DS3 Boss Rush Mod

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  1. Kill Wyvern
  2. Kill Yhorm
  3. Bone Back
  4. 33 Dex, Sell Yhorm Soul, Buy 12 Titanite and 12 Large shards,2 Chunks, Sharp Gem, 2 shields +7 Twinblades, Sharp Gem Infuse
  5. Bone
  6. Kill Wolnir (3-4-3)
  7. Kill Deacons (6 L1's)
  8. Kill Greatwood, Pop Deacon Soul, Pop Wolnir Soul
  9. Bone Back
  10. 12 End, 39 Dex,Buy 12 GPR, 12 Bundles, 1 Bleed, 1 Poison and Rings (Lloyds Sword, Prisoners, Hunter Ring, Right Eye),
  11. Kill Pontiff (Equip all ring but Prisoner, Parry, Rip, 2L1's, Parry, RIP, 3 L1's, Pop Greatwood Soul, Equip Prisoners Chain
  12. Kill Aldrich (x2 Bundle) Pop Pontiff Soul
  13. Kill Dancer (Use Resin) Pop Aldrich Soul
  14. Bone Back
  15. 10 Chunks, Slab +10 Twinblades
  16. Kill Gundyr (Parry, 2L1's) Pop Dancer Soul
  17. Kill Vordt (Use Bundle, 4 L1's)
  18. Kill Watchers (Use Resin) Pop Vordt Soul
  19. Kill Sage (Use Bundle, 4 L1's) Pop Watcher Soul
  20. Kill ODK (Use Bundle 5-3-2) Keep Popping after bosses
  21. Kill Ocerios (Resin)
  22. Kill Gundyr (Bundle)
  23. Kill Nameless (Resin)
  24. Kill DragonSlayer (Bundle)
  25. Kill Princes (Resin)
  26. Bone Back
  27. Level 19Vig 29End 48Dex
  28. Kill Halflight (Resin)
  29. Kill Gravetender (Resin)
  30. Kill Friede (x2 Resin)
  31. Kill Princes (Resin + Bleed Resin)
  32. Kill Midir (Rest of Bundles)
  33. Kill Gael (Poison Resin + Resin)
  34. Kill Cinder (Resin)
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