throne, snorted before nodding at Gorgona. "Very well - I am pleased with your performance, Gorgona - tho I do have onnnnneeeee more question.." Hordak tilted his head with a smirk upon his evil looking face, "Whose idea was it to go off in one of my transports?"
  596. Without missing a beat, and with a cheery voice -- the poor idiot raised his hand, "Mmme! It was mmmee Mmmmaster!"
  598. "That's all I needed to know." And WHAM! Down his hand went on his armrest, slamming on the button. Mantenna looked down at his feet only to realized, that out of habit, he was standing on the trapdoor -- and well. SPLASH!
  600. Hordak's shoulders shook with laughter. He then pulled out a bag of silver and threw it at the Snake-girls feet. "Have the droids take that rebel to the dungeon. I want a full alert lock down -- no doubt that pesky She-ra will be attempting to rescue him. Go!"
  602. PlumPumpkin:  “I...recuperated. Teleportation takes a lot out on me...” It could be true, but more then likely she just hadn't been focusing. She was about to protest that it had been both of them. But down he went as usual. The snake girl knew that he would be fine. That this happened to him everyday apparently. NO matter what he did. But he had helped and her deserved some kind of reward. She pouted down at the floor and took up the bag of silver, bowing graciously. 
  604. “Thank you, Master.”  She tried to sound as grateful as possible. She turned to look at the door he usually came out of as she slipped off with her bag. Best not to stay too long in the master's presence.
  606. She made her way back to the lift that would lead her to her room.  
  609. stun beam:  Despite the Force Captain's attempt to cover up their tracks -- it would only take the Rebel Rebellion half the day before She-ra and a few others launched an attack on the Fright Zone to rescue their stoned companion. They'd brought en along their own witch in hopes of reversing the snake-girls gaze spell.
  611. It went -- as these things normally did. The Horde went on red alert, droids AND personal were sent to intercept, stop and try to capture them all, but like usual -- She-ra, with all her golden hair, short skirts and butch like muscles was a little too strong for them. Nearly everyone who attempted to attack the 'Princess of Power' was giving a lump they'd remember her by. Even Hordak was tossed through one of his own walls. By the time it was over, there were a lot of repairs, no rebels to show for it and nearly everyone was in a cranky mood. Hordak, so much so -- he'd fired his arm canon at just about everyone before retiring to his quarters for the evening after snarling for repair driods to get to work on the damage.
  613. Everyone sulked off in different directions -- all save for Mantenna. The oddity had attempted to stun She-ra several times during the attack and she'd finally just snatched him by his neck and thrown him out a window. He's received a good thunk to the head, but considering he was so brain scattered already -- it hadn't really seemed to bother him.
  615. With the action of the day over, the Force Captain was currently making his was out of the lift to the barrack floor, rubbing idle at the  back of his head and humming to himself.
  617. PlumPumpkin:  Gorgona was not used to this sort of battle. It was unorganized and messy. This was not how a horde operated. She had gotten a bruised wrist and a sprained ankle for her trouble and an irritable attitude. Her great triumph had been ruined thanks to a blond bitch in gold. And now they would all know what she looked like. The plan ruined forever because of poor defense she was nearly rattling. 
  619. At least she had still gotten her reward. She meant to split it with Mantenna as soon as she saw him again. But with the battle and such she just hadn't. 
  621. So it was by chance that when she was making her way to her room she noticed a glimpse of red and blue behind her and stopped in her tracks.
  623. stun beam:  Well -- most Horde camps didn't have an overpowered muscle-bond female to get in the way. Talk to Skeletor on Eternia -- he'd tell you the same woes. Damn blond power twins! Needless, wither they won or failed didn't really matter to Mantenna -- his life stayed relatively the same. The fact that Hordak had NOT sent him down the pit after their failure was grounds enough for this to be a decent evening. (Head bump and canon-singed tail asides)
  625. He was about to head right into his dark room when he spotted the little snake-female ahead of him and vered his course to step up to her. A dopey grin appeared on his face as he tromped up to her side, eyes brightening. He enjoyed Gorgona -- not only because she was pretty, but because she was slightly smaller then he was -- and he wasn't use to that. Only Imp was smaller -- and imp was waaaaaay smaller -- so it didn't really count.
  627. "There you goooo --" He chuckled a little as he moved around so that they could face each other, Mantenna tilted his head in an amused way as he spoke, "That was She-ra -- now you see why she bothers Mmmaster Hordak so mmmmuch. He was very very mmmad about what happen -- it was a shammmeee your good work was wasted like that."
  629. PlumPumpkin:  The words she wanted to say were on the tip of her tongue but the moment she had stopped her had practically pounced on her. She froze up, trying to give a smile. 
  631. “Yes...well...I will be very surprised if they can reverse it...” She scoffed. That witch didn't look very capable. But yes, they had failed. And it was a wonder she hadn't been thrown in the pit yet. 
  633. “I meant to...split the reward with you...” She cleared her throat, trying to get over her nervousness at him being so close. Her eyes cast down on the floor but her damn tentacles were being all touchy feely and reaching out to touch the furry thing once more.
  635. stun beam:  "OOoo they had that witch with themmmm -- she's usually really bad at mmmagic, but she can do weird things.." Mantenna got lost in thought for a second thinking about The Razz - she was kinda old, but she was very interesting! Blinking he shook himself back into reality when he suddenly felt one of her tentacles touching his arm again -- and her murmurs about splitting the reward.
  636. "Mmmm wha?" His ears stood straight up and he looked at her shocked, "Why would you doo that? You earned it!" The idea of ANY ONE sharing something in the horde must have been absolutely ludicrous and unheard of. Mantenna finally just waved it off, leaning down a bit to get eye to eye with her - and he smirked, "I don't need it -- you were the impressive one. That Bow mmmman didn't know what had hit himmm -- never immmagine sommmeone so pretty could be so evil."
  638. His compliments were rather random - but he meant well by them. Besides, she was cute! He liked talking to her. Most of the other females -- er ALL of the other females in the base usually wouldn't give him the time of day unless they were trying to get something out of him -- or feeling a bit sadistic. Apparently he was fun to torture. Kept coming on back for it! Stupid.
  640. PlumPumpkin:  “But you helped...he would of never thought I was a hostage if you hadn't done deserve some of it as well. Besides what would I do with it.” She wasn't used to reward anyway. She pulled the offending limb away and blushed as he mentioned her prettiness. 
  642. “Don't say only works for that purpose and's useless now. It's over rated anyway. Your much more useful. I mean, that eye trick can be very handy, especially if you were trapped in close range. You could probably take a persons head off.” There was an uncomfortable nervous giggle.
  644. stun beam:  "You know, I've never gotten a reward before mmmyself so I wouldn't knowww -- you could buy off things from the others mmmaybe or order sommmething neat from Horde Primmme." He blinked as he tentacle moved away -- the items made him curious -- like how she moved them separate of her body.
  646. When she doubted her self -- Mantenna snorted in amusement, "PPPpppppppfffft! It just mmmeans you're gonna have to be sneaky -- if you want we'll just work as a teammmm -- I'll stun emmm, grab emmm.." To illustrate the point, the captain grabbed her lightly with his gloved hands -- placing them on her shoulders and pushed his face millimeters from hers - Big yellow eyes flashing for a second as he continued -- "Then you stare at emm with your pretty pretty stare then STONE!" He grinned -- probably way to close for comfort.
