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Draco's Rant on Draft's De-badging

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Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. @FinalDraftEFN
  2. Who needs a bullshit convention like @babsconsf who hire contract leakers and deal in back-door drama? I'd rather have MRSA.
  4. @OsakaJack @EverfreeNetwork
  5. I welcome it because I don't shy away from daring people to try and then reporting them to the police/FBI
  7. @FinalDraftEFN @babsconsf
  8. Good thing I decided to work instead, I dare a legal company (convention) to threaten me, they'll regret doing so.
  10. @FinalDraftEFN
  11. Justice is blind, you have to let her keep running into the wall to figure out where the door is.
  13. @OsakaJack
  14. Don't let those idiots get to you man, they think they're funny but I think I'm going to take action on them this year.
  16. @toonboy92484 @Ahmed_Zainal
  17. We got booted out fo Babscon for trying to use our media passes to interview people.
  19. @DaisyAzuras @BrowncoatPony
  20. The rules I see are as follows: Seems like there are no rules against it.
  22. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @finaldraft
  23. If interviewing is against rules, why does it say different here:
  24. I highly doubt, especially since I know him, he would push an interview on someone that said no
  25. Especially since most of the guests are comfortable with talking to him.
  27. @LeekFish @KibbieTheGreat
  28. Oh, so interviewing is against the rules with a media pass? Did PVL get the same treatment? Doubt it.
  30. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @finaldraft
  31. He doesn't control panels, they request him infact I was around when they asked him to do it at CG '12
  32. If he did something stupid he wouldn't be making a stink out of it.
  34. @LeekFish @KibbieTheGreat
  35. So he has to have the Con's permission to get interviews?
  36. According to the legal document, aka the website, he has to ask the guests for permission, not the con.
  38. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @finaldraft
  39. Yeah I doubt it since I attended cons in '13 as well and he was asked by guests and con staff
  41. @LeekFish @KibbieTheGreat
  42. Uh huh, so if he was declined for interview I know he stops asking if they say no so where is this documented?
  44. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @finaldraft
  45. Hasn't given me a reason to not believe him in 2 years of working here. Babscon hires contract leakers
  46. So? We're on friendly terms with most guests and that's a bad thing? Preconceived notions everywhere
  47. Really? I like to hear who because we all talk to each other! You're funny as hell! #NotReally
  48. Seems like to me you just have an axe to grind and want to believe he's a bad guy without knowing him.
  49. "We have names but won't name them" aka Bullshit.
  50. Then prove it with evidence. I've been at these cons and seen what happens.
  51. You claim he pushed his way into panels and I know that's bull. I watched staff ask him last minute
  52. You claim he's a bad guy, yet you provide zero evidence, must be nice to be baseless.
  53. Make sure you cite sources because I bet 9/10 of them are PVL/Obsidian Winter lies
  54. I work at EFN, your point? You work with PVL it seems does that mean you're infallible?
  55. Uh wrong, the con wanted to spend less money on resources, which is the same for Fiesta and EFNW
  56. Wrong again, I'm very unbiased when it comes to information. So far it's Babscon breaking contract
  58. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @HorseNewsMLP
  59. Yes, because Horse News isn't ran by ANYONE at PVL/EFN hating, you're right.
  61. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @FinalDraftEFN
  62. Free? Wrong, costs money to get internet at a convention space, about a $1000 per day.
  63. Also costs the lost of attendee space, think about 3 attendees per media pass and camera used.
  65. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @HorseNewsMLP
  66. There you go, so why trust a DAMN thing you say?
  68. @PrivateStampede @LeekFish @KibbieTheGreat
  69. That hasn't been an issue in any con so far with our group, this one is ran by PVL and now it is?
  70. Not stated in your contract online, might want to check yourself before getting sued.
  72. @ThePerlerPony @rappafoin @FinalDraftEFN
  73. Still waiting on proof Tabloid writer. There isn't standing room at a lot of big events.
  75. @PrivateStampede @LeekFish @KibbieTheGreat
  76. Didn't assume your rules were the same, they are printed identically though and print is law.
  77. I'm not like @FinalDraftEFN, if this would've happened to me, we'd be in court tomorrow.
  78. and I'm sorry your policy states otherwise.
