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Log Twenty-Three: House Investigation

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Apr 29th, 2013
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  1. <Gustbran>
  2. <Wits> Dirk has asked you all, and a guard grog, to take a look at the house of Libon, an amateur Apollonian priest who's gone missing
  3. <Gustbran> (hehe)
  4. <Bashir> (hehe and here I thought it would be Libon's house you linked to...)
  5. <Wits> You're gathered at the house near the outer rim of the disk
  6. <Gustbran> (that's me, anyone know where that is?)
  7. <Fishy> (Land of spearing and chocking)
  8. <Wits> It's built of dried clay bricks, in a moderate state of disrepair
  9. <Wits> The outer rim is where the poorer folks tend to live - it's farther away from everything
  10. <Dirk> "Just to remember we look here for a reason why Laibon beside a vew other vanished what now resoult in a anti mage and chrisitan movement of the people of this quarter"
  11. <Wits> Here's what you see standing on the street outside of the building
  12. <Wits>
  13. <Wits> The thinner line is a wall
  14. <Wits> You are standing at the lower end of the pic
  15. <Wits> The triangle is the only door to the building
  16. <Wits> The door is actually in a wall that encloses a little garden, about 2,5 meters high
  17. * Bashir looks at the house with some doubts
  18. <Bashir> "Maybe he just moved?"
  19. <Wits> The door is shut
  20. <Dirk> Do they have a bell?
  21. <Wits> Yeah, there's a small metal bell by the door
  22. <Dirk> "He is not the only one who is reported to gone missed in the last weeks"
  23. * Bashir in a low voice
  24. <Bashir> "maybe they all moved"
  25. <Dirk> "But we start with him because he have the bigest influence over others"
  26. <Fishy> "Moved? Where? Fishy~?" In a normal voice
  27. <Dirk> "moved without telling anyone and apearing in any other place?"
  28. * Bashir shrugs
  29. <Wits> The house is like the left one here:
  30. <Fishy> "Oh yes, just like us fishes migrate to other sea in different seasons, fishy~"
  31. <Bashir> (a neat house :) )
  32. <Wits> Bashir: Antonius told you about people going missing, most of them in the hyperborean quarter
  33. <Bashir> (sec, someone at the door)
  34. <Wits> Ok, what do you do?
  35. <Dirk> "Also isn't it a bit late to complain that I initataed a investigation?"
  36. * Dirk rings the bell
  37. <Wits> You wait a while, but nothing happens
  38. <Bashir> (back)
  39. <Wits> Looks like no-one is coming
  40. <Wits> You press at the door slightly, but it seemes to be barred or locked soehow
  41. <Dirk> (it is out of wood?)
  42. <Wits> Yes. A fairly sturdy wooden door
  43. <Dirk> (Ok then I can open it with no much problem ^^)
  44. <Bashir> "I am not complaining" [looks at the house with a hint of fear]
  45. <Gustbran> "I don't like the look of this place!:
  46. <Gustbran> "
  47. <Wits> Taitale isn't with you by the way - Dirk invited him, but he hasn't shown up yet at least
  48. <Dirk> "Ok I open the door step back"
  49. <Fishy> "Is okay, big man. Fishy~~"
  50. <Fishy> "Fishy will protect you, fishy~"
  51. * Bashir takes a few steps back
  52. * Gustbran is already back
  53. * Dirk use Pass the Unyielding Poral
  54. <Wits> Ok, do you need to roll? How does it work?
  55. <Bashir> "He was the leader of a local religion, wasn't he?"
  56. <Dirk> (Its a spell I have as rote so no casting roll)
  57. <Fishy> (aww)
  58. <Wits> Ok, do you break the door in so doing?
  59. <Gustbran> (was almost ready to bust down the door too. :()
  60. <Dirk> "He wasn't a priest as fare I gatered but he made a lot of cummunity work in the Name of Apollo"
  61. <Fishy> (I'm sure you are)
  62. <Dirk> (Yes it breaks the door but I try with as minimum damage as possible. its ArM5 137)
  63. <Wits> As you work on the door, Dirk, you realize it was barred from the inside
  64. <Wits> You manage to open it without trouble
  65. <Wits> You enter a little yard with vegetable gardens
  66. <Bashir> (the spell makes the wood pliable, so it isn't really breaking it down, muto herbam)
  67. <Gustbran> (should have just let me at it!)
  68. <Wits> The gardens are well treated, which seems strange considering that by all accounts Libon has been missing for half a year at least
  69. <Dirk> (btw Dirk only muble a vew words and then the door breaks open)
  70. <Gustbran> (!)
  71. <Wits> There are two doors from here: One leads to a small building on the right, and another to a two-storey building at the back
  72. <Dirk> (Do we know if he haved family?)
  73. <Gustbran> (My internal warning sensor is flashing red!)
  74. <Wits> Added the doors on the scribbled. Dirk: Nobody has mentioned family
  75. * Dirk Shout in Hyperborean "Hello someone here?"
  76. * Bashir smells one of the flowers (if applicable)
  77. <Wits> You get no response
  78. <Wits> Yeah, there are some weed flowers scattered among the fruit
  79. * Gustbran says the same as dirk in latin.
  80. <Wits> But it's quite utilitarian, nothing pretty or fancy purposefully planted
  81. <Wits> The grog you brought with you tries the doors, but they seem to be barred or locked as well
  82. <Fishy> (dirk)
  83. <Bashir> "You can say what you wish, but having a garden the well kept is wonderful"
  84. * Dirk close the outer door and profesory fix it so its not that visible from the outside that it is broken
  85. <Wits> There are a few windows in the upper storey of the bigger guilding that let into the yeard
  86. <Bashir> (are they open?)
  87. <Wits> Dirk: Roll something for that, finesse + int
  88. <Gustbran> (they're windows, smashy smashy!)
  89. <Wits> Bashir: No, hey are shuttered
  90. <Wits> Wooden shutters, and too high for Gus to bashy :D
  91. <Fishy> (I'm not sure glass window is invented yet)
  92. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+3 (Dex+Woodcarfing)
  93. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Dex+Woodcarfing): 5 :2+3
  94. <Wits> Ok, the door looks pretty twisted, but if you didn't take a look at it you might not know
  95. <Gustbran> "Wow, the door almost looks like ol' max anus right there!"
