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The Worm Reaper

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Jan 24th, 2015
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  1. The Worm Reaper
  2. During a long day of spelunkin' and trap-scummin', you find something slightly different than usual.
  3. "Hey Tunnel Man, what's with those strange lights in Olmec's room?", you ask Tunnel Man. No reply, instead he immediately starts erecting a small wooden building around the door to Olmec. He looks as if he is thinking of blocking you from getting through.
  5. "Tunnel Man, you backstabber! You've changed.", you say as he finishes up his little building. "I refuse to be flimflammed by you, Tunnel BOY!", hoping he can hear you through the wall. "Spelunky is my name, spelunkin' is my game!", you say, pointing a dusty finger at Tunnel Man's little building. You eventually smash your way through, but Tunnel Man is nowhere to be seen.
  7. You enter Olmec's room, but before you have time to react, you are snatched away by something. A loud crunch is heard as everything fades to black.
  9. You wake up inside what looks like a worm. The worm speaks: "Reh reh man. Reh reh man, goo goo goo goo goo.". You've heard about this. It's the fabled Talky Crawler, also known as "that worm outta hell", also known as the Worm Reaper (or Grim Wormer). It's a hell worm. It's from hell and takes you to hell. "Tunnel Man has to see this!", you think to yourself.
  11. "Oh", you whimper, suddenly reminded of someone who was once a good friend. You wonder if Tunnel Man has also been through the Worm Reaper. If there's a reason he wanted the hell worm for himself, you refuse to let him reach it. You would rather face the chance of a wormy, gooey, demon-y demise. And so you press on, eggplant in hand, ready to indulge in the sticky, hot danger that lies below.
  13. "It's a touching coming of age story with strong underlying lessons of acceptance, forgiveness, and the consequences of daring to be yourself in a cruel world" - PIGRIS
  15. "When I saw it was called 'The Worm Reaper', I thought it would be like a dumb creepypasta, but it was more like a crappy fan fiction thing." - Roger Regis
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