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Female Execution Quarters

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  1. Female Execution Quarters
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  4. I have been assigned the manager of the women’s execution quarters for a year now, a grim yet interesting job indeed. I have become responsible of taking the condemned in, make sure they are ready for the sentence, and watch through it until they give their last breath.
  7. It was a fine morning, I was sitting in my office engulfing my usual caffeine intake as I waited for today’s batch reports. A few sips in and the door opened, and my assistant entered while holding a few files. Her name is Rey and she’s been really helpful as she could multitask, we have carried on a lot of executions together and she had proven trustworthy of the job, difficult as it is.
  10. “Good morning sir, here are today’s profiles.” Rey said as she placed them on my desk.
  13. I looked down at them as i took another sip. “Only five today, Rey?”
  16. “Yes sir, and they’re.. somewhat interesting, they’ll arrive in an hour, i’ll leave you to it and notify you when they are here.” Rey politely said and walked herself out.
  19. Well, I am used to getting about 10.. maybe 13 profiles every other day as my country is really strict about its rules, a crime could appear to be transient yet deadly in its sentence, there was even a day when I received 20 profiles and that was the maximum I got until now, a difficult yet memorable day indeed.. but well, today there were only 5, seemed like an easy day, but Rey said that the profiles were interesting, so I was eager to go right through them.
  22. The first profile belonged to Bianca Dickerson, a 23 years old girl convicted of attacking and scarring the face of another girl at her college. It was said that she did it because the girl slept with her boyfriend *hmph* now see where that boyfriend got you. It appeared from her picture that she was a pretty brunette with brown eyes.
  25. The second profile belonged to a Bree Cocks, 25 years old and was caught shop lifting from a major market, she was a red head with a pair of glamorous green eyes.
  28. The third profile belonged to Angelica Morningwood, 18 years old.. She was surely young, I don’t get a lot of those but I have executed a handful of 18 years old, they are surely the most difficult to handle, ranting about how they want to live and there’s still a lot to experience and bla bla bla. She seemed to be an illegal immigrant, and she had a dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was beautiful!
  31. Everything seemed so normal here with the profiles until I came across the fourth profile as it belonged to Sophia Morningwood.. wow sisters! It’s going to be definitely hard for them to be executed together. She was two years older, aged 20.. and of course same conviction, illegal immigration. She was also a blonde with blue eyes, but to be honest her younger sister was way hotter.
  34. And finally the last profile.. as I looked at the condemned’s name I got mesmerized.. Well her name was Claudia and yes you guessed it.. MORNINGWOOD. 40 years old.. she was the mother of Sophia and Angelica, of course came here for being an illegal immigrant as well. It was the first time in my career to have a mother and her two daughters on death rows at the same time like that, she had long blonde hair like her daughters and blue eyes. “That is going to be a hell of a day, I must prepare to meet the condemned.” I told myself.
  37. The hour had passed and I had prepared myself to meet the girls, they are supposed to come sign over their profiles here and get checked before their execution.
  40. *knock knock* “Sir the condemned are here, shall I let them in?” Rey said as she peaked her head through the door.
  43. “Yes please, Rey thank you so much.” I said as I stood in front of my desk eagerly waiting to see their real faces.
  46. The first one to enter was Bree, she was indeed glamorous with that red hair, her body was on fleek. Fine breasts and a great ass that wiggled behind her as she slowly walked inside with her orange jumpsuit and white shoes. Yes, all the condemned here wear orange jumpsuits.
  49. Following Bree was Bianca, a gorgeous masterpiece, brunette with larger boobs than Bree, a fit body that definitely visited the gym often.
  52. Then came the crying mother followed by her two daughters. I scanned them as they entered, all of them wore the orange jumpsuit, but something was not right about Angelica’s jumpsuit.. well it included a darker wet patch at her crotch. I smiled at the scene, the younger daughter had pissed herself in fear at one point while she was being transferred to here. The poor girl it must have been humiliating for her to piss herself like that in front of her mother and sister, let alone everyone else including me!