  648. "Rowr -- get a rrrrooom," Catra hissed as she walked out of the lift and headed for her own door. Mantenna pulled back to stare at the other female in confusion.
  650. "We have roommmss.."
  652. PlumPumpkin:  “I suppose I could...” She wondered what she could get. But she would worry about it later. Right now her worries were focused on his face as he inched closer. Her blush only deepened as he put his hands on her, re-enforcing her ego. She nodded as he spoke.  She didn't have much experience with men, most of her time at the academy had been spent studying and nothing more. So she wasn't completely sure if he was coming onto her or if he was just being friendly. 
  654. “It sounds like a good plan, captain...” He was so close now, so close she could feel the heat coming off his mouth, her lips opened for a moment and then closed again unable to think of further reply at the moment. In fact she stood there staring into those round yellow eyes until Catra made one of her ungodly noises and shook her out of it. She grimaced at the woman and looked back down at the floor. 
  656. “Yes...we have our rooms...right...should go to bed....”
  658. stun beam:  As the feline bitch disappeared back into her room - the captain swiveled his face back toward Gorgona's, to not as close as he was before -- and he still hadn't taken his arms away from her shoulders. He studied her without blinking as she was blushing and looking down at their feet -- what was so interesting down there? A quick look and his eyes were back up just in time to catch her statement.
  660. "I'mmm not sleepy," Mantenna said matter-of-factly once more not getting the hint that she was attempting to end their time together. Hell, he was enjoying it. It was probably mostly that she actually attempt to be friendly to him -- but then again, there was the little known fact that she was very pretty -- and he liked being near her.
  662. He turned to look at his own door as if thinking and then suddenly was looping an arm around her shoulder -- cheek to cheek as he pointed at it, "I knowww, you want to see mmmy roommmm? I got a pile of fabrics I've been collecting -- there's a pink one I bet you'd like to seee.." He made a move to attempt to walk her toward it and then stopped and chuckled, slapping his own face with his free hand.
  664. "O -- can you see in the dark?"
  668. PlumPumpkin:  Once Catra was gone she was sure Mantenna would let her go and be on his way, however, he didn't seem to move. He moved his face away from her's but his hands stayed put. She looked up as he did and wondered why he had bothered looking down. But it was Mantenna and he was a little off anyway.
  670. The moment he looped arms with her, however she began to panic. He didn't get hints, she realized. It would take a frying pan for him to get a hint. But she allowed herself to be dragged anyway. She wasn't used to someone being so nice to her. And she enjoyed the feeling of being wanted, even if it wasn't from the master. 
  672. “Oh...well...ummm all right I guess..” She stuttered out. “I can a bit...” She was fumbling to think for a moment, why was she fumbling, but her tentacles had realized what might be happening even if the girl was totally clueless and laid in wait for the perfect opportunity.
  674. stun beam:  "Goood -- Because well, I don't have a light!" Said as if it was a natural thing to not have any lighting in your room. Truth be told, he actually saw better in the dark. Those giant eyes were obviously made for it. He walked Gorgona to his door and finally dropped his arm so that he could punch in the code and the door slid open to the darkness. He grinned over his shoulder at her as he disappeared into it.
  676. Once inside -- his room was just like hers, except DARK and well, slightly more lived in. He had an unmade bed, a desk piled with scraps of material. Closet full of weapons and armor and well -- showerroom (which was cleaner then anything else). She would also find out that in the absence of light -- those big eyes glowed on their own -- casting a eerie white shine about them.
  678. "Yeah it's not that exciting I know -- Never show anyone tho -- no one cares, " He was making small talk. While Mantenna was slow at times -- he knew why he had invited her in here -- he was hoping for at the very least to get  to touch her a bit. At least a cuddle! He wasn't Grizzlor. There was some tact about him.
  680. PlumPumpkin:  His tact was at least working, she was in his room and she wasn't the least bit sure why exactly she was there. She could see bits, her eyes glowing as she had to use a bit of power to be able to see much more then shadows.
  682. “You certainly have a lot of stuff...I suppose that's what happens when in a place for years...” She had never been any where long enough to accumulate items. She had a few things, clothes and some books but most of those were for practical uses. 
  684. She assume Mantenna didn't use the cloth he had stored. He merely liked it.
  686. stun beam:  The oddity had never been one for books. He read well enough to understand issue orders and the likes -- but stories and poems were lost on him. When you existed only to do other's biddings -- simple pleasures were put on the back burning. But he DID like clothe. Often stolen from villages and rebels. The door was shut now (SHE WAS TRAPPED OH NO! -- wait) and Mantenna moved toward the desk to sort through the pile till he found the clothe he was looking for. It was a pink shawl of some sorts. Boots clicked on floor as he approached her -- glowing eyes half lidded in the dark, and he rumbled "You seemm to like this color -- so very very pretty just like you."
  688. Gloved hands found hers with ease in the blackness and he placed the item into them.
  690. PlumPumpkin:  Gorgona spent a lot of time alone, so books were a natural distraction, she didn't have much else to think about. This made her smart and yet unable to let others know. Smart wasn't exactly a thing that the horde looked for in it's members. She took the fabric and looked over it nodding. 
  692. “It's very nice. You like...umm...pretty things?” Well, duh, he said it enough and he bothered talking to you. Why else would he? Not that it bothered her. No one had ever noticed her much before. So it was all right that he only liked that she was pretty. It's not as if he had a complicated thought process anyway. 
  694. The tentacles saw their chance coming, just a little bit more and they would have their moment.
  696. stun beam:  No, smart certainly wasn't something you needed to be in the Evil Horde. Just had to be just weird enough, evil and have a certain power. Mantenna -- was evil - tho it seemed simply learned. He wasn't so evil that he would of shoved this female down on the ground and had his way with her -- but there was a bit of Sneakiness going on. He only hoped she wouldn't get scared and run away.
  698. "Oh yes -- I adore pretty things..." Mantenna murred and smiled in the dark -- his white teeth glowing thanks to the reflection of light off his eyes. Sharp and wet. His three fingers hands trailed up her arms back to her shoulders as he swaggered forward, still making that sly and seductive sounding rumbling in his throat. Mantenna was no Casanova -- but he'd lived among monsters and perverts alike long enough to know the simplistics of trying to entice a partner.
  700. Those eyes would get very close to hers again -- "I think you're really really hot." He purred and attempted to lick her nose. At this point there was only a couple things that could happen in Mantenna's mind. One: She'd scream. Two: She'd accept it -- or Three: She'd uh.. turn him to stone. Either way, he was gonna to try.
  702. PlumPumpkin:  Yes, there was always the option of turning him to stone for all of this. However, that thought didn't cross her mind. What did cross her mind was that he looked awfully hot with those sharp teeth glowing in the darkness. She blushed at her attraction, how it settled warm in her hips for a few moments, startling her. 
  704. He didn't pull away as he licked at her, letting it happen, her eyes wide, having no idea how to react, her hands still clutching the scarf he had handed her. 
  706. Her tentacles, luckily knew exactly what to do and slipped from her shoulders, one curving up to wrap around his shoulders, forcing him closer, strong in a way she wasn't and the other dropped to wrap around his waist and drift over his lower half.