  96. <Wits> Still no way to get in, unfortunately :)
  97. * Gustbran points at a part of the door!
  98. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+20 (Fixing the shape with a known spell)
  99. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Fixing the shape with a known spell): 30 :10+20
  100. <Dirk> (No stress die)
  101. <Gustbran> (lol)
  102. <Wits> (So you have smoething that reduces the nbumber of stress die to 0?)
  103. <Fishy> (when did dirk become the housing expert)
  104. <Dirk> (No its a known spell in no stress situation so no Stress die rolling
  105. <Dirk> (its a normal die)
  106. <Wits> (Ok)
  107. <Wits> Dirk isn't happy with the twisted door and fixes it - it's better than new now
  108. <Bashir> (Does the wall look climb-able?)
  109. <Bashir> (As in, if we opened the shutters, could a small fellow slip in at the top floor?)
  110. <Wits> Well, it's made of uneven clay tiles and quite crumbled, so if you were good enough, maybe
  111. <Wits> Bashir: Yeah, the windows are big enough
  112. * Gustbran looks among the garden for a tasty snack!
  113. <Dirk> (Any Herbs I might have seen already? ... but Dirk have nor assotiated skill)
  114. <Wits> You find some turnips
  115. <Bashir> "Do you suppose we could open the shutters?"
  116. * Fishy swims around the garden
  117. <Wits> Dirk: Yeah, there are herbs, even quite a lot of them, but you can't recognize them
  118. <Bashir> "Oh, fish, can you... swim up and nudge a shutter open?"
  119. <Dirk> "Dont trample this herbs down! If I find time I look what they do ^^"
  120. <Fishy> "I could try, fishy~"
  121. <Wits> Ok, roll str Fishy
  122. * Fishy swims up and nudge, nudge, nudge
  123. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+5
  124. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 6 :1+5
  125. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  126. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 9
  127. <Wits> (Haha)
  128. <Fishy> 23
  129. <Fishy> hurr
  130. <Wits> (Does Fishy have 5 str? :D)
  131. <Fishy> (I have Hands of the Magical Animal power)
  132. <Wits> (ah, ok :)
  133. <Bashir> (I swear, fishy have all kinds of luck...)
  134. <Fishy> (which count as +5 for str)
  135. <Wits> Yea, Fishy pries the shutters open easily - they were just held in place by a latch of sorts
  136. <Fishy> (manipulate and carry an item as if it had human hands)
  137. * Bashir tries to scale the wall and slip in the window
  138. <Wits> Ok, roll for that
  139. <Bashir> (thats an athletics isn't it?)
  140. * Gustbran grabs a turnip!
  141. <Wits> Yeah
  142. <Dirk> (Isnt climb seperate?)
  143. <Wits> (Is it?, wait a sec)
  144. <Fishy> (that would be dumb)
  145. <Wits> (not in the main book at least)
  146. <Wits> We'll go with athletics
  147. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+5 (add 4 if dex is applicable)
  148. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (add 4 if dex is applicable): 14 :9+5
  149. <Wits> Yeah, dex is applicable and you climb in like there wasn't even a wall there - quite impressively
  150. <Wits> Are you trying to be stealthy or not?
  151. <Dirk> (So fishy opened us the next door?)
  152. <Wits> (Fishy opened one of the window shutters)
  153. <Wits> (They are on the 2nd floor)
  154. <Bashir> (on the way up? naa)
  155. <Dirk> (ohh ok)
  156. <Wits> (See the pic)
  157. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  158. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 6
  159. <Fishy> (we are going in from window)
  160. <Wits> Bashir: You're in a bedroom/scribe's workplace combo
  161. <Bashir> [calls out to the others] "I'll open the door, hang on"
  162. <Wits> There's a bed on the left, and notes scattered throughout - there's also a desk, and a case that holds papers that have been bound with leather straps
  163. <Wits> There's a wooden ladder on the right that leads down
  164. <Bashir> (anything immediately out of place? otherwise I'll proceed to find a way down)
  165. <Bashir> (ah sweet, you are a faster typer than me :p )
  166. * Bashir climbs down
  167. <Dirk> "I wonder who shut the doors from within the house?"
  168. <Wits> Ok, Bashir, roll perception + awareneess
  169. * Bashir tries to open the door
  170. <Dirk> "Either there is someone still living here or Laibon died in his house when he haved everything closed"
  171. <Bashir> !roll 1d10
  172. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 6
  173. <Wits> (No bonus?)
  174. <Bashir> (none apparently, I could have sworn I had it though)
  175. <Dirk> "But then the first investigation would have opened the house at last"
  176. <Wits> !roll 1d10-1
  177. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7 :8-1
  178. <Wits> !roll 1d10+4
  179. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 13 :9+4
  180. <Fishy> (btw fishy have Premonitions )
  181. <Wits> As you head for the door, someone grabs you from behind, presses an axeblade on your chin, and says "Stop right there, thief"
  182. <Bashir> (Will try to see if I made a mistake when I wrote it down, but lets assume Bashir has no awareness ^^)
  183. * Bashir stops right there
  184. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (Awearness to hear the inside conversation)
  185. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Awearness to hear the inside conversation): 2
  186. <Dirk> (not me ^^)
  187. <Wits> Can't hear anything
  188. <Wits> "What are you doing here?"
  189. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10 (same as dirk.)
  190. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (same as dirk.): 9
  191. <Fishy> (Isn't fishy still hanging outside the window?)
  192. <Wits> Can't hear either - he's not talking very loudly
  193. <Wits> Yeah, fishy is by the second story window
  194. <Bashir> "I came to investigate some missing people - the city guard is outside"
  195. <Dirk> (if he takes to long the next door get broken ;) )
  196. <Bashir> (no faith :p )
  197. <Wits> Bashir: Roll presence + leadership (or something else if you have sth appropriate)
  198. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2 (no leadership, and guile is hardly appropriate..)
  199. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (no leadership, and guile is hardly appropriate..): 4 :2+2
  200. <Bashir> (damnit!)
  201. <Dirk> (Btw nice bright daylight do we have outside ^^)
  202. <Wits> "Yeah, sure. We
  203. <Bashir> (Yes, the weather here is WONDERFUL)
  204. <Wits> "You're here to pillage Libon's house now that he's gone, aren't you."
