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  1. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 8:35 PM
  2. ----a small dive bar----
  4. Yashiro slipped into what was a small dive that was well visited by Yoritomo and others looking to have a good time. It was not a place to come for tea. He had told a few people from the tunnel mission about it. Didn't know if they'd show but he was going to have a good time regardless. He still had a few Yoritomo friends who were still alive. They'd make good company for drinking. As he entered a cheer went up from a table toward the back. He waved then headed to the rough bar an ordered some shochu.
  5. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 8:57 PM
  6. Yashiro moved over towards his Yoritomo friends but kept an eye on the door in case anyone else came in.
  7. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 9:01 PM
  8. The Shinjo slams down a jug of some Four Winds sake, fresh from the poetry tournament right behind Yashiro on the counter. Where did he come from? Well obviously he was here just chilling while the Yoritomo rough housed around him, so naturally a distracted Yashiro wouldn't notice the Unicorn with and also his author is too lazy to do another investigation vs stealth roll. "Yashiro-san." He yelled over the din of the Mantis, "Join me for a drink, we are here to celebrate!"
  9. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 9:05 PM
  10. "Aye? What are you celebrating? I am here to celebrate as well." He settles down next to the unicorn.
  11. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 9:10 PM
  12. Ah so they were obviously here to celebrate the same thing. "Your future!" He uncapped the heavy jug and began to pour into a pair of small sake cups. Did this place allow outside drinks? Yeah, this wasn't an uncool dive bar and the Yoritomo storm was more than enough distraction if anyone cared. "They say you can catch flies with honey, but I did not know it worked on Wasps as well. Have you met," eyebrows waggled, "your honey yet?" Of course everything was said loudly, because the Yoritomo were far too loud for a normal conversation.
  13. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 9:14 PM
  14. "I am here to celebrate an ape free mission where we saved some tunnel dwellers from a weird Grey bugman. But I mean if you'd like to celebrate my bride to be you may. Have you seen a drawing of her? I have it on my now."
  15. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 9:19 PM
  16. The Unicorn looked quizzical. Apes? Bugmen in tunnels? Maybe Yashiro needed some time in the infirmary. "Normally I celebrate my missions with some well deserved sleep." LOUD NOISES from the rest of the bar. "And do the Wasp not celebrate their engagements? You do not seem to be overjoyed." Deep inside he was hurting but a shitton of booze was about to cure that.
  17. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 9:23 PM
  18. "I will celebrate once she's here" He lied. He didn't pick up on the unicorns pain because he's an idiot. "She may die before making it." He passed him the small scroll with the beautiful woman's face in it.
  19. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 9:32 PM
  20. Kurosawa would pull a still sealed scroll from his person and trade with Yashiro. Classy gentlemen swapping photos of women. "Phoenix-sama wished for her to be my bride. It was not meant to be." He didn't sound disappointed, but a hint of something else was in his voice. He took the cup and raised it. "To Yashiro-san and his beautiful bride to be, may she be safe on her journey!" A few half hearted cheers from others in the bar, who were more than likely too drunk to know what the hell was going on. He opened the scroll with one hand most expertly, the other pouring down the entire contents of his cup down his gullet.
  21. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 9:34 PM
  22. Yashiro took a sip of shochu. Had to pace himself. "She is beautiful, what happened to make it fall through?"
  23. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 9:41 PM
  24. Kuro was sizing up the photo, getting a good look in the terrible lighting. "The nakodo and I mutually decided I was not a good match for the Phoenix clan in the end." If he wasn't so honorable he surely would've let loose a wolf whistle at Yashiro's photo. Honey indeed. "So what are the terms of your engagement, Yashiro-san? If I may ask, of course. At the least, will you remain a Tsuruchi in the end?" He was not going to pace himself today unlike his wiser comoanion, and as he passed the scroll back he swapped cups and downed the other just as quickly.
  25. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 9:47 PM
  26. "I'll be honest, it wasn't clear. But I hope so. I figure it will all work out in the end." He went for the cup he had which was empty. "Shochu or more sake?" he asked.
  27. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 9:54 PM
  28. The Four Winds certainly blew through the Unicorn now. "Sake, please." A hint of a slur. "I did not win this sake to not drink it." He steadied himself, one hand on the table. "She looks like she will make a wonderful Wasp, Yashiro-san." Red prickled across his fair cheeks. "Just don't, don't do what I did and everything will turn out fine." His grip on the table tightened. He was gonna need more booze if he was gonna make it through the night.
