Best Ways to Drive Traffice to Blog

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. Best Ways to Drive Traffice to Blog
  2. I just started my blog and I've been looking for good ways to drive traffic to my blog, i have been searching for ways and for the main time using a bot seems to be the fastest way to boost traffic but i am not interested in that i want methods to get real traffic
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  14. p.s for now i do not have a large facebook page or group or twitter
  15. Don't use fake traffic it will fuck your blog or do literally nothing at best. Social media and guest posting would be a good start.
  17. Would you like to earn more with your Amazon affiliate website??
  18. If you are willing to pay try adwords and facebook.
  19. Try some Instagram and Pinterest activities. For travel niche, both social medias are rocks now.
  20. Get some social signals for your blog (FB, twitter, Instagram etc ). It will help you boost traffic
  21. The best strategy is targeting a popular niche that have low competitions and rank for it KW and get your site branded "let people search for your sire name "
  22. on that way you will got semi authority site that Google trust , now you either put your niche blog as banner on that site so people click on it , or try to rank it by putting your blog link on it .
  23. if you think that you can drive traffic cheaply fro competitive niche site you are dreaming , these niche site are hard to rank or get people to visit it without you being the owner of the traffic source which will cost you nothing after all .
  24. 2. learn from what they do
  25. 3. ditch them and develop your own process
  26. you're welcome ;)
  27. Share links to your site to social media groups - this brings in traffic for free
  28. You can also buy traffic
  29. I’m scared of fake traffics
  30. He doesn't mean low quality traffic. You can buy real traffic (in the form of ads usually) if you can afford it. But but need to first be able to CONVERT that traffic. I sincerely would recommend you to learn from guys like alex becker, grant cardone, dan pe?a... spend 3 months learning everything you can. You're so green right now
  31. You will always get a little percentage of fake traffic, this is totally fine, usually, it's between 1% to 5%.
  32. If you run your ad campaigns (to drive traffic) at legit source (e.g. Facebook/OutBrain and 100s more other networks) you'll be fine.
  33. The holding back of names is the exact opposite of savvy marketing investment. It means there's no reason to use the new TLD if you either have to pay through the nose or use a
  35. really crappy name nobody will remember.
  36. I didn’t buy more than 15 of Uniregistry’s domains because all names were reserved in the first place and I didn’t feel like buying 2nd tier domains ... Domainers were angry
  38. when the first 2 Uniregistry’s New gTLDs (.sexy and .tattoo) came out and all remotely good names were reserved despite Frank saying that Uniregistry would not reserve any
  40. domains.
  41. Who defeats the race to the bottom aspects of the web by starting off from a "we only sell shit" standpoint?
  42. Nobody.
  43. And that's why these new TLDs are a zero.
  44. Defaults Have Value
  45. Best Ways to Drive Traffice to Blog
  46. Many online verticals are driven by winner take most monopoly economics. There's a clear dominant leader in each of these core markets: social, search, short-form video, long-form
  48. video, e-commerce, auctions, real estate, job search, classifieds, etc. Some other core markets have consolidated down to 3 or 4 core players who among them own about 50 different
  50. brands that attack different parts of the market.
  51. Almost all the category leading businesses which dominate aggregate usage are on .com domains.
  52. Contrast the lack of marketing for new TLDs with all the marketing one sees for the .com domain name.
  53. Local country code domain names & .com are not going anywhere. And both .org and .net are widely used & unlikely to face extreme price increases.
  54. Hosing The Masses...
  56. A decade ago domainers were frustrated Verisign increased the price of .com domains in ~ 5% increments:
  58. Part of the US-China trade war is about who controls the virtual "seas" upon which value flows:
  59. it can easily be argued that the last 60 years were above all the era of the container-ship (with container-ships getting ever bigger). But will the coming decades still be the
  61. age of the container-ship? Possibly not, for the simple reason that things that have value increasingly no longer travel by ship, but instead by fiberoptic cables! ... you could
  63. almost argue that ZTE and Huawei have been the “East India Company” of the current imperial cycle. Unsurprisingly, it is these very companies, charged with laying out the “new
  65. roads” along which “tomorrow’s value” will flow, that find themselves at the center of the US backlash. ... if the symbol of British domination was the steamship, and the
  67. symbol of American strength was the Boeing 747, it seems increasingly clear that the question of the future will be whether tomorrow’s telecom switches and routers are produced
  69. by Huawei or Cisco. ... US attempts to take down Huawei and ZTE can be seen as the existing empire’s attempt to prevent the ascent of a new imperial power. With this in mind, I
  71. could go a step further and suggest that perhaps the Huawei crisis is this century’s version of Suez crisis. No wonder markets have been falling ever since the arrest of the
  73. Huawei CFO. In time, the Suez Crisis was brought to a halt by US threats to destroy the value of sterling. Could we now witness the same for the US dollar?
  74. China maintains Huawei is an employee-owned company. But that proposition is suspect. Broadly stealing technology is vital to the growth of the Chinese economy & they have no
  76. incentive to stop unless their leading companies pay a direct cost. Meanwhile, China is investigating Ericsson over licensing technology.
  77. Amazon will soon discontinue selling physical retail products in China: "Amazon shoppers in China will no longer be able to buy goods from third-party merchants in the country,
  79. but they still will be able to order from the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan via the firm’s global store. Amazon expects to close fulfillment centers and wind down
  81. support for domestic-selling merchants in China in the next 90 days."
  82. India has taken notice of the success of Chinese tech companies & thus began to promote "national champion" company policies. That, in turn, has also meant some of the Chinese-
  84. styled laws requiring localized data, antitrust inquiries, foreign ownership restrictions, requirements for platforms to not sell their own goods, promoting limits on data
  86. encryption, etc.
  87. The secretary of India’s Telecommunications Department, Aruna Sundararajan, last week told a gathering of Indian startups in a closed-door meeting in the tech hub of Bangalore
  89. that the government will introduce a “national champion” policy “very soon” to encourage the rise of Indian companies, according to a person familiar with the matter. She said
  91. Indian policy makers had noted the success of China’s internet giants, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. ... Tensions began rising last year, when New Delhi
  93. decided to create a clearer set of rules for e-commerce and convened a group of local players to solicit suggestions. Amazon and Flipkart, even though they make up more than half
  95. the market, weren’t invited, according to people familiar with the matter.
  96. hosting knowledgebase
  97. host card emulation
  98. 7 domains of health
  99. 1profitring.com
  100. trafficg.com
  101. moneymachin.win
  102. appendto.com
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