  55. “Welcome all.. I see we have found ourselves the pisser in this batch hahaha.” I said as I looked at Angelica as she stood there wet and trembling in fear. They all looked at her, and at her wet patch.. and everyone started moaning, her mother shook her head and tears slipped from her eyes, while Angelica started to cry more in fear and embarrassment.
  58. “Calm down everyone, I think we should’ve considered diapers during the transfer haha, right Angelica?” I mockingly said as I approached Angelica and gently caressed her red trembling cheeks.
  61. “Answer me!” I growled at her.
  64. “Ye.. ye.. yess! Yes!” She stutteringly said.
  67. “We’ll consider next time, but I think your older sister is braver than you, yeah? Look at her standing there all dry unlike you.” I said as I began to step towards her sister Sophia.
  70. “Look at that gorgeous brave sister of yours.” I said as I caressed Sophia’s hair. I don’t know if my hands were creepy to her, but as soon as I touched Sophia’s hair, I could hear a hissing sound. I looked down at her crotch and saw a dark patch grow larger and larger as she extensively urinated all over herself. The piss flowed down her entire leg staining the jumpsuit and into the floor making a puddle and wetting both of our shoes while the others gasped and cried louder. I certainly got mad and immediately slapped her.
  73. “What the hell bitch!? I was just acknowledging how brave you are, you prove my point well by pissing all over yourself like that.” I said.
  76. “Nooo.. I am sor.. sorrryyy! I didn’t mean to I am just scared!” Sophia stutteringly said in humiliation as the others watched.
  79. “Seems like you raised your daughters well Claudia. They are excellently potty trained as it seems.” I sarcastically said as I looked at their mother.
  82. “Stop! Please! Leave my daughters alone you heartless monster!” Claudia said with an angry but scared tone.
  85. “Your daughter made a mess in my office, she had to get punished. Rey.. weren’t they escorted to the toilets before they came here?” I asked.
  88. “No sir, there was no time as they had made it difficult to get cleaned and get into their jumpsuits, especially Angelica, she made a big fuss.” Rey answered.
  91. “*sigh* Fine. But they are already pissing themselves, I wonder what they’ll do at the sight of the noose.” I said as I rolled my eyes. But all of them just stood there shaking and trembling, tears flowing down their cheeks, typical sight. I have thought about receiving other girls elsewhere, some of them always mess my office like that, and that Angelica seemed so scared, I didn’t want her to mess my office further.. she could maybe even shit herself.
  94. “Well just sign your profiles, please. We have a lot to go through.” I said as I pointed at my desk where the profiles and pen are. They slowly walked in a line, starting with Bree, followed by Bianca and then the happy family. Poor Angelica couldn’t even hold the pen right, her hand shook really hard that I had to pin it down with my own.
  97. “Great work, now to the next step. Rey! Please lead the ladies to the checking room.” I pointed at the door to Rey. They walked out and then I followed.
  100. We entered the checking room, it’s where we check the girls and take the orange jumpsuits back, we definitely execute our condemned naked, once they enter the facility they are dead bodies to us, so there would be no need for them to wear the jumpsuits as it’ll be difficult later on to take them off their corpses.
  103. “Rey please help the young ladies here first, we don’t want them to stand with their own piss in their suits like that much longer.” I said as I gestured for Rey to help Sophia and Angelica to take their jumpsuits off. They slowly shook their heads as they looked back at their mother with tears. But Rey politely tried to help.
  106. “Take your shoes off first so it will be easier for the jumpsuit to come off.” Rey said.
  109. So both of them took the shoes off slowly as they shook and stood in their wet bare feet. Then their mother stepped forward.
  112. “Please, let me help them. I’ll help them take it off.” Claudia said, I gave her a nod and she started to undress Sophia first and started to calm her down.
  115. “Be brave Sophia.” She told her daughter as the jumpsuit fell to the floor, revealing her boobs and pink nipples, and that amazing shaved pussy of hers.