  29. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 9:57 PM
  30. Yashiro poured. "What did you do?" he nudged the glass to the unicorn. This was going to be a better celebration than he intended.
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:03 PM
  32. The glass was gone in a flash and he emptied it just as quickly. Ahh, refreshing. He closed his eyes and exhaled long and hard through his nose. "She's dead, Yashiro-san. Because of me." He motioned for more drink, he was not going to be able to do this on just 3 shots.
  33. Kitsuki Shion  at 10:05 PM
  34. Right around this time, Shion walked in. She didn't exactly know what she was doing here, but here she was. As always, the Kitsuki looked rather severe, though her On was perfect, as always. Her dark eyes moved across the room, taking in every face before settling on the Unicorn and Wasp. Then she saw the drinks. Without wasting any time, she moved towards them and bowed with the exact angle she needed for both of them in order to be considered polite.
  35. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 10:06 PM
  36. Yashiro slowly poured another glass trying to figure out when to switch to shochu. Not quite yet though he thought to himself. This was getting good. "Ah, Kitsuki-San welcome! Shinjo-san was just telling us things. Go on"
  37. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:12 PM
  38. Kurosawa brought a whole jug of Four Winds Unicorn brand sake; shochu after it was all gone. He nodded at the Dragon, face hot and prickly. "Hai, Kitsuki-san. I was telling Yashiro about..." He practically inhaled the next cup that Yashiro had poured. "The most important person in the world to me."
  40. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 10:15 PM
  41. "Yes you said she was dead."
  42. Kitsuki Shion  at 10:16 PM
  43. There was the slightest arch of her eyebrow when he called her san, but she ignored it for now. "Is that so, Shinjo-san? Hm.. Curious. I believe I'll sit with the two of you. Hello, Tsuruchi-san." She said before doing exactly what she said she was going to, and sat at the table with them. She wasn't invited and every part of her screamed that she was breaking etiquette, but she ignored the rational side of her self for the moment.
  44. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 10:18 PM
  45. "I'm glad you could make it. Did you get my invitation about not getting killed by apes" He had a slight slur. Time to stop drinking. This would get messy otherwise.
  46. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:23 PM
  47. His hands felt around for a cup weighted with sake, and found none. His hands hungrily grasped the jug and poured for three now, the bartender being so kind as to provide an extra. Somehow none spilled, but the next one wouldn't be so lucky. "Right. She died five years ago now. Today is the anniversary of... what happened to her."
  48. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 10:29 PM
  49. "Oh" was that a twinge of guilt. "What happened?" a softer voice than before. Yashiro took the jug and poured himself a bit and poured some for shion. Then he set the jug next to himself and tried to make the universal hand signal for bring shochu bottle with water in it. Unfortunately there was no such signal so the bartender was just confused.
  50. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:37 PM
  51. He downed another cup. What was he on now? His head was swimming. "I killed her, Yashiro." The cup in his grasp was squeezed tight, so tight it was on the verge of breaking. "If I had known it was her, I would have let her cut me down. But I didn't." He gasped as the pain hit him from saying it aloud. His eyes were glistening but he wasn't crying yet. Thank God he bought willpower the other day. "She shouldn't have died. She should be here instead. I deserve the eternal sleep in the desert, not her." The anguish began to seep into his voice at the end there.
  52. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 10:43 PM
  53. "You... Killed her? How did that happen?" Yashiro had an unfortunate desire to know everything.
  54. Kitsuki Shion  at 10:43 PM
  55. "No, I don't think I did, but I haven't read any correspondences of mine yet." She murmured to him, having zoned out and forgotten to reply. Then she looked to Kuro, a frown touching her features as he spoke.
  56. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 10:49 PM
  57. "I... I thought she was an assassin. She was disguised, I didn't see her face and it was dark." Excuses. "They had their wakizashi drawn, prepared to enter my grandfather's tent. It was easy." His face crumpled. "She didn't have a chance, she managed to deflect a strike but she didn't say anything." He leaned towards the Dragon. "Why had she not said anything?" He asked her almost accusingly. He sat back into position, hand seeking another cup and downing it. This didn't seem to be working. "And my sword ran her through. And then she finally said something. She begged my forgiveness and said she loved me before she couldn't say anything, anymore."
  58. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 10:55 PM
  59. "so she came to assassinate your grandfather and you defended him. Defended your family. I don't really think you can be blamed for that."
  60. Kitsuki Shion  at 10:56 PM
  61. "I'm sad to say it, but I'm with the Tsuruchi on this one."
