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  1. Haunter! (NaP): I get it, you start talking shit about me and then ban me for abuse.  I get the joke, it's funny because you're an angry kid in highschool that's staying up late instead of studying for that math test he has tomorrow.
  2. Metzger Wickersham :3: lol, more like all you do is troll this server without anyone stopping you
  3. Haunter! (NaP): When have I ever trolled the server?
  4. Haunter! (NaP): Name one time
  5. Metzger Wickersham :3: ahahahahahahhahahahahahaha
  6. Haunter! (NaP): How creative, you can't think of a single time so you type laughter
  7. Metzger Wickersham :3: more like there are so many instances of you absolutely doing nothing but trolling the server
  8. Metzger Wickersham :3: how you comment after every kill someone gets against you
  9. Haunter! (NaP): You mean like everyone else on the server?
  10. Metzger Wickersham :3: lol no
  11. Haunter! (NaP): You're going to have to try harder than that
  12. Haunter! (NaP): Now, I can understand that you're upset about me calling you a shitty admin, but you gotta learn to not let things get to you so much.
  13. Metzger Wickersham :3: lol, more like your mad i actually did my job and kicked you out until you stop being so immature about everything in this game
  14. Haunter! (NaP): That's funny, I get the joke
  15. Haunter! (NaP): You ban me because you're mad about me not being mad
  16. Metzger Wickersham :3: lol
  17. Metzger Wickersham :3: i banned you cause you were being annoying on purpose. it's only for an hour
  18. Metzger Wickersham :3: goto sleep and cool off haha
  19. Haunter! (NaP): -I- was being annoying by sitting there and letting you continue to talk shit?
  20. Metzger Wickersham :3: you were being annoying by purposely trying to troll
  21. Haunter! (NaP): That's pretty classy.  I can see why a level-headed individual like yourself was given admin on the server
  22. Haunter! (NaP): I wasn't even trolling
  23. Metzger Wickersham :3: LOL
  24. Haunter! (NaP): That's what makes this so funny
  25. Haunter! (NaP): YOU start talking shit, YOU get angry that I don't let you bate me, YOU ban be for abuse while YOU continue to talk shit
  26. Haunter! (NaP): Funny
  27. Metzger Wickersham :3: it's even funnier that you were trolling, and got raped. if you were trolling me, you'd leave it as is, and come back tomorrow to continue to troll.
  28. Haunter! (NaP): I was never trolling, that's what makes this so funny
  29. Haunter! (NaP): You seriously believe that all I do is troll
  30. Haunter! (NaP): so even when I'm not trolling you, you're getting troll, right?
  31. Haunter! (NaP): Seriously kid, you really should try to act more mature when you are given a minor responsiblity, you shouldn't just fly off the handle when you're called out of doing a shitty job
  32. Metzger Wickersham :3: haha, you think im mad at you for calling me something im not? you take this notion that i'm a bad admin, when i do my job lol. you're the only person on the server who thinks that way. minus ironfist and he's just as much of a stupid jew as you are hahaha
  33. Haunter! (NaP): Metzger, just calm down and grow up man.  I know you're angry about your friend hacking and people calling him out on it.  I empathize, but that isn't the way you should handle the situation, nor is trying to talk shit about someone that's just casually playing the game at 3am and then banning them because you, for whatever reason, think their trying to troll by sitting there and letting you be abusive.
  34. Haunter! (NaP): You're just painting yourself to be more and more in the wrong here
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