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  1. When creating a character on the first page for sources only critical role content is allowed. No Homebrew, Playtest, Magic, or Eberron content.
  3. Milestone vs XP does not matter, hitpoint does not matter.
  4. Use Prerequisites for both feats and multiclass.
  5. Use Encumbrance
  6. Ignore coin weight
  7. Modifiers Top
  8. Character Privacy: Does not matter
  10. Allowed Races:
  11. Aasimar
  12. Dragonborn
  13. Dwarf - No Gray Dwarf
  14. Elf - No Drow / Dark, Sea, Shadar,  Eladrin
  15. Genasi
  16. Gnome - No Deep
  17. Goliath
  18. Half-Orc
  19. Halfing
  20. Half-Elf - No Drow, Aquatic,
  21. Human
  22. Tabaxi
  23. Tiefling - Only Feral, Tiefling, Variant Tiefling, Variant Feral
  24. If you would like to play a specific race not listed text me and we can discuss it.
  26. Choose level 8, please note if you pick blood hunter I expect you to know how it works mechanically for combat.
  27. Feats - No firearms
  28. Ability Scores - Either Standard Array, Point Buy, or you can roll in front of me beforehand.
  29. Equipment: Choose equipment and before the game we will sit down and adjust it accordingly.
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