  708. stun beam:  The blue n red beastie wasn't exactly anyone's prince charming -- but in a mix of madmen and monsters -- wasn't horrible looking. As slinky and sly as any little minion (and didn't smell nearly as bad as Grizzlor thanks to Hordak's impromptu pit-baths on a daily bases) The rumbling turned into a confused squeak when those tentacles wrapped and jarred him closer, but only for a few blinks of an eye. The male took it as acceptance to his advances and growled in wanton approval. Yay!
  710. Lightly muscled arms proceeded to wrap around her curvy torso and he pushed her till her back hit the metallic wall. He was fuzzy and warm and wormed as close as their clothing would allow. Enthralled as their chests touched. O he was feeling pretty damn triumphant and his ears tipped sly-wise as he cocked his face to press hot furry lips against hers. He at least kept the brute force out of it -- tho romance was loss on him. How they would kiss with mouths full of fangs was a dangerous experiment in waiting.
  712. PlumPumpkin:  It was a wonder no one ended up with a cut lip. Or would be a wonder once they were done. She didn't exactly know what was going on, but her tentacles were trying to send a message. Apparently they were bored and needed distraction other then her and books. She shivered a moment as the cool metal touched her bare back, though not entirely from the sudden cold. The attraction, the heavy scent of him in this room was getting to her. Her senses had always been sensitive and she could nearly smell the arousal. 
  714. The tip of her tentacle around his waist dipped across the front of his loincloth, brushing against the growing hardness it found there. Her arms came up around his shoulders making her other tentacle drop lower as her hands busied themselves along his neck and ears, feeling along the thin muscles in his shoulders and up delicate ears. 
  716. Her tentacle that was not occupied at the moment dipped to stroke the curve of his ass. 
  718. stun beam:  Gorgona's tentacles were a little new to the blue and red oddity -- but he couldn't say he didn't enjoy their enthusiasm. Especially when one coiled against the growing erection hiding under the loincloth there. A moderate size and still swelling -- "Nnggmmmmmm...." Mantenna purred as he dragged his tongue along the ridges of her own sharp teeth and then against the fork of her tongue. Kissing someone with a fork tongue certainly was a new experience.
  720. There was defiantly a heavy musk starting to fill the room as they continued to make out. Since she was already getting more then a little bold with his body, the Captain did not ween off his own touching. Hands slid down the curve of her hips around to her plump backside and squeezed at her asscheeks. She was very sexy -- and it was hard to believe he'd manage to get her in here! Mantenna was usually too dopey for the girls in the Fright Zone, he usually had to settle for the other monstrosities around.
  722. Spit dripped as he groaned and pulled his mouth back to gasp for air, ears flickering against her fingers. Those glowing eyes lidded smugly, lust-triumphant in the dark, "Mmmm you're a delicious little thing -- I think we're going to have a lot of fun."
  724. PlumPumpkin:  Her forked tongue was quick to it's job as well, twining the tips around his, tasting him, she couldn't help but rub up against him feeling his hardness and her own tentacle, which was now up under the material twining around the that growing erection, stroking it. 
  726. She gave a slight gasp for air as well when he pulled away, sweat already dewing on her forehead and chest. She swallowed allowing a good deal of his saliva to go down her throat. 
  728. “Yes...” She groaned out. She had no idea why she suddenly felt this way but, she couldn't help it, Her hands were now kneading into his fur, keeping him close. The tip of the tentacle at his ass was getting as explorative as the one at his front.
  730. stun beam:  Yee!!! Touchy tentacles were very ... touchy. The one coiling around his dick was being so forward he wasn't paying so much attention to the one slithering against that fuzzy backend of his (tho the blue bunny tail did twitch a bit) The Force Captain growled in wanton and pressed her harder against the wall in anticipation. There was a no holds bar now, his gloved hands left her ass to travel up her front and over her chest going to pull the material down off her tits to expose them.
  732. With a purr he dipped his face down to drag his tongue across her sternum to catch the sweat that was beading there - lapping hotly as he continued along. Eyes glowed brighter as he leaned a bit to try and get his mouth around one of her boobs -- he was being utterly naughty and not caring one bit. She'd made no protest, she was into it! They were bad guys! They didn't need to be so PC with such things as attraction. Sharp teeth gazed a sensitive nipple before he wrapped his mouth and sucked happily.
  734. PlumPumpkin:  Those tentacles were more forward then she herself was. The tentacle at his ass was now trying to find a way into those pants to rub up even closer. Her hands were even getting more forward then her, sliding over his shoulders, down to the hem of his shirt to pull it up so she could feel his furriness against her supple flesh. 
  736. Of course, it seemed he had the same idea as he stripped the top part of her outfit down and dipped to lick and drive his tongue against the flesh there. She gasped as his both found her breast, her power to see in the dark waning a bit, her eyes dimming. She felt wet simply from the excitement of not being able to see what exactly was going on.
  738. stun beam:  At least in the dark she wouldn't be subjected to his obnoxious fur pattern. While it served it's purpose, was not exactly the most attractive colors. (Unless you really liked bright red and blue) He snickered as her hands pushed his shirt out of the way and tickled along the fur on his back. Foreplay -- honestly, wasn't exactly something he managed a lot of -- and he was enjoying playing with her. O they could get to the good part in a bit -- and with the sudden scent of moisture and arousal now circling from here -- maybe sooner or later.
  740. The tentacle trying to ween in between fabric and fur was also tickling him a bit and he chuckled around the ample fullness in his mouth, drooling. She was going to either get him so worked up he'd be wiggling all over her -- or at this rate, reduce him to rolling on the ground laughing. Maybe they should get more comfortable...
  742. Mantenna pulled his mouth back so he could reach around her and heave her up into his arms (Sexy indeed -- but he DID almost fall over backwards once or twice) and over a shoulder. "O I like you --- " He murred as he carried her over to the bed and attempted to dislodge the clinginess to put her upon it.
  744. PlumPumpkin:  The darkness was a villains friend after all. And while she wasn't opposed to his pattern she was happy for the darkness as it hid what she considered her own oddness. She had made out with men before but going further then that had been difficult. Especially when your tentacles were as pushy as her's were. The tentacle at his cock let go before it did too much and made a mess before they even got anywhere and was now helping the other one find a way INTO the pants. 
  746. And they weren't about to let go, even if he wanted them too.
  748. And unfortunately for Mantenna, she wasn't paying much attention to what they were doing. She was just enjoying being close to someone. She smirked in the darkness. 
  750. “I'm glad , captain.” Of course the way she said it this time wasn't in the stoic way she usually did, but more sultry, as if it were some naughty trigger word.
  752. stun beam:  See now, he was going for as sexy toss her on the bed -- but seeing how he had not one -- but two tentacles attached to his ass -- he rather failed at it. He tossed her with a light flump ..
  754. .. and then tripped into the bed due to the tug; landing face first between her breast with a muffled yelp on top of her. This only soothed over by her sultry play of his rank. "Glad you agreeee.." He snort-chuckled and licked the divot between then between them before sitting up long enough to pull his shirt off completely and toss it.
  756. Hips were wiggled to the tickle of her tentacles -- but he wasn't quite ready to get his own lion cloth and under shorts off (the belt must of been what was giving them the slip) He figured she was just impatient to get to the humping. Couldn't blame her -- the fucking was the reaaaaal fun part. But first, she was in a state of dress that needed to be undress. Gloved fingers gripped clothe and he began to tug the dress up toward her head in an effort to get it off.