  118. “And you Angelica, you’re my sweet daughter, I’ll be by your side until the end.” She told her younger daughter Angelica as she kissed her forehead. The wet jumpsuit fell to the floor and revealed her small breasts, and her vagina which was covered with a bush.
  121. “You don’t shave like your sister.. I see.” I commented on Angelica’s vagina.
  124. “N.. no. I am afraid I would hurt myself.” Angelica answered back.
  127. “Well Rey here is a professional, please Rey take care of miss Angelica’s bush, we don’t want any hairy vaginas on our corpses, it shall be clean and smooth.. anyone else here unshaved?” I asked, and I found that Bianca hesitantly raised her hand.
  130. “Ah no wonder your boyfriend slept with another.” I mocked her as I smiled and nodded for Rey to take her too.
  133. “Noo. Nooo mom! Mom please tell them not to hurt me!!” Angelica said as she was being taken along with Bianca by Rey.
  136. “Don’t worry baby, don’t worry stay strong, she’ll just remove the hair.” Her mother reassured her.
  139. “Alright Claudia, and Bree please take off your shoes and jumpsuits until Rey is done with the shaving.” I said and watched both of them undress slowly. Both had large breasts, and fine shaven vaginas, they put their jumpsuits in the laundry basket nearby and all 3 naked women stood beside each other covering their sensitive parts and trembling as they watched Rey carrying on her job with the other 2 girls.
  142. Rey made Bianca take the jumpsuit off and I witnessed another hairy vagina, glorious. Rey started to gather the shaving kit and started by shaving Bianca to allow Angelica to watch so she’d know she wont get hurt.
  145. “Look Angelica it’s fine, i’ll shave miss Bianca’s hair here first and then it’ll be you, don’t worry I wont hurt you.” Rey told Angelica as she proceeded to shave Bianca’s hair, a few minutes later after she was done she moved on to Angelica. Angelica shuddered at first as Rey rubbed the shaving cream around Angelica’s pubic area but then got used to the touch, and surprisingly didn’t make a big fuss about it.
  148. “And here we go honey, clean and well shaved, see not that bad.” Rey told Angelica as she lead her and Bianca back to the line.
  151. “Okay, the next step ladies is that we’re gonna search you throughly, we know that you most likely wont have anything hidden but it’s procedure.” I said.
  154. “Bu.. but we’re naked.” Bree said in confusion.
  157. “Well, we’re gonna search your body cavities. Prisoners tend to hide shivs and what not in their.. assholes for example, so please all of you bend over and let Rey and I check you up.” I said with a grin.
  160. The ladies slowly bent in fear, I had all five asses aligned in front of me, splendid. I started to check the 3 Morningwoods, and Rey checked Bree and Bianca. I started with the mother, I slowly approached her and then opened her ass cheeks wide and took a good look at her open asshole.
  163. “Clear!” I said loudly as I spanked her wiggly butt cheeks, then moved on to Sophia, opened her ass cheeks wide and checked the anus.
  166. “Clear as well.” I said with a spank, and then moved on to young Angelica, she was trembling so bad that I pitied her. I pulled her butt cheeks apart, but her asshole was too tight.
  169. “Hey open up Angelica I can’t see well.” I said but Angelica whimpered in response.
  172. “Ugh fine, looks like I am doing it the hard way.” I said as I slowly inserted my finger in her asshole.
  175. “AHHHHHHH!!!” Angelica jumped and screamed in pain, I laughed and gave her a fine spank then sniffed my finger.
  178. “Wow look at that!” I reacted to the nasty smell and then put my finger under her nose to make her sniff her own ass.
  181. “You really smell, girl.” I mockingly said with a laugh as the girl whimperd.
  184. “You done there Rey?” I asked.
  187. “Yes sir, both of them are clear.” Rey answered.
  190. “Great, now on to the next step! Diapers!” I excluded as I smiled at Rey and pointed at her with my head.
