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lottb.com server rules (rich text)

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  1. <size=150%><b><color="red">LOTTB SERVER RULES AND INFO</color></b></size>
  3. <u>LANGUAGES</u>
  4. Speak English only.
  6. <u>INTERCOM</u>
  7. Songs are okay. Screaming very loud to annoy others is not.
  9. <u>MICSPAM</u>
  10. Only micspam songs on the intercom. Micspam of other sorts (like in spectator) will result in a ban.
  12. <u>GENERAL</u>
  13. Racism and sexism is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  14. Don't team with the SCPs.<i>Very</i> temporary truces between humans and SCPs are allowed, however.
  15. Don't be toxic.
  17. <size=150%><color="red">Additional info</color></size>
  19. 1. Intercom cooldown = 2 minutes
  20. 2. Intercom time = 25 seconds
  21. 3. 3 minute auto-kick.
  22. 4. Unique SCP-914 human recipes.
  23. 5. 10 minute item clean-up.
  24. 6. Cuffed D-Class/Scientists turn into MTF/CI respectively upon escape. Cuffed MTF/CI turn into CI/MTF respectively upon escape as well.
  25. 7. 3 possible escape routes in pocket dimension, which get shuffled after every escape attempt.
  26. 8. A successful escape from the pocket dimension will lead to a random area in the facility, rather than just 106's chamber.
  27. 9. Minimum of 4 players required to start a round.
  28. 10. If you join the server within 60 seconds of the round starting, you will still spawn.
  29. 11. CI spawn with hand cuffs.
  30. 12. SCP-008 infection virus, spread through zombies. Zombies also now deal 45 DMG per hit. Health packs have a 60% chance to cure infection.
  31. 13. Handcuffed humans cannot operate doors or elevators.
  32. 14. SCP-343, an immortal D-Class, will be spawned at the discretion of the admins and turns all weapons into flashlights.
  34. PRO TIP: If you ever get stuck in 914, don't want to wait any longer and would rather die, set 914 to course or rough and put yourself in it to be killed (this goes for SCPs especially).
  36. My discord is Riko#3780, and I'm in the official SCP: SL discord. DM me if there are any issues.
  37. Here's our server discord where you can meet new people who frequent our servers and get together to play with them: <link="https://discord.gg/wsrTbXC"><color="red"><u>link</u></color></link>
  38. Here's our steam group where we schedule certain times for everyone to come join: <link="https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LOTTBSL"><color="red"><u>link</u></color></link>
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