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  1. This is a reupload of Chapters 1-13 of "Diamond Pokemon" by megadeth425, now NidoranDuran. The story was deleted a long time ago; however, I have very fond memories of it, as do many other people, so it deserves to be out there.
  3. This is a copy from the Project AFTER forum, which added "commentary" making fun of the story, a la RiffTrax. As far as I know, this was the only existing copy of any of the story's chapters, and now it seems to be gone too:
  5. I saved it and removed the mocking bits years ago, and I think it's finally time to share it. I forget how many chapters the story had in total, but at least most of them have survived. Hopefully Google sees it, and anyone that searches "megadeth425 diamond pokemon" can finally relive this part of their teenhood. Enjoy, and "enjoy".
  7. ~~~
  9. Due to now having fourteen and upward chapters, I've decided that having individual explanations at each chapter is not enough, particularly for people who are just looking through it again for a specific chapter. So I've fused the first two chapters for brevity, fixed the borked formatting of some of my earlier chapters, and will update this with the according pairings and tags for each scene as I upload a new chapter.
  11. Note: The "minor" tag refers to scenes in which an adult is engaged in sex with a minor, not a scene between only minors.
  13. OC characters are only labelled if they're recurring. I give most one-time trainers names, but they aren't coming back unless noted.
  15. Dawn: The protagonist of the story, a ten year-old girl embarking on her pokemon adventure, as appearing in Diamond and Pearl.
  17. Markus: Her childhood friend, the rival as appearing in Diamond and Pearl.
  19. Lucas: Prof. Rowan's assistant, as appearing in the games.
  21. Prof. Rowan: As appearing in the games, nothing to really note here.
  23. Bidoof: Notable among Dawn's pokemon (not getting into details of her team here) because he is capable of speaking English, like Meowth from the show.
  25. Tina: A trainer around fourteen years old, based on the Lass trainer type, a potential love interest for Dawn.
  27. Trey: An arrogant rich kid who's taken to recording pokemon-on-human porn, usually asking Dawn because she'll do pretty much anything, even having sex in mid-air. Based on the Rich Boy trainer type.
  29. Cheryl: A girl Dawn met in Eterna Forest. She's waiting for "the one" to have sex with, but in the meanwhile will still use her ass and mouth to please guys. As appearing in the games.
  31. Flannery and May: Two lovers from Hoenn who came to Sinnoh for a little time away. As appearing in the third generation games.
  33. ---
  35. Chapter 1
  37. "No, Markus, shut up," Dawn told her talkative, blond-haired friend. She wore a blue and purple dress that ended halfway down her thigh and purple knee-high boots with blue socks as they walked along Lake Verity.
  39. "What?" he asked, doing a double-take, looking at his companion with surprise.
  41. "I don't want to look for some red Pokemon that won't be here." She walked toward him.
  43. "I brought you here so we can have some fun." She pushed him onto the ground. "And intend to have it." She dropped onto her knees next to him, unzipping his jeans and taking his hardening dick into her hand. "Don't you want that, too?"
  45. "Oh, definitely!" Markus said as Dawn leaned over it, licking his head softly as her hand pumped up and down with a painfully slow rhythm. She sped up as she sunk her head deeper, taking in more and more of his young cock.
  47. "Oh, Dawn!" he said as he put his hand on her head, edging her on as she shifted her hand to the base of his dick and began bobbing her head on his length.
  49. Dawn closed her eyes as she continued her service on her friend, alternating between long, heavy licks on his length and quick, soft brushing. She kept a steady rhythm as he tried in vain to guide her.
  51. "Dawn, keep going, I feel like-Oh, DAWN! Markus screamed as he bucked forward into her mouth, hitting his orgasm. He rarely masturbated and his jackpot certainly rose; he easily filled Dawn's mouth with his thick, white cum, which she gladly swallowed.
  53. "That was great," she sighed when she finally swallowed all of his load. But she looked to see Markus asleep. "Damn, I wanted to go on to part two and he's asleep? Damn it, Markus!" She looked around. "Well, I may as well continue myself." She lay on her stomach, supporting herself with her knees as her hand crept down her body and up her skirt to her pantiless pussy. She ground her palm against her clit as she dipped two fingers in and began to pump. She wished it were Markus' dick inside her instead, but her fingers would have to do.
  55. Markus probably wouldn't have kept up with her, anyway. Ten minutes in and she was still going steady, her orgasm still a distant treat. She was now rocking on her knees and moaning loudly. Her dress had since rode up to reveal her taut, peach-shaped ass as she worked her pussy like a pro.
  57. Her moans drew some attention, however. In the trees, several Starly watched attentively, their small bird dicks at attention.
  59. One very brave Bidoof, however, had the nerves to approach. He was also an abnormally well-endowed Bidoof with a long, thick dick dragging against the soft, loose topsoil as he approached her.
  61. Absorbed in her pleasure, she didn't notice the pokemon creeping up from behind until she felt his paws on her hips as he mounted her, driving his dick into her ass without warning.
  63. She screamed, falling to the ground in pain as the thick pokedick violated her virgin asshole, trying in vain to struggle against the stronger pokemon. Not that she was in the position to fight even if she were strong enough; he pinned her down, her hand stuck against her pussy. All she could do was take it as she screamed for help, all the while Markus slept like a fucking baby.
  65. "Water gun!" shouted a deep voice, probably one that had seen many battles and lived many years. It was accompanied by a loud splash as she felt stray water droplets against her body and the Bidoof blown right out of her ass.
  67. She was caught off-guard and, when she finally came to her senses and looked around, she saw the Bidoof fleeing. She looked to the other side to see a Piplup standing between two men; one was an old, white-haired man in a lab coat, the other around her age and wearing travel-worn clothes; clearly a pokemon trainer.
  69. "Are you alright?" the older man asked as he came over to her, helping her to her feet.
  71. "I think so, yeah. Thanks for the help."
  73. "No problem. I'm Professor Rowan, and this is my aide, Lucas. You are..."
  75. "Dawn. And the guy asleep over there is my idiot friend Markus."
  77. "Dawn, I can see you're hurt. Please, come with me to my lab and we'll clean you up."
  79. "Alright," Dawn nodded as she held onto Rowan's arm for support and walked with them, leaving Markus asleep on the ground with his flaccid dick lying on his jeans.
  81. "Thanks for the help, professor," Dawn said, taking a sip of coffee. She'd cleaned up, no longer was there dirt on her knees and clothes, and a couple scratches on her back where the Bidoof grabbed her were disinfected.
  83. "No problem, Dawn," he said. "Though you really shouldn't go out without a pokemon by the lake, especially," he cleared his throat, "Without proper garments."
  85. "I know, but I can't get a pokemon without having another to battle it," she sighed.
  87. "I can fix that," he said. "The Piplup that rescued you seems to have taken to you," he motioned toward the Piplup who lay on the floor, ogling her goods from below. Dawn didn't move, though. "And if you do me a favour, I can give you the Piplup.
  89. "Really? What is it?"
  91. "I'm old and I'm lonely, Dawn. All these years studying pokemon, and I never had a chance to settle down and find love. I long for a woman's touch, Dawn, so if you could..."
  93. Dawn nodded. "I'll do it, but I don't think your aide would like it if we left him out," she smiled.
  95. "Dawn, you're incredible," Rowan said. "Lucas, come here!"
  97. Lucas came from behind the corner. "I heard everything, and I'm game."
  99. "Alright, then. How do you want guys to do this?" Dawn smiled.
  101. Rowan unzipped his pants to reveal his cock. "Lie on the short table."
  103. Dawn smiled as she pulled her dress off and did just that, lying on her back on the small, square table.
  105. "Lucas, take her mouth," Rowan said as he approached the much younger girl, grabbing her legs. "Let me take care of it, Dawn." He put them up against his shoulders and took his time, entering her slowly to prepare her for a much larger dick than she was used to.
  107. He rocked his hips ever so gently, going in a bit more each time as he felt her loosen up.
  109. Meanwhile Dawn gave Lucas a blowjob in what for her was a strange position. On her back, with her head dangling, she sucked Lucas' dick upside-down. It was a strange feeling as she was used to regular blowjobs, but the slight change in shape and texture made for an interesting experience.
  111. And Lucas wasn't exactly a blowjob connoisseur. Obviously having his first, he was going mad under Dawn's skilled tongue and lips as she swirled and sucked and licked and kissed every inch of his manhood. He thrust forward with no real rhythm or pattern into her wet mouth as she continued her service.
  113. Rowan, now deciding she was sufficiently loose, began to fuck her like an animal. He released years of pent-up sexual frustration on this young girl who loved every minute of it. He thrust with such power that her body shook and her small, developing breasts bounced around. He could hear her muffled moans of pleasure escaping the small gap between her lips and Lucas' dick, which only drove him to fuck her harder.
  115. Dawn was in the best position she could possibly be in; getting the fuck of her life on one end, and sucking a dick on the other, both from relative strangers. Still, she loved it. She wrapped her legs tightly around Rowan's hips, egging him to to fuck her harder as she ramped up her treatment on Lucas, hoping for all three of them to cum at around the same time.
  117. A hope that was very well possible. Rowan didn't know how much longer he could last in Dawn's tight, young pussy, Dawn didn't know how much more of the fuck of her life she could take, and Lucas, being a first-timer, didn't know how he'd already lasted this long.
  119. Finally, with a collective scream of unbridled pleasure, the three all hit their orgasms. Lucas pulled away from Dawn as his dick twitched, loosing his veritable load all over her cute face. Seconds later came Dawn as her juices lubricated Rowan's cock. But it wasn't enough, though; she wanted to feel his cum shoot up inside her, so she locked her legs so tightly around Rowan that he had no choice. And lucky for her, he came at that very moment. Rowan shot the biggest load of the three men she'd pleased that day deep into pussy, eliciting an almost primal scream from the preteen with cum on her face.
  121. The three remained still for a while; Lucas leaning against a wall while Rowan leaning over the table, his dick still entirely in Dawn. They all panted heavily as they basked in the intense afterglow.
  123. Dawn turned her head to see her Piplup frowning. "Don't worry, boy," she smiled. "Later on, it'll all be for you."
  125. "Dawn," Rowan said, zipping up his pants as he walked to a table with many strange gadgets lined up. "Take this," he picked up a thin, red and black device that folded out. "It's a pokedex. It records data on every pokemon you see, then relays it back to me to help my research."
  127. "Thanks," Dawn said as she took the device, popping it open.
  129. "It records height, weight, known locations, and a few other things," Rowan said as she scanned her Piplup.
  131. "What are these other things?" she asked.
  133. "Look up Piplup's info," he smiled.
  135. Dawn did just that. It had everything he said, as well as a field "mating behaviour".
  137. "It records the mating behaviour. Each pokemon has a peculiar thing they do while mating; several electric pokemon, for example, release small shocks to stimulate their mates nervous system and increase pleasure."
  139. "Thanks, professor," she said, closing the device.
  141. "I guess you'll be off to travel now?" She nodded. "Well, do come and visit some time, I get lonely when Lucas is off travelling, and he says he's going to challenge the gyms. Do keep an eye on him for me."
  143. "Will do, professor," she smiled, turning off and leaving the lab.
  145. "Dawn!" called a voice as Dawn closed the door to her own home. She turned to see Markus' mother running toward her. "Did Markus already leave?" she asked.
  147. "Yeah."
  149. "Damn. This package just came for him. Do you think you could get it to him?"
  151. "Sure."
  153. "Thanks, Dawn. You're great," she said, handing her a package that she put into her backpack.
  155. The two walked away in opposite directions; one back to her house and the other up the path to the edge of town. Dawn found that, very quickly, the walk was lonely; she just wasn't used to Markus not being there to nag and talk incessantly.
  157. Maybe Piplup would give me some company, she thought, taking his pokeball off her belt and opened it, letting Piplup out.
  159. The small penguin pokemon looked around and, as all he had on his mind the entire time he was in that ball was her goods, jumped onto his trainer.
  161. Dawn got thrown off her guard, falling back onto the ground. "Piplup!" she shouted at him.
  163. The penguin pokemon hung his head.
  165. "Oh, I can't be mad at you," she said. "And, I did promise you...Okay, go ahead."
  167. "Pip!" the pokemon shouted as he jumped around, scurrying to Dawn's legs. He stuck a paw up her skirt and poked around her pussy. He flipped her dress up to get a good look at her goods. He took a few licks up and down her swollen, soft pussy lips, tasting faint traces of cum. Deciding she was good and wet, he planted his paws on her waist. A short but incredibly thick dick emerged from the pokemon's pouch, lying on Dawn's pussy for a moment.
  169. "Go, Piplup. Fuck me hard," she moaned.
  171. The pokemon complied, sticking his girthy three inches into her warmth. With roughly the same width as Rowan's, he fit very cozily in her pussy as he fucked her in a steady rhythm that rocked the young girl; a slow pull-out followed by a rough, quick thrust forward.
  173. And she loved it. To feel his dick slowly drag out of her and then hit her with so much force that her entire body shook made her cry out with each thrust. She called out her pokemon's name as she felt the thick cock driving itself inside of her.
  175. Her cries convinced the Piplup to fuck her even harder, putting more power into his thrusts as the girl much larger than he writhed in pleasure. "Pip! Pip! Pip!" he chirped as he mustered all the might he could to fuck her. He felt something building inside her and didn't want to leave her hanging. Finally, his legs buckled as he thrust in one last time. He shot a small jet of thin, watery cum into the young girl's pussy that filled her to the brim.
  177. This new experience of complete fullness drove her into a powerful orgasm; she threw her head back so hard that her shoulders shot up. She felt her sweaty body wracked pleasure she'd never felt before as the watery cum slowly began to seep out of her pussy. She panted, her Piplup climbing onto her and lying between her small, pert breasts, his limpening dick pressing lightly against her navel.
  179. The two lay like that for longer than Dawn could keep count of. Dawn in particular was tired; it had been a long day for her; brought four guys to cum and had the two strongest orgasms of her life. And it was still the early afternoon.
  181. Finally, Dawn and her Piplup got up. Dawn took one of many supplies from her backpack; some wet naps to clean the dirt off her legs and dress. Her Piplup jumped onto her shoulder as they left Twinleaf town. Walking along Route 201, they encountered several wild Starlies and Bidoofs, and the few that dared attack were shot down by the experienced Piplup. Aside from that, it was a largely eventless trek. However, about a quarter mile from Sandgem town, Piplup began to shout loudly.
  183. Dawn looked around in surprise, worried that a tougher pokemon than Piplup was around. However, she saw a pokemon she was glad to meet again. One both she and Piplup recognized well.
  185. The Bidoof that got her from behind. His fur was still very wet and matted, covered in dirt and a bit of blood.
  187. "Piplup, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
  189. "Plup!"
  191. "Wait!" called a voice speaking very clear English. It was the Bidoof.
  193. Dawn did a double-take. "You speak English?"
  195. "Yes, I do. Please, just listen to me for a moment. I'm sorry about what I did, I saw your ass and it was just so luscious and round...when I see the ass of a human girl, especially one as young and fit as you, I lose control.
  197. If it will help you forgive me, I will join and fight for you. At the very least, my translating skills could be helpful."
  199. Dawn was still dubious; first she gets ass raped by the Bidoof, then he apparently speaks her language and wants to help her? Could she really forgive him in exchange for translating?
  201. Then again...she thought about the Bidoof's dick. If she expected it and the Bidoof went a bit slower, it would have been enjoyable. And, even though she loved what Piplup did for her, the Bidoof's was much longer.
  203. "Fine. You can come with us, but you'll have to be good." She took a pokeball and dropped it onto the ground, allowing the pokemon to press the button himself and enter it.
  205. She then released the Bidoof. "If you'd like, we could try again. If you'll go gently and wet this time, that is."
  207. The Bidoof just nodded as his dick emerged from its pouch, standing tall and proud. Dawn got onto her knees and nudged Bidoof onto his back before she held his base and took his entire length into her mouth, trying to coat his shaft in a thick coat of saliva.
  209. The Bidoof groaned as the young girl licked and sucked. When she focused on his head, the wind blew onto the lower part of his shaft and left a cold, tickling sensation that made him shudder.
  211. Dawn eventually decided he was sufficiently lubed up. "Alright, go around to the other side and do your work," she said. On her forearms and knees, she was in the perfect position to let the Bidoof do the deed.
  213. The pokemon grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up, revealing her tight, round ass as he again mounted her. This time, he moved slowly though, putting his head at her back entrance while she braced herself.
  215. "Go," she said, confirming her readiness.
  217. The Bidoof obliged, sliding his dick slowly into her backdoor, allowing her to adjust bit by bit. He rocked back, then slid just a bit deeper back in. When Dawn felt sufficiently loose, she beckoned Bidoof to go faster, and he willingly obliged. She cried out as he thrust wildly into her tight asshole. It was a much different experience than she was used to, but it felt good all the same.
  219. Much better, though, for the Bidoof who continued to pound her ass fervidly, panting quickly as he drove deeper and faster and harder into the tight, young preteen, her soft skin glistening with sweat. He felt something powerful build up in him, something just waiting to be released.
  221. Dawn felt that he was as he fucked her ass with wild recklessness; his pattern dissolved as he focused now solely on coating her untarnished butt of hers in his cum. She clenched her sphincter, tightening the ride for the pokemon as he howled, pulling out and blasting her fair, shapely ass with his incredibly thick cum. He dismounted the young girl, walked slowly around her and gave her a kiss before going back to the pokeball and prodding it, re-entering his new home.
  223. Dawn, who wasn't exactly immobilized in orgasmic bliss, stood up, taking yet another wet nap from her backpack and cleaning the cum off her ass. She'd really need to stock up on wet naps when she reached Jubilife.
  225. Dawn walked into the Jubilife Trainer's School and, just as she expected, saw Markus intently reading up on everything he could find, all the while fidgeting in his chair. His need to move trumped his need to know.
  227. "Markus," Dawn said as she went to him. "When I left home, your mom came and gave me this to give you," she pulled the package from her backpack.
  229. "Oh, man," Markus groaned. "I ordered something for your birthday, and it came a bit early, I guess."
  231. "Markus, my birthday's in five months."
  233. "I know, but I saw it and knew you'd love it. Open it up."
  235. Dawn opened the package and pulled out a very unexpected thing; a long, rippled, double-sided dildo.
  237. "Markus..." she said, gripping it tightly as she jumped at him and hugged him. "Thank you!"
  239. In all the jumping and hugging, her extremely short skirt rode up to give everybody in the school a nice look at her ass.
  241. "Looks like we have a slut on school grounds," snided a loud, bitchy voice. "And she likes giving total strangers a view of her ass that still has somebody's cum on it."
  243. Dawn turned around, not bothering to adjust her skirt (which was one hell of a 'hello' to Markus) to face the girl who said it; a girl not much older than her who wore a knee-length skirt and button-up blouse (a Lass, as the game puts it). Her breasts were large for a girl her age and her legs went on and on.
  245. "And you are?" Dawn asked.
  247. "Tina," the girl responded. "And it's good to see another slut in this school," she said, approaching Dawn with a strut that caused her skirt to sway from side to side enticingly. "I've been waiting for one."
  249. She pulled Dawn in for a deep, erotic kiss.
  251. =================
  253. Yeah, I'm a tease; sue me. F/F and double penetration await in the next chapter.
  255. ~~~
  257. Chapter 3
  259. I know it's been a while. But, I'm only in the right frame of mind to write porn every so often.
  261. ---
  263. She pulled Dawn in for a deep, erotic kiss and grabbed her ass, sliding a finger in and wiggling it around. Dawn decided to play along; she'd pleasured five guys since the day started and not a single girl, something she always wanted to try. She returned the favor, taking a handful of Tina's ass.
  265. Dawn and Tina had very different bodies, though both very alluring. Dawn's slender, small-breasted form lay in direct contrast to Tina's fuller, curvy form; the perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts were much larger, more than a handful, and her ass was fuller and softer, compared to Dawn's toned, firm buttocks.
  267. The two slowly leaned onto a table, writhing and running one hand through each others' hair and down their backs as the other hand lodged a finger into the other's ass. The class stopped studying and reading as they watched in awe at the unprompted girl-on-girl action right before their eyes. Several began shouting for them to take their clothes off, others calling to each 69, and a few pulling their dicks out and asking if they could join.
  269. But the girls were far too occupied to even discern the overlapping shouts as they focused on each other. Dawn had since pulled away and opened Tina's shirt, kissing and sucking and licking her breasts as she continued to violate Tina's nether regions with now two fingers.
  271. Tina moaned, dry-humping Dawn's torso as the girl serviced her breasts. "Oh yeah, lick my tits you little slut!" Tina cried as she ran her hands through Dawn's silky black hair, rubbing against Dawn faster and harder.
  273. Dawn took one of Tina's round, firm breasts into her mouth as she kept pumping her fingers in her asshole. She was feeling a bit left out, though, giving all this attention to Tina when all she got in return was a head rub. She looked up at Tina with pleading eyes. Tina took notice, and was more than willing to comply.
  275. Tina wiggled the fingers out of her ass and got up off the table, taking force so quickly Dawn was shocked. She spun Dawn around, pushed her onto the table, and spun her around. She pulled the younger girl's legs up over her shoulders and pulled her sweet pussy up to her and went straight to work, ravishing her pussy. Dawn was caught off guard, crying out in bliss as Tina's skilled tongue worked her magic. She bucked her hips into Tina's face, desperate for more. By this point, everything had stopped. Everyone looked on, cheering and shouting. Most of the guys had their dick whipped out and were pumping as hard as they could.
  277. Tina continued her work on Dawn's pussy as the rookie trainer's entire body squirmed under her tongue. She dragged her tongue up along Dawn's smooth pussy lips with agonizing slowness, the girl taking in a deep breath in anticipation before she drove a tongue into her snatch. Dawn cried out as Tina continued to work. She grabbed her small, developing breasts and kneaded them to augment her pleasure.
  279. But, while Dawn was ecstatic, Tina was feeling left out like Dawn was earlier. She spotted Dawn's near double-headed dildo on the table and smiled, giving Dawn one last lick before pulling Dawn's legs off her shoulders. "I have an idea." She picked up the dildo and gave it a slow pat. "Stand up and we'll have some fun," she smiled.
  281. Dawn knew where she was going with this, shooting to her feet and approaching Tina as she readied the dildo at her entrance. She pulled the older trainer in for a kiss as her dildo sank into the girl's slick pussy. When the dildo was near the halfway point, Tina pulled away. "Your turn," Dawn smiled, running her hand down Tina's face and body before taking firm hold of her hips, leaning on her as the dildo probed her warmth. Finally, the dildo lay wedged in the two young girls' vaginas, the ripples and bumps stimulating them with even the slightest movement.
  283. They wrapped their hands around each other, reconnecting their kiss as they began to thrust on the dildo, their bodies rubbing together as they worked as a synchronized rhythm. Their bodies slipped away before colliding again, filling the room with the sound of flesh slapping. As they pulled away, they rubbed their breasts together, all the while keeping a firm grip on the other and their mouths locked together.
  285. Markus, who stood nearby the whole time, was getting restless. He furiously jacked off, but it wasn't enough. Dawn's firm ass teased him, and finally he'd had enough. He spit on his hands, rubbing his saliva onto his dick as he slid up behind Dawn. Grabbing her hips directly under Tina's hands, he slid his dick into her ass slowly. Dawn moaned into Tina's mouth as she felt Markus claim her ass. With both her holes filled, Dawn began to go faster, sliding her arms under Tina's and grabbing her head as she kissed her even more fervidly.
  287. The guys loved the sight of this, and they were getting even more rowdy. One finally decided that if Markus was gonna get a piece of that, so was he. He slid up behind Tina and did the same, sliding his dick into her full, soft ass. Now Tina took it upon herself to pick up the pace. Both girls, their pussies and asses filled, embraced in wild passion, fucking each other with the plastic cock as the real dicks thrust into their nether regions, augmenting their pleasure.
  289. Their tongues danced, their breasts heaved and collided, and on impact their clits rubbed together, and they loved every second of it. For all her experience with men, which spanned a couple hours, there was something sensual about enjoying this with another girl, someone who wanted what she did and gave it to her. Markus fucking her ass was only a plus.
  291. A plus that wouldn't last long. Both guys had worked themselves so hard earlier that they wouldn't last very long in the tight little assholes they were enjoying so much. Especially hearing the two girls moan and pant on each other as they did, feeling their soft skin on their bodies and their silky hair against their was incredible.
  293. Tina and Dawn broke their kiss, their tongues lingering together for one last moment before parting. They threw their heads back onto their sodomists' shoulders and moaned words of encouragement to make them fuck harder.
  295. And fuck harder they did. Seeing the end in sight, both guys got a tight hold on their partners' hips as they picked up their speed, thrusting wildly into their asses, feeling it build up inside them.
  297. "Cum in my ass, Markus!" Dawn cried. "I want to feel you cum in my ass!"
  299. And cum he did. Both he and the guy in Tina's ass came, crying out as they filled their partners' nether regions with their hot, creamy spunk. They pulled out after the first shot, but second shots nailed both chicks' asses as they pulled out and fell back into nearby chairs, spent.