  80. @Featherprop @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  81. Oh so the con didn't post their media rules clearly in print?
  83. I'm beginning to think this fandom has a problem with legal contracts and company responsibility. is a legal contract
  85. @Featherprop @jadieko
  86. We don't do exclusive contracts when we send the initial one out, cons push for it to save money on resources like net
  88. I think I'm going to pull back from working with Cons to have a better game room/game panels in the future if this crap keeps up.
  90. @ThunderH3art @Featherprop @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  91. Reserve the right to, but only to one group and not even breaking rules. Good coppout
  93. @DaisyAzuras @BrowncoatPony
  94. Too bad I don't see Draft or anyone on our team harassing any guests. We're better than that.
  96. It's sad that people who think @FinalDraftEFN or anyone at @EverfreeNetwork would harass guests or attendees, guess PVL is butthurt today
  98. @ThunderH3art @Featherprop @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  99. True, but still rather shady in the scheme of things since they want to be a business.
  100. Then it shouldn't be on their site if they didn't embrace it as a company.
  102. @DaisyAzuras
  103. PT dug her own grave, Draft is being ridiculed by people that don't have the balls to do it in person or want a cheap Jew joke.
  105. @ThunderH3art @Featherprop @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  106. Okay then it's their contract as well to the media, so basically they broke their own.
  107. Prior approval by the guests was stated, approval by biased people on staff wasn't.
  108. While I agree with you, i's still a binding contract that, if me, I'd sue.
  110. @DaisyAzuras
  111. PVL makes fun of him for having Jewish decent.
  113. @ThunderH3art @Featherprop @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  114. Technically they're contract does with any attendee and the con is liable for.
  115. 1.) it's basic business, 2.) Consumer holds more power than companies.
  116. Actually, you do have rights and they cannot legally without rule breakage.
  117. Try it, bet they run out of money before an attendee since they don't budget for legal
  118. Wrong, written agreement is their site badge policy.
  119. The con is a BUSINESS, it takes in money as profit, whether it pays employees or not.
  120. This isn'ta company barbeque, it's a business venture
  121. for a legal reason, you can be sued for it. McDonald's has the same policy.
  122. Wrong, they only make the very basic rules like what is allowed in the space.
  123. Then it's a stupid business venture, that has legal issues.
  124. Doubt it, many people have won against them.
  125. I am too, as talking legalities with people unknowing isn't fun
  126. Hyatt isn't affected as it wasn't the company that provided the rules, BABScon is.
  128. @DaisyAzuras
  129. What punishment would they do, the idiots would still spout crap and lies would run rampant. I'm tired of letting them do so.
  130. they seem to like listening to them from the twitter accusations flying around. Even Osaka was attacked
  131. he let's emotions out in the wrong way but I can't blame him after the crap he's been through.
  132. he is and the negative drama are from our "competitors" that can't compete with quality so they run their mouths
  133. After what Tinker has said about my friends and the stupid crap she's done she can't make amends.
  134. if you want more of the story I can skype, but I'm running out of data doing this today
  135. I have watched their stream vs ours and I can tell you they have a lot to learn
  136. and the muffin monarchy. It's human nature, but I drew my line in the sand last year after LPU and what was said.
  137. okay, meh I can go over a bit. I know it's Easter reason I'm ticked people are acting this way as well as the amount of crap
  139. @Featherprop @ThunderH3art @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  140. Any attendee including media has a right to be allowed entrance as long as rules arent
  141. broken, we followed rules and got booted. Right to deny only works when being unlawful
  143. @DaisyAzuras
  144. I don't love bigotry, I won't tolerate it either. Tolerance let them do and say what they want and people believe them
  146. @Featherprop @ThunderH3art @KibbieTheGreat @LeekFish
  147. so yes, if Draft wanted to, according to the media waiver, be legal about this.