  205. * Bashir swallows
  206. <Bashir> "No no."
  207. <Wits> "Give me a reason why I should't split your throat and throw you over the edge."
  208. <Bashir> (can I try a folk ken this guy? :p )
  209. <Wits> Sure
  210. <Gustbran> (it's kinda cold and muggy here.)
  211. <Fishy> (cold here)
  212. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2
  213. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 8 :6+2
  214. <Dirk> shouting "Bashir how long do you need to open the door? If you not hurry I open it"
  215. * Bashir doesn't reply
  216. <Bashir> "Please sir, my friends are with the city watch, I just came to help find Liabon"
  217. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  218. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 5
  219. <Wits> Bashir: You get a sense that he's quite young, but he does seem to be quite serious with the split your throat thing
  220. <Gustbran> (lol)
  221. <Wits> You think he probably really thinks you're a thief
  222. <Bashir> (If I survive then I will never tell the truth again...)
  223. <Wits> "There are more of you, eh. Better that I have a hostage then."
  224. <Wits> (haha)
  225. <Fishy> "How you doing there, fishy? Found anything yet, fishy?"
  226. <Wits> He shouts: "Want to open the door, eh, burglars? Well show me how it's done, then. I've got your man waiting for you right here."
  227. <Dirk> "Hmm no answear? Then the something happened!"
  228. * Bashir grimaces
  229. <Bashir> "For all we knew no one lived here. Who are you?"
  230. <Gustbran> (did we hear that part!?)
  231. <Bashir> (unless you are still a bit hung over... *cough* )
  232. <Wits> Yeah, you all heard him
  233. <Fishy> (I forgot I still have fatigue -1)
  234. <Dirk> (You have a bad hangouver fishy ^^)
  235. <Wits> "I'm Philippus, and I'm looking out for this place in Libon's absence. So think again, thief."
  236. <Fishy> (still a -1 :( ))
  237. * Gustbran goes up to the door and knocks on it heavily!
  238. <Gustbran> "This is Gustbran, grog of the covenant, Open this door!"
  239. <Dirk> "By the Name of Antonius and the City Watch open the door or we will open it!"
  240. <Fishy> "THIS IS... FISHYYYYYY"
  241. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  242. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7
  243. <Dirk> that was shouted
  244. <Wits> "Well open it. Show me how it's done."
  245. <Dirk> "Gust and the Guard get toward the door"
  246. <Dirk> "As you wish!"
  247. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+2 (str roll brute force open!)
  248. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (str roll brute force open!): 4 :2+2
  249. <Gustbran> (:()
  250. <Bashir> (lol)
  251. <Dirk> I Hit the door with my fist "Shatering stirke" ;)
  252. <Wits> You bump against the door most pathetically and it hurts, take 2 fatigue
  253. <Bashir> (lol)
  254. <Dirk> (Spell that breaks even stone ^^)
  255. <Wits> Haha, ok, it's just a wooden door, describe what happens
  256. <Fishy> (Door slaps gustbran for being silly)
  257. <Dirk> 1 pace around where my fist hit the door shaters and fly inwards
  258. <Wits> Ok, you break the door, daylight floods the lower storey that has no windows and no other lighting
  259. <Dirk> OK Gust and Guard should go ahead
  260. <Wits> You see Bashir being held in a strangle positiong by a young boy, maybe 16 years old, who has an axe blade pressed against his throat
  261. <Gustbran> "What in blazes is going on here?"
  262. * Gustbran looks angry
  263. <Wits> There are beautiful paintings of suns in geometrical patterns on the walls
  264. <Wits> And woolen rugs on the floor
  265. <Dirk> (if he not give up right now seeing guards then we should roll ini)
  266. <Wits> The men are standing by a ladder near the far right corner of the room, near a wooden ladder
  267. <Wits> You are at the doorawy
  268. <Bashir> (For my sake I hope someone reacts faster than this kid)
  269. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-1 (ini if needed)
  270. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (ini if needed): 1 :2-1
  271. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  272. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 9
  273. <Bashir> (damn it Gust!)
  274. <Gustbran> (oh wait, nevermind)
  275. <Wits> !roll 1d10 (not ini)
  276. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (not ini): 1
  277. <Gustbran> (that was just a 1!)
  278. <Bashir> (you shouldn't drink so much before I risk my life...)
  279. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-3 (ini )
  280. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (ini ): 7 :10-3
  281. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  282. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 10
  283. <Dirk> (oO btched ini I'm to perplex to act)
  284. <Wits> "Oh, ok. You were serious about that.."
  285. <Bashir> (I see my short life pass before my eyes :p )
  286. <Wits> He lets go of Bashir
  287. * Bashir moves behind Gustbran
  288. <Wits> "I... I thought you were breaking in here... I didn't think...
  289. <Fishy> (Take the kid back for torture)
  290. <Bashir> (naa too messy, just throw him off the city. Add another to the "missing persons list" :p )
  291. <Dirk> "We ring the bell and shouted but you didnt react so its your own fault taht the door is broken!"
  292. <Wits> "No one comes by here, see and I didn't answer the bell, I thought..."
  293. <Wits> Roll perception + folk ken
  294. <Bashir> (I did, should I give it another go?)
  295. <Wits> (Yeah, roll again)
  296. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+3 (forgot to add the bonus from townspeople last)
  297. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (forgot to add the bonus from townspeople last): 6 :3+3
  298. <Bashir> (not that it did me any good...)
  299. <Wits> Others as well
  300. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-3 (untrained)
  301. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (untrained): 6 :9-3
  302. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  303. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 3
  304. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  305. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 10 :9+1
  306. <Wits> (All of the exchanges here have been in latin, btw - it seems the kid speaks fluent latin)
  307. <Fishy> (fishy can speak latin :D )
  308. <Dirk> "What is your relation with Laibon?"
  309. <Wits> "I'm his slave - I help out with the house, invite people to sermons, do his cooking, that sort of thing. Well, I did anyway"
  310. <Dirk> (Slave? Didnt know we have this here so fare ^^)
  311. <Wits> Fishy: You get the impression he's not being quite honest. This sound perfectly legit to everyone else.
  312. <Dirk> "Good then you might know where Laibon whent when he left!"