  301. But the girls weren't spent, and neither were a lot of the spectators. They had a while to go, and wanted a change of pace. Very slowly they maneuvered into a position very precarious to get into with the dildo still buried in their cunts. But they did it, and damn, it felt good. They both lay on the floor, their pelvises held fast together, their clits rubbing together with even the slightest movement. Their legs intertwined as they fucked the plastic dick against each other, screaming and panting in wild pleasure.
  303. With their mouths and eyes no longer occupied, the girls finally looked around an absorbed the sight before them for the first time. The guys who'd been jacking off the whole time now swarmed around them, dicks aimed at their bodies, intent on busting a nut all over them. They even noticed a few girls in the back who had their hands up their skirts. They caused quite the stir, and Dawn wished she could stick around a few days to see the result of this.
  305. Although at least she knew she had one hell of an orgasm building. It had gone on for so long and in so many different ways that she could feel the intensity burning inside her. She continued to thrust against Tina, her breathing faster and her moaning louder.
  307. Tina felt the same way, never having met someone with incredible a libido as Dawn, the first girl who could keep up with her. She let out a low, sustained moan as she felt her orgasm building ever faster inside her. Slowly, it became louder as she felt the waves of pleasure approach. With one last thrust, both girls climaxed, Dawn's frantic, high-pitched "yes"es and Tina's moan forming an orgasmic cacophony as powerful orgasms wracked their bodies like never before.
  309. The orgasmic bliss before them set off all the guys around them, almost at once. As powerful orgasms drove the girls mad, all eleven guys around them came, shooting their loads all over their breasts, faces, bodies, pelvises...they just lay in place, relaxing from their orgasms, cum all over them.
  311. The guys got over it much faster, putting their dicks away soon after they came and very quickly got back into the swing of things. The girls, however, didn't get up. Dawn sat on Tina, the dildo still buried in their pussies, as they licked cum off each others' faces.
  313. "Dawn, you wanna go half on a room at the Pokemon center and continue things over there?"
  315. "I'd love to," Dawn smiled before taking Tina's right breast into her mouth and sucking cum off the area around her nipple.
  317. ---
  319. There. By far the best of the few yuri scenes I've ever written, with some double penetration in there just for the fun of it. Tina will probably become a regular character; her, Markus, and Lucas will be in this fic fairly often and get it on with her, but will go their separate ways at times. I may write a little Tina into the next chapter when and if I get around to it, but I'd like to get the fic moving now.
  321. ~~~
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  327. -Yes, more Tina. I just wanted to keep it restricted to the 'fingering each other at dawn' scene, I couldn't resist the shower idea.
  329. -I know some people were creeped out by the Rowan thing in chapter 1. Well, I can't promise Dawn will restrict herself to her age group because this fic is very self-indulgent and I like man-on-girl scenes at times. The age gap won't be as severe as it was with Rowan, though, that's it for old men in this fic
  331. -I will be adding more Dawnxpokemon scenes soon. I know I've been lacking of late, and that's going to change this chapter.
  333. Saint Vegeta: Dawn raping someone? That's genius, man. I'll try to work it into a chapter soon.
  335. ---
  337. Chapter 4: Hittin' the Streets of Jubilife
  339. "That was incredible," Dawn sighed, meeting Tina's tongue with her own. She lay on the older girl, their hands slowly treating the other's pussy. Through the window of their room in the Pokemon center, the sun began to creep, casting rays of light on their young, enticing forms.
  341. "Definitely. That was the best night of my life," Tina said, breaking her kiss with Dawn and continuing it with each word.
  343. They arrived at the Pokemon center early the previous evening, splitting the cost for a private room with a queen-sized bed (only the large, multi-bunk rooms were free). The moment they hit the room, they dropped their stuff and continued from where they left off in the trainer school. They fell asleep quite early in the night, the dildo buried in both their snatches, only to continue when they rose early in the morning.
  345. Dawn said, "I think I need a shower." Sunlight continued to fill the room, the sweat glistening on their bodies, accentuating the sight of the two young teens in erotic embrace, had anyone seen what they shared in private.
  347. "I think we need a shower."
  349. With that, the two shared a smile and pulled away, racing quickly to the bathroom.
  351. ---
  353. "Keep going Dawn, keep going!" Tina cried as she bucked her hips, driving her soapy pelvis forward as Dawn ate her out. She leaned against the shower wall, one leg over Dawn's shoulders, frantically kneading her breasts. The water continued to rush onto her writhing, soap-covered body, lightly massaging the rest of her body as Dawn worked her magic.
  355. On her knees, Dawn held onto Tina as she ran her tongue in and along and through her wet, hot snatch. Her free hand held fast her beloved dildo, which slid deep and furiously into her warmth, the ripples and bumps tantalizing her inner walls. Tina's moans and words mingled with the sound of the shower, so intermingled in her ears that she couldn't tell the difference.
  357. Tina began to moan louder and longer. Her hands massaged her breasts with burning passion as he thrust faster into Dawn's eager face. "Come on, Dawn, I'm going to cum! Make my slutty pussy cum all over your pretty little face!" she moaned, throwing her head against the wall as she felt her umpteenth orgasm since she met Dawn.
  359. Dawn renewed her effort on Tina's command, driving her tongue deeper and taking longer licks as Tina's legs began to quiver against her body. "Yes, Dawn! I'm cumming! Taste me, Dawn, taste me like the little whore you are!" she heard, overpowering the sound of water.
  361. She very well knew someone else may have heard it, but she no longer cared as she Tina's juices hit her tongue. She abandoned her pattern and stopped caring about getting Tina off as her tongue sought to taste more of Tina. Her hand drove the dildo deeper and faster into her. She pounded the plastic cock deep into her young tight pussy, intent on getting off as she enjoyed Tina's juices.
  363. Tina sighed against the wall, her upper body quivering every so often as Dawn still pleasured her beyond her orgasm. Her hands no longer tended to her tits, now hanging at her sides as she calmed down. The water, by now, had washed all the soap off her body. "Dawn, let me finish you off. Back off for a sec."
  365. Dawn reluctantly pulled herself away from Tina's snatch and did as commanded, taking the dildo out of her pussy with a sigh and handing it to the older girl, watching to see what she'd do.
  367. Tina smiled, sliding down the shower wall so she lay on the shower floor. "Sit on my face, Dawn, and tell me that you love me."
  369. Dawn let out a chuckle, getting down and straddling Tina's face. Tina gave Dawn a long lick, letting her get into the swing of things before surprising he, sinking the dildo deep into her ass in one quick thrust. Dawn squealed as she felt the dildo probe her ass deeper than she'd ever taken before. It was more than a little uncomfortable, but once Tina began what she had to have had a magic tongue to perform. She began to sigh, adjusting to the size as Tina serviced her.
  371. The older girl, ensuring the dildo wasn't too deep or too shallow, let go of the handle, leaving it still in Dawn's pert ass and grabbing hold of her cheeks, massaging them as she had her breasts earlier. Still, her main focus was Dawn, who rode her face faster and harder as her orgasm built. Dawn drove her waiting pussy desperately into Tina's face, dirty talking Tina between breaths so fast that even she didn't know what she was saying. She felt her orgasm intensifying as Tina did the deed, augmented by the dildo buried deep in her ass. Bucking faster, moaning louder, everything built and intensified as she felt the orgasm tearing her apart on impact.
  373. "Yes, Tina! I'm cumming! I love you!" she wailed so loud there was no someone didn't overhear, assuming anyone didn't.
  375. Tina repayed the favor, licking Dawn's juices, though they came faster and in greater volume than her own. Sweeter, too.
  377. Dawn calmed down, pulling the dildo out of her ass. After a while, she pulled away from Tina and collapsed in the shower corner. Both were spent, and neither felt all that clean.
  379. ---
  381. "So, Tina, what are you doing?"
  383. "I'm off to Eterna to start challenging the gyms," she said as she buttoned up a clean shirt. "You?"
  385. "The same, but I'm hitting Oreburgh first," Dawn adjusted her very short skirt.
  387. "Oreburgh? That's too bad. Oh well, maybe we'll meet up later on."
  389. "I hope so."
  391. And with that, that they left the Pokemon Center. Judging by the stares of awe, disgust, and interest they go, they knew they were too loud. Someone cheered as they neared the door, and they repayed the deal by flipping their skirts up a moment, revealing their bare, gorgeous asses.
  393. They hit the Pokemon Mart for supplies and some breakfast before reaching the end of their shared path. To the north lay Route 204 and Floaroma Town, which would further lead to Eterna City. To the east was Route 203 and Oreburgh City. They shared an amicable goodbye, about to kiss when a man interrupted them.
  395. "Excuse me, but are you two trainers?"
  397. They pulled apart, looking to see a man of about thirty standing before them, holding an unmarked plastic bag.
  399. "Yeah, why?" Dawn asked.
  401. "Well, I'm an entrepreneur, a gadget maker. I've developed a new thing called a Poketch," he pulled one out of a bag to reveal a sleek, black digital watch with a lot of buttons and a wider display, probably to fit several gadgets. "And I'm holding a promotion and giving them for free to beginner trainers. It has a touch-screen interface, several useful programs for trainers, and the capability for new applications to be installed. Are you interested?"
  403. "Yeah," the two said, approaching.
  405. He took the one he pulled from his bag and handed it to Tina. He stuck his hand in for a second, but couldn't find one. Curling his brow, he looked in the bag to confirm. "I'm sorry, I think I've run out of the models I was giving away for free. I'm sorry," he said to Dawn.
  407. "It's alright," she said, dejected. She began to turn away and continue on her route.
  409. "Wait. I made this for trainers, and I don't like letting people down, especially a young girl such as yourself. If you'll come back to my shop, I can give you one for a reduced price."
  411. Dawn thought for a moment. She saw Tina with hers, and wanted one for herself; it looked useful. "Alright, sure." She joined the man and began west with him.
  413. Eventually, they reached a small storefront, the words "Poketch Company Inc." on a sign over the door. It showed off several models in different colors and designs, and small chips, probably with data saved on them. He unlocked the door and let Dawn in, turning the lights on. "Come with me, please." He pushed a curtain aside and went into the back room to fetch a poketch. She followed, coming to a messy room full of boxes and parts. Clearly this was both a stock room and his workshop.
  415. He opened up a sealed box, pulling out a plastic-wrapped poketch in hot pink. "Here you go," he handed it to Dawn.
  417. "Thanks," she said, taking it out of the plastic and slipping it on her wrist. "It's nice. How much do you want for it?"
  419. "It usually runs for 10,000, but my original offer of half price stands."
  421. Dawn looked down at her feet. 5,000 was all she left home with, and she'd already spent a lot of it.
  423. "You don't have it, do you?"
  425. "No, sorry." She took the watch off and handed it back to him.
  427. "Maybe we can work out something different. As I said, I don't like letting people down. In fact, I think there is something you could do for me. I have this thing about seeing a girl with cum on her face, so if you can do me a favor, I'll let you have it for free."
  429. Dawn smiled, knowing instantly what he wanted. "Sure," she said as the man sat down and unzipped his pants, revealing a long, hard, thick cock. She sank to her knees before him, looking in awe at the rod before her. It was bigger than she'd ever seen, definitely longer and thicker than Rowan's. She opened her mouth and braced herself, her hot breath making it twitch as she got a good grip on it and took the head into her mouth. She let it sit there for a moment, her tongue swirling around it before she sank a bit deeper. She continued like this for several minutes, taking a bit more into her mouth and teasing it before continuing on.
  431. "I don't want foreplay, Dawn, I want you to suck me dry." He was forceful...and Dawn found that a real turn-on.
  433. She stopped her treatment and began a much more intense one. She bobbed her head quickly up and down, still taking more cock in gradually, but in a much more direct way. Her hands joined her, one playing with his balls as the other jacked off what her mouth didn't get to. She put herself to work, and it was paying off.
  434. The poketch creator took a handful of her hair and asserted control, defining her speed for her and letting her neck take a passive role, but letting her hands and tongue be as active as they could. Dawn liked this submissive blowjob thing and took it in stride, starting to hum away to music in her head to do even more. He knew he wouldn't last much longer with this, and began to pound her face harder, intent on covering the little slut in his cream. He bellowed as his legs weakened and pulled her mouth away, her hand still stroking his base as he came all over her. Rather than cumming in short spurts, his jizz came out in a continuous stream. It first hit her forehead and continued down her face and to her breast, her handjob jerking his dick side-to-side, spreading it beyond the line. Her face was the hardest-hit, though, the man's abnormally potent load coating her face in thick jizz.
  436. "Wow," he sighed. "That was great."
  438. Dawn took some on her finger and licked it off. "You're telling me. You have a towel?"
  440. "Sure," he said. "Anything after that."
  442. ---
  444. Dawn hit Route 203 and took it slow. It wasn't even mid-morning, and she'd already had two sexual encounters. She had no idea this was what being a trainer would comprise of; hell, she hadn't even had a battle yet.
  446. But that changed quickly. There were a lot of trainers on Route 203 trying to prepare for the Oreburgh gym. Her Piplup cleaned the floor with most of them, though. Most trainers just had Bidoofs or Starlies, nothing even remotely competitive for her Piplup. Her Bidoof also got a good work-out.
  448. The route also had a good share of wild pokemon. She nabbed a male Abra, Starly, and Shinx, very quickly pumping them up to a level where nobody stood a chance. It was also good to have her wallet get heavier with each victory.
  450. Then, just as she thought she had a handle on things and pretty much owned the area, he came.
  452. A snobby rich kid, with expensive clothes and bleach-blond hair cut in such a way that even it seemed arrogant. "How fun is it, being a total slut? You only win because dopey, undersexed kids are too fixated on your body to give orders, and you play to that by wearing your skirt so shirt they can practically see your cunt."
  454. "Oh yeah?" Dawn said, grabbing Piplup's pokeball. "Well, if you're so strong and won't get fixated by my legs, care to put your money where your mouth is?"
  456. "Damn right. But if I win, I don't want your money. I have so much that your chump change doesn't matter. No, if I win, I want you to show me how big a slut you are and let all my pokemon fuck you."
  458. At this point, Dawn figured it was win-win. She wins, she gets to shut this asshole up and take his money. She loses, she gets some action. Neither one was that bad.
  460. "Deal. Go, Piplup!" she shouted, throwing her Pokeball to the ground, her star fighter emerging ready for action.
  462. "Heh, this is exactly what I mean. You're using a pathetic pokemon. Go, Slaking!"
  464. "Slaking?" Dawn cried as an immense brute emerged. Without pause or second thought, the much stronger Slaking picked up her Piplup and slammed him so hard into the ground that the battle was over right there.
  466. "Piplup!" she cried, the battered penguin returning to its pokeball. "You bastard, you're too strong to even be catching pokemon here. You tricked me!"
  468. "You didn't ask what pokemon I had. Not my fault. Now, are you going to continue, or forfeit?"
  470. "I forfeit," she sighed.
  472. "Perfect. Now I get to show everyone here how big a whore you are. Machamp, Rhydon, Blaziken!"
  474. As he counted them off, the powerful pokemon, all much bigger than Dawn, approached.
  476. The girl sighed, taking off her dress as a tear rolled down her eye for her Piplup. She was fine, as uncomfortable as it would be, fucking these huge Pokemon, but she felt bad for her little penguin.
  478. Uncomfortable didn't begin to describe it. The pokemon took control instantly. Slaking picked her up, impaling the screaming girl in one fell swoop on his dick, which was by far larger than she could reasonably take. Her screaming continued until the Blaziken stood before her and plugged her mouth with his dick. Machamp went around back and drove his dick deep into her asshole.
  480. Now it was becoming too much. She had in dicks far too large in both her holes and couldn't do a damn thing about it. The Blaziken's rough facefucking didn't help matters either; even the dominating poketch creator had some decency, this pokemon was just savage.
  482. With two arms around Dawn tightly, the Machamp played with her little titties with one set while the other grabbed her arms, directing them to their destination, the Rhydon's dick. She was now glad the Machamp and Slaking claimed her holes, because the Rhydon would have torn her in half. She couldn't fit her entire hand around it, stroking him with both hands in unison.
  484. Trainers gathered to see this sight; four pokemon regarded as quite large, all fucking this girl savagely. A fair share were trainers Dawn had earlier defeated and saw this as her comeuppance. Others just found it really hot. One guy and even run over to the trainer school, and all the students left in the middle of a lesson to come watch. They were amazed that for the second straight day, Dawn was, out in public, having a grand sexual spectacle.
  486. What shocked Dawn the most was that, despite being reamed by four pokemon bigger than what she could comfortably take, losing the match, her Piplup being defeated so badly, and all that...she beginning to enjoy it. Not in a small way, like with the poketch creator, but in a big way. After all those hours with Tina, the only things inside her tongues, fingers, and a dildo, this was an experience that shook the very core of her sexual being, and she was starting to like it, even if they were so inconsiderate and treated her like a rag doll with a pussy.
  488. But, for a rag doll with a pussy, she sure was good. And tight. All four pokemon grew more intense as time drew on. Rhydon began to thrust in complement with Dawn's hands, Blaziken drove his meat all the way in and wouldn't let it be any other way, and both Machamp and Slaking fucked her even rougher, her hot pussy and tight little asshole clenching around their cocks.
  490. Dawn tried as best she could to keep up with it. She finally got over the pain and was really enjoying it, bucking her hips back and forth to meet the Slaking and Machamp, dragging her hands faster over the Rhydon's thick, tense dick, and doing everything she could think of to switch things up for the Blaziken.
  492. It all became too much for everyone involved. The Machamp came first, and did he ever. As with other Machamps, he cam like a six-shooter, shooting several veritable loads in her ass and, while he pulled out, all over her back and legs. Then the Slaking, roaring as his load came, shooting forward with such force that Dawn actually had to fight to stay on his dick, cum spraying out her pussy in the small space between her inner walls and the dick. Blaziken came next, pulling out as his steaming hot, red-tinted cum that tasted of hot peppers blasted the girl completely, from her hair to her legs. And finally, the Rhydon. Oh, the Rhydon...his cum was extremely thick, like syrup, and his cock waved around as it shot off, getting most of her front.
  494. All this set off Dawn in an orgasm so powerful she shook as the Slaking pulled her off and placed her on the ground. There she lay, naked, covered in huge loads from four different pokemon, and onlookers all over.
  496. "Wow. Thanks, my pokemon have gone so long without a whore they really did a number on you."He called his team back to their pokeballs. "The name's Trey, and I'm sure we'll meet again," he smirked, walking off.
  498. But Dawn didn't care, lying in the sun as it still rose, not bothering to hide her breasts or pussy from the crowd or clean up. All she could think about was if she could call Tina over for another shower.
  500. ---
  502. Yeah, I think a went a little overboard there with the gangbang. But, four chapters and it was only het and yuri, so I felt a good gangbang was overdue. And now that it's out of the way, the sex scenes will calm down a bit and go back to something a bit more normal, which is needed after a chapter featuring yuri, pedophilia, and a gangbang. So rejoice, vanilla lovers, because the next chapter will be tamer. It will also get the plot moving again, and will have Dawn challenge the first gym.
  504. Oh, and for those that picked up on it, the "Sit on my face and tell me that you love me" was a Monty Python reference. Later, man.
  506. ~~~
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  512. Zombrya: Not a bad idea. Yeah, I'll have her run into Ash and maybe a couple other anime characters somewhere down the line. And Maylene's a definite; I'm considering having her fuck all the gym leaders.
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  516. Xero Storm: No twins in this one, but I will be doing something with later sets of twins.
  518. Chapter 5: Getting Roark's Rocks Off
  520. "Lucky this lake was here," Dawn said, scrubbing her body with some leaves. Slowly, the cum washed off her body, and it quickened as the thick Rhydon's load that topped it all off washed into the lake. Along the lake's edge, her pokemon relaxed and frolicked. Even Piplup seemed better.
  522. "Oh, come on, Dawn," Bidoof said. "It would have been great to see you walk naked into the Pokemon center, covered in cum, and asked if you could use a shower."
  524. "Yeah," Dawn laughed. "Still, I think I'm better off not."
  526. "So what now?"
  528. "Now," she climbed out of the lake and took a towel, "We continue on through to Oreburgh and challenge Roark."
  530. "Care for a quick fuck before we go?"
  532. Dawn shot him down with a playful glare. "Maybe later. But I'm done for now."
  534. Dawn emerged from the Oreburgh Gate, rejuvenated and relieved to again see the sun. She took a breath of fresh air and began down the short road to the city. On the outskirts, a few more trainers looking to prepare for the local gym challenged Dawn, but her team creamed them all. Aside from Trey, she'd won so all her matches that morning and her Pokemon were stronger than the competition. She felt good as she went into the town, dropping by the pokemon center for some rest and lunch.
  536. With her stomach full and her pokemon rejuvenated, she began her trek to the gym, whispering words of encouragement to herself as the gym grew. It grew as she approached, the sight more and more glorious as she climbed the steep hill. She was going to do it, she was going to-
  538. Markus, running up the other side of the hill, hit the peak when Dawn did, crashing into her.
  540. "Markus, what the hell?" Dawn screamed as she stood up, brushing some dirt off her skirt.
  542. "Sorry, Dawn. I was on my way to the mine. One of the trainers says the gym leader isn't there, but that he might be at the mine, so that's where I'm going." He spoke so fast that Dawn just looked at him funny. "I'll see you later, Dawn." With that, he ran down the hill.
  544. Dawn just shook her head and watched the blond-haired boy run downhill, stifling a laugh when he slipped and tumbled the rest of the way down. But that laugh turned to concern when he landed, screaming. She rushed down the hill to see if he was alright.
  546. "I think I broke my ankle!" Markus screamed, the pain not slowing his speech down any. "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!"
  548. Hearing his screams, two Chanseys came with a stretcher, pulling him onto it as he continued to scream in pain.
  550. Dawn had to admit, she was almost glad. Maybe now Markus would slow down, as unlikely as it was.
  552. "Well, I may as well try the mine. No sense in staying in town longer than I have to." And with that, she set off.
  554. "Well, what do we have here?" one of the miners said, dropping his pickax to look at the young girl in her criminally short skirt as she entered the mine.
  556. "Where's Roark?" she asked.
  558. "And why would a girl like you be looking for Roark?'
  560. "I want to challenge his gym."
  562. "Well, what's in it for me to tell you?"
  564. "That depends on what you want it to be." She smiled.
  566. "Well, girl, I'm a married man, so I'm not laying a hand on you. Your sexy little body may be good yet, though. Come with me."
  568. The hulking miner led Dawn to a secluded corner of the mine where the other miners couldn't see them. Only a few Geodudes, pounding on the walls in the place of human miners.
  570. "Rocky," the miner said, "C'mere."
  572. The Geodude with the name so lame that Dawn had to stifle a giggle came over. "Geo?"
  574. "I brought this girl here for you and your team to have a break with. You know what to do." With that, he left.
  576. The Geodude went back to the other mining pokemon, seemingly reiterating what the miner said.
  578. "He's saying that the miner's paying back a favor," Bidoof said from her pack.
  580. "What are you doing in there?" she asked.
  582. "Translating. Are you going to chastise me, or let me explain what this group of Geodudes are going to do to you? Now then, they say they're going to run a train on you, and then they'll point you to Roark."
  584. "What a day this is shaping up to be; it's only lunch time and I'm about to be violated by a second group of pokemon. Now get back in your damn pokeball."
  586. Bidoof grumbled, tapping the ball and returning to it. As he did, the Geodudes seemed to understand each other and turned to Dawn with smiles on their stony faces. The group took control very quickly, taking Dawn's clothes off her and easing her to the ground. For a moment, they argued over what position to fuck her in.
  588. Dawn wished she hadn't shunned Bidoof so quickly; she didn't know what to expect.
  590. But she'd know soon. The Geodudes made their decision and two were more than glad to show Dawn what exactly that decision was. A Geodude gladly and gently rolled her onto her stomach and motioned her to raise her body, her ass in particular. Now both holes sat before the Geodudes as they apparently decided on their order.
  592. What Dawn thought was a simple train in her pussy wasn't. They were running a double on her; one in the ass and one in the pussy. When one came in her ass, it would get in the back of the line and wait his turn in her vagina. And they switched often; Geodudes don't last very long, but have the fortitude to go for hours.
  594. Dawn need only lay there as the Geodudes did their work in her holes. She rested her head on her bag and filled her mouth with a cloth to stifle her moans as the Geodudes fucked her with mechanical rotation. What struck her in particular was how they kept cumming; each time, they managed to blow a reasonable wad in her, and very quickly, her ass was just as slick as her pussy.
  596. While the burly male Geodudes did their work, a lone female Geodude came near. Clearly, the sight turned her on; Dawn could make out a wet slit on her rocky form as she approached. "Geo?" she asked, floating in front of her face.
  598. Dawn understood and gave her a long lick along her hard, rocky slit. While she expected an odd taste reminiscent of licking a rock, she didn't taste anything out of the ordinary. In fact, she tasted a lot like Tina. She took some more licks as the Geodude wrapped her arms around her head and pushed herself into her face.
