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  1. [08:24] (Link:
  2. [08:27] Angel: Well only one 16x PCI Exp slot, so long as you never plan to try to do SLI or Crossfire..
  3. [08:27] Angel: seems like enough SATA slots
  4. [08:27] Angel: 32 MB ram is more than you'll need anytime soon
  5. [08:27] Angel: decent reviews
  6. [08:27] Angel: need to check your RAM
  7. [08:28] Angel: its intel CPU type so that shoudl be fine, long as you can find like a lower end i5 or something you can afford
  8. [08:28] pffft
  9. [08:28] im going i7 baby!
  10. [08:28] prolly 3rd gen top line for like 300
  11. [08:29] Angel: what I like to do is just go
  12. [08:29] Angel: (Link:
  13. [08:29] Angel: and just do some research
  14. [08:29] well i trust you more because you are a tekkie :P
  15. [08:30] Angel: well yea but still this is how you learn stuff
  16. [08:30] sure i can process the same data you can but i know your knowledgable about hardware so i trust your advice/recommendations
  17. [08:30] Angel: I mean I do it just to double check myself too
  18. [08:30] Angel: make sure I understand the quality of board or to find out if theres  any unknown flaws I missed
  19. [08:30] Angel: (Link:
  20. [08:31] Angel: you read something like this
  21. [08:31] of course if something has 3 stars on 60 reviews im not going for it most likely or 4 stars on 2 reviews
  22. [08:31] Angel: it kind of helps sum up things for ya
  23. [08:31] Angel: its an entry level to mid range board
  24. [08:31] Angel: so its missing some features higher end boards have
  25. [08:31] Angel: it explains what I meant about the PCI-E slots
  26. [08:32] Angel: then at end it even says they might recommend a different mother board over it
  27. [08:32] Angel: now you got options to compare
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