  148. they sign a contract they are allowed to attend while following all rules and guidelines they consent to upon taking the badges
  149. the con also agrees to liability of legal action based upon contract acceptance and cancelation unlawfully.
  150. just like walking into McDonald's with your ex working the counter, she can't deny you based on the break up
  151. you sign one by accepting the badge
  152. wrong, if that were true then extra rules would not be needed
  153. someone who works for the company already partnered company cannot be abided by the same rules as a customer
  154. there are separate rules for customers, attendees only have to abide by basic rules Media have extra
  155. independent contractors are partnerships and have legal rights to protect them from events like this
  156. okay so they aren't legally enforced? So they are attendees? How does that work in the real world?
  157. try that at ComicCon with SpikeTV and see what happens, court proceedings would ensue due to conflict of interest
  158. wrong is an agreement between companies provide coverage for a free badge
  159. they do not have the exclusive contract therefore multiple media personnel are there from different companies
  160. we are never volunteer we are asked to do coverage
  161. I guarantee you know rule was broken I know these people personally
  162. the con has a conflict of interest. As obsidian winter has a personal grudge with efn and is in upper management
  163. according to the media page media passes grant all access permission of guests and attendees to be interviewed
  164. upon permission of the interviewee
  165. wrong but there is no arbitration or liability clause either so it's a weak document. Ejection must be legal
  166. I don't see proof of the denial and report of interview just PVL people with axes to grind
  167. didn't say guaranteed but it does guarantee legal recourse if the ejection is illegal
  168. post is a legal binding document if you don't know that you don't know business 101
  169. is guaranteed by California state law and United States law to be sued if you break legal contract
  170. You don't have to own the convention to know law. Any business owner can tell you that
  171. anything purchased a receipt by that website for any reason for any purpose is a legal binding and can be enforced by law
  172. actually you do not need to be a lawyer just need to know how to f****** read
  173. says its not civil is cancer between two companies there be taken to a different status of law
  174. the guaranteed to be sued means if you break it you can and will be sued and you are liable
  175. just like any court of law any point if a que the convention in this would have to prove that something was broken first
  176. I'll be sure to charge a lawyer rate a thousand dollars an hour
  177. basic business and non - profit laws. All gift and purchases are contracted based on use. Like a ToS on a game
  178. World of War craft was sued and lost as the right to deny service isn't enforceable
  179. however as a convention is a business and so is EFN a district court would decide not civil
  180. con policy says the guest has to approve not.the con so therefor if a guest had an issue from what I know
  181. of efn people they would ask and stop at no. We dont.push ourselves on people like other outlets
  182. the legalese on the site is a binding contract according to federal law and can be sent to court
  183. however Draft is too nice and wouldn't, I however am a stern businessman and learned laws to
  184. protect my group from being unlawfully ejected or denied what was written beforehand
  186. @iam_smithers @AurumNoble @NashEFN @judacris
  187. in this the con has to prove the reason was legal as media passes come with the ability to c
  188. interview upon request of the guest/attendee.
  189. when you accuse you have to prove lawful contract breakage or be subjected to legal recourse
  190. they're a company, they have only the right to deny service based on legal/safety reasons
  191. a PVL staff member revoking isn't conflict of interest? I'll let the VA District court know.
  192. and that act is specifically for consumer business relations not inter business issues
  193. no but doing what they did and doing nothing let's them continue to do so
  194. ah but there was, con passes past 5 for media were paid for.
  195. and obsidian winter is super against efn, even illegally posting sealed contracts online
  196. multiple PVL people are on staff.
  197. doesn't have to be, at least one company related to the staff is
  198. the con is made to make money.
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