  313. <Wits> (You all know some of the hyperboreans hold slaves. The magi aren't too fond of that, so the practice has been declining, but it's still there)
  314. <Fishy> "Fishy~~ That sounds very fis--- suspicious, fishy~~"
  315. <Wits> (You say that out loud?)
  316. <Fishy> (out loud)
  317. * Bashir eyes the fish
  318. * Bashir shrugs
  319. <Wits> "Well, no. I told the guards when he didn't come back from a sermon, but they didn't seem to care much. I just stayed here."
  320. <Bashir> "Do you know what happened to your master?" [from behind Gust]
  321. <Fishy> (I blame hangover)
  322. <Bashir> (scratch that)
  323. <Bashir> (I'm blind)
  324. <Wits> Philippus looks at fishy quite aghast
  325. <Dirk> "Ohh and whats your name?"
  326. <Wits> "Oh, I'm Philippus."
  327. <Fishy> "I see see! You are the murderer... probably!"
  328. <Wits> "No! I didn't do anything!"
  329. <Fishy> "Be honest! Or you will never reach fish heaven!"
  330. <Fishy> "Fishy"
  331. <Fishy> "Fishy"
  332. <Wits> Philippus is standing beside a little podium, there's also a small stone altar on it
  333. <Bashir> (Fishy's credibility has fallen by 10 points - Fishy's credibility could not get any lower)
  334. <Wits> That's probably what he was hiding behind when Bashir came down, since there's nothing else in the room except for the rugs on the floow
  335. <Dirk> "Is this the altar Laibon used?"
  336. <Wits> "Yes, he used to hold gatherings here. He was a mentor to many."
  337. <Wits> Looks something like that
  338. <Wits> "What do you want with me? Why did you break in here? I thought the guards couldn't be bothered by Laibon going missing!"
  339. <Dirk> "This have changed!"
  340. <Wits> "It's been what, almost a year already?"
  341. * Bashir walks back outside
  342. <Fishy> "I bet he sacrifice his master on this altar! What horror! Fishhyy~~"
  343. <Dirk> "To many people got missing and now it came to my ear and I decided to a investigation!"
  344. <Wits> "So now that the people get angry you get interested, isn't that it?"
  345. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  346. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 2
  347. <Bashir> (Wits, would it be possible to climb to the first floor again from the outside, but without being seen from the inside?)
  348. <Wits> He seems to realize the brashness of his words, and looks ashamed of himself
  349. <Wits> Bashir, yes
  350. <Wits> You might be heard, though, unless you pull off a stealth check
  351. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+9
  352. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 14 :5+9
  353. <Bashir> (is the steath seperate?)
  354. <Wits> That's the climbg? Yeah, the stealth is separate
  355. <Bashir> (thats the climb)
  356. <Wits> dex+stealth
  357. <Bashir> (is stealth dex based or?)
  358. <Dirk> "When Laibon got missing I wasn't even part of this city and yes I only heared yesterday about this!"
  359. <Wits> "Ok. Well, I guess it's good there's interest. Can I help you somehow? I would like to get my master back too."
  360. <Dirk> "Also I plane to make a public Altar aviable for Apollo and I have even found a Prist of the old to tend for the service"
  361. <Wits> "Oh! That's great! The people really need someone to guide them."
  362. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+3 (Stealthed, +4 if dex is added)
  363. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (Stealthed, +4 if dex is added): 10 :7+3
  364. <Bashir> (well, shite)
  365. <Bashir> !roll 1d10
  366. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 4
  367. <Bashir> (oh wait)
  368. <Wits> Bashir, that's not a botch, it's a good roll, dex is added
  369. <Bashir> (I', blind)
  370. <Wits> You climb up gracefully, and no-one could have heard a thing
  371. <Wits> you are in the bedroom again
  372. <Dirk> "I wonder if we could use this altar as base for this that why I was interested in visiting this house first"
  373. <Wits> "Sure, as long as Laibon's gone, that would be great."
  374. <Gustbran> (I know! that's frustrating, mistaking the final calculated number for the roll number!)
  375. <Fishy> ( We can track it with arcane connection)
  376. <Wits> Roll perception + folk ken again everyone
  377. * Bashir walks to the desk and picks up the book and papers
  378. <Wits> (except Bashir)
  379. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  380. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 2 :1+1
  381. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  382. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 4
  383. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (untrained)
  384. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (untrained): 7 :8-1
  385. <Wits> Bashir: Yeah, there are no books, just separate papers
  386. <Bashir> (Fishy, I swear...)
  387. <Fishy> (9)
  388. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  389. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 8
  390. <Fishy> (weak char with their incredible lovable fool lucks)
  391. <Bashir> (the papers then - I can't read but I guess someone can ^^ )
  392. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10 (untrained, forgot the attribute for it)
  393. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (untrained, forgot the attribute for it): 5
  394. <Bashir> (perception)
  395. <Wits> Basihr: You pick up the papers, they are filled with drawings and scribblings with a small, neat handwriting
  396. <Wits> But you acn't read them - you recognize them as Hyperborean though
  397. * Bashir looks around for something else that might be important or easily taken
  398. <Wits> Ok, everything Philippus is saying seems legit to everyone. He seems just a poor boy left alone in the world.
  399. <Wits> Bashir: Roll perception + awareness
  400. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (not trained)
  401. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (not trained): 9
  402. <Dirk> "OK lets look for any hints where Laibon have gone"
  403. <Dirk> To the guard we have with us "Have a eye on the young even if he was a slave I dont what to intervere with our investigation"
  404. <Wits> Bashir: You notice a small piece of paper hidden under a rug desk. It has a map of the city on it, and some markings.
  405. <Wits> Guard: "Of course, sir."
  406. <Wits> Philippus: "I can help you, though - I can show you through Laibons' papers!"
  407. * Bashir picks up the map and places it with the others
  408. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  409. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 10
  410. * Bashir tries to look under the rug
  411. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  412. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7
  413. <Wits> Philippus comes off sounding slightly desperate
  414. <Wits> Bashir: There's nothing else there - just a hastily hidden map. You don't understand the markings
  415. * Bashir puts the rug back in place
  416. * Fishy swims around to look at hard to reach corners
  417. <Dirk> "What was your masters room?"
  418. * Bashir tugs the papers in under his belt and climbs down
  419. <Gustbran> "what have you got there, Bashir?"
