Michelle Nera

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  1. Name : Michelle Nera
  2. Nickname(s) : N/A
  3. Faction(S) : N/A
  4. __
  5. Gender : Futarani
  6. Race : Humanoid Giant
  7. Height : 6 Stories
  8. Weight : 958 LBS (I do not know the appropriate weight for a giant-sized character.)
  9. Build : Heavy upper muscular build.
  10. Breast Size : DD's ( In comparison to her giant form, if that makes any sense. )
  11. Butt Size : Bubble Butt ( In comparison to her giant form, if that makes any sense. )
  12. Dick Size : A foot and 1 inch, average girth. ( In comparison to her giant form, if that makes any sense. )
  13. Hair : Raven black hair that is tied up into a pony tail that reaches down  to their back.
  14. Eye Color : A bright amber, slightly glowing due to mana. (Allows her to summon and un-summon her armor)
  15. Facial Hair : N/A
  16. Skin Tone : Fair
  17. Tan : Light Tan
  18. Skincare : The skin looks a bit rugged and rough, not that smooth.
  19. __
  20. Armor/Clothing
  22. 1- Armor : She wears a sort of eastern armor that she can summon, their torso covered by multiple strips of steel with a skin-tight vanta black cloth under. The strips of steel are colored a green, upon their shoulders are un-painted steel pauldrons on the top of these pauldrons is a red gemstone. (each pauldron having 1) Just on the elbow are 3 small green strips of pure steel (in terms of length) and the black skin-tight vanta black cloth. Before it goes down to a metal gauntlet, covering all the way up to the forearm and made out of iron. Upon Her stomach/waist and hips is a giant baige belt, in the middle of this baige belt is a thick strip of grey paint/cloth, making the baige color be a outline for the now baige-grey belt. On the front of the belt is another red gemstone (Close to the ones on the pauldrons) that is directly over the groin. Her legs are covered in brown leather pants before it goes down to her feet and ankle, is a giant metal boot made out of iron, the actual boot that all of the metal is connected to is colored a brown as well, most likely made out of leather. Her head is covered in a giant brown leather hood concealing her face. Her amber eyes glow under this hood, making it look a bit better.
  24. 1- Clothing : She wears rugged/ragged brown shirt and pants with grey boots, for underwear around her breasts are a bunch of thin bandages, covering their nipples and nothing else. For her genitalia she has simple grey panties and a loin cloth kept up by a rope around their hips.
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