  193. “Wh.. why we need diapers?” Bianca asked.
  196. “Because you’ll piss and shit yourself as you die, it’s a natural response that often happens, and we don’t want to let poor Rey here clean it all up herself, diapers are the easy way.” I told them.
  199. We stood there for a while waiting for Rey to get the diapers and I heard Angelica asking her mother a question in tears.
  202. “Mom is it true what he just said? Are we gonna pee ourselves and even poop? Please say it’s not true.” Angelica asked her mother as she whimpered.
  205. “I don’t know honey, they haven’t let us use the toilet since yesterday, I am afraid we’ll do it, but you and your sister already peed sweetie so I hope it wont be that bad for you.” Claudia told her daughter.
  208. “Nooohuhu, I have an urge to pee right now! I still need to pee!” Angelica said with a frown.
  211. “It’s fine baby, we’ll get through this together, I’ll always be proud of you.” Claudia said.
  214. “Okay mom, but where’s daddy.” Angelica asked. But I interrupted before her mother answered and answered myself.
  217. “Your father is following the same steps but at the men’s execution quarters, you all will meet after your dance on the noose, so stay quiet please until we get it done.” I said in anger.
  220. After a while Rey came back but empty handed, I looked at her and raised my eyebrow.
  223. “It’s that time of the month again, huh?” I asked Rey with a smile.
  226. “Yes sir.. we’re out of diapers, it’s the end of the month.” Rey said.
  229. “I guess we’ll have them hanged without diapers then, sorry about that Rey, but they’re only five, good luck cleaning them up.” I told Rey.
  232. “It’s fine sir, it’s my duty.” Rey said as she signaled with her hand for the girls to follow her.
  235. “On to the execution chamber!” I ecstatically said.
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  246. [Continuation]
  248. We arrived in the room, where 5 nooses were already prepared and hung from the ceiling. The girls started to cry louder at the sight of the noose, it must have really frightened them. Sophia and Angelica huddled with Claudia while Bree and Bianca each stood alone, definitely thinking of the fate awaiting them. I immediately noticed a fart scent in the room, one of the girls if not all probably couldn’t control herself and farted at the sight of the noose.
  251. “Ohh haha, do you smell that Rey?” I asked my assistant.
  254. “Yeah, it’s the usual smell of fear.” Rey answered back.
  257. “But I wonder who did it?” I said with a half smile as I scanned their teary faces.
  260. “It.. it.. was my younger daughter, please she’s really sorry, she’s scared, please have some decency and don’t humiliate us more.” Claudia bravely acknowledged as she held both Angelica and Sophia tightly.
  263. “I knew it was you Angelica, it’s fine young lady, we’re at the final step, it wont take long before everything is over.” I said as I patted Angelica’s head.
  266. “Get the stools ready, we’ll pick up randomly.” I said as I looked at Rey.
  269. “Hmm let’s see here.. who’s going first, is it you? You? Or you?” I calmly said as I walked back and forth watching the five of them tremble and shake and cry, hoping not to be picked, but I had already decided.
  272. “It’s gonna be YOU! Come on over.” I suddenly said as I stood in front of Sophia. She started to whimper and held her mother tight.
  275. “Nooooo please no!!” Sophia started to scream.
  278. “Please leave my daughters for now please.” Claudia said as tears ran down her cheeks while she held on to Sophia.
  281. “Ma’am you’re all gonna get hanged at the end it doesn’t matter.” I said as I pulled Sophia away from her mother, she kept struggling that I had to drag her all the way to the noose. I pushed her up on the stool and held her bare body tightly until Rey pulled the noose over her neck, she was slippery from all the sweat but we managed. After Rey tightened the noose, Sophia started to cry harder and scream as she shook her head, she was trembling really bad you could hear her bare legs clapping.