  62. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:02 PM
  63. He slammed the cup down hard. If society didn't frown upon it he would've grabbed the samurai and likely scored some sweet dishonor. "She didn't have to die," he hissed. "I acted first without thought. We had plans, dreams. I easily could have subdued her, disarmed her. No no no," he leaned back, propping himself up on the table. "I fulfilled my duty, and every day I hate myself for it. Every time I wield my katana I can only see her with every strike. She haunts me." He tapped his head. "You two would never understand." Yeah it was real love between teenagers, the real deal gosh.
  64. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:04 PM
  65. "An attempted assassin is still an attempted assassin. Simply because you two were in love doesn't mean she still wouldn't have tried to kill him later. After all, she tried to kill him in the first place." Not-drunk Shion was.. not the gentlest person in the world. It didn't help that her voice was that ever constant monotone.
  66. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:07 PM
  67. Yashiro nodded.
  68. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:09 PM
  69. He raised a finger as he swallowed down another cup. "But then, why? Why did she try to kill him? How could she betray m- us, after we protected her all those years?" He turned away from them now, hot angry tears running down his face. "Someone must have put her up to it. But I've never known who, never found anything. And my soul will never find rest for it."
  70. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:11 PM
  71. "Are you sure you have no Yogo blood in you. Or maybe she had some." He leaned in, "You need to move past this." He growled.
  72. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:12 PM
  73. "So you were in an unfortunate love. You protected her and she betrayed you. Lovers do that, as do friends. It's unpleasant, but that is the world for you." She paused for a moment and a thought came to the forefront of her mind. As she mentally argued with herself, she frowned deeply, but then sighed after a few moments. "If..." She trailed off, annoyed with herself. "If you want, I could possibly ask her. If it helps you stop being all mopey about it."
  74. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:15 PM
  75. It was unsure if he heard them, for his body sagged onto the table with a thunk. A moment passed, then another. And then. "Never." Was the hoarse whispery reply. Another thunk, and he was gone.
  76. ((TN35 booze failed with rolling a 2 for the knockout))
  77. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:19 PM
  78. Yashiro grabbed the front of his kimono and guided him to the floor gently. "What a fool." He said wearily.
  79. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:20 PM
  80. "Well-meaning, but definitely a fool." She agreed.
  81. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:20 PM
  82. He nodded. "Do you think he could be fixed? Or is he doomed."
  83. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:21 PM
  84. "If he won't get over her, he's probably doomed, or at least until he finds someone that reminds him of his lost love and just uses her as a stand-in." She hmm'd. "Or until he gets closure."
  85. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:21 PM
  86. "What do you have in mind. I know that look."
  87. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:22 PM
  88. "I wasn't kidding when I said I could possibly ask her her reasons for wanting to kill his grandfather."
  89. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:23 PM
  90. Yashiro raised an eyebrow and whistled, leaning back. "Could you do it more than once? Might be better to do it before we submit him to hear it. If it's bad."
  91. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:25 PM
  92. "Yes. If she's where I can reach her and she wants to talk."
  93. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:25 PM
  94. "Hmm, more likely if it's good news for him I suppose. If she really loved him she'd want him to move on."
  95. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:27 PM
  96. There was a slight shrug. "Maybe." There was a brief touch of 'Yeah right' in her voice. The Kitsuki didn't exactly have a good outlook on love and the like.
  97. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:31 PM
  98. "You are probably right." He sets the bottle back on the table within her reach should she want it. "Seems so many have sad tales these days. Makes me feel all rosy. Nothing tragic in my history. Father died fighting like he would have wanted. Mother died I'll but long enough to say goodbye. No lost loves. No siblings." He shrugs. "Guess I've got it pretty good"
  99. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:33 PM
  100. "Rare thing now-a-days. No tragic past." She replied. "I guess it's the trauma that helps us all through this though."
  101. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:38 PM
  102. "Maybe. I seem to be doing alright." He downs another glass. Only his third. "But so do you." He was not drunk enough to follow it up with, and you look like you've had a tragic past, because he was not, contrary to popular opinion, a complete asshat.
  103. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:40 PM
  104. Unconsciously, she rubbed her left hand after he said that. "Yeah. Have to keep it pushed away to be a good Kitsuki. Emotions make my work hard."
  105. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:42 PM
  106. "Is that what they teach? Or is that your own feelings on the matter?"
  107. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:44 PM
  108. "Does it matter?"
  109. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:46 PM
  110. "Does any of this really matter? I doubt it, but I am curious. Is that wrong? Maybe, but I do not think it is."
  111. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:52 PM
  112. "Depends on what you mean by any of this. A lot of it matters."
