Resident Evil 4- Aftermath 5(Hyper Preg + WG)

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  1.  Just as she watched Leon slam open the lab door to confront Saddler, a sudden shot of pain woke her from her sleep. Eyes peering through the darkness of her room, she recognized her impromptu wake-up alarm as her restless children. It was common for them to wake her in the middle of the night to ask for food or just to remind her the fate that awaited her. Typically, she would just grab a midnight snack or try to sleep through their complaints. However, this was her only chance and she wasn’t going to let it go to waste.
  3.  Tossing aside the tarp the lab had given her as a makeshift blanket, she was relieved to see the lights stay off. Swinging her legs off the side of the bed, she gingerly lowered her feet onto the ground. Putting weight on her swollen feet sent a shiver of pain that almost made her scream. Keeping her mouth shut, she heaved herself off of her bed and wobbled back and forth to try and stay standing. Slowly waddling across the room, she found her overweight self surprisingly mobile despite her lack of movement over the last few months. However, that didn’t help with the solid steel door standing in her way.
  5.  She could barely see past her belly, let alone reach the controls with her pudgy limbs. After having spent so long watching scientists go in and out of the room, she felt so clever memorizing a code she couldn’t even use. In a fit of frustration, she forwent stealth to angrily bang her fist against the door. To her surprise, she felt the steel underneath bend from her sudden attack. For a moment, she just stared at her hand, wondering where her supernatural strength was coming from.
  7. Rather than question her abilities, she took the opportunity presented to her. She barraged the door with a series of similar hits. Each impact further softened up the reinforced door and brought her that much closer to freedom. With the steel a mess of dents and scratches, she backed up several feet. Getting as a good of a running start as her swollen form would give her, she charged belly first into the door. The metal hit the floor on the opposite side with a loud clang, pinning down the security guard beneath it. While she was glad to be out of her room, her victory was short lived.
  9. The facility’s lights blinked on, illuminating the mess Ashley had just made. Alarms blared all around her, making it hard to think. Amidst the chaos she got a peek at her belly, seeing an interwoven collection of veins spread across her stomach. The sight brought more fear to her than anything else. It was the same condition she had seen on the countless ganados. It was a sign the parasites were nearing maturity. Time was running short.
  11. Using the strength gifted to her by her soon to be birthed children, Ashely sped down the corridor. Rounding the corner, she was met by a line of scientists standing ready to stop her. Unable to slow herself down, she braced herself and broke through the line. The scientists went flying, the sound of pained yells and people slamming against the walls making her run that much faster. Each new hallway she entered was yet another set of people she had to force her way through, everything from scientists, to security guards, and even an unlucky janitor. Both unwilling or able to see the path of destruction in her wake, she ran through the maze-like lab in desperate search for an exit.
  13. Her escape came to a halt when she heard the sound of water from beneath her form. She tried to shirk at off as just a stray bucket of water, but her fears became reality as she felt an intense pain shoot through her body. Letting out a yelp of pain, her fat ass acted as the perfect cushion as she fell backwards onto the floor. Leaning on her back, she could watch as her belly squirmed with the lively parasites. The skin around her taut stomach pushed, pulled, and deformed from the constant activity. That’s when the contractions started, each one growing in volume with each passing second. Her escape plan foiled by her unruly offspring, she couldn’t hold back her screams for someone to help her.
  15. To Ashley’s dismay, the person that arrived to the scene first was the doctor. Instead of anger or resentment for seeing her out of her room, she was instead met with that same icy grin stretched wider than ever before. “She’s over here! The birthing is about to begin. Grab the equipment, it’ll have to be done here.”
  17. As scientists scurried around her to gather the supplies, Ashley breathed in heavy gasps between the pained moans of labor. Just as the contraction were getting too much, a group of assistants arrived at her side and hooked her up to an IV drip. Her body began to feel numb, her vision beginning to fade along with it. The last thing she saw before she went unconscious was a long tentacle squirming its way out from beneath her undercarriage.
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