  420. <Wits> (Afk, brb)
  421. <Bashir> (shh Gust, you are downstairs :p )
  422. <Bashir> (don't blow my cover)
  423. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+9 (for climbing)
  424. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (for climbing): 12 :3+9
  425. <Dirk> (Btw its quite look when a barboned human like Dirk muble a vew words and then shater a robust wooden door ^^)
  426. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+7 (for stealth)
  427. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (for stealth): 10 :3+7
  428. <Wits> (Back, sorry)
  429. <Dirk> (... with his first)
  430. <Wits> Ok, Bashir manages to sneak in and out and grab the papers silently without anyone noticing
  431. <Wits> "My master lived upstairs, I can show you!" He moves to climb up the ladder
  432. * Bashir looks around outside admiring the fruits
  433. * Dirk follow him
  434. <Wits> Ok
  435. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  436. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 1
  437. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  438. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 8
  439. <Wits> When you get up behind Philippus, he stands there looking at the desk in surprise
  440. <Wits> "I... Libon's papers. They were right here!"
  441. * Dirk look at the open window and then outside
  442. <Fishy> "The mystery deepens!"
  443. <Wits> Bashir is down in the garden admiring the flowers :D
  444. * Bashir looks at the fruits clearly considering if they are worth eating
  445. <Dirk> "Bashir have you taken the papers?"
  446. <Fishy> "What? How did you arrive at that conclusion, fishy?"
  447. <Bashir> "I found some why I passed by, yes.."
  448. <Fishy> "Bashir is down there. See?"
  449. * Bashir takes them from the belt
  450. <Bashir> (when* I passed)
  451. <Dirk> "Yes but he came into this room inside to open our door so it was a logical conclusion he might have taken them then"
  452. <Fishy> "Bashir can't fly... I think."
  453. <Fishy> "Oh."
  454. <Fishy> "Fishy."
  455. <Bashir> (very fishy)
  456. <Wits> At this point Taitale flies over the wall in his throne
  457. <Fishy> (he sitting on a flying chair?)
  458. * Bashir gives Taitale a small bow
  459. <Dirk> "Ok let me study this paperes while you continue looking for other hints"
  460. <Wits> The throne is quite pompous - It's made of polished grey wood, adorned with samite and little gold and silver studdings
  461. <Bashir> "Right away sir" [calls up]
  462. <Wits> You've heard he calls it "Taitale's wings"
  463. <Bashir> (hehe)
  464. <Wits> "Sorry I'm late, everyone. Found anything?"
  465. <Wits> Bashir hands the papers over to Dirk
  466. * Bashir idly considers what the throne would be worth while he makes it upstairs
  467. <Bashir> (^yep)
  468. <Dirk> (OK let the other continue with the investigation while I'M afk a bit ... studying the papers ^^)
  469. <Wits> There's quite a lot of them, and scribbled all over
  470. <Wits> It's in hyperborean
  471. * Bashir heads downstairs again
  472. <Gustbran> (dammit)
  473. <Wits> Roll intelligence + hyperborean/artes liberales, Dirk, whichever is LOWER
  474. <Bashir> (are there any other room in the main floor?)
  475. <Dirk> (no bot ^^)
  476. <Wits> Bashir: Yes, there's a door that leads to a single-storey smaller building on the right
  477. <Wits> Check out the picture - it's the rectangle on the lower right
  478. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5 (+1 if Music speciality count)
  479. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (+1 if Music speciality count): 13 :8+5
  480. * Bashir tries to enter it without making too much noise
  481. <Wits> Bashir: There are no windows, and the door doesn't seem to budge
  482. <Bashir> (ah right)
  483. <Wits> Dirk, Ok, you're looking through the papers, but it takes some time. Taitale wants to join in as well, do you let him?
  484. * Dirk hand half of the staple to Tailtale
  485. <Wits> Ok
  486. <Wits> !roll 1d10+11
  487. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 13 :2+11
  488. <Dirk> "Not sure but you know Hypoborean also so have a look if some hint is there"
  489. <Wits> ┬┤While the two are looking through the papers, what is everyone else doing?
  490. <Bashir> (Does the door seem to use a lock or an old fashioned bar like the rest?)
  491. <Wits> Dirk, roll perception + awareness
  492. * Bashir is considering if he can pck the lock
  493. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  494. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 7
  495. <Bashir> (pick*)
  496. * Fishy swims around
  497. * Fishy playing detective
  498. -->| Brother_Gui has joined #wizardbase
  499. <Bashir> (Brother Gui! Welcome!)
  500. <Dirk> (Hi CJ a bit late today)
  501. <Wits> Bashir, there's a lock. So this system.
  502. <Fishy> "Hmm... could this be the murderer's weapon?"
  503. <Wits> Bashir, you might be able to pick it. Do you have any relevant skill?
  504. <Brother_Gui> (just watching: I'm not physically present in character - was up all night unwell)
  505. <Wits> (Ok. Hope you get better soon!)
  506. <Dirk> (ohh hopefull it geting bether soon)
  507. -->| Gustbran has joined #wizardbase
  508. <Dirk> (btw when is your weekend in hospital again?)
  509. <Gustbran> (grumble)
  510. <Bashir> (ah get well, to catch you up, we are breaking into Laibon's house while his slave is present)
  511. <Brother_Gui> (it's this tuesday, as in two days time. Just as well as not sleeping at all well :) OK< Laibon's house, got ya!)
  512. <Wits> !roll 1d10+9
  513. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 19 :10+9
  514. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  515. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 9
  516. <Bashir> [To Gustbran] "Can you try keeping the slave entertained while I open the door?"
  517. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  518. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 6
  519. <Wits> Bashir: Philippus is upstairs
  520. <Wits> so unless he looks out of the window he won't see you
  521. <Dirk> (also the other Guard is with him)
  522. <Bashir> (mhm fair enough then)
  523. <Fishy> (Here's a spear, go entertain the boy)
  524. <Wits> !roll 1d10+3
  525. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 12 :9+3
  526. <Wits> The guard says to Philippus: "What are you doing?"
  527. <Wits> "Oh, I just thought I'd open the window to let some light in."
  528. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+4 (not added the stat, is it dex again?)