  113. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:55 PM
  114. "If the castle is stormed tomorrow and we all die it doesn't." He nudges a glass towards her. "But that is getting away from the question."
  115. Kitsuki Shion  at 11:58 PM
  116. She moved it back towards him. "I don't drink."
  117. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:00 AM
  118. He nods, and respects that choice. But he wasn't going to let the cup go to waste. He sipped it though. Not interested in increasing his level of moderate to severe tipsy-ness
  119. Kitsuki Shion  12:04 AM
  120. "How have you been today, Tsuruchi-san?"
  121. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:07 AM
  122. His eyes narrow he had asked her something but it was hazy. "I have been well. That hole. It didn't kill us. And that one, decided to celebrate my proposal. I don't even know that it will work out. Odds are 50/50 it doesn't. She'll probably be dead before she here."
  123. Kitsuki Shion  12:09 AM
  124. "We didn't get murdered by a small hair, but we're still alive, yeah. Good to hear about your proposal, though. Hopefully the young lady will get here in perfect health."
  125. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:09 AM
  126. "I'd agree if I truly wanted to get married but, it always seems to end up badly. Look at him! He's a mess. All because of love."
  127. Kitsuki Shion  12:14 AM
  128. She nodded in agreement. "Marriage is always bad, as is love. Love makes you do stupid things and marriage is just a one-way ticket to being cheated on."
  129. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:16 AM
  130. "You sound like someone who has experience maybe not personal. Have you had to investigate stuff like that?"
  131. Kitsuki Shion  12:17 AM
  132. "In a way." She replied, her tone never changing.
  133. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:30 AM
  134. "What way? You know you're not as forthcoming as this one. But that just makes me want to know all the more."
  135. Kitsuki Shion  12:31 AM
  136. "In my way, Tsuruchi-san. Besides, if I answered everything right away, you'd lose interest quickly, ne?"
  137. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:35 AM
  138. Grumpy face, "I guess!" He throws up his hands.
  139. Kitsuki Shion  12:38 AM
  140. "Open books rarely hold the gaze of someone who is curious. Finding ways to get the information you want keeps one entertained. Like a pet, ne? Have to keep them entertained with enrichment somehow."
  141. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:39 AM
  142. Yashiro's eyes narrow again. Was she calling him a pet? "I don't like where you're going with this."
  145. Kitsuki Shion  12:40 AM
  146. "Merely trying to make sure I am understood, Tsuruchi-san. I understand that you are not a pet."
  147. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:42 AM
  148. He raised an eyebrow in what was a comical manner which wasn't what he was going for but you know tipsy. "Very well. I understand you have to keep your secrets because you are afraid that of you don't I won't be your friend anymore." maybe he missed the mark. But he was trying.
  149. Kitsuki Shion  12:49 AM
  150. "I didn't even realize we were friends in the first place." Was the monotone answer. "They aren't secrets, either. I just have no want to tell you of my life."
  151. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:54 AM
  152. "That is what makes them secrets. However, I can, see you're a master of your craft. When next we meet I won't give myself a disadvantage of being" He sloshed the bottle, "Perhaps I was keeping the fact we were friends secret from you." He says unable to hide was seems to be a slight coloring of hurt. He stand wobbly, "Unfortunately I must see this loveable bafoon home. Until we meet again." He bows and nods at some Yoritomo to help him with Kurosawa.
  153. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:55 AM
  154. Kurosawa snores like a small dump truck.
  155. Tsuruchi Yashiro  1:01 AM
  156. Yashiro nudges his head a different direction with his foot so he stops. But it makes it worse.
  157. Kitsuki Shion  1:10 AM
  158. A touch of a frown appeared on her face when she noticed the hurt in his expression. She didn't realize such a comment would do that, but it was noted for later. Friendship was something she was going to have to try and understand more in order to limit hurt feelings. Then again, he did practically tell her to go yeet herself into a hole today. Was that friendship?
  160. "Indeed, until we next meet, Tsuruchi-san. May you have a pleasant day. Be safe."
  161. Tsuruchi Yashiro  1:12 AM
  162. That was the true meaning of friendship, yeeting each other into holes. Never do that with an enemy. Yashiro bowed again, "And you as well." Yashiro will take Kurosawa back to Kurosawa's bed and set up shifts with some of his Yoritomo friends to make sure he doesn't die in his sleep.
  163. Kitsuki Shion  1:15 AM
  164. She returned the bow, but then left afterwards. Bars were not generally places she liked to spend what she now referred to as her free time, after being taught it was something everyone was supposed to have a little of.
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