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  1. <Mark-> i strongly urge you to each build ships
  2. <Mark-> only building one is so limiting
  3. <Mark-> it handcuffs you completely
  4. <Mark-> i know you say you attack with each other every night
  5. <Mark-> but thats silly
  6. <Mark-> :/
  7. <Mark-> you CAN'T team with an etd
  8. <Mark-> because you have a huge hole in your fleet
  9. <Jewid> How?
  10. <Mark-> you don't have to team with aries every single night
  11. <Mark-> targets may not be ideal for 3 people
  12. <Jewid> Speedy will be building vsh and voyager, we have everything covered
  13. <Mark-> etd and ter naturally compliment each other
  14. <Mark-> so you can't drop aries one night
  15. <Mark-> to team with an etd
  16. <Jewid> That's fine, on small targs we 2 fleet
  17. <Mark-> as you wont have either drakes or pegs
  18. <Mark-> yes but
  19. <Mark-> you dont need that 3rd fleet
  20. <Mark-> on a small target
  21. <Jewid> But we aren't trying to cap large numbers
  22. <Mark-> seems foolish to not want a large cap
  23. <Jewid> 30-50 a night max
  24. <Mark-> why limit yourself
  25. <Mark-> if you get roided
  26. <Mark-> you're screwed
  27. <Jewid> We grow value first
  28. <Mark-> with that policy
  29. <Jewid> That's why we ref whore
  30. <Jewid> So we have solid income and low roids
  31. <Mark-> having low roids
  32. <Mark-> won't win you anything
  33. <Mark-> ever
  34. <Jewid> I was top 25 in r38 doing exactly this
  35. <Mark-> top 25...
  36. <Jewid> I had so many ships people didn't want to hit our gal
  37. <Jewid> I had so many ships people didn't want to hit our gal
  38. <Jewid> Do I had millions of res sitting around
  39. <Mark-> with this strategy
  40. <Jewid> So
  41. <Mark->you're FORCED
  42. <Mark->to have 3 fleets
  43. <Mark-> attacking
  44. <Mark-> you can't do 2
  45. <Mark-> plus you leave your own planet exposed
  46. <Mark-> a semi intelligent person
  47. <Jewid> We aren't going to do two
  48. <Mark-> would see that when attacking your galaxy
  49. <Mark-> just hit the other
  50. <Mark-> or both
  51. <Mark-> with that class
  52. <Mark-> and you cant cover either
  53. <Jewid> That's why you cross def
  54. <Mark-> you can't
  55. <Mark-> if you both have the inc
  56. <Mark->you can't even fake that def
  57. <Mark-> from the other one
  58. <Jewid> If we ground fleets then we ground fleets
  59. <Mark-> as you dont have that ship
  60. <Jewid> Well see how the round plays out mate
  61. <Jewid> I'm confident in our strategy
  62. <Jewid> Its worked before
  63. <Jewid> We aren't playing hardcore, if we finish top 100 were having fun
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