  600. The male Geodudes continued their machine-like work in her holes. They had the strength to go for days, which was the usual length for a Geodude's mating cycle, but they knew this human girl wouldn't come close to lasting that long, and decided to go until they brought her to orgasm. If they continued to shoot their loads deep into her as they did and simultaneously pound her in both holes, that could cum pretty soon.
  602. Sooner still while the Geodude humped her face as Dawn ate her out. "Geo! Geo! Geo!" she panted as she went mad under Dawn's skilled tongue. This girl knew how to munch some carpet.
  604. But, for all her experience, she couldn't stave off orgasms, assuming she would even want to. The Geodudes pushed her to the brink many times, only for it to recede when time came to pull out. This near-painful method of making her wait gave her a sustained mini-orgasm that she knew would explode into a powerful one once it finally hit.
  606. And it hit hard. A Geodude blew is load into her just as it struck. She screamed into the Geodude, sending her off as well, as her legs and arms gave way and she fell to the ground, quivering in pleasure.
  608. The apparent leader of the Geodudes floated toward her, pointing down a mine shaft. "Dude," he said and ordered his workers back to work.
  610. Dawn assumed he meant that it was where Roark was. She stood up, dusting some dirt off her skirt as she put it on back. She noticed the female Geodude still lingering around her. "Geo?" she asked, pointing toward a pokeball that had fallen out of her pack.
  612. "Sure," she said as the rock pokemon tapped the button and went inside. She knelt down pick it up. "I'll call you Geodudette." She smiled at what she felt was a witty name before adjusting her skirt and beginning down the way to Roark.
  614. ---
  616. "Are you Roark?" she asked. A young man, probably in his 20s, pounded angrily at the stone walls around him with a pickax, seeming more concerned with hurting the wall than retrieving the valuables inside it.
  618. He ignored her, continuing the wail on the mine walls.
  620. "Excuse me, I'd like to challenge you to a battle."
  622. He swung at the rock, the 'plink' echoing through the mine shaft at the word 'battle'. He stopped moving, breathing heavily before turning around. "You want to battle?"
  624. "Yes. I'd like to challenge your gym for your badge."
  626. "I wish I could help you, kid. But I'm not going back to that place. Too many bad memories."
  628. "What happened?"
  630. "Why should I tell you? You're a total stranger."
  632. "I'm also challenging you for a battle, a request that you can't decline as a gym leader, so spill it."
  634. "Fine." He sat on a large rock on the ground that someone had mined around to act as a rudimentary seat. "I broke up with my girlfriend recently. It was pretty serious, a three-year relationship. I proposed to her the other day, and she turned me down. Said she couldn't make that kind of commitment."
  636. Dawn sat next to him. "That's horrible. But what's it have to do with the gym?"
  638. "She had an insatiable libido. She always wanted to try new things. A lot of those things ended up being in the gym. Just standing at the arena, I can see a lot of places we fucked, and it all hurts so much."
  640. "Oh..." Dawn really didn't know what to say.
  642. "Honestly, now that I think about it, it's mostly the sex that makes it unbearable. The best moments of my sex life were had in that place. The only change of location for us from the bedroom was different parts of the gym. We never went anywhere else, never tried new places."
  644. "So what, having sex somewhere else would make you get over her?"
  646. "Sex won't make me get over her, but trying somewhere new would at least make the gym more bearable."
  648. "Somewhere a mineshaft?"
  650. Roark glanced at the girl. "Are you implying..."
  652. "If it helps me get the gym badge, I'll let you take me right now."
  654. Roark looked down for a moment, making the tough decision of whether or not to take Dawn up on her offer. "Alright, then. I guess it's worth a shot."
  656. "Okay, good. How do you want me?"
  658. "Bend over this."
  660. Dawn obliged, standing up and bending over the stone.
  662. Roark walked around to stand behind her. He pulled up her skirt, admiring her cute ass, which had some cum on the cheeks and a fair bit visible on the inside. "You met the Geodudes, I take it." He grabbed Dawn's crotch and curled a finger into her vagina. "Oh yeah, this'll do nicely. They've already wet it up real well for me, too."
  664. "Please," she shuddered. "Stop teasing me and just put it in."
  666. "Alright," he said. He took his hand away and undid his pants, pulling out his dick and, without even giving her warning, drove it deep into her.
  668. "Roark!" Dawn cried out as the force pushed her against the stone. Roark's hands found their way to their hips as he took hold the reigns and pounded her. Obviously, it had been a while, and that bottled up tension made Dawn moan.
  670. "Oh, yes, Dawn, you're so wet. Oh, and you're even tighter than Maylene."
  672. He pumped into her faster, the sound of pounding flesh filling the cavern as they did the deed. He panted heavily as he put his mind toward the single goal of getting off.
  674. Dawn loved the fact that, for the second time in only a short while, she didn't have to do anything. Roark did everything, leaving her to just lean on the rock and enjoy. "Oh, yes...fuck me, Roark. Cum deep in me and make me scream!"
  676. Roark was more than willing to do that. He pumped into her harder and faster, his breathing even more labored. He was on the edge, and knew he wouldn't last.
  678. And Dawn was loving it. Roark was lost in intense passion, and she lay up against cold stone while he hammered away at her. She did nothing, barely knew him, and yet they shared a strange intimacy that couldn't be put into real words.
  680. What could be put into words, however, was the inevitable. Roark drove into her with so much force she felt squished against the rock. He howled her name as he gave her one final thrust, letting loose a pent-up load. As he shot his cum into her, she hit her orgasm, her inner walls milking his dick for all it was worth. He shuddered, leaning on the younger girl as they both breathed heavily, his cock still buried in her as it softened. "I think I can go back to the gym," he sighed.
  682. ---
  684. Not too much sex in here, but I wanted to get the story moving for a change. Chapter six will be much smuttier, I promise.
  686. Also to note, I decided to kill off Markus as a character, as seen by his injury here.
  688. All instances of Markus of the game's story will be replaced here by Tina. Markus pisses me off as a character, and this means we get to see more of Tina.
  690. ~~~
  692. I consider this chapter a balance between 4 and 5 that I'd like to continue throughout the rest of the fic; a lot of lemon, and some moving plot. I also wanted to include a tentacle scene for some pokemon/Dawn sex (which I seriously need to start writing more of) that hadn't been done before, and because Tentacruels won't show up for a while. Also, someone left a review a while ago asking for me to do something with the twins on Route 204. Request granted. It's not the yuri you probably wanted, but they're there.
  694. Tags for this chapter: Oral, MF, anal, MMF, tentacle, yuri, toys, MFF, ped, inc, and beast
  696. Also, as a warning for this because of the presence of the obviously young twins (I actually wrote them around Dawn's age, which is 12 in this fic, because they look 8 in-game) and the situation with their father; I don't condone pedophilia or father-daughter incest in real life. This story is a work of fiction and fantasy, where I'm much more lose with what I find reasonable than I am in real life when it comes to sex. Still, some people are touchy about the subject, so I marked where the incest begins and where it ends for you moral and vanilla folk (though I doubt you guys are still reading this fic)
  698. Chapter 6: Grunts, Tentacles, and Daddy's Little Girls
  700. "I'm on top of the world," Dawn bragged to herself as she walked into Jubilife, absentmindedly rubbing her badge with a finger. She didn't want to let it go, it was a sign of victory, and that she was on the way to the Pokemon League. Even if she did get it for giving Roark a round in her ass. She could have taken him, it was just a matter of whether or not pokemon had to suffer for it or not. She dropped by the Pokemon Center for a quick snack and rest before heading north for Floaroma.
  702. However, at the edge of town, she saw Rowan and Lucas shouting at two outrageously-dressed men in some sort of uniform. They seemed to be in their early 20s and had the same blue bowl-cut. She rushed over to see what the problem is.
  704. "Dawn, nice to see you," Rowan said. "These guys won't let us pass, something about how Team Galactic is taking over this route."
  706. "That's right, we intend to capture every pokemon on the route and bring them back to our base, and we refuse to let trainers interfere."
  708. "Then let's battle!" Lucas shouted as he grabbed a pokeball. "I'll take on both of you at once."
  710. The grunts laughed. "We're not budging, and you aren't going to be allowed through if you do win, so just suck it up and move on."
  712. Dawn knew one thing that would do them some good. She walked over to them, tapping the hand Lucas held his pokeball in. "Come on, guys," she said in the most seductive voice she could muster, "There has to be some way you could let us pass."
  714. "Sorry, kid, we're not letting you through."
  716. Dawn pouted and turned around to see Lucas got the message. "Oh, Lucas, you dropped your pokeball. Here, let me pick it up." She bent over as far as she could, her dress riding up to reveal her pink pussy and firm ass to the galactic grunts.
  718. Her plan worked perfectly. The two guards were fixated on her assets and, when she stood back up, looked at each other in agreement. "Alright," one said, "We've decided there is one way we'll let you through. If this pretty little lady here does us some 'favors'."
  720. "Deal," she said. "Name it and I'll get to work."
  722. "On your knees, slut," the other grunt said as he and his partner undid their pants to reveal their seven-inchers.
  724. "Now we're talking," she smiled as she took one into her mouth.
  726. "Oh, no. None of this one-at-a-time bullshit," said the grunt who wasn't getting any head. "We're putting you what we'd put a female teammate through." And with that, he pulled Dawn's mouth away and pushed it back, this time both cocks sliding in.
  728. Her warm, wet mouth as stretched out as she tried her best to service both grunts at once. She slid her tongue and between and along both cocks as best as she could while they fucked her face themselves. She grabbed handfuls of their asses and pulled them in deeper.
  730. "Damn, this slut can suck some good cock," one moaned as he thrust into the young girl's mouth.
  732. "She can't be older than twelve, and yet she's the second-best I've had. Even Mars wasn't this good in training."
  734. Dawn had no idea who Mars was or what 'training' their group required, but if it involved getting fucked a lot, maybe it wasn't so bad. She continued to suck both dicks at once, her tongue learning quickly to adapt to two intruders in her at once as it weaved and bobbed and slithered in her mouth around the two cocks. She picked the technique up so quickly, in fact, that her skilled mouth brought them both to a collective, definitely premature, orgasm. They shouted as they shot their loads into her mouth. She gladly accepted and swallowed it as she licked their heads clean before pulling away.
  736. As premature as their orgasms were, they were still at full mast. Without so much as a word, one of the grunts grabbed her, picked her up, and impaled her on his dick. She let out a cry largely out of shock as everything moved so fast that she only realized after he got a few thrusts in what was going on. She wrapped her legs around his torso and her arms around his neck as he thrust deep into her.
  738. Behind her, the other grunt went just as quickly, driving his saliva-covered dick into her ass without mercy and began thrusting. But, after having a Machamp in there earlier that day, she wasn't in any pain. She merely lay there, sandwiched between the two grunts, enjoying the fact they did all the work for her.
  740. Lucas and Rowan stood at the side, watching in awe as Dawn reveled in being a sex toy for the two men. Both envied the grunts, and felt they were almost being rewarded for blocking off the route. They wanted to spite them, and noticed their belts, with six pokeballs on them, on the ground. Lucas slid over while Dawn distracted them, grabbed the belts, and left with Rowan.
  742. Dawn looked over and smiled as they sneaked off and returned to the pleasured at hand. The sound of pounding flesh and moans filled her ears as they worked her. As one entered, the other pulled back, their ball sacks slapping against her as they filled her. She let her head rest on the shoulder of Grunt #2 as he drilled her ass.
  744. Again, they couldn't hold it in very long, and came in her ass and pussy. She got the feeling that either she was really good, or got the short end of the stick when it came to people with actual stamina. She sighed as they pulled out of her and helped her back to the ground. She adjusted her skirt, reaching into her backpack for some tissue to wipe away the cum that dripped down her legs as the grunts looked around, bewildered, for their belts.
  746. "That kid must have taken them!"
  748. "You tricked us!"
  750. "Damnit. We'll get you one day!" With that, they ran south, holding their pants up by the waist as they searched for their belts.
  752. Dawn laughed as she slung her backpack over her shoulder and continued north.
  754. She gulped as she left the sunlight and entered a dark, dank cave. She was told by a trainer that it lead north to Floaroma Town, but by now it was the evening, and she didn't want to be in a cave when even outside there was little light.
  756. She walked very apprehensively, Piplup out of his pokeball to protect her from hordes of Zubats that attacked. "These things aren't even a challenge, just annoying." He took down so many that he had evolved, as had her Abra.
  758. What was a challenge, however, she didn't see coming. By that point, word of a strong Prinplup and Kadabra pretty much reached from one end of the cave to the other. No Zubat would even dare attack it, but trained pokemon had nothing to fear.
  760. As they walked, some wrapped around her waist. She looked down to see a green vine-like tentacle spin around her and turn her upside down. A second vine grabbed her pokeballs, whipping an empty one at Prinplup to get him back into his ball. Two more came and wrapped around her wrists, and two more against her ankles. With no way to defend herself or get a pokemon out, she hung upside-down, defenseless, as her skirt fell down to reveal her goods to whoever may have been there.
  762. Whatever was there definitely appreciated the sight. A sixth vine slid into her pussy. She screamed out as the still unknown creature violated her, but a tentacle wrapped around her mouth to act as a gag. Silenced and bound, she couldn't scream or struggle, leaving her only to lie there as the tentacle slid deeper into her pussy than she'd ever felt. What it lacked in width, it made up for in length.
  764. Not that width would be a problem. A second and then third tentacle slid into her pussy, going just as deep, and filling her up much more. She tried to scream again, but her gag was still firm in place.
  766. What the gag couldn't confine was the result of the three tentacles that came next. These had no intention of taking her pussy, that hole was filled. No, these slid, bundled as one, straight into her asshole. This scream no gag could suppress; she'd never taken anything so wide into her asshole before, not even the Machamp, and the result was an almost painful, but incredibly arousing clusterfuck as the six tentacles slid into her holes. However, as the tentacles slid in more, and the cum already in her ass from the galactic grunt lubricated them, she began to adjust to the size, and her screams, though still too loud for the gag to muffle, became screams of passion.
  768. Two more vines came, these ones pulling off her dress before reaching the small, developing buds on her chest. They wrapped around the circumference of them and the ends sucked on them with what appeared to be little mouths. This addition drove her into further ecstasy as she lay still, except for her head, which rocked back and forth, her body wracked by pleasure these strange intruders gave her.
  770. "Yes, fuck me!" she cried into the vine. It muffled her words, but whatever was giving her this bliss understood, as it drove the tentacles deeper and faster into her ass and pussy. She screamed as the vines reached the point where they could go no further and pressed against each other through her insides. She screamed as waves of unadulterated bliss washed over her young form. She hit a powerful orgasm, shuddering as the orgasm continued and her juices dripped onto the floor. The tentacles augmented that with their own release, all hitting theirs at the same time. The three in her ass and three in her pussy blasted her insides with more cum than she'd ever had. The ones around her legs and arms pointed toward her body as they let off their loads, and the one around her mouth pulled away and aimed right down at her face, busting a nut on her pretty little features. Even her breasts got a nice covering, courtesy of the ones suckling her breasts.
  772. The tentacles led her down before, one-by-one, they retreated. She lay on the ground, breathing heavily as she looked in the darkness for the culprit.
  774. "It's incredible, isn't it?" asked a familiar voice as a lantern lit up in its direction.
  776. "Tina!" Dawn cried as she saw the older trainer standing next to a Turtwig. She remembered what Rowan said about how some Pokemons' sexual traits were incredibly strange, and guessed Turtwig had many retractable vine-like penises.
  778. "Yeah. Sorry about not showing my face sooner, you just looked so sexy filled like that, and I wanted you to see just how awesome Terros is before I killed the surprise." As she said this, she walked over to the cum-blasted girl, lying on the cave floor. "And now that I see you covered head-to-toe in cum, I must say, you're even sexier." She leaned over Dawn's small breasts and licked the cum off them. "Try it, it tastes a little like syrup."
  780. Dawn licked some off her face and agreed; it didn't have the same consistency, but the taste was just as powerful as thick syrup would. Tina pulled off her clothes and descended climbed onto Dawn. They rubbed their bodies together until they had about the same amount of cum on their bodies. Then, they took to the really fun part; licking it off. They took turns cleaning different areas of the other's bodies until the only place left was Dawn's pussy.
  782. "I got impatient, and had some fun with Terros before you showed up, so I should have about as much in mine," Tina explained as she stared down Dawn's pink fold. The one thing that astounded her was Dawn's elasticity, no matter how big a dick she took, her pussy and asshole always went right back to the size they were before penetration, which she wasn't going to complain about.
  784. On the count of three, the two girls began to eat each other out. They thirstily licked up more of Terros' delicious, syrup-like cum. So much, so, that they forgot about the task at hand several times, but once everything in reach of their tongues was gone, they got on task. While Tina hadn't had any practice since she parted ways with Dawn that morning, she felt Dawn had gotten a little more practice since they'd last me. Not that she was complaining, though; she loved it.
  786. The two stayed locked in their embrace, eating each other out, for a while. Eventually, Tina came, and Dawn licked her clean. Dawn didn't want Tina to hold out until she came, though; after all the sex that day, she knew it would take much more time than they had.
  788. "So why aren't you in Floaroma?" Dawn asked as she put her dress on.
  790. "There's some rocks blocking the path out of the cave. The Geodude I caught when I came in refused to do it for me, and when I called Professor Rowan, he told me I needed to get the first badge before Pokemon would use Rock Smash outside of battle. So, I just sat here and waited; I knew you'd pass by eventually, you just took longer than I thought."
  792. "Yeah, it's a long story."
  794. "Well," Tina said, slinging her backpack around her shoulder. "I'm off to Oreburgh for the badge. You want to come?"
  796. "No, I'm going to go up ahead. Call me, though."
  798. "I will." She kissed Dawn and went off.
  800. Lucky for Dawn, she had the badge, and Geodudette smashed the rocks, letting her go on her way.
  802. She emerged from the cave to find night had fallen sooner than she thought. She began her trek toward the town, but a sign dashed all hope of that; it would take so long to get to Floaroma that all the rooms in the Pokemon Center would likely be gone. As if fate decided that wasn't enough, lightning struck through the sky as rain dripped from the sky.
  804. "Damnit!" she screamed, running. She held her backpack over her head as the rain intensified.
  806. Then, like a cosmic apology, she came to a house on the route. Relieved, she knocked on the door, hoping whoever lived there would give her shelter for the night.
  808. "Hello?" asked a man as he answered the door.
  810. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I was on my way to Floaroma, and the storm-"
  812. "Say no more," he said, "Come in."
  814. "Thank you," she said as she came in. Sitting on the floor were twins, a year or two younger than she, with matching yellow dresses.
  816. "I'll get you a towel," he said as he went into the bathroom. "I'm Brandon, and those are my lovely daughters Liz and Liv."
  818. "Hi," they said in unison.
  820. "I'm Dawn," she said, accepting Brandon's towel. "Thanks again for this. Please, let me give you some money for letting me-"
  822. "No, don't. We're doing fine financially, and I wouldn't let you out in the rain, even if you were poor."
  824. "There must be something I can do. I can clean your dishes or-"
  826. "No. I won't accept any of that. Come, though, I'll show you to the bedroom. You too, girls, it's time for bed."
  828. "But daddy..." they whined, looking up at him before his stern look shot them down. They stood up.
  830. Brandon led Dawn and the twins to the bedroom. It had only two beds, a guest bed and what she assumed was a shared bed for the twins; but it was a large one, certainly big enough for two small children to sleep comfortably.
  832. -beginning of 'cest-
  834. She guessed wrong. The girls took off their dresses to reveal their bare, undeveloped bodies underneath, smiling at their father as he also got undressed, revealing his monstrous penis. Dawn had to stifle a gasp as she looked at the fleshy beast before her; it was almost as big as the Slaking she fucked that morning! She didn't think a human could have something that monstrous. It was fully erect, and the man smiled at his daughters as they all climbed into the bed together.
  836. Brandon looked at Dawn, who stared at him in awe. "I'm sorry if this offends you. We can not do it for tonight if you're uncomfortable."
  838. "No, by all means, continue," Dawn said as she took her dress off, revealing her bare body, though her breasts were a bit more developed than Liv and Liz. "I'd like to see where this goes."
  840. Brandon looked at Dawn with a smile, as though to say she could have a turn later. He turned is attention to his daughters who sat on the bed with him. He lay down, his monster of a cock standing at attention like a tower of flesh. Each daughter straddled a leg as they looked at the marvelous dick before them. They leaned over, licking the tip of it as he stroked the base.
  842. The sight of these two girls licking their dad's monster cock while he jacked off was definitely making Dawn wet. She may have one more orgasm in her, after all. She began to idly play with herself; not a full-on, I-intend-to-get-off fingering, more an idle, this-is-so-hot-I-can't-resist fingering. She twisted and pinched her labia, occasionally stopping to play with her clitoris a bit.
  844. Brandon continued to beat his meat, increasing in speed as his daughters' skilled young tongues licked him in complement. He looked at their cute little faces as they smiled up at him, and he couldn't wait to cum all over them. Faster he stroked, looking over at Dawn to see the girl hunched against the wall, playing with herself. The sight drove him mad, and he let out a startling shout as his penis twitched and he busted a nut on his daughters, who graciously stayed in place as his potent load hit their faces.
  846. "Thanks, Daddy," Liz said as she licked some of the cum off her lips.
  848. "I love your cum, Daddy," Liv said. "Please, lick me first tonight."
  850. "No, I think I'm actually going to lick Dawn first, tonight." He looked over at the startled girl, who sat literally frozen in place. "She's our guest, and I think she'd like in on the fun.
  852. -end of 'cest-
  854. The girls moaned in disappointment.
  856. "Actually, I have an idea." She leaned over to her backpack and pulled out two pokeballs. "Prinplup, Kadabra!" The two second-stage pokemon popped out. "Listen, I want you to show Liv and Liz a good time, but be gentle."
  858. The Pokemon nodded as they turned their attention to the twins, who sat side-by-side with their father's seed still on their faces.
  860. Meanwhile, Brandon made his way over to Dawn's bed. "Thanks, I wish I'd thought of getting pokemon for my girls myself. I guess I just want them all to myself until their birthday comes along. Oh well, enough talking, how do you want it?"
  862. "Fast, hard, and with your cock. I've taken dicks your size before, don't worry about hurting me. Just ravage me," she said, feeling a little wetter as she lay on the bed.
  864. "I like the way you think," Brandon said. Dawn's words swelled his dick back to its monstrous size as he climbed onto the bed and over Dawn. He rested his tip on her moist pussy lips. "Alright, here goes," he said as he drove it in.
  866. Meanwhile, the pokemon were taking things slow with the twins. They were clearly virgins, as their father clearly wouldn't be able to get inside of them at all comfortably, so even though they were adequately sized to achieve penetration, they had to take care not to hurt them. Liv slowly inched Prinplup's dick into her, gasping as his sexual trait came into effect; he could make his dick ice-cold to numb the pain of penetration. This helped her as she sank down onto him faster. Liz lay on her back as Kadabra slid it into her from above, using his psychic powers to numb her pain as well. Still, numbing it didn't mean there wasn't damage, so both pokemon helped their partners adjust slowly.
  868. "Slow" wasn't quite the word to describe Dawn and Brandon, though. Dawn sat on Brandon as she rode his dick, throwing her head around and kneading her small breasts as she just let passion take over. While Slaking was somewhat bigger, the one-on-one intimacy of the whole thing, paired with the fact she wasn't being violated by three other giant dicks, allowed her to get more out of it than she had with the morning's gangbang. "Yes, Brandon, you're so big!" she screamed as she rode him. "I love your cock!"
  870. "And I love your pussy!" Brandon cried as he thrust upward in complement with her motions. "You're so tight and's incredible!"
  872. "Prin...plup..." moaned the penguin pokemon as he thrust into the 10 year-old girl, who stood against the wall.
  874. "Oh, Prinplup!" Liv squealed as she lay against the wall, the cold pokedick sliding into her virgin pussy. He broke her hymen, but the pain was now numb. It felt more like a long, loving popsicle in her pussy, and she loved it. She played with one of her nipples as she lost herself in unfelt pleasure.
  876. Liz wasn't getting the cold treatment, she was getting the whole thing, pain aside. Kadabra's mind powers not only blocked the pain, but intensified the pleasure as the psychic pokemon fucked her with increasing abandon. He forgot Dawn's warning, lost in the pleasure. Liz was loving it, too, thanks to Kadabra's projected psychic energy that ran through their mate and stimulated every nerve in their body. She quivered under his weight as her whole body lay in a pure state of bliss.
  878. On the guest bed, Brandon knelt, Dawn's legs over his shoulders as he drilled her from an angle. Both moaned louder than before; Dawn in particular, who felt even more full as he fucked her from this angle. She writhed, still playing with her breasts. "Yes, Brandon, fuck me! I'm a naughty little whore who wants, no, needs your thick cum in my pussy!" She knew dirty talk as the route to go.
  880. Dirty talk wasn't Liv or Liz's strong point, but they were fine doing their own thing.
  882. Liv sat against the wall, her legs open, as Prinplup drilled her more easily; he was shorter than she was, and the ability to nail her while she sat definitely made things easier. She wrapped her arms around the penguin as he fucked her with renewed intensity.