  529. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (not added the stat, is it dex again?): 10 :6+4
  530. <Bashir> (to open the door, picking locks)
  531. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10 (int+guile for distraction!)
  532. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (int+guile for distraction!): 7
  533. <Wits> Yeah, dex. Ok, you get it open using a branch you found in the garden (Unless you have a relevant equipment)
  534. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  535. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 10
  536. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  537. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 2
  538. <Dirk> (he look the other way ^^)
  539. <Wits> Gus, you get his attention fully, he turns away from the window he was fiddling with
  540. <Bashir> (not that I had the brains to add when I made the character ^^ )
  541. <Wits> Gus: Roll perception + awareness
  542. <Wits> Bashir: The other building is a shed of sorts. There's a huge lot of food there, much more than you would have expected.
  543. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  544. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 5 :2+3
  545. <Bashir> (Score ! :p )
  546. * Fishy smell food, it swims in.
  547. <Bashir> (CJ, for an idea of the house - the one on the left)
  548. <Wits> Bashir: Roll intelligence
  549. <Wits> Gus, you don't notice anything
  550. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  551. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 8 :7+1
  552. <Wits> Bashir, you realize this is much more food than Philippus could consume.
  553. <Wits> And sorts that do not grow in the garden.
  554. <Brother_Gui> (they are lovely! O thought they were real wargaming models till I realised 3d models)
  555. <Wits> Bashir: roll perception+awareness also
  556. <Bashir> (my eternal bane!)
  557. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (no skill)
  558. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (no skill): 7
  559. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  560. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7
  561. <Wits> Ok, you don't notice anything
  562. <Dirk> (CJ if it is OK I have send you 2 questions per querry)
  563. <Wits> There are also tools in the shed, and a little fireplace, and kitchen utensils
  564. <Bashir> "L-l-looks like a looot of food" [to Fishy]
  565. <Fishy> "Foooooood"
  566. * Fishy is not hungry
  567. <Bashir> (anything I can take with me, a neat little snack? :) )
  568. <Bashir> (<-- is getting hungry..)
  569. <Fishy> (try the mushroom)
  570. <Wits> Dirk: Most of the stuff in Libon's papers is useless to you - records on the citizens, their faithfulness, prepared sermons, and so on. You get the idea of a fairly zealous amateur priest, who is constantly frustrated by the state of the city, by the lack of faith of his followers, by his inability to change things - and, above all the magi.
  571. <Wits> Bashir: There's freshy baked bread, and some apples
  572. <Bashir> (the map should be there too, somewhere, I just bundled it all together)
  573. <Dirk> (Any Records on the songs the used for the ceremonies? They are confistated for now ;) )
  574. <Wits> Dirk: You do recognize something, interesting, though - he has been jotting down the entrances to the catacombs on a map of the city, and apparently also the dates when he visited them
  575. * Bashir takes an apple and munches on it while he looks around
  576. <Dirk> "This might be a point for a future investigation"
  577. <Fishy> (We should investigate catacomb already :( ))
  578. <Dirk> put this map to the side
  579. <Bashir> "S-see anythiiing you like fish?"
  580. <Wits> Dirk: Yeah, he does have songs written down, but they are in a notation you are not familiar with unless you were taught this:
  581. <Bashir> [gestures to the food]
  582. <Fishy> "I seeeee... nothing. Meat have no appeal to me anymore for some reason."
  583. <Fishy> "I dunno why."
  584. <Wits> Dirk: You realize the last one he visited was the collapsed house in Winter 2014. He hasn't written anything about the visit, though, contrary to the others
  585. * Bashir shrugs
  586. <Wits> You can't quite figure out what he was looking for from the notes, though.
  587. <Wits> Fishy: Do you look into the shed? Is so, roll perception + awareness
  588. <Dirk> (Wits I query you about this)
  589. <Wits> (You did already? I didn't get it)
  590. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+3
  591. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 7 :4+3
  592. <Wits> You don't see anything
  593. <Bashir> "L-lets lock up ag-again"
  594. * Bashir moves back outside
  595. <Dirk> (now I did)
  596. <Fishy> "Yes, let's.Fishyy"
  597. * Fishy swim away
  598. <Fishy> (Forever undiscover!)
  599. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  600. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 3
  601. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  602. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 5
  603. * Bashir attempts to lock the door again (if possible)
  604. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  605. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 5
  606. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+8 (lockpicking)
  607. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (lockpicking): 15 :7+8
  608. <Wits> "Take a look at this, sir Magus!"
  609. <Gustbran> (looks like someone was a thief in times past!)
  610. <Dirk> "Tetaile do you have other papers with notes like this?" "I want to study them at some time"
  611. <Wits> The grog has noticed that Philippus has slipped a little red cord from between the closed window at the backside of the building
  612. <Wits> Bashir: You lock it up again easily
  613. <Wits> "The music, you mean? Sure, I have lots. I've been gathering things of this sort."
  614. <Bashir> (thief is a strong term...)
  615. * Bashir munches on his newly found apple
  616. <Dirk> "that yould be great If you let me have spend a saison with them but back to the investigation this map is the only thing I came up. Anything you have found?"
  617. <Brother_Gui> (I'm still looking for the aforementioned queries but will anwser them)
  618. <Wits> "Nothing else of interest, I believe. He seemed to be quite knowledgeable on the past of the city, but in that crazy way I think most people who obsess about such things are."
  619. * Bashir heads inside and pokes a head up into Liabon's room
  620. <Bashir> "H-have you f-found anything?"
  621. <Dirk> "A hint where we could look next but anything you have found and have you looked trough the complet house?"
  622. <Wits> Bashir: You see the guard grog pulling up a red thread that has been slipped out between the shutters of a backside window
  623. <Bashir> "I found nothing out of the ordinary"
  624. <Bashir> "what is that thread?"
  625. <Wits> "The slave was slipping it outside. Don't know why."
  626. <Dirk> "huh so he definitve hide something from us!"
  627. * Bashir climbs down and walks outside
  628. <Wits> Philippus: "Oh, it's just to have something to do, my nerves, it's."
  629. <Dirk> "I think he should be questioned by Copernicus!"