  758. PlumPumpkin:  She had never meant to make him fall but her tentacles weren't exactly helpful right at this moment. There was a tiny oomph from her as she fell an a eek as he fell on top of her. 
  760. “Are you all right....” But obviously he was fine as he began licking again and she trembled under his touch. She made a pretty little sight, hair mussed from the wall tussle her lips pouty from the kissing, she was lucky she couldn't see in the dark, otherwise she would be thoroughly embarrassed. 
  762. The tentacles WERE having trouble with that belt nonsense. It would have to go eventually. The were now curling down the crack of his ass, to the perineum, stroking along that sensitive strip of flesh even through his pants.
  764. stun beam:  Embarrassing or not, he could see -- and yes, he thought she looked just fine -- in fact she looked delicious -- he could eat her up (or out) -- honestly anything at this point. Her dress tossed -- he now had a naked, tusselled little snake-girl in his bed (and he wasn't even worried that it was a mess) and those see-in-the-dark eyes took full advantage. "Niiicceeee..." Mantenna hissed, pulling off his gloves so that he could trail his furry fingers down her naval towards her ...
  766. It was about then those tentacles got sneaky along the underside of his dick and he flopped down on his face again between her tits with a moan, tail wiggling at the sensation. Mantenna groaned and rolled his face so that he could narrow his eyes at her in amusement and smirk those sharp fangs, "Immmpatient..little thing aren't you? Ok .. ok!" He snorted hotly into her sternum and reached down with his hands to unclick the heavy metal utility belt from around his waist and let it slid onto the bed.
  768. PlumPumpkin:  “It's not me...their...their...bad...” She said the last word softly. It was a very bad idea for him to give in to their impatience, very bad indeed. But he seemed to be enjoying their naughtiness anyway, but she still felt sort of bad for what they were about to do. 
  770. And bad they got. As they delighted as the waist band of his pants became accessible with the dropping of that belt. They wrangled the pants off him to get at the soft fur of his body. Luckily for him they both didn't decide to caress the crack with more gusto. The single digit that had been doing it first was there alone the other slipping around his waist to keep him close. The tip of the one at his ass was now playing with it, drifting over his taint, tauntingly. 
  772. “They...don't listen to me when we get this excited...” brought her hands up to his face so she could pull him into another kiss.
  774. stun beam:  Having someone take your pants off without the use of their hands was a little strange -- but Mantenna was not about to be bothered off of his catch because she had a couple of friendly friendly attachments -- Tho the sudden slither and caressed between those fuzzy cheeks and down along his taint made him shiver as she pulled him into a kiss.
  776. " least they like mmme..." Mantenna purred against her lips before taking them again. Tongues met and he kissed her roughly. Hands trailed the tentacle holding around his waist for a moment before deciding they were harmless for the most part and went back to what he'd previously been seeking to do. One hand slid to the apex of her thighs and dipped down into the wetness between them to coil those fingers into her wet cunt.
  778. The Captain's chest rumbled excited as the moisture dampened his fur and wiggled them, trying to see what sort of action he could produce out of her.
  780. PlumPumpkin:  The tentacle around his waist tightened as his fingers slid into her. She bucked under the attention right into his grasp, a slight gasp that turned into a hiss of pleasure escaped her. Her hands dipped back down his shoulders and the finger nails buried in the fur there to get a grip even though her tentacles were doing a fine job of that. 
  782. She was a tight fit anyway, inexperienced (though lets face it, if you had tentacles you would use them for things other then reaching) but she had never had another person do such things to her and it caused  her to tighten up as he wiggled those digits. 
  784. The extension on his ass was now contemplating how to go about this and was sending the signal to her that it would like to have some help and if not this was going to be rough. It got her permission and so it trailed back up to her sex where his fingers were playing, making everything an even wetter mess and soaked up some of the juices becoming slick as it did so.
  786. stun beam:  The male hissed in pleasure himself as her nails dug into his back a bit. He didn't mind a little pain -- in fact, generally use to it. O baddies and their explicit sexings! Slim fingers were pushed into her wet tight heat flexing to explore and tease her as he toyed with her tongue and trailed her tip. This really was making a generally good day already better (Yes, even with the defeat and dumping into the pit -- this was a really good day for Mantenna) She felt tight around his digits and that only made his dick throb. He was defiantly not a virgin, nor would this be his first female - but as a whole, the few times he did manage to get his claws on another of the Horde's girls -- they generally were use to the bigger meaner males. This was gonna be a treat.
  788. He rumbled again in the dark against her mouth -- a sound that took on a curious end note when his fingers were joined by that tentacle of hers. It pushed against his fingers as it gathered up the hot juices making itself sleek. O that was hot. She was helping him out with herself. Ngh -- he could barely wait.
  790. PlumPumpkin:  Helping was not a word that Gorgona would use to define her tentacles, they were unreasonable at times and perverted, and never very helpful. They were going to ruin everything she just knew it. But she was so enthralled with his fingers and his tongue at this point that she couldn't even think straight enough to warn him what they were about to do. 
  792. The offending limb, having slickened itself up properly was now going back to it's work. And oh what wonderful work it was. She often thought they must be her own perverted nature coming out. It wasn't as if she didn't WANT to do any of this it was simply she was too shy and nervous. They couldn't be these things, they just jumped head first into everything. 
  794. Including Manty's ass. 
  796. After a few more prods and strokes of the hole, anyway.
  798. stun beam:  There had to be a little evil in this girl somewhere -- she'd been crafted by Horde Prime after all right? Even if it was only in her tentacles -- which once that one pulled away all nice and slick and began its rather slimy tease of the furry oddities asshole should have been a clear indication of just what sort of evil it had in mind -- but O Manty, he was relatively surprised by the touch -- but found it pleasurably kinky. This girl was naughty -- and look how shy and unsure she acted.
  800. "Rrr." He sucked her forked tongue deep into his own mouth and was going about trying to get her thighs further apart so he could position himself to hopefully fuck them both silly! Mmmm, more nights should be like THIS in the Fright Zone, and maybe everyone wouldn't be so grumpy all the time. One hand landed on her curvy hip as the other reached down between them to grip the base of his dick. He wasn't overly huge - but not dinky either. A decent seven inches might not sting as much as his eyes - but to someone her size, should do the trick just fine.
  802. PlumPumpkin:  The tentacle was biding it's time. Waiting for the perfect little moment to force it's way between those cheeks and takes what was it's. They were her evil, perhaps it all got concentrated in those odd limbs. She never really questioned it. Whilst they got her in trouble, they also got her out of trouble easily enough. They were where all her strength lied. 
  804. “Caaappptaaiinnn...” she gasped out as he pulled his hand away, aching and needing right now. She groaned into his mouth as he sucked her tongue enjoying the oddity's flavor. 
  806. The tentacle took the distraction of him positioning himself to position itself against his opening, the one holding him steadied him, waiting, She licked her lips. Watching his face with slitted eyes. The tentacle  was at his opening  now, still proding, but now the proding was becoming more insistent, aching was entrance, much as she was.