  884. On the bed, Liz was on top now, in the reverse-cowgirl position on Kadabra's dick. She cried out as the pleasure continued to wrack her body; and she hadn't even cum yet. Knowing something incredible was on the way, much more incredible than what her father's tongue could give her, she drove herself to the brink in an effort to cum faster.
  886. Cumming faster wouldn't be a problem; the atmosphere was so intense, all of them in their own little worlds with their partner, that orgasms came conveniently bundled. On the guest bed, Brandon howled as he let loose a load even more potent than on his daughters' faces, except in Dawn's pussy. She screamed as her own orgasm hit; a culmination of everything she'd felt that day seizing her at once as it all combined to make her scream like she never had; Brandon almost fell back from the abruptness of it.
  888. The twins were just as well-off. Though they didn't have orgasms as powerful as their father or Dawn, they were the strongest they'd ever felt, and they were certainly pleased. Both their partners came at once, unleashing their loads and triggering their orgasms simultaneously. The pokemon and twins all moaned as the girls collapsed onto the pokemon, spent.
  890. Dawn smiled as Brandon pulled out of her. "Thanks, that was incredible."
  892. "Beats washing my dishes, doesn't it?" he laughed as he went back to the bed with his girls.
  894. The pokemon came over and she let them back in their pokeballs. She held Kadabra's, and was jealous that Liz got to fuck him first.
  896. With that, she pulled the blanket over and wondered what would be in store for her tomorrow.
  898. ---
  900. It just hit me finishing this that chapters 4-6 have all been one day. That means in one day, she messed around with Tina a bunch, sucked a guy off for a poketch, got gangbanged by a bunch of third-stagers, had a train run on her by Geodudes while she ate another out, fucked Roark twice (I mention the second in the beginning but didn't actually write the scene), had a threesome with Team Galactic grunts, got tentacled by a Turtwig, messed around with Tina again, and then got fucked by Brandon.
  902. I think I like the 3-chapter day idea.
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  906. Looking back on the last few chapters, I'm noticing a pattern; each chapter seems to have one yuri scene, one scene involving Pokemon, and then a few het/gangbang scenes. Well, I like this pattern, I have a few more yuri scenarios I'd like to use, including some role play in a few chapters, and no amount of Dawnxpokemon will ever be enough, really.
  908. Another character introduced here. I decided comically inept and easily-distracted Galactic grunts would get old, so I'm changing it up by making the commanders out for something a bit kinkier, starting with Mars.
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  922. Chapter 7: Mars Rising
  924. "Thanks again for everything," Dawn said as she left Brandon's house. She wiped a little cum off her face, left over from the blowjob she gave him before she left. She knew he was watching her as she left, and didn't bother holding down her skirt as the wind picked up and blew it around, giving him a nice view of her ass as the best goodbye he'd ever received.
  926. She spent a few hours walking, glad she left as early as she did; it was only breakfast time when Floaroma Town came into view. She stopped at a small lake to kick back and relax, as well as to get a swim. Not only was swimming always a great way for her to unwind, but she didn't bathe before she left and smelled of sweat and cum. She let out her Pokemon again so they could relax as she took off her clothes and stepped into the lake. She floated around for a while, eventually getting the shampoo/body wash out of her bag to wash. When she was clean, Prinplup and Kadabra tended toward her, and she knew what they wanted. They had fun with Liz and Liv the night before, but Dawn had never fucked Kadabra, and Prinplup was only a Piplup last time. "Alright, boys, let's do this." She and the two Pokemon drifted to the shore. She stepped out, not bothering to dry off the sunlight glimmered on her soft, wet skin. Her blue hair clung to her back as she looked at them. "You guys' choice on position."
  928. "Kadabra," spoke the psychic Pokemon as he raised his spoon.
  930. Dawn gasped as the three of them began to levitate slightly. She smiled as she swam toward the Pokemon, like astronauts did. She went right for Kadabra's dick, taking it into her mouth and sucking away.
  932. "Kaaaa," he sighed as the experienced girl gave him his second sexual experience, much better than the night before. He grabbed the dripping wet girl's hair and pushed her further into his crotch. Prinplup, meanwhile, air-swam behind Dawn with only one goal. With her body incredibly wet, his dick slid easily into her asshole.
  934. Dawn cried out as she felt her Prinplup's frozen dick slide into her nether regions. She was amazed by how cold it was, and didn't even begin to compare to what Liv described. It felt like she shoved a popsicle fresh from the freezer into her asshole. But at the same time, the numb feeling it created near-instantly also felt really good, which surprised her, and she decided to go with it as she returned her attention to Kadabra. She pulled the psychic Pokemon in as she sucked him hard. He was shorter than she was used to sucking, so she had to take a different approach and just take the whole thing in her mouth. Still, Kadabra loved it, and repayed her by sending psychic pulses to her nervous system that stimulated her better than either his or Prinplup's dicks could have. The effect caused her to moan under the powerful sensation, which in turn gave Kadabra greater sensations.
  936. Behind them, Prinplup kept up the effort, driving into Dawn with fervor. His small hands held in vain onto her wet hips, grabbing skin as they slipped. Still, the levitation allowed him any angle he wanted to as he lay on her back, pounding her little asshole. He squealed as he went, sliding on her wet body. He loved the tightness of her ass; it was tighter than her pussy and he was better-endowed than when he fucked her as a Piplup.
  938. Dawn moaned as she practically swallowed Kadabra. She shouted into his pelvis as she felt a cold, metal spoon slide into her wet pussy. This only augmented Kadabra's mind power-induced stimulation as the spoon rubbed up against all the right spots. She shuddered as she sucked him off and Prinplup reamed her ass.
  940. "Kaaa," the pokemon moaned as he felt an orgasm brewing. His hands continued to guide the psychic energies swirling around all three of them. The end result was an increase in pleasure so unbelievable they all buckled under the pressure and came.
  942. Dawn swallowed the pokemon's creamy spunk as it came, not wasting a single drop as the penguin pokemon filled her ass with his frigid cum. Her juices coated the spoon as they dripped to the ground.
  944. Soon, they began to lower to the ground as they all sighed. When the pokemon moved away, Dawn rolled onto her back, ice-cold cum coating her anal passage as she swallowed the last few drop of Kadabra's seed. "We should have done this sooner," she said to the Pokemon.
  946. ---
  948. Dawn didn't stay long in Floaroma. It was a small town with little of importance. She dropped by for some food, restocked her pack, and went on her merry way.
  950. "We're not letting you through," said a man dressed just as ludicrous as the men who blocked her the day before.
  952. Dawn knew one thing that would do them some good. She walked over to them, her hips waving as she went. "Come on, guys," she said in the most seductive voice she could muster, "There has to be some way you could let us pass." If it worked once, why not again?
  954. "Oh, so you're the whore that nearly got those two on Route 204 fired? We've already been told you're around, and we're not falling for it again."
  956. "Damnit!" she swore, turning around and walking off.
  958. "Help!" cried a small girl as she ran toward Dawn from the other direction. "You have to help me!"
  960. "What's wrong?" she asked. If she couldn't get to Eterna, she could at least help this girl.
  962. "My father's being harassed by some guys in weird outfits."
  964. "Damn, more of these morons? Let's go!"
  966. The girl led Dawn through Floaroma (it was a small town, easily run through in five minutes) to a flowery field, where a man stood at a stall to sell honey. However, two Galactic grunts harassed the man, shouting at him about a mill key.
  968. If the grunts had already been warned about her, a direct assault wouldn't work. Still, she felt using her body as a distraction was the best way to go, so she crept behind one of the grunts. With one quick movement, she sank to her knees, wrapped her arm around his waist, slid his hand into his pants, and grabbed his meat. The grunt cried out, looking behind him to see a twelve year-old girl smile up at him as she got a handle on his rapidly hardening dick.
  970. "You're the slut that-oh, wow, how are you doing that with your hand?"
  972. "You idiot, they warned us about-Wow!" he shouted as Dawn slid her other hand into his pants. "This, are you sure that's your hand?"
  974. "Now you know why they warned you about me. Now, boys, you don't have to harass this poor man, do you? I mean, he didn't do anything to you, and surely I can persuade you to drop it if he did..." She sounded pretty damn dignified for someone on her knees, jacking off two total strangers to get her way.
  976. "We can't tell you, it's classified."
  978. "Are you sure?" she asked, looking up at them. "Maybe something else could persuade you. If I can do this with my hand, just imagine what I can do with other parts of my body."
  980. "There's something I've always wanted to try..." He turned to the other grunt and whispered something into his ear.
  982. The other grunt nodded, taking Dawn's hand out of his pants. He lay down, pulling her onto him. She laid face-up on him as he took his seven incher out of his pants and pulled her down, sliding it all into her with one motion. Dawn cried out as the other grunt knelt next to her. He flipped her skirt up and pulled out his dick, a tad longer and a little thicker.
  984. "Er...where are you putting that?" she asked as the grunt fucked her from underneath. Her ass was blocked, and oral really didn't seem like something adventurous.
  986. "You know where," he said, climbing onto her. She now lay sandwiched between the two grunts as she felt the grunt slide out of her. She felt bewildered.
  988. That bewilderment turned to a cry of confusion and discomfort as two dicks slid into her tight, young hole. What amazed her was that the discomfort seemed to take the backseat to the kinkiness of having two dicks in her pussy. She cried out as the feeling gave way to pleasure. Slowly, the two seven-inchers dug their way fully into her tight snatch. They lay there for a moment before the grunts began to thrust into her, grunting as they tried to stuff themselves into there. In unison they thrust, sliding in and out as though their dick was one as they violated the pre-teen slut.
  990. Dawn cried out as she felt stretched just to the limit. She'd taken so many thick dicks in the past few days, but nothing like this. The feeling of being full always drove her mad, but being stretched so far gave her this bizarre sensation, not entirely bad. The two dicks, packed into her, pounding her without mercy, just gave her one more incredible experience she could say she did.
  992. She leaned up and kissed the grunt. Not a kiss of love or feeling, just because the passion drove her mad and she needed to plug her mouth. Still, the grunt wasn't going to leave this opportunity and kissed the slutty little girl, holding her face as he drove his tongue into her mouth. And Dawn liked it, a platonic kiss that lacked the love of, say, Tina's, but was passion-driven enough that it still felt sincere in some way.
  994. The other grunt, however, would have none of that. He smacked his partner in the back of the head, as if to give in, and they increased their speed. They pounded the pokemon trainer with everything they had, so much in fact that they wouldn't last very long. Which was alright, because the two cocks stuffed in her pussy drove her so mad that neither could Dawn. "Fuck me, boys, I'm so close! Mark me as your whore and fill me with your cum!"
  996. This alone set them off. They came at the same time, blowing a double load deep into her pussy, and one load alone was potent enough. The cum rushed in, settling in her womb. This set Dawn off. She moaned as an orgasm wracked her body, her pussy trying to milk more cum out of their dicks. But there was none. In fact, the grunts had already pulled out and lay on the ground, so exhausted they'd passed out.
  998. "Well, if I don't get to know what's going on, at least I get an orgasm out of it." She stood up, adjusting her skirt. She looked over at the honey salesman and his daughter, who faced away from her. "Do you know what they wanted?"
  1000. "They wanted my key to the Windworks. They said they were taking it over, and didn't want anyone else to have a key. Here," he put it on the counter, "Take it. Just please, leave, I'm a married man and I shouldn't look at girls, and my daughter...just please, leave!"
  1002. "Alright, thanks," she said, taking the key and keeping up her end of the bargain, running off.
  1004. The girl, who was a few years younger than Dawn turned around. "Daddy, can I do to those men what she did to them?"
  1006. The man nearly had a heart attack at that question.
  1008. ---
  1010. Dawn opened the door and burst in, pokeball in hand.
  1012. "She's here!" a grunt cried, "The whore's here."
  1014. "Gee, am I really that bad?" she asked as the grunts rushed, pokeballs in hand. Four pokemon, all either Glameow or Zubats. If it was a four-on-four they wanted, that's what they'd get.
  1016. "Kadabra, Prinplup, Geodudette, Bidoof, go!" she sent out her four strongest pokemon, all power-leveled on routes 203 and 204.
  1018. Without even needing to be commanded, her four pokemon leaped into action and made quick work of the attackers. Another batch of four fell to the same fate before the grunts retreated. She kept her pokemon out, just to be safe, as a woman in even more ludicrous dress emerged. She had short red hair and a skirt seemingly made from aluminum foil and those long streams of reflective, thin plastic put on Christmas trees.
  1020. "Wow, a walking disco ball," Dawn sniped.
  1022. "You'd be wise not to talk like that to Commander Mars of Team Galactic. So, you're Dawn. I've heard a lot about you. Taking down two groups with your body, and at such a young age...destined for the pole, I see."
  1024. "And you'll be hanging from the ceiling so that the light shines off your dress and onto my body, I presume."
  1026. "Shut up and battle," she snarled. "One on one, let's go."
  1028. "Done." She called back all but Prinplup, who she felt was the strongest of the batch.
  1030. "Go, Purugly!" she cried, throwing her pokeball. Out came a massive cat pokemon that certainly lived up to its name. Still, ugly doesn't mean strong, and Prinplup made quick work of it as well.
  1032. "Damn, maybe I battle too much," she mused as Mars stared at her angrily. "Oh well, I guess you'll be on your way now."
  1034. "No."
  1036. "What? Isn't that how it works? I beat the bad guy, the scene changes, you're all gone, and someone's thanking me?"
  1038. "No, this time'll be a little different. Get her."
  1040. "What?" And everything went black.
  1042. Dawn came to soon after, but something was different. She felt like she couldn't move her arms, and there was something tight on her chest. She opened her eyes and looked down to see she was tied to a chair, her hands bound behind her.
  1044. "Shit, I should have looked behind me when Mars said that," she mused as the door opened.
  1046. "Well, looks like my little whore's finally awake," said the Galactic commander as she stepped in. No longer did she wear that super-reflective outfit. In fact, she didn't wear anything. Her fair, slender body appeared angelic against the light rushing into the dimly lit room from the doorway. Her breasts were probably a handful for Dawn, incredibly perky and taut. In her hand she held something that made Dawn want to just get the fuck out of there; a strap-on.
  1048. "Let me out of here!" she shouted as the commander slid it on.
  1050. "Oh, no," she smiled. "It's payback time for what you've done to my grunts. See, now I have you right where I want you, and I don't intend to let you go. I think the Team Galactic outpost here at Floaroma could use a morale boost, and nothing boosts morale better than such a skilled little whore tied up in the back."
  1052. "You bitch!" she cried as she tried in vain to get any kind on real movement. Her feet were also bound, but in such a way that her legs were wide open.
  1054. "Oh no, Dawn," Mars said as she straddled the girl, "You're the bitch now."
  1056. With that, she drove the strap-on into her pussy roughly.
  1058. Dawn cried out as Mars, without even giving her a second to adjust, began to fuck her without mercy. Normally this would be a plus, but the strap-on was as big as Brandon's dick, and had various bumps and grooves that pushed her to a new level. She couldn't squirm, couldn't move, just lie there as the commander violated her. And violate her she did. Mars continued to fuck her roughly, debasing her with every thrust. "Suck my tit, bitch. And if you bite it, you don't want to know what happens next."
  1060. Dawn obeyed as Mars held up one of her breasts for her. She went to work, licking and sucking, doing everything to not be worse off than she already was. Tears trickled down her face and onto Mars's rack as she was fucked savagely.
  1062. Mars saw the tears and felt like further debasing her. "Yes, keep sucking my tit, bitch. We're going to pay you back for being a filthy whore by making you our private sex slave. There'll be an endless stream of guys looking to cum all over your face and fuck you just as hard as I am. You'll hate your pussy by the time we're through with you."
  1064. And Dawn began to believe it. She continued to focus on sucking her breast, hoping she'd bring Mars to orgasm and have some time to escape. No such luck, though. In fact, she thought Mars wised up to that strategy because of what she did next. Mars pulled out and undid only the bindings keeping her to the chair. She threw Dawn to the ground and, without warning, drove the giant dildo back in her, but this time into her back door.
  1066. Now she screamed out in pain. It was too much, her ass couldn't hold all that, and she continued to scream as she ravaged her ass. She just lay on the cold floor of the dim back room, pressed against it as the commander furiously reamed her ass. She realized that Mars's plan here wasn't to get off, it was to humiliate and debase her. She didn't plead or beg, she knew that would be letting Mars win. She merely lay there, bearing the pain as well she could as she began to work the rope bindings off.
  1068. "Chimchar, ember!"
  1070. "Terros, vine whip!"
  1072. Those voices! she thought. Lucas and Tina had come to save her.
  1074. "Boss," one of the grunts shouted, "We have to go! The slut's brought reinforcements!"
  1076. "Shit!" she shouted. "You got lucky, bitch. You won't be next time." She pulled the dildo out of Dawn's ass as the grunt brought her a trench coat.
  1078. She lay there for a moment as angry shouts and the sounds of a pokemon battle echoed into the room. Finally, the sounds died down, and the light turned on in the room, to reveal Tina and Lucas, standing.
  1080. "Shit, Dawn, are you alright?"
  1082. "My ass is in pain right now, but aside from that, not so bad."
  1084. Lucas pulled a pocketknife out and cut the rope bindings on her hands and legs. "Let's go, Dawn, we'll get you cleaned up at the Pokemon Center."
  1086. "No. Please, stay with me. I need to be with people who care about me right now."
  1088. "Alright," Tina said, handing Dawn her backpack. "We'll stay here, right Lucas?"
  1090. "Of course." They sat down on the floor near her.
  1092. "I didn't mean like that. I need the touch of someone who I trust. I know, this sounds weird, but...please."
  1094. "It's alright, Dawn," Tina said as she drew neared. She kissed her, as deeply and passionately as ever, as her hand slid up Dawn's skirt and rubbed against her pussy.
  1096. Dawn sighed at Tina's loving touch and reciprocated, sliding her hand to Tina's pussy and taking a different approach. She slid four fingers deep into her, wiggling her fingers around as she pumped in and out.
  1098. Lucas liked where this was going. He got down on his knees, his tongue wiggling against Dawn's clitoris as Tina's had slid into her hole. He could taste some of Dawn's juices on Tina's hand, stealing some quick licks of it every now and then.
  1100. Dawn loved the double treatment. She knew Lucas and Tina would treat her right, that regardless of whoever she fucked, that there'd always be something special with these two. They were her friends, they cared about her, and sex only strengthened the bond between them. She moaned into Tina's mouth as her fingers continued to pleasure the voluptuous older girl. But Tina decided this was for Dawn, not her. She smiled, pulling away as she continued to finger the girl on her way to something better. Her head stared down on Dawn's pink slit, still as tight as when they first met, amazingly. She leaned over and joined Lucas as they acted together.
  1102. Dawn cried out, thrusting her pelvis up as Tina and Lucas coordinated their tandem effort to eat her out. She felt their tongues slide up her labia in opposite directions, then in reverse. She moaned, grabbing her breasts through her top and kneading them. The fabric rubbed up against her nipple, sending even more waves of pleasure down to her pussy, where her friends continued their effort.
  1104. They now worked a switching strategy. They rotated between their tongue in her pussy, tending to her clitoris, or a joint effort on her labia without missing a beat. With mechanical precision they kept up the routine as Dawn squirmed beneath them, crying out their names as they helped their friend feel comfortable again. If it took sex with them to make her cope, then they'd go all day if they had to.
  1106. Dawn looked down at her friends as they gave her pussy their unfocused attention. Their loving touch drove her mad as her hands massaged her breasts furiously. "More! Faster! Harder!" she shouted, and each time they complied. Their tandem cunnilingus was driving her mad. Her upper body moved up as well, and she practically rested on her shoulders and lower legs as she played with her breasts and her friends tender to her pussy.
  1108. Faster they went, tonguing her warmth, licking up her sweet juices like it was a fountain. They were tempted to slide some fingers into her back door, but knew Mars had roughed it up and wanted to leave it be. To compensate, though, they worked even harder on pleasure her front entrance.
  1110. "Fuck yes, I love you guys! I'm cumming!" Dawn screamed, frantically bucking her hips up and down as waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Her friends continued to work as her orgasm came, licking up the rush of her juices that came out in the process. They slowed down, eventually coming to a stop before pulling away. They laid next to Dawn for a while as they all sighed. It made what happened with Mars seem insignificant; she knew that there were people willing to protect her who cared dearly for her.
  1112. ~~~
  1114. Nothing too extreme in this chapter, like the incest or non-con in the last two. Quick note, I'm retconning the height of pretty much every pokemon; Prinplup and Kadabra would be about Dawn's height, as is the Ponyta in this chapter. This chapter also gets things moving on the most underused characters, the misc. trainers. Tina's a lass, but this one starts to put in some others, and there'll be more variety as the fic moves on.
  1116. 1angelette: First off, thanks for telling me about the fuck-ups. The instances of 'Mercury' was supposed to me Mars, and I changed all that. As for Dawn's birthday, a huge blow-out orgy would make one hell of a chapter, particularly as an ender. I'll definitely keep that one in mind
  1118. Saint Vegeta: The Dawn raping boy scene will happen at some point, but first I have to get to a point where I decide it will fit. It will happen, though, I promise you that.
  1120. Felix the Eeveetrainer: They're going to make all of their mistakes several times. Comic relief villains, even when you try to turn them evil, are just bound to be inept. Kind of like their leader, who decides the pain in their ass deserves the most powerful pokeball in existence.
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  1128. Chapter Eight: Innocence Lost in Eterna Forest
  1130. Dawn remained for a few hours with Tina and Lucas before parting ways. They fooled around a little longer, and by the end Dawn had pretty much gotten over the whole thing, albeit with her ass still too hurt to even attempt penetration back there. She started up Route 205, which had finally been cleared of Galactic grunts, which actually disappointed her. After Mars did what she did, she felt like taking it out on some grunts, and not with her usual method of dealing with them.
  1132. But, more important, was that she was feeling horny again. How she was so insatiable astounded her; she not only had sex as many times a day as she did, but she lusted for it. She was beginning to surprise herself with how big a whore she was becoming; maybe the grunts' name for her was an apt description, after all.
  1134. "You!" shouted a boy behind her. She turned to see a boy around her age in a matching green outfit of a shirt and shorts. "You're a trainer right? C'mon, let's battle! Bet you can't beat me!" He spoke rapidly, seemingly straining himself to not jump around like an idiot.
  1136. "Yeah, sure, let's go," she said, grabbing Prinplup's pokeball.
  1138. "Ponyta!"
  1140. "Prinplup!"
  1142. "Ember!"
  1144. The horse with the mane of fire sent a fireball toward Prinplup. He was undaunted though, first extinguishing that with water, and then firing another jet at the Ponyta.
  1146. "Taaa..." it groaned, suffering from the super-effective attack from the stronger pokemon.
  1148. "Do you want to stop now?" Dawn asked. "He won't survive another attack, I suggest you stop now."
  1150. "You're right," he sighed. "I forfeit." He walked over to the Ponyta and gave him a potion.
  1152. Dawn called Prinplup back. "Good match," she said, reaching out to shake his hand.
  1154. "Yeah," he said, shaking her hand. "I'm Jacob."
  1156. "Dawn."
  1158. Jacob remained silent for a moment, too busy ogling the girl's small breasts, which pressed against her tight clothes. Then they drifted down to her slender legs. He was practically drooling.
  1160. Dawn laughed at the sight of Jacob unabashedly checking her out. She flipped up her skirt to give him a front-seat view of her hairless, pink slit. "If you want it, you can just say so."
  1162. But before Jacob could react, Ponyta walked over to her. He kicked up, standing on his hind legs to reveal his massive cock to the girl. Ponyta was definitely hung like a horse.
  1164. "Looks like you're a bit late," she smiled, "But maybe I'll let you have a ride once your pokemon's done."
  1166. With that, she fell to her knees, lifting her skirt up to give the Ponyta what he wanted. With care, the pokemon slid his dick into the girl's tight vagina slowly, her pink slit swallowing the Ponyta's length until he rested at full hilt inside her, his thirteen inches falling just short of being unable to go any farther. Once all the way in, it worked up a steady rhythm, slow at first, but quickly gaining speed.
  1168. Jacob couldn't believe his eyes. He just met the girl, and without any warning, here she was, on her knees, fucking his pokemon. His dick hardened rapidly, and he whipped it out without a second thought, jacking off his seven inches furiously as he witnessed the hottest thing he'd even thought about.
  1170. Dawn moaned as the long, thick horse cock slid in and out of her pussy. She knelt in the dirt, doggy-style, as the pokemon reamed her furiously. She could tell the Ponyta hadn't gotten some in a while, and was more than willing to let him vent his pent-up sexual energy on her. After taking it slow with Tina and Lucas, it was good to just be ravaged again.
  1172. Ponyta neighed as he continued to pound the girl's vagina with everything he had. His long, thick penis pistoned in and out of her slit rapidly and with mechanical precision, working up a powerfully pleasurable rhythm inside her. His front legs dug into the ground near Dawn's head, giving him enough leverage to thrust in as fast as he could.