  630. * Bashir looks up at the window, trying to spot the small thread
  631. <Wits> Bashir: The grog has already pulled the thread
  632. <Dirk> (my name memory ... grrr)
  633. <Wits> Bashir, roll intelligence + awareness
  634. <Bashir> (oh all of it, darn :p )
  635. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  636. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 4
  637. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1 (no awareness)
  638. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (no awareness): 9 :8+1
  639. <Bashir> (corbernik, isn't it?)
  640. <Wits> Bashir: You recognize the man Gus was talking to standing outside in the alley behind the building
  641. <Wits> He recognizes you as well, and runs off toward the main street
  642. * Bashir chaces him
  643. <Bashir> (nothing says guilty like running from people)
  644. <Dirk> (yep)
  645. <Wits> Ok, roll sta+athletics for the first bit
  646. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+6
  647. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 16 :10+6
  648. <Bashir> (ff----)
  649. <Bashir> !roll 1d10
  650. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 9
  651. <Fishy> (chase chase)
  652. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2
  653. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 5 :3+2
  654. <Dirk> (wow even with botch bether then him ^^)
  655. <Wits> Ok, you catch him, but right as you enter the bigger street in front of the building, the man disappears suddenly right before your eyes
  656. <Bashir> (To be fair, the nice man has hardly any luck either)
  657. * Bashir stops up, blinking
  658. <Wits> roll pe+awareness bashir
  659. <Bashir> (damnit...)
  660. <Bashir> !roll 1d10
  661. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 7
  662. <Gustbran> (looks like we've got a major revolution on our hands!)
  663. <Bashir> (considering everything I've not had so bad rolls with awareness, just when it mattered :p )
  664. <Wits> You heard him sing something right before he disappeared, but can't hear his footsteps anymore
  665. <Wits> Ok, what does everyone do now?
  666. * Bashir looks to see if anyone is knocked over, but if not, heads back to the group
  667. * Dirk have a closer look at the Altar if he is siutable for setting up a public shrine
  668. <Fishy> (We need a public stunt to promote apollo shrine)
  669. <Bashir> [when he reaches Dirk] I s-s-saw the m-man G-gust spoke to l-last night. I ch-chased him bu-but he s-sang something and va-vanished"
  670. * Gustbran eats the turnip he took earlier!
  671. <Bashir> (I think I dropped my apple :( )
  672. <Dirk> "he sang something? lead me to the place where he did vanish"
  673. * Bashir leads dirk to the main street
  674. <Wits> Dirk: The Altar and the building look fine for a small shrine. The room can't fit more than 20 people or so, though, so for serious sermons you might have to consider elsewhere. The room is suitably plain but sublime, you think - Libon had taste in such matters, it seems
  675. <Dirk> (I think with my second sight I dont see anything as to much time is passed)
  676. <Bashir> "I-I c-couldn't h-hear it that well. Sorry"
  677. <Wits> Yeah, unfortunately he's nowhere to be seen anymore
  678. * Fishy stare at the Altar. "What are you plotting, Apollo! Apooooooolllloooooo!"
  679. <Dirk> "Hmm sadly I didnt spot him as I would have other means to follow him then"
  680. <Dirk> "But thanks for mention it"
  681. <Bashir> "Nnno problem"
  682. <Dirk> mumbling to him self "So he is using a Hymn to vanish"
  683. <Bashir> (would be a handy ability ^^)
  684. <Fishy> (We need a dog)
  685. <Wits> What do you do?
  686. <Dirk> (no help if he used what I think he used)
  687. * Bashir follows Dirk wondering how neat it would be to be able to vanish
  688. <Gustbran> (We need a character like inuyasha!)
  689. * Dirk get back
  690. <Fishy> (TO JAPAN)
  691. <Dirk> "How is the investigation comming along? Everything looked up for hints where Laibon is gone?"
  692. <Fishy> (ACtually we would die a horrible death there)
  693. <Bashir> (most likely)
  694. <Fishy> "No clue."
  695. <Dirk> (CJ thanks for the 2 answear mails :) )
  696. <Bashir> "H-he does h-h-have a lot of fooood sto-stored away"
  697. <Fishy> "Lots of food!"
  698. * Bashir points to the locked shed
  699. <Dirk> "Where?"
  700. * Dirk have a look
  701. <Bashir> "I di-didn't find anything be-besides that"
  702. <Dirk> "This looks more like they feed a lot of people maybe the shrine is still in use?"
  703. <Bashir> (I kindda locked the door again.. ups :p )
  704. <Dirk> (grrr)
  705. <Dirk> (so scrap that action and talk)
  706. <Wits> Philippus: "Yes, I have had a few faithful of the less-fortunate sort come here ... Liabon left me with the funds to help them."
  707. <Dirk> "You have looked inside but the door is still locked?"
  708. <Wits> roll perception + folk ken once again
  709. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  710. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7
  711. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (untrained)
  712. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (untrained): 1 :2-1
  713. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2
  714. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 9 :7+2
  715. <Bashir> (add one, I forget the specialty)
  716. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+1
  717. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 6 :5+1
  718. <Wits> Seems legit, again - he's just helping the poor
  719. <Bashir> (hehe can I do a roll for lying to authority here? :p )
  720. <Fishy> (This boy have some high con skill)
  721. <Wits> (Sure)
  722. <Bashir> (dodging Dirks question)
  723. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+4 (no characteristics added)
  724. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (no characteristics added): 13 :9+4
  725. <Wits> (You can add communication for that if you have any)
  726. <Wits> Dirk, roll per+folk ken for Bashir
  727. <Bashir> (ah, subtract two then)
  728. <Gustbran> (damit. I've got PC memory issues)
  729. <Gustbran> (I should be ok but a heads up if I drop off.
  730. <Gustbran> )
  731. <Bashir> (stuttering doesn't make a persuasive argument)
  732. <Dirk> Using Divination of True Intent "What was the reason for the red cord?" to Philippus
  733. <Bashir> (phew, glad that wasn't on me..)
  734. * Dirk start to sing something in Hyperborean and a slight glow come from Dirk
  735. <Wits> Dirk: Where is that in the book?
  736. <Fishy> "Fishy think he is signaling to the guy that ran away."
  737. <Dirk> (AnM 114)
  738. <Bashir> "th-there was a small crack I co-could look th-through..." [To how he knew there was a lot of food...~~]
  739. <Dirk> (Your Character may divine the intent of a single action or tought of the target)
  740. <Fishy> "Just like how the head fish on watch would signal the prey is near and so the little fishes can get away"
  741. <Dirk> (Penetration 4)
  742. <Wits> Dirk: He did it to alert the man outside not to try to enter the building like Philippus knew he otherwise would.