  808. stun beam:  "Yessssssssss?" He rumbled hissingly back at her gasp -- O this was too much fun. He was almost tempted to hold out just to see if he could get her to beg like that again! But of course -- if he did so that meant more time in waiting for what he wanted. Suppose he'd been giving long enough eh? His cock was dripping with anticipation. He WAS aware of the prodding and wiggling against his ass - but it had yet to seem to bother him one bet. It was almost like getting a neat rim job -- from a super long tongue!
  810. Mouths were pulled apart so that Mantenna could gasp a good breath, sharp teeth and tongue finding her sweaty shoulder as he wiggled between her short curvy thighs. Those glowy eyes narrowed deviantly, becoming slits as his grin spread around her nibbled flesh, "O you're kinkyyy," He murred.
  812. And then jerked his hips forward into that tight wet cunt. While he didn't battering-ram his way into her -- he didn't bother exactly easing. Just a good steady pump from tip to balls till their pelvises met with a wet squish. Oh yes -- tight!
  814. PlumPumpkin:  She wanted to tell him it wasn't her. It wasn't exactly anyway. She supposed it was because now, now she wanted to see what would happen. Wanted to see his face as the thing entered him. None of them had let it get this far. The moment it had stroked their ass they had run. But he had put up with more then anyone ever had. 
  816. There wasn't so much shock as he pushed in as much as there was a sudden gasp and moan, he was thicker and longer then her tentacles were and she wasn't prepared for the force that a body brought. 
  818. “Feels...goood.” Yes, it was a good day, such a nice day. A feel good day. She only hoped it lasted after what her tentacle was going to do. Because as soon as he plunged in it did too, wriggling it's way in to get as his soft spot, to pound at it. She could feel it through to her skull as he pounded into her and vice versa. 
  820. It was amazing how sensitive such things could be.
  822. stun beam:  Well, one couldn't really blame most guys for running. Most males didn't take too kindly to having their intended victim turn the 'tables' on them, so to speak. This either made the Captain completely brave -- or perhaps completely depraved in a way. Neither less, despite all the warning signs he had previously been given -- he was still in for a shock when that tentacle actually did dive past that tight ring of muscle and into his ass.
  824. Add that to the dual sensation of sinking into Gorgona's hot wetness at the same time and she actually produced a rather surprised squeak out of him! He froze, still dug to the hilt inside her, fur puffed out and eyes having gone wide as that appendage wormed its sleek way inward. Muscles would clamp around it instinctively tight.
  826. There was a moment of silence between then and the Captain's ears laid back against his skull. This would have seemed like an insulted gesture -- except it came with a full grin of fangs at the little female making it one of pleased depravity!
  828. "Mmmrrrrrrr --" The Captain purred, "I really like youuu --!" In a quick movement, he snagged both her hands in his to pin them to the bed and drew his hips back to start a rough grind down into her.
  830. PlumPumpkin:  Gorgona hadn't expected him to be happy about it. But the fact that he didn't run screaming was a definite plus and the fact that his mouth full of fangs was pulled up into a smile and he said he liked her put her on cloud nine, just as the rest of the attention being paid to her was. 
  832. “You're the...” She gave a hiss as he took her hands and pinned them back, beginning to pound into her. “You're the first not to run...” was what she was finally able to groan out amid the vigorous pounding. 
  834. The tentacle around his waist, now sure he wouldn't run, slipped down to stroke his perineum as the other pounded with the same ferocity into him as he was into her. 
  836. “Sooo...goooodd...” came in short gasps, and she smiled, long fangs apparent, lolling her head back letting him pound into her.
  838. stun beam:  He would have like her anyway -- but this.. THIS made it even more fun. The Captain wasn't exactly like most other males -- one could say he enjoyed everything (or had been forced to for so long that he treated illicit sex like everything else with that go 'n' get it! attitude) "Stupid mmmen.." Manty groaned throatily as he thrusted, "Run and mmmiss this? Pffft.. Hahaha!" At least he was enthusiastic. The tentacle was a bit different then having some other male poke at him, it had a lighter feel but still managed to drag deliciously hard against his prostate in the way that made his thighs and tail tremble with pleasure.
  840. He had a lot of energy for being a wiry little guy. Mouth found her throat and he licked and sucked as he fucked away between her legs, jerking hard enough to make the shitty bed squeak out in protest to their unusual union. Perhaps the floor would have been a better choice! The tentacle stroking the underside of his balls succeeding in relaxing his muscles, allowing its mate to slid deeper if it choose.
  842. PlumPumpkin:  And boy did it choose. It chose to hit him deeper and more profoundly against that spot. Wriggling it's tip against it for added emphasis. It was also more dexterous then a man's penis. It could wiggle inside him and stroke parts easily. 
  844. She couldn't help but grind against him as he pumped into her, meeting him at every thrust, hips now moving of their own accord, fucking her into a daze she wasn't sure she would be able to come back from. Nothing had ever been this intense. She didn't even seem to worry about the bed or the fact that she was crying out so loudly that someone may hear them. 
  846. Her legs just wrapped around him, keeping him close.
  848. stun beam:  "Ngh.. Ya--Yes!" He nearly said 'yay!' but caught himself. O man the sensations were incredible -- how had he NOT had this in his life up till now. It wasn't like he'd never been in a sandwich himself before -- but that wiggling twisting teasing tentacle was just beautifully nasty. It made that hard lump throb with a pain delight and urged him on with a few deeper harder thrusts.
  850. The withering crying female beneath him was doing her part too. Hot sticky wetness, the strength of her legs as the snatched around his waist only made it better. Growling, Mantenna latched his mouth to her delicate neck and bit in an animalistic attempt to mark his presence during the sex - it wouldn't be hard enough to really hurt her, but she'd be bruised in the morning. Fuck her crying! It was like he was aiming for everyone to know what they had done. Or simply -- he was lost in the moment of this.
  852. As he drew closer to cumming, his eyes got brighter and his thrusts a bit more sporadic and rough. She'd have sore hips (s'ok they could match his sore ass) no doubt.
  854. PlumPumpkin:  Sore hips was the least of her worries, the fact that everyone would probably know in the morning what they had done, regardless of the bite mark, which made her cry out even more, gulping down tears. She wasn't sure something was supposed to make you so exhilarated and feel so much that you cried. But it had. 
  856. Her orgasm hit harder and faster then his, being new to all this, she splattered hot and wet upon his pounding cock, groaning as she did, panting trying to catch her breath. Her muscles tightening, her legs holding him in as she came hotly against him, dripping out and down his balls. Her hands clawed at the mattress behind them where they were still pinned to the bed as she did. 
  858. stun beam:  He'd never fucked someone so good they'd cried! (He'd had people make HIM cry -- but not in the good way) Go Manty -- have an ego pump! But it was hard to concentrate on your inflated head when you're on the brink of orgasm yourself and you've got a hot trembling female splattering against you. Those bright eyes nearly rolled back into his skull as she did so. It was hot and warm and  -- nngghh tight. And that to the onslaught of that wiggling tormentor inside his own body and he was done.
  860. Body pumped hard and uneven into her as he came himself. Shooting more then enough sticky hot seed inside of her that it oozed back out between them. His thighs and tail trembled hard as the euphoria coursed through his body from his cock to the spot the tentacle was teasing and he whimpered -- loosing the tough guy act in a moment of bliss.