  1174. Jacob watched, jerking the meat fervidly as he watched his pokemon nail this strange, but definitely attractive, girl. His hand moved so fast he felt his arm cramp up, but still, he pressed on, knowing it was too good an opportunity to pass up on. How hot she looked on her knees, taking a pokemon's huge dick, moaning all the while.
  1176. "Jacob, stop jacking off and let me suck you," she shouted, seeing the boy masturbate from the corner of her eyes. Her words were heeded, and Jacob walked up, his meat right in her face. He jacked off the bottom of his shaft, offering the rest to Dawn to pleasure. She saw his plan, and decided it was worth a try. She took the last three inches into her mouth as he jacked off the other four.
  1178. Meanwhile, Ponyta still fucked her from behind. His neighs grew louder and higher-pitched as he lost himself in the tightness of her pussy, pulling down on his dick like a really wet flesh vice. He bucked his hips faster, giving the slutty pokemon trainer what she wanted; his enormous cock, all the while shouting.
  1180. "Yeah, Dawn, keep sucking me off, you shameless whore," Jacob dirty talked, jacking off his shaft as he felt her lips and tongue work her magic on the rest. He could feel her teeth scraping lightly against his head as he worked, and her increasingly pleasured moans made the saliva on his cock vibrate. He groaned, pulling out of her mouth, when he came. He continued to jack off as his seed blasted her face in spurts. He waved it around for extra covered, leaving long strands of cum tracing along her face.
  1182. Dawn came next. She cried out, throwing her head back as she licked the cum off her face. Her pussy tightened around Ponyta's length, pushing him to the edge as well. They came together, both crying out as their orgasms hit them. Dawn's orgasm wasn't one of those life-defining orgasms she'd had in the past few days, but it was still powerful enough to elicit a scream of lust from her.
  1184. Ponyta slowed down before pulling his limpening meat out of Dawn's cunny. "Po," he sighed as Jacob called him back.
  1186. "Wow, Dawn," Jacob sighed, "That was incredible."
  1188. "Yes, it was," she said, running her finger along the streams of cum and licking it clean. "Thanks." She grabbed her pack and went on her way.
  1190. ---
  1192. "Here goes nothing," she said to herself as he stepped into the forest. "Hmm, it's not that bad," she said to herself as she walked deeper into the barrier of trees. Light filtered down through the leaves, more than enough for her to see with, and with that thought, rumors of Eterna Forest's real problems came back to mind, and she instantly tensed up.
  1194. Rumors that carried back even to her home town said that Eterna Forest was full of extremely horny trainers who remained in the forest simply to ambush girls and have their way with them. Dawn didn't mind that very much, but stories of their depravity, being into some really kinky things, definitely weirded her out. She wished she'd waited behind for Tina and Lucas, who went to help Rowan do some research on Onixes, because going through the forest alone would be tricky, especially if she had to fuck her way through, which at most would be just a big inconvenience.
  1196. "Excuse me," called a meek voice from behind.
  1198. Dawn turned, holding onto her pokeball just in case it was a setup. But, there stood a girl, about fifteen, with long, braided green hair and a green dress. If she was part of an ambush, she was a damn good actress, because she looked so innocent and naive.
  1200. "My name's Cheryl, and I've heard stories about what happens in this forest, and I'm afraid to go in there myself. You're alone too, right? Why don't we go through together?"
  1202. "Sure. My name's Dawn." She reached out and shook Cheryl's hand. "Yeah, I've heard the stories too. What are you going to Eterna for?"
  1204. "To challenge the gym leader, Gardenia. You?"
  1206. "Same thing." They began their walk through the forest. "Dawn, what's that on your nose?"
  1208. Dawn touched her nose and felt some of Jacob's cum she must have missed. She scraped it off her nose and licked her finger clean. "The cum of a guy I had sex with on the way over here."
  1210. "Oh, so you aren't traveling alone?"
  1212. "No, I am. I just met him, battled him, and then had a quickie with him and his Ponyta."
  1214. "You had sex with a stranger and his pokemon?" Cheryl seemed legitimately shocked by this.
  1216. "Well, yeah. He was checking me out, so I decided to show him my vagina, so I pulled my skirt up to show him, and his pokemon took interest, so I knelt on the ground and let him have sex with me. This got Jacob aroused, so I offered to give him a blowjob, and then he came on my face."
  1218. Cheryl looked at Dawn, horrified. "And do you regularly have sex with strangers?"
  1220. "Well, let's see. I started my journey the other day, and I had sex with Markus, a Bidoof, Professor Rowan and Lucas, my Piplup, the Bidoof again, and then a girl I met named Tina, and then Markus and Tina. Then I rented a room with Tina, had sex some more until I fell asleep. The next morning, Tina and I did it some more. Then I sucked off a guy for a poketch, lost a bet and got gangbanged by a Machamp, Slaking, Rhydon, and a Blaziken, had a train run on my ass and pussy by some Geodudes, fucked the gym leader of Oreburgh a few times, fucked some Team Galactic grunts to clear the road, got fucked by a Turtwig's tentacle-like penises, fooled around with Tina again, and then had sex with a guy named Brandon who let me sleep at his house for the night while my pokemon had sex with his daughters. So far today, I've had sex with my Prinplup and Kadabra, fucked two more Galactic Grunts to stop harassing this guy, a Team Galactic commander vented on me with a strap-on, I got rescued by Lucas and Tina who I fooled around with some more, and then, of course, there's Jacob and his Ponyta."
  1222. Cheryl's jaw just dropped. "All three days?"
  1224. "Yeah. How about you?"
  1226. "Have I ever had sex?"
  1228. "Yeah."
  1230. "No. I'm saving myself for marriage. I've never so much as kissed a boy."
  1232. "Seriously?" Dawn asked. "I figured the world outside my home town was full of people who wanted nothing but sex. I'm twelve, but in the past three days I've already worked up that impressive checklist."
  1234. "I come from a small town too, but I resisted all the dares and propositions people gave me, including some guy named Trey who offered me a million dollars yesterday if I won, but I had to have sex with his pokemon if I lost."
  1236. "Wow, you're serious about this," Dawn said. It was just as surprising to her that Cheryl was still a virgin as her list of partners was to Cheryl. She guessed the last few days had been so little more than one meaningless shag after another that her view on the world had really changed. Cheryl was an innocent girl who valued her virginity in a world full of people, regardless of age it seemed, who wanted little more than a quick fuck.
  1238. "Yeah, I-" Cheryl began, but was cut off.
  1240. "String shot!" screamed a voice as, from at least eight locations, thin, white strings as strong as sticky as a spiderweb shot out at them, wrapping around their arms and legs. The girls tripped over, confused as to what was going on. Then came strings that wrapped around their mouths, keeping them from making a sound. But Dawn clued in quickly. The trainers in Eterna must have isolated the girls by using pokemons' string shot move to keep them from escaping.
  1242. "Well, boys, what do you know, we've got a good catch," called a voice Dawn assumed was the leader of this horny band. "See the girl with the green hair? People have been talking about her, a total prude who's never so much as kissed a boy. We'll have fun turning her into a whore. And the other one you've probably heard of at this rate; Dawn."
  1244. "Dawn?" other voices whispered. Clearly word of her skill and sluttiness had gotten around.
  1246. "Yep, Dawn. She's been at it for three days, but she's already worked up quite the reputation. I saw her skill firsthand at the trainer school in Jubilife, and I wonder if she's gotten any better. Oh well, we'll find out. Take them away, boys."
  1248. Trainers emerged, ranging in age from twelve to about seventeen. They grabbed the girls by the limbs and picked them up. Two trainers carried each of them through the brush and into a clearing, where open packs had all kinds of supplies, food, water, and the like.
  1250. One of the trainers leaned over to cut the rope bindings around them. "Welcome, ladies," he said, "To our little slice of home here in Eterna. I really do hope you'll stay. After all, you don't know the forest enough to get out, anyway, but if you stay here and be our obedient little sluts, we'll show you a quick way out of the forest that will cut your time in half."
  1252. Dawn looked at Cheryl to see the girl cried. She must have known what was coming and didn't like it one bit. She leaned over to console the girl. She said, "It's alright. Virginity's overrated anyway." She looked over at the apparent leader of this band. "Please go easy on her."
  1254. "Don't worry, the stories of us being into S&M are bullshit. We don't handle girls roughly, so we won't hurt either of you."
  1256. "Listen, Cheryl, it's unavoidable at this point, but I'll stay here and held you through it if you'd like."
  1258. Cheryl didn't talk, merely nodded. She didn't want to speak. She just wanted it to be over and, hopefully, maintain a shred of her dignity.
  1260. "Alright, how about we start her on a blowjob?" Dawn asked, hoping it would warm Cheryl up a little if she didn't lose her virginity quite yet.
  1262. "That fine," he said. "Oh, introductions! I'm Jack, they're Brian, Donald, Phil, Cody, and Rick." They were all bug catchers, with the exception of Cody, a psychic. "Alright boys, I think I'm going to start her off." He knelt next to Cheryl. "It's okay, I'll go slowly." He slowly pulled his seven inches out. It had a fairly normal girth, so at least he wouldn't be tearing her apart.
  1264. "Alright," Dawn said as she began to walk Cheryl through it. "Hold onto the base of it, and begin to stroke. Slowly at first, but work up a solid rhythm." Cheryl heeded her words. "Alright, now take what your hand doesn't cover into your mouth. Wrap your lips tightly around it and began to work your head back and forth. Make sure your lips are still tight, you're moving your tongue around in there, and if you're careful enough, you can even use a little teeth."
  1266. As Dawn spoke, Cheryl followed, her tears slowing down as she picked up on this blowjob thing fairly quickly. She had to admit, she may have been a little presumptive in judging Dawn. The feeling of a dick in her mouth wasn't that bad. She continued to suck, eventually ignoring Dawn's orders as her tears faded and she picked up her own approach. Jack egged her on, taking care to not, out of instinct, grab her head and guide her himself. He approached this with decency, letting the virgin discover things at her pace so she didn't freak out.
  1268. Dawn, seeing Cheryl could handle things herself, called over some guys for fun of her own. Brian, Phil, and Cody came over as Dawn ordered them around. Phil lay on the ground and the other guys stood at his sides. Dawn sank down into Phil's lap, his eight inches of manhood sliding into her without a problem. She then looked at the two seven inchers standing at attention at her sides and obliged. She grabbed Brian and Cody's dicks and went straight to work, pumping hard on them.
  1270. All three guys moaned as Dawn handled them with skill. They rarely nabbed girls this forceful or this skilled, but here she was, cock hungry and capable of doing wonders with her hand alone. They thrust into whatever orifice, makeshift or not, Dawn offered them, in complement to her already mind blowingly pleasurable ministrations.
  1272. A few feet away, Cheryl had really gotten into things. She'd forced Jack to the ground, finding that a blowjob on someone lying down was easier for her. She bobbed her head as she practically swallowed his penis, and it finally dawned on her that she could still save her virginity for marriage and have fun in her other holes so long as her pussy remained untouched.
  1274. Jack moaned as Cheryl blew him like she'd been doing this a lot longer than just then. A quick learner she is, he thought, as she blew his mind, and blew him. She was so good, in fact, that he groaned as she brought him to a quick orgasm. "Cheryl, I'm cumming!" he cried out as his dick twitched in her mouth.
  1276. Cheryl was undaunted though, and continued to suck as Jack's cum rushed into her mouth. She swallowed it up as it came, taking large, powerful gulps as his seed went straight from her mouth down her throat. She continued to suck, milking a few last drops from him before taking it out of her mouth.
  1278. She wanted more, though; one blowjob was no longer enough. "Donald, Rick, get over here!" she shouted, taking off her dress to reveal her body, puberty doing quite nicely on her, sculpting gentle curves. She had a full, round bosom, and a nice curvature on her torso. "Donald, I'll give you what I gave Jack, and Rick," she turned around to reveal her round ass, "You're taking the back door."
  1280. The guys definitely weren't passing this one up. They rushed over to her, helping her to the ground as they took control. She laid face-up as Rick raised her legs and pelvis to reveal her tight back door. Donald, however, felt like the Jack treatment wasn't enough for him. He straddled her torso, His nine-incher resting between her breasts.
  1282. Cheryl saw instantly what he wanted, and was more than happy to oblige. She parted her breasts, then squished them together, tightened the space in her cleavage as her soft, malleable tit flesh wrapped around his nine incher. She braced herself for impact first, though, as Rick had finished lubing up and was going in the back. Slowly, the least-hung of the pack, though still ranking in at a good six inches, impressive for a thirteen year-old, fed his dick into Cheryl's nether regions, taking care not to hurt her as he went.
  1284. Meanwhile, Dawn and the other three went like animals. Faster she rode Phil's cock, moaning, while she jacked off Brian and Cody. She grinded herself hard into Phil's lap as she went, her hands working double-time.
  1286. "Yes, Dawn, fuck me!" Phil shouted, taking firm hold of Dawn's ass as she rode him as hard as she could. He thrust upward to meet her ministrations, but she moved so erratically that it really just became frantic humping. Not that he minded, of course.
  1288. Around him, Brian and Cody were just as pleased. Dawn's hands worked so well they were surprised she was using just her hands. They moaned under the pressure, and felt something build up inside them. With one final tug, they both came, shouting out as they blew their loads onto Dawn. Their cum streamed out, hitting her face and shoulders before slinking away.
  1290. Now that she was free of that, she looked down at Phil, intent on getting them both off. She shrieked as Phil surprised her, though, grabbing her shoulders and rolling her over. It was her turn to lie on the ground, now. He wrapped his arms under hers and used it as leverage as he pounded her furiously.
  1292. This renewed focus burnt them out even faster. Phil moaned, shouting out obscenities as he and Dawn picked up the pace. With a shrill cry, Dawn felt her orgasm hit her. She continued to shout out as her pussy milked the cum out of Phil's penis. She felt his spunk shoot into her, rushing into her body and settling inside her as Phil lay on top of her, both of them panting.
  1294. Meanwhile, Cheryl went full-force with Donald and Rick. Her legs rested on Rick's shoulders as he drilled her tight little asshole, his well-lubricated cock sliding in and out quickly and effortlessly. Meanwhile, she held tightly together her mounds, rocking them back and forth as Donald fed the last few inches of his meat into her mouth, her tongue working wonders on his tip as he fucked her cleavage.
  1296. Cheryl eagerly worked the two boys, all the while moaning onto Donald's head, the vibrations eliciting even more moans from him. She loved it, the rigid dick in her ass and her breasts, pressed together, pleasuring another dick, while it slid in and out of her mouth. To think, when she first met Dawn she looked down on her for being promiscuous, but now she not only saw why Dawn had sex so much, but wanted a piece of the action.
  1298. Rick lost his bearing, loosing his load into her bowels. After emptying his load in her back door, he pulled out, and realizing Cheryl hadn't actually had any attention yet, fell to the ground and ate her out while her legs still rested on his back.
  1300. Cheryl moaned louder onto Donald's cock as she licked and rocked her tits on it more frantically. This newly intensified effort sent Donald into a frenzy. He shouted out as he pulled away, blowing his load all over her soft, full rack. He sighed, falling back as he lay, completely pleased.
  1302. Cheryl looked over at Dawn as Rick continued to eat her out. "I'm going to stick around for a while, you go ahead."
  1304. "Alright," Dawn said, looking over at Jack. "Is that all?"
  1306. "If you want, but feel free to come back any time." With that, he put his cock away and guided Dawn out of the forest.
  1308. ---
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  1314. Until then, later, man.
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  1342. Chapter 9: Dawn's Yuritastic Evening
  1344. "Damn," Gardenia mused, "You're good."
  1346. Dawn had just burned through all four gym trainers and the leader, Gardenia, with ease. Staravia stood by her side, glad to have finally been of use in battle to Dawn.
  1348. "Well, Pokemon league regulations say that this is yours." She handed Dawn the badge and shook her hand. "You were great. I haven't had a battle like that in so long. Also, this is going to sound strange, but I heard some rumors about you and a girl named Tina in Jubilife..."
  1350. "Ah, yes. Well, it's probably true. I doubt anyone could really embellish what we did."
  1352. "Wow," she said. "I couldn't believe it when I first heard it."
  1354. "Yeah, well...Hey!"
  1356. Dawn turned around to see one of the gym trainers, Caroline, who looked a lot like Tina, pulling up her skirt and sliding a strap-on into her ass slowly. "What are you doing?"
  1358. Gardenia walked up so close to Dawn they practically breathed the same bit of air. "You see, Dawn, the job requirements for this gym, aside from loving grass pokemon, is a certain sexual preference toward other girls, and you just happened to come on our weekly orgy night. We heard you were in Eterna Forest, and decided that if you showed, and the rumors of you and Tina were true, that we'd invite you into our orgy tonight."
  1360. "Oh," Dawn said. "Well, if that's the case, then sure, let's go."
  1362. Caroline took hold of Dawn's hips as she began to buck her hips, sliding the dildo in and out of her ass. She flipped a switch on it, turning on the "vibrate".
  1364. Dawn moaned, falling back into Caroline's arms as the vibrating plastic cock slid in and out of her tight asshole. Meanwhile, Gardenia got down on her knees, put her head up Dawn's skirt, and dove right into a frenzy, shocking Dawn with her experienced carpet munching technique.
  1366. Caroline gritted her teeth as the double-sided strap-on vibrated in her pussy and Dawn's ass. Her vibrator was mostly solitary, but Dawn's didn't have to be, and she nailed Dawn's ass as if it were a penis. Faster she thrust the vibrating plastic into the girl's tight, cute little asshole.
  1368. Gardenia, meanwhile, knelt in the sod as Dawn's miniskirt rested on her head. She ate Dawn out with ferocity, focusing on speed and power. She licked and sucked and nibbled, hitting all the right places. Her labia, her clitoris, and everything inside her pussy was there for Gardenia to ravage with her mouth, and she was up for it.
  1370. Slowly, they sank to the ground. Dawn laid doggy style on the ground, Caroline on her knees, pounding her asshole, as Gardenia lay on the ground, eating her out. However, there were three girls who felt left out. Jenna, who wore a long green shirt and white blouse, had discarded her clothes and stood in front of Dawn, her pussy aching for a tonguing.
  1372. Dawn obliged, grabbing Jenna's ass and pulling her closer, going right to work with her tongue. Dawn's approach was less savage than Gardenia's, focusing on long, slow licks, prolonging the pleasure by going slowly and steadily.
  1374. The other two gym trainers, Angela and Lindsay, were also getting down to work. Angela, wearing similar clothes to Jenna, pulled off her skirt to reveal she was already set for the night; she wore a two-pronged strap-on that made Dawn's eyes go wide as she watched Lindsay bend over. Taking hold on her hips, Angela drove both dildos into the bent girl's holes, doubly penetrating her with one motion. Dawn got wetter just watching it out the corner of eye as Angela took a handful of Lindsay's hair and pulled her back, using it as leverage as she pounded both her ass and pussy at once.
  1376. I like it here, Dawn thought as she took a long lick down Jenna's labia, Caroline drove a vibrator into her ass with fury, and Gardenia gave her the best cunnilingus she'd ever felt. She had to get notes on how Gardenia did it to try on Tina next time they met, because she was amazed. With her ass and pussy pleasured and Jenna's juices dripping into her mouth, she wondered how much longer she could go without cumming.
  1378. Whatever the timer was, someone reset it when Jenna grabbed onto her head and pushed her into her crotch, screaming, "Yes, Dawn, lick my pussy you whore! I want your slutty tongue to lick every inch of my body!"
  1380. Dawn cried out into Jenna's pussy as she ate her out with renewed intensity. Her orgasm struck her, which only encouraged Gardenia to eat her out faster and Caroline to fuck her ass harder. She was on her way to pleasure overload if nobody was going to stop.
  1382. But, Gardenia did. She looked over at Angela and Lindsay, and called them over. All three women pulled away from Dawn as she rolled her onto her back.
  1384. "I think it's time we give the new girl some time with our friend..." Angela said, grabbing Dawn's legs as the double strap-on approached her holes.
  1386. Dawn looked with wide eyes at the plastic cocks as Angela pulled her legs onto her shoulders. She knew this was going to be a big one.
  1388. She had no idea. The long, thick plastic cocks slid into her ass and pussy in tandem, inching their way through at once. Dawn moaned as she was doubly penetrated, and looked up to see the other girls still wanted action. Jenna straddled her head and Dawn returned to her previous task of eating her out. Caroline knelt behind Jenna, sliding her vibrating strap on into Jenna's ass, causing her to moan as Caroline and Dawn treated her.
  1390. Gardenia and Lindsay lay near Dawn, unbuttoning her vest and then her top to reveal her small preteen breasts. They each took one into their mouths and gave them different approaches. Gardenia treated breasts like she treated pussies; with savage fury. She took the whole thing into her mouth, taking quick, hard licks as she pressed her tongue against the soft flesh, sucking on the whole breast in her mouth, and nibbling just a little on it. Lindsay took the opposite approach, taking long, gentle licks, and sucking carefully and like a baby drinking its mother's milk.
  1392. Dawn moaned as the gym leader and her pupil tended to her breasts with opposing approaches, eliciting completely different reactions on the different sides of her body. Meanwhile, plastic cocks slid in and out of her holes in unison. They moved with more precision than any two guys ever could, filling and emptying her so well it felt almost as good as the Slaking and Machamp from the previous morning.
  1394. This all culminated to drive her to eat out Jenna even harder. She grabbed onto the girl's ass, spreading it open for Caroline to ream it, and leaned up, licking her folds and sucking her clit, all the while looking to taste more of her juices. She loved the taste of a girl's juices, almost as much as she loved cum, and she wanted more.
  1396. Jenna moaned, crouched over Dawn as the younger girl worked hard to get her off. Behind her, Caroline worked the vibrating dildo faster and deeper into her ass, moaning as the other end of it vibrated in her own vagina. Caroline reached out and grabbed her partner's breasts, taking her soft mounds into her hands and massaging them as she nibbled on the girl's earlobe.
  1398. With Dawn's legs resting on her shoulders, Angela pounded both her tight little holes with fury. All the while, she continued to revel in the scene that unfolded around her, all of these women tangled in a mess of sweat, all moaning in a heap. Soon, all order dissolved as they fucked into the night.
  1400. ---
  1402. Dawn dropped by the Pokemon Center for a shower and to rest up; by the time she got back, night had fallen and she refused to risk walking in unfamiliar territory. This time, with nobody to stay with, she rented a single bed. It was free, but she'd have at least three other people in the room, depending on how lucky she was.
  1404. She was even luckier than she thought; there was only one bed open for the night, and that was a room she'd share with the Nurse Joy that worked the day shift. After a hard day's work, the nurse would be more likely to pass out and give her some private time with Markus' "gift".
  1406. She dropped her pokemon off with the day shift nurse just as she was getting off. "Off to bed for us, I guess."
  1408. "Yeah," Dawn said absentmindedly as the nurse led her to the staff bedroom where there were some extra beds in case an emergency called for additional nurses to tend to the pokemon. The beds were noticeably more comfortable than the standard bunk beds everyone else had, so Dawn figured herself lucky all the other rooms were taken.
  1410. For a grown woman sharing a room with a small girl, Joy was fairly open. As Dawn made sure everything in her backpack was in order, Joy pulled off her dress and scrubs to reveal her plump form. Underneath she wore only white lace panties and a matching bra to contain her large, full bosom that made Dawn squirm. She hadn't seen a pair that luscious so bare, and it made her a little wet knowing she'd be so close to them.
  1412. She didn't want to seem like she was acting odd, though, and also took her dress off. In the interest of decency, she slipped on a pair of panties before arriving in town because she knew she'd share the room, but in the interest of a possible quick fuck, didn't put on a bra, leaving her young tits, little more than bumps on her chest, to sit bare.
  1414. "Oh, my," Joy said, "You're so carefree and open, showing your breasts to a stranger like that." She laughed. "You remind me of me at your age."
  1416. Dawn shifted her eyes, trying to find something to say to the nurse's reaction. She struck Dawn as odd to begin with, but she was about to find out just how 'odd' she truly was.
  1418. "I guess it's not a bad thing, being so open, but you should be careful, there's some people who see a young girl's bare breasts and don't react quite so legally."
  1420. "Then let them," she said, playing along to see where this was going. "If they're older, that just means they're more experienced."
  1422. "Oh, my," Joy said again, her face flushed. "You're so honest. Well, I guess if you're going to be so open, I don't have to wear this damn restrictive thing." With that, she reached back and undid her lace bra, her breasts, slightly larger even than expected by the nurse's curvaceous form, fell free, not the slightest trace of sag in them. "That thing is so tight on them, but the department store in Eterna doesn't stock anything in my size, so I have to settle for these, unless I walk to Jubilife."
  1424. Dawn wasn't listening to a word. Her eyes lay fixated on the nurse's luscious fun bags, entranced by their gentle rise and fall as they spoke. Or, she spoke, rather. Damn, Dawn though, what's coming over me.
  1426. "Yeah," she managed to squeeze out, "It is far. I hear the forest is huge, and even as someone with no commitments, it seems like a task. I wouldn't think you'd be able to get there and back in time for your shift."
  1428. "I envy you kids, your breasts are so small, you can get the right bra at any clothing store."