  284. “Get ready on my signal to kick the stool Rey.” I said as I stepped back and stood beside the rest of the condemned to get a good view and then I suddenly noticed that the sound of her legs clapping altered and became wet clapping, I looked at her vaginal slit and noticed her glamorous urine flowing, she pissed herself and soaked her legs as she stood on the stool with the noose around her neck before it even got kicked.. well pissed herself again. Then I heard her mother and daughter.
  287. “Moooom look at Sophia! Mom she’s peeing herself let her downnn please mom tell them to let her down she’s peeing on herself!!” Angelica kept whimpering and crying as she watched her terrified sister piss herself in fear.
  290. “PLEASE! Please! Let my daughter down! I beg you please don’t let her die in that humiliating way please leave our family for last and get my daughter down! Don’t be cruel look at her pissing all over herself please don’t kill her like that!” Her mom kept screaming, begging, and pleading, and I decided to let her down, it won’t matter so I decided to hang Bianca and Bree first.
  293. “Fine, consider it to be your last wish. Rey get Sophia down please and back here.” I told Rey as I waved with my hand.
  296. “Alright, sir.” Rey said as she loosened the noose from Sophia’s neck and let her run to her family, her feet made splashing sounds as she came back to her mother full of piss and tears, then I handed her mother a nearby towel.
  299. “Thank you, thank you!” Her mother told me as she hugged her daughter tight, then used the towel to clean up all the urine from her legs and her vagina as well. Then Angelica hugged her sister too as they all kept crying, the poor family.
  302. “Fine Bianca and Bree you’re up, Rey please help me put them up on the noose.”
  305. “NOOO pleaseee!!!” Both of them screamed and cried and struggled all the way there as Sophia previously did.
  308. “Take Bianca up on Sophia’s noose and Bree is gonna be on the one beside it.” I told Rey as I handled the struggling women, trying my best to put them up on the noose. Bianca hesitantly stepped on Sophia’s urine puddle up the stool but she did anyway, and Bree started to struggle so hard that she hit me in the chest, so I punched her belly, and angrily tightened her noose so tight that she started to cough even before she hanged.
  311. Finally both of them were standing beside each other crying and trembling, I stepped back and stood beside the Morningwoods.
  314. “If any of you piss yourself that wont be an excuse to let you down, it was a one time thing, so spare your urine until you actually hang.” I cruelly told them as I held my hand up in the air.
  317. “Rey. Now.” I waved my hand and then Rey proceeded to kick Bianca’s stool then Bree’s stool rapidly.
  320. Both of them started to dance on the noose, their final dance of death. They gurgled and struggled so hard, both of them kicking their legs and stretching and curling their toes, right and left they wiggled and flopped like a fish out of the water, the funny thing is that they bumped into each other often, and their legs got tangled with each other. So they were held down in a position as if they were scissoring, both of their boobs and vaginas sticking to one another, the funnier part is that Bianca started pissing right into Bree’s vagina, her urine flowed down hers and Bree’s leg that I couldn’t actually tell if it was Bianca alone pissing herself or was Bree pissing along with her.
  323. I looked at the family and they were crying so hard, Claudia tried to cover her terrified daughters’ eyes but failed to do so in shock, they stood there kicking the floor under them as they kept crying and holding each other.
  326. “Mooom they’re really peeing on themselves like he said! Mom I am scared! I don’t want that to happen to me!” Angelica started to cry as her mother held her daughter against her own boobs, and couldn’t answer back as she was shocked from what she was witnessing.
  329. Both Bianca and Bree started to slow down, their face turning into purple, their legs were untangled now as their muscles relaxed and started to twitch and convulse, I noticed Angelica peeked from around her mother’s boob and then squealed.
  332. I heard the usual splashing sound hit the ground but I didn’t notice any of the hanged girls pissing, turned out it was Angelica herself again. Ugh the Morningwoods had just weak bladders.
  335. “Mom I am scareddd, I can’t hold myself!!!” Angelica cried as her urine flowed down her legs wetting her mother’s and sister’s bare feet.
  338. “It’s okay honey, it’s okay just let it all out, let all the pee out, no one will blame you sweetie. I love you no matter what.” Claudia told her daughter as the urine kept flowing down Angelica’s legs.