  862. With a final shiver, he pulled his teeth and his dick from her and rolled over to coil up at her side, panting, fur sleek with their sweat, and head butted her.
  864. PlumPumpkin:  It made her spurt even more when he finally came and she felt that hot stickiness inside her. She gasping and panting slowed after a few minutes and she felt her body go limp from the escapade. Even the tentacle was spent and pulled from him, curling contentedly around his hip and bringing him closer to cuddle. 
  866. “Their certainly pleased with you, captain.”  She sighed out finally, pushing mussed black and pink hair out of her eyes, rolling onto her side to face him, nose to nose with the other villain now. Just laying there in contentment for a few moments. Just not thinking was a pleasure for her. Not having to think or feel anything but the delightful after effects of vigorous sex. 
  868. stun beam:  The tentacle sliding out of his body got a groan out of the Captain -- but he was too spent and pleased to even care -- that had felt good. All of it. Why anyone would turn down that was beyond him. Tho at the moment -- everything was beyond him. Her nose touched his nearly nonexistent one and a big yellow eye popped open at her in the dark. It was glossy with pleasure and spent lust. Instead of saying anything witty or appropriate, Mantenna just giggled and licked her across the face. "Ehehheheeh!"
  870. She was probably lucky he hadn't rolled over and just gone to sleep. He was mostly working on catching his breath and snuggling up against her as the goeey bliss of sex slowly wore off. His bed was messy -- but he didn't care. For once he might be tired enough to actually get a decent nights sleep. "Mmmmmgh fun."
  872. PlumPumpkin:  Usually when someone licked your face you balked or pulled away. She did neither, she just lay there twirling a hand into the fur on his head, half smiling in utter confounded bliss. Maybe this is what Manty felt like most of the time. Happy and dumb, ignorance was bliss after all. 
  874. She didn't speak any more either, just lulled herself in the security that at this moment she was wanted and someone had enjoyed her. It was the best feeling in the world as far as she was concerned. It was all she needed.
  876. stun beam:  It was a feeling he'd worked for his whole life (or at least from what he could remember) to achieve the same feeling from doing what he did for Hordak. That might of been a loss cause -- but he was happy to share his dim but pleasant outlook on their evil little existence. And well -- if she didn't feel like moving, she didn't have too. She was welcome to share his bed -- anytime.
  878. The hand in his fur got a rumbled purr out of him as he closed his eyes again, lightly muscled arm took her tentacles hints and wrapped around her to pull her closer. With a satisfied snort -- the odd little Force Captain settled comfortable, tail twitching once and fell asleep almost instantly after that.
  880. Indeed, this was bliss. A stupid, but sexually satisfied -- bliss.
  883. Mantenna: Mantenna hadn't expected time spent with Gorgana to go beyond a sexy fling here and there mostly on the account that she would be assigned to a squadron that didn't involve him. Hordak, however, after seeing how well the two worked together in the capturing of the Bow-man (even if he'd been freed soon after) decided that the snake-like female would remain in the odd minion's company for as long as they kept producing results.
  885. And they did - within a month captures were up by thirty percent as well as more pull-ins on big name rebels - none of which the Fright Zone's prison cells could seem to contain for very long but that was always She-ra's doing. She-ra still remained elusive to permanent capture and the Horde Leader had been pressing his Force Captains to up the anty. Capturing the Princess of Power would be granted much gold, food and even a vacation.
  887. Manty didn't really want to wait to catch She-ra for a little time off, tho - in fact, he was quite ready to fuck off with his friend (and oh yes, he did consider her a friend - the only friend he'd had or could even remember) for the day after three weeks of never-ending patrolling.
  889. Gorgana was in mid-march down the hall toward the main entrance of the castle when a three-fingered gloved hand grabbed her by the arm and yanked her into a side passage. There would be no need to panic because those big, glowing yellow eyes would give her abductor away without a second guess. Still, he used his other hand to cover her mouth and half-hissed half-chortled a "ShhhHHHhhHHhHHhHhHhhhhH!" through grinning teeth at her.
  891. "Hiiiiiii!" he told her and then removed his hand so he could press a quick kiss to her lips; big fangs barely nipping her flesh. "You tirrrrred of patrolin'? I surrrre ammmmm! It's a nice day outside -- weeeeee could have lunch in Whisperrrrrring Woods." A dangerous idea - they could get into serious trouble if caught but Mantenna really just wanted to spend the day somewhere away from the robots, smog and scounting with his lovely little friend.
  893. Gorgana: Gorgona finally had a friend. More than that, someone whom she could talk to and enjoy some time with. And she did enjoy her time with Manty. He was different than other hoard members. The others here were especially brutish and cruel for no reason that she could fathom. It was nice to be around someone who didn't treat her like she was worthless.
  895. But she was sort of useful, right? They had caught several rebels and even Hordak had to admit that there had been progress. Even if they couldn't keep hold of the captured. At least she got to stay with Manty. It made their friendship (and subsequent other activities) much easier.
  897. It was a normal day, as far as she could tell. The halls of the horde were clanking with robot soldiers as she marched around doing her rounds. Normal, until she was grabbed and nearly bit down to punish whoever did it. Luckily, she was able to take in those large, luminous eyes before she did anything drastic, her tentacles ready to strangle were suddenly docile once more, petting the furry creature.
  899. “Oh...” She blushed a deep blue. “I don't know...I mean...won't we get into trouble?” She hadn't yet managed to get into terrible trouble yet, and Mantenna's idea seemed to be some terrible terrible trouble.
  901. Mantenna: Ah, those tentacles - they were such lovely fun. In and out of the bedroom (or where ever they decided to romp; it wasn't as if that was all they did. It sometimes was hard to find the time) and he really enjoy when they touched him. A purr that sounded more mechanic than organic buzzed in his throat and he nuzzled her face even as she hesitated and questioned his terrible idea.
  903. And it was, a terrible, dangerous idea.
  905. But weren't those the best types of ideas?
  907. "Prrrrrrobably!" he told her, more gleeful sounding than he should have. Mantenna's eyes were big, and sparkly today. He was in that mood that she probably wasn't going to have any luck talking him out of any sort of idea, bad or other wise. "But it'll be worrrrth it, I prrrromise. I know thissss place with a waterrrr fall and berrrrries and ..and ..and flowerrrrs. Sooooo  many flowerrrssss. They'rrrre rrrrrreally prreetty. Therrrrre's cool waterrr and mushrrrrroms and even a frrrrruit trreeee c'mon, it'll be fun!"
  909. He was already trying to tug her along via arm and whatever hold the hair-tentacles had on in, moving away from the main entrance down the dark path of the sides. Mantenna knew so many ways around the Fright Zone, more so than anyone else. "Weee werrrre set to patrrrrrrol the Taarrrrr Pits anyyyyyway - therrrre's neverrrr any Rrrrrrrebls in the Tarrrrr Pits. Horrrrdak might not even know we didn't gooo!"
  911. [9:03:30 PM] Nicowafer: Despite her objections to his terrible, no good, very bad idea she nuzzled him back because, well...she liked him so darn much. She hadn't ever liked anyone as much as she liked Manty, probably because no one ever gave her reason to like them as much as she liked him.