  1430. "Are you kidding? I wish I had breasts that big. They're beautiful."
  1432. "Do you want to touch them?"
  1434. "What?" Dawn did a double-take.
  1436. "Do you want to touch them? You said adults are more experienced, and I'm offering to share that experience with you."
  1438. "Yeah," she said, standing up. "Sure." She walked over to Joy.
  1440. "I just have one condition. I know this sounds strange, but...will you pretend to be my daughter when you do it?"
  1442. "What?" This nurse was a bit more off than she originally thought.
  1444. "Can you call me 'mommy' or something while we do it?"
  1446. Kinky, she thought. "Yeah, sure." She reached out and grabbed Joy's boob. It was incredibly soft. She moved closer, grabbing the other one as she kneaded them as best she could in her comparatively small hands.
  1448. "Oh, my," Joy said again, undoing the clips in her hair to let her flowing red locks run free. She tossed her head from side to side and placed a hand on Dawn's head. "Please, suck on mommy's breasts, Dawn."
  1450. She complied, taking one of Joy's large breasts into her mouth and sucking like a baby on the older woman's hardening nipple. She had to admit, it was fairly kinky to think of the nurse as her mother, and she'd certainly done worse than mere role-playing, so she decided to play along. Besides, it meant she got to make it with the big-bosomed nurse.
  1452. Joy moaned as her long-neglected breasts received a dedicated licking from Dawn. She began to massage the girl's back, increasing in pressure as Dawn's treatment went on. Soon, she was fed up of foreplay and wanted to get on with it.
  1454. "I think that's enough for now, sweetie, and mommy wants to show you something else."
  1456. "Really? What is it, mommy?" Dawn played along, looking up from her dirty pillows.
  1458. "Lie on the bed and I'll show you," she smiled playfully as the girl listened, lying down on the bed and looking at the older woman.
  1460. Joy walked to the other end of the double bed and straddled Dawn's face backwards, leaning down to come face-to-face with Dawn's labia.
  1462. Dawn almost had difficulty breathing, not from suffocation, but from the mature woman's vagina only inches from her face. Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy, just yearning for release, and all she had in the way of pubic hair was a red triangle about her clit.
  1464. Joy was the first to act, grabbing Dawn's ass and pulling her pelvis up. She went straight for the prize, ravaging Dawn's cunt with her tongue. She went mad, her tongue soaring and lashing out, all the while applying a mild sucking force to her clitoris.
  1466. Dawn moaned into Joy's crotch as Joy did the deed, giving her incredible cunnilingus, the likes of which she'd never felt before. Still, if her previous encounters taught her one thing, it's that she had to be more focused when something new hit her; she had to double up the effort out of thanks.
  1468. "Yes, Dawn," Joy moaned into the girl's thighs, "Lick mommy's pussy." She continued her muff dive, her hands kneading Dawn's ass cheeks and teasing her back door, giving Dawn an idea of what was to come, but not giving it away.
  1470. Dawn tried her best to keep up with Joy, but she couldn't do it; the woman was much more experienced than she could handle, and she felt herself losing focus. Still, she carried on; even if she couldn't keep up, that was no excuse to not leave her hanging. However, she felt it becoming harder and harder with each second. Her eyes flew open as she found her orgasm already approaching. She never came this fast, but damn, Joy was just too good.
  1472. "So soon, sweetie?" Joy asked as Dawn convulsed underneath her and her juices surged into her mouth. She licked them up, tasting a certain something unwomanly in there. "Dawn, have you been running around with boys while Mommy wasn't looking?"
  1474. "No," she said unconvincingly, wondering where this was going.
  1476. "You're lying," she said.
  1478. She dismounted the girl, picked her up, and slung her across her knees. Dawn's firm ass and pussy, still quivering from the orgasm, stuck up in the air, an easy target for the nurse. Dawn cried out in shock as she felt a powerful swipe on her asshole. It wasn't by any means a horrible strike, but it was enough for her to feel it.
  1480. "Don't lie to your mother, Dawn," Joy said, spanking the girl again. "You're a slut, you love cum, and you need to be punished." With each word, she followed up with yet another strike to exactly the same place.
  1482. "Yes, Mommy, I'm a whore. I love cum, I need cum, and I'm a horny little slut who needs to be punished."
  1484. "And you will be punished, Dawn, but I still haven't had my orgasm yet." She placed one of her legs under Dawn and another between one of her legs. She pulled outward so that she lay down, connected to Dawn by the legs. Their pelvises met, creating contact points across their erogenous zones.
  1486. Dawn again cried out, this time not in pain or shock, as her head pressed into the pillow and she lay in a tangled mess of leg that bound them. She felt Joy's legs push them together, squishing their pussies together. Every slight movement produced friction that sent powerful surges through her body. She squirmed, only to find her body actually buckle and go limp as pleasure ran up and down her body.
  1488. Joy, however, was going strong. She lay with her body twisted so she could rest on her back, giving her hands access to her breasts. She kneaded them fervidly, thrusting forward into Dawn, wanting so badly to hit her climax. She continued the in-character dirty talk as her red hair, glistening with sweat, swung wildly in time with her thrashing head. She lost herself in the intense passion like Dawn did, but her frenzy was one of frantic movements instead of still distraction.
  1490. Her movements were enough for the both of them, though. Soon, they felt an orgasm building simultaneously inside of them, pleasure gravitating from that point through both of their bodies. Their bodies shook as they managed to sit up, still locked in the scissors position, and kiss. They moaned into each others' mouths as their sloppy French kiss punctuated their lovemaking. Their orgasms hit and their vaginas pressed tighter together.
  1492. After a few minutes of kissing, the two fell back, their legs still locked together.
  1494. "Goodnight, Mommy", Dawn whispered.
  1496. "Good night, dear," Joy responded.
  1498. The two fell asleep, their sexual organs still pressed together.
  1500. ---
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  1530. Chapter 10: Heavy Hitters in Light Frames
  1532. Dawn walked into the Veilstone gym, Kadabra's pokeball in hand. This was going to be an easy badge; maybe not quite as easy as nailing Roark for his, but she had a type advantage that would have been useful against Gardenia.
  1534. What she saw was not what she imagined when she thought a gym. They were, indeed, training, but it was far from what she figured they'd be training for. Rather than having pokemon battles, the gym trainers stood around the leader, a petite, pink-haired box of dynamite, both in terms of combat and looks. They masturbated furiously as the only woman to be seen sat with her baggy pants around her ankles, furiously ravishing her vagina with her fingers. She could smell sweat and sex, a smell all too familiar for her now.
  1536. What was even more astounding was when the women came out, totally naked and covered in sweat. The female gym trainers had been playing in the back, but now they wanted the boys. The gym was almost completely matched boy-for-girl, save for Maylene.
  1538. The girls snuck up behind their boys and took their cocks into their hands, jacking them off from behind. There wasn't much in the way of breasts on them, though they had very tight, firm bodies and wondrous asses, so at least Dawn didn't feel outclassed by the tits of other women. There was no breast envy like with that nurse back in Eterna.
  1540. Dawn snuck in, luckily nobody paying her any mind as the guys just wanted to blow their loads on the cute pink-haired fighter and the girls just wanted to get the boys to themselves. That left Maylene who, of course, was in the throes of passion. She was no longer sitting, instead lying on her back, pulsating wildly on the floor as her small hands tended to her vagina in a way that prompted Dawn to take out her poketch and begin recording. She wanted to refer back to this later, maybe even show Tina.
  1542. Of course, the sight was getting her very hot. She held her poketch steady with one hand, still recording the sight, as her other slid up her skirt to tend idly to her vagina. Her eyes drifted, finding the entire scene very hot. The svelte, atheltic girls' alluring bodies, the large cocks they jacked off, and the passion Maylene managed to bring herself.
  1544. The guys agreed, apparently. They groaned, all releasing, around the same time, their loads.
  1546. Maylene moaned as ropes of cum streamed across her small body. She thrust her torso up, almost shoving her entire fist into her vagina in frustration. After a moment, she sighed, falling to the ground. "Thanks, everyone, but it's not working. Good hustle. You can get back to what you all were doing."
  1548. With that, the girls led their satisfied boyfriends back to the training rooms.
  1550. Maylene sighed, sitting up before finally she saw Dawn, who was just closing her poketch and taking her fingers from her twat.
  1552. "Are you Dawn?"
  1554. "Yeah. You must be Maylene."
  1556. "I'm glad you're here." She stood up, stepping out of her pants. "I heard about you from Gardenia, and you may be just the girl I need."
  1558. "What's wrong?"
  1560. "I can't come. For the past week, I have been completely unable to bring myself to orgasm. I've had everyone in my gym fuck me, I've been gangbanged, I've had pokemon screw me. Hell, I even went down to the Great Marsh, put some pokemon food on my vagina, and spent a whole day letting pokemon come by and fuck me. Even a Carnivine did nothing for me."
  1562. "So what do you want me to do?"
  1564. "I want to fuck. What else?"
  1566. She grabbed two pokeballs from nearby and let out her Lucario and Machoke. "First, though, I want to try something."
  1568. The two pokemon reached Dawn before she had any time to react, yanking off her dress just as quickly.
  1570. "I want to try just watching first; none of the girls will have sex with anyone but their boyfriends, and I want to try just watching my two boys here ream you."
  1572. As Maylene spoke, Machoke had picked Dawn up and placed his massive cock at her back entrance, Lucario placing his paws on her breasts as his own engorged cock pressed against her soft slit.
  1574. Dawn would have said it was fine, but the pokemon nearly took her breath away as they simultaneously penetrated her, their hands gripping her firmly as they roamed across her body.
  1576. Double penetration was obviously nothing new to the trainer, but it was always a shock when such strong pokemon did it, and the Lucario and Machoke were certainly strong. They were just as endowed as the pokemon she'd first been gangbanged by back on route 204, but treated her with much more care. There was a lot of lust, no doubt, but there was passion there as well.
  1578. Maylene again tended to her vagina furiously, using every technique she had to try and elicit an orgasm in vain. She was frustrated; the sight of Dawn rag dolled between the two was incredibly arousing, much more so than a bunch of guys jacking off around her, but it did nothing to bring her to orgasm. She'd overstimulated herself so much that the pressure was insurmountable; she needed to get off, but couldn't get to that point.
  1580. Dawn, however, had no trouble with that. She'd been fairly chaste since leaving Hearthome City; she'd fooled around with a woman after rescuing her Lopunny. She turned out not just to be a contest judge, but a woman that her own mother had fooled around with in the past. That was enough to turn her off severely; having eaten out her mother's seconds, but Maylene's need had driven that thought from her mind. The huge cocks pounding her ass and pussy didn't hurt, either.
  1582. In fact, they were quite pleasurable. They filled her holes perfectly, tending to her neglected libido that, despite being scared into submission, was not dormant by any means. She was still as insatiable as always, but the first time having it treated again was certainly a good way to go.
  1584. The pokemon thrust in unison, continuing their rough double-team, burning Dawn's wick at both ends. They saw the girl could take no more and picked up the pace, thrusting faster and harder, still keeping up their synchronization as Dawn cried out in between them, her juices running down Lucario's leg.
  1586. Dawn rested her head for a moment on Machoke's shoulder, their cocks still buried in her, before looking at Maylene. "Did it work?"
  1588. "No. I think it's time to stop the peep show and get on with things."
  1590. "What do you have in mind?" she moaned as they pulled out.
  1592. "You'll see," Maylene smiled as Lucario drew near her and Machoke picked up Dawn. He eased down as he lay on the ground, his cock sliding easily into her sopping went cunt.
  1594. Lucario did the same, burying his cock in Maylene as he brought her to Dawn, lying down in the opposite direction on top of her and the Machoke.
  1596. Dawn saw it now; 69 with a twist. She moaned into Maylene's sweet-smelling pussy, a definite surprise given the usually constant workouts she did, as she licked along her slit and the underside of Lucario's shaft.
  1598. Maylene could already feel a difference as a spark of pleasure ran up her spine, something she hadn't felt in far too long. She reciprocated, panting as her tongue lashed frantically at Dawn's soft, puffy vagina and Machoke's contrastingly hard cock. She had no sense of direction, but she didn't care; she was there. She finally had what she needed to get off.
  1600. Lucario and Machoke high-fived as they pounded the petite pokemon trainers with all their fury, enjoying the combination tight, wet pussy and frantic tongue work.
  1602. It was rare for Maylene to invite another girl to their activities largely because the village was pretty much entirely hetero with a few strict lesbians; no slutty girls who'll go both ways if it means getting off. Having a girl who was, especially one as tight and skilled as Dawn, was a treat they long deserved after a week of Maylene neglecting them for every asinine method conceivable to get off. They were just as needy as Maylene was, and they wanted their rocks off just as much as she did.
  1604. Dawn loved the feeling of a tongue against her clit as she got a thorough fucking, and it was only accentuated by the taste of Maylene's sweet cunny. In all the energy and sweat she found yet another orgasm brewing. She was surprised; she'd just came, and yet another orgasm was on the way. After only a day of no sex? She truly was insatiable. Maylene and the pokemon were in the same boat, all feeling their orgasms on the way.
  1606. Maylene came first, screaming in pure bliss as her body shook under Machoke's firm grasp. All the pent-up tension burst free in one grand escape. She buried herself in Dawn's thighs, eating her out frantically as Dawn kept up her own assault. She could feel the tongue probe deeper, even slipping between her labium and Lucario's cock to lick up the juices within.
  1608. Next came Lucario and Machoke at roughly the same time, jizz erupting into the slick, hot cunts of their respective partners and lapped up by the other girl. Spent, they pulled away, leaving Maylene and Dawn to their work.
  1610. Almost oblivious to the absence of the two pokemon, they continued, cleaning out the other's pussy of semen. Finally Dawn came and Maylene had the chance to repay her with the same treatment she'd received not too long ago.
  1612. Finally the girls pulled away, naked and sweaty, just looking at each other.
  1614. "So, about that badge," Dawn finally said.
  1616. "Take it. I don't care if we battle or not, you just made me cum. That's worth a badge, I think."
  1618. ---
  1620. Dawn, cleaned up and clothed, emerged from the Veilstone gym with her shiny new badge. She strolled northwest to her next destination when she saw Tina. A smile broke across her face as she snuck up on the curvy girl, simultaneously grabbing her breast and crotch.
  1622. "Not now, Dawn," she snapped, knowing the girl's approach instantly and lightly shoving her away. "Shit just went down."
  1624. "What happened?"
  1626. "Some jerk said I had a fine ass and asked if he could tap it. Obviously, I wasn't going to say no. But then he blindfolded me, and instead of fucking me he took my bag and ran. Left me naked and waiting until someone came by and asked why I was lying naked and blindfolded on the ground. The guy was kind enough to buy me a new outfit for a handjob, but the asshole has my pokemon and my clothes. He even has a new strap on I wanted to try on you."
  1628. "That fucker," Dawn said. "Come on, we're going to look for him."
  1630. "How?"
  1632. Dawn popped out her poketch and used the friend finder app. It took a second to run a GPS scan and then showed a blip that said "Tina" next to it.
  1634. "Let's go."
  1636. Tina and Dawn followed the blip; it didn't move very much. They finally came upon a clearing where a boy of about sixteen had a bunch of stolen pokemon and goods. "The pawn shop is going to love this poketch, and these pokemon will fetch me some good cash from Galactic. Score!"
  1638. "Douche!" Tina screamed, running at him and punching him in the face.
  1640. "I can explain!" he said, holding his face as Tina stood over him, ready to give him more.
  1642. "Start explaining."
  1644. "I'm in big with some debts, and I need to pawn some stuff off. I honestly wanted to fuck you, but when I saw a poketch and a Turtwig, I couldn't help myself. Please, don't hurt me. You really are fucking hot."
  1646. "Really?" Tina said, twirling her hair. "Play along," she muttered to Dawn before turning back to him. "What's your name?"
  1648. "Derek. Ooh, and who's your friend?"
  1650. "This is Dawn. What do you say you give me my stuff back, me and Dawn can give you a good time, and we forget about all this?"
  1652. "Sure," he smiled, his eyes running up Dawn's legs. He pulled out two blindfolds. "Get ready, girls." He drew nearer.
  1654. Tina smiled, unbuttoning her shirt for him right up until he got behind her to put the blindfold on. She elbowed him in the gut, spun around, and pushed him to the ground. She grabbed the blindfolds as Dawn pinned him down.
  1656. "You think you can steal from me and then my friend and I give you a good time? Wrong, fucker." She tied the blindfold around Derek and opened her bag. "Dawn, here, I'll let you christen it." She tossed Dawn the strap on "Be sure to give it to him hard."
  1658. Dawn stared at it in awe. It had a dildo on the inside for the pleasure of whoever wore it, as well as a slot for a second dildo. Oh, she and Tina were going to have fun with this.
  1660. For now, though, she was going to give Derek a piece of his mind. She put it on, adjusting it a little until the dildo found the right place, and then grabbed Derek's hips.
  1662. Tina, meanwhile, stood in front of him, grabbing his head. "You're going to eat me out, and you aren't going to stop until I say so." With that, she shoved his face between her thighs.
  1664. Derek complied, eating out Tina, hoping she wouldn't hit him again; she had one hell of a right hook. He thought that was all; he'd have to eat her and her friend out. No big deal, they were both smokin'.
  1666. That was before he felt something press against the one place he didn't want the ladies touching. Oh, no. She wouldn't.
  1668. She did. With a mighty grunt, Dawn drove the thick eight inches, lubed only enough to get it in, right into his ass.
  1670. Derek screamed as Dawn violated him. The one thing he didn't want to do, the one thing that he never wanted to attempt...he was a casanova, and yet here were two of the finest babes he'd ever seen doing this to him.
  1672. Tina moaned, enjoying his reluctant cunnilingus. He was skilled, too bad he was a douche. Oh well, she was going to enjoy her vengeance and her orgasm nonetheless. She thrust against his face, one hand holding hard his hair and her other up her shirt, teasing her breasts.
  1674. Dawn, likewise, was taking what she could get. She leaned over to kiss Tina as she felt the dildo probe her. It was just as big as the one she reamed Derek with, and with every thrust it shifted in complement to her thrusts.
  1676. Tina smiled, shoving her tongue deep in Dawn's mouth as her hand roamed along the smaller girl's body before coming upon the strap-on. She smiled, flicking a switch that resulted in both Dawn and Derek screaming, one in pleasure and the other in utter humiliation.
  1678. Dawn moaned; the switch was the vibrate setting she didn't even know the thing had. Now an eight-inch plastic cock slid in and out of her cunt, vibrating ferociously as she went. Tina had definitely found a keeper; its frantic vibrations blew her away.
  1680. They did no favours for Derek, though, who continued to eat out Tina as he began to cry. Not even her sweet, sweet cunny could save this situation. However, he did find solace when Dawn decided to take some pity on him by jacking him off. Her small, soft hand was surprisingly skilled, and it almost made up for the fact she was raping him with a strap on.
  1682. Tina moaned, no longer taking the rough approach with Derek so she could kiss Dawn. She missed her lips, the passion there. They were rapidly becoming more than just mere fuck buddies, and she loved it. She threw off her shirt and Dawn leaned in, burying her face in the valley of her cleavage. She moaned, clutching her legs around Derek's head as she pushed her chest forward, lovingly smothering Dawn between her dirty pillows.
  1684. Dawn licked between Tina's breasts as she felt her knees weakening. She was close, and for the third time that day she was going to cum. It was by no means her record, but after so long of being afraid to touch herself, feeling almost unclean by treading ground her mother had already clear-cut, she lovingly basked in the glory of what came.
  1686. The vibrator brushed against her g-spot one more time and she cried out, gripping Derek's hips and bucking harder into his back door as she jerked him off furiously.
  1688. Derek came next, a broken man who didn't want to come, but did anyway. His body couldn't take it any more, and with a reluctant moan into Tina's cunt, his load shot down on the ground. It was a sizable load, his hot cum leaving a fair puddle on the ground. Cum wasted in his opinion, cum that could have been shot on Tina and Dawn's faces as they gave him a double blowjob.
  1690. Tina came last, falling back almost instantly, exhausted. She was spent, having fucked her way from Eterna to Veilstone. She didn't have Dawn's stamina, and she could have fallen asleep right there if not for Derek being there and her needing her stuff back.
  1692. Dawn finally pulled the strap on out of Derek, who lay on the ground just staring off into the darkness. "Serves you right. If you ever pull this on another girl, I promise you that I will come back and do this to you again, and next time I'll use a bigger dildo. Do you understand?"
  1694. Derek just nodded, still looking off into the distance. He was never even going to give anal again.
  1696. Dawn and Tina, who finally had her stuff back, walked to the edge of Veilstone where Tina would go for the Cobble Badge. Dawn wished her luck, glad she didn't have to fight Maylene for it.
  1698. "Wait, Dawn," Tina said. Her friend turned around. She pulled Dawn in for a kiss. Not a kiss of lust, or a kiss goodbye. It was a kiss of love. Dawn knew instantly what Tina meant by it and after they were done, gave her one of her own.
  1700. "I'll see you around, then," Tina smiled.
  1702. "Of course," Dawn smiled, smacking Tina's fine ass as the two parted ways for the time being.
  1704. ---
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  1724. Chapter 11: The camera doesn't lie
  1726. Dawn strolled down Route 212 in silence; it was late, and aside from police keeping an eye on the route for any shady characters, pokemon came out at night, just ready to attack her, and everything she could do to avoid their gaze was worth it. Her plan didn't work that well, though, when a flock of Starly rushed her. In panic, she hit the ground and grabbed three pokeballs, not caring which ones she sent out.
  1728. Lucky for her, her two heavy hitters, Kadabra and Prinplup, made quick work of them, while Bidoof hung around back.
  1730. "Thanks, guys," she sighed, being caught off guard by the attack.
  1732. The three pokemon just looked at her.
  1734. "What's wrong?"
  1736. "Do you know how long it's been, Dawn? We haven't done anything since Mt. Coronet."
  1738. "I'm so sorry. I've had a lot on my mind, and...oh, come on into the woods with me, guys, I can make it up to you."
  1740. The three pokemon eagerly followed her off the trail. Eventually, they stumbled upon a clearing where they could do the deed.
  1742. Kadabra, with a wave of his hand, yanked her dress off her, revealing to them her nubile body in all its splendour. The three pokemon leaped onto her, quickly slipping into their preferred positions. Kadabra worked his mojo again, all three levitating as they claimed their favourite hole. Bidoof's engorged tool slid in and out of her ass, still lubricated from an earlier encounter with a rather enthusiastic Quagsire with bad aim. Kadabra pounded her vagina, every thrust loosing a slight psychic charge that made every nerve in her body quiver. Prinplup humped her mouth frantically as she took it all into her mouth, treating the frosty cock like a popsicle.
  1744. Bidoof groaned as her tight anal passage gripped his cock just as tightly as the first day he shoved his entire girthy cock into her. It was much wetter, too, allowing for him to fuck her back door faster. He was in a strange position, nearly standing on his hind legs as he fucked her backward, his balls slapping against the small of her back. If there's one thing he loved about Kadabra's involvement, it's that levitation gave him angles to explore that gravity would have kept him from doing, but he pounded her ass with renewed vigour at the bizarre thrill going in upside-down gave him.
  1746. Prinplup rubbed his flippers against her face as she went. His cock had lengthened out from his evolution, becoming as long as a standard popsicle and as thick as two; and he was still only in his second stage. He couldn't wait to ram his expectedly large dick down her throat and blast her with his frigid seed. For the moment, though, he was happy with what he had and the blue-haired slut treating it well.
  1748. Dawn merely basked in the affectionate treatment of her pokemon. It was always refreshing to have some time with someone she knew, rather than some horny trainer she can get a quick win over with a little flip of the skirt leading into something else. Her pokemon treat her right; even if they did act she was a cheap whore, they kept going until she got off.
  1750. While the four continued their mid-air romp, the bushes ruffled a little bit, a camera lens peeking out. It zoomed in on the nymphet as her pokemon filled all three of her holes.
  1752. Kadabra drilled her vagina, his mind forcing his body into speeds his hips couldn't naturally give him. His meat passed in and out of her vaginal passage with so much speed, in fact, that he found himself completely overworked. All that friction sent him over the edge far too soon as he slowly came to the ground, his pent-up ejaculation getting enough momentum to still coat her thighs with his dripping whiteness.
  1754. The other two pokemon had still quite a ways to go. Bidoof had grown tired of his strange reverse doggy-style and now clutched her hips with his hind legs as he frantically thrust in and out of her nether region, his head buried in her long blue hair. He reached out to high-five Prinplup as they spit-roasted her.
  1756. It all came crashing down, quite literally, when Kadabra spotted the lens in the bushes. He lost his focus, his trainer and fellow pokemon fell the three or so feet they were levitating from, and he pulled from the bush the source. There stood a boy of about seventeen with a pretty damn good camera. Not some small, hand held camcorder, but a professional video camera.
  1758. "What the hell?" Dawn asked as the boy, looking strangely familiar, stumbled out.
  1760. He wore a white suit, far too expensive for a peeping tom in the middle of the forest, had bleach blonde hair, and an air of arrogance she nearly chocked on.