  743. <Bashir> (Fishy gains 5 credibility again)
  744. <Fishy> "That or he try to fish me up with a fake red worm"
  745. <Fishy> "Fishy won't be fool by that!"
  746. <Bashir> (aaaand there they went again)
  747. <Dirk> "So you warned the person outside? The very one who hand over the pamplets for a rebelion?"
  748. <Wits> "What? No! It was just ... I have nervous hands!"
  749. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  750. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 8
  751. * Bashir kicks the halfeaten apple he dropped when he went chasing into a corner all stealthy like..
  752. <Wits> He sounds quite convincing, actually, and seems frightened
  753. <Bashir> (The boy is a better lying than me..)
  754. <Dirk> "Give it up already as I know the truth, apollo have shown it to me!"
  755. <Wits> "I don't know what you are talking about, please believe me!"
  756. * Bashir looks slightly surprised but keeps quiet
  757. <Bashir> (no good has ever come from trying to calm mages down... right? :p )
  758. <Dirk> "Take him to questioning!"
  759. * Gustbran facepalms!
  760. <Wits> "No! I haven't done anything!"
  761. * Bashir looks to Gust and the guard
  762. <Wits> The guard takes Philippus by the arm, he struggles
  763. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  764. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 6
  765. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  766. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 8
  767. <Bashir> (yay, run little slave, run!)
  768. <Bashir> (be free!)
  769. <Wits> He doesn't manage to break away, and so follows meekly
  770. <Bashir> (aww)
  771. <Wits> Ok, the guard takes Philippus for interrogation. What does everyone do?
  772. <Bashir> "So, the slave did it?"
  773. <Fishy> "Aha! So he's the murderer!"
  774. <Dirk> "I doubt so but he is with the rebels"
  775. <Gustbran> "Its too early to say."
  776. <Dirk> "And we have now found a place where they meet"
  777. <Bashir> "ah, that is something. Where?"
  778. <Dirk> "Here!"
  779. <Bashir> ".. oh"
  780. * Bashir looks around
  781. <Bashir> (damnit, I forget the stutter at times..)
  782. <Fishy> "So we own this house now?"
  783. <Dirk> "The lot of food they have stored and the gardenw ell keept even 1 year after the master is gone?" "A normal slave would start a live on its own as freeman by then"
  784. <Bashir> "W-will they c-come back, do yo-you think?"
  785. <Fishy> "Maybe those are magic food that doesn't rot!"
  786. <Dirk> "I hope so but because the othere escaped he probably willw arn the other!"
  787. <Bashir> "sh-shame.."
  788. <Dirk> (How long do you have time today Wits?)
  789. <Gustbran> (magic food, I can't help but think of that discussion on this with the legate!)
  790. <Wits> (We have about 30mins to 1 hour or so from my perspective, don't know about others)
  791. <Fishy> (30 min for me)
  792. <Wits> (So we can play for a bit longer if you want, or we can end here)
  793. <Bashir> (I'm fine, as long as you want)
  794. <Dirk> "Gustbran can you arange a watch for the next vew days inside the building?"
  795. <Gustbran> "sure."
  796. <Gustbran> (I'll need to wrap this up soon, too.)
  797. * Bashir strechtes and moves towards the street
  798. <Fishy> "Did we investigate every corner of the house?"
  799. * Bashir looks back to the house
  800. <Fishy> "Every mouse hole and such?"
  801. <Dirk> "Ok any other finds like a basement I should know about?"
  802. <Fishy> "Trap door, secret passage..."
  803. <Bashir> "M-maybe n-not..."
  804. * Bashir gives Fishy and incredulous look
  805. <Wits> (Someone has been everywhere that you could think of)
  806. <Fishy> "If only we have a mage that can just know it..."
  807. <Bashir> "g-ga-gardensheds to-to other dimensions?" [crooks an eyebrow]
  808. <Fishy> "Oh oh, that would be a secret passage!"
  809. <Dirk> (I need to look up if I could use teram intelego sponatn something )
  810. * Fishy assume Bashir mean it
  811. <Fishy> "Where's the magic shed?
  812. <Bashir> "I-I-I think we-we've been e-everywhere"
  813. <Dirk> "I didnt see any different regions but fishy your bether in see such things!"
  814. <Wits> (Do we have a mentem specialist among the elders? Is Adrian's parens one?)
  815. <Wits> (Neither Fishy nor Dirk spotted regions or such)
  816. <Bashir> "mamaybe the neighbors' house?"
  817. <Dirk> (Only Cj can answear about the elder sadly)
  818. <Fishy> (call a mage over or something)
  819. <Bashir> (Silas isn't bad at mentem, I can't recall if his parens is though.."
  820. * Fishy swims around slowly. "Hmm... so suspicious... Oh well, let's go home."
  821. <Bashir> )
  822. * Dirk have a silent talk with the High Priest "would this Altar do for you?"
  823. <Fishy> "Maybe we should bring a dog next time. Those noisy thing is good at looking thing right?"
  824. <Dirk> "Yes but not at fanishing people"
  825. <Fishy> (Grog: Dog. Someone go make it)
  826. <Wits> "For the time being. Later, we will construct the most magnificient temple history has seen! Or maybe we'll take over the one in the plaza, that might do until a bigger one can be built."
  827. <Wits> I think we'll wrap up for today, now. I'll post the result of the interrogation in the story thread - mention what you want to do with the guy, i.e. how you interrogate him.
  828. <Dirk> In silent answear "I doubt we can do that as long the Head Mage still prolongs his live. But more persuring is to keep this city flying given the broken state"
  829. <Bashir> (poor fellow)
  830. <Bashir> (sounds good Wits :) thakns for the run)
  831. <Bashir> (thanks* even)
  832. <Dirk> "Thanks for todays adventure"
  833. <Wits> "Yes, wouldn't do to have this beauty fall down. I'll take over the shrine and light up the beacon of Apollo once again."
  834. <Wits> Thanks, everyone!
  835. <Bashir> (thanks all, I'll head off too, enjoy the last bit of sunlight :) )
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