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lottb.com server rules (rich text)

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  1. <size=150%><b><color="red">LOTTB.COM SERVER RULES AND INFO</color></b></size>
  3. <u>LANGUAGES</u>
  4. Speak English or Norwegian.
  6. <u>INTERCOM</u>
  7. Songs are okay. Screaming very loud to annoy others is not.
  9. <u>MICSPAM</u>
  10. Only micspam songs on the intercom. Micspam of other sorts (like in spectator) will result in a ban.
  12. <u>GENERAL</u>
  13. Racism and sexism is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  14. Don't team with the SCPs.<i>Very</i> temporary truces between humans and SCPs are allowed, however.
  15. Don't be toxic.
  17. <size=150%><color="red">Additional info</color></size>
  19. 1. Intercom cooldown = 2 minutes
  20. 2. Intercom time = 30 seconds
  21. 3. 3 minute auto-kick.
  22. 4. Unique SCP-914 human recipes.
  23. 5. 5 minute item clean-up.
  24. 6. Cuffed D-Class/Scientists turn into MTF/CI respectively upon escape.
  25. 7. 3 possible escape routes in pocket dimension, which get shuffled after every escape attempt.
  26. 8. Minimum of 3 players required to start a round.
  28. My discord is Riko#3780, and I'm in the official SCP: SL discord. DM me if there are any issues.
  29. Here's our steam group where we schedule certain times for everyone to come join: <link="https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LOTTBSL"><color="red"><u>link</u></color></link>
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