  913. A fang toothed her lower lip as she considered all the lovely things he was telling her they could see. It did sound very nice, and they hadn't had a day off...ever. But that was the hoarde. They didn't get days off. They barely got time to sleep. It didn't make much sense to her, but then they were all practically slaves any way. Slaves didn't get days off.
  915. “OK....but if anyone finds us maybe we should say we chased some rebels from the tar pits to the woods...” That would be good, right?
  917. [9:14:40 PM] Pickle: The multi-colored minion glanced back at Gorgana as she mulled over her situation. She was cracking. He figured she would - honestly, he wouldn't have known what to do if she'd flat out said no! Generally she seemed down to do most things as long as they were with Manty even if she was often afraid to do them. He liked that about her! Gorgana was the only person he'd ever met that was willing to do things with him instead of just to him. He wasn't sport to her - and that was a breath of fresh air. He deserved that - literally - and so did she.
  919. When she offered up a lie for an excuse Mantenna actually stopped and cocked his head at her; big ears looking a bit doofy for a moment as one could see the slow, rusty wheels turning inside his dimwitted head. Manty then grinned as if it was the best idea he'd ever heard and shook his head up and down vicariously. "Perrrrrect! I would have neverrrr thought of that! Yerrrr so smarrrrrt and prrrretty too! Let's go! Let's go!"
  921. Getting out of the castle unseen, even with Manty's know-how of the layout still took some work, tho. They had to avoid the droids, the cook, and even Hordak snorting along down one corridor before squeezing through a broken floor grate. It was very dark in the pipe that lead to the outside and they did have to get ankle deep in Etheria-knows-what (Thankfully they both had boots on) before they found the mouth of the pipe -- which was still a good fifteen foot drop to the ground. Mantenna simple jumped and did what could only be described as a cat-like fall before landing on all fours. Once he stood up he looked up at Gorgana still in the pipe and then held out his arms.
  923. Clearly she was meant to jump into them - but again, he'd probably not thought this through very well.
  925. [9:24:08 PM] Nicowafer: Fear was a natural part of being a member of the hoarde. You had so many things to fear. The captains, your general, other team mates. The enemy was lowest on the list. After all, they weren't as close as the others. Still, at least she didn't have to fear Manty. He was almost as cute as she was.
  927. “Thank you, Captain. I do be smart, that is. I think pretty just happen, sadly.” She wasn't scary in the least and it really was another reason she was picked on so often. But Manty didn't care about that either. The other female Horde members, however? They minded. A whole lot. And they weren't shy about it either.
  929. It was the most frighteneing trek through the halls of the compound she had gone on since she had come to this place. She knew they were doing a bad thing, and yet she still went along with it. It was so against everything she had ever learned, even when she was a child. And yet, as long as she was with Mantenna it felt...exciting. The pipe was dark, but thankfully Mantenna's eyes lit up a good portion of it, and she could see in the dim light they created.
  931. And she was obviously not thinking straight either as she jumped into his waiting arms. She regrettted the action almost instantly as she crashed into him and sent them both into the muck below.
  933. [9:37:15 PM] Pickle: Manty had plenty to fear inside the Fright Zone himself. Mostly Hordak, then Grizzlor, then the other females and other members - he was scared of She-ra too but like Gorgana, the rebels were lower on the list than his own Master even if She-ra handed out a butt whoopin' that hurt more. But being afraid of things never stopped him from doing stuff he wanted. He rarely got to have fun as it was. He couldn't even take a shower half the time without offending Hordak - if daily activities were going to get him in trouble anyway he figured he -- and she, might as well do something fun if they were going to pay for it.
  935. Manty never realized the error in letting her jump into his arms until she'd already done so. Granted, had the ground been solid he would have been able pull this off. The minion was spry enough - compact muscle with a swimmer's build and despite not being much taller than she was - he was still bulkier than the curvy, petite female.  Her added weight and the muck beneath them caused the typical chain of events. Mantenna yelped as they both went splat. The muck was cold, dark and about six inches deep. It coated the very bright looking creature's pelt black; the one and only time he would blend into this gloomy environment.
  937. Mantenna laid there clutching Gorgana for a few seconds before he busted out laughing. He sat up with her in his arms and bumped his no-nose to her's and grinned bright white in all that yuck. "Good thing therrrrre's a Sprrrring wherrre werrre going, huh?"
  939. He took her arm again and it was going to take a lot of slipping and sliding to get to the other side. A few miles in the distance Whisper Woods could be seen but it was still going to be a trek.
  941. Neither of them were probably going to notice the small, blue, pipe shaped item sticking out of the muck that turned in the direction they were heading; even when it snort-laughed and began to hop along a bit behind them.
  943. [9:44:22 PM] Nicowafer: Being afraid usually kept Gorgona from doing anything silly. But now she had Mantenna to give her a boost of courage. Or was it stupidity? Either way, it did it's job and got her doing things she would have never seen herself doing. Like disobeying order.
  945. The serpent like female gave a yelp as they both splashed in the mud. She shivered from the cold and even more from the feeling of the muck in her clothes, oozing across everything, even in the fingers of her gloves.
  947. “Well, at least that might be one thing that goes right...”
  949. [9:55:37 PM] Pickle: "You worrrrrrry too much," He told her with a snort that wasn't anything like Hordak's - too high and friendly sounding. "Besides -- you can always say it was my idea -- it was after all, heh!"
  951. The hordesman lead the way through the barren land trek until they finally began to see grass, even if it was dead, then some what more alive, then even more so until it was starting to look lush and lovely in it's teal-green coloration. Whispering Woods looked even more brilliant with its pastel-trees and leaves of every color. Manty really did love the woods -- it was going to be a shame when the Horde finally burnt it all down. For now, enough magic still protected it and Hordak could not move his machines through its protected barrier but the spell on the forest had never seemed to be able to stop him from going in -- and it didn't stop Gorgana either. If they'd paused to think about it -- they might have had to wonder why.
  953. The barrier DID stop their blue shadow, now a rolling rock, from entering the forest. Imp came to a stop with a small grunt of pain and turned back into his normal self. "Dash it," the small creature pouted with a scowl and kicked a real rock in the direction to two minions where heading. "Well, I still know where you're going and I'm gonna tell Hordak all about it." He was soon off - flying back towards the Fright Zone.
  955. Mantenna paused inside the forest and flicked an ear back toward the edge of the tree line. He squinted for a moment but then decided it was nothing. He shook some of the now-dry muck from his fur before turning his fully attention on Gorgana. "It's ssssstill about a thirrrrrty minute waaalk but we can rrrrrest for a couple minutes if you wanna." Besides, there was a small berry bush right here - they could get a snack! He plucked off a modest handful and then offered them toward his lovely friend. "Prrrretty surrrre these arrrrren't poisoness." Whispering Woods didn't seem to harbor anything deadly.
  957. Gorgana: “Oh yes, I can see that working out just fine. But Master Hordak, Mantenna forced me to go with him.” She was sure Hordak wouldn't believe a word of it. Mantenna was so cute, but simply not that smart. It was all right, he made up for it in other ways.
  959. Gorgona kept walking, slogging through the dead land and then the slightly not dead land and finally they reached the thriving woods. It was amazing that they could get through the barrier that kept the machines out. But Gorgona could guess that such strong magic was meant for larger armies and not two little aliens looking to have fun. So it let them through no problem. Which was a relief, as she needed that spring more than ever as they walked.