  1762. "Trey?" she asked in total shock as it clicked.
  1764. It was the same guy who, on the second day of her journey, squashed Piplup with his overpowered Slaking, and then had his pokemon gangbang her.
  1766. "What the hell are you doing here, and why are you recording me?"
  1768. "There's no money in battling when you're #1, and I have a lifestyle to maintain, so I wander the routes now with a video camera. I can usually trick some bimbo into having sex with her pokemon on camera, then I turn around and sell that; there's a lot of demand for pokemon-on-human porn. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon you slutting it up, yet again, and I took the opportunity."
  1770. "Give me the tape," she demanded, her pokemon advancing on him slowly.
  1772. Trey grabbed one of his pokeballs and merely tossed it up. "Maybe you should get reacquainted with my Slaking," he smiled, catching it with such cool arrogance Dawn wanted to punch him.
  1774. She groaned, "Stand down, guys."
  1776. "Now that that's settled, I have something to ask of you."
  1778. "You're asking me for a fucking favour? You just recorded me and my pokemon having sex from a bush!"
  1780. "Shut up and listen first, you idiot. I have a couple lined up for a little later. They both have Prinplups, one male and one female, and all four of them are painfully inexperienced, not to mention the trainers are having some issues. Now that you know I'm here, can you help me?"
  1782. "What's in it for me?"
  1784. "Aside from sex for you and your three weaklings? I'll give you a cut."
  1786. "Fine, let's go."
  1788. ---
  1790. "You showed up," Trey said, honestly surprised.
  1792. "Well, you said you would help us out, and we're thinking that being on camera and having someone watch might help with our...problems."
  1794. The two trainers wore the matching outfits of rangers; the boy wore black pants and a shirt under his orange boots and vest, while the girl had a similar outfit, but a criminally short orange skirt, one almost rivalling Dawn's in how much it revealed.
  1796. "Who's the babe?" the guy asked, gawking at Dawn before the girl backhanded him. "Sorry, Allison," he grumbled.
  1798. "This is Dawn," Trey said, "I brought her and her pokemon here to help you. I want to take the tape in a different direction, just to see if it helps with your problems."
  1800. "What problems?" Dawn asked.
  1802. "Jeff can't keep it up, and I take so long to orgasm that his tongue is raw by the time I'm satisfied. We hoped that having the camera would keep him hard and have me so thrilled I'd cum quickly. What did you have in mind, Trey?"
  1804. "I wanted to isolate the two of you with your pokemon. Dawn has three well-hung pokemon, including a Kadabra, that can satisfy you and Puffin, while I thought that Dawn could go off with Jeff and Pluprin. She has certain...skills, shall we say, in getting people aroused."
  1806. "But I thought we were paying you for a sex tape between me and Jeff."
  1808. "You are. This is just to resolve your problems. I'm not charging you extra for this."
  1810. "She doesn't know you're selling this, does she?" Dawn muttered.
  1812. "Not a clue," he smiled. "So, will you go for it?"
  1814. "I guess," Allison shrugged. "What do you think, Jeff?"
  1816. But her boyfriend wasn't standing next to her. He and his Prinplup were already groping Dawn, his hands feeling across her breasts through her dress while Pluprin licked the girl's slender legs.
  1818. Allison saw red, but luckily Dawn's pokemon advanced on her, and she saw why Trey recommended them. A Bidoof, Kadabra, and Prinplup, all well hung for their species, advanced on her and her female Prinplup, Puffin.
  1820. Trey first focused on Allison, whose unmatched awe at the three cocks approaching her made for more interesting footage. Kadabra, with a few waves of the spoon, had worked her clothes off her. The pokemon all looked at her, Puffin included, as they worked out how best to approach things and get her off. She had to earn it, though; she lightly stroked both Prinplup and Bidoof while Kadabra poked at her luscious breasts. He'd only ever had sex with Dawn and that girl off Route 205, so he'd never seen breasts so large up close before.
  1822. The foreplay got dull, though, and pokemon talking wasn't nearly erotic enough to have a tape of, so he shifted focus to Dawn, who in a complete reversal of Allison's sex, had already gotten right into the action. She found Jeffery's kink very early, so while she lay on the ground with Pluprin humping her face, she had legs up high, her feet pressed against his growing hardon as she moved them back and forth. She'd never done foot sex before, but she saw that it instantly got up Jeff. Clearly, Allison hadn't tried everything.
  1824. She was amazed, though, taking her mind off Jeff, to find this Prinplup's cock not nearly as frigid and her Prinplup's. Maybe her pokemon had an ice type for a father. It was a little off-setting at first, blowing a Prinplup with a just slightly cool cock instead of a frozen one, but she soon grew used to it, and found her usual approach worked just fine on the blue penguin.
  1826. Back to Allison the camera swung, and the pokemon had finally organized themselves and had begun their assault.
  1828. It was a strange lay-out they managed. Kadabra had again levitated them to accommodate the plan, which meant Bidoof got a ride in Allison's tight, virgin ass that clenched his cock just as tightly as Dawn's did, but was much more luscious from the older girl's curves. He even slapped her ass cheeks every so often for good measure as he buried himself in her soft buttocks.
  1830. Kadabra, also business as usual, took her pussy. This gave him a direct line to her inner pleasure centres where he worked his magic, sending much more powerful psionic surges than he had with Dawn through her body, making every nerve in her burn in searing passion, amplifying the pleasure the other pokemon granted her. Her vagina was also considerably tight, maybe even moreso than Dawn because it had never been penetrated for very long. It didn't have the elasticity of his trainer's, but it was still so untouched that he could feel her soft canal clench lovingly around his pokedick.
  1832. Then there were the two Prinplups, and this is where it differed from their usual arrangement with Dawn. The additions of a female Prinplup and Allison's luscious dirty pillows made a major difference. Prinplup pounded both Puffin and Allison's breasts simultaneously, his flippers holding her tits around his base as his head probed the virginal and untouched Puffin, who still thoroughly enjoyed the few inches poking around her small vagina. Puffin tended her trainer's cunny as Kadabra penetrated it, her tongue licking along her labia and clitoris, while occasionally tending to Kadabra for all the help she knew he was giving her trainer.
  1834. As hot as the bizarre mid-air fuck pile was, Trey shifted again to Dawn, only to find her in the most compromising position he'd ever seen her. She lay face-up on Jeffery, the much older boy kneading her budding tits as he thrust his cock into her. But he wasn't the only one; Pluprin also worked her, but unlike her usual forays into double penetration, both trainer and pokemon stuffed their penises into her vagina, thrusting in as they filled her up quite nicely.
  1836. Dawn squirmed between the water bird and the ranger as they double-teamed her vagina. Jeff's hands slid down her body before gripping steady her hips, while Pluprin's long tongue tended to her developing chest expertly. All the while, she felt her vagina the most full it had been in a while with two large dicks shoved to the hilt stuffing her vagina like a Christmas turkey.
  1838. Again, Trey switched to Allison to see the pokemon squirming around as Allison writhed under their touch. They fucked even more frantically as they hit every point they had to to get Allison off. Her every nerve practically shook as Kadabra's psychic waves overstimulated her body so much that she actually came far sooner than expected. She cried out, her entire body going limp as her orgasm shook her.
  1840. The pokemon continued regardless, pounding the rag dolled ranger in their respective holes. Puffin licked up Allison's juices as with each thrust from Kadabra into her vagina, a little bit more came up around his shaft, the squishing of his cock sliding into her sopping wet cunt surrounding her ears, rising even above all the grunts as Prinplup's dick probed her tight cunny, the meagre few inches that made it out of her trainer's cleavage still doing more than enough to pleasure her previously untouched vagina.
  1842. Bidoof howled as he claimed another anal cherry. Her soft, cushiony backside pressed cathartically against his base as he plunged his dick as deeply as possible, meeting the point he couldn't go any further with his head and gladly reaming her virgin ass.
  1844. "Oh, crap, I'm running out of film," Trey realized as he recorded a close-up of the two cocks crammed into Dawn's twat. Lucky for him, at that moment both Jeff and his pokemon let out a howl and blew their loads, unloading copious amounts of semen into her vaginal canal as they slowed their thrusts.
  1846. Kadabra and the others could have gone on strong, though, so he decided to throw Trey a bone. He directed attention toward them as he mentally set off each pokemon one by one.
  1848. First came Bidoof who, foreseeing an artificial ending, swung around Allison and climbed up her body, letting out a snarky chuckle as he shot his load on her face. Kadabra went next, again removing himself and floating eerily above Allison as he unloaded his cum on her face, his seed reduced from earlier, but still managing a decent unloading on her face. Finally, the two Prinplups set off at once. Kadabra pulled them away from her breasts and shoved the two together.
  1850. Puffin screamed out in a mix of pain and pleasure as Prinplup's entire cock filled her vagina beyond its threshold. He was so packed in, in fact, that his seed intermingled with her juices practically sprayed out, having nowhere to go, and of course, dripping onto the ranger's face.
  1852. There was no time for afterglow for anyone, however, because a flashlight pierced the night where only a few campfires nearby illuminated the clearing. "Freeze!"
  1854. "Shit!" Trey shouted, glad to have caught the money shots as he slid into the woods.
  1856. "Jeffery? Allison? What the hell?" screamed a woman in a blue outfit, tightly fitting her toned body.
  1858. "Officer Jenny!" the two rangers shouted, still in very compromising positions as their superior caught them.
  1860. ---
  1862. "You're in a lot of trouble, Dawn," Jenny said, the ten year-old sitting in an interrogation room. "Route 212 has by-laws against public sex acts. This isn't Route 203, there's rules to follow. And to be having my rangers, let alone having five pokemon involved...there's several laws you're breaking there, girl."
  1864. "What's going to happen?"
  1866. "Well, that all depends." She sat on the table in front of Dawn. "You see, I think the local by-laws are pretty prudish, because of Pastoria City's damn-near puritanical citizens. I don't want to enforce them, but it's my job to. However, I could make this all go away if you agree to two things."
  1868. "What are they?" If Dawn could avoid any troubles, she'd take them.
  1870. "First, you're going to Pastoria to challenge the gym, correct? Well, I need you to do something in town. I'm sure your "talents" will do you some good with that task, but for now, let's focus on my second condition." She stood up and leaned in to whisper in the girl's ear. "Fuck me."
  1872. Dawn was going to respond, but with a shrill click that echoed in the room, she was shocked to find both her hands stuck to the chair.
  1874. "Aside from my protegees that you somehow stumbled upon, there's nobody else here who'd even think of having sex. I heard about you from a nurse in Eterna, and now that you're here, I'm going to put it to my advantage." She pulled off her shirt to reveal her breasts. They weren't the luscious, round beauties of the curvy nurse, but were still firm and fairly large. She then stepped out of her skirt to reveal no panties underneath and a neat blue patch just above her clitoris. "Like my nurse friend, I have certain kinks. I want dirty talk. You're a cock-hungry slut who's gone too far. You need to cum, but I'm not going to let you."
  1876. Dawn's agreement was seemingly implied, as Jenny never actually got a yes from her, she merely advanced. She placed her gloved hand on Dawn's head and pulled her in, shoving the girl's face into her crotch.
  1878. Dawn obliged, her tongue going straight to work as Jenny seemingly tried to smother her in her cunt. She learned how to go down for long periods of time with Tina, but she could pick up a vague fruity hint in Jenny's pussy that she'd never found. She continued, though it was hard. She tended to be more intimate with oral sex than this; her hands were bound behind the chair, and Jenny occasionally shifted in such a way that she was frustratingly out of the range Dawn needed to give her some proper cunnilingus.
  1880. "Oh yeah, keep eating me out you little slut," Jenny groaned as she shifted position. She pulled away, lay on the table, placed her legs over Dawn's shoulders, and presented her vagina practically on a silver platter to the girl, who took back up her work. Her hands roamed around her body, Dawn's treatment seemingly making her every nerve more sensitive to the touch of her leather glove.
  1882. "Eat me, bitch! Lick my cunt, make me cum!"
  1884. Allison and Jeffery, in the next room, had found their in, and they forgot all about having payed Trey for a sex tape he never actually recorded simply because their problems were solved; Kadabra did some mental fiddling when he arrived, he just didn't tell anyone. They had the libidos needed to go as long as they needed, but their orgasms would come up just enough to strike the right balance, and it would always be simultaneous.
  1886. Jenny had moved Dawn over a little. Dawn was not on her knees on the floor, leaning against the chair as Jenny wore a large strap-on shaped like a Gyarados, the plastic water pokemon's mouth pressed against her anus. "Beg for it, slut."
  1888. "Please, officer, fuck me in the ass with your big, plastic cock."
  1890. "Why?"
  1892. "Because I'm a whore. I'm a shameless whore who can't get enough sex. Please, punish me, ravage my little asshole, make me scream and apologize, but don't stop. Ream my pretty little butt hole, officer, I'm begging you."
  1894. "Good enough," Jenny said, satisfied with the girl's pillow talk. She grabbed Dawn's slender hips and drove the dildo into her asshole all the way, not waiting even a second before pulling out and beginning a frantic reaming.
  1896. Dawn almost screamed as the officer violently pounded her ass. If not for the copious amounts of lube Jenny had practically coated it in, Dawn would have been in pain from the frantic fucking she got. The dildo was shaped like a Gyarados with so much detail that the rippled plastic cock gave her ass an experience she'd never felt before. She had to ask Jenny where she could buy one when she was done; Tina would have loved the novelty dildo.
  1898. Jenny continued to pound the girl's ass until she was satisfied, not sexually, but mentally. Dawn had screamed sinful apologies for upward of five minutes before she unhooked the dildo from the strap-on. She smiled, jokingly shouting, "Gyarados, use Thrash!"
  1900. Dawn looked at the cop perplexedly before an insane moan broke from her lips. The pokemon began to vibrate much more powerfully than any other dildo she'd ever seen. It nearly did thrash around in her ass as Jenny leaned over and inspected the girl's vagina. "You don't even have hair yet, and you're already such a slut." She licked the girl's slit, giving it a good taste. "There's so much cum in here, I can't even tell how many guys you've fucked."
  1902. She continued the pattern, taking a few licks before debasing Dawn a little more.
  1904. "Please," Dawn whimpered, half playing along, half because she wanted madly to get off.
  1906. "Please what, whore?"
  1908. "Please...let me cum." She was barely audible.
  1910. "What did you say?"
  1912. "Please, lick my pussy, make me cum. I want to scream because of your tongue, I want to feel it deep in my slutty cunt."
  1914. "I'll make you cum, but I'm not using my tongue." She slid up to face the girl. "I want my mouth free for something else." She pulled out another dildo, this one was a Dragonair, twice as long as the Gyarados.
  1916. She positioned herself under Dawn, the Dragonair nestled in her pussy as she dropped the girl on it as well. She didn't stop until the vibrating dragon pokemon was buried deep in their vaginas, their clitorises making contact.
  1918. Jenny stroked Dawn's face with her black leather glove as she thrust up at the whimpering preteen who was tormented under the pressure of both very powerful vibrators, as well as the intense sex she'd been pulled out of without release by the very blue-haired cop.
  1920. Dawn kissed Jenny, tasting the juices of her own vagina and all the cum intermingled with it, exchanging it with her sampling of Jenny's pussy. She wiggled her hips a little in complement as they thrust together, Jenny's arms wrapped around her. They moaned into each others' mouths, Dawn's proclamations of being a whore and Jenny's degrading dirty talk mixing together and becoming an inaudible mess of sound among the moans and loud vibrations.
  1922. It all became too much for Dawn at last. With a scream into Jenny's mouth, her body shook above the cop. She tugged at the chair a little in vain as her juices ran along the dildo and she pressed down against Jenny.
  1924. The contact of their clitorises that one last time sent Jenny over the edge as well. She pushed upward against Dawn, pulling her head in for a kiss as they came together. They lay there as the batteries died out soon after, merely locked in their kiss. Jenny didn't want to tell Dawn, but it was largely because she couldn't remember where she put the key to the handcuffs.
  1926. ~~~
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  1932. This chapter contains MMF, MF, tentacles, bestiality, anal, oral
  1934. ---
  1936. Chapter 12: Operation Vine Whip
  1938. Dawn entered Pastoria with two objectives. Her main one was to challenge the gym, but she had more pressing matters; the second condition of her release. She had a mission from Jenny, and it looked like a pretty damn good one.
  1940. "Welcome, traveller," said someone at the town gates, "You've come just in time. Tomorrow is the Pastoria Spring Festival."
  1942. "Really?" she asked, feigning surprise. Her impeccable timing made Jenny's plan all the better.
  1944. "Yes, this is our yearly celebration. We pay tribute to the fortunate year we've had and hope that a rare pokemon named Carnivine that lives in the Great Marsh comes to pay us a visit. One hasn't come out in fifty years, but every time one does, the town is blessed with a wonderful year for all who witness it. Surely you'll want to stay for that."
  1946. "Of course," Dawn said. "I like the idea of a wonderful year. Is the Pokemon Center booked?"
  1948. "No, there's still a few vacancies. The festivities start tomorrow, so most travellers will be arriving by tonight. It's early, so you have a good chance."
  1950. "Okay, thanks," she said, going to the Pokemon Center to book a room. She entered, got something to eat, and when she sat down, who did she run into but Cheryl, the green-haired girl from Eterna Forest.
  1952. "Hey, Cheryl, how are you doing?" she asked, placing her food across from her on the table.
  1954. "Not so good, Dawn."
  1956. "What happened?"
  1958. "Well, it's sort of embarrassing. Remember when I told you that a few days ago a guy Trey offered me money if I beat him, but I had to have sex with his pokemon if I lost?"
  1960. "Yeah." She remembered the bastard all too well. He'd better give her a cut of that video's profit.
  1962. "Well, I ran into him again the day before yesterday. I'd had some fun with the boys in Eterna after you left, and I was on Route 212 when my Umbreon and Espeon got a little frisky. I don't want to go into details, but he told me that if I had sex with them and let him record it, he would give me a cut of the money from selling it."
  1964. "The bastard did the same thing to me last night, then he ran off when a cop came by."
  1966. "It wasn't Officer Jenny was it?" Cheryl asked in a hushed tone.
  1968. "Yeah, it was." It took Dawn a second to realize, but they were in the same boat.
  1970. "The Gyarados?"
  1972. "And a Dragonair in my vagina."
  1974. "Ooh," Cheryl said, wincing as she remembered the plastic dragon pokemon's violent vibrations.
  1976. "So are you in on the plan, too?"
  1978. "Yeah. I think there's another girl or two who are also roped into it. Jenny assured me that I could keep them away by using a special repellant on my vagina, though, so I'm not too worried about it."
  1980. Damn, Cheryl was still adamant about her virginity. It was admirable, though.
  1982. "Jenny's pulled strings, she has us all in the same room four-bunk room so we can get to know each other."
  1984. "Yeah, she sent me ahead with supplies, said I'd know why when I got there."
  1986. "What kind of supplies?"
  1988. "Oh, you'll see," she said with a grin. "Let's go to our room, see if the other girls are there yet."
  1990. ---
  1992. Indeed, the other girls were there, and the four got "acquainted" very quickly. They were very good "friends" vacationing together from Hoenn who also fell victim to both Trey and Jenny. One was a tall girl of around twenty named Flannery, with fiery red hair, a great rack, and perfect legs, while the other was a fourteen year-old brunette named May who had breasts too large for her age; Cs, at least.
  1994. The plan was simple; they were going to crash the celebration of the annual festival. With the entire town gathered in the Great Marsh, they would have pheromones all over their bodies that would immediately attract the masses of wild pokemon in the area. Looking down so much on casual sex, let alone teenage girls having sex with an endless stream of pokemon, the festival would, Jenny hoped, be ruined. That was the gist of her plan, though the girls just went along because it kept them out of jail and they got some quick action.
  1996. That night, she spent a little time with May and Flannery. She saw in them a reflection of her own relationship with Tina; bisexuals in a very open relationship, but who truly loved one another. She had a fair amount of questions to ask them about how their relationship worked, and she left with a better understanding of how things were likely to progress with Tina.
  1998. The girls reluctantly had to keep their hands off each other; they not only had to conserve energy for the next evening, but the pheromones had to set in. If the timed release worked, it would trigger shortly into the ceremony, but it required the girls to avoid excessive sweating. Still, they had some fun staying up long into the night, sharing their stories. From the sounds of it, Dawn decided she was going to visit Hoenn one day, maybe even take Tina with her and challenge the gyms there as well. Flannery said to definitely drop by her own gym and she'd make sure she was looked after.
  2000. ---
  2002. Nervously the girls left the Pokemon Center together as the town filed into the Great Marsh, a large stage set up around the still solid, grassy sections near the entrance, where wild pokemon were much less frequent. They all dressed up their nicest in dresses for special occasions. Flannery and May both did their hair up in buns, though Flannery felt uncomfortable without her strangle, wild ponytail. Dawn left her hair as it was, but removed her hat, something she rarely even did during lovemaking. They stood together on the fringes of the group, unnervingly awaiting the fallout this would surely cause. Cheryl was visibly shaken, worried that the repellant she had on her vagina to ward off any pokemon looking to claim that hole wouldn't be strong enough.
  2004. The master of ceremonies rattled on for a while about the tradition of the festival and what it would mean to see a Carnivine emerge. He went on for so long, in fact, that the girls began to worry about whether or not it would actually work. If they could have spent the day in the hotel room girling it up instead of listening to some old crone ramble on about traditions, they were going to make sure Jenny never wanted to see a Gyarados dildo again.
  2006. "I'll be damned," Dawn said as Officer Jenny approached the girls. She stayed only long enough for it not look like she was talking to them, muttering, "The pokemon are getting restless, and they're trying to find the scent. Get ready, girls, because there is going to be a lot of pokemon coming through when they find you."
  2008. The girls became even more nervous on those words. It was finally happening. They were going to be gangbanged by an endless stream of strange pokemon in front of total strangers, all to satisfy some butch cop's regrets over the city being too prudish to produce any lesbians. Oh, the situations Dawn got into.
  2010. The girls didn't even realize the pokemon had arrived, at first, their minds wandering as the dull speech ran on. However, when a Toxicroak burst through the flimsy wooden stage, flanked by Hoothoots and Noctowls, the crowd's frantic screams pulled them back to reality. Blue tendrils surrounded the girls, several Tangelas' vines yanking off the fine dresses they wore and stripping them down.
  2012. It worked after all.
  2014. The crowd watched in disgust as the four naked girls, ranging from a truly unacceptable 10 to a 20 year-old who should have been married, found themselves surrounded by pokemon from every corner of the marsh. Save for the water dwellers like Carvanha, and the ever-so-rare Carnivine, practically every known species formed the group, all virile males attracted to a scent the humans could never pick up.
  2016. Still, as wrong as it may have been, they watched, and they dared not look away for a moment.
  2018. Flannery stood up straight as two Arboks claimed her as theirs. Their tail ends, doubling as their genitals, slid in and out of her slick vagina and her tight ass quickly, the scaly phalluses providing the fire-type trainer a texture she never felt before slithering around inside her.
  2020. Dawn lay spit-roasted between two Toxicroaks. They held her light body up as one pounded her vagina frantically and the other had his hands placed on either side of her head, using his grip as leverage as he relentlessly shoved his cock into her mouth. They both emitted strange croaking sounds as they pounded her. Dawn had tried a few exercises with Flannery the night before and could actually contract her vagina a little, giving the Toxicroak at her back a little something extra, while as always her skilled tongue made quick work of the frog pokemon before her.
  2022. Cheryl moaned while a delicate, thoughtful Pidgeot wrapped his wings around her as he pounded her ass, shielding her vagina from any pokemon who thought the repellant not enough a detriment to keep them from claiming her tight virgin snatch. They could all smell it, but with the experienced Pidgeot, a pokemon that demanded their respect, they threw away all claims to her vagina and merely let the bird pleasure her himself.
  2024. So pleasure her he did. His large penis continued to slide in and out of her back entrance, his wings tightly and lovingly wrapped around his mate as they went. His long, thin tongue began to dance along her soft neck as she practically melted under his loving touch. He treated her right, not with the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am treatment the boys in Eterna Forest gave her, or the "friends with benefits" acts with her Espeon and Umbreon. No, this pokemon was careful, being very precise, moving at just the right speed as his feathers brushed against her naked body, her jaw almost quivering as the downy feathers of his wings brushed oh-so-serenely along her sensitive nipples.
  2026. May probably had the most to deal with of the four. That was because her lucky first mate was a Tangela with a fetish for banging her in every way he could. His blue tendrils snaked along her body, suspending her in midair as three of them took turns sliding into her dripping pussy at complete random. She never knew which one would fill her, and with each one having a unique shape and girth, it was a surprise she rathered not having. At least he was consistent with her ass; just one tentacle, long, thick, but predictable. A very girthy tentacle slid in and out of her mouth while she jerked off two similar tendrils.
  2028. Her show was probably the most attention-getting of the four. Nothing special about Flannery's unorthodox double penetration, Dawn was obscured by many other pokemon wanting a turn with her, and the wings hid all of Cheryl's naughty bits. May, however, was not only out in the open, taking it in all three holes and masturbating two cocks, but she did it slightly in the air, ensuring she rose above the crowd of pokemon eagerly waiting their ride on whoever finished first.
