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  1. Ditching fakes like it’s graduation day
  2. On to better things I’m forgettin my mistakes
  3. Guess it’s safe to say, that’s it’s not safe to stay
  4. Wit dis fuckin bullshit I’m not tryna fade away
  5. leave my steps imprinted like the first man on the moon
  6. I been in a slumber no more sleepin I’ll awaken soon
  7. Stokin flames in Marvin’s room,
  8. It’s just me myself and I spark a blunt and
  9. maybe bump some mf doom
  10. Thats the holy trinity I’m going back to my roots
  11. Chasin authenticity now I lost what I’ve pursued
  12. High until infinity so I forgot to pay my dues
  13. None of y’all is feelin me, but its okay you will be soon
  14. moonwalking catch me changing tides
  15. I raised the bar now the stakes is high
  16. Behead medusa all these snakes can die
  17. But this a journey it might take some time
  19. I got no need to pretend
  20. I’m not tryna make amends
  21. Busy stackin dividends
  22. Never worried bout no friends
  23. X4
  25. Can’t ever chase my dreams if I’m trippin over my regrets
  26. The odds ain’t in my favor I don’t give a fuck I’m takin bets
  27. Not making threats, only keepin promises
  28. Been tryna do dis shit since Before I was my mommas kid
  29. back when I was kissing girls in placement
  30. heart up on my sleeve but secrets stayin in the basement
  31. waitin for the day that I can face shit
  32. blunt roaches adjacent, let’s face it
  33. I think that Gods jus tryna test me
  34. I’m failing all those classes busy rollin up at jesse’s
  35. Never go to church but I swear that he gone bless me
  36. running from my problems hope that they don’t ever catch me
  37. Never learn my lesson But still tryna be the best me
  38. High as Rushmore, rolling up some dead presidents
  39. Forever missin rent, cuz this rap shit makes no cents
  40. Wasting all my time swear to god it’s never spent
  41. That’s a boutta change I’m not gonna watch my own descent
  43. Do this shit without the hook
  44. I’m fishing wit my fucking hands
  45. close my eyes don’t need to look
  46. Was crippled till I took a stance
  47. Never gave a fuck about a thing but some cash and hoes
  48. little did I know there’s only so far that them racks will go
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