  961. At the mention of a rest, she sat on a rock and started pulling the dried layer of mud off her skin. She would need a proper bath later, but for now this was the best she could do. She raised eye eyebrow at the offering. “You're pretty sure?” She hissed a bit but took the offered berries and sniffed them a moment, even going to far as to give them a pass over with her forked tongue to make sure they were edible before she ate them.
  963. “They seem to be all right.” She popped one in her mouth, and they tasted good. The last thing they needed right now was to eat poison berries and end up high for hours before someone found them.
  965. [10:26:32 PM] Pickle: He was cute but that didn't work on Hordak in Mantenna's case. Gorgana being pretty only went so far too. It worked better with the lower males than with the Horde Leader himself. Hordak didn't LIKE pretty things or cute things but he didn't go about trying to muss up either of them to be less of what they were. As long as they did their job, even poorly - he seemed inclined enough to keep them around, even if it was just to punish them.
  967. Mantenna more so than Gorgana - as the serpent female had at least proved some of her usefulness. Now if they could only bag She-ra maybe their master would really respect them.
  969. Doubtful as She-ra would escape but at least they could get some gold and a vacation. For now -- this little trip into the woods would do.
  971. "Yeah, they'rrrrre good!" Manty chirped and he'd not even gone through the preparations of even remotely testing the berries he'd picked for himself. Not a sniff, not a like, no -- his mouth was just painted purple with the juices as he'd scarfed them down without a care. Nothing had ever hurt him in this forest before. "I've eaten the berrrrrries by the waterfall before - they'rrrre rrrreally good - rrrrred!" Licking the juices off his own mouth he reached up and helped Gorgana a bit by flaking off some of the muck off her pink skin. Most of what had been on his fur had already cracked and fluttered off but he was pretty filthy. A bath -- most likely naked was in order!
  973. Once they'd rested a bit, he motioned for her to follow him and took off pretty fast -- but never so quick she couldn't keep up. Occasionally he would look back over his shoulder and smile and wink at her (and in one case ran into a branch because he was too busy pursing his lips in her direction) playfully until they finally came to a beautiful clearing with a crystal pool of water, a brilliant waterfall that was surrounded by berry bushes and the pinkest flowers in existence it seemed.
  975. Manty, just a little out of breath, clutched Gorgana by the shoulder when she arrived and motioned at it all. "See? See? What did I tell youuuuu? It's greeeeat. I found it by accident about two yearssss ago! I fell into the riverrrrrr upstrrream, got knocked out on a rrrrrock and when I woke up I was herrre. You'rrrrre the firrrrst perrrrson I everrr took herrre."
  977. [10:41:41 PM] Nicowafer: To do something to impress Hordak would be nearly impossible. Mantenna had messed up far too much in his days as hordesman and Gorgona was fresh meat, still trying to find just the right place for her self. If they did manage any big catches the likelihood was that it would end up messed up some how. Still, it was nice to imagine getting prestige in the horde. It might make horde life easier for a little while.
  979. She shook her head at the poor furry headed alien. She was really very dumb. Poor thing. It was a good thing he had her now, she supposed. Not that she was brilliant by any means, but well...she was more so than Mantenna. She finished her handful of berries much more demurely than the brightly colored thing who now added purple to his fur colors.
  981. The rest was nice, and much needed, Gorgona didn't think she walked this far even at the academy. Finally they were ready to go again and it was a much shorter jaunt. She laughed when he got hit by the branch, but kissed his forehead to make it better. When they finally got to the clearing she gasped for a moment. It was a beautiful place, and she took it all in, breathing deep the nice clean fresh air.
  983. “It's so lovely.” She said, clasping hse hands together in an overly cute manner she would have never dared to do in the compound.
  985. [10:48:31 PM] Pickle: The kiss made getting hit worth it! She'd better be careful or he'd hit his head on purpose in the future just so she'd do that! Not that he'd have to fake it, really. He was pretty clumsy when he wasn't paying attention or was distracted.
  987. And lord, was this pretty, little snake-girl distracting.
  989. She was even more distracting than the beautiful view. As she took it all in with wonder in her eyes Mantenna's own never left her face. He was just so overjoyed sharing his special place with someone - especially his only friend. His wide grin took up so much of his face. "I'm glad! Now we can have fun and not worrrrry about the dirrrrty ol Fright Zone for a while!"
  991. Speaking of dirty, the first thing they really had to do was get clean and that crystal-clear water was going to do just the spot. Mantenna didn't waste ANY time pretty much throwing off his muck covered armor. The top had been tight enough that when his dual-colored chest was exposed it was still clean. The rest of his lightly muscled body was not so lucky. There was even dirt under his loincloth and on his sheath. Manty's tail flickered dried muck off it before he was reaching to apparently -help- Gorgana out of her clothes as well. "We can wasssssh our clothes rrrreally fast and then hang them up to drrrrry while we swim and eat!"
  993. He had innocent agenda but seeing her naked was still going to be a plus. He'd only seen her naked in the dark and while he could see as good as daylight in such - natural light had a special way of bringing out all the beauty.
  995. [10:54:02 PM] Nicowafer: That was like a dream come true. To not think about the horde or fighting for a short time would be nice. She had been cooped up in a house most of her life and now when she was allowed out it was to destroy something. It wasn't the best life, but it was certainly better than it had been. It was nice to think that they could have a little secret place to hide away in sometimes though. Especially one so beautiful and serene.
  997. As he stripped she rememebered how muddy they both were and so she started undressing though perhaps not with Mantenna's gusto. She pulled one glove off and then the other. The mud had gotten in between her breasts and her fingers in her gloves, everything else seemed ok, but it was very uncomfortable.
  999. “It sounds like you had a plan...are you sure you didn't make us fall in the mud on purpose?” She frowned at him as he reached out to help her undress.
  1001. [11:01:54 PM] Pickle: "Nope! I had every intent on catching youuuuuu!" the colorful alien laughed and winked. "But that worrrrked out in my favorrrr, heh!" At least she wasn't being basheful about getting undressed anymore. He DID steal his fuzzy hand forward to swipe some of the yuck out from between her tasty looking tits once she finally got that top down and flicked it away. "I always wonderrrred what it was like to not have furrrr. You drrrry so much quickerrrr. Wheneverrrr Masssterrrr Horrrdak sends me down the pit it alwayyssss takes like an houuurrrr for me to drrrrry. Morrrre if it's cold."
  1003. Not today tho. This warm early summer weather was going to dry them up really fast once they were done washing. Manty waited until Gorgana was naked and took his fair time just staying at her with a dumb smile on his face. His sheath had swelled a bit but nothing was poking out yet - at least proof that he wasn't here just to try to screw her. It hadn't even actually been on the agenda but as the muck had proven sometimes things just happen.
  1005. But mostly he just wanted to enjoy his time with her. Being in the horde left so little time to enjoy yourself -- and you had to do it in dank, dreary conditions. This place was Heaven compared to the Fright Zone.
  1007. "Evvven coverrrred in muck you look so nice! I bet even Horrrdak would have to agrrrreee." Honestly, he probably would because of the muck. Manty scooped up Gorgana as soon as she was finally done stripping and just to prove he COULD hold her began walking with her in his arms toward the water, tail waggling in anticipation.
  1009. Of course, he DID then try to throw her into the water.
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