guy who was a thief once x literally who B

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  1. [21:21:03] * nanashinashi flails dramatically
  2. [21:21:36] <Giantree> you can call nihi-chan for backup if things get dangerous
  3. [21:21:57] * nanashinashi licks the blade of her sword
  4. [21:22:04] * nanashinashi cuts herself
  5. [21:22:29] <nanashinashi> "good thing thongues heal quicth"
  6. [21:23:01] <Trickster_Edwin> After Nanashi nearly got herself killed last time, Edwin wanted to talk with the swordswoman once more. So that's what he did! "Hey, miss! Uh, c- Whoa, lemme help you there." He takes out his Heal staff, and lightly taps it on the nameless swordswoman's head. "Could you try not cutting yourself?"
  7. [21:23:21] <Giantree> ps if you weren't doing a support this is when i would have nihi come in and stop the blood directly
  8. [21:23:25] <Giantree> with her mouth
  9. [21:23:35] <Trickster_Edwin> Nah, go ahead.
  10. [21:23:36] <Giantree> unfortunately for that notion, you are
  11. [21:23:41] <nanashinashi> w-woah
  12. [21:23:51] <Giantree> >taking me seriously
  13. [21:23:53] <Giantree> stop that you fool
  14. [21:23:56] <Giantree> go on
  15. [21:23:59] <nanashinashi> this is dangerous
  16. [21:24:32] <nanashinashi> "also thanks"
  17. [21:24:38] <nanashinashi> "I didn't think I'd actually cut myself
  18. [21:25:18] <nanashinashi> "the cool mercenaries in my illustrated storybooks never cut themselves when they lick their swords"
  19. [21:26:13] <Trickster_Edwin> Edwin allows his other hand to forcibly reunite with his forehead. "... I see. Well, I know you're... sorta the kind of person to just not care if you're in danger, but... okay, I actually have nothing... wait, where did you learn how to use a sword?"
  20. [21:27:11] <nanashinashi> "I was born with a sword in my hand..."
  21. [21:27:19] <nanashinashi> "As a child, the steel was my only friend..."
  22. [21:27:37] <nanashinashi> "also my dad tought me a few things"
  23. [21:33:03] <Trickster_Edwin> What. Wow. Huh? Okay, she's pretty weird. Edwin... isn't much more weirder, though! "And I... I was but a young lad when fate had conscripted me as the Phantom☆Thief, the one who fights within the shadows for the people!" Why is that star. "However, I have since abandoned my title, for someone has out-stolen me."
  24. [21:34:05] <nanashinashi> "somebody stole your title huh?"
  25. [21:34:18] <nanashinashi> "I also, have had had something stolen from me..."
  26. [21:34:38] <Giantree> yeah your humanity
  27. [21:34:48] <nanashinashi> not that
  28. [21:34:54] <Giantree> hhehehe
  29. [21:35:04] <Trickster_Edwin> "Huh? Really?" In the dark about this.
  30. [21:35:36] <Trickster_Edwin> Was it her heart? Was it her virginity? Was it... her favorite sword? "Was it... something precious to you?"
  31. [21:35:50] <nanashinashi> "It name.........."
  32. [21:35:53] <nanashinashi> "..."
  33. [21:36:15] <Trickster_Edwin> Oh. "Oh. How?"
  34. [21:37:02] <nanashinashi> "...uh"
  35. [21:37:09] <nanashinashi> " see"
  36. [21:37:33] <nanashinashi> "you remember those invisible bandits?"
  37. [21:38:07] * nanashinashi seems to have forgotten the official story
  38. [21:38:30] <Trickster_Edwin> "... sort of. Go on."
  39. [21:38:44] <nanashinashi> "they uh, they took my name"
  40. [21:38:48] <nanashinashi> "right out of my head"
  41. [21:39:36] <Trickster_Edwin> "... I don't know whether to believe you, or not to. But uh... sorry about what happened."
  42. [21:40:09] <nanashinashi> "thank you, you're very compassionate..."
  43. [21:40:40] <nanashinashi> "anyway I need to find them and steal it back"
  44. [21:41:56] <Trickster_Edwin> "As one who gives to others by taking, I must do what I can for my comrades," A more determined look in his face, Edwin offers a hand to the dragon knight. "We'll get you back your name. I promise that!"
  45. [21:42:47] <nanashinashi> "your assistance is appreciated..."
  46. [21:43:02] * nanashinashi wipes a nonexistant tear from her eye
  47. [21:48:31] <Trickster_Edwin> > Nanashi and Edwin attained a Support Rank of B!
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