  341. *pvvttt* We heard farts coming out of the hanged ladies, each gave a huge fart followed by small ones, then their turds started to peek out of their assholes, Bree pissed herself too while voiding her bowels, both of their shit hit the ground with a splat, and the room was suddenly filled with all those nasty odors.
  344. “Nooooo!!” Angelica cried as she still pissed herself while she heard the hanged girls farting and shitting, but then shortly her piss subsided and she looked at dangling Bianca and Bree and what’s under them with a disgusted face.
  347. “They’re done, now Sophia and Angelica, please calmly follow me to your places.” I said as I held both of their hands and pulled them away from their mother. They definitely gave a huge struggle, and their mother kept screaming “MY DAUGHTERS! MY SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTERS!” As both sides cried extensively. But I managed.. as I always do. I made Angelica stand on the stool beside Bree’s dangling body, and Sophia stood on the one next to Angelica. Terrified, they kept crying and trembling, and I heard growling sounds coming from Angelica’s stomach, certainly due to fear. I just laid my hand on her stomach over her belly button then I suddenly heard a huge fart coming from her as she cried. Then a small turd crawled from her anus down on her trembling legs slowly to the stool she was standing on. I had a feeling she would definitely shit herself in fear and I was right.
  350. “Oh my, look at what you have done, you shit yourself even before you hanged, wow.” I mockingly said but she gave back a wailing sound as she looked down at her turd under her feet. Sophia looked at Angelica’s turd and kept crying too, and the mother came running and screaming to her daughter’s aid but was held down by Rey.
  353. “*sigh* goodbye.” That was the last thing they heard before I kicked their stools quickly. They started kicking on really hard, Sophia seemed like she was running in the air and Angelica was cycling, they kept gurgling and gasping, they started to scratch the noose out of their necks helplessly, all covered in sweat, their boobs jiggled and their nipples got hard, their waists twisted and their asses wiggled, they gave a very strong fight, they were young and healthy, but death came after all, Angelica started to drool all over her boobs as her face turned red while Sophia gave a fart as she kicked but did not shit herself. I haven’t seen any of their bladders release, certainly because they already pissed themselves.. twice.
  356. The mother watched her daughters slip away like that and fell to her knees on the ground, she kept hitting her own head as she cried rivers and screamed really loud with all the curses, calling us cruel monsters.. well I am not the Judge, I am just the executioner.
  359. Finally, both sisters relaxed their muscles with a couple of final twitches, as their toes flinched.
  362. “Come on Claudia, you’re the only one left. No need to resist.” I said as I helped Claudia up on her feet again and guided her to the nooses. She retracted her arm and then went to her daughters’ dangling corpses and hugged their bare sweaty bodies tightly. I gave her the moment and then she wiped her tears and calmly stood on the stool next to Sophia.
  365. “I am ready.” Claudia stated as Rey tightened the noose around her neck.
  368. “Farewell, may you reunite with your daughters and husband once more.” I told her and she nodded back, and then I kicked the final stool of the day. She hanged in their tightly struggling for breath, then her feet started to involuntary kick rapidly, she kept convulsing, and her bladder released with spurts as her sphincter relaxed, I think she tried to hold her urine in at first to avoid such humiliation, that is why her urine came out in consecutive spurts with each kick, but she failed and right after, the flow went on like a waterfall along with a fart. Her boobs wiggled around and she drooled all over them. Twitched a little bit and then there was silence. Silence and a really nasty odor.
  371. “I am sorry Rey, you have to clean all of this up before the next batch arrives tomorrow, i’ll call in the cleaners to help you along, thank you.” I said as I patted on Rey’s shoulder.
  374. “It’s nothing, sir. That’s my job I am used to it.” Rey politely said.
  377. “Good! I’ll be back at my office. See you later.” I told her as I finally left the execution chamber and back to my office to relax for the day after an epic finale.
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