  2030. ---
  2032. Cheryl still went strong with Pidgeot, the bird outlasting any other male thus far by a long shot. He continued to ream her ass, which now dripped with bits of his seed, as he again lost himself in her back door, the fourth time thus far. His penis just would not stop. Cheryl's head rested on his shoulder as they locked eyes, her emerald eyes seeing in Pidgeot what she'd been waiting for.
  2034. Flannery was in a fairly precarious situation now; her body was covered in Budew, a swarm of the half-inch plant pokemon. She had no idea what they were doing, all she knew was that their pollen lit her body on fire with passion, her every nerve so sensitive that the gentle leafy presence all over her body was enough to send deep ripples through her body.
  2036. May was powerless as her next partners approached, two very imposing Kangaskhan. Her body already limp from over-stimulation and several consecutive orgasms, she could do nothing to stop them as one picked up her ragdoll-like body and slammed her down on his ten incher. She could barely muster a moan as the monstrous cock filled her vagina so completely, but she did manage to get a sound out when his slightly better-hung buddy drove his meat into her ass. She lay between the two powerful pokemon, her body's only motion the result of their thrusting, as they made quick work of her.
  2038. Dawn had outlasted both Flannery and Dawn, the older girls who boasted incredible libidos but who were now just submissive sacks of flesh who let the pokemon have their ways with them. She was actively taking on all comers, such as the Tropius she was on her third round with. She'd done so well at taking them on that only the Tropius remained, actually, and he gave her one hell of a good fucking. With her legs up in the air and pressed tightly together, the grass/flying-type fucked her from an angle that very rapidly became her favourite.
  2040. "I may just have to take you home," she told the pokemon as he diligently fucked her, each thrust making an increasingly loud squishing sound as she closed her eyes tightly.
  2042. The townspeople through it all continued to watch, totally disgusted at what those strange girls from out of town had somehow done to the local pokemon to make them storm the festival and partake in such an unwholesome display. Jenny had to fight the urge to not finger herself right there as she winked at the bush.
  2044. There, with several cameras set up all around, Trey practically had a fortune in the making with this one. He was glad Jenny was willing to just take a cut of the film; this would have made him piles of money if he just got a sound engineering credit.
  2046. Finally, it seemed like everything had died down. Pidgeot and Tropius both convinced their partners to let them go with them, and it seemed like it was over. Just as the master of ceremony was about to speak, condemning the girls for their actions, a strange figure emerged from the forest. It looked like a living plant, a floating beast with tentacles looming eerily above the ground.
  2048. It was Carnivine.
  2050. That alone shut up the man, but it began to speak, except nobody had any idea what it was saying. Dawn grabbed Bidoof's pokeball and let him out. He walked over to the Carnivine, listening intently to what the mythical grass-type said.
  2052. "Carnivine says that he has not emerged for fifty years because fifty years ago marked the abandonment of the most important part of the festival," spoke the Bidoof.
  2054. People would have probably asked why the Bidoof could speak English if they weren't shocked by the presence of Carnivine. "In the old days of the festival, four girls were to be offered as gifts to him. He would have his fun with them, and in exchange the city would have a blessed year. Since you stopped offering him girls, the blessings have stopped. He says you should not be angry at the out-of-town girls, for they are the reason that he has come back out."
  2056. With that, Carnivine dragged all four girls by the leg toward him. All but Cheryl had copious amounts of semen all over their bodies, though Cheryl had it dripping from her ass.
  2058. His tentacles pulled the girls into the air, forming an elaborate structure resembling a pillory, all four girls' assets bared before him, and he was pleased. Fifty years of nothing from the village, and how he had four girls ripe for the picking. As he could not claim the virginity of a village girl, he had eleven holes to ream, and he was going to enjoy them all equally.
  2060. His mess of vines came to attention as they each pressed against their respective entrances; four asses, three pussies, four mouths. Simultaneously they all thrust in, each one four inches thick, naturally slick, and faster than the girls thought possible. For a pokemon who didn't get any for fifty years, he could certainly manage eleven cocks pretty well at the same time.
  2062. All four girls moaned into the viney cocks that filled their mouths. They didn't even to do anything, the tentacles thrusting all by themselves. They merely lay in place, raising their asses for the pokemon, their hands bound behind their backs, as he filled them up quite nicely.
  2064. Dawn still had the same energy that seemed to be her trademark. She wriggled around, trying to get the vines deeper into her body where the other girls just sort of lay there, letting him work his mojo. She was still ready and rarin' to go, though, and wanted to get as much involvement as she could out of her rather confined position in the vine pillory she remained mired in with the three other girls. Again she clenched her vagina down on the tendril, catching the pokemon completely off guard.
  2066. May and Flannery were completely drained from the intense sex they'd had. They had orgasm after orgasm, and they were satisfied. They just wished the damn Carnivine would finish up so they could get some break; they knew they'd be dripping cum and walking funny for a week after this rough fucking. They barely even bothered putting some tongue action to the vine fucking their mouths, while usually their tongues would be in overdrive; they just didn't have the energy to do it.
  2068. Cheryl was surprised Carnivine spared her virginity, but she found herself remarkably under-stimulated. There was no sensual touch like with Pidgeot, nothing to please her. As if he read her mind, she could feel a vine wrap around her soft, pubescent breasts and play with them suitably enough to keep the virgin happy.
  2070. Soon, all four girls were at the point of no return, as was Carnivine. The pokemon picked up the pace, his eleven cocks pumping in and out of the girls' asses, mouths, and cunts faster and harder, building up quite a lot of friction, before finally they stopped. The vines in both their pussies and asses were in deep, but the mouth cocks were all a few inches away. The girls knew what was coming as the world seemed to slow to a screeching halt in anticipation. He blew his loads simultaneously, setting off all four girls' orgasms as he pumped spurt after spurt of his copious, sap-like seed all over their faces and deep within their wombs and nether regions.
  2072. Slowly, the elaborate vine bondage station became undone and the girls lay on the ground, all with their eyes absentmindedly open and semen dripping from their holes.
  2074. From the village came the most unexpected result; the one thing Jenny didn't foresee. They applauded. These four, slutty girls from out of town had brought the mythical Carnivine back, and now they knew what they had to do to bring him out next year.
  2076. ---
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  2080. ~~~
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  2084. I'll warn you now. Markus has two dicks. Why? A wizard did it. Just roll with it and enjoy the scene, or skip over it if the absurdity is too much for you.
  2086. Yeah, it's some weird shit, but considering some of the other stuff this story has had, is it really that horrible?
  2088. Well fuck you, just to augment its silliness, scene two takes place in the sky. Enjoy.
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  2098. Chapter 13: This chapter has become far too silly
  2100. The next few days for the four girls were strange. They all got a direct challenge with the city's gym leader, Crasher Wake, the Carnivine came by in the still of the night to leave a mysterious egg for Dawn, they were given a few nights free at the Pokemon Center, and occasionally a pokemon caught from the Marsh would wander into the room while its trainer was resting for the night, hoping to get some action.
  2102. Dawn lay on her bunk, looking at her fourth badge. She didn't even have to have sex to get it; it was a legitimate battle, though she did make an advance on the muscular water trainer afterwards, as did her two companions from Hoenn. He declined, however. The girls may have radically changed how the festival worked, but the city's attitudes were still intact.
  2104. Because nobody in town wanted any action, the girls spent the remainder of the festival in the Pokemon Center. They didn't care about any of the festivities, and it was much better to just relax and talk, punctuated by the occasional makeout session.
  2106. Dawn put her badge away and looked over to see May showing Cheryl the ropes. She may have given killer blowjobs, but her cunnilingus needed some work, and May was helping her improve her skills. Nearby, Flannery got fed up of waiting for one of the two to finish and saw that Dawn was no longer occupied, so she went over to that bed.
  2108. Dawn smiled, grabbing Flannery as the hot-headed gym leader straddled her hips. She felt along the older girl's wider hips, grabbing her firm, pronounced ass as she took off her top to reveal her soft, fleshy tits.
  2110. Dawn slid down the zipper of her jeans and slid her fingers into Flannery, not bothering to set aside the girl's panties. She never fingered someone through their underwear, and it was a strange experience; she didn't have the same freedom she had without the fabric barrier, but she could still feel the girl's wet inner walls through her oddly innocent white cotton panties.
  2112. Flannery moaned, reaching back, her hand sliding up Dawn's dress and granting her the same treatment. Since she was in the company of friends and not expecting to be naked around someone she wasn't having sex with, the nymphet didn't wear any panties, giving Flannery easy access.
  2114. May and Flannery were a formidable duo together, as Dawn learned. May had a tongue that could make any woman crumble, while Flannery's fingers were pure magic. She experienced them at the same time their first night together, but even separate they still made her go every time.
  2116. Cheryl squirmed on the bed as May tried to keep her focused. It was a poor decision to have May teach her, as the green-haired girl easily lost focus from May's skilled tonguing. She lay limp, her eyes closed, trying to focus on the positions of her tongue, how they moved, what her lips did to her clitoris and labia to augment it all, but it was all for nought. The maddening pleasure viciously broke her focus every time.
  2118. May really didn't care if Cheryl picked it up quickly, actually. She was glad to have someone so sensitive to practice on, trying a few new techniques. She lay with her pelvis raised, her fingers sliding rapidly out of her sopping wet cunt. It had been so long since she had release, working diligently with Cheryl. She'd have to dump her on Flannery for a while to get some time with Dawn.
  2120. Dawn, however, was fine for the moment with Flannery. They'd both worked off their clothes slowly and Flannery lay on top of the smaller, lither girl, whose legs wrapped around her waist as she very slowly grinded against her. The sway of her breasts entranced Dawn as their vaginas rubbed together with agonizing slowness. She wasn't really surprised when Dawn, still wearing her hat, of course, buried her face in her cleavage. Dawn had obvious breast envy, and her luscious fun bags, plump and soft, were particular targets of Dawn. She saw the breast fixation when she was with Cheryl and May as well, but the girl just had the seeds sewn; nothing had grown, and she just let Dawn run with it. Besides, May's skilled tongue didn't know how to approach her breasts and most often didn't bother, making this a rather rare treat.
  2122. Speaking of rare treats, Cheryl was very quickly coming to enjoy the company of a woman as much as she did men. She was inexperienced, sure, but May's feminine touch reflected care that men just couldn't give her. She had even stopped looking longingly at the pokeball of her Pidgeot, May's mind-blowing treatment making all that a distant memory. She ran her hand idly through the girl's soft brown hair, and she probably would have offered to help May get off if she weren't afraid of pulling her out of the zone.
  2124. Besides, May could handle herself. She lay there, her fingers diligently plunging in and out of her, working her fingers with the same rhythm as her tongue, adjusting her speed accordingly. She knew the patterns, and they translated well with her fingers. It was nothing compared to the magic Flannery worked, and every attempt to replicate it was remarkably underwhelming, but she went on, hoping it might click for Cheryl, as her biggest regret was being so skilled at eating girls out, but not being able to pass it on to someone who could give her the treatment. She was curious as to just how intense it was.
  2126. Dawn moaned as she continued to savagely attack Flannery's breasts with her tongue, their bodies heating up as she could even taste the sweat in her cleavage. They were close, their vaginas so perfectly positioned together, as they still grinded so painfully slow. She wanted release, but Flannery had her pinned down, and was strong enough to keep her from moving any faster than she wanted her to.
  2128. Flannery's eyes clenched shut as she let out a soft moan, pushing Dawn's face into the valley of her breasts. Her body surrendered, her orgasm rushing through her. It was nothing special, but Dawn's continued treatment on her breasts certainly augmented the bliss.
  2130. Dawn, disappointingly, didn't get off. Still, she worked Flannery's breasts until Cheryl had come and she had May to herself. She sat in the redhead's lap, their arms around each other, as like a baby she suckled her teat.
  2132. Cheryl had enough, though. For the umpteenth time, she had as powerful an orgasm as she had all those other times.
  2134. May sat up, her fingers still ravishing her vagina, as she looked at the others. "Time to switch?"
  2136. Just as Flannery and May were about to jump over to the bed where their next partnes awaited, the door burst open. "Dawn, I heard a report that a public sex act had ruined the Pastoria Festival, and it sounded like you. My leg got better so I flew over here on my Staraptor and they said you were in this room and it's been so long since I've had sex so please can we fuck?"
  2138. Dawn sighed as the three girls looked at her with utter confusion. In the doorway stood a blonde-haired boy who'd just spoken far too fast for them to understand, but they did get Dawn's name out of it and had some questions.
  2140. "Come in, Markus, and please, close the door." She turned to the other three. "It's my friend Markus from back home. He broke his leg a few weeks ago, and apparently our little show made its way to other cities, so he came over because he had a feeling I was involved." She turned back to her life-long friend. "Oh, and thanks, by the way. Good to see you think I'm so big a slut that I must have been involved!"
  2142. "I only-Dawn, I-you're not a-" He tried to explain himself, still having no idea what words to use, still going so fast only she could understand him.
  2144. "I'm teasing you, Markus. C'mere." She beckoned him forward. "May, you don't mind if I invite Markus in, do you?"
  2146. "Not at all," she said, licking her lips. It had been days since she had some cock, and while she loved the company of women, she looked forward to having something hot and thick in her.
  2148. Dawn smiled as she yanked off Markus' pants, only to recoil with shock. Markus' dick was thicker and longer than she remembered. but there was also something else. Underneath his testicles was, somehow, a second cock, just as big. "What the fuck is that?"
  2150. "Oh, I probably should have mentioned that. I recovered so quickly because of an experimental new drug. It contains some cells from a Lucario, who apparently have two dicks. They said there may be minimal side-effects, but apparently all of the males involved grew a second dick."
  2152. "All you had to do was break your leg and they gave you a second dick?" Dawn was torn between frustration and confusion. "Oh, fuck it, come here." She grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed. "This is May. She'll be fucking me with you."
  2154. May didn't move though, just staring at the thick cocks before her. "Dawn, this may sound funny, but could I just fuck him myself?"
  2156. "What?"
  2158. "He's your friend, you'll get to fuck him whenever you want, and I want to try this. Please."
  2160. "Alright," Dawn sighed. She'd fuck the two-dicked freak later, but she was going to fuck him twice to compensate.
  2162. May gave his cocks a few licks first to slick them up before hopping onto them. Slowly she slid onto the energetic blonde's mutated thick cocks as they filled her ass and pussy quite nicely. She faced Dawn who, surprisingly, didn't hold it against her.
  2164. Quite the contrary. Dawn kissed May, tasting traces of Markus as well as a whole lot of Cheryl, as her new found friend bounced in Markus' lap. She kissed the girl, whose moans rapidly grew louder in her mouth. May clearly liked what Markus had to offer, which made it all the more enticing when she would get her turn.
  2166. Cheryl and Flannery were both in some impromptu experimentation in a position they'd never tried before. They lay in the 69 position, a dildo buried in each of their pussies, with the other end of their partner's dildo in their mouths. They moved back and forth, pretending to suck on the dildo as it pumped in and out of the other girl.
  2168. Flannery had to admit, it was pretty damn good. She could still taste Cheryl as her pussy, very wet from oversimulation, dripped her juices down the rubber cock and into her mouth as she sucked the dildo. Her own vagina got the same treatment, the thick toy plunging in and out of her rapidly as Cheryl went mad, her head bobbing as quickly as it could. She closed her eyes and pretended it was a real dick, finding she worked better half-expecting it to shoot some delicious cum into her mouth.
  2170. Dawn lay on the bed, licking Markus's shaft as it pounded May's pussy. It felt real, and she wondered if it had the ability to ejaculate as well. Her tongue ran along it, licking up and down as it plunged deep into the brunette's dripping honeypot. She eagerly lapped up May's juices as they came, her tongue occasionally sliding up her entrance to tease her clitoris before going back down.
  2172. Sweat practically poured down Markus's face as he pounded the tight girl, his hands placed firmly on her soft buttocks. He was astounded as both his cocks surged with pleasure. He hadn't done anything, not even masturbating until he showed Dawn, but he seemed much more sensitive, and now with twice the cocks, he was receiving pleasures he thought impossible. May's ass and pussy clenched so tightly against his thick meat that he was in danger of losing it any second, only holding out by sheer determination.
  2174. May, on the other hand, succumbed to whatever pleasures her body granted her. She very soon lost nearly all control, her hands pressed against Markus's chest for support. She could feel her inner walls constrict the two large dicks inside her, separated by only a very thin membrane they were so happy to press against. She threw her head around violently, screaming every time Dawn pressed her tongue hard against her clitoris in an almost cruel augmentation to the already insurmountable pleasure she felt.
  2176. Cheryl was lost in her own world as she sucked on the dildo, seemingly forgetting it wasn't a real penis. She went at it with the same tenacity she did a real penis. She no longer just moved it in and out with her teeth holding it tightly. She had the whole thing in her mouth, bobbing her head as hot air blew out from her nose, making Flannery squirm as it stimulated her sensitive clitoris.
  2178. Flannery had outright stopped what she was doing as Cheryl worked. She did wonders with just the dildo in her mouth, her rapid approach, paired with the extra movement her sucking motion caused, had shaken her up a whole lot, and Cheryl still ventured on as though she didn't even notice. When she really got worked up, however, is when she felt a hand creeping around her ass. With a squeal, she felt three fingers slide into her back door. Now, she couldn't just let Cheryl give her such an incredible treatment, so she returned to what she was doing, except she reciprocated the fingers.
  2180. May bounced in Markus's lap with increasing fervour, slamming herself down on his meat as he ravished her holes. Her hands clutched at her breasts, desperately kneading them, her whole body screaming for release that it viciously refused her.
  2182. Dawn now kissed May, her hands roaming across the girl's body, as she dry-humped her. Dawn was losing her mind, she needed those cocks in her, and if rubbing against May would get her off a second sooner, it would be time well spent.
  2184. Lucky for her, Markus and May finally succumbed to their passion. Markus lost control at last, his mental efforts crumbling as he fell limp. He could feel wave after wave of cum rush out as his balls emptied in the tight-bodied brunette.
  2186. May cried out as the cum came. It almost seemed inhuman how much she could feel. Dawn had dropped back to eye-level with her crotch as the cum began to leak out the sides, the blue-haired nymphet eagerly licking it up. Her orgasm struck at the halfway point, her canals clutching down on the large cocks and eliciting more cum from him, though it seemed even more inhuman when he continued to loose his seed inside her. Finally, she dismounted and collapsed into Dawn's arms. She was spent. Cum leaked from both her holes, and her body, wracked with the intense passion of the most powerful orgasm she'd felt in years, fell limp.
  2188. Dawn looked at the two mutated cocks, still completely rigid, a few spurts of cum still coming out. "Markus, I don't know what that thing did to you, but I can't wait to have some of it.
  2190. ---
  2192. "Why am I doing this, again?" Dawn asked as she, Markus, Cheryl, May, and Flannery stood at the edge of town. Dawn was totally naked, standing near a Charizard with a raging twelve-inch hardon.
  2194. "Because it's a great shot," said Trey, sitting atop his Staraptor. "Look, you've given me the best scenes I've ever shot over the past week. First the orgies in the forest, then your time with Jenny, your insane orgy in the Great Marsh, and four days' worth of action with the three girls and the kid with two cocks." Indeed, it turned out that he and Jenny were in collusion the whole time; everything was taped, and after a very generous offer for all four girls, he had cameras in the Pokemon Center room to capture all their exploits.
  2196. "You've given me a lot to work with, but I want a great ending to it. Imagine the title; 'Dawn Over a New Morning'. And all you have to do is fuck a Charizard while he flies you over Route 212."
  2198. "And what's in it for me, one more time?"
  2200. "A fuck load of money, and a ride on my Charizard. You know firsthand, all my pokemon are well-hung. You know it's safe, so just go with it."
  2202. "Don't do anything you don't want to, Dawn," May said, "Flannery and I can go with you to Hearthome if you want and see you off while we go to Eterna."
  2204. Dawn looked at the two older girls, their great racks certainly enticing. But then she looked back at the massive pokedick the Charizard sported. She had to go with the Charizard.
  2206. "I'll do it. Sorry, girls, but be sure to give me a call when you pass through Hearthome. There's a woman named Kiera who runs the contests, and she's got quite the collection of toys to play with."
  2208. "Will do," they said, kissing her goodbye and giving her a quick slap, which she readily returned.
  2210. Cheryl stepped up next. "I'll call you soon, I think I found the one, and if I did, I want you to be there. You've helped me with so much, I want it to be special, but I want my friends there for me."
  2212. "Wouldn't miss it," she said, kissing the green-haired girl.
  2214. Dawn expected Markus to step up next, but he wasn't where he was standing.
  2216. "That guy needs to slow down," she muttered, handing her backpack to Trey as she walked over to the Charizard. The pokemon picked her up and impaled her on his massive erection, his arms holding her tightly as his wings began to pound on the air. Trey was already rolling as his Staraptor took off.
  2218. Dawn practically fell limp as she was carried into the sky. She faced downward, the cock going in at an angle. She'd had sex in mid-air before, but that was being listed psychically, and still being able to move. Here, she was gravity's bitch as much as she was the Charizard's, and with his firm hold on her, she had nothing to really exert any force on, so she just lay there and waited for the pokemon to begin.
  2220. As soon as they were at the height they needed to be at and completely horizontal, he began. His powerful dick plunged in and out of her cunt quickly, hammering her at a surprising speed considering he was in mid-air.
  2222. Trey merely smiled as he'd somehow done it. He roped Dawn into doing a scene so insane he didn't think anyone had ever even attempted before, and yet here it was; a Charizard fucking a girl in mid-air. He couldn't fathom how big it was going to be; he would be the king, he told himself. With his camera steady, he slid his other hand into his pants and stroked himself as he watched them go.
  2224. Dawn began to moan as the large cock penetrated her so deeply, filling her vagina. She could feel it grow hotter as it went; she figured it was the same effect as with her Prinplup's ice-cold member. She could feel her inner walls clutch tighter to his heating cock as the warmth radiated through her whole body. Her limp arms found their way up, one wrapped around the pokemon's shoulder as she looked up at it and her other tended to her budding breasts.
  2226. Charizard looked very nonchalant, his eyes set on his course. He would have loved to give her a rightly intense fucking, but with the danger of crashing, he gave her what he could, if not more than he probably should have, and continued on. Occasionally, he'd look down, seeing her pretty eyes looking up at him wistfully. He'd give her a smile and focus back on the tasks at hand. Maybe he'd convince her to let him ream her properly after they landed.
  2228. Dawn squirmed under his powerful fucking as she looked down at the route speeding beneath her. She was high enough to be in definite danger if she crashed, but low enough for everyone to clearly distinguish her as, indeed, being Dawn. A few trainers she'd beaten or fucked looked up in wonder, fumbling for a camera to snap a picture of the incredible sight above them; the blue-haired vixen fucking a massive Charizard in mid-air.
  2230. She moaned louder as she felt the massive member probe her seemingly deeper with every thrust. He was buried to the hilt, and yet his boiling cock seemed to fill her even more every time he impaled her with it. Her hand continued to brush across her tiny boobs, teasing and pinching her nipples for that little extra something. Her hair fluttered around wildly as the wind blew against her face, at one point letting out a prolonged, gleeful scream as he reached the peak of heat, her body nearly burning, both metaphorically with passion and lust, and physically with incredible heat. His sexual trait certainly did a lot to augment the already immense pleasure his giant cock granted her.
  2232. Charizard lost his shit at last. With an ear-shattering howl, he let loose his seed into her. His burning jism filled Dawn, leaking out of her vagina and onto the ground and people below them. It continued to come, and it still dripped out as it had nowhere else to go. His copious load seemingly had no end, which was just the way Dawn wanted it. The searing seed set her off, her vagina clutching him tightly as she pressed against him, also screaming as her body shook in his grasp. His red-tinged seed filling her prolonged her orgasm, as if on purpose, and she had a very intense experience under his immense load. It kept coming, kept burning, and she kept shaking.
  2234. Trey quickly slipped his hand out of his pants, wiped a little precum off his shirt, and prepared for the post-scene as they went in for the landing.
  2236. When everyone was settled in, with Dawn still impaled on Charizard's still very hard cock, Trey walked up to her. "So, Dawn, you just had sex in midair. How do you feel right now?"
  2238. "I feel fucking great," she moaned, gussying it up a little for the film. "His hard, steamy cock pumping in and out of me...oh, it made me feel so good. I can still feel his boiling cum deep inside my pussy, I think I could cum right now just from that." She went full-blown, even rubbing her breasts a little for the full-on cheese she saw so much in porn. "In fact," she now spoke in her normal voice, turned to the Charizard, "Care to fuck me down here and give me your all?"
  2240. He thought she'd never ask. He bent her over into the doggy style position and prepared to show her a real fucking.
  2242. ---
  2244. Next chapter will be more serious. This was just a goofy little chapter to get the mid-air sex scene I've had in mind for quite a while out of the way, as well as introduce Markus's "mutation". Next chapter will get back to the more serious stuff. Here's to hoping next chapter comes as quickly as the last few have.
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