Riches Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction Suffering Run!

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  1. For my play through of Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction, I have been planning on doing two different runs (that may combine into one) where I complete the game with less than 5 duel losses [not including post game if requested] or do not use card codes at the password machine in Yugi's grandpa's card shop. The cards I can potentially receive from the shop are placed in randomly, so there is no guarantee I ever get some of the cards I search for. In addition, the reward system in this game is very stingy toward power, so effect monsters are going to be my ticket to succeed in this play through. To give an idea on what I would like my deck to look like throughout the game, here is a list of cards I would gladly add to my deck if the cards became available.
  3. Any low cost Tribute Monsters (these help out immensely for when my deck cost is really pinched)
  5. -Hourglass of Life x3 (Depending on how many duels I have against Duke Devlin, this is fairly easily attainable)
  6. -Fiend's Hand x3 (I would love to have 3 copies of this card through the entire game, but honestly I'm probably lucky to get 1)
  7. -Ancient Lamp x3 (I want to have at least 1 copy & the duelist level to put this in my deck before Marik)
  8. -Beckon to Darkness x3 (1 in deck at beginning of game, 1 often comes in the shop, 1 I can win off early/mid game duelists)
  9. -Darkness Approaches x3 (Fairly common cards to win early game, not so lucky with getting it this run)
  10. -Infinite Dismissal x3 (I may get lucky & buy 1 from the shop early game, otherwise I need to win this card off of Esp Roba)
  11. -Baby Dragon x2 (Good mid-game card, I will EXP grind against Joey to potentially get these)
  12. -Time Wizard x2 (Gimmicky with Baby Dragon, often can pull me out of a bad situation)
  13. -Trap Master x1 (This card is fairly common in the shop, but finding more than one presents a challenge)
  14. -Mammoth Graveyard x1 (I already got this in my current run, takes luck from the card shop to get 1)
  15. -Newdoria x1 (I never see people get this card before Marik, but if you do, you're a lucky SoB)
  16. -Hoshinengen or Witch's Apprentice x2 (There are a few duelists that could hand out this card, sometimes 1 is sold in the shop)
  17. -Beastking of the Swamps x1 (Depending on the situation & my luck, I could EXP grind against Mako & get 3 copies)
  18. -Doron or Toad Master x1 (Toad Master often sold in the shop, worse but more common Doron)
  19. -Witch of the Black Forest x1 (only 2 early game duelists to my knowledge hand out this card)
  20. -Revival Jam x1 (Late game shop & potentially Marik reward)
  21. -Dark Eyes Illusionist, The Unhappy Maiden, Thousand Eyes Idol & Zone Eater (however many are needed for deck cost)
  23. There are other magic & trap cards I could end up cycling through my deck, but these cards are going to be common sights on the runs.
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