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  1. Let us begin by examining what Gad Saad actually said in regards to #RapeByFraud in his YouTube video:
  3. *some extraneous text has been removed for easier reading (e.g. uh's, okay's, ah's, etc)*
  5. *this is not an expert transcription of the audio, hence links will be attached to the source material.*
  7. Example 1:
  9. The argument here is that in the same way that there are all sorts of fraudulent practices you're setting up a business contract and somebody deceives you in a fraudulent way, well then of course the contract is null and void.
  11. Example 2:
  13. And so the argument here is that in a similar fashion, if you enter into a sexual encounter with somebody under false pretenses, well then that should be rape.
  15. Example 3:
  17. So now lets just go through here, some of the instances that this person or examplars that this person considers to be within the purview of rape by fraud. So here we go.
  19. Example 4:
  21. Let me just read some of these. So if somebody lies about their marital status. This next one I fully understand, communicable illness, but I mean if you are infected with HIV and you're going around spreading it to everybody there are actually actual precedence of people being prosecuted for that. That makes sense. But lets skip that one for a second. So marital status, if you lie about your religion, about your number of children you have, your employment, your education, your wealth, your family background and other identity characteristics.
  23. Example 5:
  25. So for example, if I find out that I'm going out with loves dogs and I hate dogs -in reality I love dogs, but for the purposes of this story I hate dogs- but I know that if I pretend that I love dogs, I'm more likely to have her like me. Then maybe I can seduce her. So lying about my loving dogs might be rape.
  27. Example 6:
  29. So please understand that I'm not condoning ever lying, right. One should be truthful, moral and ethical in every action or interaction they engage in. But to the extent that we know that an inherent part of mating involves duplicity, that doesn't mean that you condone it. But it happens, its real. So women for example use push up bras. Women use high heels to create the figure of *insert terminology*, look it up. It means the angle of the buttocks is raised 30 degrees, that's why strippers wear high heels. Read my books people. They wear cosmetics to accentuate or to mimic certain exaggeratory visual cues. They lie -women lie- about their weight, right. Women lie about their sexual past.
  31. "Oh me? I've never been with a man. You're only my second. I've had a high school sweetheart and then there was you sweetie."
  33. Example 7:
  35. So for any reason. So if you lie to me about your age, your weight. If you wear push up bras, if you wear jeans that make you have a figure that is actually false advertisement.. you're just raping me because then when we are intimate and gravity befalls us, well then, I've been duped. I've been deceived, I've been raped. Oh but wait! On the site it basically says that appearance enhancement lies don't fall under that rubric. So if a man were to lie about his income he actually makes 40K but he says "I'm on the fast track to become an investment banker and studying to become a neurosurgeon" and some woman buys that and has sex with him.. That's rape. But if a woman says "I'm a virgin and whatever." and she's wearing all sorts of make up to make herself look more attractive and whatever other lies she can come up with to hook up with the gentleman in question. Well then that's perfectly fine.
  37. Example 8:
  39. It doesn't fall under the purview of contemptible behavior if it's women lying. It's lunacy! That there can be a person that exists that creates a website that starts a movement to actually argue that that men who lie during the process of courting women are rapists. That itself should be punishable. I mean think about it. Somebody who spends a lot of uh, effort wooing a woman by being generous to her, by showering her with gifts, but then it turns out that he's not very wealthy. But in the process of trying to woo her, he wanted to exhibit cues of generosity. Well that's just pure rape! What kind of dang rapist is this guy?
  41. Example 9:
  43. So I mean it's just baffling that the moral compass of a human must be so broken that she could actually feel comfortable espousing such nonsense.. and again, please remember that I'm in no way suggesting that people should go around lying to each other. But to argue that lies amount to rape is the highest form of grotesque. It is such a departure from human decency and human reasoning that it should be shamed.
  46. So this is, as accurately as I could type it at 1:00AM with little in the way of rest, what Gad Saad essentially stated. It was a (mild) negative criticism of your opinions posted on your website. To which you responded with:
  50. Instead of communicating with Gad Saad by criticizing his criticisms, you simply go on the offensive instead of trying to engage a public intellectual.. well. Intellectually. Of course, instead of responding to Gad Saad (or anyone else you challenged) in a critical manner, you simply jumped the shark and created a new blog post, publicly listing all dissenters as your bashers. In doing so, you're basically telling anyone that visits your site that these real people (because you do have real people listed, myself included) are rape enablers, rape supporters and are potentially rapists themselves based on the flawed logic that you've thrust upon that magical electronic interactive space known as the internet. You've done so with haste and not fully understanding the ramifications of what can potentially happen with such a public list.
  54. The Ashley Madison hack/exposure caused the lives of people. It ruined relationships, even when people who signed up on that site did so purely for research purposes (academic papers, studies, etc) and so on and so forth. This is the kind of damage that public lists can do, especially when those lists are associated with immoral intent, actions or beliefs. So yeah, Gad Saad pretty much hit the nail on the head when he stated that your moral compass is broken. Hell, you even came out and said he called you a lunatic ( when he did no such thing. He (Gad) in fact, called the idea of rape by fraud lunacy. But it seems that you've decided to attach yourself to your twisted ideology. No matter how benevolent you think you are being with your rape by fraud site (and I do empathize with your traumatic experience, I'd hate for anyone to go through what you did), it is harmful, your actions are dangerous and this publicized list is wrong. If you have any shred of compassion for your fellow man/woman/gay/bi/trans/dog, then you'll remove the list. If you have any respect for free thinking intellectual discourse, then you should apologize to Gad Saad (and everyone you put on your list) and perhaps have a public exchange of ideas. I mean, his specialization specifically deals with evolutionary behaviors (why we biologically do what we do) and if anything, that could actually help you solidify and validate any cogent arguments you might actually have regarding rape or fraud or both. So I implore you to seek a peaceful end with Gad Saad. I'm not joining in any lawsuit against you nor would I condone any lawsuit against you. But I will petition your public lists and I will support any and all petitions that are also against your public lists. I'm tired, this is getting boring. Have a good night.
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