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  1. <size=50><align="center"><b><color=#ff0000ff>O</color><color=#ffa500ff>m</color><color=#ffff00ff>e</color><color=#00ff00ff>g</color><color=#00ffffff>a</color></b> <b><color=#ff0000ff>S</color><color=#ffa500ff>e</color><color=#ffff00ff>c</color><color=#00ff00ff>t</color><color=#00ffffff>o</color><color=#800080ff>r</color></b></align></size=40>
  3. Rules:
  4. • Do not attempt to cheat in any way.
  5. • Friendly fire is allowed, but killing too many friendlies will result in a ban
  6. • Do not micspam. You will be server-muted if you do not comply
  7. • Do not ask for ranks. Repeated offenses will result in a temporary ban
  8. • Do not idle for more than three minutes, doing so will result in you being set to spectator.
  9. • Listen to the staff, they are just doing their job and want no trouble
  10. • Do not impersonate staff members in any way
  11. • Toxicity is not appreciated. Repeated toxicity can and will result in a temporary ban.
  12. • Before reporting cheating, please make sure you have evidence and/or one witness to help your case
  14. If you want to join the discord --> <link=""><color=#cdf><u>Discord</u></color></link>
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