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Apr 19th, 2011
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  1. Kylesky - Sonic Distortion
  2. Pretty neat. Graphic blurring sucks, you had lots of time to clean up your entry, why didn't you? Instant game over colliding with enemies was lame as hell, considering you had to point blank them for score. Danmaku was meh, you could've put more variety in to it rather than try to pump out three full stages of repeated patterns.
  3. 6/10
  5. Naut - Assballs
  6. Fucking piece of shit
  7. 0/10
  9. Thaws - ZXC
  10. Multitasking was difficult as balls. Danmaku was cool, but you ruined it with the zxc mechanic :( Things also lasted forever when you're trying to type kill them, you were better off either removing the dodging or removing the type killing.
  11. 7/10
  13. Azure - Duality
  14. More multitasking entries. A little more forgiving than ZXC, thankfully. The extra modes were awesome, but the danmaku was random as balls and not varied enough. Your entry would've benefited greatly from different types of enemies, maybe even bosses. Great looks as always.
  15. 8/10
  17. Helepolis - Mikkols
  18. y u no finish, also dq
  19. -10/10
  21. Drake - Dodgeplz
  22. y u no finish, plz finish
  23. 3/10
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