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  1. LoadLibraryW("ig4icd64.dll") called from "OPENGL32.DLL" at address 0x00007FF8080C6B18.
  2. Loaded "IG4ICD64.DLL" at address 0x00007FF800390000.  Successfully hooked module.
  3. DllMain(0x00007FF800390000, DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH, 0x0000000000000000) in "IG4ICD64.DLL" called.
  4. LoadLibraryA("gdi32.dll") called from "IG4ICD64.DLL" at address 0x00007FF8007CF1FB.
  5. LoadLibraryA("gdi32.dll") returned 0x00007FF83A300000.
  6. GetProcAddress(0x00007FF83A300000 [GDI32.DLL], "D3DKMTCloseAdapter") called from "IG4ICD64.DLL" at address 0x00007FF8007CF217 and returned 0x00007FF83A307010.
  7. GetProcAddress(0x00007FF83A300000 [GDI32.DLL], "D3DKMTEscape") called from "IG4ICD64.DLL" at address 0x00007FF8007CF22E and returned 0x00007FF83A307260.
  8. GetProcAddress(0x00007FF83A300000 [GDI32.DLL], "D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromHdc") called from "IG4ICD64.DLL" at address 0x00007FF8007CF245 and returned 0x00007FF83A307540.
  9. DllMain(0x00007FF800390000, DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH, 0x0000000000000000) in "IG4ICD64.DLL" returned 1 (0x1).
  10. LoadLibraryW("ig4icd64.dll") returned 0x00007FF800390000.
  11. GetProcAddress(0x00007FF800390000 [IG4ICD64.DLL], "DrvValidateVersion") called from "OPENGL32.DLL" at address 0x00007FF8080C6C44 and returned 0x00007FF800552FE0.
  12. (and other GetProcAddress from IG4ICD64 follow)
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